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Gaurav Sharma, You Little Beauty?

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These thoughts are more or less in response to the comments relating to yesterdays post on “He Does not need Labour”.

The latest posting by Sharma yesterday on ‘His’ Facebook page was a reasonable account based on his perspectives so a rebuttal in print would be at a minimum, interesting, particularly with Sharma’s additional information after he went to the Prime Minister’s Office, over “nothing in writing” and possibly accessible under OIA, therefore keep it verbal?

However all Jacinda mania sufferers do apparently have a predilection for using rose tinted glasses.
SU was pilloried for being a product of Kings, white, male, and successful in making a reasonably good fist of turning a life on a pretty downhill trajectory to something to be lauded.

While Mr Sharma, demonstrably of Indian racial origins, successful academically (Proxime Accessit 2005 AGS) Fulbright Scholar , Hillary Clinton campaign worker, World Health Organisation operative in disease control, and multiple medical position holder in NZ seems to have just become fed up with his Labour Party heavying designed to force compliance with “The Party” processes and everywhere he turned became further bullying and harassment, for gawds sake he foresaw trouble when his Parliamentary Services assistance on day zero turned out to be a NZLP member and functionary who had openly attempted to thwart his nomination as NZLP candidate to oppose Tim McIndoe in Hamilton West.
Just some sunlight on how all that occurred, continued and was perpetrated would be interesting, surely.

My number one focus now is did the Sharma attack on Labour result from a principled reasonable departure from a long held socialist notion around rehabilitation, so was the eventual dropping of the hold on the SU story, earliest confirmed as known now on June 9th (twwo whole bloody months ago and suppessed during the Tauranga by election, get released to counter the clearly successful National Party meeting in CHCH last weekend, or to counter the Sharma “bomb” they all knew was coming as he had threatened to go public as his frustration grew to unmanageable.

Kindness dripping with nasty gravy has now been exposed and the topguns still maintain it is all down to treacherous behaviours from Gaurav Sharma over more than eighteen months , gimme a break.
Kieran McAnulty take a bow your behaviour alone has demonstrated the whole falsehood of the artificiality of what That Woman wants the compliant MSM to portray as the New Way to open, transparent, honest, kindness laden administration ever.

He was ably assisted by Duncan Webb and more egregious, further assisted by an openly functioning NZLP operative both in a position with Parliamentary Services and in party activity right down to electorate selection levels thereby destroying any remnant illusions of an unbiased, politically neutral professional public service.

Gaurav Sharma has delivered stunning revelations of a “glass castle” cleaned and polished daily by a mainstream media demonstrably fulfilling its current role as the Propaganda arm of The NZLP to a degree only able to be dreamed about just one week ago.

Not sure why images and memories of Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris keep coming into focus, something about whirlwinds or similar?

Written by Gravedodger

August 13, 2022 at 10:41 am

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. Very enjoyable reading. Thank you!


    August 13, 2022 at 11:21 am

  2. Yes the pustule has been exorcised and the pus of corruption, cover up and dirtiness is flowing out.

    Just hope Luxie can step in and open the wound right up.

    Perhaps even the Humans Rights Commissioner might earn his $350,000 salary by helping.

    Corruption of this sort needs sunlight to ensure the wound doesnt heal up and trap further purulent material is trapped in the body politic.

    Wellington has just a person standing for Mayor who apparently or allegedly badly infected as it seems to infest that body politic.

    Great Read your best!!


    August 13, 2022 at 1:14 pm

  3. Jesus, this does not sound like something to be “skeptical” about:

    Slowly I fell into a cycle of stress, depression and lack of hope as I found myself stuck. I remember one of my former patients sending me very kind message on World Mental Health Day about how I had helped her as a doctor a while ago. I thought to myself about how despite listening to and assisting many of my constituents with bullying and harassment issues, I had to put a bold face up as I struggled everyday with the thought of contemplating suicide.

    Tom Hunter

    August 13, 2022 at 6:49 pm

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