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Break in the Never-Ending Emergency

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During most of this year, I have talked to people who believe that this state of Covid-19 emergency we are living in will end naturally. They think the Government will decide that the restrictions are no longer justified and one by one, will drop them. Seven months ago, during the start of the Parliament protest in Feb/Mar this year, some commentators were also wondering why there was a need to protest, as all the restrictions would be dropped soon. Which is what you’d expect if we were in a benign political environment.

A few days ago, I posted about the renewal of the emergency powers that were to lapse on Wednesday. Rather than letting go completely, the Government decided we needed another five weeks of emergency, maybe to see us through the transition, or something. That is what you’d assume if you think the Government doesn’t have an ulterior motive or alternate long-term plan of which the emergency powers are an essential part. Surely, the next five weeks are to be the end?

However, today Newshub has published an interview with Dr Andrew Old, head of the new public health agency (of some name that we are not really familiar with, so it’s not mentioned). Dr Old admits that the reduction in Covid-19 restrictions is to give the public a break!

Say, what now? Listen to the linked Twitter video from 2 minutes in, or read my transcript below on what the bastards are thinking:

Interviewer: The lifting of the protections [mumble] restrictions – is that a way of giving the public a break? So, that means that you can bring them back in later on?

Dr Old: Yeah [nodding]. I think that’s a good way to frame it. I mean, we’re conscious, and we’ve talked before about this, this idea of social license, and that rules only work if people are following them. I think we had seen, even if some of these things were mandated, um, a gradual decline in people’s compliance with those things.

Translations of Euphemisms

Social license: What restrictions the majority of the population let Government get away with before they start to realise they are not in a free society anymore.

Those things: Restrictions on people’s lives, including being with dying loved ones, supporting birthing mothers, supporting the sick in hospital, being able to work without risking a medication, having to wear a covering that restricts breathing, etc.

Rules: Extraordinary Government powers that have gone beyond what many are able to put up with forever.

Dr Old: .. and we will rely in the future on people listening to our advice and responding when we need them to. So, I think in that context I think it’s appropriate to say what will actually; you know, if we say the same thing in the same settings all the time, regardless of the level of community risk, then there is that, uh, chance that people will stop listening and they’ll ..

Dr Old & Interviewer together: tune out

Translations of Euphemisms

Listening: Paying attention

Responding: Obeying

Advise: Orders

Dr Old: .. and, um, so I think that’s it appropriate for us to say. look, right now the risk is lower, it’s appropriate to step back a little. But, you know, we need people listening when we say, actually, hey, we’ve got a new variant, it’s putting more people in hospital, we are worried about this, we need, you know, people to uh [inaudible as interviewer talks over him].

Interviewer: So, what is the plan?

It was at this point that I had to stop listening as I have held back the rage long enough to write this blog post. I know how this story goes (in general, not in detail), if it doesn’t stop here. Even stopped here is full of dangers, as the consequences are realised and dealt with. But until this Covid-19 emergency is ended, these people, either knowingly or not, are marching us into some sort of permanent bio-medical fascist state.


Written by Lucia Maria

September 17, 2022 at 4:39 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. I like your translation of the euphemisms. This is important to distinguish the actual reality of what he is saying. It highlights how one dimensional their thinking is. It’s more about avoiding a potential rush on the health system, than consideration of those things they clearly think unimportant – attending death beds, visiting ones elderly parents, kids getting schooling. Shutting down businesses for months on end. Hell, those are obvious things. Less obvious, but still important is the ability to just live one’s life as a human being, without being subjected to the incessant over-hype and fear mongering far out of proportion to the risk.

    That risk, always being skewed – e.g. Counting people dying within 2 weeks of getting a vaccine as “unvaccinated”. Counting and reporting on cases instead of hospitalisations. Cancelling surgeries and screenings, which means more people dying in the next few years because they kept hospitals empty for periods of time out of fear. Thus we get “2 weeks to flatten the curve” and “2 shots to get your summer back” and m,any other empty promises as part of a coercion/bribe strategy.

    This unbalanced view, and the policy that flows from it, really does need to be stopped.


    September 17, 2022 at 4:25 pm

  2. I echo ZenTigers comments.

    And would added that humans have dealt with respiratory infections and associated disease for millennium… our Immune Systems are designed/evolved (choose which ever suits your created v random evolution bias) to cope with emerging threats.

    The MoH is not doing its effin job here.

    Where is the advice on high rotate, like the inane and damn annoying Get Your Booster ads, about:

    healthy diets
    Vit D via diet and moderate exposure to the sun
    exercise to tune the body. Exercise stimulates the gut and other systems keeping your body’s natural functions in balance. Which helps keep the body in a good natural state to fight new infection threats.
    getting to a healthy weight

    Those last two of exercise and body weight are not silly in the context of COVID at all. The disease the COVID19 SARs 2 infection induces feasts on the overweight via all the associated co-morbidities that excess weight can drive: Heart disease, Diabetes etc etc. The co-morbidity link to COVID 19 death is well documented….

    MoH should be using the next 6 months of Spring and Summer to review their plan for next winter and sorting out Hospital preparedness (ICU beds, trained ICU Nurses and Doctors, PPE etc), GP preparedness, and in the next couple of weeks getting the Get Healthy To Protect Yourself message out there strongly.

    The fear mongering on Long Covid – for goodness sake just about every type of viral infection has a percentage of its infected cohort who have lingering problems. Its what viruses do.

    As an example: We all have probably had cold sores on our lips. That virus never leaves our bodies and will re-emerge years later when we are run down and stressed. Simple treatment as soon as you feel the tingling on the lip that precedes a cold sore, dab a little aftershave/perfume on the spot – the alcohol in the aftershave/perfume kills the tingle and no cold sore emerges (works for me!)

    It appears the control freaks in MoH and their allies in the Labour Party are planning another COVID scare for next winter in the run in to the 2023 election. Keep your eyes and ears open for the planted stories around April/May 2023….


    September 17, 2022 at 4:52 pm

  3. I recall reading twenty years ago – once the Internet allowed easy research of public material – about the government reactions around the world to the Spanish Flu and then reading about how our Public Health acts allowed measures that were basically unlimited in the case of an “emergency” – meaning whatever the Public Health officials decided – and thinking that it would require the government to simply follow them, hence providing some limit on single-minded fanaticism.

    But now we’ve learned that the only limit is those official’s sense of public exhaustion with such control, the point at which the system breaks and accepts certain levels of sickness and death.

    After all, the numbers we’re seeing are numbers that months ago demanded that we go to Red under this stupid “traffic light” system, and are numbers that would have induced hysteria in 2020.

    In some ways I’m reminded of the complaints about nuclear weapon systems, where their manufacture, numbers and command and control systems, were actually effectively beyond the control of the politicians supposedly in charge. There was much angst about that around the world, given the capacity for miscalculation, but it seems that the words “Public Health Emergency” are a Defcon 1 of Scientific Expertise for which there is no limiting principle.

    Tom Hunter

    September 17, 2022 at 7:05 pm

  4. If ever there was a clear example of why I have a healthy disrespect for academics, and ‘man made order’ versus ‘spontaneous order’, this is it.
    Thank you for bring this to our attention Lucia, it illustrates that although the covid narrative is failing, the instigaters haven’t given up.


    September 17, 2022 at 7:13 pm

  5. And on queue almost Dr John Campbell with a video on the failings of the handling of the epidemic.

    Video is Campbells commentary on a Lancet Report into the handling of the pandemic.

    Those who haven’t come across Campbell before he is a Doctor of Nursing not a medical Doctor. He has a background in teaching Nurses and knows his way around medical matters…


    September 17, 2022 at 7:38 pm

  6. Yeah, Blind Freddy could see this coming down the Mt. Vic bus tunnel šŸ™‚ I commented on another blog “Iā€™d store them in a safe place for next winter if I were you šŸ™‚” in reply to a commenter stating that they were going to indulge in a “ritual mask burning at 11.59pm” on Mon 12/9 when the mask mandate was lifted. Oh, the downticks šŸ™‚


    September 17, 2022 at 8:14 pm

  7. […] Break in the Never-Ending Emergency […]

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