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Shane Jones On 3/5/All Waters

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Shane Jones may be unlikeable but every now and again he gets off the couch and hits a booming home run.

Thank you Maggie Pie at the Kiwiblog General Debate for drawing this to my attention:

“The Three Waters project is doomed to fail because it is not sustainable in our democracy for a $185 billion public utility programme to be 50% controlled by Maori.
They are public assets, not tribal baubles”


Here is a link to the 3/5/All Waters legislation and all that goes with it.:


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February 2, 2023 at 7:30 am

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What Can One Say!!!

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Quote of the Day, Month or even the Year.

By BeaB over at Kiwiblog General Debate a few minutes ago.


Hipkins and Sepuloni remind me of Noel Coward’s quip when someone asked who the little guy was sitting next to Queen Salote. “Her lunch.”

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January 23, 2023 at 8:09 am

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The Ardern Resignation

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Homepaddock has a post this morning which includes a tweet by Thomas Cramer.

Tweet says:

`Was Arderns position left untenable due to a failed Cabinet reshuffle that was rebuffed by her colleagues. And what will the change of leader mean for the flagship policies which Labour decides to continue to support in 2023.

I have not seen the implication of the first sentence anywhere else and I think Thomas Cramer is bang on.

My guess is Ardern proposed demotions for both Nanaia Mahuta and Willie Jackson in the Cabinet reshuffle. Both said no way and the (so called) Maori Caucus backed them to the hilt.

Ardern’s response was to say – get stuffed, I am out of here. Well maybe not exactly those words because I have heard over the years that she is fluent in good old Anglo Saxon four letter words when under stress.

Link to Hompepaddocks full post is here.

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January 20, 2023 at 7:40 am

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More Unintended Consequences – Or Is The Herald Turning On The Government?

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The following are headlines from todays Herald website with links below them – unusually they are not paywalled.

  1. Whanganui landlord’s strife over tenants’ rubbish and unpaid rent – dumps trash on footpath.
  2. Tertiary fees-free policy: Wealthier students benefit most after four years of scheme.
  3. Census collectors to carry panic alarms amid safety fears over anti-government backlash.

Links are here for those that want to peruse the whole articles.:

Given all of the above one cannot help but begin to think that maybe The Herald and its reporters have started to turn against the government especially when their lead article covers gang problems at Christchurch Hospital.

Is that wishful thinking on my part – what say you.

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January 14, 2023 at 9:46 am

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Experiences and Suggestions re NZ Education

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By Alwyn Poole on Kiwiblog

Hello Kiwiblog people and all the best for 2023.

In early March I have the privilege of a short speaking slot and being on an Education Panel at the NZ Economics Forum hosted by Waikato University.

The topic for the Education Panel is: Schools under the Microscope – How do we turn them around?

Many of the problems have become very clear over the last five years and include – but are not limited to – attendance, retention until 17 years old, huge ethnicity and socio-economic achievement gaps, significant decline against international metrics, attracting high quality teachers.

I have no shortage of data and a number of ideas for rapid and significant improvement. I am also consulting with some very high quality researchers and educators to produce a high quality take-away document.

However, I am still many years away from the situation where in my tombstone it will say – “Here lies Alwyn – and wisdom dies with him.” In fact – I will be lucky to outdo Spike Milligan’s last joke.

I would very much welcome views from Kiwiblog people – either in the comments/discussion – or by direct email (no word limit – I will read them all). I also welcome counter arguments to what you think my views might be.

Initial themes would be:

  • the educational experiences of yourself and your family – good and bad of course.
  • your view of the state of the NZ system and causes.
  • your suggestions on need changes and improvements.

Anything I use directly I am very happy to credit back to the writer (or not – as you prefer). You views are important – not least because you pay for our education system.

Please don’t hesitate to share the post on to those you think may be interested.

Thanks in advance.

Alwyn Poole

NOTE: I do not know Alwyn Poole but what I have seen and heard about him he is one the few people involved in Education in New Zealand who is Innovative and has the best interests of New Zealands children at heart. This has been shown over the years by his leadership and initiative with Charter Schools which were quickly abolished when Labour and NZFirst took over in 2017.

I say shame on you Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters and Chris Hipkins who either drove this abolishment or stood back and allowed it to happen.

If you have ideas for Alwyn Poole email him or put them in the comments and I will make sure they get to him. I suggest you also email them to Jacinda, Chris Hipkins, Jan Tinetti, Christopher Luxon Erica Stanford and Penny Simmonds.

Probably no need to email them to ACT – they will be on to it anyway – I hope.

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January 11, 2023 at 11:57 am

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Yvette AT Kiwiblog On 3/5/All Waters

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This is a filched copy and paste from todays General Debate and Yvette always raises good questions:

3 Waters” still – WHILE WE ARE SLEEPING beside the BBQ, as Jacinda and Nanaia think we are …

From Thomas Cranmer’s Substack –
We will never be denied, we will never go silently in the night, our voice must be heard at the table and we must take our place, end of story. – Waikato-Tainui chairperson Tukoroirangi Morgan, speaking at the National Iwi Leaders Chairs Forum in Taupo

■ Without explanation, Waikato-Tainui’s Tukoroirangi Morgan has been appointed to lead the northern Three Waters iwi body raising fresh concerns about governance and how conflicts are managed.


■ The unbridled power of Te Mana o te Wai
The sheer scale and magnitude of the mechanism that lies at the heart of the Three Waters reforms is mind-boggling and threatens to totally overwhelm the water services structure.

… The proposed Te Mana o te Wai statements could also be used by mana whenua to express their interest in participating within the broader water services delivery system. I see the statements as being holistic, enabling Māori to express a broad wellbeing approach, consistent with a Te Ao Māori approach to such matters, including economic, cultural, social and environmental expectations.

… This unbridled expression of kaitiakitanga given to every iwi and hapū in the country and funded by ratepayers threatens to totally overwhelm the water services entities. And of course this is all completely untested. No-one has any idea whether this is workable until the system is implemented – at which time it will affect New Zealand’s entire water infrastructure. Enough however is known now to suggest that this would be a monumental disaster for the country were this ever to be attempted.

■ National Govt to support UN rights declaration
… • reaffirms the legal and constitutional frameworks that underpin New Zealand’s legal system, noting that those existing frameworks define the bounds of New Zealand’s engagement with the declaration.


■ Possible questions –
• While Entities are based on regional iwi domains and Maori control of river catchments, why has Waikato-Tainui’s Tukoroirangi Morgan been appointed to lead the northern Three Waters iwi body?
• Therefore will not Waikato-Tainu surely control; Entity B, as well as Entity A?
• What do iwi of Entity A, Auckland and Northland iwi think of that?
Or the South Island’s Entity D, Ngai Tahu, its their top-up settlement clause?

• When John Key had Pita Sharples state to the UN in New York that the Treaty is the covenant constraint on New Zealand’s engagement with the Declaration (UNDRIP), why is “co-governance” just passed into law, and “total governance” existed for over a year in Taumata Arowai and its controlling Maori Advisory Council (chaired by Tipa Mahuta, Waikato-Tainu), and now unbridled Mana o te Wai statements available only to Maori use?
• And why did John Key fly Pita Sharples to the UN in New York secretly? (perhaps check that out too)

Thank you Yvette for keeping this despicable Government on it’s toes as well as raising questions that relate to the previous Key led National Government in the race relations area..

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January 8, 2023 at 10:30 am

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Hawke’s Bay Māori birthing unit still gestating

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The above headline has been showing online in Hawkes Bay Today for the last couple of days.

The article starts with a photo of a Maori midwife and the first sentence/paragraph says:

`There appears to have been little or no progress on setting up a specialised Māori birthing unit in Hawke’s Bay, a key recommendation of a critical review into racial discrimination in the region’s maternity services.’

Now I for one know nothing about the racial discrimination referred to nor do I see the need for such separation in the Hawkes Bay Hospital Maternity unit by setting up an area based on what in a lot of cases is a very tenuous brush with said ethnicity. I further say this from the personal experience of mrspdm and I back when our first daughter was born in November 1970.

On the Friday night at about 7pm (I was just home from a couple of beers after work – after checking in first) I was told I needed to take her to the `home’ as it was called then. Duly done and after sitting around until midnight I was sent home by the nurses as nothing was going to happen until the next day. After reporting in about 9am I duly headed off to cricket after midday and was to report in at the tea break – I couldn’t because I was batting and no phone at the ground.

I duly arrived back just after 6pm to find things were just starting to get underway. I also found mrspdm had received the following good advice from the Maori lady who was in the adjoining bed and who was in having baby number 5 or 6 or even 7 as I recall. The advice was this:

`Don’t worry – having a baby is just like shelling peas.’

Our healthy daughter duly arrived as did three more over roughly the next ten years although I don’t think any were quite that straightforward as proclaimed above.

The point I make is if there are separate units for Maori birthing how is such sage advice and encouragement going to be available to new mothers of all other ethnicities.

Link to the full article:

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January 4, 2023 at 7:56 am

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Now For My International Rugby Team – 1946 until Now.

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This is not a Barbarians team as all of the players have featured on the International stage. My wings are not noted for their defence but they would be devastating on the end of my backline.

I have struggled for props so I am sure readers will be able to add a few more names.

Fullback: (15) Serge Blanco France

Right Wing: (14) David Campese Australia

Center: (13) John Gainsford South Africa

Second 5/8 (12) Mike Gibson Ireland

Left Wing (11) Rupeni Caucaunibuca Fiji

First 5/8 (10) Hugo Porta Argentina

Halfback (9) Nick Farr-Jones Australia (Captain)

No. 8. (8) Walter Spanghero France

Openside Flanker (7) Martin Pelser South Africa

Blindside Flanker (6) Thierry Dusautoir France

Lock (5) Willie-John McBride Ireland

Lock (4) Johan Claassen South Africa

Tighthead Prop (3) Jaap Bekker South Africa

Hooker (2) Bryn Meredith Wales

Loosehead Prop (1) Pascal Ondarts France

Reserves: (16) Malcom Marx (South Africa) (17) Mako Vunipola (England) (18) Ray McLoughlin (Ireland)

(19) John Eales (Australia) (20) Schalk Burger (So uth Africa) (21) Gareth Edwards (Wales) (22) Jo Maso (France)

(23) Philippe Sella (France)

Head Coach: Dr. Danie Craven (South Africa)

Assistant Coaches: Carwyn James (Wales) Alan Jones (Australia)

Martin Pelser had only one eye and played with a glass eye in the other. Colin Meads described him as the toughest player he ever met on the field.

If I was asked to name the most complete back I had ever seen I would go with Mike Gibson of the 1966 and 1971 Lions teams. He had all round skills others could only dream of.

This team would play under current rules, including those that apply for bench tactical replacements.

As with any such team there are a hell of a lot of quality players not included – so go for it and name some.

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December 30, 2022 at 8:30 am

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My All Black Team – 1946 to Date.

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One of my foibles, eccentricities or just plain old ways to fill in my days, or occasional sleepless nights, is to pick teams from over the years. I did New Zealand and six other cricket nations over Covid lockdowns and now have moved on to rugby. Why the period selected – well I was born in 1946 and there is one player in my team that I have not seen play either live or on television but, I heard and read a lot about him when I was growing up – the late Terry McLean called him `The Prince of ……….'(his position).

Back in my rugby and cricket playing days I did play in one club game of rugby against one of the members in my team and one game of club cricket against another when he was in the Hastings Boys High School First X1. I also saw one member of my team play an ODI for Otago v Central Districts at Dannevirke – he opened the bowling and the batting and scored a century in a Man of the Match performance.

Here is my team:

Fullback: (15) Christian Cullen

Right Wing: (14) Jeff Wilson

Center: (13) Bruce Robertson

2nd 5/8 (12) Johnny (JB) Smith

Left Wing (11) Bryan Williams

First 5/8 (10) Dan Carter

Half Back (9) Aaron Smith

Number 8 (8) Zinzan Brooke

Openside Flanker (7) Richie McCaw (Captain)

Blindside Flanker (6) Kelvin Tremain

Lock (5) Colin Meads

Lock (4) Brodie Retallick

Tighthead Prop (3) Carl Hayman

Hooker (2) Sean Fitzpatrick

Loosehead Prop (1) Ken Gray

Reserves: (16) Bruce McLeod (17 Kevin Skinner) (18) Olo Brown (19) Gary Whetton (20) Michael Jones

(21) Sid Going (22) Beauden Barrett (20) Jonah Lomu

Head Coach: Fred Allen

Assistant Coaches: Brian Lochore and Wayne Smith

What changes, if any would you make – I could probably give you five player options for every position that would not noticeably weaken, or strengthen, the team.

Bear in mind that reserves, or bench players as they are now known are a relatively new phenomenon, and tactical replacements even more so. Four of my reserves are picked essentially as tactical replacements although one in particular wold be my second choice to start in his best position – others not so much but I would expect huge impact from them in the last 15/20 minutes of any game. One in fact made his name in that role.

In a few days I will have an International Team (no All Blacks) to play them.

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December 27, 2022 at 8:26 am

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The 3/5Waters Gravy Train is Full On and The Graves Of Councils Throughout New Zealand Have Not Even Been Filled In.

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Stuff has the following headline this morning:

`Three Waters’ IT system now expected to cost $659 million ‘

Here is the link:

The Mahuta Family and their Iwi cohorts are not wasting any time in getting the gravy train up and running and as one (said to be) IT Specialist said in the comments – this is a rip off. Most commenters agreed with him with predictions of the cost at least doubling. After all it is only taxpayers money.

Have a look at the stuff comments in the original story – they are scathing.

Also have a look at Nanaia Mahuta in the video and compare her to the Minister we see almost cowering in the House at question time this week.

Screwing New Zealand Taxpayers and Ratepayers seems to have taken its toll in only a few days.

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December 15, 2022 at 6:37 am

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