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The GCSB is on the case?

I would think they would be for the Ministry of Health, following this news:

Websites under Brazil’s Ministry of Health (MoH) have suffered a major ransomware attack that resulted in the unavailability of COVID-19 vaccination data of millions of citizens.

Following that attack that took place at around 1 am today, all of MoH’s websites including ConecteSUS, which tracks the trajectory of citizens in the public healthcare system, became unavailable. This includes the COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate, which is available via the ConecteSUS app.

Especially since the Waikato DHB was hit with a similar cyberattack some months ago which is still causing ongoing problems, according to people I know in that system.

I had to chuckle at the Twitter site, ZeitgeistNZ, carrying this news, because it turns out to be a New Zealander and I first saw it on the huge Instapundit blog, which undoubtedly will have delivered huge numbers of visitors to ZitgeistNZ.

It’s amazing how often the people running these systems find out that their backups are not as good as they thought they were, since such things should mean attacks like this are a mere inconvenience to the owner of the system, although having personal information being published by the hackers is a problem for both parties.

Putting White Supremacy in its place

A year ago, as the BLM/Antifa riots were sweeping across cities controlled by the Democrat Party, I rolled my eyes at various claims that it was really just a beatup by the Right-Wing.

There were no apparently no organised groups behind all this and the claims of Communism were just another aspect of US history repeating itself – despite the founders of BLM being quite upfront about their Marxist “training”, as Antifa is about Anarchism. Unlike earlier times in America the Far Left is isn’t exactly hiding behind the bushes.

Jerry Nadler

In fact the grotesque creature seen here – senior Democrat, Jerry Nadler – went so far as to say of Antifa violence that:

“It’s a myth being spread in Washington D.C.”.

But that was pretty typical of the Democrats in 2020, who were afraid of being linked to Antifa, even as they could point to the riots and blame Trump – as well as “systemic racism”.

Almost one year on, things have changed, especially in Antifa’s hometown, Portland, Oregon:

“I’ve extended the state of emergency through the weekend. Our job is to unmask them, arrest them, and prosecute them. I want to personally thank neighbors, family, friends and others who have come forward with vital evidence. People know who these criminals are. They know what they’re up to. If you have any information, please contact the police. Acting Chief Davis will provide specifics shortly.

“I also want you to know that these people often arrive at their so-called direct actions, in cars. And they’re all dressed in all black. If you see this, call the police. If you can provide a license plate, if you can do so safely, that information can help later. Together we can make a stand. We’re doing what we can today. I’m also asking for your help to make a stand and take our city back.”

“Let’s make them hurt a little bit,”

That’s the Democrat mayor of Portland who in 2020 refused to condemn or do anything meaningful to stop Antifa even after they forced him to flee his home and sucker-punched him while he ate at a restaurant.

But that was back when OrangeManBad had to be defeated. To be fair to Mayor Wheeler it at least means that he wasn’t just prepared to sacrifice his voters to the Antifa mob but was willing to put his own body on the line to defeat a GOP President.

Now that’s tribal politics.

It’s not exactly tribal but certainly ideological when one of our commentators back then went as far as saying about the US that:

Everyone makes a fuss for a bit, then they go back to white supremacy as normal.

I guess whiter-than-white Mayor Wheeler is an example of this, given that he’s a Democrat, which is supposedly more Right-wing than the National Party. Of course it may be that even Wheeler is rebelling at the basic message being imparted here about White Americans.

The real problem may come when Wheeler discovers just how many of these Antifa goons are White People, and probably White People of means or with connections, or both.

Clara Kraebber, a wealthy 20 year old Rice University student in New York City was one of eight BLM rioters arrested after they were seen running around a tony part of New York smashing windows, to the tune of $100,000 worth of damage.

Her father is a professor with the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry while her Mother owns an architectural firm in Manhattan. They own a $1.8 million apartment in the Upper East Side. They also own a second home in Connecticut.

I know that you’ll be stunned to find out that she made bail and that the prosecutors dropped all the charges.

Thus does White Supremacy roll in America.

I should probably start a betting pool on the group listed below who were arrested in Portland on just one “normal” night last year: how many have served any jail time at all, aside from cooling their heels overnight before they made bail?

They’re also the sort of White People who love doing shit like this – with the approval of their own conscience.

Jeez dude. They did have good reason: they punched you because you’re a Nazi, and the reason that we know you’re a Nazi is that they punched you.

It seems that the Black people of Burn Loot Murder in Portland have also figured this out, hence a recent letter asking the Woke White Folk to stop ruining things:

As an array of Black writers, speakers, artists, activists, teachers, parents and professionals, we already struggle to survive in a state that makes every effort to reshuffle and erase us. We need our allies in this fight to understand and honor this fact. Understand that doing damage to us, our communities, and our resources undoes the work we do.

Black people are not a monolith, and having a complicit Black person in your planning space does not indicate support from the Black community. For decades, efforts towards Black Liberation have suffered at the hands of both well-meaning allies and predatory opportunists, and over the last year we have watched as people have profited from and damaged our movement without our consent or approval.

Predatory opportunists pretty much sums it up, although that’s the Far Left in a nutshell and covers the BLM leaders themselves when it comes to property. Or holidays:

A Los Angeles-based jail reform group led by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent nearly $26,000 for “meetings” at a luxury Malibu beach resort in 2019, according to campaign finance records reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Now that’s sticking it to The Man. Go Patrisse, you little “trained Marxist” you.

Part of the reason for the Portland BLM letter was that Antifa smashed up The Portland Boys and Girls Club, which largely serves and helps Black and Hispanic children and their families. The Antifa attack was the second time they’d damaged the building and it’s estimated that this damage will cost $20,000.

Or as this Black resident of Portland says, after seeing Antifa smashing up yet another symbol of Capitalism, in this case a Popeye’s Chicken store:

I think that it’s some bullshit. I think that they tearing down our community, and they teaching our kids wrong. Look at these kids. These kids, they grew up in this community. Now, they can’t even go sit down and eat a piece of chicken because they tore up the damn store.”

“I don’t think these are protests“.

She’s right. That is some bullshit.

On the other hand she likely voted for all that enabled it, meaning the Democrat Party, from City to State to Federal level.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 28, 2021 at 12:00 pm

It’s a fascist regime!

Or so sang the Sex Pistols back in 1977 to “celebrate” the Queen of England’s Silver Jubilee.

Needless to say it offended a lot of people, which naturally meant that it sold shitloads of records, getting to No. 1 on the NME (New Musical Express) chart. It was widely argued that it failed to hit No. 1 on the BBC list because of delibrate sabotage by “The Beeb”, who refused to play it.

Needless to say me and my friends laughed like drains at all this and bought the single, although none of us could afford a record player so had to rely on the kindness of older brothers. The song was not played when parents or other adults were around.

As a result it recently came as an unpleasent surprise to young and old fans alike of the Sex Pistols to find out that the lead singer, Johnny Rotten, is supporting Trump in this year’s US election.

“Yes, of course, I’m voting for Trump.”

“He’s an individual thinker, I’ll give him that for a start. He’s not the most lovable fellow on God’s earth, but I cannot see the opposition as offering me anything by way of a solution.”

“I’d be daft as a brush not to. He’s the only sensible choice now that Biden is up – he’s incapable of being the man at the helm.”

Rotten – real name John Lydon – has US, British and Irish citizenship, so he will be voting in the US election, as he did when he voted for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Yes. Really. Still the independent thinker it would seem.

And a rather bigger boy than I remember. But then aren’t we all?

It wouldn’t be the first time that political announcements by Punk musicians have triggered people.

I guess he should have studied these folks a little more closely, as noted by another person on Twitter.

And for your viewing nostaglia pleasure…

Written by Tom Hunter

October 13, 2020 at 6:21 pm

Voter contrasts on Trump

I’m just going to post these two pieces of Twitter video without further comment.

The first is from a person who is definitely not a supporter of Trump as she is asked about a Trump supporter being murdered in Portland a couple of weeks ago.

And now from some Trump supporters.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 19, 2020 at 8:00 am

USA: Riots, Lockdowns and the Damage Done

While it’s the bigger cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago that have been the focus of the Burn Loot Murder crowd, smaller places have been hit. The worst being the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin, just a little further up the Western shores of Lake Michigan from Chicago.

But there have been plenty of much smaller places that also got some of the same treatment without the media attention, and the following link is to a guy who decided to travel through some of those places to see the damage. It’s a sad journey.

To take just a small sampling: Atlantic City, NJ, Fort Wayne, IN, Green Bay, WI, and Olympia, WA all underwent significant riots, at least per the normal expectations of life in these relatively low-key cities. Did you hear anything about them? Because I hadn’t, and I’m abnormally attuned to daily media coverage. Only because I personally visited did I learn of the damage.

The “article” is long but worth your time to read as he tours through these forgotten places and talks to forgotten people like Flora Westbrooks, whose salon was burned to the ground in Minneapolis, and Long Her, whose clothing store was looted.

Long Her (L) and Flora Westbrooks (R)

In almost every case these people are not White. Many of them are immigrants from places like Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Somalia…

Maybe the media commentators who reflexively glamorized these riots don’t know or don’t care, but the primary victims — meaning those who feared for their safety, suffered severe material losses, and whose lives were upended — are themselves minorities, and were targeted by activist whites.

He finishes on a sombre note, which is also a poor reflection on the MSM:

The man, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, said the following: “I grew up in a war zone, and I’ve never seen anything like it.” What does it say that these kinds of experiences have barely impinged on the national consciousness? Despite the incredible amount of destruction that I’ve personally witnessed, it’s only a tiny fraction. If I hadn’t made a point to spend six weeks traveling around the country, I never would’ve gotten this information.

Then there is this link to a substack article (these are becoming more common for journalists), Tales from America’s COVID college campuses, which contains a long list of testimonials about the insane conditions of American universities as they open for the start of their year. Here are just a three.

Southern Methodist University: “Students must wear masks outside dorm rooms, cannot visit another dorm, etc. Threatened with draconian honor code violations if they violate the rules and orientation was declared all virtual at the last minute.  Yet today, the athletes, with permission of and active participation by the University, were permitted to organize a BLM march through campus.”

Colorado State University: “My daughter … was there not even 24 hours and was sent to quarantine because she ‘might’ have come into contact with someone who was in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. They made the students leave their own rooms and moved them into a room and they couldn’t bring their own bedding. The food they drop off is a frozen sandwich, orange, chips and soda. They have to stay there for 14 days and won’t even test them. No outside testing is even allowed. The admin don’t know what they’re doing nor do they let them outside. They make the locks not work.”

Boston College: “This is a horrible way to go to college.  [Daughter] was in tears last night about the prospect of the mandatory immediate quarantine while waiting for the test,… As far as why parents would send their kids back, my daughter has a really good scholarship – [most] of her tuition is paid.  We can’t risk losing it because we don’t have the means to pay for college without good financial aid. What we are doing to this generation of kids is awful … common sense has been missing from this debate for months.”

And in every case classes are being conducted via the now ubiquitous Zoom, even as the students get hit with all the normal charges. I can’t see how they will get away with this for much longer and it is no surprise to see predictions that half of all American universities may close in the next decade.

As awful as the stories about student conditions in 2020 are, the virus has been merely the tipping point for a system whose traditional business model had already broken and which is facing declining numbers of 18 year olds eager to rack up $100,000+ debts for increasingly useless degrees. Like radar and rockets, the disruptive technology of online learning was already here and merely needed a “war” to take off.

Finally there’s this article, A Nation Falling Apart, whose points I fear should be taken note of, even by American optimists like me, although the author seems to be maintaining a sense of humour about it all:

First they came for the toilet paper and kitchen towels, then they came for flour and now they are taking your coins. Yes, the American public sitting out the COVID-19 virus is now having to deal with what is referred as a “small change shortage.”caused apparently by hoarding…

The Federal Reserve has created a U.S. Coin Task Force to address the problem.

Cops have figured out that they have no one on their side and are best served by doing as little as possible when the shooting starts. Policemen have, in fact, been on the receiving end of much of the recent violence.

Predictably as the cops withdraw, whether by choice or by order, gun sales in the USA are through the roof, with millions of them being first-time owners, and with big increases among woman and Blacks.

I knew how to shoot from my time in the Army and CIA but have not actually fired a weapon since 1978 … The first thing we learned was that it was hard to get an appointment with a trainer at a licensed range. It took us weeks to make an appointment and we only got one when there was a cancellation.

And then there’s the booze problem:

I live in Virginia and our state store is constantly running out of everything. A cashier told me that they are selling 300% more booze than normal for this time of year.

If you’re well-stocked on booze and ammo you only need one more thing:

Finally, a family member owns a construction company. He recently said that business is unexpectedly booming, in part because people are building panic rooms, safe havens and even 1960s style fallout shelters in and behind their houses. Most of the construction work is being done as unobtrusively as possible because the clients don’t want their neighbors to know how scared they are.

I don’t think it’s nuclear war they’re scared of!

Children of the Privileged Revolution

The funny thing about almost all revolutions is how they don’t conform to the standard Leftist mythology about the poor and oppressed rising up against their rulers.

Whether it’s the Peasants’ Revolt or the French Revolution the fact is that a great many revolutionaries have been folk who were quite well off and reasonably educated. And this is before we get to the leaders, often self-proclaimed, of such revolutions: pampered little Middle-Class creeps like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Castro and the rest.

And as the USA finds itself in the middle of the Antifa/Burn-Loot-Murder problems we see this history being repeated.

The children in this photo are (L->R):

  • Hope Walz, daughter of Minnesota Democrat Governor Tim Walz.
  • Chiara de Blasio, daughter of NYC Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • Jeremiah Ellison, son of Minnesota Democrat Attorney General, Keith Ellison.
  • Isra Hirsi, daughter of Lefty firebrand grifter and Democrat member of Congress, Ilhan Omar.

Let’s start with Hope. On the night the riots broke out that would ultimately burn down Minneapolis businesses owned by Blacks and other ‘small people’, little Ms ShitStirrer was on the line from her Daddy’s place to her Antifa/Burn Loot Murder mates, with precious inside information:

Some years ago there was a horror movie that included the scary line: “The calls are coming from inside the house“. In this case, the Governor’s mansion. How very public-spirited of her.

Over in New York City Chiara was pulling much the same stunt, although she did at least get out into the streets where she and a hundred others blocked the road and then disobeyed police orders to move. Lots of shouting for justice but at least rocks or frozen water bottles were not thrown at the cops this time. She was arrested merely for unlawful assembly and her dear old Communist Dad said it was great how much she cared. As one commentator noted:

Chiara cares enough to raise the temperature and incite others. But not enough to dirty her hands.

Perhaps we should be grateful for such timidity. Otherwise she might be following in the footsteps of another privileged piece of human garbage, Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground mates, who were quite happy building nail bombs and such in the late 1960’s. Ayers Daddy was Thomas G. Ayers, chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison (1973 to 1980) who had more than enough wealth to spring his precious spawn from jail.

Back in Minnesota, Jeremiah, slogging through the aches and pains of long, rugged days as a Minneapolis city councillor – where he’s advocating for defunding the local cops – made clear where he stands:  ‘I hereby pledge my support for ANTIFA“. His Dad must also be proud as to how far the acorn has not fallen from the tree.

Which brings us at last to Isra “yes, i’m 17 and i hate capitalism.”.

As The Spectator archly noted:

The capitalist hell of America carried her mother from a Kenyan refugee camp to the House of Representatives. The white supremacists of the Beltway now hold Mrs Omar in working-class penury on $174,000 basic, plus more perks than you can shake a Molotov cocktail at. Let it burn.

Perhaps it’s less having a wealthy, grifting politician as a parent than just having a wealthy parent:

John Malkovich’s son was arrested at a violent Black Lives Matter rally in Portland, Oregon, where marchers attacked cops trying to protect their union building amid chants of “burn it down,” according to authorities….

His low-level charges fall into the category that Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said his office will not even prosecute

However, some of the Oregon State Police making arrests have been federally deputized, which means protesters like Malkovich could face federal charges

So I guess his wealthy Daddy might need to hire an expensive lawyer or six after all.

Finally there’s this little piece of work from New York City, Clara Kraebber, a wealthy 20 year old Rice University student. Daddy is a professor with the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry while Mumsy owns an architect firm in Manhattan.

Did I say wealthy? A few years ago they purchased a $1.8 million apartment in the Upper East Side. They also own a second home in Connecticut.

She was one of eight BLM rioters arrested after they were seen running around a tony part of New York smashing windows, to the tune of $100,000 worth of damage. Apparently this was just part of some general “low-level” mayhem unleashed by a couple of sub-species of Burn Loot Murder, The “New Afrikan Black Panther Party” (the “k” is a nice touch) and the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.” One of the arrested faces two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, but I’m guessing little Ms Kraebber thought that it’s cool to hang with that sort of person – in between protesting for more gun control.

One cop summed it up pretty well:

“I wonder how her rich parents feel about their daughter. How would they feel if they graffitied their townhouse? This girl should be the poster child for white privilege, growing up on the Upper East Side and another home in Connecticut. This is the height of hypocrisy.”

Oh come on. Her parents are probably just as proud of her mad SJW skillz as the other parents quoted above. And these little Far Left shits don’t give a damn about being accused of their “double standards” and “hypocrisy”. They’re not going to change their ideas or practices just because they’re “confronted” with such things. They’re well aware of it and don’t care about such “standards” or “principles”. They’re just going to laugh in your face. They care about having power over others and their entire lives are built on those lines. And they’re probably right; they’re going to get away with all this, as they usually do:

They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

It’s a mark of the success of American society that such privilege is now multi-racial. I can only hope that when the Revolution does come and I’m up against the wall, that these creatures will be beside me.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 13, 2020 at 4:58 pm

Die MSM, Die – Needs must as the devil drives

Just a quick review of the incredible 180’s that not only politicians can perform but the MSM with them.

Far back in the late Jurassic Age of the 2016 Democrat Party campaign to nominate their US Presidential candidate, good old Bernie Sanders visited Mt Rushmore and admired the faces of four famous US Presidents carved into the mountain.

“this is our country at its very best,”… “an incredible achievement,”…”really does make one very proud to be an American.”

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny was right there with Bernie on that coverage, calling Mount Rushmore a “monument to four great American Presidents”.

Further back in the early Jurassic Age is CNN covering Obama’s visit in 2008 with commentators Nguyen (among others) and Jim Acosta praising the place:

Majestic“. “Fitting“. And yes, that is the same Jim Acosta who is now the terror of Trump press conferences as he tries to impress his CNN bosses to give him his own show by constantly yelling “When did you stop beating your wife?” type questions at Trump.

And so, on July 4th this year, came the KT Event via Asteroid Trump2020, as OrangeManBad decided to give a speech right in front of those same majestic, fitting monuments. So naturally











And CNN was not about to be caught napping on this monumental intellectual revelation:

But as tempting as it is to dismiss all this as the usual MSM double standards and Memory Hole actions, the terrible truth is that these Democrat Operatives With Bylines are moving in concert with the huge influence and control that the Left has in US academia, mass entertainment and even increasingly in the worlds of sport and corporations. As Lefty Obama voter Andrew Sullivan noted a couple of years ago: “We’re All Living On Campus Now”.

And the Democrat Party are trailing them only slightly, with little sign of resistance or voices raised in disagreement.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Appeasing Democrats

In an earlier post I described how the Antifa movement is operating in the USA as it attempts to achieve its Marxist/Anarchist objectives. It’s co-opting of the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests, the deliberate attacks on police, and even the hilariously moronic attempt at creating an Anarchist “state” in the middle of Seattle (“That wasn’t Anarcho-Communism”).

Of course the official BLM is Marxist in any case, as proudly boasted about by the founders, so they’re quite happy to work with Antifa.

But none of this would work were it not for the uselessness of the leaders of the so-called Blue Cities and Blue States where this shit is happening. Although Antifia and their allies have bail money and lawyers they’re greatly assisted by having sympathetic DA’s in those cities. Arrested Antifia members, even quite violent ones, are getting released, ready to riot again. This has been true of Portland and Seattle and although Antifa seems to have little presence in Minneapolis, Chicago or New York the treatment of ordinary looters and rioters in those cities has been the same; they get arrested and almost immediately released.

Admittedly, even some of the most clueless Democrat Mayors and Governors seem to have begun to grasp that this is not working, although only after the damage has been done. Back in early June, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, not exactly a hardline RWNJ to say the least, noted that of those Chicago riots:

“There is no doubt. This was an organized effort last night. There were clearly efforts to subvert the peaceful process and make it into something violent.”

Minnesota Governor Walz at the same time:

“The terrifying thing is that this resembles more a military operation now as you observe ringleaders moving from place to place,”

Not that either one, or any of the other Democrat mayors, have done much since then, which is why they’ve been greeted with more violence. Even the moronically partisan Mayor of Portland finally got on board recently, but only after more than 70 nights of rioting, blaming Federal security forces (meaning Trump) for the problems (the riots started weeks before they engaged and continued after they disengaged), and what was basically attempted murder the other night.

“When you commit arson with an accelerant, in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people that you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating. You are attempting to commit murder”… “And by the way, this building is in a residential neighborhood.”…these crimes are distracting from reform, not advancing it,” 

It should be pointed out that “wing nut” Right Wing media sites have been reporting all of this for months: the MSM, not so much. But even then his appeal to the rioters included about as low an ethical reason as is possible:

“You are creating the B-roll film that will be used nationally to help Donald Trump in this campaign. You don’t want to be part of that, then don’t show up,”

That’s what this POS feels he has to resort to in order to try to reach the consciences of the droogs who are still attacking cops in his city. Reminding them that cops have families won’t work. Emphasizing that bystanders are destined to get caught in the crossfire won’t cut it either. Appealing to their human decency is a nonstarter.

But appealing to their hatred by claiming that someone they loath above all others might profit from their rampage?

Now you’re talking.

This is how bad America’s political culture has become and Democrats like Ted Wheeler are all in. None of these people have done anything to reign in their District Attorneys.

Do they really hate Trump this much that they’re willing to let their own cities burn? These are the deepest of Deep Blue enclaves in the USA. How much punishment do these clowns think they can inflict on their own Democrat voters before those voters turn on them?

As in the past, one of the aims of the Far Left in all this is to provoke a violent backlash from law enforcement that will garner sympathy for the “protestors” from run-of-the-mill liberals. Mao’s whole fish in the sea approach, with Kent State 2.0 as an intermediate goal. That’s always part of the mix, too.

But that’s the thinking of the Democrat leadership as well, with them expressing worries about how deploying extra cops or the National Guard will just make things worse. Clearly they’re having “Tin Soldiers and Nixon’s Coming” thoughts also. Their minds are in much the same place as the people protesting against them.

And of course it’s also okay with the Far Left if instead they only get such wishy-washy, spineless and ineffectual responses from the useful idiots in charge – such as has occurred so far in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, New York and Chicago. It’s all good. After all, that’s why they chose the Bluest of cities.

You don’t destroy America by destroying the Republicans – at least not yet. No, you destroy the Democrats first.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 14, 2020 at 8:21 am

Organised Anarchists

One of the standard claims of Antifa is that they’re not organised but merely a loose collection of groups that act independently across the USA.

Well sure, that’s a great way of attacking a government and reducing the risk that you’ll all get rolled up like Far Left groups of the past such as Baader Meinhoff, Red Brigades, the Weather Underground and so forth.

It’s the way Al-Qaeda is organised.

But even accepting this does not mean that those groups don’t train and organise, as was recently found with an undercover reporter who joined the so-called Rose City Antifa in Portland, the oldest known antifa organization in the US. What he discovered about these creatures is chilling.

“It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy.”…

“Practice things like an eye gouge. It takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes,”…

“Don’t be that fucking guy with the Goddamn spike brass knuckles getting photos taken of you. We need to fucking hide that shit.”

“the whole goal of this, right, is to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible.”

Safety first! Those are quotes from a member called Nicolas Cifuni, training recruits on how use violence to amp things up at protests. The last three months of almost continuous nightly violence in Portland should therefore have come as no surprise, starting with “minor” incidents like this head-kicking on May 31.

The victim had the temerity to say something against BLM and had already taken a beating when he hit the ground but that’s not enough. Like the man said, “destroying your enemy“, is the name of the game for Antifa.

And all that planning and training does seem to work. Here’s one Dean Cole, who went to a BLM protest and videoed a team setting fire to a Police car.

He breaks down the video step-by-step (note that the team is all White), including how they melt into the crowd once the damage is done. This is another aspect of the game: provocation, incitement and, if they’re lucky, overreaction by the Authorities. That last part is the key, although obviously no Antifa member wants to be beaten, shot or killed. That’s what unaware protestors are for.

Another of the classic aspects of traditional Marxist groups is secrecy. It’s very important to how they operate, but things can be discovered about them.

For example, pictured here are a couple of founders of Rose City Antifa: Caroline Victorin (née Gauld) and Johan Victorin.

He’s her Swedish husband, and helped import the European Antifa model into US.

Yes, she does remind me of Harley Quinn, the Joker’s sort-of girlfriend.

They also look like they lead fairly comfortable lives, as seems to be the case with Antifa in general, right down to their bourgeoisie, patriarchal practice of her taking his name. Down-and-out Toilers they are not, but then that was true of the likes of Lenin, Mao, Castro and many other Marxist revolutionaries.

The tactics they use are of course not designed to help Blacks in America, as I pointed out in this post, Blacks on Black Lives Matter, and here’s more examples of that:

It’s great how the two White Antifa girls in that video lecture this Black woman about how Black Lives Matter. Classic White Privilege. Or this:

And you can forget the bullshit gaslighting about how these may have been White Supremacist provocateurs. Even the Southern Poverty Law Society (SPLC), a reactionary and vindictive bunch which has rarely found a right wing organisation it couldn’t claim was a “hate group”, came up dry:

[We] have not seen any clear evidence that white supremacists or militiamen are masking up and going out to burn and loot,” 

The degree of organisation does not stop at training for street violence. Reporter Andy Ngo has done more than most to investigate Antifa – and paid for it with a personal beating, since Antifa does not like being filmed closely. He’s found that Antifa rioters in Portland have access to more than $1.3m in bail money, as well as pro bono lawyers. Neither should be a surprise given the number of celebrities, and even 13 members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff, who have openly revealed how much money they’ve donated to such things.

A video shows a man reassuring rioters as they got arrested, “We already made some contact for you, stay quiet. … Don’t worry. We already call, we already made a few phone calls. Don’t worry, guys.”

Aside from Ngo there are others who understand what’s involved, like former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik:

“Is there anyone that truly believes that this was not an organized event? How much do you think it would cost for communications and travel and manpower for an event like this? Whose money is behind it?”

But there numbers remain small and they are fringe groups. None of this would work were it not for the uselessness of the leaders of the so-called Blue-Cities and Blue States where this shit is happening.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 13, 2020 at 10:42 am

Black and White Views of America

Two people’s views on what’s happening in America at the moment with all the BLM protests and stuff – which are dying down a bit except in places like Seattle and especially Portland (94% White).

First up is the White view:

I have to admit that between the naked torso, the short hair and his overfed mate beside him in the chair, he sure could be one of those White Supremacist Proud Boy Boogaloo provocatuers I keep being assured are the real problems in Portland, with all their incitement of those “peaceful protestors” (TM). But I don’t see any Hawaiian Shirts or an an umbrella.

Anyhoo, next up is a Black view.

She seems righteously pissed off with juiceb0x4’s question:

And don’t ever ‘black me in America’ again“.

Four years ago I wondered if Trump would go after the Black and Hispanic vote in the USA, and whether he would succeed in beating the efforts of previous GOP contenders like Bush. He certainly has tried, and it may be that he’s succeeding.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 5, 2020 at 6:00 am