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For some time now Adolf has endured seriously troublesome back pain in the lower lumbar region.

Thinking it would go away, I probably should have gone to the doctor sooner but eventually a CT scan revealed the culprit. A bulging disc impinging on nerve ends.

So. A spinal cortisone injection was called for. Adolf had not heard of this procedure so some looking up was done. A needle is inserted into the spine through local anesthetic and while a further CT Scan is underway, leaving the cortisone in exactly the right place.

Adolf was advised the procedure has a 70% success rate so I’m pleased to advise readers I must be the 69th percentile. First decent night’s sleep in six months and no longer losing my balance. It seems quite strange to be walking freely.  However, two days with no exercise is pretty dull.  I can’t stand the junk on TV so singing practice is all there is. Wagner, Gounod, Caldara, Verdi, Rogers and Hammerstein.

After a week I’ll be back to light duties, half an hour’s daily stretches and a short walk, working up to six kilometres.

It must have worked! The Cook says I’m not so grumpy.

And the best thing of all, those dumb bastards who voted for Albanese all paid for it. Every penny.

Written by adolffinkensen

June 30, 2022 at 2:08 pm

Posted in Australia, Healthcare

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