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Woke Hollywood goes broke

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Well not yet, but they are not having a good year in what was supposed to be the rebound after the terrible C-19 years of 2020-21.

There have been multiple flops of expensive movies and not a lot of interest in smaller (lower-budget) movies that are supposed to be Oscar-bait.

I’ve only been to one movie this year and that was Top Gun: Maverick, which was excellent escapism, as movies are supposed to be. And it made a ton of money, just shy of $1.5 billion and counting.

But even with that, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and the other huge hit movie earlier in the season, SpiderMan: No Way Home (almost $2 billion), Hollywood struggled, with US revenue down to $6 billion compared to $11.3 billion in 2019 and one huge cinema chain going into bankruptcy.

There are any number of explanations as to why people are not going into the theatres, starting with the big one of streaming, which was already starting to hit them in 2019 but which took off during the lockdowns. It’s quite possible that people have got into a habit that they can’t be bothered breaking.

But that doesn’t really stack up as an argument in the face of those three blockbusters mentioned earlier. People obviously went out for them. Streaming has also been around for a decade, and especially doesn’t make sense when we’re talking about movies that are not intended to be blockbusters:

Here is the domestic box office for this year’s titles enjoying the most Oscar talk.

  • Till – $8.7 million
  • The Banshees of Inisherin – $7.9 million
  • TÁR – $5.1 million
  • She Said – $4.3 million
  • Triangle of Sadness – $4 million
  • Bones and All – $3.8 million
  • The Fabelmans – $3.5 million
  • Armageddon Time – $1.9 million
  • Aftersun – $756,000

The most shocking title on that list is The Fabelmans. Those of us of a certain age can remember when Oscar talk around a Steven Spielberg movie would have had people flocking to theaters, especially over Thanksgiving weekend (when Fabelmans opened). Spielberg guaranteed that magic cinematic experience we all crave.

While you could say those are “small failures” there have been big ones, and most of those have been Disney productions, starting with Lightyear and ending with the $100 million loss on Strange World (budget $180 million).

The reason is all the Woke bullshit in the storylines and the characters, as John Nolte explains by contrasting these modern movies with the stories and humans of a simple 1970’s movie like The Way of the Dragon:

Lee plays Tang Lung, and the movie opens with Lung, an unsophisticated rube from Hong Kong, arriving in Rome. At the airport, he’s treated rudely, gawked at, dismissed, laughed at… He’s not white. He wears funny clothes. He doesn’t speak the language. He’s an exotic Asian fish out of water, an obvious victim of prejudices, preconceived notions, and racism.

But how does Lee, who had complete control over the movie and his image, play it? Perfectly. Tang Lung doesn’t get angry, doesn’t lecture, and doesn’t demand respect. Instead, he’s humble, a little clumsy, funny, and utterly endearing. Not only does this approach make him relatable, but it’s also the perfect way to convey a message about prejudice and “othering.” Although Tang Lung is very different from us, we relate to him (who hasn’t felt outnumbered and out of place?) and come to respect him for his discipline, bravery, and restraint. Nothing is heavy-handed. No one lectures us. No one pounds their chest about how virtuous they are. No one shames anyone. It’s all done through good-natured humor, theme, and story.

By contrast, the modern movies preach, constantly, unsubtly, and in your face:

There’s no subtlety in woke, no subtext, no generosity. Instead, it’s smug, in your face, insufferable, and never believable. You can’t tell blatant lies about human nature and hold on to your audience. All of this takes us out of the story. It breaks the spell. Further, it insults us and our intelligence, which makes the moviegoing experience a negative one no one wants to repeat.

And so, like Disney, the Oscar brand is dead. Disney didn’t promote Strange World as a gay movie. Still, no one went to see it because we all know what Disney has become. Same with the Oscars. If there’s Oscar heat around a movie, it’s almost certain to be preachy garbage.

Americans have learned their lesson and now avoid this garbage. And it’s not just Red State America staying home. All these movies need to enjoy a respectable box office return is for ten percent of Hillary Clinton voters to show up. Most of these titles failed to attract one percent.

Yep, movies are so insufferable Hollywood has lost the left.

But there may be other things going on as well and they’re more to do with the general loss of trust in our institutions. Another recent flop was She Said, which is a drama about the downfall of the supreme POS and rapist Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. The movie apparently was not driven by Woke and actually sounded like it was pretty good. So why did it flop? Variety magazine gives a bunch of reasons for the failure but I think they’ve missed some because they don’t want to admit to them:

  1. People don’t want to go to depressing movies in this depressing environment. They want to be distracted, as people were by Shirley Temple in the Great Depression.
  2. People are not impressed by journalists any longer (two female reporters are the heroes of the movie). The age of All The President’s Men is dead.
  3. #MeToo proved to be massive exercise in double standards and hypocrisy, especially with the resurrection of Joe Biden, and was well dead before this movie hit the screens. It also became a bit of monster itself so people aren’t interested in seeing it celebrated on screen.
  4. Hollywood, including a number of A-Listers like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence, enabled this monster for two decades as he sexually abused his way through the place. People aren’t impressed by the same place now trying to tell the story as if it’s some sort of bystander.

Woke can probably be fixed, but trying to use institutions like the MSM, politics, police (the FBI – hahahaha), lawyers, judges and courts – even the military – as places of heroes in movie storylines increasingly does not work; Top Gun worked because it actually celebrated the military, but that’s the last institution with good standing in the US, and even it has slipped a lot recently.

Ironically that’s because the people writing, producing, directing and acting in these movies have done so much to smear those institutions and tear them down in the eyes of the public.



And here’s a good example of why Hollywood may not make it back. David Mamet (The Untouchables, Glengarry Glen Ross) is one of the greatest living American playwrights, with a huge catalog of famous and celebrated plays (he’s more Broadway than Hollywood), with many accolades for his stories, characters and dialog.

And he’s effectively been shunned by his own community since he wrote an article in 2008 called Why I am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal, published in the Lefty, Lefty, Lefty magazine The Village Voice, which had loved him for years, just for extra salt in the wound.

Read Tablet magazine’s Fuck David Mamet to find out why good writing is vanishing from American theatre and film.


Full Court Press

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If you’ve ever watched American basketball you’ll be familiar with the term “Full Court Press”, which is where a team basically attacks the other team in every part of the court.

The tactic is usually done by marking up each individual opposition player in every part of the court – as opposed to clustering around their own basket while their opponents lazily drift towards them with ball (the usual) and/or targeting a couple of key players.

What is being done to Elon Musk and Twitter now by the Left is the type of online Full Court Press they specialise in:

Understand that as you read each of those near-identical messages that these “people” are not re-tweeting another’s message. These are, supposedly, their own thoughts expressed on Twitter about how it’s:

Kinda weird how @elonmusk gets to decide how like a half-billion people communicate. Way too much power for one erratic individual to wield, don’t you think?

You have actually seen this before, but in another context:

And then there’s the government who are being asked, by that ever fair and balanced MSM, if they’re worried about us being at “critical moment” where a consistent narrative must be maintained. Understand that this question is coming from a member of the fucking MSM, openly advocating for the silencing for everybody but themselves and other members of the Establishment™.

Unfortunately for all these assholes they’re not only dealing with the richest man in the world but somebody who clearly understands both the cultural and political moments he’s in, as he showed in May, 2022.

Including dealing with the assholes known as Apple.

That’s how they shut down the starting app of Parler thanks to their massive duopoly with Google. “Free market” supporters take note, and see also that Apple had no problems selling the Facebook and Twitter apps even as the former were used to organise the January 6 “Insurrection”, while the latter has been filled with Iranian, Russian, North Korean and Taliban propaganda since its inception. It is only when Musk allows conservatives to speak more freely on Twitter that suddenly there is a huge problem. The Burn Loot Murder and Antifa assholes used used both Twitter and Facebook to coordinate the destruction of American cities in 2020, but that also was fine with Apple. But a conservative speaking on Twitter is a threat to democracy itself.

Then there’s this.

Ok, so that’s just the Bee having their usual satirical fun. But as always with “Fake News That You Can Trust”, there’s a truth behind it.

Apple has restricted AirDrop file sharing, the very method the demonstrators have been using to communicate privately out of earshot of their totalitarian masters. Was this on advice from the communist regime or did Apple just figure out for themselves what was in their best interest to do? It wouldn’t have been hard.

I should add I’d been hugely impressed by their tech since first using it at varsity in the mid-1980s’, shunning it only due to the cost, but finally giving in around 2003, since when we’ve been largely an Apple household. Which makes this all the worse.

Can’t let that huge Chinese market revolt, or that prison camp called the FoxConn factory where most iPhones are made, go down the tube, right Apple? Apple have come a long way – I should say fallen a long way – from their famous TV Superbowl commercial in 1984.

Note also that there is no word yet from Google about their pulling the Twitter app from selling to their huge Android OS community.

Both of those companies promote TikTok and profit off it. And nobody seriously questions that TikTok is an actual danger to both national security and to the mental health of children. US government officials are literally saying that. It is Chinese spyware – and used by people at both the White House and Pentagon.

Did I say richest man in the world? Despite his wealth not comparing to the glittering prize of the Chinese market, it would seem that Elon knows which testicles to squeeze and how, by releasing information like this:

Apple threatened at least one developer with banishment from the company’s lucrative App Store if they didn’t remove all search engine returns regarding COVID-19 from their library application.

LBRY bills itself as “an open, free, and fair network for digital content,” designed to circumvent social media and government controls. But the company told Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk on Monday that, “During Covid, Apple demanded our apps filter some search terms from being returned. If we did not filter the terms, our apps would not be allowed in the store.”

And this letter from Senator Josh Hawley(R) to Tim Cooke may also have helped produce the following result today.

I always crack up at Musk’s dry humour: “misunderstanding” indeed. He knew exactly what the pressure campaign of the Left was all about.

But the fight goes on.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 1, 2022 at 3:59 pm

The perfect Blade Runner shot

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All that video needs is music by Vangelis.

A long time ago the Soviets had a tightly controlled network of internationalists used to promote their communist model to the world. They were called the Comintern.

But Communist China has far exceeded that idea. They’ve got a group called the WEF (World Economic Forum) that’s composed of capitalists and Big Thinkers who have startling proposals for the future of humanity, such as owning nothing and eating bugs.

And you will be happy.

And they’ve got a multi-millionaire named Klaus Schwab to extoll their virtues:

World Economic Forum founder and Chair Klaus Schwab recently sat down for an interview with a Chinese state media outlet and proclaimed that China was a “role model” for other nations. 

Schwab, 84, made these comments during an interview with CGTN’s Tian Wei on the sidelines of last week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Schwab said he respected China’s “tremendous” achievements at modernizing its economy over the last 40 years. 

“I think it’s a role model for many countries,” Schwab said, before qualifying that he thinks each country should make its own decisions about what system it wants to adapt. 

How nice of him, but that last claim rings hollow given that the system he’s advocating for the West explicitly requires a party elite to do all the choosing for the people they rule over with an iron fist. 

Of course if you’re going for images of SF dystopias you need a human who fits – and Klaus fits perfectly:

“To understand events around the world today, one must think in terms of the class struggle.”

But the New Class isn’t limited to communist countries, really. Around the world in the postwar era, power was taken up by unelected professional and managerial elites. To understand what’s going on with President Donald Trump and his opposition, and in other countries as diverse as France, Hungary, Italy and Brazil, it’s important to realize that the post-World War II institutional arrangements of the Western democracies are being renegotiated, and that those democracies’ professional and managerial elites don’t like that very much, because they have done very well under those arrangements. And, like all elites who are doing very well, they don’t want that to change.


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Elon Musk just decided to bring the worst people on the internet back to Twitter. (The Verge)

Oh noes. How terrible.

You can click on the link if you wish but I assure you it’s just more of the same screaming that you’ve been hearing for weeks now from the MSM and the sites that their like-minded comrades still control. People like the … creature at the bottom of this post, where it has been placed because it’s Sunday morning.

First, let’s take a look at people who weren’t banned from Twitter under the previous management:

  • Chinese genocide apologists
  • Hitler-worshiping Hindu nationalists
  • Iran’s terrorist leadership
  • Antifa goons actively planning assaults
  • Pedophiles
  • People illegally distributing puberty blockers to children (who were also pedophiles, strange coincidence there)
  • People running mass-reporting schemes (who were – yes – also pedophiles)

People who were banned from Twitter previously:

  • The New York Post for news stories inconvenient to Democrats
  • James Lindsay and the Babylon Bee for accurately identifying an adult male
  • Nick Rekieta for being the victim of a mass-reporting scheme
  • Libs of TikTok (off/on since she only ever showed what insane Leftists were posting themselves on TikTok).
  • Trump for being Trump

And it’s only with those people being reinstated that the news media, which is all MSM and Social Media together and who are intensely pro-censorship, is getting itself worked up about.



Please ensure you have digested your breakfast and finished your coffee before looking at the following photo of an ex-Twitter “worker”.


Written by Tom Hunter

November 27, 2022 at 9:32 am

Why I Hate White Ribbon Day

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Today (25 November) is White Ribbon Day. The aim of the day / campaign is to “flip the script of ‘boys will be boys’… We can all play a part in teaching boys to be caring, supportive, ethical… and reduce the amount of family violence in our community.”

The message is clear – domestic violence is committed by men against women.

Except for my ex-wife.

She was a very disturbed individual. What I thought was liveliness before we engaged (and was attracted to) turned out to be deep-seated emotional problems. I strongly suspect she was abused when she was a child, lending weight to the observation that abused people often go on to inflict abuse.

Which for me, involved being strangled, kicked, punched, scratched and yelled at on a nightmarishly frequent basis.

I never hit back. I would flee the house – I slept in my car, I slept in the office, I stayed at a motel. I never hit back.

I always hoped she’d get better. She’d always regret it afterwards, though not without a heavy dose of blaming me for provoking her. But she had a way of manipulating everybody around her to make me the enemy. After we (finally) split up for good, her mother emailed me blaming me for setting her off, and that she couldn’t be blamed for the violence. I recall one time I finally got her to agree to go to a psychologist. She was careful to control the narrative there, and said how “the marriage was violent.” The psychologist turned to me and made it clear to me how unacceptable that was. He didn’t have an answer when I told him I wasn’t the violent one.

I became a shell of a man. I was a shadow of my former self. The abuse and the victim-blaming was too much for me. I was too ashamed to tell my friends and family until far too late. I was certainly too embarrassed to tell the police, as well as fearful of how she would manipulate them and no doubt blame me for it.

White Ribbon carry on the victim blaming. They do not speak for me as someone who has suffered (serious) domestic violence, blaming me as a man and making the worst categorisations and generalisations possible. Look at this so-called ‘factsheet’ for example:

Most men do not use violence against women. Although family violence can be prevalent in any and all communities, violence by men is often the most serious and lethal type of family violence in New Zealand, and the victims are predominantly women and children.

I call bullshit on that. Bullshit because I know what it felt like to have my wife’s hands around my throat until I nearly passed out. Bullshit because I know what it is like to be felled by a swinging left hook and then kicked in the stomach. Bullshit because research consistently finds that women in heterosexual relationships tend to perpetuate violence against intimate partners at least as often as men:

According to the CDC, one in seven men in the US has been the victim of physical abuse by an intimate partner in his lifetime, and one in 10 men has experienced rape, physical violence, and stalking by an intimate partner. Recent data from the Office for National Statistics points out that of every three reported IPV cases in the UK, two victims are female, and one is male. These numbers may even be gross underestimations considering male victims of domestic abuse are less likely to view abuse as a crime and usually don’t report it to friends or the police.

I know that there are far too many feral men out there living out the ‘Jake the Muss’ stereotype. I have no tolerance for domestic violence, there is never any excuse. There is far too much of it in NZ.

But the White Ribbon Campaign gets it wrong by being so one sided and factually wrong. Their social engineering will not decrease how many ferals beat their wives / partners, nor how many disturbed women go psycho on their men. I hate 25 November where I am told I’m part of the problem of domestic violence.

I am thankfully well shod of my ex wife. Despite never holding down a job because she kept getting fired or let go because of the constant conflict she brought to the workplace, I still had to pay her half my life savings and buy her out of the house as part of the divorce. That sucked. At least I am rid of her and her violence. But what I will never be rid of is the emotional scars from years of being abused.

White Ribbon unpicks those scars. My wife was violent towards me because (in her warped mind) I was a threat to her and I set her off. White Ribbon agrees with her that as a women she can’t ever be to blame, I’m the problem because I’m a man.

I hate the White Ribbon campaign and I hate White Ribbon Day.

Written by Major Star

November 25, 2022 at 9:22 am


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No sooner do I write a post on the crap pulled by Big Tech social media assholes in the USA like Zuckerberg and Twitter (Fortify your election with SBF Bucks), than a story appears that is a tailor made as a follow-up.

It seems that Elon Musk has had some spare time in his 24-hour days to poke around the Twitter Headquarters.

And lookie what he found…

What a pack of censorious wankers the previous management and workers were. And what a bunch of gaslighting bastards they were too, as various Righties immediately noted:

This is right up there with idiotic mainstream “Right-Wing” politicians who keep claiming that the MSM and Social Media are not heavily biased to the Left – and hence blindly walk into endless traps laid by them.

I suggest that Elon auction these. Twitter’s got to make money some way.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 24, 2022 at 10:21 am

Disband the Supreme Court

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Time for the Supreme Court to go:

Supreme Court rules in favour of ‘Make It 16’ case to lower voting age

There was never any good reason to replace the Privy Council with this vanity project of Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson.

Unlike the US Supreme Court, which has a modicum of accountability in that the elected representatives of the people appoint who sits on that bench, our Supreme Court has no accountability, meaning it is very dangerous should the judges turn out to be power-hungry activists. (Yes, yes, I know that in the US the judges are power hungry activists too. And I don’t want us to copy their constitutional arrangements. But at least when you vote in a senator or president, you also effectively vote in the bench, meaning the voters ultimately decide to put in who they want).

Our highest court’s bench is clearly full of left-wing power hungry activists, telling us that not letting children vote in elections is against the bill of rights! If anything, 18 years is too young to vote – we should raise it to at least 21!!!!

It is up to Parliament to decide things like what the voting age should be. Not unelected, unaccountable elites from inner city Wellington.

In addition to this affront to democracy, this court also effectively overruled the Three Strikes legislation and made an extraordinary finding in the Peter Ellis appeal that Maori customs are now to be elevated alongside Common Law. As well-respected laywer Anthony Willy puts it:

In a democracy politicians come and go at the whim of the electorate ( in the case of the present lot the sooner the better). Judges do not. They are appointed for a fixed term and frequently sit beyond that expiry date. One of the judges in the Ellis case is five years beyond the fixed term. Once appointed it is for all practical purposes impossible to remove a judge from office. The trade-off for this unique job security is that Judges confine themselves to applying the law to the facts of the cases that come before them. It is for that reason that Judges used to be selected from those lawyers who had devoted their careers to the practice of the law in the courts and the day-to-day exercise of the common law. That is no longer the case.

I do not like the direction that our elites are taking us, nor do I like the stealthiness and underhanded manner they are subverting our democracy.

Written by Major Star

November 21, 2022 at 11:25 am

The Total, Utter and Complete Backdown on Hate Speech Legislation

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I was certain that this Labour Government was going to foist Hate Speech laws on us. There were six specific proposals:

  1. Increase the number groups protected under the Human Rights Act, from the status quo protecting groups based on their “colour, race or ethnic or national origins” to also include “sex, gender (including gender identity), religious belief, disability or sexual orientation.”
  2. Introduce a new offence in the Crimes Act so that hatred is specifically a crime (in place of current laws which merely forbid intentionally inciting racial disharmony).
  3. Make the crime of being a hateful bigot punishable by three years imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000.
  4. If the second proposal was enacted (the criminal offence), at the same time beef up the Human Rights Act so that complaints may be made about hatred under the Human Rights Act (grossly empowering the Human Rights Commission)
  5. Make it illegal to incite others to be hateful bigots.
  6. Add to the grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Act to clarify that trans, gender diverse and intersex people are protected from discrimination.

It was a huge overreach and deeply unpopular with ordinary NZers. The Free Speech Union mounted a very successful campaign against it. It made criminals of conservative religious NZers, ironically including any Muslim in NZ who held to orthodox Muslim beliefs about gender and sexuality.

The government is completely backing down from all of these changes – don’t believe anything that says otherwise! The one minor change they are making is a very watered down version of the first proposal, to simply add religious belief as a protected group in the HRA.

This is a complete 180 degree U-turn. The poorly drafted proposals, which failed to properly define hatred and allowed for civil and criminal proceedings against an alarmingly broad definition of discrimination, would have been ruinous for social and religous cohesion in NZ. Conservative churches (and mosques and temples) would have suddenly been guilty of hatred and hate speech if they dared to preach what they have believed for literally thousands of years.

The new proposal specifically protects those churches (and mosques and temples) from the woke fascists who would have been leading the charge against them!!!! Tyrants such as Shaneel Lal, David Farrier (and the entire Stuff propaganda department…), the Marxist-Pagan cult, and Shaneel Lal (again) were licking their lips with the opportunity to criminalise hateful bigots like me.

The reaction from the fascist left is furious – how dare the government not just allow but actually protect religious groups to hold religious views!

The truth is, Faafoi was grossly incompetent when he let activist bureaucrats from the Ministry of Justice and the Human Rights Commission dream up such far-reaching and poorly thought-out proposals, which had severe third and fourth order effects on the rights of New Zealanders to hold and express orthodox views. Kiri Allan has cleaned this up admirably by not only ditching the proposals, but actually reversing them to specifically protect religious groups in NZ.

The fact the Human Rights Commission is saying that the new changes are “very disappointing” is an excellent indication to me that this is a good proposal!

True to form though, this isn’t the last of it. The government is tasking the Law Commission to undertake a review, opening up the possibility for another attempt in a year or two. Clearly the polling is telling them to hold off before the election…

Written by Major Star

November 20, 2022 at 1:43 pm

I’ve heard this before

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Based on the comments of one of the authors over at the Red State news site, Kira Davies, as she discusses the US MSM.

If Information Is King, America’s Mainstream Media Are the Court Jesters

She discusses the fear that the MSM market in constantly to keep the attention of jaded viewers, though what she’s talking about (“I’ll put on CNN or MSNBC for the day to keep an eye on them. Yes, it’s torture. I do it for you”) is really the same thing that has existed at least since the 1970’s when the phrase was coined – “If it Bleeds, It Leads” – which back then meant having murders leading every news hour.

But I was amused by another comment of hers:

I’ve never forgotten the words of Rush Limbaugh, during one of the first times I’d ever heard his radio show. I was still a liberal all those years ago. I knew I hated Rush Limbaugh. I knew he was a bigot. I knew he was ALL THE PHOBES. I knew he was irredeemable. I knew all that about him, but I didn’t even know the sound of his voice because I’d never once taken the time to listen to him personally. The media told me, and they wouldn’t lie.

By sheer accident one day she borrowed a car while doing chores around Chicago, left the radio set on the owner’s talkback station and kept missing the station/host id as she hopped in and out – all while finding herself agreeing with much of what was being said and enjoying how interesting the host was. And then….

“This is Rush Limbaugh and you’re listening to the EIB Network.”

WHAT???? I was listening to *choke, gasp, cough* RUSH LIMBAUGH??? And I liked it?  I nearly drove off the road in shock

So say we all.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 17, 2022 at 7:57 am

First Gabbard, now Sarandon

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It’s bad enough when a former vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tulsi Gabbard, announces that she’s leaving the Democrat party, and that the reason she’s leaving is its growing extremism across a range of issues.

But when one of the really trendy Lefties of America, celebrated actress and Far Left activist Susan Sarandon, says the following, then you know you’ve got big grass-roots problems.

Admittedly she did not support Hillary Clinton in 2016 – something she still has not been forgiven for – but she has supported countless Democrat Party causes and politicians over the decades, although as the years have passed she has grown increasingly lukewarm about them (her opinions of Obama were considerably less rosy in 2016 than in 2008).

Still, while I’m sure she won’t be supporting any Republican any time soon, I don’t think she’s talking about the Republicans or the American Right-Wing here. That won’t stop her being slimed by the Democrats and their MSM/Social Media allies as ULTRA-MAGA, or whatever other brain-dead shit label they’re using as a substitute for thinking and debating.

They’ll have to do that of course because Gabbard and Sarandon are cracks in the dam – and once started they tend to widen. Rapidly.