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Let Women Speak Event Overwhelmed by Lunatics

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A small fight broke out as Parker made her way through the barricade to speak to the crowds. She was escorted out again shortly before 11.30am, as crowds booed at her. She appeared to have been pelted by paint.

A Stuff reporter at Albert Park said from the moment Parker entered the barricade, tension between the groups, separated by a ring of barricades, started to boil over.

It took just 3-4 minutes before every side of the barricade had collapsed and counter-protesters had made their way through to surround Parker.

No police could be seen inside where the barricades had stood, and less than 10 security guards worked to keep the crowd from overrunning the band rotunda.

It took only a few more minutes before crowds managed to climb over and Parker was surrounded on all sides.

A group of four security guards formed a human shield around her for 10 minutes as the crowd slowly pressed forward.

Fights continued to break out in the crowd, as they ripped down the last fence that was protecting Parker from behind.

It was then that security made a rush with her through the crowd to get her out of the park.

In a livestream on Parker’s YouTube channel, it appeared she was being escorted away from the park in a police car. In the police car, an officer asked if she had any injuries. Parker said she just had food in her hair and “just grave fears for this place”.

[Let Women Speak] activist Posie Parker escorted out of Auckland rally, hit by paint | Stuff

Looking at these videos, all I can think is that the counter-protestors are demonically inspired.

UPDATE – Wellington event cancelled:

A statement released by Speak Up For Women this afternoon said a planned Wellington speaking event had been cancelled after being “overrun by a violent mob” at Auckland’s Albert Park.

“Speak Up for Women thanks Mrs Keen-Minshull for having the courage to come to New Zealand and showing up in Albert Park today, despite receiving multiple death threats and threats of violence in the last week,” the statement read.

“In the coming weeks Speak Up For Women will be gathering witness statements and laying a formal complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority about the lack of police action to prevent violence in what was clearly an increasingly volatile situation.”

NZ Herald

Written by Lucia Maria

March 25, 2023 at 1:14 pm

Tarring a Women’s Rights Campaigner as Fascist

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It’s difficult to really pin down who these people are. I can’t call them Left, because there are many on the left who oppose them. They are however, strongly attached to the current insane direction of travel. Maybe they are Revolutionaries, who have seen the opportunity to re-imagine society, and are frantic to prevent any reversion back to normality. How else to explain Clint Smith, self described former “Senior Policy and Communications Strategist” to Jacinda Ardern?

Link to Tweet

I had to highlight Psycho Milt’s tweet, as he is extremely succinct and tireless combating the fool and others like him.

Let’s expand on what Clint was referring to, when he said, “We tried sunlight on fascists a century ago. That led to gas chambers and 60 million dead.” Oh, he is attacking National. What a surprise.

Link to Tweet

What did National say? I was almost … almost pleasantly surprised. Here is Nicola Willis:

National Party deputy leader Nicola Willis told First Up Immigration New Zealand would struggle to find evidence to keep Keen-Minshull out of the country and believed she should be allowed entry.

“This is a free and liberal democracy and part of that is that we believe in freedom of expression even when we really don’t like the views of those that are expressing themselves freely.

“We uphold that right. And I’m a big believer that sunlight is a good disinfectant. Where people have views that some of us find abhorrent, sometimes the best thing is to allow others to respond with their counter views.”

Willis said no-one was free to incite violence however, and if similar scenes were demonstrated here as were in Melbourne, the law should be used against them.

National says let anti-transgender activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull in, Greens have public safety concerns | Newshub

Interesting how Nicola Willis added in that bit about: “sunlight is a good disinfectant” and “where people have views some of us find abhorrent”; making it obvious where she stands. But that is not good enough for Clint. No, that kind of view leads to “gas chambers” and “60 million dead”.

So, what is the story, really? A woman’s rights campaigner is coming to NZ to participate in “Let Women Speak” events. During such an event in Melbourne, Australia recently, a group of men dressed in black paraded around like Nazis (with the seig heil salutes) and pretended to support the event. Everyone in the media went mental, and one political party even tried to expel one of their representatives from the party. Not sure where that is at right now. The whole event also involved some very loud, crazed (mostly male) counter-protestors who were held back from the crowd of women by mounted police. When the protestors attacked the police horses, the police asked for the event to end and the organisers complied.

Now the same types of events are planned for New Zealand and you would think Satan himself was coming; but if he were, actually the red carpet would rolled out for him. But you get what I mean, the histrionics over this lady coming here are just something else. The usual suspects really wanted her banned from NZ, but sadly for them, she is still coming.

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Written by Lucia Maria

March 22, 2023 at 7:59 pm

Medsafe: Benefit Risk Balance of Covid-19 “Vaccine” is Unclear

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I recommend everyone read Cranmer’s Substack article summarising a number of OIA requests on the vaccine approval process of the Covid19 shot in New Zealand. “Safe and Effective” – the mantra we were sold – was a lie. It was not known to be safe or effective.

The Pfizer vaccine was approved for use by New Zealand’s regulator, Medsafe on 3 February 2021. The development was immediately welcomed by then Prime Minister Ardern who stated, “Medsafe’s decision is the culmination of a rigorous assessment process over many months to ensure the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is safe and effective to use here. It is informed by the most up-to-date medical and scientific data. We can have confidence in their decision.”

However, in reality, the government’s representation of Medsafe’s assessment was overstated. Specifically, Medsafe’s clinical assessment found:

  • “The duration of the vaccine protection has not been established beyond two months.”
  • “At this stage, there is limited evidence of protection against severe disease.”
  • “There is no long term safety follow-up information.”
  • “Vaccine prevention of asymptomatic infection and disease transmission has not been established.”

Therefore when it made its benefit risk assessment, Medsafe concluded:

The benefit risk balance of Comirnaty (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine) for active immunisation to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older, is not clear. At this stage, there is evidence only for short-term protection, and longer-term safety data are lacking. However, experience with the vaccine is accumulating rapidly.

Pfizer Vaccine Approval in NZ Under Scrutiny: A Retrospective Analysis | Cranmer’s Substack

Meanwhile, in the UK, a brave MP continues to speak out on the tragedy of the shots. The video below shows an almost empty chamber, where as the speech started, the various politicians scarpered out, presumably so they would not have to hear anything that might hurt their pitiful minds. YouTube initially censored the speech soon after it was posted, but due to the outcry (and probably competition from other streaming services) has allowed it back. If it vanishes once more, here is the Rumble version.

To prevent just one healthy adult aged between 50 and 59 from being hospitalised due to covid the Government’s own data states that 43,600 people have to be given an autumn booster jab. With a serious adverse event rate of 1 in 800 that means that in the healthy 50 to 59 year old group, as a result of using the mRNA boosters, 55 people would die or be put into hospital with side-effects to prevent one single case of covid presenting in hospital.

The same data shows that for the healthy younger people the number needed to be boosted to prevent a single hospital admission with Covid-19 is far higher. 92,500 boosted jabs were required to be administered to prevent one hospitalisation in the healthy 40 to 49 year old group, which would simultaneously put 116 people at probability of death or serious adverse reaction into hospital from the jab.

The healthy 30 to 39 year old group required age group required 210,400 booster jabs to prevent a single, covid hopitalisation; so 263 of this group will have been into hospital or sadly, died as a result of the booster side effects, just to keep one covid case out of hospital.

But the data gets worse because hospitalisation does not necessarily mean a serious medical intervention such as intubation or oxygen. To prevent severe hospitalisation from covid-19, the numbers needed to be boosted become astronomical … [10:17]

Andrew Bridgen MP

Back to Medsafe in New Zealand. How on earth was the Pfizer shot approved for use here? The answer is that despite Medsafe’s concerns about lack of safety and efficacy data, a number of individuals making up the Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee (MAAC), a group whose members remain a state secret to this day, recommend going full steam ahead, regardless.

Somewhat strangely, although MAAC is a statutory committee under the Medicines Act, it has, since the outbreak of Covid, kept the identity of its members confidential. Requests for details of MAAC’s membership has been refused by the Ministry of Health when requested via the Official Information Act on the basis that they might be harassed. It seems an odd position to take given that the membership of various other advisory groups are known, and that MAAC has played a pivotal role in the approval of the vaccine.

Pfizer Vaccine Approval in NZ Under Scrutiny: A Retrospective Analysis | Cranmer’s Substack

MACC told Medsafe to approve the shots, and Chris James on behalf of Medsafe complied. The MACC members presumably thought that the missing safety and efficacy data would be gathered as people were injected and managed to convince others of this view. In other words, they saw nothing wrong with using the population of New Zealand as their guinea pigs, either believing or hoping the shots would be safe and effective. They took a gamble that did not pay off and now they are too afraid to reveal themselves.

Now that billions of doses have been injected into people worldwide, data from various nations around the world is showing neither safety or nor efficacy. The response of political leadership is denial and silence. As various individuals try and show the data to those that have the power to stop the shots, the powerful ignore and deny. The mainstream media and online platforms run interference. The whole situation is deadly serious and outrageous, yet those tasked with the safety of NZ’ers from medical malfeasance are missing in action.

Written by Lucia Maria

March 21, 2023 at 2:00 pm

How Much are You Willing to Sacrifice to the Climate Gods

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Our politicians and bureaucrats are hell-bent on taking us down the path of human sacrifice to the Climate Gods. New Zealand is developing a modern Maori version – an extremely convenient way to obfuscate how we are following and not leading the same insanity as the rest of the Western world. Many people will die if we do not reverse course.

No more mincing words to be gentle on the stupid fools who believe in the Net Zero nonsense. Net-Zero is anti-carbon; except we are carbon life-forms and rely on eating carbon life forms, both plant and animal. To support Net Zero is to support the sacrifice of human life to this suicide pact run by useful idiots. Monsters have never been concerned with the deaths of human beings while trying to create their utopia, and all of us need to understand what is happening – because most of this cannot be done without our help and compliance.

Here’s Jordan Peterson’s take:

The environmentalists offer us a story to live by:

And it’s a pseudo-religious story

And it essentially elevate the earth, biosphere, the earth, Gaia the earth goddess, let’s say, to the status of primary deity

And characterises her as sort of a waif-like innocent victim, easily taken advantage of and fragile

It casts the entire human endeavour on the social front as a raping and pillaging patriarchal monster only interested in power

And it casts the individual as like a devouring mouth riding on the back of that giant, essentially.

Jordan Peterson: This is an appalling situation and it will get worse | Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Meanwhile, the idiocy continues. The National MP sees the danger, yet is blind to National’s contribution to taking us into the trap.

McKelvie, the MP for Rangitikei, said the sector did not want to go backwards in regard to climate change, but the issue was that He Waka Eke Noa was confusing and poorly understood.

“We want to move in a manner that keeps us in the game and keeps us in the game internationally,” he said.

“The big problem with He Waka Eke Noa is that farmers don’t understand it and still don’t.”

He raised the broader point that New Zeal[a]nd was seeking to cut its food production while the world’s population was growing at a high rate.

Expect more disruption due to climate change, rural sector warned by minister | Stuff, 18 March 2023

Onto the canary – the Dutch farming disaster unfolding as we speak:

Written by Lucia Maria

March 18, 2023 at 10:46 am

Jordan Peterson interviews Maajid Nawaz

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New Zealand’s very own Orwellian sounding, Disinformation Project was very interested last year in Maajid Nawaz. So much so, that when I tagged Maajid on Twitter to a graph generated by disinformation researcher, Dr Sanjana Hattotuwa, to Maajid’s apparent propagation of a “conspiratorial frame”, the good Dr blocked me. So, I suppose if you are a backroom spook-type and someone links in a target to let them know they are being studied, that is grounds for immediate blocking. You’d think they’d stay off Twitter if they are that sensitive to how others perceive what they are doing.

Notice “Maajid Nawaz” in the top-right orange circle in the picture above. My big red arrow should help. I pulled both tweets out of the Wayback Machine, due to the content not being currently available on Twitter due to me being blocked and Hattotuwa having gone private in the meantime.

I retweeted the above tweet, and included Maajid Nawaz and Disclose TV, so they could see what Sanjana was up to. For this tweet, I was blocked almost immediately by Hattotuwa, who up to this point, had ignored every question I asked about how he studied and determined disinformation.

Anyway, Maajid Nawaz is not some lunatic, fringe nutter. He is a very articulate, well-spoken, intelligent man with an incredible history and experience of extremism, who used to be in the mainstream media before he was cancelled. He is very much worth listening and paying attention to. Here he is being interviewed by Jordan Peterson in one of Peterson’s most recent videos.

After having listened to the whole interview, I think that Dr. Sanjana Hattawuta would greatly benefit from doing the same. Especially from about 37 minutes in, as it becomes a commentary on the politics and the spiritual aspects of what is happening.

They are doing it so that the conflict increases on both sides. That’s why you’re noticing polarisation go up everywhere, not just on the Israeli side of the debate … because that’s their method for change, and so we’ve got to be careful we are not being useful patsies for dialectical materialism by using language that continues the divide, increases the divide, rather than bring people together …

Maajid Nawaz, in conversation with Jordan Peterson

UPDATE: Speak of the devil, look who’s popped up in the media today!

New Zealand needs to wake up to the threat of online voter manipulation in this year’s election, experts say.

Some think the country should consider following Europe’s move to ban microtargeting – which exploits your social media profile.

“It is, I must stress, going to be a campaign and election that is historically unprecedented,” Disinformation Project researcher Dr Sanjana Hattotuwa said.

Voter targeting tools could impact electoral integrity, disinformation expert says | RNZ

Written by Lucia Maria

March 7, 2023 at 3:32 pm

UK Ministers Discuss Deploying the New Variant for Proper Behaviour Change

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If you haven’t heard of the UK’s Lockdown Files, a release of thousands of What’s App messages between Matt Hancock and various Ministers, I recommend a read of this UK Telegraph article:

The Telegraph has published revelations based on more than 100,000 leaked WhatsApp messages from Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, and other ministers and officials.

The Lockdown Files show the nature of government during the Covid pandemic and how, despite public claims to always “follow the science”, key decisions were made on the fly for political reasons.

They call into question much of the reasoning for months of national lockdowns and other restrictions on daily life in Britain, including social distancing, face masks and the closure of schools.

The Lockdown Files: 10 things we have learned so far by The Lockdown Files Team

However, what inspired this post, was the following tweet by Jordan Peterson, where he retweets Rita Panahi of Sky News about some of the UK Government Ministers wondering if it was time “to deploy the new variant” that would “frighten the pants of people”, thus triggering “proper behaviour change”.

Twitter link

‘Project Fear’ authors discussed when to ‘deploy’ new Covid variant | The Lockdown Files Team, Daily Telegraph

Also, if you didn’t know that the UK Government used a military psy-op teams to manage and direct behaviour by using fear, then this tweet will be extremely confusing for you. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

A shadowy Army unit secretly spied on British citizens who criticised the Government’s Covid lockdown policies, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Military operatives in the UK’s ‘information warfare’ brigade were part of a sinister operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response.

They compiled dossiers on public figures such as ex-Minister David Davis, who questioned the modelling behind alarming death toll predictions, as well as journalists such as Peter Hitchens and Toby Young. Their dissenting views were then reported back to No 10.

Army spied on lockdown critics: Sceptics, including our own Peter Hitchens, long suspected they were under surveillance. Now we’ve obtained official records that prove they were right all along | Daily Mail

The most interesting part of this leaked “admission” is the weaponisation of the “new variants”. Are there actually “new variants”? Or are they just a way of expedient explanations on how “the virus” acts differently once everyone is jabbed? Just to calm down any plebs who might notice the more injected everyone was, the sicker and the more deaths? Oh, that’s the “new variant” doing that!

Behold my screenshot of the impact of “Omicron” last year in NZ after the shots were rolled out to children and shot 3 was given to the general 12+ population, and just before shot 4.

One of the last graphs published by RNZ before MOH changed the way the statistics were calculated. Notice how being vaccinated by any number of shots is not protective. The graph has never returned.

Written by Lucia Maria

March 5, 2023 at 2:40 pm

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Free Speech Union Have Lost the Plot on Drag Queen Story Hour

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Link to Twitter

Followed up with an article in Stuff that really just keeps on digging that hole.

Link to Twitter

We at the Free Speech Union asserted the story time was a legitimate form of speech (as was the protesting, if they hadn’t tried to shut the event down). Yet those who often claim to be in favour of free speech responded in shock. “Drag queen story times aren’t appropriate for children!” they protest, alongside, simply, “public money shouldn’t be used to fund these events”.

Ironically, these opponents of drag queen story times have unlikely ‘allies’ in that way of thinking. Last year, members of the rainbow community (some who specifically claimed on Wednesday that the drag queen story time was a free speech issue) tried to have Bethlehem College defunded for teaching a traditional view of marriage. They, too, claimed it was negatively influencing children and shouldn’t receive public funding.

Claims like “That’s abusive and harmful to young minds. Think of the CHILDREN!” are a little confusing, because it’s not clear who is saying it. Is it the progressive members of the LGBT community who decry antiquated ideas of traditional marriage, or is it those opposed to drag queen story time, claiming it ‘grooms’ children?

The free speech door swings both ways | Stuff

The problem the Free Speech Union have is that they are starting from a blank slate, treating all views as if they have equal merit, On the one hand you have the traditional way of raising children, made possible by standard male/female views and the Christian religion that backs up that way of life. On the other hand, you have those that reject almost everything (if not everything) tradition supports. Christian families have successfully raised children over generations – while as drag queens are a newcomer seeking insert themselves into children’s consciousness. So, if you represent something new and untested (as to the long-term effects) and immoral, then yes, you ought to have a far higher standard applied to whatever it is you want to expose children to.

What is clear is that if we start introducing moralistic impositions on each other, then basic freedoms, like speech, which we take for granted will disappear.

The free speech door swings both ways | Stuff

He is wrong. True morals protect basic freedoms, false morals lead to terrible places. We only have to look at history to see this is true.

That is my free speech stated here on this blog to an adult audience where it belongs.

Written by Lucia Maria

March 3, 2023 at 3:18 pm

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A Vote for National is a Vote for NET ZERO 2050

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Christopher Luxon has been making it very clear what the National Party in 2023 stands for, and it’s not for New Zealand. I’m not sure when National changed its reason for being, and I doubt many of it’s supporters realise it yet, but National stands for NZ the way Labour stands for the working man – not in the slightest.

There was something extremely chilling in today’s about-face declaration of loyalty to Net Zero 2050 and man-made climate from Maureen Pugh. She was a woman with her own opinion at the start of the day and merely a drone by the end. Whatever her opinion had been, it was subsumed into the collective adherence to the quasi-religious cult of climate change, a cult of which the National Party is now an overly enthusiastic participant, and likely has been for some time.

What happened today reminded me of a Bill Maher video : Bill Maher has an OMINOUS warning for America. Though, he could have been talking about any nation of earth that is infected with the woke mind virus. Some excerpts below:

If you are part of today’s Woke Revolution, then you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control because the revolutionaries get so drunk on their own purifying elixer, that they imagine they can reinvent the very nature of human beings.

Bill Maher

Mao ordered his citizens to throw off the “Four Olds”.

Old Thinking

Old Culture

Old Customs

and Old Habits

So, um your whole life would have been garbage overnight, no biggie.

Bill Maher

And those who resisted were attacked by an army of purifiers called the “Red Guard”, who went around the country putting dunce caps on people. Yeah, who didn’t take to being a new type of mortal being.

Bill Maher

A lot of pointing and shaming went on… oh and about a million dead.

And the only way to survive was to plead insanity for the crime of being insufficiently radical

Then apologise and thank the state for the chance to see what a piece of shit you are.

Bill Maher

And, of course, submit to re-education.

Bill Maher

National MP Maureen Pugh regrets her ‘unclear’ comments on man-made climate change

Luxon told media he had met with Pugh and she will be reading a series of books on climate change.

Written by Lucia Maria

February 21, 2023 at 7:56 pm

Experts Hoping You Don’t Notice

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On yesterday’s Kiwi Blog General Debate, regular commenter cmm posted a link to a NZ Herald article published last week about a recent NZ study showing higher rates of heart disease after Covid vaccination. He noted that the authors stated the results ought to be treated with caution, which he agreed with, but not for the reasons given in the article. His comments below:

Covid-19 coronavirus: NZ study showing higher rates of heart disease after Covid vaccination should be treated with caution – expert | NZ Herald | 8 February 2023

ALL studies, reports, experiments should be treated with caution. It is not “science” to accept something based on one report or one methodoly.

And it certainly is not science to accept the safety of the vaxx based on “coz it’s banned to say otherwise” or “coz Pfizer said”. Pfizer, who were so certain about the safety that they got every country to sign a waiver from prosecution before they would provide product.

I find it interesting that they try to counter this with:
“The risk of vaccine-related adverse events was still dwarfed by the risk of heart problems from catching Covid-19, the paper said.”

So, in effect, don’t worry about the adverse events because they are tiny compared to the risks if you do get Covid. That makes it sound like the vaxx is good on balance.

However anyone with more than half a brain will realise that the vaxx did not stop you getting Covid, so the purported benefit is non existent.

cmm, Kiwiblog General Debate | 15 February 2023

To back up cmm’s excellent point of the vaxx not stopping people from getting Covid, I give you a screenshot showing the number of cases to the 13 Feb in NZ as 2,199,579. For those that might have trouble making sense of those numbers (maybe the font is too small, etc), NZ has reported nearly two million, two-hundred thousand Covid cases. That is a real number and not a joke. Most of those cases were reported after mass vaccination of the population started.

Reference: NZ Ministry of Health page for Covid-19: Current Cases. If you do click on the link, just be aware that the page is updated weekly now (used to be daily), and the only way to get prior pages is to use the Wayback Machine.

Gosh, they are not making much effort to display the numbers in a user friendly manner, are they? If I was in charge of reviewing this page before it was published, I’d get the programmer to right align the numbers, and put in some damn commas. How is a person supposed to look at numbers that are left aligned like text? And without commas? It’s not like it hard to do. Incredible.

Now that I’ve recognised cmm’s well-made and incredibly relevant point, I will move on to what screamed at me after I read the NZ Herald article; and after I typed out a furious post under cmm’s about the experts back pedaling after they ensured that many young people received at least two shots and more: and after I had to go outside and do something physical just to work off the anger. Weed eating/whacking/snipping (whatever the terminology is) satisfied that urge. I destroyed many weeds, going until the battery ran out and then had a shower to get all the crap out of my face and hair. The weeds were long and it had been wet; it had been a jungle out there.

My final paragraph that I wrote on Kiwiblog is what I’d like to highlight especially.

[T]he NZ study is only using data from Feb 2021 to Feb 2022; likely because it all went pear-shaped from March 2022, as the younger cohorts were getting their 3rd shots

Behold below, NZ’s Covid jab chart. Look at the green “first booster”, ie shot three. Remember that first booster was rolled out for the elderly around Christmas, 2021. I remember my elderly in-laws trying to get it and being annoyed they were not eligible, and then no jabbing station was open until early January. My father in law was dead less than six months later (apparent sudden heart attack).

Covid-19 Vaccine Data | Ministry of Health NZ | 15 February 2023

However, most of shot 3 was given during January and February, with the younger age groups far more likely to receive it in February/March.

Now, let’s look at what period the NZ study used to check for myocarditis:

The authors of the research paper looked at associations between 12 adverse conditions and the Pfizer vaccine between February 2021 and February 2022. They compared the historic rate of these conditions in New Zealand with rates after vaccination.

It found no link between vaccination and the majority of the selected adverse events, including nerve and blood-related conditions.

However, the Covid-19 vaccination was associated with a “rare but significant increased risk of myo/pericarditis”, the paper said.

The study estimated an excess of two cases of myo/pericarditis per 100,000 people vaccinated after the first dose of the vaccine and an excess of three cases of per 100,000 people vaccinated following the second dose of the vaccine.

Did you notice that they seem to have only studied the effects of the first two shots? I thought at first that they had included the first booster, and potentially cut off their study when the data became too hot; but no, they didn’t even go there. That’s probably why this comment about being “limited by the data” was made in the article:

They also urged caution in reading too far into its findings, saying they may have been limited by the data used in the analysis.

Back in early 2022, I was waiting for the updated myocarditis graph from Medsafe that included the booster data. This was the last one ever published, just as shot 3 (the booster) was made available to younger people. Notice that the younger cohorts had a larger number with a problem after 2 (the purple) shots vs 1 (dark green). While as the problem after 3 (turquoise) was just barely registering, but would have shown up in the next couple of months, had Medsafe had the balls to publish the graph.

Which brings me back to the NZ Herald article, where the various experts seem to be trying to tell the truth, while mixing it with the expected propaganda. For instance, first two paragraphs below are bullshit, and the last seems an explicit warning for young people not to get anymore than two shots – which is too little, too late:

Professor Peter McIntyre, an epidemiologist at the University of Otago, said the vaccine’s link with myocarditis was picked up and communicated very early in New Zealand. While some had complained at the apparent speed at which the vaccine was introduced, he said this had likely saved many lives.

“One thing to emphasise is that the checking and double-checking of the vaccine was really well done in New Zealand. And the [risk] information was added – maybe not as quickly as we might have ideally liked – but it was still quickly and it was still something that was acknowledged and carefully followed.”

He said that while the study provided further reassurance about the vaccine programme at the height of the pandemic, it was now time to reassess the blanket approach of targeting all age groups for Covid vaccination.

“The older population is going to have to keep having yearly boosters, possibly even more, because they’re continuing to be at risk.

But for young people, having had their two doses, and in most cases having had an infection, the picture is different … and the risk of myocarditis is still there, even though it’s rare. So we may need to start moving away from everything for everyone to … specific targeted messaging for groups.”

Oh, and all you older people who might be considering “yearly boosters” for Covid. Don’t. Surely you can see, at the very least, that the damn things do not work as Covid prevention? I mean, 2.2 million cases of Covid, mostly after the shots were rolled out points to something that could not even be considered a “vaccine”. So, why take the risk of an adverse reaction for something that does not even work?

Written by Lucia Maria

February 16, 2023 at 2:00 pm

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Peter Thiel: The Slogan of the Anti-Christ is Peace & Safety

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I haven’t paid too much attention to Peter Thiel, but then I haven’t known that much about him beyond he is some rich guy that was involved with PayPal with Elon Musk, and that he has now invested in Rumble. Oh, and he is a New Zealand citizen. However, for some reason, he is breaking through to a level of visibility where I have noticed. Not that that is saying much, as I notice all sorts of weird things. Anyway, I was intrigued enough by a Bannon War Room Rumble clip to listen to the much longer YouTube address to the Oxford Union on 16 January, 2023.

As the above address is very long, the intriguing summary can be listened to here (along with commentary):

Joe Allan: Peter Thiel warns of Global Anti-Christ, Pushes for AI Acceleration | Bannons War Room | February 2023

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Written by Lucia Maria

February 2, 2023 at 10:03 am