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A public face of “strike 4 climate”, Izzy Cook went on Heather du Plessis Allan drive time and Bazza’s missus got her to admit she had flown to Fiji with her Mum, something that might just grate with a struggling business owner struggling to cope with the at times draconian hurdles placed as obstructions to running a successful enterprise.

No apparently the arch hypocritical mother attempted to diminish what seems to me to be ultra ironical two faced, “rules are for thee not for me” position for a leader of students taking time out of school for political protests.

Izzy Cook is a Media spokes child for the Wellington area promoting taking Friday afternoon off school to lengthen an already horrendous costing public holiday to mark the Passing of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, something that could have just as meaningfully been allocated to any one of the Sundays during the Mourning period. Lost class time evidently supported by principals and staff of many schools.

Mummy being Mummy lamented an apparent blase attitude to warming that is now suggested to have accelerated ice melting of the Arctic Ice, is that the same Ice Melting that another dopy idjit AL Gore had claimed over thirty years ago would see the Arctic Ocean ice free in summers. by the beginning of this century?

By all means Mummy Dear encourage your daughter to become questioning of her world but blindly following a bunch of maniacal melons who include slashing of the NZ Dairy herd when no alternative to the loss of over ten billion dollars of National Income is ever suggested?
Evidently Mommy Dearest while claiming bullying by Allen just doing what her job entails, added Izzy did not want to go to Fiji but Mommy bullied her daughter into the Hypocritical act of utter sanctimonious posturing, perhaps Izzy has higher morals than her moronic mother superior.


Written by Gravedodger

September 26, 2022 at 6:49 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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