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Die MSM, Die – The lying list

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An ongoing updated reference list

Technically a lie occurs when you say something that you know is not true. By that definition the MSM is not “lying” in most of the following cases.

No, they simply decided on a narrative and never bothered digging any further to see if it was true or not – and the best lie is the half-truth.

Or perhaps the best lie is simply burying the story under the guise of editorial discretion.

The following list is hardly comprehensive, which makes it appalling in its own right.

Nov 2022 – The LGBTQ nightclub shootings, Paul Pelosi attack, and Jennifer Ruth Green.

A quick summary of previous MSM lies:

General Collections of lies:

March 2021 – Georgia “Find the fraud”

The Jan 6 Insurrection


The Steele Dossier

Hits on other GOP figures:

June 2021: The Lafayette park Riot, Police Action and Trump.

Black Lives Matter coverage


Written by Tom Hunter

November 30, 2022 at 2:00 pm

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