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This year NZ Inc is burning coal for electricity generation, while pinioning the productive sector for creating so called emissions of green house gasses. The rate of coal fired thermal generation is equal to the total coal burned for the last two years.

Two very relevant factors in play here, a growing acceptance that agriculture that is increasingly accepted as very close to carbon neutral in that the “carbon cycle” that I was indoctrinated to believe all those decades ago sees CO2 growing fodder that is eaten by animals then largely returned to a sequestered state by either incorporation of solid waste into the soil or if released, devoured by plants to go around again, the second, if the scammers are believed, coal is the least carbon clean energy generator, at least a third more emission producing than diesel petrol kerosene(aviation fuel), two times more “dirty” than LPG. yet the morons in Wellywood want the plebs to accept their lovein with automotive transport is very bad.

I am ignoring the Beer-Lambert and Henry’s laws on Physics that come from a science that is far more settled than the scams perpetrated on the unwilling funders in a claim their “science” around Climate change being down to man’s habitation of the planet is settled?

The madness has preachers and acolytes of that religion even explaining the devastating floods that hit the Canterbury foothills and plains to be a direct result of human folly with out a single piece of evidence to support such insane scare mongering. Yes there will be some almost indiscernible activity of human activity that may have contributed to the disaster. centered largely on Mid Canterbury, “was. evidence of climate change”. something the farmers oppose but then go cap,in hand to seek compensation for. What a signpost to stupidity junction, it was a very norml weather event , thankfully quite rare, that delivered significant flood water to a very confined area, with compromised water ways now never seeing shingle extracted for construction often due to bureaucratic idiocy that favours pit extraction over river bed sites. Raised river beds often further compromised by crack willow invasions along with gorse broome blackberry and other weed invasions that are apparently nobody’s responsibility!! Certainly never a crat or their troughing governors who would rather fund a rarely utilised cycle lane than address a core responsibility.

Does it not seem extremely odd that the cold snap referred to by Adolf recently putting a swathe of “the eastern lucky country in. serious winter grip possibly delivering a return to an early season for snow sports that was common mid last century, does not get such moronic connectivity to the scourge of climate change while a very mild winter where i am currently bludging a campsite sees mushrooms in fields aplenty in JUNE!

Another inconvenient factor weather related comes to mind from my earliest memories when in July 1945 in excess of a meter of snow covered the Amuri basin leaving fences below the surface allowing Alf Brustard to use cross country skis to get around his farm , he was Norwegian. That snow lasted in excess of three weeks before the melt.

If some entrepreneurial person could find a way to convert Bullshit into electrical energy, all those virtue signalling ijits could fill their boots without threatening the already fragile energy supplies being coped with by the common people, both in supply and price.

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June 12, 2021 at 6:28 pm

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A MSM obsessing with a global scam of epic proportions centering on a CCP PLA Wuhan virus research Laboratory that is increasingly being perceived as the source of the current pandemic, yesterday parlayed by the handlers of Joe Biden as the greatest threat to world peace in an “off the cuff” spontaneous little homily to US Troops assembled to meet the POTUS on arrival in The UK for the G7 in Cornwall, is currently dropping the ball massively for NZ Inc.

A nation that is totally dependent on exporting primary produce to world markets is facing a scenario unprecedented in our post colonial history. All major shipping companies are increasingly leaving our product transporting out of their global operations. Cool stores are fully committed, logs are being left standing as trees, and incoming product disruption is growing by the day as the shipping moguls concentrate on moving CCP goods to Europe and North America and returning to China with needed imports from those ports. NZ Inc is being frozen out by commercial reality

The exporters are reluctant to raise the issue as it will become a massive impediment to an ongoing charade of business as usual. Boats that are actually entering our waters are being rationed as to container movements during port access resulting in a ship say carrying say a thousand containers being limited to one thousand movements during a visit to a port so only half the load is unloaded with the other half being on carried to the next port. There is an accompanying threat of container availability also impacting on NZ Trade.

Think I am wrong, do some research and make that basic as there is a wall of silence and obfuscation apparent. Sort of similar to the Vax supply chain that is being hinted as having problems, as if the morons masquerading as a government could understand let alone ever admit. Their modus operandi will leave such trifles to the now vast army of spin merchants recruited from the better minions of that MSM, to hide such inconvenient reality under a wall of misinformation.

Written by Gravedodger

June 11, 2021 at 10:51 am

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Kudos to Andrea Vance for her long time coming revelations over the massive spin machine assembled to sell the Maorification and socialist lurch for NZ Inc. The figures that have seeped out recently exposing the growth in an industry that always flourishes under Labour governments because the stupid ungrateful curs do not understand we know best.

Almost slipping under the radar for too many, lies with the allegation of a regular Hui to map out strategy for the coming week as regards Political management. A conversation that includes the main players of the MSM who have benefitted by an announced $105 000 000 that one assumes is additional to the serious expenditure to promote the government and its ministries over the Rona industry to the voters in a wonderfully successful image enhancement exercise.

Would it be a step ttoo far to think that is Tony Blair 101.

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June 9, 2021 at 11:23 am

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The Hugfest that has replaced Queens Birthday honours where it seems an unending “Wait There’s More” and just as annoying as those other infomercials, has come and gone again.

Another long list of anybodies now get to place initials after their name, many for just doing what they were paid handsomely to do.

Of course there were some who did extra miles through passion without reward and congratulations to them but others not so much.

Fellow Blogger Lindsay Mitchell has a post on Ruth Dyson “for services to the disabled”, rather damning is to put it mildly.

Written by Gravedodger

June 8, 2021 at 8:32 am

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Floods occur often with scant regard for persons, property, progeny, or products. Good mate and mentor Johnnie Corbett, ex WWII fighter pilot pacific theatre and a great neighbour in the early days of Dodgers farming career in a very parched for the first five years of ten in Waipara, slap bang in the now world renowned Wine Region. During a very trying period, one of many where rain seemed to be an historical event and it seemed to be ongoing, Corby said “floods are much worse than droughts”. Clearly meant to be a wise counselling statement it was so true but to an indebted young farmer wanting some relief from another day of wonderful summer heat and sunshine it initially missed the target until I realised the pertinent fact that as a dry develops there is ample opportunity to take steps in mitigation whereas a bloody flood is immediate and destructive allowing very little by way of avoidance or even meagre relief..

The current trevails impacting on a large area of Central, Mid and South Canterbury is a rare event indeed with the worst river flooding threats coming from foothill and plains fed streams that are almost always struggling for flows to flush or even run water. Across the plains there are apparently unnecessary bridges over waterways that never seem to carry any water at all. Hawkens, Waianiwa, The Selwyn after it leaves Coalgate until it gets close to its mouth at Lake Ellesmere all leave a wondering as to why a bridge is necessary between Burnham and Hororata while the Hororata its self is a water race in stock water terms not the RDR. The Ashburton, both branches, the Ashley further north are not Alpine fed but their flows during this current event are approaching doubling of normal flows in high rain events while the main alps originating rivers are in normal high flow levels that normally eventuate from westerly storms in The Alps.

Talking to mates in the Eyre River area North of the Waimak, it was suggested the first night rainfall went unrecorded as the gauge was lying down on the job on the first morning but then recorded over 200 mm since. Big numbers for anywhere on the plains. Another very possibly inaccurate report from Fernside, down stream had a square straight sided tin with over a foot equating to 250 mm. they had a visit from a Hi vis clad spurt last evening advising departure only to be told politely to bugger off as they were going to bed. If flooding threatened that particular property then the outlook for the whole of Rangiora Borough would have been dire indeed.

Another contact further North has had total 150 mm and is grateful for a chance for his ground water to recharge. My old stamping ground of the Akroa Harbour Basin has become very parched this autumn with all of Banks Peninsula suffering extreme dry, unusual for such widespread conditions as it is rare for the Southern Eastern and Northern bays to all be so affected. In fact we have been gone for coming up three years since leaving paradise and there has not been a destructive rain event there since our departure. During our eighteen years it was one a year minimum and often with the worst quite spectacular.

Before any Climate emergency preachers begin a sermon it has happened before, I well recall as a year three pupil an unusual rain event in North Canterbury delivering 12 inches (300 mm) in December 1951 that saw piles of small square bales stacked in eights behind the baler abandoned in hay paddocks everywhere, too wet to move and pushed to tree lines as compost. A few of them badly decomposed lucerne purloined for a Mai mai only to be eaten by hoggets the following autumn!

Ps This catastrophic event for so many was well foreseen by a weather guru quite recently when with typical certainty he solemnly predicted this winter on the East Coast of both islands from North Otago to Gisborne would be dry and frosty with minimal chance for ground water replenishment. A recurring phenomenon from a long line of predictors that in my seventy years of observation sees almost all dry periods abruptly ending within a short time of such pronouncements from an “Expert” in forecasting, small comfort for the many now coping with devastating stock losses , fodder crops ruined, hay and baleage supplies compromised, hectares of pasture and crops now buried under silt and fences and other infrastructure badly damaged or even gone from the land. The talking heads of modern media will concentrate on the gormless who through stupidity and or ignorance created a personal mayhem while most of the actual real losses will never make the Infotainment because another news cycle event will come along or they may be forced to make one up.

Be strong people affected, my thoughts are with you, I have been there and the sun will return to make it at least more bearable. If you find it becoming too much there is help out there, please please seek it out, you are not alone.

Written by Gravedodger

May 31, 2021 at 7:33 pm

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A regime intent on reducing the prison muster by gaining the judiciary to bend more and more towards reducing imprisonment as a sentence for convicted criminals. In the face of suggestions from ex Act MP and instigator of three strikes law that actually increases the sentence for intractable repeat offenders on what a criminal must actually do by way of very bad things to face incarceration. An average “client” of corrections has on average, forty six convictions.

That regime has also installed as the head of crime policing and investigation a very useful idiot in the form of Andy :The Imposter” Coster, who in succeeding an increasingly puppetised if not politicised Commissioner Mike Bush. If anyone considered a slightly chilling threat in support of the now revealed as dodgy weeks of lockdown after Ardernearly panicked when confronted with the less than ideal loss of her Islamic hugfest on the anniversary of Tarrants murder spree on March 15th 2019, as that date became overcome by the spreading infection threat of The Rona. Since then first under the slow demise of Bush subsequently with “Imposter” Coster in the chair New Zealand has seen a tsunami of group lawlessness. It seems the thin blue line has become increasingly submerged as a crime fighting force. Apart from remote traffic policing by way of speed traps and cameras as that is still on full charge.

Just in the last week NZ has been witness to two further examples of apparent avoidance or at a minimum outright refusal to confront mass law breaking. Last week a funeral for a long standing leader of a criminal gang died and his last rights involved a closure of a primary education facility for two days as a host venue then a cortege along the main southern access for Hastings, State Highway II, almost closing it for opposing traffic and attended by clear evidence of many accompanying traffic law violations. It is suggested Hawkes Bay Police not only ignored the many criminal acts but may have been complicit in enabling them.

The second mass law breaking occurred over the weekend when aberrant socialists and Greens including some sworn to uphold the laws of Her Majesty Elizabeth II as Members of the Government in total disregard for National laws and local body edicts rode bicycles over the SH1 Auckland Harbour Bridge causing serious disruption to motorised vehicular use. Unless something has changed dramatically or I am further out of sync than I had believed, Is pedestrian use and bicycling prohibited on Motorways?

So where will Andy “The Imposter” make a stand on the wave of nose thumbing from miscreants intent on acting enmass. A quick scan of posts from my colleague Tom Hunter on the shambolic breakdown of the Law by Antifa and BLM in creating bloodletting and outright murdering on the streets and hoods of dysfunctioning Democrat run cities in the US should be more that a little bit concerned as Giuliani’s ‘Broken windows’ amply demonstrated small time crooks soon migrate to more advanced status.

Would it be impudent to place any connections with the attempted disarming of lawful weapon owners to be a bystander and increasing open disregard for the Law.

Written by Gravedodger

May 31, 2021 at 10:00 am

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The mayor anywhere so long as its here has reached another milestone with NZLTSA apparently cancelling his licence to drive. Having seriously breached Sir Tims privacy in commenting on that fact they have declined to elaborate on why the action was taken. Of course if it is anything surrounding mental capacity to function as a driver of a vehicle then it seems a tad incongruous he remains as Invercargill city Mayor.

Cancelling a licence to drive is a drastic step for an aging citizen. I recall a busy body grand daughter delivering that very result to a declining lady living in rural North Canterbury who was in early stage stroke induced dementia but had very little in the way of a problem, understanding the road rules, her destination and necessary route selection. Her biggest problem by far coming when she might have driven to Christchurch City only to have forgotten why she was there, so returning home an only option. Cancelling her Licence was devastating and progressed a slow decline exponentially.

Living in Akaroa local police had a sympathetic attitude for such persons who could gain legal driving under rather sensible protocols where a local could continue to drive their familiar vehicle to the shop, bridge nights, the medical center but were asked not to venture out of the immediate harbour area. It worked well with one gentleman driving without incident well into his nineties. A similar attitude permeated driving in the Havelock North village when I first encountered it decades ago where all drivers understood that there was a surfeit of elderly people negotiating the town ship. and everyone drove accordingly slow speeds and very defensively. Of course the invasion of all of Hawkes Bay, now discovered for a further time by people too inept to get up a little earlier, and in a hurry at all times.

Now amidst all the comments around Sir Tim’s apparent decline as regards the office as Mayor it might be guessed that the licence cancellation is related to his mental abilities, if so it is sad but when the actual cognitive abilities of far too many persons exercising sovereignty over mere mortals is rife, perhaps we need to monitor MPs and local body office holders across the nation, one does not look far to find people totally out of their intellectual depth in many many places. Then there is the appalling elder abuse being inflicted daily on dear old Joe Biden.

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May 29, 2021 at 9:22 am

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A video of te press gallery haranguing the leader of her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, yes it is edited for brevity but just for a single minute consider why anything similar is ever seen asking the lying obfuscating often well out of her depth current Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Stolen from Farrar’s Blog who published it from Redbaiter’s blog on the grounds that more citizens need to see how Judith Collins is treated by the Fourth Estate while the Ardernearly bunch of incompetents play ducks and drakes with pour fragile constitutional arrangements and refuse to acknowledge their true intentions about Maori influence increasing to Apartheid levels.

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May 28, 2021 at 5:46 pm

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A serious threat to the peace and stability of New Zealand is unfolding before our eyes.

My colleague The Veteran has addressed it and it is still getting more ugly.

In trying to attempt an updating I resorted to !$tuff but a run through their current pages, nothing, zip, nada?

I fully understand that in excess of $100 000 000 in bribes might just screw the level field slightly but when did overt threats to an MP and family by a widely accepted criminal organisation not become of sufficient concern for even supporters of the current government. A Government already being left to get on with lies, obfuscation, ineptitude and total absence of scrutiny by almost all media along with extraordinary protections from being held to account in the people’s parliament by almost certainly the most biased and bereft of even simple rules around convention, speaker, yet sees no threat to democracy.

This is a further post on the serious law breaking and complicit support for the death of a mobster recently in Hawkes Bay. Now I would be the first to support certain alleviation of lawful restraints that might be seen as unreasonable for a larger than normal funeral cortege and it would be unusual for a local authority not to afford support for such a one off, even involving serious disruption of a State Highway should alternative routes not be available

However a spontaneous ignoring of the law, the rights of others to use a highway, any “traffic management plan”, health and safety issues all apparently ignored by the thin blue line should at the very least be able to be questioned publically and in the parliament by a spokesperson for law and safety issues of an opposition party. Evidently not so, a chapter of the criminal organisation in the Waikato, having appointed a pale female as their moderate face of respectability, as a public relations spokesperson, is now calling for total deplatforming of Simeon Brown MP for Pakuranga from all his allotted roles in opposition and they do not stop there as serious threats to his health and safety have been issued.

I am a member of a Gang, a rather casual connection these days, to a gang that has on occasions been employed as a problem around broad legislative interventions controlling gangs intent on criminal activities that fund a rather dubious explanation as to how members of other gangs can acquire fleets of very nice cars and motor cycles clearly observable in the Funeral Cortege that is at the center of this post. My Gang as far as I am aware is totally focussed on its good works often at personal cost to members finances and never even a whiff of illegality,. We even have a uniform, admittedly nowhere as intimidating but when a serving member passes it is not unusual to see an honour guard outside a place of service for the deceased and that ceremonial act of respect and honour may continue to a place of interment. Even though the membership has parents of children in our midst it is very unlikely that a closure of a school however closely connected, might lead to a closure of any school for any period let alone two days. Schools figure prominently in the list of beneficial largesse from all the Clubs in my gangs New Zealand wide coverage.

Another departure for my gang from an apparent need for the Gang threatening Brown comes with no need for My gang to employ a public relations person as our image is constantly embellished by many good works. A significant recent one being a sizeable donation towards restoring the War Memorial Hall in the home village of my people where the since titled Kaikoura earthquake caused serious damage, Waiau being very near the seismic center of that earth shattering event.

I may be somewhat out of touch but when did a serious threat to a serving public figure, up to physical harm and even death, for merely exercising and remonstrating on such matters, become so trivial as to disappear from a Main Media outlet with such pace. Something gone astray methinks?

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May 28, 2021 at 10:38 am

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Wellington City Council to spend today working on the plans to create more debt, drag more cash from productive sectors, find ways to make bad news palatable and in general act with scant regard for the long suffering rate payers who fund their circus.

In the small hours of this morning Mayor Foster dropped by email a fresh pile of new material to be considered by the councillors many of whom might find buying ice cream on a hot day, challenging.

That Mayor Foster is gross mismanagement of governance and indicates a very poor level of management.

How can very ordinary persons absorb, assess and give due diligence to the millions at stake today.

Once upon a time when times were simpler everyone coming to the table would be acting from a sense of civic duty and expecting little more than a hot drink and a brief time to eat food they had brought with them, certainly no monetary reward but in most cases a wealth of residual knowledge of understanding and experience.

Oh for sure there might be a meal paid for by the consumers and a similarly funded drink or several at the end of the day.

Just a short accounting of the catering and support staff costs for the circus today would bring tears of frustration and disgust to most Joe and Josephine Average, becoming increasingly concerned as to what their future holds in financing these moronic locusts and their tin god Mayor, who will never be truly accountable after their private army of spin doctors have sanitised the results of the confused and often pointless decision making under a dump of obfuscation and misleading garbage for publication by rags in tatters.

Written by Gravedodger

May 27, 2021 at 12:22 pm

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