Let Women Speak Event Overwhelmed by Lunatics

A small fight broke out as Parker made her way through the barricade to speak to the crowds. She was escorted out again shortly before 11.30am, as crowds booed at her. She appeared to have been pelted by paint.

A Stuff reporter at Albert Park said from the moment Parker entered the barricade, tension between the groups, separated by a ring of barricades, started to boil over.

It took just 3-4 minutes before every side of the barricade had collapsed and counter-protesters had made their way through to surround Parker.

No police could be seen inside where the barricades had stood, and less than 10 security guards worked to keep the crowd from overrunning the band rotunda.

It took only a few more minutes before crowds managed to climb over and Parker was surrounded on all sides.

A group of four security guards formed a human shield around her for 10 minutes as the crowd slowly pressed forward.

Fights continued to break out in the crowd, as they ripped down the last fence that was protecting Parker from behind.

It was then that security made a rush with her through the crowd to get her out of the park.

In a livestream on Parker’s YouTube channel, it appeared she was being escorted away from the park in a police car. In the police car, an officer asked if she had any injuries. Parker said she just had food in her hair and “just grave fears for this place”.

[Let Women Speak] activist Posie Parker escorted out of Auckland rally, hit by paint | Stuff

Looking at these videos, all I can think is that the counter-protestors are demonically inspired.

UPDATE – Wellington event cancelled:

A statement released by Speak Up For Women this afternoon said a planned Wellington speaking event had been cancelled after being “overrun by a violent mob” at Auckland’s Albert Park.

“Speak Up for Women thanks Mrs Keen-Minshull for having the courage to come to New Zealand and showing up in Albert Park today, despite receiving multiple death threats and threats of violence in the last week,” the statement read.

“In the coming weeks Speak Up For Women will be gathering witness statements and laying a formal complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority about the lack of police action to prevent violence in what was clearly an increasingly volatile situation.”

NZ Herald







33 responses to “Let Women Speak Event Overwhelmed by Lunatics”

  1. kevn Avatar

    Do these protesters think they are behaving normally? Will they look at footage later and hang their heads in shame?
    NZ going down the gurgler. That’s what I see.

    1. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      You really think that winners of such contests feel ashamed? Au contraire, they’re feeling empowered right now.

      Strange thing is that although this crap is coming for people like me, it’s the lesbians and gay men who are going to be falling first in the trenches.

      1. Lucia Maria Avatar
        Lucia Maria

        You’re right about who is falling first. Over a year ago (or was it two, hard to keep track of when), came across stories about lesbians overseas being pressured to have sex with trans. It was a massive problem that was affecting them. You’d kind of think if normie men were being pressured to sleep with trans, then there would be far more of an outcry. Anyway, it was nuts, and yet the train keeps rolling!

  2. Tom Hunter Avatar
    Tom Hunter

    It shows you just how confident the Left – or the Post-Modern Left, as Psycho Milt called them here the other day – are about their power in modern NZ society. Politicians are too frightened to oppose them, when they’re not encouraging them, and they have academia, the MSM, and just about every other cultural institution, including any number of “Non-Leftie” corporates on their side via their HR departments.

    They really do think that can silence everybody else but them, so look for more of this in the future on other social issues.

    The irony is that the one power they’re not confronting is corporate or capitalist power, as Bradbury and Trotter regularly point out. But then that power is on their side too.

  3. Trevs_Elbow Avatar

    Im a live and let live guy. But the Trans movement is seriously deranged.

    If someone wants to transition to female from male….. Go ahead, do it quietly…. But commit to it fully – have the penis and testes removed immediately….. Youre a woman you dont need them surely…..

    And go about quietly… People dont care except the very religious.

    But no its not about a personal choice and total commitment.

    Its about some weird shemale in betweeen world where trans woman keep the male genitalia while claiming theyre women..

    And that they therefore can use woman only spaces, compete in sport as chicks etc….

    It seems to be a section of the transwoman movement that truly hate what they want to identify as..

    Posie Parker is lucky not to be seriously hurt and Minister Anderson, Minister Robertson, Minster Wood and PM Hipkins are tarnished by their dog whistle rhetoric and in Ginnys case failure to openly call on the Police to enforce the Peace at Albert Park…

    Shame on Labour and shame on their bigoted street thugs

    1. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      As far as dogwhistling this violence you can throw most of the NZ MSM into the mix as well, judging by the quotes I’ve seen on other blogs over the last few days.

      But then it’s the same stunt we saw with General Tso’s Sickness, demonisation of the group opposed to the Narrative which the MSM have agreed to push.

      1. Trevs_Elbow Avatar

        Didnt mention media Tom because i expect them to be agitators and activists. Ministers of the Crown I expect to act in a manner to uphold the law not promote chaos and violence against diminutive women.

        And of course where there is left wing street violence you will find the Unions… Unite in this instance. I wonder how all those socially conservative pacifica islander members of Unite Union feel about their union fees suporting violence against women and in support of transwomen?

  4. Major Star Avatar
    Major Star

    I’ve never been more ashamed or fearful for the future of NZ.

    This is not the country I want to raise my children in.

    1. Tom Hunter Avatar
      Tom Hunter

      Just wait until this country asks you to fight for it.

  5. adolf finkensen Avatar

    “…….. pelted ‘with’ paint……” if you don’t mind.

  6. Lucia Maria Avatar
    Lucia Maria

    Walks out into traffic – gets clipped.

    1. Spam Avatar

      “Davidson spoke at the protest”.

      What? She wasn’t shouted down and pelted with paint?

    2. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      The story gets more dramatic. Now Marama is knocked to the ground, rather than walking back and being helped to the ground by others!

      From the Spinoff article:

      Footage seen by The Spinoff shows Davidson a few steps out on the pedestrian crossing as bikes continue to speed past her. Then, one bike appears to strike her, with its handlebar making contact with her stomach. Davidson recoiled and hunched over, clutching her stomach as she walked back to the protesters on the footpath, who helped her to the ground.

      James Shaw’s statement from the NZ Herald article:

      Following a public rally in support of trans and non-binary human rights in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland today, Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson has reported an incident to Police. It appears a motorcyclist failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing and Marama was knocked to the ground.

      Were any oncoming motorcycles within the diamonds when Marama stepped out???

      1. kevn Avatar

        If a biker clipped her proper he would be off his bike and down.
        Must/might have been the slightest contact with following drama/milking the ‘don’t you know who I am’ scene.
        I can picture it.

    3. adolf finkensen Avatar

      Was the motorcycle damaged?

  7. Paranormal Avatar

    Surely these rainbow people should have all worn their brown shirts at the protest? With apologies to Godwin.

  8. Gravedodger Avatar

    I know I know all about Godwins Law, some research as to how The National Socialist (Nazi) Party came to power.
    The Bogy men of choice were in the main, Communists and the paramilitary Brown shirts beat and killed then in open violence until the chaos more or less came to an end with Federal German President, WW1 hero to many, Paul Hindenburg installing Adolf Hitler as Chancellor January 30th 193, eighteen months later August 2nd 1934 Hindenburg dies, Herr Hitler then made himself Fuhrer amalgamating the roles of Chancellor and Federal German President.
    That people is how a functioning German “Democracy” became the Nazi dictatorship.
    Street violence was a major ingredient and Police standing by the necessary Law response along with any Parliamentary opposition squashed and Communists placed in the early concentration camps.

  9. rivoniaboy Avatar

    Weak men=Unhappy women!

  10. Tom Hunter Avatar
    Tom Hunter

    A few years ago I attended a 40th anniversary wedding celebration where it was tied into their Catholic faith, so it involved going to church, and since the Bataclan massacre had just happened I had to listen to this priest talk in mystified tones about the “insanity” of the people who had committed and how he couldn’t understand them.

    I wanted to stand up and scream: as a Catholic priest you’d expect he, of all people, to talk of human events in terms of good and evil. Those assholes knowingly chose evil. They weren’t “insane”.

    In the same way the only criticism I have of this post is your selection of the word “lunatics”. These people are not that, they are not insane. They’re evil, toxic, bullying pieces of human excrement who enjoy using violence to get their own way. They know exactly what they’re doing and why, and they’re suffused with a sense of triumph.

    1. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      They believe the evil that they do to be good. What is insanity except for an inability to understand reality? Or maybe this is more a hardness of heart. Anyway, “lunatics” works for me, even though I understand what you mean.

      Note the justification for the treatment by journalists .. she is a fascist, therefore everything is ok!

    2. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      More justification

  11. Uncoffined Avatar

    There was a second event been held at Aotea square at the same time, the outcome was a bit different. I’ve written about it here…

    A tale of two protest’s been held at the same time.

  12. ZenTiger Avatar

    Well. the protestors today that acted like violent thugs, with the full support of the mainstream media and left wing politicians, have created a watershed moment in New Zealand. I think a lot more people will wake up to the fact that there is an aggressive ideology determined to squash people’s rights and freedoms, and it is eroding the very foundations of civilised society.

    These useful idiots today are dancing to the tune of the main stream media, who in turn are dancing to the tune of the globalists who see the upcoming economic implosion they have created, and are set on putting people at odds with one and other so the inevitable rage as things fall apart will be focused in the wrong direction.

  13. Andrei Avatar

    We are living in a society that has completely lost its marbles – Get over it!

    You see these tattooed harridans and other assorted circus freaks behaving like Brownshirts deploying the hecklers veto to shut down dissenting voices who actually have the chutzpah to accuse those whose political discourse they wish to shut shown of “Fascism” when that is whose tactics they themselves are using- you couldn’t make this up if you tried.

    And our “media” propaganda outlets for the Godless Globalist elites unquestionably echo the party line

    Did you see this inane babble from Deborah Coddington somehow linking the WW2 battle of the Atlantic to that mindless moronic mob that successfully has shut down any debate on this inane subject.

    We can all whine about this until the cows come home but we are bashing our heads against a brick wall.

    World War 3 is coming possibly bringing the Day of Judgement in its wake and this crap is a distraction to divert our attention from the depredations of our abysmal ruling class

    1. ZenTiger Avatar

      I’m seeing some of this as the deliberate setup required for WW3 and a global reset of our populations, societies, and standard of living. It’s not going to end well.

      1. Andrei Avatar

        It is fairly clear, Zen Tiger my old friend, that we are being led down the garden path by Judas Goats, that is our cultural elites and politicians, to the slaughter board.

        You can perhaps take a little comfort in the fact that Judas Goats themselves do not evade the slaughterman’s knife forever…

    2. Lucia Maria Avatar
      Lucia Maria

      Hi Andrei, your link is broken.

      While I agree that all of this is a distraction, I also believe it is part of the sickness of our societies that has caused God to unleash wrath upon us. So, a little self-reflection, which seems to be happening, is sorely needed.

  14. ZenTiger Avatar

    So now we have a witness saying their own mob put her in fear for her life. We have camera footage and eye witness accounts. Then we have many of them pretending (and declaring) it was a peaceful protest. I guess once you pretend men can get pregnant, anything is possible.

  15. Webwrat Avatar

    Comment on the BFD:

    Purple Flower
    2 hours ago
    It all harks back to Jacinda Ardern. New Zealand used to be a peaceful and free-thinking country, where the people were generally considerate of others and respected the rights of others to hold different viewpoints. But that changed when Jacinda Ardern became the Prime Minister of New Zealand. While preaching “kindness” she normalized the exact opposite of kindness. She encouraged anti-social attitudes and behaviour towards those who did not agree with her. Using taxpayer funds, she bought off the New Zealand mainstream media to promote her propaganda and foster disdain for those who disagreed with her. She encouraged and normalized dobbing in of neighbours, she normalized using the police and the military against ordinary people to further her goals and take away the rights of those with dissenting views. She normalized police brutality and violence towards those with “wrongthink.”

    Five years ago Jacinda Ardern was parading herself at the United Nations with her baby, proud of being a woman, a mother, and a Prime Minister. New Zealand was showcased as a country where women have equal rights and can flourish. But yesterday, a small, lone woman, who expresses those same values, was physically attacked by an angry mob while the police turned a blind eye. It was the innocent law-abiding woman that was taken away in the police car, not those who were breaking the law. What the inferno has happened to New Zealand in those few years? The answer is: Jacinda Ardern happened. She normalized the vilification of those with “wrongthink,” she normalized police brutality and violence towards those with “wrongthink,” she encouraged and amplified divisiveness, she killed freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Jacinda Ardern paved the way for yesterday’s shocking and despicable outcome. She made it OK to abuse a woman who was standing up for women’s rights. She made it OK to prevent her from speaking.

    “I’ve never seen anything like this,” Keen-Minshull said. “What a shameful day for New Zealand.

  16. Webwrat Avatar

    Absolutely disgusted at these Aotearoins behaved. I sincerely hope no New Zealanders were.

    Very hard to write a comment when there is only half a line in the comment box showing!

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