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Ardern calls internet freedom a “weapon of war” in most recent UN speech”.

There should have been a massive rejection of the “Captains Call” to suppress Benton Tarrant’s socalled “Manifesto”, ordinary New Zealanders could have mostly either been able to ignore the ravings of an unhinged aussie or digest it with a certainty they would find it as relevant as a copy of “Mein Kampf” in current times.
We are as a Nation systematically being denied access to alternative messages on the lessons of life.
Far too many of the leaders of Nations allowed the horrors of WW1 to suppress any perusal of the early rantings of Adolf Hitler, that clearly presuaged his murderous campaign over the decade and a half after Hindenburg handed him the Chancellorship only months before The Grim Reaper came calling for the old WW1 General and the last president of the Weimar republic

In a current war started by That Woman who needs to silence all criticism as she continues to act out her dreams of significance on behalf of The World Economic Forum where it merges and assists her Communist/ socialist theoretical manipulation of this once great beacon of liberal democracy into another disastrous experiment of socialism.

There have been clear markers for the long march that sees the grim prospect of an apartheid system where a nominal 17% minority, aided and abetted by self proclaimed elites beginning with Palmer in his rewrite of the Treaty, a process begun two decades earlier by Lord Cooke of Thorndon, will be the dominant political power.

This nation is in a civil war that so far has seen little shooting amidst a succession of responses from the center and the center right to appease the crocodile in the forlorn hope it will eat them last.

In a masterstroke that I still cannot believe has happened where almost the entire Main Stream Media has sold their principles and beliefs to the government , if they had any retained following their immersion in socialism as they reached for the parchment they believe is a licence to ignore all the precedents of the Fourth Estate in being the examiner of all those in power along with those seeking to replace them.

In any war an early casualty is truth and the result of the last General Election was just more evidence of that salient fact following the depositing of the largely consensual Pandemic response in the trash and the emergence of their pathway to utopia that is now a moras of divisive and impoverishing unfolding disaster.

Growing up and becoming older under the threat of nuclear annihilation was never as chilling as what is being done to this outcrop deep in the South Pacific, Holland (Harry before NZLP electoral success in 1935), then Savage, Frazer, Nash, Nordmeyer, Kirk, Rowling, and Lange seemed to be Labour Politicians who held the Democratic traditions of the inherited Westminster System as moderating their personal beliefs but Palmer, Clarke and now That Woman see their goal of one party rule allied to UN dictates to be too alluring in not merely the gaining of Power but entrenching it with idealistic fervour being witnessed as every day unfolds.

Yes people, this nation is at war, a so far too civil one and truth and scientific facts that dont fit the narrative are just too revealing to be accepted by those seeking to create the latest socialistic effort in an entirely unexpected outcome from the last MMP election that unless empowered by force of arms will wither and fail as has occurred for all such experiments in the over a century since socialism began being elected to rule, following the overthrow of the Monarchical absolutism of The Tsars and the stumbling efforts to replace it with elected governments , in turn smashed by Marxist Leninism in 1917 who used the force of arms and slaughtering of all oppositions to establish Bolshevism. A success that ended for almost all those revolutionaries but Stalin and a very few followers by the time Herr Schicklgruber set about his conquest of Europe in 1939, with the liquidation of all the old bolsheviks still living as Stalin went about his paranoia driven slaughter of Lenin’s useful idiots, including almost the entire senior officer corp of The Red Army.

It is so much easier today for a bloodless coup d’état in New Zealand, as the Military is downgraded, The Police is totally under the power of Government both in senior management philosophy and policy objectives.
Cripes this very morning there was denial aplenty over any connections between the errant young, stealing cars and performing ram raids and the gangs, sheesh what was your interest in jewelry before you wanted to get some chick into bed? The Media is almost entirely bought and paid for so there is no desire to investigate such arrant nonsense, it goes unchallenged when many can see as plain as day that those little scroats managing the whole new found criminal scenario without any such direction and supervision is as likely as no sun rise tomorrow.


Written by Gravedodger

September 30, 2022 at 2:56 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. A good summary of where we are, yet they remain quite high in the polls. (That’s assuming you can still trust them)
    Frogs in pots on a Potbelly stove come to mind.


    September 30, 2022 at 4:12 pm

  2. I read Tarrant’s manifesto which was posted on Facebook before it was banned. He made some valid points about the deliberate destruction of European culture. Can’t let the peasants see that!


    September 30, 2022 at 4:36 pm

    • Its apparently racist to value Western culture so that would be the reason it was banned. Whereas Kelvin Davis thought it was A OK to disparage an opponent as not a Maori. Ardern had such success banning Tarrants manifesto that she now wants to ban all kinds of wrongthink. Truly 1984 is here


      September 30, 2022 at 5:26 pm

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