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Local Body Elections and 3Waters.

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I am a single issue voter at this years Local Body Elections and will only vote for those standing who have publicly stated that they oppose the 3Waters rort.

This post is to remind readers that Nanaia Mahuta is wrong, wrong wrong when she she says that most New Zealanders support 3Waters and there is only a small vocal minority opposing it. A few minutes ago I sent her the following email:

Good morning

I strongly oppose the divisive rort that is the 3Waters programme you are leading and advise this years Local Body Elections are a single Issue matter for me.


Mahutas email address is:

My email included my full name and street address.

I urge each and every reader of this post to send similar messages to the Minister. Make your point as strongly as you can but do not resort to personal abuse.

Record what you say in the comments to inspire others.

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September 21, 2022 at 9:42 am

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Some Thoughts On Last Nights Bledisloe Cup Test

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I am not going to do a long review of the game but rather cover some of what I saw as the main points and controversies of the game which ended in turmoil as far as the Aussies were concerned.

The decision of the referee in the last few seconds while unprecedented in any game I have watched should not have come as a surprise to the Aussies as the referee had been chasing them up for slow play for most of the game.

All Black Teams do not go within a whisker of losing from a 31 to 13 lead with about 20 minutes to go. They were lucky when luck should have been out of the equation as far as the result was concerned.

In the first 20 minutes the Wallabies were the most ill disciplined of any team that I have seen coached by Dave Rennie. I think the player who injured Tupaea and went to the bin will be cited and face a 3 or 4 week suspension for a head clash when he charged into the same ruck seconds before.

Shame that David Havilli was concussed so early in the game. He looked the player he was before Covid and in 2019 was the most influential player in New Zealand rugby as a full back. Remember how good Tasman were. Had he stayed uninjured I think the All Blacks would probably have run away with the game.

My player of the match, in fact probably every one elses was Samisoni Taukei’aho, for the third time in a row in tests closely followed by Richie Mo’unga whose goal kicking and field management were excellent – how did Foster ever consider starting Beauden Barrett ahead of him.

Overall I thought the Referee did a good job and good on him for having the courage of his convictions at the end.

Finally this was a lucky All Black win after letting the game slip from a strong position but, in my view the Aussies have no cause for complaint because they had plenty of warnings about slow play during the game.

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September 16, 2022 at 9:27 am

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Cycle Lanes On City Streets Are Bloody Dangerous

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This morning at about 8.20am I had a near miss with a cyclist on Heretaunga Street East Hastings when taking my daughter from her home in Havelock North to a medical appointment at Royston Private Hospital.

Approaching Willowpark Road roundabout there was the usual, for that time of day, lengthy queue of traffic so I decided to duck down a short side street which I had coincidentally boarded in when first moving to Hastings in 1968. So I put my indicator on and after checking my rear view mirrors took the turn as soon as the car in front cleared the way – I had my indicator on for 20 or 30 seconds before making the turn.

Next thing there was a rapping on the roof of my car from a cyclist I had cut off. I never saw him and once around the corner I stopped, put my window down and turned to apologise but he was riding off with a waving arm, maybe fist, so luckily no harm done.

The point I make here is that had he been in the traffic line rather than the cycle lane he would have appeared in my mirrors and one of two things would have happened:

  1. I would have given way to him.
  2. He would have had plenty of warning that I was turning left and safely gone round me.

This is a first for me but I ask – is it a common experience.

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September 7, 2022 at 10:20 am

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Labour was Going To Stop Overseas Land Purchases – Another Fail

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I have taken the following from Clive Bibby’s contribution to Muriel Newmans NZCPR Blog/Newsletter.

Clive Bibby: The Huiarua / Matanui betrayal

Somehow I managed to hook in Clive’s photo for those that do not know him – I am sure he won’t mind,

Recently I enjoyed the experience of helping two young local men shear some of my sheep.
The exercise was a mixture of one that helped to restore my faith in our local farm based economy but also another that reinforced my concerns about the contemptuous manner in which the farming industry is being treated by the current government. 

Who would have thought that it would be possible to have two views of the same cornerstone industry that are so diametrically opposed. 

Yet here we are lamenting that those who have the power to safeguard the jobs and welfare of those who make it happen, actually doing their best to destroy our number one asset – all in the name of an already discredited ideology. It is criminal activity and those who are responsible should be held to account. 
These recurring thoughts were brought into focus again almost by accident although we have all been witnessing what is becoming a slow death for some time. 

My conversations with the shearers helped me to understand how easy it is for relatively young men and women to become wise beyond their years simply as a result of personal circumstances that are or were not entirely of their own making.  In some ways their short life experiences have already indelibly scarred their individual personalities but, from what l saw, they have both learned from their fleeting negative lifestyles and are well on the way to making something of themselves. 

We should applaud their determination to want a better future for themselves and their whanau. 

It is somewhat ironic that one of the shearers is already working two jobs simultaneously – one of which is planting pine trees on Matanui which was recently acquired by an overseas buyer along with its much larger, but equally attractive livestock property, Huiarua ( a combined acreage of some 6.2 thousand hectares of the most pristine “red meat” producing farmland in the country) on the East Coast. 

It doesn’t take much to work out why the new owners have introduced a crash course of planting that will see both properties almost fully planted by the end of next winter. They obviously are fearful that a change of government may see their opportunity reversed if not curtailed altogether – but unfortunately, as much as we would want it to happen, you wouldn’t bet on it. 

It looks as if the “jewel in the crown” is gone forever, sacrificed on the altar of idealogical madness when it didn’t need to happen this way. 

I have said many times before, that there is more than enough marginal unplanted hill country available in this country that would satisfy the government goal of reducing carbon emissions 50% by 2030 without forcing a single hectare of our very best out of livestock production. 

I believe the government knows that to be true and will be hoping that this irrational decision will be the last in its search for idealogical purity.  However, my guess is anything is possible with these incompetents and we should buckle up expecting the worst while hoping for a change in direction foreshadowed by a change of government. 
It can’t happen soon enough.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.

Disclosure: I have known Clive Bibby since 1960 when I was a third former at Central Hawkes Bay College and Clive was in the fifth form there. Some years later I found that my then girlfriend’s (now wife of over 52 years) family were lifelong friends of the Bibby family so my contact with the Bibby Family and Clive now extends over 62 years.

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September 6, 2022 at 2:29 pm

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New Bloggers

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Well our somewhat speculative post seeking new bloggers at No Minister came up trumps with three definites and one frequent commenter still deciding if they will make the jump to either full blogger or Guest Blogger.

Let me introduce our three new bloggers:

Lucia Maria who will be well known to people who frequent the blogosphere she was formerly at NZ Conservative and is/was also a regular commenter here and on other blogs. Lucia Maria has hit the ground running with two posts already.

Major Star a new blogger who will reduce the average age of the team. Major Star already has a post up and I understand a second is imminent.

Whiskey&Pie posted on No Minister under a different pseudonym in the early 2000’s but gave up blogging when he moved to the UK to live. Now back in New Zealand he has decided to take the opportunity to return to his old blogging haunts. Like you we are looking forward to his regular posts.

No longer can No Minister be called a blog made up of old pale, stale male bloggers – we are now a diverse team. There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of our posts is going to be enhanced in many ways by our new team members and that of course includes the one still coming to a final decision on how they will approach things.

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September 5, 2022 at 11:24 am

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An Opportunity To Join No Minister As A Blogger

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With the recent retirement of The Veteran and some time prior to that Psycho Milt put away his blogging keyboard due to increased work loads we are significantly down on numbers.

No Minister started many years ago as Sir Humphrey’s so along with Kiwiblog is one of the earliest blogging sites in New Zealand. Blogging can be rewarding, frustrating and a lot of fun depending on what you make of it.

At No Minister we have two obvious gaps in our blogging team:

  1. All of our current team are male (don’t tell Labour or the Greens) so we would welcome interest from females.
  2. In order to give some balance to the blog the same applies to anyone from the left.
  3. We are are not limited to those two above choices when selecting new bloggers.

To summarise we are an equal opportunity site.

There is no need to commit to a number of posts in a given period and within the bounds of propriety and good manners what you blog about and how you present it is entirely up to you. Political posts are obviously an option but anything goes – just remember you are responsible for what you post whether you do so under a pseudonym or in your own name.

Anyone interested should email me at including a two or three sentence background profile and we will make a decision from there. Should you have contact with or know any other members of our current team feel free to contact them if you wish.

Looking forward to hearing from you as a future No Minister blogger.

Yours in blogging


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September 2, 2022 at 10:07 am

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You Win Some, You Lose Some and Some you Wonder Why You Bothered

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What follows is a debate I had with a good friend who is a staunch Green after I shared the following to my facebook friends under the heading The Auditor Zaps the Labour Government again – about the 3rd time in as many months..

`In my view good stewardship of public money required greater care when designing and implementing the Cost Of Living Payment

Controller and Auditor General

29 August 2022

We went at it from there:

  • Friend: But National has no compunction about using tax-payer money to give disproportionate tax cuts to the already wealthy. How is that a fair policy or good stewardship?
  • pdm1946: I heard two textors this morning saying thus – one earns $600,000 the other over $300,000 both have partners receiving the payment. Tax cuts are more accurate and provide far better economic impetus for the country. Also far easier to target tax cuts so that middle New Zealanders get the most benefit.
  • Friend:  But this reply does not address the millions in taxpayer funding that would go to the already wealthy eg Chris Luxon and co at the expense of middle and low income kiwis who pay tax on every dollar they earn and cannot syphon or hide the their wealth elsewhere by tax avoidance etc. I find National’s ongoing mantra about “helping middle income earners” a hypocritical diversion from the self-entitled extra income they stand to gain through their proposed tax cuts!
  • Friend: And as for ‘economic impetus for the country’ – how do overseas trips to Hawaii for example give economic impetus to NZ? Let’s be honest here …those , both rich and poor, who do holiday or spend their wealth within the country are more focussed on their own pleasurable pursuits than providing economic impetus for the country as a whole – even if the latter is a byproduct of, or justification for their consumption. It was only during Covid when people couldn’t travel freely abroad that they focussed more on Aotearoa… and oh how incessant was their bleating about the govt not opening up to the rest of the world and the curtailment of their freedom to travel abroad. You can’t convince me that the ‘economic impetus to the country’ is their primary concern!
  • pdm1946  I will answer this one first – the man is allowed to go on holiday at his expense. Helen Clark used to go mountaineering overseas in all sorts of places when she was Prime Minister. Pray tell me the difference.
  • pdm1946  Firstly tax cuts can be targeted and get the best percentage benefits to those most in need. That group thses days is in the up to $100/120,000 income brackets. It is only envy that does not want those who have accumulated wealth to  benefit and remember these people pay the most tax. The current government seems to despise wealth and also Philanthropists – an example being the way they treated Sir Ian Taylor and his offers to help with RAT testing imports etc. during Covid. Now their stupidity and ideology is causing Sir Ray Avery to move to Australia. Sir Ray has been a philanthropists extraordinaire but his offer to donate Life Pod Baby Incubators to NZ Hospitals were either ignored (entirely possible with this lot) or turned down by this ideologically driven stupid government. Now these pods have gone to India where I am sure his generosity will be welcomed with open arms. and Avery is off to extend his generosity to another country. Another rich man I can think of is Stephan Tindall – but I suppose his wealth is okay because he donates to and advises the Labour Party. Sometimes I want to give up but if someone does not speak up and show some sense New Zealand will surpass Venezuela as a basket case.
  • Friend: I guess you may call it ‘Envy’ when people criticise inequality but at the other end of the spectrum is ‘Entitlement’ and I guess we can all be tainted by a bit of both at times. However I for one don’t envy Chris Luxon one jot and feel very privileged in many ways compared to thousands of others just by having a freehold home for example. I am just sick of the false concern that he and others like him pretend to have for middle income earners for example without acknowledging the disproportionate wealth that across the board tax cuts will provide the already privileged.Luxon was quoted in the leader this week expressing concern about a further ‘tax’ on landlords many of whom have hiked their rents while making massive capital gains on their additional properties. It’s the tenants who are being unfairly ‘taxed’ more than the bleating landlords. If they really can’t afford to maintain their rentals then they should sell up and free up the market. Have a nice glass of wine tonite and let’s both toast our good fortune!

At that stage I gave up and said I guess we call it a stalemate then.

The response was we are good at those aren’t we!

NOTE: There is more to the facebook post than what I have shown but I have decided not to include a link because it would probably show my Green friends name and I do not have permission to do that.

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August 31, 2022 at 8:48 pm

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New Zealand Rugby Union Board- I have Some Questions

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  1. Why is Ian Foster still coaching the All Blacks?
  2. Why is Sam Cane still Captain of the All Blacks?
  3. Is the aim of the All Blacks now to just participate rather than win?
  4. Would the NZRFU of 50 years ago, or 40 years ago or even 20 years ago have tolerated such a losing streak as the team is enduring under Ian Foster without sacking the Coach?
  5. Was the vote to retain Foster a few weeks ago truly unanimous?
  6. Why did the Board appoint Foster initially and allow the talented coach Dave Rennie to escape to Australia. Imagine a coaching team of Rennie and Razor Robertson – I can as well as the success that would have ensued?
  7. Does the Board of the NZRFU understand that `Winners are Grinners'?
  8. Will you be calling Foster in again this week for a please explain’ or even better an `on your bike mate’ meeting?

In conclusion the All Blacks have been poor this season and this is reflected in their dismal record to date. With only perhaps 3 or 4 exceptions and allowing for the injured Beauden Barrett, Anton Lienert-Brown, Brodie Retallick and Ethan Blackadder the core of the team is there but they look poorly motivated, poorly led on the field, despite the efforts of Sam Whitelock who should be Captain and way way off the pace of International Rugby.

I say to you The NZRFU Board – it is your job to fix the problem so get to it.

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August 28, 2022 at 8:38 pm

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Winston Peters Is On The Money At Warkworth

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I am no fan of Winston and his manipulative grandstanding ways but his speech at Warkworth on Sunday should be compulsory reading for every New Zealander able to vote in the 2023 General Election. Here is the link to this speech for those readers who have not already seen it.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the first step by Winston in placing he and NZFirst as deal makers in 2023 – just as he anointed Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister in 2017. I note that no one seems to have yet called him a racist and that gives him a huge advantage over most critics of the Governments Co-Governance agenda.

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August 25, 2022 at 8:55 am

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Labour Get an A+ For Rorting Parliamentary Democracy

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Two things happened yesterday.

  1. Gaurav Sharma was expelled from the Labour Caucus in the morning.
  2. Later in the day The Despicable Mallard resigned as Speaker effective immediately – more or less.

Mallards resignation meant that a new Speaker will be elected at 2pm today which is when Parliament sits again and then all MP’s knock off for the day thereby meaning there will be:

  1. No Question Time today.
  2. No General Debate today.
  3. Almost certainly no Prime Minister at Question Time tomorrow as Thursdays are Kindy visiting days.

The ultimate result is that the Sharma expulsion becomes yesterdays news by the time Parliament sits again, presumably, next Tuesday.

Hence my A+ to the Government for Rorting Parliamentary Democracy when everything else they do all turns to shit.

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August 24, 2022 at 11:32 am

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