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Where Were They…….

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””””” when far more serious and plausible rape allegations were made against Labor leader Shorten?

Christian Porter has withdrawn his high-stakes defamation action against the ABC after the public broadcaster conceded historical rape allegations against him could not be substantiated.

The former attorney-general is believed to have received a payout from the ABC towards his substantial legal costs but the terms of the settlement have not been released.

The Australian

Nowhere to be seen, of course. To a man, the Australian news media ignored the story, refusing to publish the name of the ‘senior labor figure’ accused in an affidavit of rape. Of course the police did not prosecute. This is Australia.

It’s time the ABC had it’s budget cut by ten times the amount of settlement and legal costs of defamation claims.


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May 31, 2021 at 6:18 pm

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The Poor Old Australian Labor Party

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Their Arse

Shorten promotes 'party hack' | The New Daily

Their Albo

And the poor buggers still can’t tell the difference!

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May 20, 2021 at 11:52 am

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of Jacinda Ardern’s shouting from the rooftops that the Australian Government’s policy of deporting foreign nationals who commit serious crimes in that country was having a corrosive effect on trans-tasman relationships has clearly born fruit …

of the poisoned variety with that government proposing to amend their legislation to to have it that anyone charged with a crime that carries a jail sentence of two years or more will now be eligible for deportation.   Currently the law has it that you have to be convicted of a crime that carries a jail sentence of two years or more.   Read the report here.

You can debate the rights and wrongs of this proposed new law but, one thing for sure, the Prime Minister’s intervention and the ham-fisted way she handled it has backfired big time.

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July 31, 2019 at 5:00 am

A Smack Behind The Ear

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This piece of newspaper commentary on Labor’s disaster stood out.

It was also a rejection of shrill hectoring from goat-cheese-circle bullies who are incapable of understanding how an economy actually works in the real world.’

The writer, John Black, has an interesting background.   And yes, Adolf was a big fan of Labor’s Fred Daly, shearer turned politician.  A brilliant debater and great mates with Liberal Party member and QC Jim Killen.

When it comes to the future for Labor, like most old journalists, I’m usually a lousy judge of leaders, but I think Anthony Albanese will do OK. He is Labor’s latter-day combination of Labor icons Mick Young and Freddie Daly, rolled into the same rumbled suit. He’ll front up and do the job well, but he has to win back traditional Labor voters in seats well outside his demographic comfort zone.”

This means not repeating the mistakes of Labor’s campaign and there’s plenty there to choose from.

John Black pioneered election profiling in Australia in the 1970s and is a former Labor senator for Queensland.

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May 25, 2019 at 6:57 am

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Acerbic Comment of the Day

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From Dennis Shanahan at The Australian – talking about the bullshit which is ‘gender balance.’

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg are a couple of white middle class,balding males who seemed to have mightily survived the absence of long-term Liberal deputy Julie Bishop.”

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May 21, 2019 at 7:38 am

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Post Oz Election

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Half an hour ago PM Morrison got his clear majority with the winning of Chisholm.   Can anyone imagine what the result would have been had Turnbull not been booted?

The Libs need to move to expel Turnbull from the party.   They don’t need a vindictive flailed leader around the place at the next election.

In my view, astronomically high electricity prices are the most important issue which must be quickly resolved.  From cheaper electricity flows employment and economic growth and another win in 2022.

Happy days!

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May 21, 2019 at 4:22 am

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I see the AEC are now projecting a possible 77 seats for the Coalition (76 previously) vs 68 for the ALP (69 previously).   They have just called the Wentworth seat for the Liberals having been wrested back from the Independent who took it in the bi-election when Malcolm Turnbull quit in a fit of pique, 

Meanwhile, in a move I find fascinating, Julia Gillard has reentered the ‘game’ by throwing her weight behind Tanya Plibesek in her bid to become ALP leader.    Her only rival at this stage is Anthony Albenese.   Both are from the NSW ‘left’ faction.    As I understand it votes are split 50/50 between the rank and file membership and the caucus.   Albanese lost to Shorten last time round despite being the ‘peoples’ choice.  Appears he has some problems with his caucus colleagues and the intervention by Gillard seems, to me, designed to ensure the caucus picks Plibesek.   I do enjoy blood sports.

The part the climate change debate played out in the election has, I think, implications for us in New Zealand.   For the true believer in climate change there can be no compromise.   It’s my way or the highway.   Clearly the affluent have the ability to indulge in absolutes.   The blue-collar worker doesn’t.    They can figure it out for themselves that its the moral argument vs the economic argument and when push comes to shove the economic argument (jobs) wins hands down.   The trick is to balance the two arguments and certainly neither the ALP there, nor the CoL here, have come anywhere near to figuring out the middle ground.    In New Zealand the proposed carbon emissions legislation will have a substantial impact of the farming sector and certainly result in job loses while e the  decision to end oil and gas exploration, big on virtue signalling, may well led to an increase in our carbon emissions signature.

A number of Oz commentators called it the climate change election and the loser of the argument stayed on the Opposition benches.

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May 20, 2019 at 4:21 am


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and won the election the pundits said he couldn’t possibly win.  

Shorten did a Hewson and lost he election he couldn’t possibly lose and has now walked away from the ALP leadership.

and Australia dodged a bullet.

There are lessons to be learned from the election not the least being that if you over-egg the climate change debate you run the risk of losing electoral support.     Certainly the ALP paid a big price for doing that, particularly in Queensland.   But I suspect that’s a message the climate change Nazis will turn a deaf ear to.  

In the meantime spare a thought for David … nah, on second thought, don’t bother.

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May 18, 2019 at 2:29 pm


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I suspect the only thing preventing a Labor victory tonight is Labor itself.    If Abbott and Turnbull were disagreeable characters then I’m not sure how you can characterize Shorten.

I will be watching the result in Abbott’s seat with of Warringah with some interest.  After-all, it’s not too often you see the son of an (admittedly deposed) Liberal Prime Minister making robo calls to an electorate calling on voters to dump the Liberal candidate.    Perhaps, just perhaps, Abbott’s time is up.   Even were he to be returned one suspects he will remain on the outer of the parliamentary Liberal Party throwing arrows.

One thing for sure.   The voting public are sick and tired of revolving door Prime Ministers.   The last twelve years haven’t been good ones for Australian democracy.

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May 18, 2019 at 1:05 am

More Good News For David (Update II

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The latest IPSOS poll documents Bill Shorten’s political suicide note delivered by his good friend Dr Kerryn Phelps, the so-called independent member for Wentworth.  This changed the law to give any two doctors right of veto over ministerial decisions to prevent particular illegal immigrants from entering Australia.  (In a brilliant move, PM Morrison has reopened the Christmas Island detention centre and announced that is where they will be held in Australia.  They ain’t coming to the mainland.


The Queensland Labor government at the last moment introduced a one man environmental report  questioning the fate of the supposedly endangered Black Finch in the event the Galilee Basin coal mine proposed by Adani goes ahead.  Readers should note the project has the approval of the Queensland environmental authorities.  The Melbourne academic who wrote the report has a long track record of anti-coal activism.

As a result, one Steven Conroy, a past federal Labor minister, has predicted this latest move will cost labor swags of seats in Queensland.  By my count there are at least four Labor held seats which will flip to the coalition with even a minor anti-Labor swing.  However the story gets better.

The militant CFMEU union has announced it will campaign hard AGAINST any Labor MP who has not actively supported the Adani project.  You see, Northern Queensland is in a slump at the moment, largely thanks to Clive Palmer’s mismanagement of Queensland Nickel, while Adani is slated to provide 25,000 desperately needed jobs in the region and the CFMEU desperately needs all those 25,000 people to be paying their union dues.

PM Morrison must be laughing his arse off.   Hey Billy Boy, if the boat people don’t get you, the Black Finches will!


It keeps getting better.  Apparently Christmas Island, although part of Australia, is not part of its designated immigration zone and, accordingly, those who are ensconced there have no right to the Australian legal system to push their bogus claims for asylum.

Update II

The Nauru government has just passed legislation banning the use of ‘video doctoring’ in the assessment of illegal immigrants for medical transfer to Australia.   The gnashing of teeth on the left is palpable.

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February 19, 2019 at 2:00 am

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