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Simon Bridges might have hit on something here.

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I saw the following quote from Simon Bridges over at Homepaddock’s Blog yesterday morning when Ele ran a post headed `Quotes Of The Month‘ – there are heaps of them and it is worth a visit but I was taken with this one from Simon Bridges.

My worry when I think about Willie … [Foreign Affairs Minister] Nanaia [Mahuta], other ministers, is there is something a bit religious about this. A sense that ‘if we haven’t said Aotearoa 18 times by lunchtime, if we haven’t referenced the Treaty and tried to do some things in that area, we’ll have to go home in the evening and say a few Hail Marys’ – Simon Bridges

Then I thought further about it and I wonder if each Cabinet Minister has to stand and say the name of that mythical country (Aotearoa) ten times before the business of Cabinet is commenced.

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August 1, 2021 at 10:30 am

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ACT Honest Conversations

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I went along to the Hastings gathering last evening along with about 150 like minded people. The demographics of those attending were interesting. I am 75 and there were only 2 or 3 older than me while the majority of attendees were in the 40 to 65 age bracket there were a few early 20’s as well while there were also a few Maori presentl. Only two genders that I could see with men out numbering women about 2 to 1. A mix of farmers, business people and those like myself curious about what David Seymour and ACT had to say.

While the main man was David Seymour he was accompanied by Mark Cameron, Agriculture Spokesman and Damien Smith Economics Spokesman. Both spoke for about 5 minutes each and Cameron was very good while Smith was a little hesitant and his presentation suffered as a result. Interesting that Cameron is the only active Farmer in the current Parliament.

But the star of the evening was David Seymour. He spoke for about 40/45 minutes on a range of matters without notes and never faltered. He had a receptive audience but he never lost them and his mix of hard facts, irreverent humour and the occasional assessment of government performance and performers (or lack of) was well received.

After his presentation he took questions and there were about 10 in total. Unlike our obfuscating, ummm and arrghing Prime Minister he was able to answer every question in a factual and reasonable way. When asked about the likelihood of a snap election I found his answer very revealing – he doubts there will be but if it happens it will be because Labour disintegrates internally. Apparently there are 3 factions in labour – the Parkers, Robertson, Hipkins, Faafoi, – the (so called) Maori Caucus and thirdly a number of new hard line Unionists from the last intake. From the last intake he highlighted Angela Roberts from Taranaki where he is heading next – she is an ex school teacher who advocated removing marketing from the economics curriculum – David proposes to tell Taranaki to keep electing her so that she can not get back into a classroom.

In all a couple of hours well spent and I will be back next time David Seymour is in town.

DISCLOSURE: I am not an ACT Party member or a member of any political party. I have however given ACT my party vote in most elections since 1996.

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July 22, 2021 at 9:05 am

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The Groundswell Grows

This letter was posted on Facebook by `The Muster on Hokonui Radio’ and deserves everyones attention and support.

This letter was sent in by a listener it was sent to PM Ardern, Ministers O’Conner, Parker, Faafoi, Woods,Do you think it will be listened to?19 JULY 2021. RE: HOWL OF A PROTEST The GROUNDSWELL protest of 16 July throughout NZ was emphatic. That rules and regulations now piled higher and deeper are not the way to communicate or encourage farmers to reform.

First the Labour Government needs to reflect that they have not listened and have insulted the rural people by ignoring representations by rural industry-good organisations (Beef and Lamb, Dairy NZ) and submissions of private submitters who are heavily invested in their properties. No respect is shown for the significant investment in farms in NZ and the level of debt each one is encumbered with. Farmers first duty is to family and second most probably to their bank or financiers. In fact mortgage documents specify that mortgagors’ have responsibility to the environment, employing good husbandry and science, and generally the need to acknowledge good practice. That would be a good starting point. While it might be convenient for you to limit the focus of the Howl of a Protest, march and convoy, to carbon emissions and freshwater issues, there is attached now a whole raft of issues that for various reasons have motivated people into their tractors and utes. Farmers are free spirits and resist any attempt to be straight-jacketed without good reason. They hold freehold title to their property and will fight any legislation or regulation that restricts their peaceful enjoyment of their landholding or doing business.

  1. FRESHWATER The overriding objective is the state of rivers and streams and the way to improve waterways to set standards. In our own catchment we engaged a masters student from Otago University to complete her thesis. Overall, she proved that the entire reach of the Waikaka Stream was compliant. She identified where the nutrients and pathogens were the most concentrated and suggested increased riparian planting and changing farm management in specific areas to improve the results for nutrients, E.coli and sediment. An excellent example near us is the Pomahaka Watercare Group, led by Lloyd McCall. They are well organised and benefitting from financial support but importantly have community buy-in to collectively enhance the river and environment about them. Rangitikei River led by Mike Cranston similarly have organised and worked with the community to improve their river, and with all landowners involved, there is a compounding wellbeing factor.

2. The proposed rules on definitive sowing dates, precise slope rules and pugging are matters for farmers to sort themselves, so long as discharge to rivers and streams is avoided. With encouragement to landowners and support to all of the catchment groups, the intended improvement would have been achieved at a fraction of the cost. The freshwater legislation, regulations and rules could have been introduced subsequently, as a last resort, and used for the serial offenders or laggards that don’t understand how necessary the changes are. Currently, we have huge regional council rate increases and increased council staff to rule and regulate, when encouragement and guidance, catchment by catchment, could have achieved targets and outcomes without the friction. This was your choice.

3. CARBON EMISSIONS. Since the science around methane emissions is still not settled and the insistence of Government to disallow small woodlots and shelter from qualifying for off-setting gas emissions are two reasons that farmers remain confused. A tree is a tree after all. A freestanding tree is able to sequester the same amount of carbon dioxide as one in a plantation. Methane is part of the cycle via animals and pasture. It is a short lived gas, yet has become an excuse for a money-grab by your Government, and to off-set higher emissions in other sectors eg: transport, including aviation. Two things no one seems to want to answer is that methane emissions in NZ, relative to world emissions, are insignificant and if NZ reduces methane emissions, food from other world economies will necessarily replace the NZ production at greater cost and greater levels of emissions. Have we no moral compass? Lastly, livestock emissions increase plant growth that increases production to feed the world. I’d think transport, aviation and industry emissions, including burning imported coal at Huntly, are of greater concern. UTE TAXES. This confounding tax, before viable alternatives is available on the market, is extraordinary. It is like politicians only see utes through the lens of the Kandallah or Remuera super-moms. It speaks volumes of how removed and out of touch with rural and working communities your Labour Government is. It has expanded the support for GROUNDSWELL right into urban centres. Well done!

4. SIGNIFICANT NATURAL AREAS. This is a blatant land grab of private freehold property. No respect of landowners, their land or their livelihoods. This is shades of North Korea or USSR in the bad old days. Where this legislation going, if not to confirm that is nothing private is safe with a Labour Government. How arrogant to offer no compensation for private land intended as a SNA. Bugger off!!

5. SEASONAL AGRICULTURAL OPERATORS AND ESSENTIAL FARM AND ORCHARD LABOUR. New Zealanders were founded on immigrants that arrived, worked, succeeded and believed in the education and betterment of their children. The development of provincial (and urban) New Zealand is testimony of the hard work, application of good science and husbandries, adoption of new and improved practices and use of technology. It is this enthusiasm that is in our DNA and has made New Zealand such a great agricultural country. The world over and NZ rely on immigrants for not just the menial work but also specialised staff, operators of expensive machinery and people with skill sets that work in horticulture. Paying seasonal workers is one of the best win:win ways to provide support to our Pacific neighbours and support transient workers that follow the sun. Dairy, agricultural contractors, horticulture, construction and hospitality rely on different types of immigrants. Agricultural workers and operators generally have accommodation available in areas away from housing shortages. Don’t you understand this stuff? What agenda is Government on frustrating all potential employers by limiting immigrant numbers into the country? It is proven the sofa-loafers on benefits are not willing to relocate or capable or have the stamina for hard work or ensure the job is done well or finished. Immigration NZ is tone-deaf to the screams for assistance from employers throughout NZ yet offer MIQ free to sport and entertainment people. Where is the kindness in that? Enough is enough! SUMMARY. If an election was held tomorrow

GROUNDSWELL would win 30 seats. I have no expectation that your Labour Government will respond to any one of the matters raised, or reply to this email. You might have worked it out by now what works best, the carrot or the stick. If you pursue this agenda of winding down the economy, farmers will resist and by sheer determination rural NZ will prevail and prosper in spite of you lot. If you won’t listen, nor will we. There is a better way. Listen up, reset, treat us with respect, remove the unworkable rules, and explain better the necessary ones. Rethink the ute tax and open up immigration. Go back to the table. Beef and Lamb, Dairy NZ and the other industry advocates are there to talk. Yours faithfully

I did not ask permission to run this so I hope Koknui and the letter writer/writers approve. I say to you – well done with a great letter.

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July 20, 2021 at 12:31 pm

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Howl Of Protest – Hastings

I am just home from participating in the Hastings gathering. As I don’t have a ute, or a tractor, or a dog I went along in my rather tatty 1991 Mitsubishii Lancer and wearing my gumboots, an oilskin and a beanie – a townie trying to blend in.

I arrived at the venue fot the 12noon start at about 11.15 and was about 500metres from the head of the line which was on Railway Road at the top of the straight at Hastings Racecourse. By the time we started moving the line of utes, tractors and other supporters vehicles was probably back to Tollemache Road intersection about 1.5 kilometres away and on both sides of the road where they safely could.

An orderly and civilised protest with no sign of any idiots and on the drive through Hastings streets it was noticeable that there was a lot of support from residents who came out on to the street to wave and in some cases cheer protest participants along.

It will be interesting to see estimates of numbers over the next 24 hours as people speculate but I reckon there must have been at least 1,000 vehicles in the parade – some from as far away as Wairoa as I understand it.

Finally kudos to Hastings Police who marshalled key intersections and kept all traffic flowing – well done because I read somewhere that Police were not interested in getting involved. Did someone over rule Commissioner Coster and Prime Minister Ardern?

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July 16, 2021 at 2:13 pm

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Clive Bibby Gets it right again

Taken from Muriel Newmans blog NZCPR where Clive Bibby is a regular contributor.

I have never been a fan of Winston Peter’s style. It has always been a thing about trust. by

However, l have to admit that a government with him in cabinet is much better than the current one where anything is possible depending on the subject that takes its fancy – such is it’s open contempt of the democratic process. 

We are now all (some wilful) passengers on a “runaway train” and there is every chance that this monster will stay on the rails long enough to destroy most of the cornerstones of our successful society before it takes us all in a train wreck like no other. 

It will take generations to recover, if those who survive ever get the chance. 

And ironically, the tragedy that is unfolding has very little to do with the Corona virus pandemic or the restrictive measures imposed that were considered necessary in those circumstances. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has been deceitfully used to justify the imposition of the other more destructive laws that have been passed or are being contemplated that are designed to reshape our country in a manner that will make it unrecognisable. The damage to this nation will be much, much worse than anything climate change will throw at us. 

When or if we are in a position to reject these changes by way of the normal democratic process, it will be too late – by then, the horse will have well and truly bolted. 

Let’s go back to Winston Peters for a moment. 

He was also conveniently used as Deputy Prime Minister and tolerated at a time when Labour was consolidating its position in preparation to do it all without his obstruction. They couldn’t believe their luck when Covid changed all that and he became expendable. 

But it will take more than Winston’s ability to rise from the dead given the magnitude of the restoration that will be required. Simply because the laws being put in place now include ones that will prevent any future government from doing anything more than tinker with existing statutes. 

Let’s look at the likely difficulties any reforming administration would face. 

It’s all part of a “Baldrick” cunning plan. 

First up, to convince the populace there is a need for change, you would have to make the case for removal of existing legislation – often having to point out the obvious that would need to pass the new test of what might then qualify as “hate speech.”  Recent decisions in our courts have indicated that our judges in areas where these things matter are much more liberal in their interpretation of “fair play.” 

In that context, it is by no means certain that our historical views of what constitutes “common sense” or even “the truth” would be upheld as “justifiable cause” for change any more. 

So, we can see that all these recent and planned pieces of important legislation that will reapportion control over how we operate in our own country are deliberately installed as laws to support that control for ever and a day. 

But there is hope. 

While anticipating this probability if the government are re-elected, the next election needs to be fought on a single issue – one that forces voters to make a decision whether “for or against” a continuation down this divisive path. The future of this nation will depend on all of us making the right choice. If that happens, we have a chance to stop this disaster in its tracks and render it still born. 

Let’s do it! 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay

DISCLOSURE:  I have known Clive Bibby since 1960 when I was a third former at Central Hawkes Bay College, Waipukurau and Clive was in the fifth form there. Some years later I found that my then girlfriend’s (now wife of over 50 years) family were life long friends of the Bibby family so my contacts with the Bibby family and Clive has now extended over 60 years.

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July 13, 2021 at 9:45 am

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Comment of the week – perhaps even comment of the year

Thank you JC over at the BFD for this gem – when comparing the intellect of Judith Collins with Prime Minister Ardern.

JC said:

It’s the sharp wit versus the half-wit.

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July 11, 2021 at 10:03 am

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Maorification of New Zealand will be the way back for Wiley Winston

Since Winston emerged a few weeks ago giving the government, media and anyone else he could think of a serve for the rapid descent the country is taking into Te Reo and a change of name to Aotearoa I have been considering the likely rise and rise again of Winston and New Zealand First. Then along came the latest Roy Morgan Poll and that served to confirm my thoughts even though the party did not feature in the poll headlines.

The first thing I did was take a look at Curia and KiwiBlog which displays polling averages and these indicate that historically NZFirst has a `core constituency’ of about 3% – possibly more like 2% at present but it fluctuates and Winston would tell anyone who would listen it is as much as 10% on a good day.

What this does tell me is that all NZFirst has to do to be back in the game big time is to pick up a minimum af 3% of the party vote over and above the core 2%/3% they already have. Recent polls suggest that the Labour vote is starting to erode as more people realise that gloss and glamour do not a Prime Minister or Government make. Winston ever the opportunist and political chameleon is positioning himself to capitalise on this.

The government is of course playing right into his hands as well. As a Maori he can rip into all things Maori without the racist out cry which is so evident, without justification most times, that occurs so often in these woke days. He Puapua is going to be a major launching pad for Winston – make no mistake about that.

Further helping him will be the ineptness of Jacinda Ardern and Chris Faafoi in defending the governments awful Hate Speech legislation – they have no idea it seems. Look out Labour – here comes Winston and this time he may be holding a grudge against you rather than National.

DISCLOSURE: I have not and am never likely to give Winston Peters or New Zealand First my Party or Electorate Vote but I do recognise a master political operator and chancer when I see one.

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July 7, 2021 at 9:26 am

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Computer Help Please

A couple of weeks ago my Toshiba lap top kept switching off as soon as I left it to idle for even a couple of minutes. I thought I had solved the problem through settings adjustments but the problem seems to have returned in the last few hours.

Googling the problem suggests it is a Windows10 issue.

Are there any whizzes out there who can solve my problem. Laptop is about 6 years old so age may be a consideration too I guess.

Any help will be appreciated.

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June 29, 2021 at 10:15 am

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You cant beat a good laugh on a Saturday

Cowboy sitting in a saloon one Saturday night, he recognized an elderly man standing at the bar who, in his day, had the reputaAtion of being the fastest gun in the West:The young cowboy took a place next to the old-timer, bought him a drink and told him the story of his great ambition. “Do you think you could give me some tips?” He asked.The old man looked him up and down and said. “Well, for one thing, you’re wearing your gun too high. Tie the holster a little lower down on your leg.’””Will that make me a better gunfighter?” Asked the young man.”Sure will.” Replied the old-timer.The young man did as he was told, stood up, whipped out his 44 and shot the bow tie off the piano player. “That’s terrific.” Said the hot shot.. “Got any more tips for me?””Yep.” Said the old man. “Cut a notch out of your holster where the hammer hits it. That’ll give you a smoother draw.””Will that make me a better gunfighter?” Asked the young man.”You bet it will.” Said the old-timer.The young man took out his knife, cut the notch, stood up, drew his gun in a blur, and then shot a cufflink off the piano player. “Wow!” Exclaimed the cowboy. “I’m learnin’ somethin’ here. Got any more tips?”The old man pointed to a large can in a corner. “See that axle grease over there? Coat your gun with it.”The young man went over to the can and smeared some of the grease on the barrel of his gun.”No.” Said the old-timer. “I mean smear it all over the gun, handle and all.””Will that make me a better gunfighter?” Asked the young man.”No.” Said the old-timer. “But when Wyatt Earp gets done playing the piano, he’s gonna shove that gun up your ass and it won’t hurt near as much!”

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June 26, 2021 at 10:14 am

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Start the day with a laugh

Thanks Hooker Phil from over at YSB – hope you don’t mind me pinching this.

A dog lover, whose female dog came “in heat,” was concerned about keeping it and her male separated. But she had a large house and she believed that she could keep the two dogs apart.
However, as she was drifting off to sleep, she heard awful howling and moaning sounds. She rushed downstairs and found the dogs locked together and unable to disengage, as frequently happens when dogs mate.
Unable to separate them, and perplexed as to what to do next, although it was very late at night, she called her vet, who answered in a very grumpy voice.
After she explained the problem to him, the vet said, “Hang up the phone and place it down alongside the dogs.
I will then call you back and the noise of the ringing will make the male lose his erection and he will be able to withdraw.”
“Do you think that will work?” she asked.
“Just worked for me.” he replied

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June 22, 2021 at 7:59 am

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