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Headless Chooks

Headless Chooks-Friday's Money Funny | The Inquiring Mind

Adolf can’t help wondering why the headless chooks running NSW and Victoria don’t just let the damned virus run its course and treat those infected with hydroxychloroqine and zinc or ivermectin, both of which are cheap, plentiful and effective when administered early . (Wikipedia will tell you trials show HCQ is not effective. The lefties who write there avoid telling you it is highly effective when combined with zinc. Apparently HCQ open the virus up, allowing the zinc to enter and kill it.)

The news media is awash with panic headlines about the numbers of new infections but it is impossible to find any reliable figures on the number of deaths caused by the virus. If it was significant it would be on the front page everyday but it isn’t.

So we are destroying our economy to save a few obese and diseased people from dying now instead of just a few months later. In doing so we are killing large numbers of productive young people from suicide, drug overdose and alcohol abuse – brought on by draconian lockdowns which appear to be highly ineffective.

Thank God I live in a part of Australia which has been almost unaffected by this bureaucratic madness.

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July 22, 2021 at 3:56 pm

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Wot! No Masks?

Apparently Sydney’s Muzzies are jumping up and down because the Coppers are increasingly activity in the Muzzie ghettoes, on account of the Muzzies’ remarkable capacity to spread Covid ten times faster than anyone else.

A meeting with dozens of cultural leaders the night before a police crackdown on three Sydney local government areas at the centre of a growing Covid-19 outbreak did little to settle growing angst among residents, many of whom believe their area is being unfairly and disproportionately targeted by authorities.

As health authorities reported 44 new Covid-19 cases on Friday – almost half of them in southwest Sydney – Premier Gladys Berejiklian said her state faced its biggest challenge since the pandemic began and defended the tough police response. “I need everyone to be shocked,” she said.

It worked … yet for many of those who watched the police begin their “high-visibility compliance patrols” across Canterbury Bankstown, Fairfield and Liverpool, the shock was at what they saw as over-kill.

The highly publicised show of force involved not just a deployment of 100 extra officers but also the dog squad, mounted police and even the police air wing, PolAir.

“The police should be out in force across all of Greater Sydney, not just our area,” said Canterbury Bankstown mayor Khal ­Asfour.

Lockdown enforcement: mounted police made a brief appearance around lunchtime along Chapel St, Bankstown, in Sydney’s southwest. Picture: Matrix

Adolf wants to know;-

Why aren’t the bloody horses wearing masks?

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July 10, 2021 at 12:47 pm

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More New English

Once upon a time there was a newspaper called The Australian which could be relied upon to eschew publication of the lies and misinformation put about by leftist academics, politicians and clerics and whose editors had a grasp of the English language.

After a long battle against invasive hordes of poorly educated and ill-equipped cub reporters, The Australian died a few years ago.

Here’s today’s effort.

On Thursday night, Hamze was gunned down by a fusillade of bullets after a car drove past him on Bridge St, near Kid Kyoto restaurant.

I kid you not.

For a start, he was gunned down by an unknown assailant.

For second course, it is likely he was shot as the car drove past. Assassins don’t usually drive past the victim, stop the car, get out, fire half a dozen rounds, get back into the car and drive off.

No mention that he was the head of a MUSIM crime family which is feuding with another MUSLIM crime family.

Bilal Hamze was the cousin of Brothers 4 Life gangster Bassam Hamzy (pictured) who is currently serving time in Goulburn Supermax over a litany of crimes

The Daily Mail carries a more lurid but accurate report.

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June 19, 2021 at 6:52 pm

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Good and Bad Police Brutality

According to reasonable people the following is an act of police brutality as a Minneapolis Police officer places his knee on the back of the neck of an arrested man – a type of chokehold that was approved and in the city’s Police Manual.

The death of the suspect, George Floyd, led to protests around the world as well as protests, riots and looting in the nation where it occurred.

Meanwhile, according to the wisdom of Social Media sites like Twitter and Reddit the following is an acceptable act of police brutality as a Melbourne woman is put in a chokehold while resisting arrest for refusing to wear a mask.

In fact it’s more than just acceptable to the SM folks, it’s approved:

“This is how the Australian police will deal with you if you treat public health and safety directives as a threat to your masculinity or nutjob conspiracy.

That’s just the title of the piece. Reddit commenters weren’t just good with it, most of them were overjoyed at the police handling people like this over not wearing a mask:

For someone being choked she seems rather talkative,” – u/ginger_idiot2

“I don’t think he choked her. She was clearly exaggerating and went into full victim mode as soon as he placed hands on her” – Cpt-Dreamer

“Wish my country would enforce masks like this. Maybe then we would not lead the world in covind (sic) deaths,” – u/bothellguy86.

“It’s like making a 6 year old go to bed early,” – u/JediLlama666.

“She should be allow to kill whoever she wants with covid that’s her right. Makes me sick watch cops trying to detain people that aren’t following the law!” – u/urfriendlypedo.

I feel sure that last one was being sarcastic. Full video follows.

I’d like to think that the different reactions are due to the man dying in the USA and the fact that this woman did not.

But as you see in that thread, what the Left considers “brutality” really only falls into that category if the “brutality” does not serve their purpose. To be fair, a few users did point out that if this were a Black individual being treated like this, or if this were happening for a different reason, then they’d be singing a very different tune. The cop in that video would be probably be classed Public Enemy Number One and he and his family doxxed into hell.

Reading through the majority of comments on that thread makes it clear that it’s certainly never been about police brutality. It’s always about how useful police brutality could be in the political moment.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 25, 2020 at 11:09 am

Welcome To Country

When one attends a public function in Australia one is likely to endure a nauseating ‘welcome to country’ or ‘acknowledgement of country’ before the real business begins.

Welcome to Country

A typical example might start off like this:-

‘Our meeting/conference/workshop is being held on the lands of the [Traditional Owner’s name] people and I wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners.

I would also like to pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and Aboriginal Elders of other communities who may be here today.’

These little speeches are meant to remind everyone that Aboriginals at some time or other occupied the particular piece of land on which the public function is being held. There is a implication that, in fact, these Aboriginals still own it. They are also meant to remind Australians that any property they own was stolen from Aboriginals. Readers will know of the movement to have Australia Day renamed ‘Invasion Day,’ with some extraordinary rewriting of history.

For example, a Whitefella by the name of Bruce Pascoe has made a name for himself by claiming to be a Blackfella and to have evidence that before European colonization of Australia took place, Australian Aboriginals were farmers, engineers and builders.

Elder in Residence | Australian Film Television and Radio School

Unfortunately for Pascoe, the tribe of which he claims membership has given him the bum’s rush. *** (Someone ought to tell the people at Wikipedia who perpetuate the fiction of his Aboriginality.)

Anyway, Adolf has drafted an appropriate speech of recognition of ALL Australians for use by all and sundry.

“Our meeting today is being held on the property of the Smith family who purchased the land from local Aboriginals in 1810.

We recognise the traditional indigenous occupiers of the land along with the eight generations of the current owner’s family who have developed and nurtured the land.

We are glad the traditional indigenous occupiers have enjoyed all the benefits of colonization such as reliable and nutritious food supply, modern medical treatment, motorized transport, weatherproof and warm shelter, some twenty to thirty years of extended life expectancy, footy and pubs.

With sadness we regret the Whitefella has failed to stop the Blackfella from beating up his women, raping his daughters and killing his kids.”

Adolf needs to remind readers that the decendants of his ancestor Te Ika o Te Waruki from down Coromandel way have done pretty well for themselves. Why, one of them is even the mute neutered Deputy Leader of the Labour Party of NZ.

*** From Wiki:-

“He had already responded to the Boonwurrung Land and Sea Council’s rejection of his connection to the Bunurong, saying that his connection was through the Tasmanian family, not through Central Victorian Bunurong.[36] A few days later, the chairman of the Aboriginal Land Council of TasmaniaMichael Mansell, issued a three-page statement on the issue, saying that he does not believe that Pascoe has Indigenous ancestry, and he should stop claiming he does.”

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August 16, 2020 at 7:38 pm

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Could We Please Have Some Perspective?

This morning Adolf stumbled across an analysis which showed the total number of deaths alleged to be caused by Covid-19 in Australia is 108 over the six months duration of this so-called pandemic.


Coronavirus Cases: 9,980

Recovered: 7,768

Deaths: 108

That’s right. Just 108 deaths over six months. However. a glance at the front page of the previously reliable newspaper The Australian would persuade the unintelligent reader, of which there are hundreds of thousands, that Australia is on the brink of destruction as a result of this evil virus.

In the reporting it is nigh on impossible to find any reference to the number of deaths. Why is this so? Because it would deflate the panic narrative so beloved by the media. So, they publish only the numbers of new cases reported because those are big scary numbers. Who wants to know about a paltry little group of 108 dead old buggers?

In fact Australian road accidents saw 353 people killed in just four months of that period but there’s hardly a whimper from our juvenile media.

Well, Australia most certainly is closer to the brink of economic destruction than it was six months ago but that is because of the insane, incompetent and ill informed decisions of various politicians from both sides of the aisle. The damage to people’s health and well-being caused by draconian lock downs is immeasurable as is the number of deaths caused by suicide and the closure of elective surgery facilities.

At last Adolf is seeing signs of sanity returning. It is gradually dawning on the poobahs that ordinary Ockers will not put up much longer with being imprisoned in their own homes and some commentators are even calling for a reopening of the economy with virus management targeted at the most vulnerable, namely the aged and infirm. The sooner the better.

Why didn’t they do that in the first place?

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July 13, 2020 at 2:26 pm

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Acknowledging my Oz background and I will be watching the results of the Eden-Monaro by-election to take place on Saturday with some interest.

The seat is Labor’s fourth most marginal requiring a swing of just 0.85% for them to lose the seat.    It comprises Queanbeyan (dormitory suburb of Canberra) and an extensive rural hinterland.    Mike Kelly who resigned from parliament citing health reasons had a strong personal following and that will hurt Labor.    There are 14 candidates running for the seat but he winner will be either Liberal’s Fiona Kotvojs (who contested the seat at the general election shaving Kelly’s margin by 2 points) and Labor’s Kristy McBain, ex Mayor of Bega.

History tells you Labor should hold Eden-Monaro. The last time a government took a seat from an opposition was at the Kalgoorlie by-election in 1920.    Some have noted the coincidence that the Kalgoorlie by-election was held in the aftermath of the great flu pandemic.    Add into the equation that with Scott Morrison dominating the news cycle and with his personal popularity at an all-time high and the Liberals must however be seen as in with a real chance.

Bottom line is that Morrison can afford to lose but Labor leader Albanese can’t because to do so would provide ammunition for his factional opponents within the Labor Party evidenced this week by the ALP National Executive having to seize control of the Victorian ALP amid allegations of branch stacking with the voting rights of all Victorian ALP members suspended until 2023. 

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July 2, 2020 at 11:30 pm

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Trump was right about China

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Over a month ago, when criticism of China began to rise over how it has handled the Wuhan Flu as a global citizen, there were two immediate responses.
First the Chinese Communist Party went on a global propaganda tear, firing off all sorts of accusations, particularly at the USA.
Second, the usual suspects began to jump up and down about how this was all just the Trump administration trying to deflect attention from American dead and dying. I note that the Chinese propaganda apparat is cleverer than the clunking old Soviets and they have eagerly taken up this angle as well so that the one side reinforces the other.
But in fact Trump has been hammering the idea that the USA is too dependent upon China since the start of his campaign in 2015. I admit I rolled my eyes at this because he was saying the same thing about Japan back in the late 1980’s, and we know how that turned out. What most people have missed however is that Japan never had the sort of global geopolitical goals that the Chinese Communist Party has, nor did it ever appear to turn its economic links into international political leverage as the CCP has, with its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative being the most obvious.
China’s IP (intellectual property) theft, according to an investigation led by Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, is costing the U.S. “between $225 billion and $600 billion annually.” As far back as November 2015 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence reported that China’s hacking was costing U.S. companies $360 billion per year.
But the Bush and Obama administrations decided to overlook China’s duplicity in this area and others for the sake of appeasing both the Chinese government and U.S. business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, whose members didn’t want to lose access to China’s “fast-growing consumer market or to the country’s cheap labor.
But with the Wuhan Flu and their propaganda campaign around it, plus the threats they’ve made, they appear to have pushed it too far and the US blowback is bipartisan:

A Harris poll released on April 6 found that 77 percent of the US population believes China is to blame for the pandemic.

Threats? Well try this on. On March 4 an article titled “Be Bold: The World Owes China a Thank You”, was published in China’s state-run Xinhua news service and amidst all the usual propaganda tropes it noted that China has leverage over the U.S. and Europe because it can restrict the supply of medicines that have been outsourced to China. Specifically the USA could be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”
Frankly I thought this was just the usual boasting bullshit one expects from Communists, but it turns out to be true:

Eighty percent of America’s “active pharmaceutical ingredients” comes from abroad, primarily from China (and India); 45% of the penicillin used in the country is Chinese-made; as is nearly 100% of the ibuprofen. Rosemary Gibson, author of “China Rx,” testified last year to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission about this critical dependence . 

“We can’t make penicillin anymore,” said Gibson. “The last penicillin plant in the United States closed in 2004.”

Other generic drugs whose key ingredients are manufactured in China include medicines for blood pressure medicine, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and depression.

“And they have a plan”

Basically we’ve outsourced our entire industry to China,” retired Brig. Gen. John Adams told NBC News. “That is a strategic vulnerability.”  

Adams, who during a 30-year career served as a military intelligence officer, a military attache in South Korea and deputy U.S. military representative to NATO, added that he believes China understood the implications as it was building a drug ingredients industry. 

“I think they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re incredibly good strategists. They’re doing this, they select their industries for the future and they’ve got a plan.”

I doubt many people in the USA had any idea that China had such control.
So as a result of all these revelations, there has been some serious re-thinking about China going on. Here’s NeverTrumper, Andrew Sullivan, with this article, It’s Time for Conscious Uncoupling With China:

I’m not excusing Trump for his delusions, denial, and dithering — he is very much at fault — but the core source of the destruction was and is Beijing.

For both Europe and America, the delusions that sustained the 21st-century engagement with China have begun to crack. We still don’t know how this virus emerged — and China hasn’t given any serious explanation of its origins. What we do know is that the regime punished and silenced those who wanted to sound the alarm as early as last December, and hid the true extent of the crisis from the rest of the world.

The Chinese dictatorship is, in fact, through recklessness and cover-up, responsible for a global plague and tipping the entire world into a deep depression. It has also corrupted the World Health Organization, which was so desperate for China’s cooperation it swallowed Xi’s coronavirus lies and regurgitated them.

Sullivan gets to the heart of what a great many people, including me, have believed over the last twenty years. There were reservations, but to paraphrase Leo McGarry from The West Wing, was not engagement with China better than Cold War II?

I remember the old debate from the 1990s about how to engage China, and the persuasiveness of those who believed that economic prosperity would lead to greater democracy. COVID-19 is the final reminder of how wrong they actually were.

Bringing a totalitarian country, which is herding its Muslim inhabitants into concentration camps, into the heart of the Western world was, in retrospect, a gamble that has not paid off.

Integrating a communist dictatorship into a democratic world economy is a mug’s game. From now on, conscious decoupling is the order of the day

From the moderate right is Michael Auslin, a fellow at the Hoover Institution:

Xi and the Communist Party care about dominating the propaganda war because the Wuhan virus has stood their nation on a razor’s edge. Xi’s own legitimacy is not merely at stake. His government is ferociously fighting to divert blame and attention, fearing that the world rightfully may utterly reassess modern China, from its technocratic prowess to its safety. Decades of a carefully curated global image may crumble if nations around the globe start paying attention to China’s lax public health care, incompetent and intrusive government, and generally less developed domestic conditions. 

Xi’s fears are well founded, as a global reconsideration of China is long overdue. Legitimate criticisms and doubts about China’s governance and growth model were long suppressed by Chinese pressure and the willingness of many to buy into the Communist Party’s public line. Public shaming of foreign corporations, global influence operations, and “elite capture” — all are policies Beijing has deployed to maintain China’s public image. That carefully tended image is now cracked.

Elite capture? Sounds like New Zealand.

The idea that free trade would lead to a free society in China turned out to be wrong. Their Chinese Communist leadership simply used the wealth to build a 21st century military and security state the East German Stasi could only dream of.

The growing opposition to China is not just coming from the USA and Trump.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be furious with China as he recovers from the coronavirus that nearly killed him. Not only is his government moving to permanently shut out China’s state-controlled electronic firm, Huawei, from the UK’s 5G networks, he has promised that there will be other consequences for China’s failure to share accurate and timely data on the deadly virus.

Meanwhile Japan’s government got the ball rolling in early April, announcing that it will start paying its companies to relocate out of China. If that surprises you then you probably haven’t paid much attention to the anti-Japanese propaganda campaign the CCP has whipped up over the last decade inside China, plus the power-play it pulled back in 2010, when it blocked the export of rare-earth minerals to Japan over territorial disputes in the East China Sea, although that’s just one of many.

Even Iran was not happy with China, with a Health spokesman saying that China’s statistics were “a bitter joke“, adding that, if Beijing said it got the coronavirus epidemic under control within two months of its outbreak, “one should really wonder [if it is true].” although Iranian leaders did their best to paper over the cracks.

Then there was Italy, one of the hardest hit nations in the EU, with the Northern regions of Lombardy and Tuscany showing the worst infection rates and death tolls. To the outside world this was a bit of a mystery at first, until it turned out that they were the two regions that had the most intimate contact with China. Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens worked in the areas and constantly flew between the two nations. It enabled things like Italy’s traditional shoe industry to survive the decline in the number of skilled Italian workers, control costs, and retain the precious “Made In Italy” stamp.

No wonder all the shoes and boots I looked at during our 2019 trip looked the same.

Italy had been warned about this by other EU members when it signed up to OBOR in 2019, the only G7 nation to do so. They probably felt they had no choice:

Italy’s economy has been struggling for two decades. It has seen three recessions in 10 years. Its unemployment rate stood at 10.3 percent, and its youth unemployment rate was 33 percent as of 2018. According to Marco Annunziata of Forbes, the living standards in Italy today are roughly the same as they were 20 years ago because very little growth has occurred.

As part of the deal, Italy opened an array of sectors to Chinese investment, from infrastructure to transportation, including letting Chinese state-owned companies hold a stake in four major Italian ports. The deal gave communist China a foothold in the heart of Europe, but [Prime Minister] Conte downplayed it as “no big deal at all.

And how happy to do you think the governments of Spain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands are after they recalled Chinese masks and testing kits when large batches were found to be defective? French President Emmanuel Macron has said the West’s acquiescence to China’s approach is “naïve” and in a visit to Beijing earlier this year said the new Silk Road China is anxious to rebuild “cannot be one-way.” France is also one of the EU nations hardest hit by the Wuhan Flu.

Not that the EU will be much use on this. A couple of weeks ago they were all set to release a report on the coronavirus pandemic.

An early draft of the report cited several key actions by communist China, including its slow initial cover-up and response, and its ongoing disinformation campaign to create confusion over its role and try blaming others including the United States.

It cited Beijing’s efforts to curtail mentions of the virus’s origins in China, in part by blaming the United States for spreading the disease internationally. It noted that Beijing had criticized France as slow to respond to the pandemic and had pushed false accusations that French politicians used racist slurs against the head of the World Health Organization. The report also highlighted Russian efforts to promote false health information and sow distrust in Western institutions. 

Russia eh? Something tells me we won’t be hearing much about that from the Russia Collusion screamers.

“The Chinese are already threatening with reactions if the report comes out,” Lutz Güllner, a European Union diplomat, wrote to colleagues on Tuesday in an email seen by The Times.

The NYT reports that once China found out about the report, it made a few calls to see if Europe would delay and airbrush on Beijing’s behalf or not. This was a test of the EU’s resolve, as one European official noted. Would Europe stick to the facts, or would it wilt in the face of harsh words from foreign dictatorship?

I’ll take “fetal position” for €10, Alex. And so it came to be:

Worried about the repercussions, European officials first delayed and then rewrote the document in ways that diluted the focus on China, a vital trading partner — taking a very different approach than the confrontational stance adopted by the Trump administration.

The sentence about China’s “global disinformation” campaign was removed, as was any mention of the dispute between China and France. Other language was toned down. And other facts got dropped into footnotes and appendices.

Turns out that one Ester Osorio, a senior aide to the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell, was the person who ordered the report delayed and altered. According to the report, Osorio also tried to cover her own tracks and although some EU officials are unhappy with the move…

“Such appeasement will set a terrible precedent and encourage similar coercion in the future,” an analyst, Monika Richter, wrote to her colleagues and supervisors in an email seen by The Times. She said that European Union diplomats were “self-censoring to appease the Chinese Communist Party.” She also wrote that it was a lie to claim that the document had not been scheduled for release.

… the fact is that the report is out there now, ready for use in China’s propaganda efforts.

European appeasement. This is my shocked face.

The trouble is that actually uncoupling from China in any way at all is going to be tough. It’s going to mean nations sucking up increased costs for re-establishing strategic industries – such as the production of  basic pharmaceuticals: ordinary little things never thought of as strategic before. And we’re not talking about the same challenge as facing the clapped-out Soviets:

Soviet Communists told their most talented scientists, “Invent something new, and we’ll give you a medal, and maybe a dacha.” China says, “Invent something new, launch an Initial Public Offering, and become a billionaire.” By the end of 2019 there were 285 billionaires in China—including Alibaba’s Jack Ma, who, like many of his fellow billionaires, is a Communist Party member. 

There are more Marxists in Cambridge, Massachusetts, than in all of China. I met a professed Marxist over dinner in Beijing a couple of years ago—a pleasant fellow who taught Marxist-Leninist doctrine at the Communist Party’s cadre school. His daughter had just graduated from a top American university; he asked if I could help her get a job on Wall Street.

I love that story. But still, as I have often pointed out, Marxism is merely used as a rationale for maintaining exactly the same type of centralised, bureaucratic, technocratic empire that has arisen in China repeatedly over the last 5000 years, with its “Mandate From Heaven“.

We aren’t facing drunken, corrupt Soviet bureaucrats, but a Mandarin elite cherry-picked from the brightest university graduates of the world’s largest country. America confronts something far more daunting than moth-eaten Marxism: a 5,000-year-old empire that is pragmatic, curious, adaptive, ruthless—and hungry. China’s current regime is cruel, but no crueler than the Qin dynasty that buried a million conscript laborers in the Great Wall. China was, and remains, utterly ruthless.

But the rest of the world still has considerable leverage since the links go both ways. On April 17, Chinese officials said their country’s economy shrank by 6.8 percent from January to March 2020, compared with one year ago. The business problems were already obvious, as outlined in this article last year.

This is the first economic contraction since Mao’s death in 1976 and a double blow for a nation that expects and needs 6%+ per annum growth. Things are likely to have got worse since then. There are numerous business reports detailing that even as businesses have re-started in China their order books are down drastically. How long that can go on before unemployment and general social unrest follow? China may think it can simply follow history and crush internal dissent, and it may well be able to, but that’s short-term; it has to have economic growth, so it may be more amenable to various Western demands now than before the virus.

And there is now no doubt that those demands are going to be made and those supply chain uncouplings are going to happen. The USA and EU nations are not going to allow themselves to be exposed like this again.

Where this leaves New Zealand is a tough question. Thanks to the FTA signed with China twenty years ago we are well plugged-in to that nation for both exports and imports. And we can expect no support from aging Lefties still stuck on their anti-US grudges. Although it has been pointed out that our export exposure to them is not so great that we can’t push back on them.

Still, China has already issued threats to Australia that it would stop importing things like beef and wine from them if they continue to push for an inquiry into the origin of the global coronavirus outbreak. We can expect the same treatment, although I doubt we’ll be pushing China for anything at all as both Labour and National seem to be part of that “elite capture” mentioned earlier, which is always the key to control of a colony. For all our bold talk of standing tall in the 1980’s and breaking free of Britain and the USA the fact is that we still have a colonial mindset, and China is the new empire.

Come On Hollywood. Put Taiwan & Japan back
on Maverick’s Jacket for Top Gun II 

One suggestion: join with Australia in pushing for Taiwan’s entry into international bodies like the WHO, the UN and so forth. They’re a good democracy in a greater sense than just voting; having proved that they have institutions, including law and order, that are solidly based on democracy.

And they were more help to other nations in this crisis than China. China will explode with fury but nobody should believe their one country, two systems bullshit any longer, having seen what happened to Hong Kong, and I don’t see why the 1949 split should mean that China still has a claim on Taiwan.

Sadly, I don’t think New Zealand has the guts to do that, but if Adern decides to do so, she’ll have my vote.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 6, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Australia for the Win?

Given how dreadfully useless our MSM is I like to make a point of linking to other blog sites for actual thinking, research and argument. To that end here is some material from Australian economist Jim Rose, and his blog Utopia.

In this article he takes a comparative look at how Australia and New Zealand are coping with the Wuhan Bat Soup virus, NZ locked down, Australia is social distancing.

New Zealand                                                            Australia








That data from Google Mobility for April 17 gives the lie to the claim that the Australian “lockdown” is similar to ours. In every major category from Retail & Recreation to Residential, the NZ figures are tougher than Australia’s – often vastly tougher.

Yet both nations are tracking similarly for the virus. As Rose said:

With many sections of media screaming for tighter lockdowns, as they sung the praises of New Zealand’s PM Jacinta Arden, insisting that Australia must follow New Zealand‘s lead; closing hardware stores, shutting down the building industry, banning takeaways (so you couldn’t even get a coffee) and hairdressers – our PM had to make a decision. 

And he stood firm, stating ‘’every worker is an essential worker’’ as he rejected imposing a New Zealand type lockdown that many were calling for. 

Several weeks later, we now see that Scott Morrison was right…

If our PM had of followed NZ, as many ABC types where calling for – we’d have a million more at least unemployed, and we’d be tens of billions more in debt.

No wonder I’m not seeing any more Facebook/Twitter or blog postings and comments filled with snark and mockery about the stupid, Right-Wing, Conservative, Christian PM of Australia – “ScoMo” and “Scotty From Marketing” as the snide had it in the early days of April.

And what will they be saying about the comparison in a few months time when the Australian economy has got up off its knees in better shape than us?

Meantime, while I had not looked into what Australian medical experts were saying it seems Rose has that also:

Peter Collignon (one of Australia’s leading infectious diseases experts) said the latest data showed New Zealand, with a population of 4.7 million, had about 20 new COVID-19 cases a day compared with Australia, population 25.5 million, averaging about 50 a day. 

He said the good news was that both countries had managed to reverse the curve, but while New Zealand had imposed more draconian “level four” lockdown measures, Australia’s less stringent approach appeared to have been as effective. 

New Zealand has been locking everybody in their houses, there’s no going to Bunnings, and there is no evidence they are doing any better,” Professor Collignon said. 

I actually worry that what may be happening in New Zealand is if you come down too hard, people stop complying as much as they should.’

The blog followed this up with an interesting comparison of Australia to Sweden in terms of “lockdown”.


There’s actually not as much difference between Oz and Sweden in terms of mobility reduction as there is between Oz and NZ.

And of course the more locked down you are the tougher it is to get out of it, which brings me to one of the key insights of the infamous Spanish Flu of 1918.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 26, 2020 at 7:55 pm

A Pandemic

The latest I hear is that supermarkets in Australia are recalling popular brands of toilet paper on account of the central rolls having been imported from China.

It’s enough to give a Millennial the shits.

Meanwhile, the second Australian death attributable to coronavirus has occurred.  Another frail elderly person like the first one.  This time a 95 year old rest home resident.

Australia is in the grip of a pandemic.  It’s called Old Age.

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March 5, 2020 at 1:15 am

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