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A few days ago I wrote a post on us being directed to Ngati Hine Health by our GP after giving up trying to book an appointment for Vet and Mrs Vet to receive our Covid shots using the government’s 0800 Covid hotline number. I had spent several hours on the phone being exhorted to ‘continue to hold’ and subjected to canned musik. We are both no spring chickens although you’re only as old as you feel. We don’t have any serious health issues … touch wood.

Today was the day and it was with some small trepidation we drove to the vaccination centre at Moerewa to receive our shots. Moerewa will be very familiar to Adolf … many regard it as ‘Tiger Country’. This is how it went ….

Appointment was for 2.00 pm. Arrived 1.55 to be directed by a uniformed parking attendant into a car parking space 10 steps from the front entrance.

1.56 … individually greeted at the front door by a staffer who directed us to a seating area and handed us a clipboard containing a consent form.

1.57 … consent form completed. Approached by a medical staffer who asked us if we understood the procedure and if we had any concerns or questions about the vaccine. We said no.

1.59 … taken by a nurse into a private cubicle. Told her I was needle phobic. She told me not to worry and I wouldn’t feel a thing. I didn’t.

2.03 … All done and dusted (both of us). We were directed to a very large room to wait the necessary 20 minutes in case we exhibited a reaction … triage nurse on hand. Room was set up like a cafeteria. There was tea, coffee and water, a huge selection of individually wrapped sandwiches and rolls and a selection of savories plus fruit … all free.

2.23 … Was approached by a staffer who handed us a card detailing when and where for the follow-up shot and told we were ok to go … but, like in the TV advertisement, there’s more.

2.24 … As we went out the exit (different from the entrance) we were handed a big box of goodies … a large bottle of disinfectant, cakes of soap (4), bottles of hand-sanitiser (2), pack of 50 face masks, packets of wipes (2) and a bottle of hand soap … retail value $30+/-.

2.25 … the car parking attendant directed us out of the car park.

All the way through we were treated as individuals and with respect. Ngati Hine Health’s professional delivery cannot be faulted. The back support was superb. Quite simply … we went away hugely impressed with their operation.

Written by The Veteran

June 8, 2021 at 7:24 pm


I see it reported that the West Virginia State Government is entering all those who turn up for a Covid shot into a lottery with prizes including five custom hunting rifles; five custom hunting shotguns; two tricked out (whatever that means) pickup trucks; five life-time hunting and fishing permits; two four-year scholarships to any WV educational facility – for winners aged between 12 and 25 as well as a one million dollar grand prize.

Georgia already did the latter.

Memo to the Health Ministry – food for thought. Ooooops, silly me, this government doesn’t ‘do’ guns. Perhaps then a color signed photograph of Saint Ashley captioned (you tell me) that those wanting to can hang on their living room walls MJS style.

Written by The Veteran

June 4, 2021 at 3:36 pm

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The Vet and Mrs Vet are booked to have our Covid shots next Tuesday. We were told that we had to go to Moerewa (some 20k distant) to have them administered by a Maori Health provider. Why so? We have two GP clinics in Paihia; both have trained nurses. We received our blog standard flu shots at our clinic a few weeks ago.

Are we entitled to ask if this what we might expect with the establishment of a separate Maori health system with them arrogating to themselves certain procedures. Just askin.

Written by The Veteran

June 3, 2021 at 2:11 pm

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The revelation here at that the Government abandoned moves to protect the Waikato DHB (and others) from cyber attacks citing budget constraints. The result … Waikato Hospital paralysed.

And further that key parts of the Government’s cybersecurity strategy have not been implemented two years after the strategy document was published. Promised actions included an action plan and an annual report. The minister responsible for the cybersecurity strategy, ​Kris Faafoi, left the role in November last year. His successor, ​David Clark, admits no annual cybersecurity report from the 2019 strategy document was ever produced. However, he promises a report will be produced for the 2022 financial year.

Promises by Clark, who resigned his Health portfolio, hardly engender confidence.

What a cock-up. New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

May 30, 2021 at 4:59 pm

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Another argument that is no longer off-limits

One of the detailed points of argument during the Great Chinese Lung Rot pandemic was around the definition of what actually constituted a Covid-19 death.

Early in the hysteria it was pointed out that deaths were being recorded as Covid simply because the patient had tested positive for Covid. This included even ridiculous examples such as deaths by car accident.

Naturally the pro-hysteria side, with the aid of the “If It Bleeds, It Leads” MSM, ferociously attacked such arguments. For the MSM it’s quite natural that the more death there is the better the story. That’s been true since the days of William Randolph Hearst and his famous “Sob Sisters” over a hundred years ago.

But even the medical “experts” had motive to push death numbers higher, since the more death there was the more likely they could persuade politicians and The People to undertake the extremist controls they advocated. Some of this was obvious with the pandemic models pushed by the likes of Neil Ferguson (“A spherical cow of uniform density in a frictionless vacuum“).

Naturally their counter-attacks against such critics focused on how you should not argue with medical experts, even though medical experts were among the critics of the Covid-death classifications. The motivations of the likes of Ferguson and company were not to be questioned, only those of their dastardly and uncaring opponents.

My, how things change when the motivations run the other way. In this case the criticism around deaths of people who have been vaccinated for Covid-19. Placed under such pressure, no less than the head of American Center for Disease Control (CDC) backs into …. the precise arguments put forward by critics of the Covid death counters.

Walensky is drawing a distinction between those who died directly because they got COVID and those who may have tested positive, but ultimately died of another comorbidity or condition. Now, to most people, that would seem like common sense. After all, why would you count someone with terminal cancer or an already failing heart as a COVID death – just because they had the virus when they died?

Obviously, what Walensky is saying is true. What we’ve known about COVID from early on from those hit the hardest told us that co-morbidities, including heart problems, lung problems, and morbid obesity, are the top factors, and that very old people (70+) naturally suffered more from the first two factors, hence them suffering a higher Covid-19 death rate than other age groups. If someone is otherwise terminally sick, even a mild case of Covid-19 could expedite matters – just as the Flu or Pneumonia normally does. The latter has long been called the “Old People’s Friend” for that very reason.

But the real point I want made clear here is that what Walensky is saying has previously been declared to be completely off-limits for over a year by the powers that be. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that has often gotten right wing-leaning sites in trouble with the social media censors of FaceTwit and company.

Yet, here is the Biden administration saying what was previously labeled as taboo, just because it now fits their narrative, which is driven by the motivation to reduce the death count rather than increase it because the latter would blow up the vaccination programmes. Meanwhile, the media don’t question it, and the social media overlords just shrug.

Oh, and the CDC has recently and rapidly shifted their positions on masks. Because Science.

Inside Information

I was amused by a comment made at Kiwiblog a couple of days ago by one hmmokrightitis, a long-time commentator over there.

He runs and owns an IT company in NZ that has foreign clients and he appears to have done pretty well for himself. Of course it’s a nym but when a person has stuck with the same name for years and the voice and information is consistent over time you know you’re not dealing with a troll.

So when a discussion commenced about the Ministry of Health dealing with the pandemic last year, this is what he had to say:

When the “pandemic” hit in February last year, …. Client (Ministry) dragged me to Wellington for advice. Thusly advised:

1. The MoH will, if they haven’t already (someone should check) activate the longstanding pandemic plans, we need to be guided by those.

2. Switch to Command and Control quickly, heres what that looks like, including the planning streams which you MUST follow otherwise its just daily panic sessions.


1. MoH didn’t, and I still don’t know why. Maybe the Royal Commission will tell us…except that’s not happening

2. C&C implemented with no forward planning capability. Daily panic ensues.

I left after 2 weeks of stupidity.

And in a reply to other comments:

They were tasked by their Minister to come up with the MIQ systems and processes.

After a month of nothing even the Minister had enough and it was thrown over the fence to MBIE with 48 hours notice.

When MBIE asked where have you got to…


I have enough contacts left in Wellington to confirm the above. It was pretty sad when you consider how much we all depend on the healthcare system.

By the skin of our teeth, seems the appropriate phrase.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 1, 2021 at 9:00 am

The need of the hour

Following on from Gravedodger’s post about the latest MSM Chinese Lung Rot hysteria, If It Bleeds It Leads, I thought I would take a look at actual numbers.

The sort of numbers not seen in the MSM.

The current daily death rate in India of 2,600 is equivalent to 126 deaths per day in the UK. That is far below the UK’s peak rate and closer to what they are experiencing now.

Take a look at this graph produced by John Hopkins University to understand the context.

India is one of the mysteries of Covid-19. When the pandemic started in China early in 2020 I expected that India would soon become a hotbed of the pandemic; an equally gigantic population of some 1.4 billion, a poor health care infrastructure and poor healthcare in general, and even poorer than China, with all that implies about living conditions and public sanitary care.

But as the months went by it became apparent that India was not suffering anything like the rest of the world. Until now? Perhaps, but if it has started in India now you’d have to ask what has changed? It’s not like the Indian government ever cut itself off from the rest of the world or went for a nation-wide lockdown.

Dehli has been the worst hit and the focus of the MSM, providing them with those juicy scenes of horror. Well, the photo below is of Dehli on a normal day.

And you thought air pollution was bad in Chinese cities! The city has the most toxic air in the world, which often leads to the city having to close down due to the widespread effects on respiratory health. The city was also the first to develop an “oxygen bar”, where the wealthier citizens could go to add some whiffs of the precious gas to whatever they were drinking and eating.

Respiratory diseases including COPD, TB, and respiratory tract infections like bronchitis leading to pneumonia are always among the top ten killers in India. These conditions are severely aggravated by air pollution and often require oxygen which can be in short supply during air pollution crises.

Also note that more people die of diarrhoea every day in India – and have done for years, which led to the following editorial cartoon in an Indian newspaper.

One aid worker commented that:

My contacts have reported that the usual seasonal bronchial infections have not been properly treated by doctors afraid of getting Covid, and people’s avoidance of government hospitals due to fear of getting Covid.

Undoubtedly, these fears will have been fuelled by the media’s alarmist coverage of the situation.

Thanks MSM.

Finally I’ll leave it with this graph. What it suggests is that the government and people of India may have focused more on the vaccines saving them and lost focus on post-infection treatments. There seems no other explanation for the Covid-19 surge happening after the vaccine campaign began.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 29, 2021 at 10:48 am

They must have laughed!

Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and other national leaders that is, at least after the great AGW Zoom call was finished.

I realise that there’s not a lot going on upstairs with the ambulatory root vegetable currently titled as the President of the United States, but seriously, why is he still wearing a fucking mask on his moronic face?

He’s the only leader on the call who is doing so, despite the fact that he was injected with one of the Chinese Lung Rot vaccines before Christmas, meaning that he’s immune to the virus, so has no need to mask up, and can’t spread it to other people, which also means there’s no need for a mask.

There are 17 people on that call. Only the 78 year old Biden:

  • chose to wear a mask.
  • while sitting alone on a remote video call.
  • after being vaccinated.

Does he not realize how stupid this makes the USA look? You can imagine how much Putin was laughing inside after staring across at POTUS making an absolute clown of himself.

Perhaps Biden’s advisors, the ones who are effectively in charge of the USA, are so determined to fundamentally transform America that they think this helps and therefore allowed this to happen?

The world’s most effective Anti-Vaxxer spokesman

I wish I could say at this point that it’s all just political theatre, a carry-over from the 2020 US election, but when you have the infamous Dr Faucista also telling people that they’ll need to practice wearing masks and social distancing after they get the vaccine then it’s getting to the point of dangerous stupidity:

CHUCK TODD: “Why does a vaccinated person have to wear a mask?”

DR. FAUCI: “You dramatically diminish” possible Covid infection with a vaccine, but vaccinated people could still carry infection.”

Re-infection chances after vaccination are almost non-existent (0.0075%), and the possibility of death at that point is less than being struck by lightning. There are probably a hundred things you do throughout the day that are statistically more likely to kill you than COVID after you’ve been vaccinated. Further, the risk from COVID will never be zero, thus Fauci’s standard here is essentially a permanent mask mandate and never shaking hands again.

Does that sound reasonable? How many people will listen to his words and conclude that getting the shot is a waste of time if they still can’t get back to living a normal, pre-Covid-19 life? In that sense this 80 year-old idiot is the world’s greatest practical anti-vaxxer.

Remember also that these people have been at the forefront of screaming “Science” about this whole thing since Day One. This incident shows how much that was bullshit, as it always is with these ideologues.

As for Biden, surely this call will put to bed the endless claims that the USA would once again be “respected” by all the right people if he was elected President. He looked like a weak, scared, helpless old man, and that look will rub off on the USA, perhaps with good reason when you look at Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the geriatric US leadership.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 25, 2021 at 3:26 pm

Reckless (with your love)

Kristi Noem

One of our more prolific commentators stated some weeks ago that the Republican governor of South Dakota had been one of the most “reckless” governors in the USA when it came to dealing with the Chinese Lung Rot pandemic.

She was supposedly condemned by two things. First, her own words:

For those of you who don’t know, South Dakota is the only state in America that never ordered a single business or church to close. We never instituted a shelter in place order. We never mandated that people wear masks. We never even defined what an essential business is, because I don’t believe that governors have the authority to tell you that your business isn’t essential.

I provided all of the information that we had to our people, and then I trusted them to make the best decisions for themselves, for their families, and in turn, their communities. We never focused on the case numbers. Instead, we kept our eye on hospital capacity.

Even in a pandemic, public health policy needs to take into account people’s economic and social wellbeing. Daily needs still need to be met. People need to keep a roof over their heads. They need to feed their families. And they still need purpose. They need their dignity. Now my administration resisted the call for virus control at the expense of everything else. We looked at the science, the data and the facts, and then we took a balanced approach.

Balance instead of an autistic approach to a problem? Trusting ordinary people to make the right decisions? Are you crazy? Soon you’ll have them selecting their leaders by voting.

Second, supposedly by the results. For months into the pandemic South Dakota was doing very well, much better than the likes of New York, whose Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was receiving all the plaudits that Noem was not – while killing thousands of elderly people by forcing them out of hospitals (to make space for the Covid-19 wave) and into home care and hospice facilities, who were not allowed to test them for Covid.

But as with all diseases it eventually got to South Dakota and its death rate rose. However the assumption – even in the face of states that supposedly did all the right things, including lockdowns, and still have higher death rates – is that South Dakota did it wrong and that being a rural state they would have done much better if only Noem had followed the conventional wisdom of Public Health officials.

Thus the best comparison is not SD to NY but to a similar state: North Dakota, which did follow the instructions of Fauci and the CDC. Here’s restricted N.Dakota vs. no-restrictions S.Dakota.

Even more interesting when you learn that S.D had a 9 day bike rally event in August with approximately 500,000 attendees yet their case patterns fared better than their northern neighbour.

During the winter surge of cases there is no statistically significant difference in case-load between the two states.

Then there’s this graph comparing the death rates between lockdown and non-lockdown states.

Finally there’s Texas. On March 10th their governor lifted the mask mandate, only to be immediately greeted with a blast from the ambulatory root vegetable currently acting as the US President, to the effect that lifting the mandate was “Neanderthal thinking” (The Neanderthals really don’t deserve this abuse) as opposed to those wonderful states that follow the “science”.

The result. Note especially the recent mini-surge in Michigan, New Jersey and New York, who are still following the “science”.

We always hear “just wait 2 weeks and you’ll see cases spike” when restrictions are lifted. On March 10 Texas lifted all their restrictions and opened up their society. I guess the science is different in Texas than Michigan and New York, right?

This led to an embarrassing interview with Dr Fauci, who is yet another octogenarian US government member that should be put out to pasture. Can you believe that this bureaucrat is the highest paid member of the US government (spare me the medical doctor routine, he hasn’t practiced medicine in decades)

Let’s be blunt: after all his flip-flops he simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Despite the previous burbling over his wrong predictions he went on in the same interview to predict that the Texas Rangers opening season baseball game could spark another Covid wave. FFS!

The possibility that Democrat politicians and Deep State midgets could possibly be wrong just doesn’t occur to them, not for one hot second.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 12, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Decision making at the highest levels of government

Those of us old enough to remember the great financial meltdown of more than a decade ago which was quickly labeled the GFC (Global Financial Crisis), will recall the series of bad calls from the US Administration of GW Bush in 2006:

As early as 2006, top advisers to Bush dismissed warnings from people inside and outside the White House that housing prices were inflated and that a foreclosure crisis was looming.

The Federal Reserve of Ben Bernanke in 2007:

“We believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will be limited and we do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy or to the financial system,”

Plus earlier bad calls from the US Congress, such as that of then ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank in 2003 on the idea of more regulation of the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac:

“I do think I do not want the same kind of focus on safety and soundness that we have in OCC [Office of the Comptroller of the Currency] and OTS [Office of Thrift Supervision]. I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing.”

All of which led to the disaster of 2008 and beyond.

You will thus also recall the measures repeatedly taken to try and solve the problem once it unwound as a result of all this poor decision making: bailouts of the banks and institutions that were Numero Uno in causing the crisis, with the government as their enabling drug pusher.

The cartoon series South Park, which I doubt many on this blog have seen, let alone followed over its twenty-plus year run, was typically profane, grotesque, brutal, uncompromising and definitely not PC in their take on the crisis, as per the following clip. I thought of this segment last night.

Just substitute the word “lockdown” for “bailout” to describe our current situation.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 15, 2021 at 11:16 am