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Why I am losing faith/have lost faith in politicians

Only a small thing, or small things, but Chris Luxon gave a State of the Nation speech today and said this:

There’s the 10 year bright line test extension – a capital gains tax by stealth.

There’s the removal of interest deductibility on rental properties – a tax on Kiwi’s who’ve worked hard and put their life savings into a rental.

There’s the new 39 per cent top income tax rate, which is a boon for tax lawyers and accountants, but betrays this Government’s attitude to ambition and will make it harder to attract top talent to our shores


  • National, under John Key, introduced the brightline test. Sure, it was two years, but it was our first ever capital gains tax by stealth, that he accuses Labour of.
  • In terms of interest deductibility, National started down that path by a) in 2010, again under John Key, removing the ability to claim depreciation on residential property buildings, and b) bringing in rules that ringfenced losses on residential investment properties so that such losses could not be offset against personal tax liability – this was, in roundabout terms, and to use Luxon’s own words, “a tax on Kiwi’s (sic) who’ve worked hard and put their life savings into a rental.”

Finally, Luxon appears to protest the 39% top tax rate, but then says this, “We aren’t calling on Labour to change the 39% threshold because it only came into effect recently.”

That’s code for, “we won’t change that” – and I know why, he wants to appeal to middle New Zealand, the grafters who might vote Labour. He needs these votes to win the election, not Act votes. Recent polls have not bridged the gap much. Luxon has simply taken the National votes that were with Act while Collins was leader, and he needs “middle New Zealand”. If he suggested the 39% rate be abolished, Labour would have a field day with their “rich prick” envy and hate dogma.

I get that, and won’t criticise him for it. Because my mind at the moment is focused on removing the current communists that are ruining our country. We can all focus on what Luxon says; I am much more interested in what he actually does.

Written by Nick K

March 6, 2022 at 5:02 pm


I guess St Jacinda thinks that putting on a earnest look/smiley face when confronted with bad news and all will be forgiven. Does she really think New Zealanders are that dumb? But her reaction to the news that Chris Luxon has a better net positive rating than she has really takes the biscuit. She said that she stands behind all of her decisions … really?

So she stands behind the Kiwibuild debacle.

So she stands behind her promise to have a City – Mt Roskill light rail link up and running by 2021.

So no apologies for the fact that p o v e r d y has increased under her watch.

So no contriteness for the fact that her government has set Maori against Non Maori and town against country.

So no sorry for the explosion in gun violence.

And we won’t even talk about inflation at a three decades high.

The list goes on and on and on …

And the PM thinks she can sail right over the carnage her leadership is inflicting on the country.

Clearly the poll numbers show the worm has turned.

Well done Jacinda (our own potential Super Spreader) … not

Written by The Veteran

January 30, 2022 at 8:38 pm

My erudite, well-considered and thoughtful piece on the election of Chris Luxon as National Party leader

I hope he’s more successful than that other white, middle-class, “star” and bald businessman they chose a short while ago – Todd Muller.

Written by Nick K

November 30, 2021 at 6:40 pm

A reminder

We all need to hold him to this, if/when the time comes.

Written by Nick K

October 11, 2021 at 6:32 pm

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