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Did Jacinda Really Nearly Bowl The Sign Language Person Over From The Pulpit of Heifer Dust on Friday?

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As I was waking this morning I heard Mike Hosking say that over the long weekend he saw a video of Jacinda stepping back from the Lectern in order to let another Cabinet Minister take her place and spout forth more propaganda..

Apparently in doing so she collided with the Sign Language Person who was on the stage, as they do daily, and not satisfied with one collision she stepped back twice more making contact each time. Having made contact three times she did not even turn and acknowledge her accidental contact.

Nor did she have the grace or good manners to apologise for her clumsiness. I consider that to be appalling if it is in fact true. I further understand that the sign Language Person was not greatly enamoured with the Prime Minister at all.

I have not seen the video, if there is one and not surprisingly neither of the TV channels (bought and paid for the government with borrowed taxpayers money) have seen fit to run it – the same it appears can be said for the countries newspapers.

If any of my fellow bloggers at No Minister is able to access the video that Mike referred to please feel free to include it in this post.

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October 26, 2021 at 6:26 pm

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Jacinda Consigns Hawkes Bay To Level 2 Lockdown Until The Government Changes

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The Hawkes Bay District Health Board is one of the worst performing Health Boards in New Zealand with a covid Vaccination Rate of 66.9%. There is not a chance in hell that they will reach 90% in my lifetime or perhaps in the lifetime of one of my daughters who lives in Havelock North and turns 50 in a few weeks.

If Jacinda wasn’t so pitiful on the `so called’ Podium Of Truth the bullshit she delivered at 10am today would be laughable. How do we get rid of this incompetent woman. Bloody hard to achieve now because the new Governor General who took office this week, Dame Cindy Kiro is tribal Labour and just like the Speaker of Parliament the despicable Mallard she will be biased t her core.

One can only hope that the die hard lefties will start to drift away from Labour over the next two years. Maybe there was a glimmer of hope when some of the leaders of the Teachers Unions publicly took issue with the Education announcements made by Minister Hipkins on Wednesday – they did not seem happy people. As the Teachers Unions have in the past been core funders of the Labour Party maybe this is the first crack in the Party’s unity.

One can but hope so.

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October 22, 2021 at 3:31 pm

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Wow Stuff Can Do Anything

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Perhaps the only remaining thing I enjoy about Stuff is their two quick quizzes every day – 15 questions usually with four choices unless they are True or False answers. I usually average between 10 and 12 correct and consider it a disaster if I do not get 8 or more.

This morning Stuff out did themselves – all on their own they have moved the town of Martinborough from the Wairarapa Province into Wellington. I have only ever visited Martinborough twice and spent one night there in June last year – it is a nice town. As an aside we dined at the Pukenamu Pub. But what I have done is lived a fair portion of my 75 years in Hawkes Bay and I know that most people who live in the lower North Island have no great love for Wellington.

The other thing I know is that the Wellington Regional Council extends as far as Masterton and I can only assume that is what Stuff based their answer on.

Wrong Wrong Wrong – the province of Wairarapa still exists and that is where the ever popular town of Martinbrough is situated and has always been situated!!!! I will bet the residents of Martinborough are appalled at that answer.

Finally I say to stuff stop being a patsy for the increasingly inept Labour Government and start reporting things as they are including my increasingly infrequent comments that criticise an incompetent government which you regularly censor out because I dare state true facts – you readership may improve.

Oh and do your homework on your Quick Quiz answers because this is not your first mistake. Your sub editors show the same lack of thoroughness and integrity as the current leadership of the Government of New Zealand – that mythical place Aoetearoa is most welcome to Ms Ardern and her Cabinet because we New Zealanders are sick of them.

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October 19, 2021 at 6:44 am

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Jacinda – You Are Defined By the Company You Keep

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By that in the case of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern I am thinking the people who admit or she admits or it is safe to assume have her personal cellphone number. Here are a few of my thoughts.

Richie Hornblow – now he emerged soon after Winston appointed Jacinda to the position of Part Time Prime Minister in 2017 and proclaimed to anyone who would listen that he had Jacinda’s personal cellphone number. I immediately thought what/who the hell is that person – Richie Hardcore sounds a porn star name.

Karel Sroubek – the Convicted Drug Smuggler is next up and more likely is connected by association through Fiancee Clarke Gayford. There has to be a reason why Ian Lees-Galloway stalled his deportation orders. Maybe he does have Jacinda’s cellphone number so she could pass on instructions directly to the then Immigration Minister. I don’t know but, in this case everything I have read and heard suggests there is some sort of association – just no clear evidence.

Clarke Gayford – everything I have read about this man suggests he was before hooking up with Jacinda a womaniser and philanderer not staying in relationships for any length of time – he was not renowned for being faithful. As Jacinda’s fiancee it is only to be expected that he has her personal cellphone number. But, there are still questions abut the fisherman' as he is widely known and the nanny’ – are they true – I have no idea but where there is smoke there is usually fire.

Harry Tam – A Mongrel Mob Leader who appears to have the ability to roam anywhere in New Zealand without worrying about Covid road blocks suggests that he has exemptions from the highest possible authority which indicates he too has a direct line to Jacinda. She must think getting his ladies of the night to their customers to be an essential service.

Siouxsie Wiles – who must be New Zealand’s outright winner of Hypocrite of the year for 2021 must also have that cellphone number. After all she relied on Jacinda and Ashley Bloomfield to get her off the hook when she breached Level 4 Covid rules to bike about 5 kilometres from her home to Judges Bay where she and her friend chatted without masks and the friend went swimming. One must have friends in high places to get Covid 4 breaches swept under the carpet and Siouxsie still appears regularly on TV as an expert Covid advisor – unbelievable because I see she is apparently only an Associate Professor yet she holds herself up as an expert. This lady has no shame.

I am sure readers will have other perhaps even worse examples of Jacinda’s friends who define her by the company she keeps.

Written by pdm1946

October 14, 2021 at 10:49 am

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Hastings Misery Guts Of The Week

For the last 20 years approximately we have purchased Gisborne Oranges at this time of the year from a Maori guy and his family who sell them at various sites around Hastings from either car boots or the back of a ute. I assume they have a bigger truck to bring them down on – roughly a 4 hour drive with a loaded truck of Oranges I would guess.

On Monday we noticed them on the Hastings/Havelock Road but as they are a cash business and we had no change we did not stop. This morning while out we went looking for them and found them tucked into a driveway on Pakowhai Road. As I walked from my car to his vehicle he called out a friendly greeting and I asked if he had had a busy morning by way of response.

His reply floored me – he said he had been very busy parked on the opposite side of the road about 100 metres north of Graceland’s Rest Home and Village until the Council came and moved him on. This was one of his regular parking places and was 100% safe and did not obstruct traffic in any way. Over the years we had bought Oranges from them there several times. He said that he noticed a woman parked in her car and on her phone making a call – obviously to Council.

What a bloody snitch and misery guts – what are the odds 20 Hastings District Council vehicles and containing staff had driven past this morning. These are good people we have been dealing with for almost 20 years – instead of picking on them go and move the deadbeats on the Heretaunga Street round-a-bout into Pak n’ Save and move them on – they are a danger to traffic and have been there most days for the last couple of months hassling people.

Boy I dislike the way this country is heading.

Written by pdm1946

October 6, 2021 at 2:07 pm

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Hey Jacinda – Some Thoughts and Impertinent Questions.

Jacinda mrspdm and I left your team of 5million in the first week of April 2020 when you incessantly talked down to us like we were kindergarten kids. We do not take that shit from anyone – let alone someone supposedly running our country – which by the way is called New Zealand. That means we do not listen to anyone who stands on your self proclaimed Podium Of Truth but which we have called the Podium of Lies and Bullshit for some months.

Tell me Jacinda will you apologise to all New Zealanders for the fact that you yourself, Grant Robertson, Chris Hipkins, Peeni Henare and a few other ministers in your Cabinet did not get off your collective arses and order sufficient vaccine to protect the whole of New Zealands population against the worst effects of Covid by now. It annoyed me that mrspdm and I had our second vaccination pushed back from the scheduled 29 June 2021 to the 19 July 2021 due to no vaccine – solely due to your incompetence and lackadaisical approach to New Zealanders health.

If you think about it, like I have, over 80% of New Zealands population could be fully vaccinated by now, borders could be open and lockdowns a thing of the past. By my calculations the first essential workers will be due for their Booster shots very soon – have you lot ordered the the Booster vaccines yet so they will be on hand when needed?

Thought not.

You did not want that did you Jacinda – you get off on control and kindergarten type lectures from your podium of bullshit and lies.

Finally stop this racially divisive He Puapua crap and tell Minister Mahuta to walk away from the racially divisive 3 Waters theft from ordinary New Zealand Ratepayers.

By The Way we have not seen Minister Megan Woods (known as Miss Piggy in our house since 2017) for a while – is she in witless protection at the moment.

Your days are numbered girl – take heed – what we have now is not New Zealand as most New Zealanders want it and the kick back started with the Howl of Protest on 16 July – look for at least double the turn out in November.

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October 5, 2021 at 10:11 am

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Jacinda You Have Confused Me – I Thought It Was Water Not Warder

Just over an our ago I heard that paragon of truth from the beehive podium of truth our, some say, Honourable Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in an interview with Jamie MacKay of The Farming Radio Show The Country telling me that what I have called water for close to 75 years to actually be warder.

I checked with the all knowing google and they confirmed what we find in the sea, lakes rivers and running out of our household taps is water. Why firemen even use water in their hoses to fight fires and I doubt a Warder would fit anyway.

Over the last almost 20 months we have had it drilled into the team of 5,million that Jacinda Ardern is always right – I am not one of the team of 5,million but even then is it permissible for me to say that once again Jacinda is lying and we should not believe anything she says at the PODIUM OF TRUTH.

Here is another question – is Jacinda Ardern even Honourable?

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September 29, 2021 at 12:59 pm

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A Thought On Covid Vaccination Passports

Will they become like Drivers Licences and be passed to unvaccinated relatives to allow them to gain entry into places where only those with vaccination passports are allowed to gain entry eg: restaurants, cinemas, concerts etc.

Probably with more dangerous and widespread consequences – especially if vaccination levels remain low at the behest of anti vaxxers, general apathy and just plain resistance.

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September 27, 2021 at 4:42 pm

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Noel Leeming Are You Ripping Customers Off?

The reason I ask is this – on Wednesday of this week I managed to leave my cellphone in the pocket of my shirt when the shirt went into the washing machine and as I had a Doctors appointment which mrspdm attended as well and then we did a few chores after the washing was not hung out as quickly as normal when finished.

On advice from a couple of people the phone was covered in a bowl of rice and into the hot water cupboard. I left it there until early afternoon yesterday but no joy – it was kaput.

This morning we went to Spark to replace it but they had none in stock until probably Wednesday next week. We had seen Noel Leeming advertising my preferred model at $69 so headed round there. They had no new ones but did have one that they had replaced that would be available once they had checked it out. We asked the price and was told $69.

Noel Leeming please explain in the comments how your conscience can allow you to sell a second hand phone at the same price as a new one.

I look forward to your explanation and will add it to the post as an update – if I get one.

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September 18, 2021 at 1:32 pm

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Geoff Reid – who/what is this man?

A friend who is very active in The Green Party has sent me a 23 minute video by this man entitled `Lets Take Action’ It appears to be his presentation to the Environmental Defence Society Conference sometime this year as it is dated 2021. It focuses on a range of what he considers to be environmental issues from housing and waste disposal in the greater Auckland Area to winter grazing in Southland and the problems from deforestation on the East Coast.

All of these issues and particularly the Tolaga Bay flooding caused by the failure to clean up after forestry workings and Southland Winter grazing are hardy annuals with the activists.

I had not heard of Reid before seeing this video and googling him indicates he is a well known activist with I suspect Green Party and Greenpeace links. Who can tell me more about him.

Some of the coverage in the clip suggests he is not backwards in trespassing on private property either by way of drone or other means.

My skills do not extend to including a link to his video but if one of my colleagues at No Minister would like to add a link to my post please do so.

Update – thank you Tom and for correcting me re his name.

Written by pdm1946

August 25, 2021 at 9:47 am

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