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The Ardern government stands yet again accused of being all fluff and no substance. Fascinated by the article by Rachel Thomas looking at how well prepared New Zealand was to deal with the Delta variant should there be a community outbreak.

The number of ICU beds available proves the fluff. In May 2020 we had 358 ICU capable beds throughout the country (MOH figures). At that time the MOH said it had received advice from DHBs that there would be 522 ICU capable beds by June 2020 and no doubt everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Fast forward to June 2021 and it is reported there are now just 284 ICU beds in the country … less than there were twelve months previously.

According to the MoH’s Deputy Director-General for DHB Funding and Accountability that doesn’t necessarily mean that ICU capacity has fallen as there was a difference between ICU beds and ICU capable beds. So we’re being asked to accept this is apples and oranges stuff. Confused … you’re forgiven … an ICU capable bed implies there are the facilities in place to support it.

Are there? We don’t know and at best the MoH appears to be fudging the figures.

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August 1, 2021 at 3:35 pm

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So tell me Tom and looking at the California Gubernatorial Recall election which will decide the fate of Governor Gavin Newsom (D) I’m at a loss to understand how/why here are 9 Democrats standing. One would have thought all they would do is split the vote. Worse for the Republicans. In a State where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 2/1 there are 24 Republican candidates.

Are the Republicans so stupid as not to realize their only hope for success is to unite around one candidate?

None so blind as those who cannot see.

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July 29, 2021 at 2:58 pm

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On TV One 6.00 pm news tonight an item covering the Covid-19 vaccine rollout ….

National’s Chris Bishop laments the slow pace of the rollout which has us sitting in 54th place (behind such countries as Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkey, Poland, Cambodia, Serbia, El Salvador, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Colombia, Jordan, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia**) with just 18% of the population having at least one jab.

And Jacinda Ardern in response said we’re where exactly we ‘we’ planned to be.

So from someone who, back in November, said that NZL under her watch was going to be first in line for the vaccine rollout the admission that 8 months on she had ‘planned’ for the country to drop from 1st to 54th place.

Startling admission indeed. Some less charitable than I might be inclined to call it failure.

** Source – Reuters Covid-19 Vaccination Tracker.

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July 28, 2021 at 8:32 pm


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But for me the Tokyo games leave me cold and I doubt I’ll be spending too much time watching them. They’re being conducted in quite bizarre circumstances and they only reason they’re going ahead is that thing called MONEY … sport, the well-being of competitors … very much a secondary consideration.

And as for the Kiwi ladies footballers ‘taking the kneel’ before their game with Oz … give me feekin strength. The games are supposed to be non-political … ok, observed in the breech perhaps but not to the extent now that that every woke issue is fair game. Perhaps we can expect to see the Cuban team kneel in protest against US sanctions or, or, or even a team take the kneel in protest against protests. If the IOC were really genuine in claiming the games are solely about sport then perhaps protests would see participants being sanctioned.

Having said all that I’m a realist … the protests will continue particularly in this woke driven age … but for me its another turnoff for the games.

Interested where you sit on this.

p.s the three who I played golf with on Monday all shared similar views

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July 23, 2021 at 12:26 pm

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Following on from Labour’s laundering of close to three million dollars of public monies from the proceeds of crime back to the Mongrel Mob I am pleased to see Judith Collins release National’s policy re gangs. In bullet point format ….

New Firearm Protection Orders to seize illegal guns from gangs.

Bring back Armed Response Teams.

New criminal offences for violent gang crime.

New Aggravating sentence in the Sentencing Act for gang members.

Ban on gang insignia in public places.

Trial tasers for Corrections Officers.

Increased penalties for assaulting Corrections Officers.

New Legislation – no public funding for gangs.

require gangs to prove income is legitimate.

Clearly National and Labour are chalk and cheese when it comes to gangs made worse by a Police Minister whose standing in the Police force is trending south at a rate of knots.

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July 22, 2021 at 10:21 am


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July 19, 2021 at 4:31 pm

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Adolf’s post on MAD/Flexible response (call it what you will) referenced Taiwan. Got me thinking. What would be the reaction of the ‘West’ should China move to ‘liberate’ Taiwan by force … something China has never ruled out doing. One suspects the days when the US 7th fleet acted as a trip-wire and shield against possible Chinese aggression have long gone. The rapid expansion of the Chinese Navy has put paid to that and then you need to factor into the equation that, in the United States, both major parties have become more isolationist in thinking and less inclined to act as the ‘worlds policemen’ as was their wont up until not so long ago.

Just look what happened when China moved to stamp out democratic protest in Hongkong … lotsa disapproving noises but not much more and right now Taiwan is increasingly isolated. The ROC government is recognised by only fifteen countries … the majority of them enjoying ‘tin-pot’ status of the likes of Haiti, Eswatini (never heard of it), Tuvalu, Nauru, Saint Lucia; Marshall Islands and Palau and, while a number of countries (including New Zealand) have trade or cultural links with Taiwan, the vast majority of the world (119 countries) recognise Beijing and have no representation in Taiwan (including non-political, non-diplomatic and non-intergovernmental representation).

The reality is that for all the bluster and rhetoric the US/China relationship is important to both countries and one suspects there is a growing body of opinion that would have it that the China/Taiwan question is an internal problem for China to sort out and, while the use of force is to be abhorred, there would be no repeat of what occurred in Korea when the North Koreans invaded the south … couldn’t happen anyway … in the UN China exercises the veto as a permanent member of the Security Council. Certainly Taiwan does not appear now to enjoy ‘line in the sand’ status with the United States as say Israel does.

No, all that would occur would be a certain ritual gnashing of teeth by the West. China will do what it has always said it was going to do at a time of its own choosing and that time may be closer than we think.

Pity the Taiwanese.

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July 18, 2021 at 1:50 pm

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The cock-ups in MIQ continue apace.

Inflation hits 3.3% and projected to increase

The ‘rural howl’ gathers pace

The OCR predicted to increase sooner rather than later

Labour funds criminal gangs to the tune of just under $3m

The Minister of Defence inserts foot into mouth (with perhaps more to come)

The taxpayer to foot the bill for returnees from Oz going into MIQ … after Jacinda said the opposite.

Banks increase mortgage rates

Massive increase in the criminal use of firearms

NZ imports record amount of ‘dirty coal’ from Indonesia making a mockery of the government’s attempt to reduce our carbon emissions footprint

The numbers on the government’s Priority A list for social housing top 20,000.




the list goes on.

New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

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July 17, 2021 at 3:23 pm


Inflation hits 3.3%. The OCR now predicted to rise in the near future. Middle NZL fights back.

New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

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July 16, 2021 at 12:46 pm


Clearly the PM is feeling the heat over her decision to give a criminal gang nigh on $3m to fund a rehabilitation programme for the addicts the gang themselves created as major players in the manufacture and supply of Class A drugs by claiming the grant is just a continuation of what National did as part of its methamphetamine action plan.

Stop digging Jacinda … covering yourself in muck ain’t a pretty site. You know and I know that National didn’t fund the Mongrel Mob under that programme. National doesn’t view gangs they same way as you do. Your attempt to dissemble is pathetic. And while we’re at it just how does YOUR decision square with the fact that YOUR mob have reduced the funding for drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes in our prisons by a reported 75% since you took office.

Nah, on second thoughts I’ll retract the headline. Keep digging Jacinda … please.

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July 13, 2021 at 12:13 pm

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