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The Bernie Sanders struggle session

It’s been a standard part of Left-wing belief for decades now that Big Pharma is just another horrible aspect of capitalism, especially American capitalism, where huge corporations suck vast sums of money out of the pockets of The People in order to line their own, and do so with the connivance of the government, both via corrupted politicians and its bureaucrats.

Bernie Sanders, probably America’s No. 1 such thinker, was at it again the other day, Bernie Sanders Opposes Nomination Of Biden’s FDA Pick:

“We need leadership at the FDA that is finally willing to stand up to the greed and power of the pharmaceutical industry. In this critical moment, Dr. Califf is not the leader Americans need at the agency and I will oppose his nomination,” Sanders said in the tweet.

You can see his point when you look at this.

The thing is that without all that power, greed and influence with the FDA it’s unlikely that any of these C-19 vaccines would have been developed in the record-breaking time they were, especially compared with the history of such things:

This history should not be a surprise when you consider the development process for a vaccine:

Bernie’s actually been rather shocked that places like Cuba and France, indeed all of the places he lauds as having better economic and healthcare systems than the USA, failed to develop their own vaccines. If he thought about this he might consider whether the lack of Big Pharm’s “obscene” profits might have something to do with that, along with the regulatory aspects that he also rails against.

And of course it sets up a conflict with Bernie’s other long-held belief in this area; that vaccinations should be mandated across the board, although he’s flip-flopped on that issue.

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December 19, 2021 at 10:05 am

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Even so the MSM journalists are not even trying to hide their bias in favour of the public sector, likely because it’s so engrained in their thinking that it’s just unconscious now.

And naturally this is also why almost all other MSM reporting runs the same way on so many issues: Anderson Cooper is not an exception. It’s not thinking bias, which would be bad enough, but simple herd behaviour.


And in other similar news, Bernie Sanders finally suspended his campaign a couple of days ago, so Biden will now be the Democrat Party nominee for President. It’s been obvious for over a month now that Bernie was just not going to make it and likely only his stubborness kept him going even this long. But the inability to campaign because of the virus was what finally stopped him cold.

The whole business of “suspension” rather than just quitting has more to do with campaign financing laws nowadays. The FEC doesn’t consider a campaign to be done and dusted until its debts are paid, cash dumped into other accounts and the whole thing tidied up, which usually means that some donating is still required. Of course it does also allow a campaign to roar back to life if something changes, but that’s not the primary reason.

The whole thing is a huge indictment of the quality of the other Democrat candidates, given Biden’s terrible weaknesses that I outlined last year here and here – and he’s got visibly worse since then as the following collection of video clips shows.


And all this in just about the most controlled environment that a politician can get. Sure, Biden got through the campaign debates so perhaps this is all just lowering expectations for the debates against Trump. Simply being his old, word-salad self could be regarded as a win. But there are surely limits on how low that bar can be set?

How on earth could the rest not do at least as well as Bernie in at even staying the distance? Sure, each one had weaknesses, but they also had strengths compared to both Biden and Sanders. It probably is similar to the 2016 GOP process, where the favoured candidates spent so much time beating on eachother that Trump could slip through, and in the final stages of this campaign Bernie showed he was unwilling to go for the throat, just as in 2016 against Hillary.

But it’s also an indictment of the entire Democrat “establishment” – the incestuous little world of activists, donors, party chiefs and seated politicians. They’re the ones who gave up on the other alternatives to Sanders and decided to pick up a flailing Biden and push him over the line on Super Tuesday. He won in states where he’d not even campaigned and where he’d spent almost no money, largely because his campaign was almost broke.

The hard line Leftists at the magazine Jacobin are not happy, as can be seen in this article, Voters Won’t Risk Their Lives for Joe Biden:

No one will fight for this man. No one will risk their lives for this man. In 2020, faced with a raging pandemic on one hand and the hopeless politics of the Democratic Party on the other, voters will once more decide, wisely, to stay at home.

Normally I would dismiss such anger because it’s the natural aftermath when a favoured candidate loses. Such people, after letting off steam, usually drift through the Kubler-Ross stages and vote for the Party’s nominee.

But one of the many problems the Democrats face is that having their voters staying home is exactly what happened in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. Granted Biden is not hated by many Democrats as Hillary was. On the contrary he’s quite beloved. But as the Jacobin article shows, that feeling is not the sort of enthusiastic belovedness attending Obama. It’s more that Democrats regard Biden as one might a silly old Uncle: “That’s just Joe” has been the refrain for years now.

Combine that attitude among many Democrat voters with the more hard-edged disdain of the Bernie Bros, Trump’s rising approval ratings thanks to the Wuhan Virus pandemic, the massive carpet bombing attacks the GOP will unleash on Biden, and Trump’s total willingness to rip into his opponent’s weakest spots, and it looks like a huge uphill struggle for Biden, and this time the DNC can’t get him across the line by itself.

As expected the Trump campaign was quick off the mark with the following video, which hits all the right marks, given what’s on people’s minds right now.

Biden Stands Up for China.

Bernie’s Last Stand

After all the excitement leading up to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and then Super Tuesday,  things have become raather dull in the race for the Democrat Party nomination.

Joe Biden’s resurgence, as he got picked up and carried past Bernie by the rest of a panicking Democrat Party, continued on into the March 10 votes and now that the dust has cleared it’s clear that Bernie only won a single state – Idaho.

Biden cleaned up in Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and North Dakota, often with huge winning margins. As of this writing Washington state has still not declared a result but Biden holds a slim lead of 35% to Sanders 33.7% with a little less than 80% of the vote counted. The state does such voting only by mail, which seems a little stupid and is the reason for the delay. Nevertheless, it’s hard to see Biden losing the state from this point.

And this is where they currently stand in terms of delegates.

Based on Super Tuesday results and his 2016 performance, Sanders expected to at least do well out West, but that turned out not to be the case amid the Biden resurgence.

In fact if you compare his results from 2020 to 2016 for these states you can see that he’s actually gone backwards.

He won five of those states against Clinton in 2016. In 2020 just the one.

And even then he ultimately lost against Clinton.

The question is why Bernie failed? He had more money, a much better organisation, and was facing a split field compared to 2016. Not only that but the whole argument of 2016 supporting Clinton – that she was the formidable, electable candidate of the mainstream – had been badly weakened by her subsequent loss in the general election.

Not only that, but the rise of AOC and others like her in 2018 seemed to indicate that hard-line socialism was about to finally break through inside the Democrat Party. Bernie’s 2016 effort only just failed it was argued, so surely 2020 would be the breakthrough.

But it just didn’t happen.

I never expected Bernie to win the nomination for a number of reasons, mostly around his hard-core socialist beliefs, which he tried to moderate by talking about Scandanavian Social Democracy, but which was belied by his past worship of the USSR and Cuba, and his refusal to back down on some of his silliest claims about them. Commies gotta commie.

There was also the fact of his vaunted “outsider” status; it might come back to bite him on the bum as Democrats – especially Black voters – began to get their backs up about selecting a guy who had spat on them for forty years as corporate sell-outs. People so low in his estimation that he proudly stood to one side as a self-declared Socialist. And that’s exactly what happened in Palmetto State. But in the wake of that South Carolina result he still could not let go of this theme, blaming “billionaires” for his loss when it was obvious it was down to him being rejected by Black voters. Commies gotta commie.

Then there was the violence of many of his supporters, believers in Lenin’s dictum of violence being a necessary part of the revolution.  Commies gotta commie.

Bernie tried denying this and disavowing such activists but they were too many and varied to be pushed aside, and other Democrats like Warren began to notice.

And then of course were Bernie’s strange, personal quirks.

All that wild hand and arm-waving at the podiums, the thick Brooklyn accent undiminished by five decades in the leafy confines of Vermont.

But in the end it may have simply come down to the crude question of who Democrat voters think is more electable against Trump.

I expected another Democrat candidate – especially Warren – to win that argument easily against Sanders while gathering up his voters. But I never thought things would get so desperate for the Democrats that it would be Joe Biden. As it happened, in the wake of Bernie’s Nevada win, Biden was the only one left; last man standing.

So like some Praetorian Guard hoisting a non-entity upon their shoulders to proclaim him Emperor, the Democrat machine got out the vote for the almost broke Biden and won states for him where he never even campaigned or advertised himself.

The next big round of voting will be on March 17, with four large states: Florida, Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, representing another 577 delegates.

Before then there will be one last debate, on March 15, which Bernie has decided to hang in for. I’m glad about that, as it will be a preview of the Trump-Biden debates later this year. Clearly Joe Brain Bleed has…. issues…, but the question is whether Bernie is really willing to fight. He gave Hillary a huge pass on her email problems in 2016, commenting that it was “silly” and he wasn’t going to get into it. Policy and ideas are what he’s all about.

But if 2016 did not teach him the lesson that politics is a brutal, personal contest then his treatment at the hands of the mainstream Democrats in this cycle should have. This is his last chance and he’s decided to take it, but will he really go for Biden’s throat?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Admittedly, even if he does, I expect Biden will now win all of those state primaries. And this will, unlike 2016, represent a clean win; Bernie Bros will be unhappy but cannot point to fiddling with rules and other underhanded tricks. They won’t like it but the bulk of the Party, the “moderates”, rejected their guy.

But not his ideas, just the way he packaged them.

The question now is whether the Bernie-AOC wing of the party really hate Trump or the system the most? If it’s the former then they may come on board for Biden in November – they certainly don’t hate him the way Clinton was hated.

If it’s the latter then they may just sit this one out and aim for 2024 with a younger, slicker candidate, confident as ever that history is on their side?

Written by Tom Hunter

March 12, 2020 at 8:25 pm

Selling the rope to your hangman

There are a number of variations on this theme, all attributed to either Lenin, Stalin or Khruschev – and it’s almost certainly apocryphal. Still, they all expressed ideas along these lines, and I’d bet that Khruschev in particular, with his puckish sense of humour, may have wished he’d said something like it:

When the time comes to hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.

I thought of this quote the other day as I read an article about where Bernie has been getting his money from. He has famously boasted that he is not supported by corporations but by individuals – and not much via Superpac’s either:

Super PACs, officially known as “independent expenditure-only political action committees,” may engage in unlimited political spending (on, for example, ads) independently of the campaigns, but are not allowed to either coordinate or make contributions to candidate campaigns or party coffers. Unlike traditional PACs, Super PACs can raise funds from individuals, corporations, unions, and other groups without any legal limit on donation size.

And he appears to be telling the truth, judging by the data from the US Federal Election Commission website on the fundraising and expenditure of the various campaigns. You can download the data if you wish to go totally geek.
He raised $25 million in January alone and has spent more than $50 million to date on his campaign, beating Biden in both categories.
That will almost certainly decline now as it becomes more obvious that the bulk of the Democrat Party is not going to allow him to win the primaries and get the nomination.
Still, what got me was the sort of “ordinary” people this data tells us are supporting Bernie:

Geographically, Bernie’s top dollar zip code is 94110 in San Francisco. The average household income in this part of the Mission District, specifically the Inner Mission, the Bernal Heights area, is $166,302. The median home value is around $1.5 million and the median rent is almost $5,000 a month.

That should not be a surprise given that it’s the employees of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft who make up three out of the top 4 Bernie donors-by-employer, with Apple employees in fifth place. A typical senior engineer at Google makes $US 250,000 per year – before stock options.
But it’s the same story on the other coast where the talk has been of the support Bernie gets from his old Brooklyn neighbourhood; working class and all that. Nope:

[Zip code] 11215 or Park Slope is the second biggest top dollar zip code of Bernie donors.The neighborhood, formerly urban, known as the home of Mayor Bill de Blasio, and the Park Slope Food Co-Op…. [is] filled with renovated brownstones filled with wealthy hipsters. It’s a place where a three-bedroom apartment can go for $2.9 million.

And so on down the list. It’s quite a joke considering the Class Warfare that Bernie constantly preaches. This is not the top 1%, they’re the top 0.001%! Why are these wealthy young people supporting a guy who condemns people like them?
A bottle of your best micro-brew! And be quick about it.
Perhaps it’s guilt? While the tech engineers of Silicon Valley work brutal hours for their high incomes that’s not true of the urban hipsters of Park Slope or Chicago’s Logan Square (#8 on Bernie’s list).
Such places have gentrified rapidly in the last twenty years, with renovated houses and apartments and filled with all the usual stuff of micro-brew pubs, delis and “farmers markets”. The jokes about Trust Fund babies made by other inhabitants of those cities have a sting to them.
Perhaps like the old elites of the European Middle Ages with the Catholic Church they’re simply buying indulgences, paying off their sins both past and future, as we see with Warmists flying private jets.
But I think it’s more that they just don’t think any of the Socialist stuff will hurt them. Their wealth, particularly for those who have inherited it, has made them unthinking about how it is created, how it can be so easily destroyed, and how the free enterprise system can be so screwed up that nobody can ever become wealthy. And when you look at the stupidities of supposedly educated people when it comes to money in the realm of millions and billions (“I was told there would be no Math“) you can see how the problem compounds.
They believe in Free Stuff because they’ve been the beneficiaries of free stuff all their useless lives. They think that’s how society can work.
There’s Class Warfare all right – and it’s being waged on the working classes and the poor by Bernie’s people. It starts with wealthy young white people in major urban areas who have made places like Logan Square, Prospect Heights and Echo Park so expensive that working and middle-class people have been forced out. But it ends when the same people support the wholesale destruction of industries – like fracking – that enable working class people to have good, even large wages that allow them to buy houses and cars and have families.

In all this they’re perfect matches for the likes of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Che, Castro, Pol Pot and a host of other communist leaders and activists who in no way came from The Toiling Masses but from wealthy or at least comfortable backgrounds of inherited wealth and good education.

Carlos Mazza
And here’s the latest example, Carlos Mazza.
Isn’t he just such a perfect match for the generic hipster whose photo I included earlier?
Mr Mazza is a fearsome Far Lefter, judging by his Twitter account description:

“Marxist pig. Liberal fascist. Queer scum. He/Him. YouTube profits off of hate speech. IG: gaywonk.”

Wow! Impressive. He apparently has a couple of hundred thousand followers on Twitter so naturally I’d never heard of him before yesterday.
His particular speciality was ripping other Lefties who claimed to speak for the common folk while being as rich as shit themselves. Starting with a recent Bernie Foe, former Bill Clinton advisor and solid Democrat James Carville:


Now given the thrust of this OP I’m somewhat on board with this message. There’s just one problem and it was uncovered by a reporter from – yes – the New York Post. It turns out that this is where Mr Mazza lives:

Carlos’s bachelor pad

Public records show Vivian, Scott, Carlos and sister Isabel all registered to vote at a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom waterfront palace in Boca Raton, Florida. The property sold in 2018 for $10.8 million

Well it’s one of the places where he lives. Turns out that they also own a $7 million condominium on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. They also own a yacht by luxury maker boat-maker Donzi.

All of this due to his Mummy and StepDaddy having created a software firm in Florida that now employs about 5000 people. They are worth hundreds of millions of dollars at a minimum and apparently support their sons “lifestyle”. If this prick ever does do a hard week’s work – especially physical work – in his pathetic life, he’ll probably drop dead of exhaustion on the Friday.

Incidently, the reporter who dug all this up, Jonathan Levine, was punished by being locked out of his Twitter account. Exposing socialist hypocrisy is contrary to Twitter’s guidelines which, given its membership, is not surprising.

It also turns out that Mr Mazza solicits donations of $2 per month to $10 per month from “comrades”, using sites like Patreon.

I’d suggest he sell them rope instead. The “comrades” will know what to do with it.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 9, 2020 at 6:36 pm

USA Democrat Party: And then there were Two!

Sad but true.

It was reported a few weeks ago that in preparing for his first debate, one of Bloomberg’s staff who acted as a surrogate for Bernie said that he based his routine on Statler. But a lot of people had been making that joke for weeks, and now here we are!

With Elizabeth Warren finally quitting, the path is now clear for Sanders and Biden to go at eachother hammer and tongs. She should have dropped out sooner but suffered from delusions of grandeur and possibly wished to continue to bask in the warmth of having killed Bloomberg in his first debate.

Weekend at Joe’s

The pressure being placed by the Bernie Bros on her to pull out had been increasing for two weeks as they demanded that she do for Bernie what Buttigieg and Klobucher did for Joe Biden last week.

There were two differences of course. First was that Warren did not have the weight of most of the Democrat Party on her back pushing her out.

Actually the DNC would probably have been quite happy for Warren to stay in the race, since her positions track so closely to Bernie’s that it’s assumed she must be splitting the votes of that lane. The longer that went on the happier they’d be.

But there was also the fact that the Bernie Bros just could not help their inner Leninist coming out and were waging an increasingly bitter war against Warren supporters on Social Media and elsewhere:

The feud is not just happening behind closed doors, either. Both sides, but the Bernie Bros especially, have been blasting each other on social media, with some suggesting Warren was part of an establishment conspiracy to halt Berniementum:

Warren would not have want it thought that she was quitting in the face of that nastiness. Yet another example of the Sanders campaign being its own worst enemy. Still, sooner or later reality had to bite Warren.

So now the Democrats are left with Castro Bernie or Joe Brain-Bleed as their choice. Fantastic stuff.

Jim Clyburn

Joe certainly got his 72 hours of Joementum after his desperately needed win in the South Carolina primary – and then some. The main reason for that win seems to have been the influence of Democrat heavyweight Congressman Jim Clyburn, who really put his shoulder behind Bernie and urged Black voters to get behind him as well.

It worked! Black Democrats in South Carolina may have effectively decided the party’s nominee, rescuing a failing candidacy from the brink of death and propelling it to juggernaut status overnight.

And in doing so proved not only that the Black vote is still a huge factor in the Democrat primary but that, once again, money is not the game-changer, as if the Bloomberg fail was not proof enough. Biden’s campaign spent only $2.2 million in the state compared to the $18 million spent by Sanders. And that continued to be the case across the Super Tuesday states. Biden was outspent 7-to-1 by Sanders and almost 100-to-1 by Bloomberg in all those states. Biden was actually running out of money almost as badly as Klobucher and Buttigieg. And yet!

In fact Biden blew the doors out in states that he never visited, where he opened zero field offices, and where he spent next to nothing on TV. He had just one field office in Virginia. In fact he barely campaigned in any states. And yet.

The Break-Glass-In-Case-Of-Emergency actions of the DNC and much of the rest of the Party to save themselves from the bonfire of Bernie’s vanities, worked better than they could have imagined. It was they who saved Biden, not the hopeless man himself.

As a result there has also been a turnaround in his odds of winning. Just two days later his betting odds stood at 63.1% compared to Sanders’ 34%. Just under two weeks ago, Biden’s odds stood at 9.1% and Sanders, 56.9%.

Why? One word: electability (don’t laugh). It’s likely also the reason that Warren was doing well early on; polls showed her beating Trump head-to-head in swing states. But with further exposure those polls reversed. Similarly with others like Klobucher and company.

For all his terrible flaws Biden was last man standing in terms of electability, although he is better described as the most electable out of an awful field of candidates – and certainly more so than his main competitor.


It was not supposed to be like this for Bernie. A week it looked like he had this fight in the bag, even knowing that South Carolina was Biden’s. Certainly Cenk Uygur – the host of the Progressive Darling’s fave show, The Young Turks – thought so, and he’s still in denial, as the following TYT rant showed.


“A week ago I would have told you—I did tell you!—Super Tuesday I think we got this,” he said. He continued, “We thought it was almost over, Bernie was going to win. Now it’s not over. Now we’re in a tie. And now we got absolute, dig-in warfare against the establishment.

That attitude is a huge problem going forward for the Democrats even if Biden wins. The Bernie Bros felt that they were cheated out of the 2016 race by Clinton dirty tricks and the power-and-money obsessed Barons of the Democrat Party. They were angry then but ground their teeth and accepted the result, especially in light of the grimmest of utilitarian arguments – that Hillary was the electable one.

And now they’re hearing this crap once more, as the #StopBernie campaign kicked into gear again, this time in favour of a candidate who appears to be even worse than Hillary, as Cenk explans:

“And so, you want to go to war, we’ll go to war,” ….“Biden is either near senile or actually senile. Watch any of the tapes. And Biden lies non-stop! He’s going to get caught!” … “You’re going to run that guy against Trump and we’re going to lose to Trump again and maybe lose our democracy. Hell no! Hell no! No!”

So now they’re angrier than they were in 2016. Many may have sat out that general election in their anger, but this time they want to fight and if that means burning down the Democrat Convention in Milwaukee then so be it.

One big problem with all this is that, as usual, the candidate and his fans can’t see that he’s the problem – and they still believe in things that are not so. Admittedly that’s a base requirement for believing in a Socialist.

First is all this nonsense about the Youf vote, which we hear every time the Far Left think they’ve got their dream candidate (ref. Corbyn, British Labour) – because they’ve seen the future and it works. Even Sanders’ home state of Vermont showed a lackluster turnout of Millennials and Gen Zs. Only 11% of the state’s voters were under 30 – compared to 15% when he ran against Clinton, according to exit polls. A similar trend played out in other Super Tuesday states such as Texas, where 15% of voters were between ages 17-29 – compared to 20% in 2016, and Massachusetts where the share of young voters dropped from 19% four years ago to 16% Tuesday.

Second is that Bernie is not stronger than he was in 2016. He lost states such as Maine and Minnesota that he won in 2016.  The common theme in all those states is that Sanders fared worse this year than he did when he faced eventual nominee Hillary Clinton four years ago. And this time he was facing a weaker and more divided field.

Third is Social Media world – and especially Twitter world – vs. reality. In Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee voters were asked, “Do you regularly use Twitter for political news?“. Sanders won users by 6, 6, and 9 points, respectively. Biden won non-users by 5, 21, and 18 points. Bernie won Twitter but only 12-15% of voters were Twitter users: so Bernie lost.

Fourth is the candidate himself. He just does not understand that for all his claims to be fighting for the poor and the toiling masses, the fact is that his ideas scare the shit of them when it comes to losing their jobs and their employer health care – not to mention their cars and gas-fired heating.

And it shows up in how he reacted to his primary losses, starting with South Carolina. Sanders – who continues to struggle with Black voters – framed Biden’s victory as a triumph of the billionaires. He simply would not accept what the huge turnout of Black Democrats for Biden actually meant and he dismissed and denigrated them all in one go. Sanders also took a veiled swipe at Democratic Party leaders. “We’re taking on the corporate establishment, but also we’re taking on the political establishment,” he said.

Okay sure, there’s no doubt that Sanders is a threat to the power arrangements of the Democrats, as Tucker Carlson pointed out on Fox News:

But if there’s a rogue candidate out there who might actually be serious about closing the carried interest loophole, and forcing private equity barons to pay the same effective tax rate that you do, well, that cannot stand. It’s totally and completely unacceptable. In fact, it’s morally wrong. Alert the panel on “Morning Joe” – we are going to war.

But those are not the actual voters who turned out for Biden and it’s a foolish mistake to denigrate them. What’s next: calling them Deplorables?.

Sanders is he is who he is though and he can’t adjust to changed circumstances. What else is a left-wing populist supposed to say about a moderate who’s backed by most of the party but that he’s a tool of corporate America – even if that tool prevailed with a shoestring campaign fueled by working-class and Black support?

Ideologically, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


The next round of primaries is on March 10: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington with a combined total of 302 delegates.

After that the next big round is on March 17, with four big states: Florida, Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, representing another 577 delegates.

As of this writing there’s no word on who Warren is going to endorse. Given where she’s placed herself it’s likely to be Bernie and if it was not she’d face hatred of Thousand-Suns magnitude heat from his supporters. That may not matter going forward however: hatred is one thing and voting is another as the Bernie Bros have discovered. She’s probably safe from them in her Senate seat and endorsing Biden could open doors to future cosy positions in a Democratic adminstration. The Democrat Behemoth vs being well thought of by the Judge Holden brigade.

Assuming she endorses her ideological playmate, her 64 candidates means that the Socialist Lane will have 637 of the available delegates thus far and 41.3% of all votes cast.

For Biden – in what I’ll now call The Establishment Lane – there’s Bloomberg with 61 delegates, Buttigieg with 26, and Klobuchar with 7, and they’ve all endorsed Biden (664).

In that scenario, it comes to 758-637 in terms of delegates in favor of the establishment wing at the moment. A candidate needs to win a majority of the 1,991 pledged delegates available by voting. If no candidate has a majority, even if one has a plurality, then the super-delegates kick in at the convention to see who can get the total of 2,376 total delegates.

So it’s still a fight, but at this stage it’s hard to see Bernie winning for all the reasons listed above. By desperate default, against all the odds, despite all his painful flaws, baggage and growing senility at the age of 77 –  Joe Biden will finally have won a nomination race and will be the man against Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.

The Great Democrat Clown Race of 2020: Super Tuesday (UPDATING)

California results starting to come in and even though it’s only about 7% of the vote the results are line with the polls and its looking good for Bernie. Given the huge amount of early voting that the state encourages I have to wonder how many Klobucher-Buttigieg voters would like to get their votes back so they could give them to Biden.

Contested convention here we come. Sanders needed to do better than this to knock out Biden.


For those of you who want to keep up with the results from the various US states voting in the Primaries today, the HotAir website has a superb little app that allows minute-by-minute update of the vote counts. An image of the map is seen below.

Scroll down and you’ll find the entire Super Tuesday map laid out before you, with results in every state automatically updated minute by minute. You don’t need to manually refresh; just keep this thread open in a tab and it’ll do the work for you. If you want to see what the numbers look like in a particular state as returns are coming in, just mouse over the map for an at-a-glance view.

The app comes from an outfit called Decision Desk HQ, but you need to register and login to see it there. Better to just stick to the HotAir site.

In summary the results so far show the following:

  • Biden winning in the Southern states as the Black vote really comes home for him and he begins to garner the votes that would have fallen to his competitors Klobucher and Buttigieg.
  • Sanders doing well though, winning some states and trailing Biden closely in others. California is expected to be where he will do well.
  • Bloomberg’s Super Tuesday bet appears to be a bust, as expected. Money can’t always buy you votes.
After all the talk of how badly the Non-Bernie candidates needed eachother to drop out so that their votes could be gathered up, similar thinking must now be going on with Bernie supporters in regards to Elizabeth Warren. At this point she’s running third in her home state of Massachusetts, behind Sanders and Biden. It’s time for her to quit and see how many of those votes and delegates, move to Bernie.

Bernie vs the DNC – again

It certainly worked for Biden, although it was not his doing. After the Nevada win by Bernie, the Democratic National Committee and all the Party “moderates” – suddenly aware that Bernie could win the nomination – hit the Panic Button, and it seems to have had the desired effect in giving Biden a great story of the great political comeback.

I expected Klobucher and Buttigieg to have dropped out after today – but not before. Clearly the pressure was put on them to quit before delegates could be assigned to them and endorse Biden, all in the hope that their votes would head towards Biden, and that seems to be what happened.

We’ll find out in later years who made the phonecalls but right now I’d reckon it was Obama on Buttigieg, given how closely the latter modelled his speeches on the former. Klobucher probably got Hillary Clinton. And both candidates would have had calls from other senior Democrats and donors.

And here’s the results of that In-Case-Of-Emergency-Break-Glass effort by the DNC:

That’s a huge shift, even if it is just a national poll. But right now Biden has all the machinery of the Democrat Party behind him, as well as the MSM, all of whom have begun to realise what having a real Socialist as nominee – and perhaps as President, might mean for them and their 401(k) portfolios.

Next up for the hard word could be Bloomberg, who will likely have people pointing out to him that all his billions of dollars would be better served backing Biden in the rest of the primaries and then the General election to defeat Trump.

It’s 2016 all over again, and this time in service of an even worse “Centrist” candidate than Hillary Clinton, in the form of Joe Biden. The guy has had loser written all over him from the start but here he is, courtesy of being last-man-standing; the clearest example of the desperate situation the Democrat Party finds itself in. He’s actually getting worse in his gaffes: the following is just painful to watch, and this is now happening almost every day.

And don’t think for one moment that the Bernie Bros are taking all this lying down. They remember and they’re determined not to have a repeat of 2016.

They Don’t Know How Funny They Are

Democrats, that is.

Apparently they now have a choice from TWO doddery old buggers to lead their forlorn fight against President Trump.

Socialist Bernie Sanders Accidentally Boards Wrong Private Jet

How ironic that the great green socialist Sanders uses a private jet for what otherwise would be just a two hour car journey.  You know, a drive from Takapuna to Whangarei.

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The Great Democrat Clown Race of 2020 – Woke and Socialist Lanes

There’s only two here now, and one of them is barely in the Woke Lane, certainly not to the degree that the Karmala Harrises, Cory Bookers and Justin Castros of the world were before they quit.

Elizabeth Warren (Lecturer, Massachusetts)
Sanders main competitor in the “Socialist” lane, who was also hoping to gather up the Woke lane as all the People of Colour (TM) quit. She peaked in the national polls around October and has been steadily slipping ever since.

A slump can never be pinned on one thing but November was when the attacks began on her farcical Medicare For All (MFA) plan, particularly how it would be paid for, which she was vague about. Again, Bernie is honest: his MFA will call for big tax increases and wiping out private health insurance and he does not shrink from that.

Nurse Ratched reporting for duty!

Even before Iowa, Warren had been giving all the signs of a drowning candidate: pulling stupid stunts such as the fight with Bernie over his supposed comment that a woman could not win against Trump; the strange question in the Senate about falling confidence in the Chief Justice (then overseeing the impeachment), and comments on allowing some transgender child a veto on her choices for Education secretary. She did not do well in Iowa and was pulling back on campaign spending even before Nevada.

That of course is the reason she’s suddenly started taking super PAC money. In nearly every debate clip I’ve seen, she has made a big deal out of how she was not taking any super PAC money. Mouse gotta’ run, cat gotta’ hunt. But doing such a thing normalises her into being just another politician, which is death in this era.

Having said that, I thought her candidacy was going nowhere in  early 2019 which also had her polling poorly. Yet she rose steadily all summer and into early fall, led in multiple early states and was the one top-tier member that was exciting crowds on the trail! But it’s all about trends; she rose, was examined, and is now falling and that usually does not produce a second life in a multi-candidate field. If the likes of Biden, Buttigieg and Klobucher all quit then Warren might have a chance of grabbing their votes from the “Moderate” lane and without pivoting and pandering, simply because that lane thinks Bernie is the arsonists choice for 2020.

But they’re not going to quit soon enough. If anything it’ll be Warren who quits before them and she seems to be angling towards becoming Bernie’s VP choice, judging by her constant attack dog role against Bloomberg and refusal to go after Bernie’s juicy history.

Still, such a role, let alone a brokered Convention, requires schmoozing and Lizzie lacks the warm touch of a human. She’s basically the 13th Cylon.

Bernie Sanders: (Communist, Vermont)

And so we come to the great survivor. The 78 year old who has kept the True Communist flame burning in his tiny heart even as he watched his utopias collapse over the last thirty years.

The man who survived losing to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and a heart attack in 2020. Sanders charged out of the gate with his claimed win in Iowa (thanks to the Dem count screwup we’ll never know for sure), then bagged NH and Nevada.

He also won NH in 2016 against the DNC candidate, Hillary Clinton, and this time his opposition was much more fractured. Vermont borders NH so Bernie was well known and any politician who is genuine about his principles is appreciated there, and there’s no question that Bernie truly believes and is 90% honest about his beliefs. It’s the basic reason that others have fallen away in his Far Left lane; why vote for fakes like Warren when you can have the real thing.

He’s currently lapping the field in California. By the time the dust settles on Super Tuesday, he could be sitting on a considerable stack of earned delegates.

The only thing standing in his way now is Bloomberg’s billions devoted to a 100% attack campaign on Bernie, which is likely to happen, judging from interviews with Bloomberg staff in recent days.

But I’m not sure even that would work in this Democrat primary season.

The reasons why – despite Bernie presenting a target-rich environment – are many and varied, but I’ll start with Matt Taibbi writing about the last thirty years of the Democrat Party in the USA, because he knows how to write angry, Yesterday’s Gone: Iowa Was Waterloo for Democrats:

To get out, they sold out. A vanguard of wonks like Al From and Sen. Sam Nunn at the Democratic Leadership Council devised a marketing plan: two middle fingers, one in each direction.

They would steal financial support for Republicans by out-whoring them on economic policy. The left would be kneecapped via “triangulation,” i.e., the public reveling in the lack of choices for poor, minority, and liberal voters.

In short, much the same drivers that Trump cottoned on to in 2016. It’s one reason why many Bernie supporters were convinced that their man would have done better against Trump than Hillary did, especially in those “Blue Wall” states of the Mid-West. There sat Democrat voters desperate to hear from their leaders that they and their little wage and salaried jobs and their lives and towns and culture still mattered. There’s no question that Bernie would have delivered that message with passion and conviction – but Trump got there first and Hillary never bothered.

Which raises the question of whether such people, having voted for Obama in ’08 and ’12, then Trump in ’16, will turn away from Trump? Had he been the same sort of GOP squish on their issues as other GOP leaders have been, that might have been possible. But the best wage and salary increases in the last three years have been precisely for low-wage workers, not to mention the rest of a roaring economy. Those people feel that Trump has delivered specifically for them, and no amount of propaganda from Bernie and the Democrats will dent that: only a recession would.

But there’s also the fact that America has changed in the decades since the last hard Leftist Democrat, George McGovern, went down to a landslide defeat in 1972, as shown by this recent article in Reason on Millennials and “Socialism”:

The Pew Research Center found that 43 percent of 18-29 year olds had a positive reaction to the word socialism, compared to 33 percent of 30-49 year olds, 23 percent of 50-64 year olds, and 14% of 65+. The older you get the more you hate socialism.

It’s this sort of thing that has always got the modern Left super-excited; yet another hangover of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s and all those wonderful youth protests against “The Square’s, Maannnnnnn”, which have produced a fifty year siren’s call of The-Youth-Are-With-Us-Marching-Because-History-Is-On-Our-Side. This was most recently heard in 2009 after Obama’s big win and the Democrats increasing their majorities in the Senate and House: frequent were the triumphant cries that the GOP better get on board with all the wonderful new ideas of the Democrats lest they be left behind by history as a mere rump Party of Old White Men.


Part of the reason this never seems to happen is the simple fact that as people get older they begin to encounter things like the job market, as well as taxes and debt, which can be very crushing to dreams.

And of course there’s another form of learning that occurs, as Reason explains:

A new Reason-Rupe report on Millennials finds that young people are more favorable to the word “socialism” than a government-managed economy, even though the latter is less interventionist. Millennials don’t like government intervention in the economy when you spell it out precisely, rather than use vague terms like “socialism.”

In fact, millennial support for a government-managed economy (32%) mirrors national favorability toward the word socialism (31%). Millennial preferences may not be so different from older generations once terms are defined.

And this is precisely why Bernie constantly yammers on about how he only wants to make the USA like the Scandanavian countries and why he blathers on about “Democratic Socialism” – nowadays. Vagueness is the key to fooling people.

The other downside to claiming that “The Youf Are With Us”, is that they continue to be useless voters. As usual much has been made of Bernie getting the youth all excited but the reality is that Iowa and Nevada had lower turnout than the last contested primary. New Hampshire had somewhat higher turnout, but the increase was concentrated in areas won by his opponents!

If Bernie is selected as the Democrat nominee there will be time to look deeper into him, his history and his policies and plans. In terms of state primary wins and delegates I think he’s already got it, but the real question is around the DNC and those “Superdelegates” at the Democrat Convention. The Democrats increasingly accept Bernie’s positions on many things (thanks AOC), as the rather feeble hits on him at the last screechfest debate demonstrated – but they’re terrified that he’ll present them unvarnished in the General Election and break that wall of vagueness that might cause even Millennial voters to say “Whoah – I didn’t know it meant that“.

Bernie has been smart enough to talk of “Social Democracy” and Sweden, but sooner or later the true flame that he has nutured deep in his soul will burst into the open, especially when Trump starts spelling out exactly what Medicare-For-All and the New-Green-Deal will mean in practice for the voters, including the great American bete noir – increased taxes. In Bernie’s case, massively increased taxes.

Meantime, I’m grabbing another big bag of popcorn while watching what happens in South Carolina this Saturday and in many states next Tuesday.

The Great Democrat Clown Race of 2020 – “Moderate”; Lane

Last year I described the Moderate lane of the Democrat Party as being:

… the part that’s not Woke, not into Identity Politics, and not that keen on vast, new government schemes beyond what already exist in the form of the troubled Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid programs. The lane that includes the large majority of those white male voters forming Trump’s base, which the Democrats are desperate to “cut deep into”.

The reason for the quote marks in the title is that this lane is now only moderate in comparison to the nutters in the other lanes of the Democrat Party. Everyone in this lane has come out for some form of Medicare-For-All, banning fracking, and so forth.

So let’s look the main candidates still standing in this lane: Biden, Buttigieg, Klobucher and Bloomberg.

Joe Biden (DOH!, Washington D.C.)
I think I’ve covered this guy enough here and here early in 2019 and here during the New Hampshire primary.


Is this glass really bullet-proof?

Biden always looked like a loser. As I said last May, he only led in polls because of being the Big Dog in the “moderate” lane.

Even as early as Iowa – and despite the best efforts of the MSM to gaslight for him that there was nothing to see about the dealings of he and his son Hunter in the Ukraine – it was obvious that Democrat voters had some tough questions about the whole business, and Biden’s response was simply “denial and anger“.

The surprising thing is that nobody has been able to grab the moderate mantle as Biden has fallen. It remains split between Biden, Buttigieg and Klobacher, with Bloomberg possibly rising. But at some stage even the moderates are going to give up and throw in with whoever wins the Socialist and/or Woke lanes in a desperate show of unity.

Pete Buttigieg (McKinsey, Earth)
The first truth is that Buttigieg is just not going to crack the Black vote in any state. The second truth is that’s because of the traditionally strong anti-gay bigotry of African Americans, which Democrats and commentators tip-toe around with phrases like “demographic fit” or focusing on protests against Police actions in the Indiana town of which he was mayor.

Vote for me for a Powerpoint-driven life

He’s good on his feet in debates and comes across as the most natural of the candidates, almost never making a gaffe. But I think Buttigieg’s problem is that he’s too smooth. He’s the American Tony Blair in an age where such globalist managers have become a curse word to all too many middle and working class people.

He’s the living, breathing example of the rise and dominance of managerial capitalism that hit the gas pedal in the 1980’s. He’s both a product and participant of the managerial system that now runs society.

He’s also symbolic of his generation and his class. At 38, he is the classic millennial, having turned 18 years old around the time of the great Y2K nervousness, and has followed the career path of such people.

He is not a man who actually does or builds things in the world. Instead he participates in them and gets the credentials for that, which is then leveraged into the next stage of his career. Son of a college professor. Valedictorian of his high school.  Won “first prize in the John F. Kennedy Presidential essay contest.” Then Harvard. Then Oxford for a Rhodes scholarship in Philosophy.

And after he piled up all those academic credentials he went off to work entry-level jobs in politics and the media, steadily building his resume and network of contacts. When I found out he’d worked at McKinsey & Company I burst out laughing: in the US of the 1990’s they were seen as one of the major targets for such people and I’m sure it’s not changed. Listen to what he says: almost all of it is a pitch-perfect McKinsey word salad.

“We had the belief that in the face of exhaustion and cynicism and division, in spite of every trampled norm and every poisonous Tweet, that a rising majority of Americans was hungry for action and ready for new answers.”

It’s so bad that its led to the Mayor Pete Platitude Generator. Sure, all politicians have platitudes but Buttigieg’s are gold-plated Powerpoint slides from the 2000’s. Whenever he unloads one of these I always think of this.


We must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward;and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.”

In anticipation of a political career, he joined the Navy reserve – but not for some Churchill or Atlee-like turn at the tip of the spear. No, his was a calm job as an intelligence officer – of course. You don’t yield up such talent to bullets. As veteran Kyle Smith explained:

A military past, regardless of how extensive it was, tends to be seen as a shining jewel on the résumé of a politician. Democrats especially seem to think this way: A party that suspects, with excellent cause, that people have noticed its doubtfulness about the merits of the American experiment is if anything even more eager to find veterans to convey its message.

He joined via direct commission. This, to most veterans, is a jaw-dropper. To say the least, this isn’t the way it’s usually done. Many of us recall the intensive pre-commission training (in my case, four years of ROTC in Connecticut and Advanced Camp with the 82nd Airborne in Fort Bragg) as the most trying intervals of our careers. Others spent four years at Annapolis or West Point. Buttigieg just skipped all of that. He passed a physical. He signed some papers. Voilà.

And then he landed the job of mayor of South Bend, Indiana, during which he said nice things about the Tea Party movement.

It’s an almost perfect management man resume and it will likely see him land prominent jobs in future Democrat administrations. But from youth to middle age, Pete Buttigieg has avoided doing anything that involves risk or sacrifice as he climbed the gentle slope to a position he has always known is waiting for him. No wonder he’s been attacked by the Woke Lane, and accused of White Privilege! In his case it’s an accurate description.

Amy Klobucher (Nice, Minnesota)

Vote for me or I’ll throw plates at you.

From the start of Trump’s presidency I’ve thought the best way to defeat him would be to cuddle up to him. Trump loves a fight: waking up to massive amounts of abuse, insults, MSM hate-fest, court cases and accusations of criminal behaviour is, for Trump, a day ending in “Y”. His Queens persona loves it, thrives on it.

So don’t give it to him! The Democrats should have just supplied the praise he constantly craves – while also presenting him with Medicare-like health plans and trillion-dollar infrastructure plans. It’s not like he gives a shit about massive government spending or deficits. Sure, it would require a degree of swallowing their own vomit but that’s politics.

And along with that approach, perhaps select a candidate in 2020 who is the non-Trump.

Like Amy Klobucher.

Always calm, perhaps even bland. Someone who can just roll with Trump’s attacks, smile, tell him that she expected a better nickname than whatever he’s tagged her with, and then keep on pushing policy – all while presenting US voters with the question: “Do I really want four more years of this daily drama?“, rather than “Which candidate do I like better?“. To be fair, the latter might work for Klobucher too. Basically present as someone who will just run the damned country without you having to think about it every day because of yet another Trump vs. “X” shitstorm in the MSM and Social Media.

It also means the GOP can’t demonise her: a “Flight 93” election strategy where you have to convince voters that the fate of humanity depends upon defeating Amy Klobuchar is not going work.

And it’s not like she’s not a good little Democrat. One way she’s fooled Minnesota voters has been to act loud on being a “moderate” in campaigns, everyday events, and getting her name on stacks of very minor legislation that garners approving headlines in her home state – all the while voting with her party 90% of the time and 100% on all the big, controversial stuff but not fronting it and avoiding interviews on it. No fights for Minnesota Nice.

But there’s been no Third Way, Clinton-triangulating bullshit here. She’s quite hardline Left in legislation where it matters, although she has flip-flopped a bit on Illegal Immigration. But then so have most Democrats – even Bernie Sanders – as the Far Left Woke winds have blown stronger through the Party.

But while all this works well for her as a Mid-Western Senator it’s a problem turning it into running for President. Sooner or later the phoniness is exposed. As the nominee she would have to defend those extremist Democrat policies around healthcare, immigration, the military and so forth from which she has hidden for so long. She is not a moderate. She is not funny.  She is not an accomplished legislator. She is a boring speaker.

She’s also not actually nice and we finally saw that the other day when she snapped at Pete Buttigieg after he broke out his Spanish on the debate stage: “You know, I wish everyone was as perfect as you, Pete.” I had to chuckle at that as it’s likely what most other candidates think too. But it was also the moment “Minnesota Nice” went passive-aggressive, which is her normal state, and then openly aggressive, which doesn’t suit her at all. Her treatment of staff in Washington D.C. is legendarily terrible. It got so bad that in 2015, then-Senate minority leader Harry Reid had to take her aside, telling her to change her behavior.

Some former Klobuchar staffers, all of whom spoke to HuffPost on condition of anonymity, describe Klobuchar as habitually demeaning and prone to bursts of cruelty that make it difficult to work in her office for long.

It all speaks to a Hillary-like Empress quality regarding the plebs and sooner or later voters see that.

Her other main problem in getting the nomination has been the simple numbers game of having so many others in the same lane, starting with Biden, but even as he has faded, seeing the rise of Buttigieg (which she clearly resents, another character “tell” to voters) and now Mr Super-Spender, Bloomberg. The longer she’s hung on as others have dropped out, the better her numbers have been, both in primaries and nationally.

But given the refusal to date of the other three “moderates” to drop out, it makes her path tough going, especially in terms of money, which she needs to compete in Super Tuesday on March 3rd. That will include her home state and she has to win that at least. But even if Biden quits before then  – after being humiliated in South Carolina, which looks possible – the other two “B’s” won’t. If Biden and Buttigieg had already dropped I’d give her a better-than-even chance of being the nominee when stacked up against Bernie and Warren. But that hasn’t happened – and she’d still be facing Bloomberg’s billions.

Mike Bloomberg (Rich, Manhattan)
In his last run for mayor of New York City, Bloomberg reportedly spent $170 per vote. By that count he could get 65 million Americans to vote for him while blowing less than 1/5 of his fortune.

I hope he does. Political consultants and advisors have to eat, being human after all – or so I’ve been told.

Vote for me to tell you how to live

Aside from spending huge amounts of his own money, Bloomberg’s strategy has been rather like Rudi Guliani’s in 2008, where he ignored the small early states to go for the bigger prizes later on. Rudi did not have the money to pull it off: Bloomberg does.

The amounts he is spending are fantastic even by recent standards, with tons of TV adverts in California. He’s probably approaching $500 million and is buying up so many campaign people that others are having trouble getting staff. Perhaps that’s another aspect of his war of attrition.

But I don’t think it is going to work, or ever was going to work.

His main claims to be the nominee seem to be that, like the rest of the Moderates, he’s not Bernie Sanders and that he would be a non-ideological, calm and competent manager of the USA.

The trouble with that claim is that as NYC Mayor he was not only anything but moderate, he was extreme in all the small shit that simply annoys the hell out of ordinary people but really does fuck all to improve society. As a result most New Yorkers merely remember him for his bans and attacks on Big Gulp drinks, salt, transfats, smoking and so forth. Sure, there was also gun control, but NYC was already so hard-line on legal gun ownership that Bloomberg had little to do locally.

Of course the other thing that New Yorkers – and a certain very important part of the Democrat Party – also remember about Bloomberg was his vocal support for the Police policy of Stop and Frisk:

…the Supreme Court granted limited approval in 1968 to frisks conducted by officers lacking probable cause for an arrest in order to search for weapons if the officer believes the subject to be dangerous. The Court’s decision made suspicion of danger to an officer grounds for a “reasonable search.”

Having inherited a low-crime-low-murder-rate city from Rudy Guliani, Bloomberg was determined to take it to the next level – but without Guliani’s legal nous. Guliani had pushed the Broken Windows theory of policing and the results were hard to argue with as murders fell from 2605 in 1990 to 900 in 2001, along with other violent crime. But Broken Windows was a plan of long-term police-citizen involvement and arresting people for minor crimes instead of ignoring them was a key component. Stop and frisks were not the same thing, since more than 80% never resulted in a conviction.

But Bloomberg’s anti-gun mania took hold and he saw his chance: stops exploded from some 90,000 in 2001 to over 600,000 in 2011. The problem for Bloomberg now is that since the NYPD were already focused on high-crime areas, which were mainly Black and Hispanic, those groups were the ones that got hit. Some 90% of the 2010’s stops were of minorities. There was no evidence that they did anything to reduce crime in general or violent crime and eventually the Civil Liberties groups counter-attacked as Bloomberg left office. Stops are now down to about 10,000 per year.

The one thing everybody does say Bloomberg did well was leaving NYC’s financial books in good shape, largely thanks to his re-zoning that allowed a lot of commerical and private construction to happen. He also pushed for education reforms and charter schools. Unfortunately the USA is not as easy to run financially, or in any other way, as even a giant city like New York or a company like Bloomberg L.P.

And more importantly for the primary races, it turns out that 2020 Democrat voters don’t much care about any of this, while they do care very much about racism, misogny and rich pricks – as he found out big time when he finally stepped onto the debate stage a few nights ago. He got pummelled by everybody and came off looking bad with clumsy answers. His sole counter-attack – on Bernie Sanders for supporting communism in the past – was met with groans from the audience and his opponents. Bloomberg was a Democrat before 2001 when he registered as a Republican and then as an Independent before returning to Team Donkey – but he clearly does not understand where the Party is at today.

As an aside, it would normally be pertinent to point out such party hopping as an example of ambition over principles: he had to become a Republican in order to be endorsed for mayor by Guliani, whose popularity had soared because of his actions during and after the 9/11 attacks. When things turned dark for the GOP in 2007 he switched to “Independent” for his final NYC mayorality runs, and then back to Democrat in 2018 in preparation for this run. But given Trump’s success, as well as Bernie Sanders – who held himself aloof from the Democrats for decades as well as regularly cursing them as no different from the GOP – clearly party-hopping no longer matters as much as it once did.

It was no surprise that Bloomberg’s rising polls stopped in their tracks and began to fall after the debate. His history is turning out to be a rich goldmine for opposition research and attack advertising, and his outreach to Flyover Country will be limited as well if he ever became the nominee:

“I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.”

Offense accepted! And there goes his electability argument. It’s always interesting when very smart people reveal themselves to be very ignorant, and very stupid, about things outside their expertise and experience.

There has been some talk of him going Independent like Ross Perot in ’92 and ’96 but after all this commitment to the Democrats I think that unlikely. Perot and others started as Independents.

But Bloomberg is not going to quit in the face of all this. Falling polls to him simply mean spending more money (every YouTube access I make hits me with one of his adverts), and the question is what will happen when he eventually switches that money from pushing himself to attacking Bernie.



It’s hard to see any of these four quitting any time soon. Biden might after South Carolina this coming Saturday, unless he does really well. Even then he’ll likely quit after Super Tuesday. Klobucher and Buttigieg will hang on through Super Tuesday and I’d bet on Klobucher being the first to go after that.

But the arguments as to who is best placed to beat Bernie will not stop and all four might risk going to the convention. It may be that the DNC and donors step in to try and make a selection by persuading people to stand down but since we’re talking politics I’d bet they’d go for the politician, Buttigieg, rather than the businessman, Bloomberg.

And by then it will likely be too late to stop Bernie anyway, a perfect repeat of the GOP mainstream candidates in 2016 who dismissed Trump and fought with eachother right to the bitter end when they suddenly realised they’d all lost.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 26, 2020 at 8:07 pm


I see the Trump camp are expressing delight and joy at the news that Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada caucuses thus providing him with a clear pathway to securing the nomination  with his moderate and not so moderate challengers falling by the wayside.     I guess the Trumpets are mirroring the views of Democrat moderates like Pete Buttigieg who,  in expressing concerns about Sanders, doubted that he could win against the President.

History has a habit of repeating itself.   Could 2000 be a repeat of 1964 when the Goldwater cabal captured the soul of the Republican Party and made him their nominee only to see him smashed by LBJ who won the largest share of the popular vote since the largely uncontested 1820 election carrying 44 States + Washington DC.

The Democrats successfully painted Goldwater as an extremist.    One would expect the Republicans to do the same with Sanders.    They start ahead of the 8 ball.   Americans, by and large, are averse to anyone calling themselves a socialist.   Bernie wears that label with pride. 

A small sidebar to the 1964 campaign.  A youthful Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Goldwater groupie back then.  Not sure what she is now. 

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