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Science and Ideologues

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For those who don’t think that they can align perfectly and turn into control freakdom, I present to you the Pink Horror of the Great Chinese Snot Pandemic

Feeling the love yet Siouxsie? Will another bout of TV spots in another pandemic make you feel better, you attention-seeking, panic-spreading British Fauci? Any chance you’ll be drastically reducing your carbon footprint by staying off planes and cars? Our Planet is crying for you to eat less, Siouxsie.

Let me be clear: Wayne Brown is 80 76 years old ((H/T commentator “Harry”) and shows similar cognitive problems to that of Biden, though no where near as bad. I suspect that he’ll be as useless as he was when Far North Mayor back in the late 2000’s – while hoping against hope that he isn’t. And of course even if he was a dynamo he’d still only be one voice on the Council – and then there’s the City Administrative State, which is actually the group that runs things in the city.

But it’s still nice to see it made public how much a bunch of control freaks these Pandemic Experts always were in their tiny souls. She’s just gagging to seamlessly shift from C-19 Crisis to Climate Crisis – and with the same basic Socialist solution of controlling almost every aspect of our lives.

Still, in Wayne Brown’s favour there is this.

As with most of government the firings and resignations need to go at least three more levels of management down.


Written by Tom Hunter

October 9, 2022 at 1:27 pm

ACT seems to have lost its way.

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I was an ACT voter for over 20 years. I had been comforted, despite the fact I might not have agreed with all of their policies in detail, in the belief they were “classic liberals”. Pro market, pro free choice, pro individual rights.  Having been along to a public meeting to listen to what David Seymour had to say, I am horrified to see the direction ACT has headed.

Firstly, to hear him describe a tax cut as “crazy”.  Kwasi Kwarteng is a very sound Conservative politician who wanted to make it clear that the UK is open for business so dropped the punitive top rate of 45% on the pound.  Seymour did not like that. When you consider that British earners also pay 12% National Insurance on top of their income, every right-thinking person should support tax reduction.  To be fair the argument is that it should not be funded by deficit but Reagan knew he needed a growing economy and did not want to penalize people for success.  It was a booby trap left by Brown at the end of his reign and should have gone years ago.

Secondly, I asked him about Ardern’s speech at the UN and her proposal to clamp down on free speech. I expressed disappointment that he did not stand up for the rights of the anti mandate protestors, as Rodney Hide did and asked how he was going to win my vote back.  Seymour waffled about some of them being not nice people and stopped the people of Wellington going about their business.  Never mind that the protestors were on public land and deserved to be listened to. He dismissed the question as being the path to a 2% vote. Never mind that 30% of the population are anti mandate and nobody trusts Winston First.

On the third element I thought he was pandering to an elderly NIMBY audience by describing the Medium Density Residential Scheme (MDRS) as the 3 (houses) and 3 (stories) right to build as being “crazy”. So, I followed up after the meeting with him directly and also looked online.  It turns out ACT, David Seymour and Brooke Van Velden are TO THE LEFT of Labour and the Greens in standing up for the rights of property owners. This is one area where Labour and the Greens have worked in a bi partisan way to deliver good long-term policy, but ACT oppose MDRS.

“It could mean floor to ceiling windows on the third floor looking into your living room, with no thought for existing homeowners.” 

“The alternative is that we’ll get sewage in the streets…”

Scaremongering shite of the worst kind. There are rules for height to boundary. Councils take a long term approach to Infrastructure, as they should. They can predict increased demand and if, like Wellington, they have under invested then that should not affect the rights of property owners.

MDRS is using the power of the market by increasing the supply of land in built up areas through increased density.  Entirely sensible policy.  Europe encourage much more dense housing and it is far more preferable to intensify housing in built up areas than to keep building over green space.

I happen to know something about the MDRS and it is a great thing.  It allows property owners more certainty about being able to develop more densely instead of being subject to discretion of council.

Seymour says it is all about infrastructure and the fact there are monopoly providers of infrastructure.  Perhaps he has not heard of the development contribution which is about $20,000 to build a housing unit in Auckland as well as an additional charge of about $15,000 for Water and wastewater infrastructure.  Infrastructure is being funded by levies on new housing units.  It takes decades to make a difference but the funding policy is right.  Gains go to developers so a levy on new build is simply user pays.  The ACT policy of 50% of GST going to local councils is not a bad policy but should be in addition to MDFRS, not instead of.  Aucklands latest Unitary plan has plenty of exceptions to the MDRS, taking discretion for permit back into council hands.

Auckland property building is proceeding at a huge pace compared to 20 years ago and I assume private owners in other regions are also providing new housing. The state houses in Glen Innes, Pt England etc are all being replaced by townhouses and multiple units. I know of a specific example where 1 ex state house is being replaced by 7 town houses. I compare that to the situation 20 years ago with a similar size piece of land where I had to buy the back 3rd of the neighbouring section and use the back third of my section to add one more unit.

Look at this graph from Auckland council showing an increase from under 5000 units to over 20,000 units per month in the last 12 years.  Kiwibuild has been incompetent in providing low-cost housing but a change of policy has allowed private industry to step into the breach.

Auckland Building Consents by month

I will send this note to ACT and am curious to see what response, if any, it evokes.  One of the bloggers here is pro ACT so I am curious to see what he thinks of the ACT lurch to the establishment authoritarian left. It seems more about appealing to the older ex Winston first voter than having principles.

ACT still won’t get my vote.

Written by Whiskey&Pie

October 4, 2022 at 8:59 pm


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I mean direct from presiding over the Kiwibuild f****p it looks as though the Auckland light rail project, entrusted to him by St Jacinda, is headed the same way with the Treasury warning that the initial estimates of $6 billion were way off the mark.  Indeed, one NZTA source has suggested they could double which would see it rivalling Edinburgh’s light rail debacle.  Mind you, this government and debacles tend to go hand in hand.   Indeed one might argue ‘they’ have become rather expert at it.
And all this before a single sod is turned and won’t be until 2021 at the earliest.    Contrast that with the promise made by Ardern shortly after taking office that the Mt Roskill segment would be completed within four years (i.e. 2021).   Politics 101 for dummys … under promise and over deliver. This mob have certainly managed to turn that one on its head.
And all this against the backdrop of firms associated with the project saying the delays caused by the  government shifting the goalposts has cost millions and has seriously harmed New Zealand’s business reputation abroad.
That’s why the hapless Twyford’s throwaway remark to the effect that with the NZ Super Fund taking a stake in the project users of light rail will be contributing towards their own retirement … leaves me cold.   For this to happen the service has to make a profit … tell me, does the Auckland commuter train service make a profit? … just asking.
Nah, no twinge of sympathy for Twyford.   All of ‘their’ own doing.

Written by The Veteran

October 23, 2019 at 12:27 am


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News that John Tamihere and Christine Fletcher have teamed up as a ticket to challenge Labour’s Phil Goff for the Auckland mayoralty has the blog-sphere all in a tither. 

Two ex-cabinet ministers from different parties.   One from the right of the Labour Party and the other from the left of National.   Both are flakes who enjoyed very little support in their respective caucuses.  Neither are team players.    Have a passing relationship with JT and the most positive thing going for him is that he ain’t ‘pc’ in spades.   He follows the dictum of WRP … my way or the highway.     As for CF and my abiding memory of her as the Auckland Mayor (subsequently defeated) was her proposal to do away with the traditional ANZAC Day parade and replace it with a march honoring service … ex servicemen/women; first responders; nurses; JPs, Scout and Guide leaders etc, etc, etc.    Fell flat.    Whatever, dollars to donuts, the marriage between these two is more likely than not to end in tears. 

Goff should of course be easy meat.   He has redefined himself as an executive Mayor who has made an art form of divide and rule.   His legacy is one of broken promises.

But whether the electorate is ready to dump him for a couple of flakes is a moot.   Goff can count on the Labour Party machine vote while I’m not sure ‘Team Tamihere’ will necessarily excite the ‘Right’.    One thing for sure … gonna be an interesting few months

Written by The Veteran

January 27, 2019 at 1:07 am

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Auckland local body elections

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Like a lot of people, I watched the clusterf**k unfold last Saturday, but my sentiment was more of amusement rather than disappointment.  And that’s because I saw this coming about 6 months ago, or maybe even longer.  I was involved in the campaign at a candidate level for a local board, and tried to distance myself from Auckland Future as best I could.  Stevie Wonder could have seen what was coming for them.

The political right in local body politics in Auckland exhibit the same attitude and make the same mistakes that Labour does at central politics level at the moment.  Both sets of players talk at voters, rather than to them.  They both believe they are right (as in correct) and soon the dumb voters will wake up and realise it.  But critically, they both utterly fail in their political messaging and strategy.  Both Labour and the centre right in Auckland local body politics believe if they keep doing the same things – the very things that have failed Labour and the centre right in Auckland local body politics since 2010 – eventually they will succeed as the voters will inevitably see sense.

Of course, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity.

The centre right in Auckland local body politics simply fail to understand how an ex Alliance MP and staunch trade unionist, Grant Gillon, gets 11,000+ votes in the North Shore electorate.  Now they’re shaking their collective heads over how a Labour candidate from 2014 in Northcote can get elected along with a soft blue green type candidate in the ward, with their candidate getting about one third the votes of the winner.

Until the likes of Auckland Future start listening to people who actually do understand it, and until they start beginning to understand, they will continue to fail.  And miserably.

Written by Nick K

October 12, 2016 at 9:42 am

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Phil Goff must have thought all his Christmases had come at once with the news that John Palino was entering the race for the Auckland mayoralty ensuring the centre/right vote would now be split three ways and virtually guaranteeing Goff’s election as Len Brown’s successor.  

Don’t know what’s in the water in Jaffaland but the inability of the centre/right to decide on a single candidate is a tragedy.    Egos and personalities clearly trumps the greater good and that has to be sad for Auckland.

The one hope remaining is that the centre/right will win a majority on the Council and caucus together to prevent Phil from doing what’s in his DNA … spending ratepayer’s money on soft, feel good, projects.    Not certain this will happen however … some of the present bunch of centre/right Councillors (so called) have shown themselves as ‘soft cocks’ prepared to buckle when push comes to shove.

Let’s hope the electorate remembers who they are.

Written by The Veteran

March 3, 2016 at 12:42 am