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So Very True

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I have just stumbled across this on Facebook and it is too good and too true not to share more widely.


Jacinda Ardern has tested Negative to being a good Prime Minister.

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May 12, 2022 at 9:15 am

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What Has Stuart Nash Been Drinking?

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Late last week I heard a radio interview with Stuart Nash. I think it was Jamie Mackay on The Country and the reason for the interview was Foreign Ownership of highly productive farmland for Carbon Farming or similar.

However, at one stage of the interview it diverted (should I have used the in word pivoted) well away from the above topic and into who, in Nash’s opinion was New Zealands best ever Prime Minister. Not guaranteed but as I recall Jamie started the ball rolling by throwing in Helen Clark and John Key.

Well that got Nash going – after throwing a few names around including his great grandfather Walter Nash he came up with the following rankings:

Best ever (drum roll) Jacinda Ardern

2nd Best Walter Nash

I thnk he had a 3rd which may have been Helen Clark but I was so dumbstruck by his first two that I don’t recall it. Whatever he sure has over dosed on the koolaid.

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May 8, 2022 at 11:16 am

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Is It Time For Prime Ministers Questions

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When living in London for just under two years, July 2009 to April2011, I used to enjoy watching this weekly when Parliament was sitting. Started with Gordon Brown and finished with David Cameron.

For thirty minutes on a Wednesday any MP from either side of the house lucky enough to `catch the Speakers Eye’ could ask the Prime Minister any question they wanted. Cameron was quite good at it Gordon Brown not quite so good and of course the Speaker was John Bercow who on such occasions was (I thought) quite fair and gave members from both sides a fair go within the bounds of time constraints.

Past New Zealand Prime Ministers Muldoon, Lange, Moore and Key would have revelled in it.

Bolger, Shipley, Clark and English would have handled it okay I think.

Palmer would have hated it and Ardern probably would not be able to handle it – even with The Despicable Mallard ensuring that only patsy questions got through.

Why do I say Ardern wouldn’t handle it? Well I just heard Jamie McKay from The Country say that they have to forward her the questions for her fortnightly interviews he day before and as I said the other day O’Connor now requires the same. It is probably fair to say that Ardern in particular does not front for any interviews without having received the questions ahead of time.

Are all the current Cabinet Ministers the same?

We are lead by people unable to think on their feet and that is appalling.

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April 20, 2022 at 1:59 pm

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Why Are The IRB So Hellbent On Turning Rugby Union Into 15 Man League

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I have been a dedicated rugby union follower since the arrival of the Springboks in New Zealand in 1956 just after I turned 10 years old.

In addition to being a follower I have played the game at reasonable levels from two years First XV 1962/63, to Hawkes Bay Juniors 1964 and Premier/Senior Rugby in the Napier/Hastings inter town competition when Hawkes Bay had the Ranfurly Shield from 1966 to 1969. Probably my highlight was going on as a reserve in a Sub Union Game for Central Hawkes Bay and marking the then current All Black 2nd 5 Ian McRae for the last 39 minutes of the game. A mis match yes with McRae 6’2′ and around 15 stone and little me at 5′ 6″ and about 11 stone – but even if I say it myself I held my own and contributed to a rare Central Hawkes Bay win (12/11) over Napier which had a couple of other future All Blacks and a stack of Hawkes Bay rep players on the field – our only rep player (Ian Bishop) was out injured

That of course is history but what is happening to the game now is of considerable concern to me. In the days mentioned above and through to the 90’s rugby was described as a game for all shapes and sizes. Not now – players have to be 6’2″ to 6’8″ able to cut out 100 yards in under 10.5 seconds and bulked up like never before and one cannot tell the difference between backs and forwards apart from by their jersey numbers.

But, what really gets to me are the following rule changes:

Goal line dropouts – most times for reasons I don’t understand.

50/20 kicks – what is so clever about that and if you kick possession away you deserve to lose it. They should try playing with the leather balls we did.

Next they will be dumping lineouts and a couple of forwards from each team.

Red cards for what are obviously accidental collisions between players contesting for the ball – the Caleb Clark one is a clear example. It was an accident as are most collisions on the field.

Interminable interventions and hold ups while the TV match official studies all manner of incidents from forward passes to off sides to supposed foul play to whether a try has been scored.

My late father in law had a saying – `in Rugby the Referee is the sole judge of time and fact’.

Not now he isn’t – he hardly even checks his watch at kick offs , half time and full time because someone else has a siren.

Over this weekend we had two closely competitive NZ rugby games yet both were a pain to watch because of what I have enumerated above causing lengthy stoppages in play.

Maybe we need to bring back rucking, put the referee and touch charges in charge of the game and make it a fair contest – reduce the number of bench players as well, and get the `water boys’ off the field.

On water boys let me refer to the late, great, Sir Colin Meads who said this at a seminar I was at before a Bledisloe Cup test in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. He was commenting on the previous test match and said (approx quote) `They kicked off to start the game and after about 10 seconds the ball bounced into touch – immediately on ran 3 or 4 water boys for each side – shit he said it is a tough game these days.’

Finally let me comment on the Bundee Aki tackle on Johnny Sexton a few hours ago – sure it was marginally late but seemed fair in all other aspects. Deserving of a penalty but no card in my opinion and I have seen plenty of worse ones go unpunished.

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April 17, 2022 at 3:34 pm

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Come On Jacinda And Damien Name The 13 Tourists You Are Taking With You

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This morning I heard Mike Hosking ask Damien O’Connor if he would name the 13 Business People accompanying them next week to Singapore and Japan – as is the way with Labour Cabinet Ministers he evaded the question.

Jamie Mackay also interviewed O’Connor today and obviously that topic was off limits. Jamie said some weeks ago that they now had to send a list of topics to O’Connor before each regular fortnightly interview – no room for off the cuff stuff with this Government.

Call me a cynic if you like but I think this most open and transparent government are hiding something about this jaunt which may well come back and bite them in their collective shiny arses.

So here is my guess on how the 13 is made up:

Iwi Representatives 10

LGBT Representatives 2

Genuine Business Person (Female) 1

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April 12, 2022 at 7:15 pm

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Two Hawkes Bay Mayors Leading The Local Body Fight Against The Iniquitous 3Waters

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This is an article from todays NZHerald website which I have edited to get rid of The Heralds self praise and propaganda as well as their links to earlier articles not relevant to this issue. A (convoluted) link to the full article is at the end of the post for those wanting to check my editing and read the full article, including a video and a few photos I have not included. I have also corrected a few spelling and grammar errors that were throughout the article – probably missed some as well.

Here we go:

`An increasing number of district and regional councils rally against the controversial Three Waters reform, a frustrated mayor has told the Prime Minister her Government has “lost the people” over the proposed water restructures.

And the mayor of another Hawkes Bay Council has doubled down on his earlier criticism of the way the process has been handled, labeling it as “appalling”.

Cabinet is currently considering 47 recommendations made by an independent working group – made up of 20 local government and Iwi representatives – over the Government’s proposed water reforms. Under the plan – which will affect all of New Zealand’s district and regional councils – control of New Zealand’s drinking, storm and waste water systems could be transferred from councils to four regional bodies.

The proposal has led to the creation of an opposition group, Communities 4 Local Democracy, which features 31 district and city councils. Large “Stop Three Waters” billboards have also been erected by farmers on their land throughout heartland New Zealand.

Councils who have joined the group include the Central Hawkes Bay District Council (CHBDC), whose mayor Alex Walker wrote to Ardern late last year “with sadness” over the reform programme.

In the letter – which along with other internal Three Waters reform discussion documents has been released by the council – she wrote that the Central Hawkes Bay community were “some of the most informed in the country when it comes to regulatory and financial challenges of providing Three Waters infrastructure”.

She said the CHBDC had been “leading a strategy called #thebigwasterstory” since 2017 and had tripled capital investment in the area during that time. It had also executed a further strategy called Facing the Facts that had seen council in consultation with the community and “adopt the largest capital investment programme in our wastewater treatment system that this community has ever seen”.

The CHBDC had also worked with neighbouring councils on a range of water initiatives.

Walker wrote to Ardern: “But despite this Prime Minister, I am sad to say that you have lost the people on your path of Three Waters Reforms. “Even in my community, which understand the challenges implicitly, they are affronted by the change in property rights, and the scale of the change proposed. They cannot see how their interests will be protected and who will advocate for them.”

Walker also told Ardern that elected CHBDC representatives remained “unconvinced” the reforms would provide “improvements across all facets of community wellbeing”.

On October 27, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta said that the Three Waters reform process would become mandatory for all councils.

A CHBDC extraordinary council meeting agenda document said the Government had “previously promised” that as part of a signed Memorandum of Understanding councils would have the option to join or opt out of the process.

“The minister’s announcement has left many mayors and councils extremely disappointed, and many members of the community have also expressed their dissatisfaction,” the document stated.

“Mayors of a several number of councils met informally to canvass ideas about what they do to resist the proposal.” It added: “Most councils agree that quality drinking water and better environmental outcomes are essential, but some have a genuine difference of opinion with the current Government on the structural solution.

“For these reasons, those councils that disagree with the Government and would like the ability to come together collectively to oppose the Government on behalf of their communities.”

In a letter to Mahuta co-signed by Walker and CHBDC chief executive Monique Davidson, the pair wrote that after an eight-week assessment of Three Waters they were of the view the reforms were “polarising and have triggered a range of emotions across our community”.

“It is therefore Council’s view that the Government must adequately consult across the New Zealand public before the package of reforms is progressed through a select committee process.” The pair wrote the Government had provided “insufficient information” on how the reform process would work and said the proposals were also “too important” not to allow ratepayers to have their say.

They also raised a “concern” that “the financial complexity of the proposed reforms packages has not been fully understood or communicated by Government”.

Another mayor within the greater Hawke’s Bay region, Craig Little from the Wairoa District Council, has also increased his opposition to Three Waters, describing it as a “shocker”.

Little told the Herald among things he and his community were opposed to was the forced handing over of assets and infrastructure it had paid for.

He also believed the size of the clean water problem as stated by Three Waters backers was “grossly over-exaggerated”. “The whole process is wrong,” Little said. “They are just rail-roading us. Something that we are not allowed to do is pre-determination. But they have done that [with Three Waters] right from day one. It is not the way forward.

“It has been an appalling process.”

The Wairoa District Council is a member of Communities 4 Local Democracy.

Little also criticised what he believed was a poor level of communications over the reforms.

He was still waiting for answers to questions he had submitted to Mahuta last year.

He also labelled TV advertising promoting the reforms as “a joke”, adding “if we did that we would be run out of town”.Almost 50 complaints have been laid with the Advertising Standards Authority over the advertisements.

Mahuta has acknowledged the execution of TV campaign had been wrong. The adverts – which cost $3.5 million – pointed the blame for a range of water failures firmly at councils.

“There was a high level of sensitivity from local government around that campaign because they felt that they were getting blamed for something and I acknowledge that decades of under investment in water infrastructure is within the council purview but perhaps the advertising campaign wasn’t the best way to tell the message,” she told Q&A.

Among the recommendations made by the Three Waters independent working group was the need for a new communications campaign based on the “need for change”.

It also called for a Water Ombudsman to be appointed to oversee Water Service Entities’ interactions with water users. A public shareholding structure to maintain public ownership of water assets has also been recommended.

Mahuta said Cabinet would now “carefully consider” the recommendations. “We know it is important to get this reform right for every New Zealander,” she said.

“We are committed to ensuring local councils continue to have a vital Three Waters role by representing the interests of their communities at the highest level of each new water services entity alongside mana whenua, and by owning these entities on behalf of their communities.

“The process going forward is designed to make sure the wealth of Three Waters expertise and local knowledge built up by local government transfers over to the new entities and that these new water services providers are accountable and responsive to local communities.”

Link to:

As a Hastings Ratepayer I am appalled that Hastings District Council is not a member of this group. I knew HB Regional Council would not be as it has become a haven for former left wing politicians with possibly only Craig Foss standing up for ratepayers in this matter.


I grew up in Central Hawkes Bay, worked there after leaving school and again from 1982 until 2009 when I sold my business and retired. I know who the Walker Family are but do not know them personally.

Over the years the CHBDC has received a lot of bad publicity and some environmental fines for discharging sewage into The Tukituki and Waipawa Rivers and while I think this remains an unresolved issue they at last seem to be working on resolving it and I see this is covered in the Council’s letter..

I consider 3Waters to be a rort of the highest order and congratulate the Central Hawkes Bay and Wairoa District Councils for standing firm and taking on the government in this matter. Similarly to all of the other councils making up Communities 4 Local Democracy – I say STAND FIRM!!!

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April 5, 2022 at 6:19 pm

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Word Of The Day

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My definition – procrastinating, fumbling, bumbling leadership.

I see other similar and possibly better definitions on this mornings KiwiBlog General Debate which is probably just warming up as the mods there get out of bed.

Hat tip: David Seymour and ACT for the word Ardernity – the definition above is mine.

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March 22, 2022 at 9:06 am

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Petition To Remove The Despicable And Cowardly Trevor Mallard As Speaker.

I filched this from Karl du Fresne’s blog to give this petition to get rid of The Despicable and Cowardly Mallard as Speaker (or is that Sprinkler) all of the exposure it can possibly get:

Karl says:

Mallard must go

The Free Speech Union has launched an online petition calling on Parliament to remove Trevor Mallard as Speaker of the House. I’ve signed it and I urge others to consider doing likewise. You can find it at:

I urge all readers to follow the link and sign the petition which has 3010 signatures at time of posting.

Update: 10.20am 3174 signatures.

06.20pm 4,700 signatures

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February 19, 2022 at 9:19 am

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Hey Coster The Imposter Let Me Help You

It is obvious from what I see from afar (Hastings) that you and your New Zealand Police Force are intimidated by the Parliamentary Protest people at the moment. A situation made worse by you letting The Despicable Mallard, Speaker of The House of Representatives and therefore constitutionally the third highest ranking New Zealander to bully you into a futile attempt to break up the protest on Thursday.

The New Zealand Police did not come out of that too well did they.

To add to your woes The Towies from Wellington and presumably nearby areas in the lower North Island have refused to assist you too. What is more we now hear that The Defence Forces are playing `hard to get’ and who knows – they too may give you the bums rush.

How embarrassing will that be?

Now let me tell you what your problem is.

Your Police Force is not match fit to do the hard yards when required in dealing with and breaking up mass gatherings.

By sucking up to Prime Minister Ardern and her Labour Party cohorts you have lost the confidence of the New Zealand people and you have also lost the ability to react to difficult situations like these protests when requiured. What is even worse you have consistently walked away from other protests that would have been good practice for you. Let me list some.

Ihumatao – those protestors and illegal occupiers of private land should have been moved on yet your constables and probably higher ranks chose to dance with them.

Raglan Airport – I understand that there have been illegal occupiers there for quite some time yet the Police have done nothing about them even though I have heard they may have even endangered planes landing and taking off.

Shelley Bay – again occupying private land and there for a fair while. Perhaps moving them on tomorrow would be good practice for the Parliamentary protest with the added benefit that no media will be watching because they are all cosy up with Jacinda and Trevor in the Parliament Buildings.

Hones Vigilante Road Blocks – you kowtowed to them more than once letting taxpayers down.

Commissioner Coster The Imposter it is time you manned up and did your job properly and without fear or favour. So before you go charging into the Parliamentary Protesters again sort Raglan and Shelley Bay out because they were there first and tell Prime Minister Ardern that from now on you refuse to be her lapdog which is how most New Zealanders see you at the moment..

If you do that you may restore some credibility to the once proud and much liked New Zealand Police Force. Perhaps then the Towies and Defence Force will even assist you – I wouldn’t bet on it though.

ps: by the way how many members of your force did you have to stand down because of the ridiculous vaccination mandates?

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February 15, 2022 at 8:25 pm

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Groundswell On The Current Parliamentary Protest

I pinched the following from Kiwiblog General Debate this morning where it was posted under the nom de plume of Waituna.

  • Current Parliament Protest
  • This is written by Bryce, and is a feeling the rest of us in Groundswell NZ share.Groundswell NZs main focus continues to be on the unworkable regulations impacting the rural sector. Like increasing numbers of New Zealanders, farmers have felt badly maligned by this current government and its policies. Like the protestors in Wellington we also have been ignored by the Government and called denigrating names. We can empathize with their frustration.
  • Whether you agree or not with the people protesting on parliament grounds is not the debate anymore. What this government, that proclaimed it would govern for all New Zealanders, has done is turn its back on a good number of its people.
  • How hard can it be to at least front up and talk to the people assembled on parliament grounds?
  • The final straw for me and what prompted me to go public, is the way government is treating these people – turning the sprinklers on them knowing there was a storm coming, and playing loud music at night so as to not let them sleep and make them feel miserable, no farmer would treat animals like that!
  • Although this protest has a different focus to Groundswell NZ, we support their right to be heard and cannot understand or agree with the Governments actions. What is becoming of our once united and proud country?
  • Kind regards,
  • Bryce & Laurie Groundswell NZ

Disclosure: I do not know who Waituna is and I am not a member of Groundswell or any other such organisation but, I did support Groundswell on both of their protests – one in July and one in November. I have not participated in any other political protests in my (almost 76 years).

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February 14, 2022 at 9:49 am

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