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Du Fresne unloads on National

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But not in the way that Chris Trotter (A Failure of Tone: The National Party’s Week of Woe) and the rest of the Left are.

For me this is letting other people watch the NZ MSM so that I don’t have to and unfortunately it’s entirely predictable, unsurprising and the reason I don’t watch or read their crap.

The article, Mistress Tova’s latest discipline session, deals with National MP, Paul Goldsmith, and his recent opining about how colonisation has been good for Maori, or at least not too bad. Apparently Goldsmith has received a real pile on from Labour, Green, and Maori Party politicians as well as seemingly every Lefty activist in the nation.

But it’s these passages that are key to National’s real problem as du Fresne describes how the rest of the Party dealt with the issue:

A procession of National MPs, all looking like frightened rabbits, eagerly dissociated themselves from Goldsmith before running for the hills.

There is scope for a balanced, nuanced debate on the effects of colonisation, but don’t expect to see it in the mainstream media, and least of all in anything Lynch or Tova O’Brien have a hand in.

And don’t expect it, either, from Goldsmith’s spineless caucus colleagues, who are so cowed by media bullying and so lacking in political conviction that they appear to have completely lost sight of what a centre-right party is supposed to stand for.

A day ending in “Y”. This is the Todd Muller show all over again, where National MP’s voided themselves about the expected failure of Bridges and made the panic room choice of Todd, which promptly blew up in their faces with the MAGA hat episode, Tova gleefully featuring in that as well.

When it comes to the National Party leader it also sounds Toddishly familiar:

No matter. It provided another opportunity to torment Collins. And once again, she meekly submitted to the dominatrix’s querulous questioning. Is there no limit to the mortification Collins is prepared to endure? I loathed the style of Robert Muldoon and Winston Peters, but sometimes I find myself wishing for a politician bold enough to put amoral, mischief-making journalists in their place.

This is the same problem the US Republican Party had up until the arrival of Trump, as I pointed out last year in Gravedodger’s piece on Muller and the MAGA hat:

The real message Muller’s action delivers is that it demonstrates that he not only does not have the courage of his convictions, he does not even have the ability to defend himself in argument or take it to the MSM.

A simple “so what?” and showing off his Clnton and Obama memorabilia should have been enough and if they persisted with this bullshit, some serves back at them about being lying lightweights.

One lesson Trump should have taught every Right-wing politician in the world is that the MSM will never give them a break and that fighting back is not just a sensible strategy but the the only one that has a hope of working. Playing nice no longer works.

Muller can hide all this stuff, but that’s not going to get the jackals off his back until he both goes around them via Social Media and gives them a regular serve as well.

So nothing has changed and no lessons have been learnt.

At this rate, when National finally win power again (2026?) they’ll probably vote more money to keep this Fourth Estate alive.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 13, 2021 at 8:45 am

Die MSM, Die – The New Yorker Strike

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I did have to laugh at the news the other day that workers at the famed magazine, The New Yorker, are going on strike for more money for themselves and their oppressed co-workers.

Here’s the link to the New Yorker Union home page, and the associated Tweet is a doozy from a graphics point of view.

I didn’t know there was such a group but I do love their attempt to convert the famous logo of The New Yorker into a symbol of The Workers.

Yeah.. Nah!

That symbol has been the magazine’s brand since it was launched almost one hundred years ago and it’s of a “dandy”:

A dandy, historically, is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of nonchalance in a cult of self. A dandy could be a self-made man who strove to imitate an aristocratic lifestyle despite coming from a middle-class background, especially in late 18th- and early 19th-century Britain.

I’ve been amused for years now that Lefties have so worshipped a magazine that has, as its logo, such a precise image of a Capitalist Oppressor: expensive clothing, top hat, nose lifted in the air as he uses a monocle to examine a butterfly.

It is the perfect symbol for the modern Western Left winger.

Mind you, given the great success the Left have had in converting Black to White, Up to Down, and other Newspeak terms, they might be able to pull off this conversion as well.

To be fair to the workers it does seem – judging from the comments at the union website – that the logo is appropriate within the context of the classic union story:

Having worked at the wage floor ($42,000 a year) for more than two years, I know how difficult life can be on the company’s meagre salaries.

That is an incredibly poor salary for New York City in 2021.


Having said that, looking at the photos of these workers does not inspire any visions of them brawling with police on the picket line.

I suggest they learn to code.

Perhaps a better plan would simply be to get paid by the Democrat National Committee, although there’s no reason why they’d pay for fawning coverage like this when they’re already getting it for free.

That came after Joe once again fumbled reading his teleprompter and called the Royal Air Force the “RFA” as well as referring to “Global WarNing” as the number one threat, whereas I thought it was White Supremacism.

Incidentally Nicolle Wallace worked on John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign. McCain was always going to lose that race but I can’t see how Nicolle would have helped win it and she may have even tried losing it for McCain. Good to see these people with the masks off, although I see vaccinated Joe is still wearing his face diaper.

Meantime I fully support the efforts of The New Yorker Union and hope that they strike for a long, long time. Down with The New Yorker. It’s time to smash the place.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 12, 2021 at 12:30 pm

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Who’s on First? (What’s on second?)

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By mid-2020 some people began to speculate that Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, was making a run for the title of Edith Wilson 2.0.

Edith was the wife of Democrat President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921), an all-round POS who was a hard-core racist and segregationist who also took advantage of WWI to execute his wet dream of a command-and-control USA run by genius technocrats like himself. He also managed to fuck up the peace negotiations and US entry into his dream of The League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations.

Luckily he only got about three years to do all this before the GOP won landslide victories in 1920 and reversed almost all of his plans. Good luck also meant his actual efforts were further limited to just two years as the bastard was felled by a stroke in late 1919 that left him severely incapacitated, so much so that he really could not do his job:

“disorders of emotion, impaired impulse control, and defective judgment.”

Dude! I’m getting goosebumps!

Unluckily, Franklin Roosevelt was Wilson’s Secretary of the Navy and in the way of detached, rich men who merely inherit wealth he thought a command-and-control economy was a great idea, although it would take another thirteen years and an economic crisis before he could act on that plan.

Also unluckily it turned out that Edith Wilson was a very competent woman:

Anxious to help the president recover, Tumulty, Grayson, and the First Lady determined what documents the president read and who was allowed to communicate with him. For her influence in the administration, some have described Edith Wilson as “the first female President of the United States.

An accurate observation of that history.

In our time there have been various incidents over the last two years that have steadily reinforced the notion that Joe Biden is just not all there. During his campaign he was kept hidden away as much as possible with frequent “lids” called on activities early in the day to allow him to rest. As President there have been some plaintive public happenings:

“I’d be happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance. Whatever you want me to do,”

The live video feed on that was abruptly cut – and that was just questions from Democrat House members.

There have been countless occasions where he’s not even been able to read the teleprompter properly, mangling what he was supposed to say, to things like Jill literally cutting in over the “President” as he stumbled in answering a question about border detention centres.

But it was this photo, an official one from the Whitehouse, that really set people talking. Even in her wildest fever dreams of ambition and tone deaf political skills, Hillary Clinton would never have let a photo like this get out, and Bill’s staff would have doubled down on that.

That’s the President’s chair on Air Force One. I’ve no doubt she has to prep for the G7 given all the nap time the President needs. She’s never far from his side and all that studying shows as she does the speech to the troops and with her “Joe! Pay attention” command keeps the President from being distracted by hot-looking 12 year olds in the audience (“Looks like she’s 19”). Ewwww, but remember folks: “disorders of emotion, impaired impulse control, and defective judgment” emerge not just from stroke victims but senile old men.

Still, I’ll bet the MSM will be all over this, as they would be with any GOP president.

Oh! Right.

To be fair I can see how the Jill Biden thing could be argued as not being a story.

First of all, does anyone really think that Joe Biden, a man who in the prime of his life had all the intellectual power of a root vegetable, is really running things?

Second, it’s not just Jill running him but his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, plus other members of his team, likely the advisors more than his Cabinet. The COS is a key figure in any Administration and Klain is a connected, savvy guy. We’re basically looking at President Klain.

Somehow I feel comforted knowing that Jill Biden and Klain are on the job.

Of course there are still people who worship the MSM. These are people who are often surprised by real life.

It is correct you moron, and it’s going to get worse. It must in order to deal with the Climate Change Crisis Emergency. But you’ll always have, NO MEAN TWEETS.

Incidentally the title of this post comes from one of the most famous comedy sketches, courtesy of Abbot and Costello, because laughter is the best medicine.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 11, 2021 at 2:13 pm

Kiwis have been intercepted while raining down.

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At some stage the fading New York Times may like to explain what the story was behind the following story, which has now been retracted.

I can only assume that it was simply a test article for some new journalist to practice on, but clearly they pushed the wrong button and it ended up on the NYT website.

Naturally it was pulled fairly quickly but not before the smartasses of the Interweb got a screenshot of it, and of course it never got close to the dead tree version because that side of the business still has some checks and balances, even if sub-editors are now thin on the ground in an effort to contain costs.

That last is wrong of course; this would be a fantastic story were it true. I am reminded of many aspects of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy but the following is probably the most accurate here:

Arthur Dent: What happens if I press this button?

Ford Prefect: I wouldn’t do…

Arthur Dent: Oh!

Ford Prefect: What happened?

Arthur Dent: A sign lit up, saying ‘Please do not press this button again.”

Perhaps the NYT should think of installing that last feature for all their journalists.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 10, 2021 at 9:06 am

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Die MSM, Die – Rewriting history

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In the famous novel Nineteen Eighty Four, the job of the main protagonist, Winston Smith, is to rewrite history in the Ministry of Truth, in order to bring it in line with current political thinking.

One of the aspects of the book that may have been missed by critics is that it would be quite possible to have aspects of the dystopian future appear in real life without all the rest of the totalitarian nightmare.

So far.

Another miss of the book is that it never foresaw the possibility of the private sector effectively becoming a arm of the government, something I would have thought Orwell would have lept upon, but then the book was more designed at taking a shot at Lenin and Stalin’s USSR by imagining the same thing happening in Britain, rather than trying to predict where our capitalist social democracies would go in the future.

In any case, we’ve arrived at full WInston Smith mode, courtesy of the Washington Post:

That’s right kids, in the wake of the Wuhan Lab Leak theory suddenly going from a Conspiracy Theory to damned near certain, the WaPo did not just suddenly do a backflip on reporting that – along with the rest of the howling MSM banshees – they determined to change their own past.

In this case by changing the headline and parts of a fifteen month-old story where they gleefully slammed a Republican Senator named Tom Cotton when he raised the theory by saying that it had been “debunked”. That word, together with “conspiracy theory” have also been wiped from the body of the headline.

New Washington Post motto: Democracy dies in stealth edits of old headlines.

There’s plenty more on this story that has broken in the last week which deserves a post of its own, but for now I’ll leave you with the Anti-Trump right-wing magazine, The National Review and former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

Of course, it’s only circumstantial evidence. We may never know the truth.”

If I’ve heard this once, over more decades than I care to admit, I’ve heard it a thousand times. It is the rote dismissal of circumstantially based cases, and it is almost always wrong.

I was a prosecutor for a long time, and prosecutors are in the business of proving stuff. Every good one will tell you that the best case is a strong circumstantial case. It is the most airtight and least problematic kind of proof.

Circumstantial cases are a tapestry of objectively provable facts. No one of those facts, by itself, establishes the ultimate conclusion for which all the interconnected facts collectively stand. Instead, each single fact supports a subordinate proposition that must be true in order for the ultimate conclusion to be valid. Stitch enough of those subordinate propositions together and the ultimate conclusion is inexorable.

In this case the conclusion that China is culpable for this disaster.

But the point of this post is that none of this is new knowledge or evidence. There have been places reporting on the known facts for a year now, and stringing them together in reasonable ways. Arguments could be made and were made in opposition, but there was never any intelligent, rational, reason to be so dismissive as were the Intellectual Giants of Probity like the WaPo, who never shifted off their backsides to actually ask tough questions of the likes of Peter Daszak, the poster boy behind the Lancet article that laid the groundwork for the MSM’s approach to this.

The sort of questions real investigative MSM journalists would have asked in the dim, distant past: like what Daszak’s motives were and how real and pure they were, what his connections to the Chinese Lung Rot virus were, scientifically, politically and financially.

But they didn’t. They just acted as stenographers of “The Experts”. It also helped immensely that such reporting might have helped Trump, and in 2020 that was not going to happen.

Aside from the virus there has also been a slow, steady – and for me anyway – an entirely predictable MSM turn in the reporting on the Burn Loot Murder and Antifia movements now that the Democrats are back in the saddle.

Congratulations on finally finding those “anarchists” Mr Kristof. Only a year behind non-MSM sources.

But even now the Post’s write-up tries to cover for “Black Lives Matter” as if they haven’t been absolutely complicit with Antifa in Portland. Antifa did not hijack a “social justice movement.” They started one hundred nights of rioting designed to smash the Portland police and all existing state authorities, and what we’re seeing is a direct result of that. BLM has rioted, looted, burned, and committed acts of violence in Portland just like those who claim the banner of Antifa. None of these groups get a pass. In fact, there’s essentially no daylight between them, which should never have been a surprise given the Far Left motivations of both groups.

No, the MSM doesn’t get to once again ride in years late on a story and get plaudits when they were the ones who did everything they could to suppress this issue. Only now that things are so thoroughly out of control are the bastards willing to even admit this stuff is happening.

And to think that there are adults, including politicians, who still rely on the MSM.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 8, 2021 at 3:10 pm


Aided and abetted by media hacks (sorry luminaries) of the likes of TV One’s simpering John Campbell whose wears his prejudices on his sleeve and Newshub’s Tova O’Brien whose citation when she won the 2019 Political Journalist of the year award was right on the money describing her as ‘A true political muckraker’.

For both of them St Jacinda (and her mob) can do no wrong.

Back in 1964 Dwight Eisenhower said of the press (read media) that its ranks are filled with ‘sensation-seeking columnists and commentators whose writings mark them as little more than intellectualoids’.

True then … more true today.

Written by The Veteran

May 31, 2021 at 11:39 am

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Die MSM, Die – Systemic Corruption

I’ve always been fascinated by the way that corruption can appear in different forms: spiritual, ethical, moral, political, financial.

It seems to me that the MSM are corrupted in all those ways now, and while I focus mainly on that of the US MSM’s, it’s likely that the NZ MSM are worse. Certainly there’s nothing even like Fox News here in NZ, or Australia’s Sky News.

It’s also getting worse, as shown by the following letter sent to Don Brash and quoted in his article, We Need Another News Channel:

I’ve spent three weeks trying to get either the Waikato Times (Stuff) or Waikato News (Herald) to take an opinion piece from me around the Maori wards issue – as there is a lot of information and background most people are unaware of.

I have been a local journalist in Hamilton for 30 years and I’ve done plenty of work for both outfits. I know the Waikato News editor well. He spent some time trying to talk me out of it (providing an opinion piece). Pertinent comment from him being ”I don’t want to make myself a target.”

He put the idea to NZME management and their come-back was ‘we will take nothing on this subject.’

I offered to buy a page as advertorial. Same roadblock.

Went to the Waikato Times (Stuff media), which also would not take an opinion piece. Again offered to buy a page as advertising. I provided the copy. They wanted me to reference every point I made in my copy like an academic paper and said it would have to go through the Advertising Standards Authority. I did this – referenced everything – as far as you can with opinion – declined in half an hour.

I asked if I could run a notice around a public rally in Civic Square before the Hamilton City Council’s Extraordinary Council meeting May 19 – where they will make a decision about Maori Wards – as a Display Advertisement – Yes! it seemed. The advertising staff were very helpful. The ‘Ad’ was laid out, and paid for ($3000) – a quarter page in this (15/5/21) Saturday’s paper, all go.

…4.30pm Friday I got a call from one of the ‘Times’ advertising people, whom I have known for 25 years, apologetic, she’d been instructed to ‘pull the ad’, as it ‘didn’t fit with our values’. Apparently it was passed by the local team, but had been stopped at executive level.

So, yes, something, or someone is gagging the media and is very determined that the co-governist roll-out will continue. We have a coup d’etat going on here.

I knew things were bad with the NZ MSM, but I didn’t know it was that bad. Also, the NZ ON Air funding guidelines reveal that obeying the dictates of the government in the area of Maori partnership is a key to getting the money:

Page 4, Section 6: “actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Māori as a Te Tiriti partner.”

Page 8: Appropriate people attached to the project in leadership roles who can manage and advise on these cultural and spiritual aspects of the production at critical stages (e.g. research, language advisors)

“Appropriate people”, eh? Yes, one cannot publish before it has been seen and approved by the Political Officer – if you want the government money that is the only thing keeping you alive. Of course we also have the other key element here:

‘I don’t want to make myself a target.”’

Despite this situation I don’t agree with Brash’s suggestion that what is needed is another TV/Radio channel to somehow correct this gross imbalance.

I know rather a lot of people under the age of 30 and not one of them watch broadcast TV or radio news. Their “channels” are on YouTube, Rumble, and the like. Their stars are people you’ve never heard of.

Talk to any schoolteacher of what used to be known as “Social Studies” in Y9 and Y10. They tear their hair out in trying to get their students to pay attention to “newspapers” and “TV” and “radio”, and that’s been the case for at least a decade now.

Basically broadcast media is dying across the West, and cable or satellite TV is only a few years behind: the NZ $55 million dumped into our local MSM is just another supporting fact. Look at the huge drops in viewers for CNN, MSNBC and the rest in the wake of Trump’s departure. It’s amusing to consider that he was their lifeblood for the last five years and that he knows it and they don’t.

What are the odds the NZ MSM will survive after the end of this government’s largesse? I do get the fact that a lot of people – mainly older people – still know nothing else, and given that they were the most likely victims of Chinese Lung Rot, and vote, explains a chunk of the media atmosphere here in NZ. That, plus the inertia of decades of Mass Media.

What Brash – with his usual cluelessness in moaning about the future rise of an NZ Fox News – does not realise is that the NZ MSM regard he and his ilk as their enemies, to be destroyed, which they’ve gone a long way towards doing. To them, he and Basset are just like Trump. But they’re aiming their weapons not just at people like them and National-ACT but any opposition on key issues, like that presented by the former journalist quoted. There is no point appealing to some ancient past of such, or “fairness” or “balance” with these people: they’ll laugh in your face.

Any future National-ACT government should therefore shut down TVNZ and RNZ. To keep them alive is simply to feed your enemies. Ignore the screaming and the crying. Their broad-spectrum support for the bulk of Labour-Green-Maori Party policies and the fact that, irrespective of what any government does, they’ll be dead anyway, means they should be cut off at the knees at the earliest possible moment.

It should be noted that they’re worth a lot less than when I suggested this on Kiwiblog in 2008:

They’re doomed and the probably know it now. They will increasingly be dependent on government revenue for their survival and know that at some stage they might simply be shut down by a future right-wing government as yet another useless government department. After all – how many right-wingers can honestly say that they see much of their values reflected in what is shown.

Forget privatisation, that train left the station a long time ago even if National had the appetite for it. TV1 and TV2 just really are not worth selling. At some future stage their ‘market’ value might drop to the point that somebody would risk picking them up – but that will be someway down the line and by the time any future government realises, probably no price will reflect how useless they are.

The government’s subsidy in 2021 tells us that we may be at that point, and on a far wider scale than the already taxpayer supported TVNZ and RNZ.

Another reason for not setting up an alternative network is the second rule of Politics coined by the great historian of the USSR, Robert Conquest:

Any organisation not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

The surviving private networks will still be on board the Labour-Green-Maori Party train, but at least National-ACT voters will have the satisfaction of knowing their tax dollars are not supporting their enemies.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 24, 2021 at 12:01 am

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Random Fun III

Another collection of things that don’t justify a post in themselves.

First up, what is it with Senators from Arizona? In this case Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who has loud clothing choices and is wearing a ring labeled “Fuck Off”.

It’s not entirely a joke either considering that is exactly what’s she’s said (in more polite terms of course) to various Big Ideas from her own party, like a $15/hour minimum wage, votes for some Trump cabinet members, and ending the Senate filibuster on all legislation.

I know there’s stuff she supports that I don’t but I’m beginning to warm to Maverick II.

Second is one of those Big Ideas. There’s a Democrat party activist group that has decided to learn from history and try and avoid another Supreme Court pothole such as the one that happened with Justice Ginsburg hanging on grimly, only to die while a Republican was President.

The “Demand Justice” group has therefore decided to focus on the next oldest Democrat Justice – Stephen Breyer – and as you can see from the van driving around D.C. they’re very blunt about what they want.

Third is an interesting screen capture of some chatroom involving folk from the Middle East discussing the best ways to escape from where they are to head for Germany. You can see the recommended routes marked out, but what amused me was the nations the group thought should be avoided on the trip North, although I’m a little surprised that they think Greece is one path, since none other than the EU Commission President called it “our European shield”.

Fourth is a juicy item for all those folk who can’t argue a point and use links to “Fact Check” sites, like that of Politico’s “Truth-O-Meter”.

On its website, PolitiFact splits its Biden verdicts into “Facts Checks Of Biden” and “Fact Checks About Biden.” Our review of the first 100 days shows 13 fact checks “of Biden,” and 106 fact checks “about Biden.” That’s an eight-to-one disparity.

In other words, they’re much more sensitive about someone “lying” about Biden than they are about Biden lying. 

That’s hardly a surprise. As people’s trust in journalism has declined over the last twenty years, the same journalists started to form “Fact Check” groups where they could write the same stuff and exhibit the same bias that had caused the loss of trust in the first place.

It’s a scam that should have ended long ago, especially when you dig into their “Fact Checks” and find that most are simply arguing a different opinion, not a fact. The reason it has not ended is that Lefty politicians, activists and supporters love the sort of cheap, one-URL-link, argumentum ad verecundiam, gaslighting they get from the likes of Politico.

Following on from the post about New Zealand’s woeful productivity the other day I was reminded of this classic Dilbert question.

Of course there is the situation known as No Money – and irony too.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 19, 2021 at 9:27 am

Die MSM, Die – A blast from their lying past

Anybody who has followed US politics over the last few decades will remember a minor kerfuffle that occurred during the 1992 Presidential election.

Earlier that year the GOP primaries were happening and while not as exciting as the Democrat ones, because the incumbent President usually has no real challengers, people did pay some attention.

While conducting one of the usual election campaign photo opportunities President Bush dropped by a National Grocers Association convention in Orlando. One of the exhibits Bush visited was a demonstration of NCR’s checkout scanning technology, and he’s seen here at that point.

Following the triumph of Desert Storm, Bush was still riding reasonably high in the polls, even if they had declined a bit as a shallow recession appeared in late 1991 and pushed on into early 1992. But like most incumbent Presidents he was expected to win, so much so that several Democrat heavy hitters decided not to run that year, leaving the field to unknowns like some guy from Arkansas called Bill Clinton.

Still, the recession was seen as Bush’s weak spot and the Democrats began to chew away on this, along with their faithful lackey, The New York Times. The chosen narrative was that Bush didn’t really care about ordinary people, which was why he wasn’t doing anything to end the recession, so the idea was to produce endless articles showing how he was “out of touch” with the average American after decades in Washington D.C.

As you can see from the MSM coverage today of the current POTUS, an even more long-term incumbent of Washington D.C., narratives can be turned 180 degrees when the political and ideological need arises.

So when this photo and story appeared it was a gift to the NYT, and one of their lead reporters jumped all over it:

Today, for instance, [Bush] emerged from 11 years in Washington’s choicest executive mansions to confront the modern supermarket.Visiting the exhibition hall of the National Grocers Association convention here, Mr. Bush lingered at the mock-up of a checkout lane. He signed his name on an electronic pad used to detect check forgeries.

“If some guy came in and spelled George Bush differently, could you catch it?” the President asked. “Yes,” he was told, and he shook his head in wonder.

Some grocery stores began using electronic scanners as early as 1976, and the devices have been in general use in American supermarkets for a decade.

Because the NYT was regarded as the lead on any story, this one gave other editorial writers the chance to pile on and amplify the narrative (always an essential part of a propaganda campaign), like the Boston Globe

President Bush, according to reporters who followed him around Tuesday at the National Grocers Association convention in Orlando, Fla., had never before seen a supermarket cash register on which the name of the item and its price flashed on a screen when the item was dragged across an electronic scanner.

The scanner was introduced at supermarket checkouts in 1980, the year Bush was elected vice president, and is just one of the many aspects of everyday life from which a president (or vice president) is shielded in the private life of public office.

As opposed to this cool guy and his trumpet saxophone.

Then a small piece of truth emerged:

Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times hadn’t even been present at the grocers’ convention. He based his article on a two-paragraph report filed by the lone pool newspaperman allowed to cover the event, Gregg McDonald of the Houston Chronicle, who merely wrote that Bush had a “look of wonder” on his face and didn’t find the event significant enough to mention in his own story.

Moreover, Bush had good reason to express wonder: He wasn’t being shown then-standard scanner technology, but a new type of scanner that could weigh groceries and read mangled and torn bar codes.

Bob Graham of NCR, who demonstrated the scanner technology for President Bush, said, “It’s foolish to think the president doesn’t know anything about grocery stores. He knew exactly what I was talking about.”

But by the time this truth leaked out it didn’t matter because it was buried on the back pages with one-time printing and then forgotten. To be fair there were some other MSM sources in the day that were more honest and less partisan than the Globe, NYT and others:

Newsweek screened the same tape and reported: “Bush acts curious and polite, but hardly amazed.” Michael Duffy of Time magazine called the whole thing “completely insignificant as a news event. It was prosaic, polite talk, and Bush is expert at that. If anything, he was bored.” 

Those semi-balanced days seem even longer ago than 1992.

But despite the likes of Time and Newsweek, The Narrative had multiple front-pages and therefore stuck – which was the intention of the NYT and other Democrat-supporting MSM sources. In fact it stuck so well that it’s still repeated, as it was with an ordinary 2009 NYT story about the history of the bar code scanner:

They even played a role in the 1992 presidential race, when then-PresidentGeorge H. W. Bush, at a campaign stop, seemed surprised by what had already become a technological staple of everyday life.

Also with a scathing NYT attack on John McCain about his supposed ludditism in 2008:

She even does my boarding passes – people can do that now,” Mr. McCain marveled. “When we go to the movies, she gets the tickets ahead of time. It’s incredible.”

Mr. McCain’s sense of wonder evoked the episode in the early 1990s when George H.W. Bush became overly impressed upon seeing a price scanner at a supermarket check-out counter.

As opposed to this cool guy and his Blackberry.

Yes, you’re seeing yet another standard pattern in the MSM, all the way to Cool Britannia and our own “Youth Adjacent” PM.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 18, 2021 at 12:47 pm

Another argument that is no longer off-limits

One of the detailed points of argument during the Great Chinese Lung Rot pandemic was around the definition of what actually constituted a Covid-19 death.

Early in the hysteria it was pointed out that deaths were being recorded as Covid simply because the patient had tested positive for Covid. This included even ridiculous examples such as deaths by car accident.

Naturally the pro-hysteria side, with the aid of the “If It Bleeds, It Leads” MSM, ferociously attacked such arguments. For the MSM it’s quite natural that the more death there is the better the story. That’s been true since the days of William Randolph Hearst and his famous “Sob Sisters” over a hundred years ago.

But even the medical “experts” had motive to push death numbers higher, since the more death there was the more likely they could persuade politicians and The People to undertake the extremist controls they advocated. Some of this was obvious with the pandemic models pushed by the likes of Neil Ferguson (“A spherical cow of uniform density in a frictionless vacuum“).

Naturally their counter-attacks against such critics focused on how you should not argue with medical experts, even though medical experts were among the critics of the Covid-death classifications. The motivations of the likes of Ferguson and company were not to be questioned, only those of their dastardly and uncaring opponents.

My, how things change when the motivations run the other way. In this case the criticism around deaths of people who have been vaccinated for Covid-19. Placed under such pressure, no less than the head of American Center for Disease Control (CDC) backs into …. the precise arguments put forward by critics of the Covid death counters.

Walensky is drawing a distinction between those who died directly because they got COVID and those who may have tested positive, but ultimately died of another comorbidity or condition. Now, to most people, that would seem like common sense. After all, why would you count someone with terminal cancer or an already failing heart as a COVID death – just because they had the virus when they died?

Obviously, what Walensky is saying is true. What we’ve known about COVID from early on from those hit the hardest told us that co-morbidities, including heart problems, lung problems, and morbid obesity, are the top factors, and that very old people (70+) naturally suffered more from the first two factors, hence them suffering a higher Covid-19 death rate than other age groups. If someone is otherwise terminally sick, even a mild case of Covid-19 could expedite matters – just as the Flu or Pneumonia normally does. The latter has long been called the “Old People’s Friend” for that very reason.

But the real point I want made clear here is that what Walensky is saying has previously been declared to be completely off-limits for over a year by the powers that be. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that has often gotten right wing-leaning sites in trouble with the social media censors of FaceTwit and company.

Yet, here is the Biden administration saying what was previously labeled as taboo, just because it now fits their narrative, which is driven by the motivation to reduce the death count rather than increase it because the latter would blow up the vaccination programmes. Meanwhile, the media don’t question it, and the social media overlords just shrug.

Oh, and the CDC has recently and rapidly shifted their positions on masks. Because Science.