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Why I Hate White Ribbon Day

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Today (25 November) is White Ribbon Day. The aim of the day / campaign is to “flip the script of ‘boys will be boys’… We can all play a part in teaching boys to be caring, supportive, ethical… and reduce the amount of family violence in our community.”

The message is clear – domestic violence is committed by men against women.

Except for my ex-wife.

She was a very disturbed individual. What I thought was liveliness before we engaged (and was attracted to) turned out to be deep-seated emotional problems. I strongly suspect she was abused when she was a child, lending weight to the observation that abused people often go on to inflict abuse.

Which for me, involved being strangled, kicked, punched, scratched and yelled at on a nightmarishly frequent basis.

I never hit back. I would flee the house – I slept in my car, I slept in the office, I stayed at a motel. I never hit back.

I always hoped she’d get better. She’d always regret it afterwards, though not without a heavy dose of blaming me for provoking her. But she had a way of manipulating everybody around her to make me the enemy. After we (finally) split up for good, her mother emailed me blaming me for setting her off, and that she couldn’t be blamed for the violence. I recall one time I finally got her to agree to go to a psychologist. She was careful to control the narrative there, and said how “the marriage was violent.” The psychologist turned to me and made it clear to me how unacceptable that was. He didn’t have an answer when I told him I wasn’t the violent one.

I became a shell of a man. I was a shadow of my former self. The abuse and the victim-blaming was too much for me. I was too ashamed to tell my friends and family until far too late. I was certainly too embarrassed to tell the police, as well as fearful of how she would manipulate them and no doubt blame me for it.

White Ribbon carry on the victim blaming. They do not speak for me as someone who has suffered (serious) domestic violence, blaming me as a man and making the worst categorisations and generalisations possible. Look at this so-called ‘factsheet’ for example:

Most men do not use violence against women. Although family violence can be prevalent in any and all communities, violence by men is often the most serious and lethal type of family violence in New Zealand, and the victims are predominantly women and children.

I call bullshit on that. Bullshit because I know what it felt like to have my wife’s hands around my throat until I nearly passed out. Bullshit because I know what it is like to be felled by a swinging left hook and then kicked in the stomach. Bullshit because research consistently finds that women in heterosexual relationships tend to perpetuate violence against intimate partners at least as often as men:

According to the CDC, one in seven men in the US has been the victim of physical abuse by an intimate partner in his lifetime, and one in 10 men has experienced rape, physical violence, and stalking by an intimate partner. Recent data from the Office for National Statistics points out that of every three reported IPV cases in the UK, two victims are female, and one is male. These numbers may even be gross underestimations considering male victims of domestic abuse are less likely to view abuse as a crime and usually don’t report it to friends or the police.

I know that there are far too many feral men out there living out the ‘Jake the Muss’ stereotype. I have no tolerance for domestic violence, there is never any excuse. There is far too much of it in NZ.

But the White Ribbon Campaign gets it wrong by being so one sided and factually wrong. Their social engineering will not decrease how many ferals beat their wives / partners, nor how many disturbed women go psycho on their men. I hate 25 November where I am told I’m part of the problem of domestic violence.

I am thankfully well shod of my ex wife. Despite never holding down a job because she kept getting fired or let go because of the constant conflict she brought to the workplace, I still had to pay her half my life savings and buy her out of the house as part of the divorce. That sucked. At least I am rid of her and her violence. But what I will never be rid of is the emotional scars from years of being abused.

White Ribbon unpicks those scars. My wife was violent towards me because (in her warped mind) I was a threat to her and I set her off. White Ribbon agrees with her that as a women she can’t ever be to blame, I’m the problem because I’m a man.

I hate the White Ribbon campaign and I hate White Ribbon Day.


Written by Major Star

November 25, 2022 at 9:22 am

Disband the Supreme Court

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Time for the Supreme Court to go:

Supreme Court rules in favour of ‘Make It 16’ case to lower voting age

There was never any good reason to replace the Privy Council with this vanity project of Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson.

Unlike the US Supreme Court, which has a modicum of accountability in that the elected representatives of the people appoint who sits on that bench, our Supreme Court has no accountability, meaning it is very dangerous should the judges turn out to be power-hungry activists. (Yes, yes, I know that in the US the judges are power hungry activists too. And I don’t want us to copy their constitutional arrangements. But at least when you vote in a senator or president, you also effectively vote in the bench, meaning the voters ultimately decide to put in who they want).

Our highest court’s bench is clearly full of left-wing power hungry activists, telling us that not letting children vote in elections is against the bill of rights! If anything, 18 years is too young to vote – we should raise it to at least 21!!!!

It is up to Parliament to decide things like what the voting age should be. Not unelected, unaccountable elites from inner city Wellington.

In addition to this affront to democracy, this court also effectively overruled the Three Strikes legislation and made an extraordinary finding in the Peter Ellis appeal that Maori customs are now to be elevated alongside Common Law. As well-respected laywer Anthony Willy puts it:

In a democracy politicians come and go at the whim of the electorate ( in the case of the present lot the sooner the better). Judges do not. They are appointed for a fixed term and frequently sit beyond that expiry date. One of the judges in the Ellis case is five years beyond the fixed term. Once appointed it is for all practical purposes impossible to remove a judge from office. The trade-off for this unique job security is that Judges confine themselves to applying the law to the facts of the cases that come before them. It is for that reason that Judges used to be selected from those lawyers who had devoted their careers to the practice of the law in the courts and the day-to-day exercise of the common law. That is no longer the case.

I do not like the direction that our elites are taking us, nor do I like the stealthiness and underhanded manner they are subverting our democracy.

Written by Major Star

November 21, 2022 at 11:25 am

The Total, Utter and Complete Backdown on Hate Speech Legislation

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I was certain that this Labour Government was going to foist Hate Speech laws on us. There were six specific proposals:

  1. Increase the number groups protected under the Human Rights Act, from the status quo protecting groups based on their “colour, race or ethnic or national origins” to also include “sex, gender (including gender identity), religious belief, disability or sexual orientation.”
  2. Introduce a new offence in the Crimes Act so that hatred is specifically a crime (in place of current laws which merely forbid intentionally inciting racial disharmony).
  3. Make the crime of being a hateful bigot punishable by three years imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000.
  4. If the second proposal was enacted (the criminal offence), at the same time beef up the Human Rights Act so that complaints may be made about hatred under the Human Rights Act (grossly empowering the Human Rights Commission)
  5. Make it illegal to incite others to be hateful bigots.
  6. Add to the grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Act to clarify that trans, gender diverse and intersex people are protected from discrimination.

It was a huge overreach and deeply unpopular with ordinary NZers. The Free Speech Union mounted a very successful campaign against it. It made criminals of conservative religious NZers, ironically including any Muslim in NZ who held to orthodox Muslim beliefs about gender and sexuality.

The government is completely backing down from all of these changes – don’t believe anything that says otherwise! The one minor change they are making is a very watered down version of the first proposal, to simply add religious belief as a protected group in the HRA.

This is a complete 180 degree U-turn. The poorly drafted proposals, which failed to properly define hatred and allowed for civil and criminal proceedings against an alarmingly broad definition of discrimination, would have been ruinous for social and religous cohesion in NZ. Conservative churches (and mosques and temples) would have suddenly been guilty of hatred and hate speech if they dared to preach what they have believed for literally thousands of years.

The new proposal specifically protects those churches (and mosques and temples) from the woke fascists who would have been leading the charge against them!!!! Tyrants such as Shaneel Lal, David Farrier (and the entire Stuff propaganda department…), the Marxist-Pagan cult, and Shaneel Lal (again) were licking their lips with the opportunity to criminalise hateful bigots like me.

The reaction from the fascist left is furious – how dare the government not just allow but actually protect religious groups to hold religious views!

The truth is, Faafoi was grossly incompetent when he let activist bureaucrats from the Ministry of Justice and the Human Rights Commission dream up such far-reaching and poorly thought-out proposals, which had severe third and fourth order effects on the rights of New Zealanders to hold and express orthodox views. Kiri Allan has cleaned this up admirably by not only ditching the proposals, but actually reversing them to specifically protect religious groups in NZ.

The fact the Human Rights Commission is saying that the new changes are “very disappointing” is an excellent indication to me that this is a good proposal!

True to form though, this isn’t the last of it. The government is tasking the Law Commission to undertake a review, opening up the possibility for another attempt in a year or two. Clearly the polling is telling them to hold off before the election…

Written by Major Star

November 20, 2022 at 1:43 pm

Further reflections on ‘Military Academies’

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I think it’s fair to say that National’s proposal to send serious teenage criminals to a proposed ‘Military Academy’ has gotten everyone talking about it! So I would like to make just a few more remarks and observations about it and what people are saying about it.

There’s the usual suspects crying out about how the poor little petals who get themselves caught up in drugs, gangs and crime don’t know what they’re doing and we just need to be kind to them. The habitual crim-hugger Jarrod Gilbert is against it, so is Chester Burrows. Grant Robertson is against it, referring to Sir Peter Gluckman’s 2018 report (which I’ll talk about soon). Gharaman and Davidson from the Marxist-Pagan party were against it, which partly causes me to re-examine my own initial opposition to it!

Kiri Allen had an interesting comment:

There’s no better way to get fitter, faster, stronger, better, more well-connected criminals than by chucking them all together in an army camp to ultimately go on to form fully-fledged national networks.

Is that what this Labour Cabinet minister thinks of the NZDF – that it’s a breeding ground for criminals and criminal networks? I’ve felt the full loathing that this Labour Government has for the military this term, now I’m really seeing it clearly!

I don’t actually care what Gilbert, Burrows and other lefties think of this policy. They instinctively hate anything to do with the military. For a good analysis of it, former TF Lieutenant Colonel (and ACT party policy advisor) Simon Ewing-Jarvie has written an amusing take down of this policy from the perspective of what it will do to the NZDF.

The key thing about this policy from National is that it is nothing new, it is a re-hash of what Sir Bill English proposed before the 2017 election. BUT – the key difference is how much better Sir Bill was at selling this (bad) idea than Mr Luxon. It certainly was not received well last time, but at least Sir Bill was able to articulate who exactly it was to be aimed at and why – he gave exact figures and numbers of up to 50 people at a time, to Waiouru, backed up with data such as 20 teenagers who committed 800 offences. Sir Bill specifically sold this an “an alternative to prison”. Sir Bill was able to link this to his (very good) Social Investment strategy, and that this was only one option for a very small segment of NZ’s increasingly large pool of ferals.

Mr Luxon has totally failed to control the narrative about this. People are either confused or remain unaware about who he is aiming this at, where it will be, how many ferals are going to be targeted and what happens next to the delinquents. It just feels like a very lazy rehash of a policy which they do not understand the detail of, let alone able to sell those details through a hostile media.

The biggest failure about this policy announcement is the total lack of comprehension about how this will impact the NZDF. For starters, forcing these ferals to eat from the Waiouru Camp Mess will be a truly cruel and unusual punishment! National should know this, they should know how dilapidated NZDF camps and bases are. (Shout out to departing Rangitikei MP Ian McKelvie, who despite representing the biggest NZDF electorate in the country since 2011, encompassing Waiouru, Ohakea and Linton, has never mentioned the NZDF at any point in time in the House, nor has he done anything for the families or personnel in his long and spectacularly un-illustrious career).

NZDF is decimated right now, with attrition over 17%. Not mentioning how stretched the NZDF is when giving them this big task is nothing other than incompetent and stupid by National. Where is Tim van de Molen in this (supposedly the spokesman for Defence)?

If National wanted to sell this policy more effectively, they could have considered mentioning or discussing three things:

  1. The Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) scheme, staffed by NZDF personnel, jointly run by NZDF/MSD. Designed for teenagers and young adults at risk of becoming long term beneficiaries, lasting for a few months at either Burnham, Trentham or Auckland. Not perfect, also a drain on limited NZDF resources, but yields generally good results.
  2. A counter to Sir Peter Gluckman’s 2018 study of so-called ‘boot camps’ which concluded they don’t work. But his conclusion was built on shallow foundations, referencing only a study of other studies, which looked at a small number of American boot camps, and did not find conclusive evidence either for or against boot camps.
  3. The significant success of RF Cadet School. Not a boot camp for ferals, but more of a vocational school for teenagers looking to join the NZDF later on. It was an option (for people like Ron Mark) to join before heading down a path towards delinquency (such as his brother Tui went down). The benefit was that NZDF would receive a significant chunk of those teenagers as recruits when they turned 18, many of whom are still in today.

National didn’t talk about any of those things, instead they have left the narrative to be dominated by lefties and crim-hugging luvvies, whilst further undermining the NZDF. This policy announcement has been a disaster.

National has limited credibility and gets only so much attention in the media. They would be far better off discussing wide-ranging changes to our education system instead of poorly thought-out regurgitations of 2017 policy not updated to the changed situation of today, and without the mastery of detail which Sir Bill English had.

I actually think we should be punishing the parents of the ferals, probably with stocks and pelting with rotten fruit. But that’s just my opinion!

Written by Major Star

November 18, 2022 at 1:26 pm

National wants a ‘Young Offender Military Academy’

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National wants to bring in a ‘Young Offender Military Academy’ in response to ferals and delinquents running amok.

National leader Christopher Luxon has announced a major crackdown on young offenders with a new policy including youth offender military-style camps and a serious offender category for those as young as 10…

National will establish a youth offender military academy that will be delivered by the New Zealand Defence Force and other community providers.

They would target young people aged 15 – 17 years old who could be ordered to attend by the courts for 12 months.

“The whole point is that these youth offender military academy’s are going to be a total circuit breaker. They are there to provide intense structured programs including schooling, mentoring, drug and alcohol treatment but in a very, very disciplined environment.”

I have some questions about this:

  1. With what resources will the NZDF be expected to do this?
  2. Where will this be done? (Is the National Party aware of how dilapidated Waiouru Military Camp is, amongst all the other camps and bases?)
  3. Where will the ferals go after 12 months with the NZDF? What’s to stop them going straight back to where they came from?

I suspect there is some nostalgia about the Regular Force Cadet School, in operation until 1991. The RF Cadet School wasn’t for ferals or delinquents, but it was able to be a pathway taken before one became a feral. A good case in point is the comparison between Ron Mark and his brother Tui. Ron was lucky enough to be one of the about 120 or so teenagers accepted each year into ‘the club’, but alas Tui was not. Ron had a successful career in the NZ Army as a vehicle mechanic, then an officer in the Royal New Zealand and Electrical Engineers, before serving in the Oman forces and becoming an MP and cabinet minister. Tui joined a gang and led a life of crime and delinquency:

But what National are proposing is not RF cadet school. It is basically a military borstal for a year. I’m sceptical that it’ll be a successful circuit breaker for a teenager who has already embarked on a life of crime, gangs and drugs.

I’d also like to see some policy from National about how to rebuild the NZDF to do its core job before adding more tasks to the NZDF, such as parenting feral sh!theads.


It’s a rehash of Sir Bill English’s policy from 2017 which was never implemented:

Speaking to Morning Report today, Mr English denied the new scheme would be a boot camp, calling it an “intensive wrap-around service, a junior military academy”.

“There is one group of 20 of these kids who have 800 offences, we’re not talking about wayward youth getting a short sharp shock.”

He said the teenagers had committed serious crimes, including rape, aggravated robbery and murder, but could not say if they would receive any weapons training from the army while in the programme.

“It’s going to be run by the army, it will include literacy, numeracy and a focus on health, a focus on activity and discipline and character.

“It’s about providing an alternative to prison, it’s not an employment scheme, it’s not an alternative to going to school, it’s an alternative to prison, or youth justice facilities. It’s 12 months, and it includes the wrap-round services that we do see working.”

Mr English said the National Party was taking the view that the culture of the army was the right one to help the young people.

If National want to convince people (especially me!) that this is a good policy, they’ll need to counter Sir Peter Gluckman’s conclusion in 2018 that “boot camps do not work” and that the NZDF will have sufficient resources for this in addition to their core roles.

Written by Major Star

November 17, 2022 at 6:02 pm

‘No Duff’ does not represent me as a veteran

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Finally – the toxic idiot Aaron Wood is getting found out for being the bitter and twisted narcissist that he is.

Aaron Wood founded the ‘No Duff Charitable Trust’ in 2017, with the laudable aim of providing service to military veterans struggling with mental health problems, particularly those considering taking their own lives. Mr Wood is a former rifleman in the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment and served for about 24 years, including being deployed to the usual spots of East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Somalia and Afghanistan. He left the NZ Army having reached the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Before he got out, he was a notorious poster on the Sergeant Major of the Army’s blog, usually whingeing about pay and conditions, taking digs at senior leadership, and all but advocating for a union. Now, I myself am very sympathetic to the notion that pay and conditions have been eroded too much, especially under the current government. Some of what he says, although blunt and rude and foul and lacking all grace and dignity, is based in truth.

But this guy takes it to another level. His bitterness at everything is astounding.

He is particularly bitter against officers. He is what we would call ‘an officer-hating dargon’. This really came to the fore when Paula Penfold interviewed him extensively as an ‘expert’ in her character-assassinating hit piece, ‘The Valley’. Mr Wood was extremely blunt about his assessment that only the soldiers in that engagement performed well, the officers deserving only his scorn and contempt. Wood is an idiot who cannot let his bias against officers go, and he’ll never say anything good about them, and so he was able to play right into Ms Penfold’s agenda against the officers in command of that fight.

He takes pride at contrasting himself with the RSA, and likes to portray himself and his organisation as the saviours of the modern military veteran:

He talks a big game. Look at this post for example about he apparently he was going to deal with the protestors desecrating the Cenotaph at Parliament:

I can tell you that he and his organisation did nothing of the sort to do anything about the protestors there. It was all hype, no action. After the protestors left, the Police called in the Army to clean up the streets around parliament, Aaron Wood was nowhere to be seen.

And let me just say one small word about the slogan that ‘No Duff’ have chosen ‘ Nos Adepto Fieri Stercore’. If this idiot wants to try and sound all smart by using Latin, the least he can do is get it right! The moron has simply typed in individual words in Google Translate to try and come up with ‘we get shit done’ in Latin, but his cases and genders are completely wrong, as anyone who has done third-form Latin will be able to tell you! The slogan is so completely grammatically wrong as to make it nonsense.

One of the things I detest about this man is how he turns against those he claims to represent. He has always hated officers, never said a kind word about them, and has gone out of his way to stab them in the back and undermine them. Now the former Sergeant Major of the Army, Mr Bob Davies, is calling him out for being the toxic bully he is:

“He’s a bully,” said New Zealand’s former top non-commissioned officer Bob Davies, Warrant Officer Class One and Sergeant Major of the NZ Army, who is speaking out on behalf of soldiers who have been targeted.

Davies said he was “appalled” by messages Wood had sent to veterans: “He preaches that he looks after veterans, but he denigrates others.”

In messages seen by Stuff, Wood directed insults at veterans and their families.

In a message to another veteran, Wood wrote: “What do you do each Anzac day, hide in your w… pit and cuddle your sister?

“Or pretend you’re a veteran, knowing real veterans like me just laugh at you?”

Wood often targets the RSA, despite sharing the same goals. People in the RSA have now wised up against this man:

Canterbury Returned Services Association immediate past-president Stan Hansen said he was formerly on good terms with Wood, and “admired immensely” the work Wood had done with No Duff.

Hansen was the only one of the veterans who spoke to Stuff who was willing to be named as the others feared triggering more online abuse.

He cut ties with Wood after a number of unsavoury exchanges with the No Duff trustee, who he said crossed a line when he went after his son online.

“When you lose the respect of your own people, then it’s time to take a look at yourself and say ‘am I right or am I wrong?’,” Hansen said.

There are still a great many people still in the NZDF who appreciate Mr Wood and his advocacy. I can only praise him for being willing to help those mentally ill veterans in times of need. But my frequent observations of him and his bullying of my mates means he does not represent me.

He represents himself and his own bitterness.

Unfortunately, this strikes a chord with many people either still in the NZDF or those who have left in the last decade or two.

At the end of the day, Aaron Wood is a loudmouth and a bully. Just because his intentions are good to begin with doesn’t mean he can get away with bullying and insulting my mates. It’s good to see this get some attention in the media. Remember this when you inevitably see him pop up again.

Written by Major Star

October 16, 2022 at 11:48 am

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Record Tax Take overshadowed by Labour’s Spending

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$108 Billion. That’s the sum of our money that has been taxed from our incomes, company profits and goods and services.

But Finance Minister Grant Robertson said the lower-than-expected deficit shouldn’t lead political parties to yell out for cuts as there was still a deficit and New Zealand faces “choppy waters ahead”. He’s ruled out tax cuts that “disproportionately support the wealthiest New Zealanders”. National said a “careful” minister would produce “prudent tax relief” and still invest in public services.

Those wealthy NZers who would be “disproportionately support[ed]” are also those who disproportionately provide the bulk of that tax revenue! In fact, the top 3% of NZ income earners (in 2020) paid 26% of all income tax collected. In 2012, the richest 10% of NZ income earners paid 47% of all income tax!

I’d like to keep more of what I earn. I’d like to be able to support my wife and future children with a single income, with minimal government help. I’m happy for a portion of my wages to go to a well-functioning government to wisely spend on things that genuinely make the country a better place.

The Minister of Finance has ruled out tax cuts despite the record take of income tax. Because no matter how much money is coming in, even more is going out under him! Let’s look at some figures of what I reckon could be reduced or eliminated so that we can afford a tax cut – we’re currently looking at a $9.7 Bn deficit, so can we cut $10 Bn from the books? How about we start with the following:

  • Welfare benefits were costing $23 Bn in 2017, and are now up to $40 Bn this year.
    • Jobseeker and Emergency benefit at $3.3 Bn (up from $1.7 Bn in 2017)
    • Sole parent support up to $1.7Bn (up from $1.1 Bn in 2017)
    • Wage subsidy scheme at $4.8 Bn (it was $1.2 Bn in 2020 and $1.1 Bn in 2021)
    • Accommodation assistance at $2.3 Bn (up from $1.1 Bn in 2017)
  • Health expenses are now totalling $30Bn, up from $16 Bn in 2017. Nearly $7 Bn of that is due to health services for COVID-19, including vaccines and managed isolation /quarantine.
  • Educational departmental expenses are up to $2 Bn from $1.2 Bn in 2017. Not sure we need to increase the bureaucrats in the Ministry by that much!
  • Tertiary education funding has increased from $2.5 Bn to $3.2 Bn, for an increase of just 20,000 places. That’s $35,000 for each extra tertiary student.
  • ‘Core Government Services’ departmental expenses have increased from $1.8 Bn to $2.7Bn, the headcount of the public sector increasing a whopping 28%
  • $1.4 Bn has been spent on transport expenses in relation to COVID, including ‘shovel ready’ projects and temporary relief packages
  • $4.2 Bn on “COVID-19 Resurgence Support Payments” whatever they are
  • $135 Million on the “COVID-19 Cultural Sector Response” from heritage, cultural and recreation expenses
  • $1.6 Bn on the Emissions Trading Scheme

Now, I’m well aware that inflation since 2017 has been just under 20% in total. And wage inflation has driven some of the increased tax take, and government departments will therefore need to increase their expenditure to not only pay their people, but also to purchase other services which are now more expensive. Which increases inflation, leading to employees seeking higher salaries, and around the circle we go!

But really, does the government need to be spending an extra $52 Billion compared to 2017? The 2017 budget was $76 Bn of spending. Under Labour, that has grown to $128 Bn this year. If the budget had simply kept in line with inflation, it would only be $91 Bn.

I reckon there’s an easy $20 Bn to be saved from just reducing or outright eliminating some of the increased spending above. And then all of a sudden government books are in surplus, and maybe we can reduce the tax burden on hard-working, middle-class NZers like me.

On Those Who Identify As 27-Year-Old Slovakian Models

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Judith Collins is at her best when she flippantly mocks the worst excesses of the liberals. If grown men (complete with testicles, large hands and Adam’s apples) are able to identify as younger-looking women, well, why can’t she?

Collins said it was up to individuals to decide how they identify.

“[It’s] pretty clear to me that you are either born a male of female, or else, there are some people who are born with both genders. I have no problem with other people choosing to be whoever they like to be.”

She then said: “Personally, I self-identify as a 27-year-old Slovakian model”. 

Well, this has generated the usual shrieking from the clearly-insane Shaneel Lal, who has this to say:

By claiming to be something she is not and is incapable of being, Collins undermines, dismisses and ridicules trans identities. Likening trans identities to things people cannot change, such as age and ethnicity, implies that trans people are invalid.

Shaneel Lal tries the tired old approach of accusing social conservatives like me with making people choose to kill themselves. And how dare National Party take a line of approach other than the most revisionist, cultural-Marxist radical extremism which says that people can choose which gender they are, hormone blockers, castrations, mastectomies and fake-penises all being part of loving, “gender affirming care” with nothing but upsides.

Shaneel Lal is not the only one insisting we all get fully on board with the Woke Express, hurtling towards Gomorrah. Our taxpayer dollars are being spent like never before on so-called “Gender Affirming Care”:

Transgender and intersex health will get a small funding boost. About half a million dollars a year will go to providing more gender transition services, and improving guidelines for gender affirmation procedures. About $700m a year will go to implementing a “rights-based” approach to intersex care.

I just don’t know what to do with all of this. Up until 15 minutes ago, it was a near-universal belief that people were either born a boy or a girl, only an incredibly tiny minority truly being ‘intersex’. Transvestism was mainly practised by older males who paid a lot of money for what was clearly cosmetic surgery – castration and fake boobs didn’t turn a man into a woman, it just made him look like one. It was always more of a sexual fetish, not a gender identity.

But now we’re expected to all accept the belief that gender is simply a social construct, and if an individual truly feels that his or her gender does not correspond with his or her biological sex, then I need to agree and if I dare question it, I am threatening the safety of people like Shaneel Lal!

This nonsense is being questioned in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Europe and America to a far greater degree than it is here. The UK has shied away from anything as radical as our so-called ‘Conversion Therapy Ban’ bill, which criminalises a vicar who dares to pray with one of his parishioners if that Christian doesn’t want to be same-sex attracted, or else criminalises a therapist who tells Johnny that he really is a Johnny, and he’ll probably grow out of it.

But questioning the nonsense here is limited only to some flippant remarks by Judith Collins, and some accompanying weasel words from Michael Woodhouse and Christopher Luxon. NZ has the likes of Rachel Stewart and Ani O’Brien who are doing their best to speak up about this crap, but I fear they are fighting a losing battle.

I want to at all times practice the Commandment of “Love thy neighbour”. I do not question transgender ideology because I hate anyone, far from it – I question it because I am observing the confusion and harm that it is breeding, most especially to confused teenagers and even children. I wish nothing but the best for those who feel that they were born in the wrong body – and perhaps the healthiest treatment is therapy which reconciles their feelings with their body, and not irreversible damage through chemicals, hormones, mastectomies and castrations.

Written by Major Star

October 2, 2022 at 12:06 pm

Newshub reports on the severity of Defence Force attrition

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Well, this is not something I was expecting – NZ’s mainstream media is reporting on the record numbers of people leaving the Army, Navy and Defence Force:

Personnel are leaving our Defence Force in record numbers.

With many being lured away by better pay and conditions, the attrition rate is the highest it’s been in decades.

Yes, 16% attrition overall for the army – for some key trades and branches, it’ll be much higher than that.

The Chief of the Defence Force told Newshub it could take up to a decade to replace highly-skilled staff and he needs Government help now.

“The level of attrition is one of the highest we’ve recorded for many decades,” said Chief of Defence Force Air Marshal Kevin Short.

All three armed forces have experienced growing attrition rates, especially over the past year. The major concern is the Army – topping 16 percent in June, double what was forecast.

Driving that are job opportunities and better conditions outside the military offering tens of thousands of dollars more.

“At the moment we aren’t competing, that’s why we’re losing people,” Air Marshal Short said.

Those are remarkably forthright words – the budget gave a pathetic amount for remuneration corrections, most people in the army have not had a pay rise in many years. What was the response of the Labour government to our personnel leaving in record numbers (having dutifully been taken away from their families for the legally-questionable Operation Protect)? It was a paltry 1% pay rise. Inflation is over 7%. Wage Inflation (measured by the Labour Cost Index) for the public sector is over 3% (over 4% for the last quarter). Huge numbers of experienced (and over-worked) senior and middle ranking officers and soldiers are walking into pay-packets many thousands of dollars above their NZDF salaries.

Newshub asked Defence Minister Peeni Henare multiple times to interview for this story. His office declined, instead sending us a statement that highlighted the $90 million in Budget 2022 targeted specifically for remuneration.

Already that’s not enough, especially with the increasing cost of living.

“It doesn’t address that at the moment so we are falling further behind,” Air Marshal Short said.

The toll of Operation Protect also saw more than 600 personnel leave, unhappy with repeated tours of MIQ.

This is quite remarkable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Air Marshal Short was brought in for ‘morning tea without coffee’ in the Minister’s office. He has publicly spoken the truth that the pay and conditions in the NZDF have been so severely eroded that it’s going to take years to correct.

Ron Mark is quoted throughout the article, highlighting that:

“[We’re] losing NCOs, warrant officers, field officers, in those ranks that you can’t afford to lose,”

It’s not like NZ is unique here – Australian top brass has said similar things to their new Labour bosses just one week ago:

Defence chiefs have warned the Albanese government to boost troops’ and bureaucrats’ pay and perks to meet recruitment targets amid acute labour shortages and rising tensions with China, while also highlighting personnel are being overstretched on non-military tasks such as disaster relief and COVID-19.

Remarkably similar to the situation here in NZ! Troops hate doing jobs that take them away from their core role. Two and a half years of guarding hotel corridors is arguably the biggest waste of highly-trained assets in NZ’s history. With the cost of living going through the roof, public sector wages rising (the public-sector pay freeze was a slogan only, every department has simply created hundreds of extra highly paid jobs) and other conditions being steadily eroded by successive governments (housing, health, barracks rotting and food getting worse and worse), it’s no wonder that there is an attrition crisis crippling the NZDF.

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September 18, 2022 at 8:24 pm

Free to smile?

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Mrs Star and I are a very excited couple right now – there is a baby on the way, due early next year.

And our joy was particularly high yesterday at our first scan. This is our first child – we have no idea what to expect, but it’s all thoroughly exciting going through everything for the first time!

When we saw the baby on the screen yesterday, and could make out the feet, arms, head and belly, it really hit home for us that we’ve got a little human being growing inside, and in a bit over six months that little human being will continue growing outside!

I would say something like we couldn’t hide the joy from our faces. Except we did. Our joy was hidden. It was hidden behind a stupid cloth mask – I could only look at Mrs Star and try and grin with my eyes – you can only do that so much.

I have grown increasingly sceptical about the ability for cloth masks to hinder an airborne virus for any length of time. There are many studies by now showing the futility in trying to stop the spread of this virus, which is now endemic in NZ, by anything other than an N95 mask, which even then offers only limited protection.

So why, in a radiology clinic, surrounded by healthy and fit people, were my wife and I forced to hide our joy and our excitement from each other?

The shriekers will decry me for being a homicidal maniac who wants to kill your nana. Maybe I am, or maybe I would like the freedom to smile at another human being. Maybe I would like the freedom to fully express my joy to my wife when looking at the first images of our child.

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September 14, 2022 at 9:00 am

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