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Freudian slips with Political Bloggers

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A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought.

Two lovely examples of this just today.

First, from Martin “Bomber” Bradbury, unhappy with the Security Association wanting powers to arrest shoplifters as theft increases.

I actually agree with Bomber that I really don’t want private security guards doing what the Police are supposed to do. However it was these two remarks that showed how the likes of Bomber are so intent on being screaming ideological mouthpieces for their policies that are incapable of self-analysis – or perhaps it’s just short-term memory loss, as evidenced by these two comments from his post, Don’t be a Karen when it comes to shoplifters:

Why are you so easy to emotionally manipulate NZ and you always choose the dumbest solutions because you are frightened.

This is of a piece with his constant complaints about how the MSM here have been scaring the public to death with their “cheap, easy and shallow” stories of ram-raids and while I would agree with Bomber about the uselessness of our media it must be pointed out to him that from early 2020 until quite recently we had something called the great Uncle Xi’s Lung Rot Pandemic which included the key features:

  • cheap, easy coverage 24/7 by the MSM with stories of death and sickness for months on end. ✔
  • emotionally manipulate NZ ✔
  • always choose the dumbest solutions ✔
  • because people are frightened. ✔

Then he makes this doozy of a comment:

Thirdly, if you see a shoplifter, don’t be a fucking Karen and nark!

Really? But narking on people over mask-wearing and other non -compliance with government instructions was absolutely applauded by the likes of Bomber and every other supporter of the Labour government. ✔

In fact every item he angrily lists here was supported by him – because in that case they all enabled a policy he supported, being the C-19 response policies. ✔

Same with Climate Change policies: Bomber and company will have no problem with cheap, shallow MSM fear-mongering designed to emotionally manipulate New Zealanders into choosing the dumbest solutions because they’ve been frightened to death – and they’ll happily enlist narks to that end as well when you fire up your gas barbecue. ✔

The other Freudian slip came with this comment from DPF on recent Government’s policy changes, Why it is good Labour u-turned:

And while National had said it would scrap them anyway, it is harder to scrap something already implemented – and takes up time and energy which is better spent on implementing your own policies.

I do hope all you National voters who have repeatedly said, “Luxon is committed to scrapping …X, Y, and Z Labour policies” note this comment from DPF and recall all the 2000’s talk about WFF being “communism by stealth” and abolishing the Maori seats, to which an extra point from a man who was even more of an insider than DPF:

The policy of abolishing the Maori seats was never a core policy. There were other things that were way more important. So those who supported it, or in fact had come up with it, never even tried to push the policy within caucus to actually implement it. It was much easier for caucus to deal with the things that united the team…

That sounds exactly like DPF’s point.

I know some here noted that National used to have a policy to do away with the Maori electoral seats. That policy never had a chance of proceeding because there was way too much resistance in the caucus to actually do it. In the end the policy was quietly dropped.

Funny, but before casting my electorate vote for National in 2008 I didn’t hear anything about resistance in caucus to a policy that National so freely talked about in public. ACT got my party vote that year, and it’s a pity they didn’t get more votes because…

Once John Key did the deal with the Maori Party in 2008, the policy simply disappeared from discussion. Everyone understood that such a policy could not survive when doing a deal with the Maori Party. That deal was done in order to balance Act, so between 2008 and 2017 National was never dependent on a single coalition partner.

Clever politics, hence the strong whiff of smug satisfaction in those words.

Obviously we’re lucky that Labour under Hipkins have once again reverted to being politicians afraid of losing an election. But as DPF points out, they think all these policies are great and so will return to them at the first opportunity.

But it also means that the rest of us – and this very much includes the National Party – are merely reacting to the whims of Labour and the Left and being led by them, as usual.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 9, 2023 at 10:52 am

4 Responses

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  1. I thought that every individual in NZ could arrest a person committing a crime. My brother was involved in doing that a number of years back – delivered a person trying to steal a bicycle to the police. My impression is that it’s not because security guard can’t arrest people – they just want more legal protections around doing so.

    Agree with the rest of your post!

    Lucia Maria

    February 9, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    • Lucia as a very part time Security Guard these days (working 11 hours a week) we are not allowed to touch any one – no matter what they are doing. Instructions are:

      1. Call the Police.
      2. Move to a safe place and observe.

      I assume those guards with other companies operate the same way as we all have to be licenced and undergo specific training to obtain the licence and when I last did that it was being handled through an Auckland Company who covered the North Island if not the whole country..


      February 9, 2023 at 5:52 pm

      • Hi pdm,

        The differentiation is likely between what you are able to do as a private person vs a person working as a security guard for an employer. But then, maybe “citizen’s arrest” is no longer possible, I don’t know.

        Lucia Maria

        February 9, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    • Neither do I Lucia re Citizens arrests.

      Losing my job doesn’t worry me at my age but I have no wish to be in court facing an assault charge – 77 in mid April.


      February 10, 2023 at 5:59 pm

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