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Introducing the new 2023 makeup fashions

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We’ll get to the fashion in a second.

But first the fascism – or to be fair our new strange mixture of private sector totalitarianism in cooperation with the State, rather than either the State-directed control of the private sector (Fascism) or the 100%-State-owned world of Communism.

Which makes it all feel creepier, especially when it comes to how we citizens (subjects?) can combat this new and hideous “ideology”.

The news from Nineteen Eighty Four arriving in 2022, courtesy of Consumer NZ, is as follows:

If you shop at one of more than 320 Pak’nSave, New World or Four Square stores in the North Island, you may have been scanned by facial recognition technology (FRT). The technology is currently in use in 29 stores in the North Island, but Foodstuffs NI would not confirm which stores.

Emma Wooster, Foodstuffs NZ’s head of public relations, said: “Facial recognition technology is one of the only tools we’ve identified that could help us to proactively target and reduce theft, burglary, robbery, assault and other aggressive, violent or threatening behaviour by repeat offenders. Facial recognition technology is only used for this specific and limited purpose.”

Says you. For now. In case Ms Wooster has not noticed we’ve just emerged from our first Pandemic Scare of the 21st century (there will be others) that involved any number of State mandates on people doing ordinary, everyday stuff – like shopping at supermarkets.

Of course masks would actually bugger up this technology so there’s that. And such thoughts also lead to ideas about how to combat the technology short of masking. Here’s some fashion suggestions.

Of course it all begs the question of how our society managed to keep “theft, burglary, robbery, assault and other aggressive, violent or threatening behaviour by repeat offenders”, under control for so many decades without such technology.

Some combination of a decent society filled with civilised, educated citizens with solid moral and ethical codes, plus a few decent Police officers, judges and prisons to deal with those who consistently showed they lacked those features.

I think that was the answer. At least it seemed to be so within living memory.


Written by Tom Hunter

December 1, 2022 at 8:12 am

Houses of the Holy

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It seems like an appropriate photo: Harvest in central Serbia (Photo: Decak iz Topole & Dascira).

Meh. Argument is the stuff of life. Having said that I really don’t know what I could say to this young woman.

The bad news is that she’s kinda cute so the lack of re-production is a shame. That cannot be said about the following, for which I can only say, Thank You.

I’m going to make this a permanent, reusable block.

The crudity continues.

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November 30, 2022 at 6:00 am

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No, not in the sense of the original definition of the word:

specifically a servile bow”

More in the sense of the old word, cringeworthy:

“So embarrassing, awkward, or upsetting as to cause one to cringe. A cringeworthy performance”

The modern definition of “cringe” is on the Urban Dictionary, and basically it’s begun to replace “cringeworthy” as the adjective of choice when facing something that’s just… Ewwwww…..

And so it is with this great mashup of AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), the bright young Far left star of the Democrats, and Elon Musk, richest man in the world and billionaire owner of Twitter.

AOC has been ragging on Musk for some time now as part of her Socialist It Girl bonafides in sticking it to The (Rich) Man. The following from May, 2022

There has been more since then, mainly with AOC on the attack and Musk not always responding. So somebody decided to finally have some fun with AOC’s bullshit by producing the following mashup using footage of her taken from a “60 Minutes” interview that she conducted with CBS’ Anderson Cooper in 2019 — around the time the New York Democrat was sworn in following her shocking election victory over a Democrat stalwart(the General election being a foregone conclusion for her), while the Musk footage was edited from a December 2018 interview that the Tesla boss gave to “60 Minutes” correspondent Leslie Stahl.

Enjoy – and cringe.

And never forget what lies at the heart of the outrage at Twitter from AOC and her comrades.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 24, 2022 at 3:18 pm

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Ho Ho Ho

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If you go to an osteopath for joint issues do you consult a psychopath for neuroses?

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November 20, 2022 at 11:32 am

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In My Time of Dying

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From beauty to horror. Rumour has it that 82-year old Nancy Pelosi is not going to step aside as Democrat House leader even if they lose control of the House.

She’s probably inspired by the election of Senator Fetterman. Electing two vegetables in succession probably means Nancy can stay even as a corpse

Sure, you’ll never embarrass a Democrat by pointing at them and charging them with hypocrisy and double standards – but as Ron DeSantis knows, even if they don’t care, others will

Just a reminder that simply because the Democrats didn’t do as badly as expected that doesn’t mean that the knives won’t be out for Biden as 2024 approaches. Taylor Lorenz is a truly horrible POS “journalist” with her doxxing and crybully tactics, but to see that toxicity turned on Biden is not unenjoyable.

Further fallout from the Branch Covidian revolution as the backlash continues to calls for a “Pandemic Amnesty”

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Written by Tom Hunter

November 16, 2022 at 11:03 am

Trust – but verify

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That was Reagan’s famous phrase from the 1980’s when arguments were at their peak about nuclear weapon treaties with the USSR.

The phrase itself was a rhyming proverb lifted from Russian history (Доверяй, но проверяй), and Reagan learned of it via discussions with an American historian of Russia.

But it’s a phrase that is universal, in the sense of being applicable across all societies, and across many areas of life.

Elon Musk is having to rapidly learn this lesson as the new owner of Twitter, where he’s attempting to get the company to actually make profits, first by massive layoffs of staff, and also by asking users to pay for extra stuff like the famous Blue Checkmark that signifies that a Twitter user has been “verified” as the real thing, rather than a robot or “bot”, of which Twitter has apparently had more than it’s previous owners and managers were willing to admit.

Musk’s idea was that users who want the Blue Checkmark should pay $8 per month. Unfortunately as you can see from the following hilarious examples, this is not going well.

(AIPAC) American Israel Public Affairs Committee

But the following one, while being funny, has also caused damage in the form of drops in the stock price of the company targeted by the humour. The market will no doubt correct this fast, but you have to wonder if Twitter might find itself open to lawsuits – although good old section 230 will probably prevent that, and in any case, it would not be the first time that rumours swirling in the media about a company have caused damage.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 13, 2022 at 4:34 pm

Even the Penguins

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Written by Whiskey&Pie

October 27, 2022 at 1:06 pm

The Rover

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Our cherry trees are in bloom now too, so this photo seemed appropriate.

But now, back to the world of astounding facts.

Will government be able to help with this? Let I.Rat answer that question.

What will help?

Of course it depends on which capitalist and which socialist we’re talking about, amirite?

Yeah, maybe not him. For the socialist side, the following is courtesy of Ye Olde Lefty Chris Trotter.

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Written by Tom Hunter

October 26, 2022 at 6:37 am

More Toxic, Alt-Right, QAnonism

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It’s getting tough to continue being a moderate Centre-Rightist these days as Western society appears to be slowly unravelling.

It’s even tougher when you find out stuff like this:

Key, who served three terms as prime minister from 2008 to 2016, revealed his preferences in a quick-fire round of 20 questions that featured at the end of a new online series called Both Sides Now, hosted by members of the Labour and National youth wings.

When asked whether he would have voted “Clinton or Trump” had he been in the US in 2016, Key replied: “Trump. But I mean, you know, I’m a right-wing voter, I’m never voting left.”

This is terrible. I had been assured by people in a position to know that most of the National Party supported Barack Obama, and by extension, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Fortunately the new leader of National has assured worried voters that his favourite US President was Obama. Also, Key wasn’t asked if he would have voted for Trump in 2020, although that may be a foregone conclusion given his other comments.

Meantime, rumours abound that Hollywood, as part of the rising campaign of anti-racism, is looking at re-booting some of the classics.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 20, 2022 at 9:39 am

Laughter – the best medicine

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That’s the motto of Bob Jones’s blog, No Punches Pulled.

He’s right too, so take a few minutes out of your Thursday morning, make sure you’ve finished your coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy two minutes of video and musical goodness as you watch The Leader of The Free World in action.

America must be so proud.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 13, 2022 at 10:04 am