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Thar’s Guns in them thar Beverley Hills

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There would be few places in the USA, in the world, more liberal than Beverly Hills – at least when it comes to seemingly costless social issues.

When it comes to money I’m quite sure the bastards are capitalists red in tooth and claw, but then that’s the case will all of America’s Left wing, including fakes like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Occasio-Cortez and the leaders of Burn Loot Murder. Even the little luvvies of Antifa seem to come from middle-class backgrounds.

But on social issues they’re predictably Left, Left and more Left. Of course that depends on that word I used above – costless. Once the costs start mounting up attitudes change – fast, even on gun control, as was recently discovered when this happened:

Last week, an 81-year-old Beverly Hills resident was shot and killed during a home invasion. Unlike yet another drive-by in Inglewood, news like that tends to get people’s attention. When one of Oprah’s friends is victimized, the crime problem suddenly becomes real.

Avant was largely unknown to the general public – but not to the wealthy, powerful insider world of Hollywood where she was married to the famous music and movie producer, Clarence Avant (that’s him in the photo), so her death, especially in such a manner, caused an earthquake in her neighbourhood, despite a lot of gaslighting from the DA, who I’m sure all these people voted for:

[Nazi Collaborator] Soros-backed “prosecutor” George Gascon [got] himself in front of reporters earlier this week to try to tell LA residents to calm down. His soft-on-crime approach to criminal justice is working out spectacularly well, he said. Really. Everything is just fine.

Yeah, right….

What you’re seeing is the spillover into these communities of crime and violence,” explained LA police officer Steve Robinson. “Before, you would never hear of a robbery or a shooting [In Beverly Hills], or if you did, it was once or twice a year. In 2020, the Beverly Hills Police Department pulled 18 guns off Rodeo Drive. You go back any year before that, and it may have been zero to one or two.”

“It’s like we’ve been taken over by gang members and criminals because they know that Gascón is going to make sure he doesn’t prosecute them,” said one woman, a writer in the entertainment industry, who did not want to be identified. “He’s saying, ‘Hey, go out and rob someone for $900 worth. Get arrested, go back out on the street.”

Woah! You mean to say that all these “new”, Lefty ideas about eliminating cash bail, defunding the police, and declining to enforce large swaths of the criminal code eventually come home to roost? That a point is reached where endless talk about “root causes” just collapses in the face of brutal reality?

Well yes, and so the inevitable has happened:

According to LA County Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva, the department has received 8,105 concealed carry weapon applications and approved 2,102 of them since he took office in December 2018, compared to his predecessor having issued 194 permits in four years.

“Even hardcore leftist Democrats who said to me in the past, ‘I’ll never own a gun’ are calling me asking about firearms,” said Joel Glucksman, a private security executive. “I’d say there has been an increase of 80 percent in the number of requests I’m getting this year.”

“’It’s gotten to a point where residents feel insecure even going from their door to their car,’ said resident Shirley Reitman. ‘A lot of residents are applying for a concealed carry weapon permit, even though that’s a great challenge in LA County.’”

In that case they’ll be thrilled about a SCOTUS decision from a few days ago that’s been overshadowed by the Roe ruling. In another 6-3 decision in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, the court decided against NYC’s “proper cause” requirement for obtaining a concealed-carry license and did so not just on the basis of the 2nd Amendment but the 14th:

…there is “no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need.”

I’ll write more on that in another post but what’s relevant here is that California promptly capitulated on the same issue:

California Attorney General says “effective immediately, issuing authorities should no longer require proof of good cause for the issuance of a public-carry license.”

I’m sure they’ll try lots of other stunts to block such licenses, such as the “good moral character” test! And of course, as that first article points out…

Ms. Reitman and her newly-concerned friends probably don’t have to worry too much about navigating the intentionally arduous gun acquisition process in LA County. While Sheriff Villanueva is still turning down 75% of the applications he receives, Reitman and her well-to-do friends probably have the clout, connections, and cash needed to ensure their applications are approved forthwith.

It’s not just the culture of Rich, White Liberals that’s changing when it comes to owning guns:

With 40% of all gun purchases during the past 2 years coming from new gun owners, it’s no surprise that Hispanics (as well as African-Americans) are increasingly voting more for individual rights than for government “protection”.  In Berkeley, California, of all places, the Latino Rifle Association has grown by hundreds of members since 2020.

And a much bigger organization, the National African-American Gun Association, has added tens of thousands of new members since 2016, accelerating (along with many local gun clubs oriented toward minorities) during the past 2 years.

That’s because Latinos and Blacks are exposed to much greater violence of all kinds, including gun violence, than the largely White denizens of leafy places like Rodeo Drive, and they increasingly know the cops aren’t going to be there to save them. As the famous American journalist, Andrew Breitbart, once said, “Politics is downstream of Culture”, and this culture is changing fast – largely thanks to idiot Leftists’ approach to law and order.

The following quote could be applied to a lot of issues to which Rich White Lefties apply their ideas:

“My industry is filled with progressives who have the luxury of being idealists and espousing philosophies they they thought would never come back and bite them,” said the entertainment writer, who is in her early 60s. “There’s a shift now that it’s become so much more dangerous.”

Written by Tom Hunter

June 28, 2022 at 1:00 pm

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  1. When the majority of Mass Shootings are analyzed, it becomes apparent that setting out to commit the crime involves selecting a site where existing legal restrictions preclude or at least significantly suppress gun ownership and in particular, open carry.
    Could be seen as a deterrent that some perp intent on. getting a “tally” for notoriety goals to find they got shot getting out of their car with the counter on zero.
    Sort of allied to the need to lock a Lada Niva on the street, no need, what self respecting hood would risk a court appointment on a charge of car conversion involving such a widely assessed as embarrassing vehicle.
    A Nissan “Bluebird” back in the day, now a Nissan Tiida, now you’re. talkin.


    June 28, 2022 at 1:50 pm

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