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“They will be paying for our generation’s decisions the rest of their lives”

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I already covered part of this story in the post Child Abuse, but I can’t help getting the feeling that in the USA at least there is the beginning of a Great Turning in dealing with the Chinese Xi Snot pandemic.

I base this on a few things that have landed on blogs from the MSM.

Let’s start with this rather extraordinary clip from one of the major MSM Sunday news-talk shows in the USA, Face The Nation, where a bunch of D.C. reporters did a wrap-up of the big stories of 2021. They got to asking about “under-reported” stories and that’s where we step in with the response from longtime CBS reporter and chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford:

Here’s part of what she said:

“My kids hear me rant about this every day. So I may as well tell you guys. It’s the crushing impact that our Covid policies have had on young kids and children, by far the least serious risk for serious illness.

Even teenagers, I mean, a healthy teenager has a one-in-a-million chance of getting … and dying from Covid, which is way lower than dying in a car wreck on a road trip. But they have suffered and sacrificed the most, especially kids in underrepresented and at-risk communities. And now we have the surgeon general saying there’s a mental health crisis among our kids. The risk of attempts among girls is now up 51 percent this year. Black kids nearly twice as likely as White kids to die by suicide.

I mean, school closures, lockdowns, cancellation of sports…You couldn’t even go on a playground in the D.C. area without cops scurrying… getting…shooing the kids off. Tremendous negative impact on kids, and it’s been an afterthought.”

That’s some truth bomb she’s dropping there as a parent. So much so that CBS edited it out of the broadcast, relegating it to the show’s Social Media pages. Well of course they did. The Narrative must be preserved, and in this case the Narrative is that the Public Health experts in the USA made the right call with lockdowns in 2020 and again in 2021, with remote learning (plus masks and social distancing) for kids who were, and remain, at almost zero risk of illness and death from the C-19 virus.

Come on. Even for those like me who opposed from the start the idea of locking down the healthy people in come crude copy of the CCP’s approach, I can accept that public health officials were scared of the risks of sticking with their traditional plans for dealing with such pandemics; tracking, tracing and quarantining sick people.

But things like lockdowns and masks certainly should have been deposed no later than May of 2020 when we knew the truth about COVID’s preferred victims: The elderly, the obese, and the sick. Our COVID response has been hard enough on healthy adults, but it’s been genuine abuse of our kids. That’s the truth, and CBS News would rather you didn’t know it. For once let’s be thankful that FaceTwit didn’t dump this for being “misinformation”, though that’s likely because they couldn’t block MSM journalists. Hell, here in NZ journalists who think like her don’t even exist.

“They will be paying for our generation’s decisions the rest of their lives”

But at least the main target of the C-19 virus, Baby Boomers, remained alive and healthy with their pensions and healthcare intact, with extra rounds of golf. They better hope they’re in the ground when this generation reaches middle-age and are making serious decisions about pensions and healthcare for the aged.

Even Brandon’s Surgeon General is warning about the increase in suicides among teens, partly due to covid and social isolation due to lockdowns and school closures:

US Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy says he’s alarmed by the rise in suicides among young people and says COVID has caused a mental health crisis, as parents rail against school closures and continued mask mandates.

‘I’m so concerned about our children because there is an epidemic, if you will, of mental health challenges that they’ve been facing, and it’s partly because of the pandemic,’ Dr Murthy, a father of two, said on CNN’s State of the Nation on Sunday.

Partly? Well of course it’s “partly” because, God knows, if you made decisions that seriously fucked up a future generation the last thing you’d want to admit is responsibility for that.

Some parents have had enough of the bullshit in the USA, I’m leaving NYC — to protect my children:

I am leaving New York City, the place where my husband and I both grew up and where we had planned to raise our own kids. The response to COVID-19 in New York, in particular where children are concerned, has driven our family out.

The treatment of children in New York since the very beginning of the pandemic has been abysmal. In the spring of 2020, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo stuck schools dead last in the plan to reopen New York. He then delayed his decision on summer camps so late that many could not open once they were granted permission.

No one has it worse in New York than children. There is damage being done to the kids of this city, with masking and continued restrictions, and few in leadership seem to care at all. Masking is seen as a “low cost” safety option, but the idea that masking kids has no consequences is, of course, absurd. We’re already seeing studies about a decrease in cognitive abilities, in particular for “males and children in lower socioeconomic families.” I see it in my own children. My 6-year-old son, who has been masked for the entirety of his schooling, is shy and apt not to repeat himself when he is misunderstood. He also will not ask the teacher to repeat herself. It’s having predictable results in his education. 

The incredible thing is that with the recent emergence of the ZOMG Omicron variant the “leaders” in NY state and NYC have gone straight back to masking kids, even 2-year-olds in daycare settings, plus all the rest of the bullshit:

Until the recent cold weather, my kids had been eating on the ground outdoors in their respective schoolyards. When they finally moved the kids inside, my sixth-grader reported that the kids were forbidden from speaking to each other or sitting with their friends. Who else is living like this? Who else eats in silence? The best part was when the school vice principal visited the cafeteria and saw the kids chatting, she yelled at them — but not before pulling down her mask so she could be better understood, of course.

All pointless, along with lockdowns and the rest; case numbers are through the roof in NYC. Plus the usual hypocrisy we’ve seen:

In one picture, Hochul and some other adults were photographed maskless inside a school while the small children in the picture were forced to mask. It’s sick. But it also betrays what we all know: Many of these measures are just for show. Hochul goes maskless because she isn’t worried about getting COVID, no matter what she says.

Similarly in Chicago, where the Teacher’s Unions once again show that the kids are their No. 1 priority.

The following from the New Yorker’s story also sounds familiar to New Zealand:

Neighbors reported each other for gatherings. People screamed at each other in the street for not wearing masks. It became religious and any questioning of the doctrine was forbidden. It was impossible to discuss whether containment measures were useful (Did we need to wipe down our groceries with Clorox? What were the three-sided Plexiglas booths helping, exactly?) because any discussion of easing up on any of it meant you wanted PEOPLE TO DIE. If you wanted schools to open, you wanted TEACHERS TO DIE. People became afraid to speak up. I saw it all the time.

I’ve seen (and heard) it too, Fully encouraged by political leaders as well, but at least Cuomo and De Blasio didn’t walk around amidst this saying “Be Kind”. The following reactions are also the same – and just wait until vaccinating the kids swings into gear this year in NZ. The Karens will be at full pitch for their little darlings. I predict a big increase in home schooling, as has happened in the US.

When I announced our family was leaving New York and moving to Florida, a state with a governor who has led the way on sanely managing COVID-19, I received dozens of messages from New Yorkers considering the same move. When I asked several if I could quote them, they asked to use a fake name. They live in fear of being “canceled” for not being sufficiently terrified of COVID. Three vaccines and many new treatments do not seem to matter. We must live suspended in our fear indefinitely. 

At least she has somewhere else to go. The joys of a federated nation.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 6, 2022 at 9:21 am

NORAD tracks Brandon

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You’d think that the US MSM had bigger fish to fry, what with the arrival of the dreaded and deadly ZOMG OMICRON mutant of C-19 and all sorts of economic problems in America.

But no.

No, it’s far more important that they rally around their designated godhead to defend him against the slings and arrows of outraged citizens. Or in this case, an amused citizen who decided to have a bit of fun with “President” Biden.

It’s been the tradition since 1955 for NORAD to use their radar systems to track Santa on his way from the North Pole, and this year the “President” decided to join in the fun as little kids across America called in to find out where Santa was. Then this happened:

Oh dear. Over the years we’ve had films and plays centered around the assassinations of Dubya and Trump, and Kathy Griffin posing with Trump’s bloody severed head and a thousand “Fuck Trump” calls from celebrities.

But what this guy did to Biden was far worse; he actually showed that Joe Biden is non compos mentis and in doing so revealed that someone(s) else is running the show. Naked emperor or Frank Morgan behind the curtain. Take your pick.

Or perhaps it’s his wife Jill. You can see the shock register on her face: she knows what the phrase means even if the dementia-ridden old wreck beside her does not. Seriously, do all these people have to keep Soft-Serve Joe insulated from the real world?

The US media promptly had a meltdown and swung into action. Rather than making the lead story about Biden not knowing what the hell is going on, they huffed and puffed about how horrible this was. NBC actually described it as “a Right-wing slur”, which is ironic because it was an NBC reporter who coined the phrase after she claimed she “misheard” chants of “Fuck Joe Biden!” at a NASCAR race, and set the meme in motion.

They were going to find out who this asshole was – and make him pay – and they have. Video of the other end of the call was located on Social Media and the guy was identified as one Jared Schmeck from Oregon:

folks on the left have now used that video to doxx the guy, put a name to the face, and are trying to hurt him at his alleged place of employment. They have his alleged name, the local government job he supposedly has, and that he works for a family business. They’re trying to out him to the government job so that job will take some action against him.

[They] have even posted his real address, the name of his wife, and the names of members of his family. Given the way that people fold like cheap suits when faced with the mob, I don’t doubt that they might be able to get this guy punished in some way by his employer or even fired. They’re also talking about trying to hurt the family business.

Actually this is nothing new. Years ago during his Presidential campaign, Obama was doing the usual neighbourhood meet-and-greet and got into a debate with some guy throwing a football around his front yard with his kid. Barack was in full spread-the-wealth-around mode and the guy did not agree. The guy got doxxed to hell.

A couple of years later some rodeo clown wore an Obama mask (as he had with the masks of other Presidents). Obama could have made a public reference to how it’s a fine old American tradition to mock their leaders but he didn’t, letting his worshippers apply “public pressure” to the rodeo and getting the guy fired. Apparently you can unify a nation while “getting in people’s faces” and “punching back twice as hard.”

Schmeck, is now getting death threats:

“At the end of the day, I have nothing against Mr. Biden, but I am frustrated because I think he can be doing a better job,” said Jared Schmeck, who works for an electric company and was previously a Medford police officer for six years until he resigned in July 2018. “I mean no disrespect to him.”

Oh buddy. If you’re going to go on Social Media the first thing you need to understand is that apologies and explanations are just throwing blood in the water to these SJW assholes. Better to go on the attack by telling these people that they’re just pissed because he pulled back the curtain on a truth they deny.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 28, 2021 at 10:04 am

Bob Dole – the last full measure

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Over in the USA, World War 2 vet, long-time GOP politician and 1996 Presidential nominee, Bob Dole, died this week. He was very badly injured by machine gun fire in Italy in 1945 and barely survived thanks to the then new wonder drug called streptomycin. For the rest of his life he’d hold a pencil in his right hand so that people would not shake it, so damaged still was his right arm and shoulder.

Dole had built his political reputation in the 1970’s so in the 1990’s I was largely unaware of him or what he stood for and he seemed like a man whose time had passed. It would be like voting for Muldoon.

As a result I didn’t support him for President in 1996 as I thought Clinton would do a better job, but I did agree with Dole’s comment about all of Clinton’s sexual and corruption problems: “Where’s the outrage?”. Sadly for those of Bob’s generation there was none and people merely snickered at him for being so old and square about sex instead of cool and hip like Bill.

The whole #MeToo movement – where the Left would set new and higher standards for men getting handsy (and worse) with women – was years away, although as we’ve seen, it was only ever aimed at Right-Wing men and died with the ascension of Gropey Joe.

Same with the age factor which, as you can see from this TIME magazine cover, was also a “big thing” in the 1996 race.

I now regret thinking such things about him. Dole might not have been a better President than Clinton, but he would have been a more honourable one.

As Paul Mirengoff over at the Powerline blog reminds us, looking at the gracious and generous coverage of Dole in the MSM now, portraying him as “a bridge-builder, friend of Democrats and Republicans alike, and a reminder of the good old days when the parties cooperated and the Senate got things done”:

Back then, Dole was portrayed as a nasty piece of work, a hatchet man with an acerbic wit. In 1976, when he ran for vice president, the line on Dole was that Gerald Ford selected him because of his ability to sling mud at Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale. President Ford would take the high road while Dole would ridicule and demean the opposition.

There was nothing warm, fuzzy, or the least bit sympathetic about the way the MSM portrayed Dole when he ran against Bill Clinton in 1996.

But the media didn’t abandon the “prince of darkness” narrative. It portrayed Dole as deeply divisive. There was little if any praise that I recall of his Senate skills or his ability to work across party lines.

It wasn’t just the MSM. In Chicago at the time I was on good terms with a Boomer “Liberal” who just hated Dole’s guts. Since I wanted Clinton to win and had no skin in the game I never inquired as to exactly what Dole had done to earn such hatred. It bemused me, but I now realise that almost every US “Liberal” feels this way about every GOP politician, which is why they and their MSM allies, even as the likes of Dole vanish into history and the cold ground – are always on the lookout for the next GOP Hitler. Mirengoff again:

My point, though, is the mainstream media’s serial demonization of Republicans who stand in the way of its liberal agenda. When Ronald Reagan had power, he was a right-wing zealot and menace to world peace. When George W. Bush had power, he was the evil stooge of the even more evil Dick Cheney. When it looked like Mitt Romney might get power, he was a callous, out-of-touch serial destroyer of jobs and wrecker of lives.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 10, 2021 at 12:00 pm

The Audacious Vulgarity of laughing at Joe Biden

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I see that Biden continues to slip in the polls but I can’t take any pleasure in that since it’s been understood from the beginning that the 2020 US election was merely a Trump/Not-Trump vote for which Biden was merely the necessary tofu-on-the-side.

It used to be said of the old post-Civil War Confederate states that you could run a yellow dog as the Democrat and win (hence the term Yellow Dog Democrats). In more recent times the joke has been that you could run a root vegetable and still win, and in 2020 the Democrats did just that.

Few people voted for Biden or his “policies”, and the usual Democrat plans of pissing money up against a wall don’t seem to be working this time around due to growing inflation. That and many other problems have seen Biden slide from being a bland, easy-to-forget creature, to becoming a figure of fun.

The fun started a couple of months ago with the opening of the US College football season and huge crowds of young people chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”. This spread rapidly until a rather lovely young woman, Kelli Stavast, a sports reporter interviewing a winning NASCAR driver named Brandon Brown, heard the loud crowd chant in the background and tried to cover it up by saying that they were chanting “Lets Go Brandon”. Thus was an almost perfect meme born; people who didn’t like swearing could use it to make it clear what they thought of Biden, while it was also a solid dig at his fellatio squad in the MSM.

While the meme exploded across the Internet the MSM were typically a bit slow to catch on (or perhaps they ignored it as part of their usual Biden covering). It didn’t really hit the MSM until a pilot with Southwest Airlines used the quip during a flight that included an AP “reporter” named Colleen Long who promptly explained to her readers that it was “a code for insulting Joe Biden.” The rush followed, with the WaPo and the deeply, deeply serious NPR (National Public Radio) getting in first:

Oh the humanity!

Seriously? Considering the tens of millions of people on Social Media sites can it really be that the readers, listeners and watchers of MSM sites like NPR and the WaPo needed to have this explained to them? Are they that out of touch? The hysteria increased with stuff like this:

An ISIS war cry? Complaints and investigations demanded?

As Lefty reporter Matt Tabbi explains more carefully on his substack site:

FBI Special Agent-turned-CNN Political Analyst Asha Rangappa — gosh that resume sounds unsurprising, doesn’t it?

Is it really possible that these people don’t get they’re being trolled? Part of the joke of “Let’s Go Brandon,” of course, is that you couldn’t go five minutes during the last administration without hearing someone in pearls or a bowtie screaming “Fuck Trump!” I don’t remember Rangappa pumping out “Osama de Niro” tweets after this celebrated Tony Awards appearance.

The bigger part of the “Let’s Go Brandon!” gag is that such outbursts during the Trump years were not only not condemned, they were celebrated, as pundits and reporters for the first time told us directly profane insults of presidents were okay.

There’s also that sniff from the WaPo about “vulgarity” from their resident “Fact Checker”, Glenn Kessler. I liked this take on them, In Praise of Incivility:

While admitting that U.S. politics has rarely resembled a garden party, the Post assures us, “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and chants, however, is on another level, far more vulgar and widespread” than anything seen in the past.

“During the 2020 presidential campaign, one of Biden’s political superpowers was his sheer inoffensiveness, the way he managed to embody – even to those who didn’t like him – the innocuous grandfather, the bumbling uncle, the leader who could make America calm, steady, even boring again after four years of Donald Trump”

That last quote of WaPo speak had me reaching for a sick bag. The writer also points out that Mr Inoffensiveness was anything but when confronted on the campaign trail by a construction worker, who asked if he was “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right and take away our guns.”

The man with the ability to bring us all together shot back “You’re full of shit” and “don’t be such a horse’s ass.” (I believe this is called punching down.) He then asked, “Do you want to step outside” – presumably so Biden’s Secret Service agents could hold him while he was pummelled by the feisty senior.

The articles above include quite the list of vulgarities hurled at President Trump that curled no reporter’s nose hair nor caused them to clutch their pearls in horror, but this Powerline post on the subject does it better by simply putting up screenshots:

Plus this blast from the past in response to Kessler’s panty-wadding whinging about, “the harshness, norm-breaking and vulgarity of the Trump era“. Yeah, 2008 is calling for you:

It’s an amazing feature of the modern Left, across almost every area you can think of, that they can gleefully smash rules and norms when they need to and then expect their opponents to play by those old rules.

What’s really driving them crazy about “Lets Go Brandon” is that it isn’t vulgar and it isn’t angry while also making it clear that Biden and his MSM can go…

Written by Tom Hunter

December 4, 2021 at 5:34 am

Being Mean

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Inflation is likely to become the number one priority over the next year, judging by the price rises to date on various consumer items and the fact that there’s nothing on the horizon that would stop it. Oil looks to be going higher, supply chains are still in bad shape, and governments continue to pump money into their economies to compensate for lockdowns.

It also looks like it will be a global event rather than just a few nations, since almost every nation has followed the same path and is having the same problems.

On top of everything else, the MSM has begun to take notice by interviewing not just the usual economic “experts” but ordinary people, which is what CNN did the other day:

“To demonstrate the ‘squeeze’ of inflation and supply chain issues on everyday Americans, CNN’s ‘New Day’ featured the Stotlers, a Texas couple looking after nine children – two of whom are their biological kids, while they’ve adopted six more and have one foster child. Krista Stotler said she started seeing prices rising this summer and it was costing them an extra $100 a week on groceries….  ‘A gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79. When you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that’s a lot of money,’

For their troubles of appearing in a CNN interview the Stotler’s got these reactions from “Liberal” voices, including any number of journalists and Democrat activists (but I repeat myself). Here are just two but there’s plenty more where they came from:

That last one shows the usual situation of people reading a headline and not the whole article. As you can see above, only 2 of the children are the natural offspring of the parents. The Stotlers have opened their home to 7 more children. And he’s sneering at them!

On top of that the mockery is based on the gut reaction that 12 gallons of milk a week is absurd. But with 11 people in the family, it’s an average of two and a half cups of milk per person per day.

It shows how out of touch these critics are, but that won’t stop them being invited by their MSM mates onto talk shows to explain away recent Democrat election losses and how to get in touch with The People again.

It also shows that they’re assholes, which brings me to this article about Alec Baldwin’s recent shooting and killing of an innocent woman:

Alec Baldwin got to play his dream role last week, and unfortunately for an innocent woman, it was a method-acting version of Ted Kennedy. Now, you note that I am mocking a guy whose probable gross negligence killed a lady and maimed a man, and this raises an important question – do we really want to live in a world where our reaction to a tragedy caused by an enemy is not sorrow and compassion but mockery?

The article goes on to explore the pros and cons of being enough of an asshole to mock Baldwin in this situation:

In the world I would want to live in, we would all be at Option A, whispering a silent prayer for the hurting – and I did. But this is not the world we live in, and none of us are under any moral obligation to pretend we do.

Alec Baldwin is a bad person, but more than that, he is a bad person who hates us – with a mortality rate thanks to his hypocrisy. And now he is vulnerable, and the rules say he is fair game – his rules.

Not only that but this is not “punching down”, which Baldwin has done on Twitter countless times to ordinary people, in keeping with his Lefty peers as seen above with the Stotler family. By contrast, ripping Baldwin is punching up across the shields of his fame, wealth and the moral superiority that comes with the high levels of self regard his class of people have.

The conclusion is that it’s down to individual choice but that the writer is not going to condemn you if mockery is the route you take.

Think of it as the Cold War. Option B is mutually assured destruction – if you launch social media cruelty at our misfortune, you will pay in spades, so don’t. Option A is unilateral disarmament. Nice people on our side want us to disarm to make us better people; our enemies want us to disarm to make us better targets.

Those are the rules we’re playing by today. I didn’t make the rules. I don’t like them. I’m even willing to return to the old ones, once enough pain has been inflicted to teach the necessary lesson about changing the rules. But I am not willing to play by a different set of rules that limits me at the expense of my opponents.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 16, 2021 at 10:04 am

Baptists and Bootleggers, Bishops and Biker Gangs

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Baptists and Bootleggers is a well known phrase created by an economist some decades ago that describes how two groups of people seemingly opposed to each other can actually end up supporting common goals.

For much of the 20th century, Baptists and other evangelical Christians were prominent in political activism for Sunday closing laws restricting the sale of alcohol. Bootleggers sold alcohol illegally, and got more business if legal sales were restricted

I think we’ve reached this stage with the Auckland (and now Waikato) lockdowns, following recent events with mass attendances at two funerals for Maori gang members, plus “Bishop” Brian Tamaki’s little protest at The Domain.

In both cases the Police did not make any arrests. The Vet has already had a post on how one gang member was allowed to self-isolate at home. Cactus Kate draws a broader conclusion in Covid Zero is Dead:

The Cops did absolutely NOTHING today. NOTHING. What does that tell you? Who runs the country? 

We do. The people.  

I’m picking the cops don’t think they joined the force to enforce Covid regulations.

They chatted to Brian pre protest, they knew he was doing this =  no arrests. None. They never stopped him leaving his home to break the law.

It’s like they are afraid of anyone Maori or from the Pacific Islands. But I think it’s broader than that. They don’t agree that they actually have to enforce this Covid rubbish now vaccinations are available to all.

The weekend saw an internal revolt. The Cops went to that protest, stood there and did nothing.  White middle class Karen’s were horrified.  What does that tell you?

Like Cactus I am not at all horrified by what the gangs and Tamaki have pulled off. Shoving your fingers up the noses of our stuffed-shirt politicians and bureaucrats should actually be a time-honoured activity, given what arrogant, entitled, amoral, ignorant, dumb and sometimes outright evil bastards they are.

I also liked her suggestion, although I don’t think the gangs are short of a bob or two:

Our new mates in the gangs are holding tangi and holding their middle finger to Ardern and her mates. They are the pioneers of showing this situation to be a sick joke. 

You cannot suspend rights and freedoms in the New Zealand Bill of Rights for an indefinite period. That’s never reasonable. No plan.  When is this ending? Ardern has said “the start of 2022”. That’s not fooling anyone. 

At this point I am quite happy to contribute to a gofundme for gangs that break these utterly stupid rules. Every single day.

Reminds me of a post I wrote in 2019, looking back at the GFC, The Penny Begins To Drop:

Brian and Ilsa — the nice upper-middle-class retired couple, who always follow the rules, and never ever break the law — who don’t even cheat on their golf scores — even when they’re playing alone (“Because if you cheat at golf, you’re only cheating yourself”) — have decided to give their bank the middle finger. They have essentially said, Fuckit.

“We follow the rules, and look where that’s gotten us?” she says, furious and depressed. “Nowhere. They run us around, like lab rats in a cage.”

But Ilsa is quietly, constantly insisting that they stop paying the mortgage altogether: “Everybody else is doing it—so why shouldn’t we?”

A terrible sentence, when a law-abiding citizen speaks it: Everybody else is doing it — so why don’t we?

Of course the alternative path is one laid out by Chris Trotter in his latest outburst about how yet another Giant Central Control and Command experiment has fucked up and the search is about to start for the Wreckers and Traitors who will stand before the Peoples Revolutionary Court:

… those The Daily Blog Editor Martyn Bradbury colourfully calls “Death-Cult Capitalists”.

But for those who see human existence as a pitiless struggle to determine the survival of the fittest; for those who see human-beings as means to an end, never as ends in themselves; for those who would let thousands die rather than see the strong restrained in any way; for these people there is only one word: Evil.

Chris is never the most coherent or consistent of commentators. Just a few days earlier he was looking across the Tasman at Melbourne in horror and saying this:

Stamping out Covid-19 by stomping on the heads of our fellow citizens? Is that really what New Zealand wants?

I made the point to him that:

I’m sure it will be what quite a few New Zealanders will want if they see case numbers (and perhaps even deaths) rise, despite vaccinations, as the country opens up. An Untermenchen will be required for such a failure.

The joke is that just a week later, Chris has now arrived at this point with his two most recent articles (Introducing Mr Stick.and Why Is Labour So Frightened Of “Mr Stick”? (plus his commentators)

Luckily for him “stomping” with “Mr Stick” won’t be needed to destroy people.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 10, 2021 at 9:40 am

The next GOP Hitler

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This is a follow-on from the previous post about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s time as Governor of California, his betrayal of GOP principles in line with other GOP politicians, and the subsequent rise of Trump.

It’s often said that Trump represented something new and frightening about the American Right Wing:

“I think Donald Trump is an authoritarian. He’s not an ideologue, he’s not a principled man in the way that Goldwater was….I think that the times are different and I think the people are altogether different,” Bernstein tells CNN’s Don Lemon. Earlier this week, as Mediaite notes, Bernstein “told CNN’s Brian Stelter that Trump is ‘a new kind of fascist in our culture’ with an ‘authoritarian demagogic point of view.’”

That’s Carl Bernstein of Watergate reporting fame, and that’s what the US Left and the Democrats always say about a GOP President or candidate, even Mitt Romney and John McCain – and Barry Goldwater:

As managing editor of the CBS Evening News, Cronkite seemed to relish pricking Goldwater from time to time for sport. In late July, he introduced a report from CBS correspondent Daniel Schorr, a hard-and-fast liberal working from Munich. With an almost tongue-in-cheek smile, Cronkite said, “Whether or not Senator Goldwater wins the nomination, he is going places, the first place being Germany.” Schorr then went on a tear, saying, “It looks as though Senator Goldwater, if nominated, will be starting his campaign in Bavaria, the center of Germany’s right wing.”

The backstory was merely that Goldwater had accepted an invitation from Lieutenant General William Quinn for a quick holiday at Berchtesgaden, a U.S. Army recreational center in Germany. But Schorr made the takeaway point that Berchtesgaden was once “Hitler’s stomping ground.” Goldwater, trying to show off his NATO bona fides, had granted an interview with Der Spiegel in which he mentioned a possible trip to Germany soon. Some Democratic opposition researcher floated the idea that Goldwater was infatuated with the Nazis. It was ugly stuff.

Sure it was, about the man who a later Leftist journalist would describe as “principled”, decades later when Goldwater was safely dead. But then, every Republican presidential candidate, from Thomas Dewey (smeared as a Nazi by no less than Harry Truman) to the present will be attacked by the left in this fashion, no matter his temperament, or small-government policies (you need Big Government for real Fascism). In his 1984 book, Troubled Journey: From Pearl Harbor to Ronald Reagan, Fred Siegel, points out that this nasty crap started as far back as 1940:

Henry Wallace, the point man for the New Dealers, fought the 1940 election with the slogan “Keep Hitler out of the White House.” Wallace conceded that “every Republican is not an appeaser. But you can be sure that every Nazi, every Hitlerite, and every appeaser is a Republican.” Wallace glossed over the isolationism of leading Democrats like Burton Wheeler who were left-leaning at home yet impassioned appeasers…At their harshest, fervent New Dealers dropped the qualifiers and pronounced Wendell Willkie, Roosevelt’s middle-of-the-road Republican opponent, “the man Hitler wants elected president.”

Siegel should have mentioned a far more prominent name among the Democrat appeasers – Joe Kennedy. A little later, in his 1944 State of the Union address, FDR smeared the laissezfaire Coolidge era of the 1920s as “the spirit of fascism:”

If history were to repeat itself and we were to return to the so-called “normalcy” of the 1920′s—then it is certain that even though we shall have conquered our enemies on the battlefields abroad, we shall have yielded to the spirit of Fascism here at home.

Eisenhower was the only one who escaped the slur, probably because of his reputation from being the Supreme Commander of European Allied forces, the brief unanimity in facing down Communism, and the fact the he didn’t change any Democrat domestic policies.

But with Nixon’s return so came the Reductio ad Hitlerum. Those of us who are old enough also remember the same shit thrown at Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43. Here’s the same Carl Bernstein writing in 2012 about “Mitt Romney’s Radicalism”. That article also carried the same lines about the GOP and its voters that you’re hearing today in 2021:

“today’s Republican Party (and its Tea Party wing) represent the first bona fide radical political party to rise to dominance in Washington in nearly 100 years.”

As another article responded:

Tea Party members oppose Big Government, excessive federal spending and debt. Bernstein is claiming that it is somehow “radical” to want to return to the founding principles of the United States and save America from financial bankruptcy and economic ruin. Who is the real radical?

Plus being tagged as racists because there was a Black Man in power, completely ignoring the fact that the groundswell of protest started with Bush’s bank bailouts in late 2008. One famous sign seen at Tea Party rallies in 2009 read “It Doesn’t Matter What This Sign Says, You’ll Call Us Racists Anyway.” As law professor Glenn Reynolds responded to “Right Wing” David Brooks of the NYT and his heavy breathing about Trump in 2016:

The Tea Party movement — which you also failed to understand, and thus mostly despised — was a bourgeois, well-mannered effort (remember how Tea Party protests left the Mall cleaner than before they arrived?) to fix America. It was treated with contempt, smeared as racist, and blocked by a bipartisan coalition of business-as-usual elites. So now you have Trump, who’s not so well-mannered, and his followers, who are not so well-mannered, and you don’t like it.”

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the stenographers of the Democrat party, their MSM operatives with bylines.

“The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, disinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism. Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.” – Carl Bernstein, 1992

Pre-internet you will note.

Now, the same crowds, having defeated Evil Orange Man, are gearing up to do the same thing again to the next GOP President and Nominee, as even the squishy National Review notes:

After four years spent painting Trump as a unique threat to the nation, progressive pundits have begun moving on to new villains.

“Former President Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our nation, at least, if you support our democratic republic,” [MSNBC’s] Obeidallah wrote. “But DeSantis is more dangerous.”

That was quick.

The ironic thing is that the Democrats may see their hysterical nightmare come true, as this guy explains the theme further in Every New Republican Is the Most Evil Republican Ever:

Chimpy McBu$Hitlerburton is tolerated now that he’s snuggling with the Obamas and Clintons, stabbing his loyal supporters in the back, and doing cheesy watercolors of veterans his grotesque incompetence got mutilated. All that unpleasantness about him being in on 9/11 is just a vaguely troubling memory from long ago.

They treated Trump like some radical, but they misunderstood him as they misunderstand so much else. Donald Trump was less a revolutionary than an eccentric with an inability to hide his contempt for his fellow caste members. He grew up and prospered in elite society, and he enjoyed it – as his myriad amorous adventures splashed across the cover of the NY Post testified. What made him dangerous is that he didn’t participate in the framework of Mutually Assured Discretion.

They hated him not because he embraced a few conservative ideas. They hated him not even because of those mean tweets – they like meanness. No, they hated him because he told the forbidden truth. He told the terrible secret to those unwashed people out there in Americaland who make things for a living and sweat when they work, that our elite is not only not better than the plebs but is much, much worse in every sense.

The truth that many observers of Trump saw in 2016 was that he was still the boy from Queens, gazing across at Manhattan and determined to be accepted by it. He never really was but he carried that yearning to Washington D.C.

Yet, Donald Trump did not want to destroy the ruling caste. At least until the end, he still maintained residual respect for its institutions. He might have accurately labelled it the “failing New York Times,” but at some level, he still thought he could win over Maggie Haberman and get a sweet write-up. He didn’t want to burn it all down; he just wanted to slap some of the swells around.

Luckily the Democrats foolishly decided not to embrace him for big spending things like a trillion dollar infrastructure bill and expanded Medicare (which he would have loved), but instead went feral; 100% opposition frenzy 25/8/366. Trump’s greatest gift was that he forced his opponents to lift their masks of civility and reveal just what awful, ugly and unprincipled pieces of shit they were, and where they were located, which in some cases was inside the GOP.

The key indicator is their norm-breaking – the norms they touted for so long about free speech, due process, and self-determination were all fine right up until the outsiders started to use them to threaten the insiders’ positions and prestige.

As some handful of those Republicans who had opposed Trump in 2016 later acknowledged; if you looked at policies, the guy was governing much like any GOP President, as well as doing some things previous GOP Presidents had promised and never delivered. But it didn’t matter to the Never Trumpers; nothing does. And so.

The next victorious Republican – one will come even if we detour back to another squish for a cycle or so – will be ruthless. He will understand that the enemy is serious about holding on to power and that means holding us by our throats. He will understand that to win means to take the fight to them, to ignore the whining and howling

He will not care about earning their favor. He will care about payback. He will be woke, conservative woke, and for the first time in a long time, Democrats will be right about something, for they shall fear him.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 9, 2021 at 12:00 pm

“I saved countless lives”

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After months of rumours and – truth be told – any amount of accurate non-MSM reporting that identified the guy who shot Ashli Babbit during the Great January 6,2021 Insurrection…

Lt. Michael Byrd

… he finally appeared for an interview on Democrat worshipping US TV channel, NBC.

This is just one part:

In the chaotic minutes before he shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, Lt. Michael Byrd focused his attention on the glass doors leading into the lobby of the House of Representatives chamber.

About 60 to 80 House members and staffers were holed up inside, and it was Byrd’s job to protect them.

As rioters rampaged through the Capitol, Byrd and a few other officers of the U.S. Capitol Police set up a wall of furniture outside the doors.

“Once we barricaded the doors, we were essentially trapped where we were,” Byrd said in an exclusive interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, speaking publicly for the first time since the riot. “There was no way to retreat. No other way to get out.

Uh huh.

You could have fired warning shots into the floor. Into the roof. You could have asked someone else to Taze her (surely the Capitol Police have tasers?). I’ve seen multiple videos of this shooting from various angles, including those taken by the BLM guy who was right in the middle of it beside the glass doors that Babbitt tried to climb through.

But what the hell, this is just a repeat of the shooting of Miriam Carey in 2013:

The FBI found two medications in her apartment, as well as a laptop, a flash drive and three nonfunctional cell phones. Federal officials said she may have suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.[14][15] Federal officials said no weapons were found in the car.[

She had attempted to drive through a White House security checkpoint in her black Infiniti G37 coupe, struck a U.S. Secret Service officer, and was chased by the Secret Service to the United States Capitol where she was shot five times in the back, including one shot which hit the left side of the back of her head. A young child, Carey’s daughter, was found unharmed in the car.

Miriam was fucked up and she panicked. The House and Senate gave the Capitol Police a standing ovation for their upstanding defense of all their precious political hides. I mean to say, when Senators and members and House members get killed, the Union is in serious danger.

Exactamundo, as Tarantino’s killers would say.

So why isn’t it?

In the last few years I have watched American friends of mine, friends of 30-40 years, fall apart over politics, to the extent of cutting all communications. I’m in the middle of one such deeply depressing fight among old American friends now.

In every case, it has been the “Liberals” who have cut all contact with their Republican “friends”.

Some years ago, around the time Trump became President, discussions started up on the Interwebby thing about a second American Civil War. It was all very intellectual, mainly focused around Trump. But the terrible truth is that it was about far more fundamental things than that.

I now think we are closer to that than we have ever been before.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 27, 2021 at 6:37 pm

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Disrupting debates

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I have not watched or listened to any debate since the early 1990’s when I tuned in to watch Bill Clinton smilingly grind George Herbert Walker Bush into his natural gait of public goofiness.

But with a second Trump-Biden debate somewhere in the near future it’s time to review not the first one – which I gather was not too dissimilar to the scene below – but the reactions to it.

Those reactions summarised the whole thing as a train wreck, with both men shouting over eachother, and Trump constantly attacking the moderator, Chris Wallace of FoxNews. Naturally Trump got the blame for this, which is to be expected.

What I recalled of course, was when Joe Biden pulled exactly the same stunt in 2012 during his debate with his VP opponent, Paul Ryan, although I was judging from small clips. Ryan was a well-known D.C policy wonk who loved arguing the details and intricacies of legislation or the strategic aspects of big ideas. But Biden had no time for that and put on a clown show, as described by Ann Althouse (law prof & Obama voter):

Biden is being rude, laughing and mouthing words…. Biden mutters an interruption. When Biden is given a turn, he calls what Ryan said “malarky.”… Ryan is speaking earnestly… and Biden is chuckling toothily, his body shaking like Santa Claus…. When Ryan speaks, Biden is laughing clownishly again. It looks just awful… Biden is acting as though he cannot physically tolerate Ryan having a turn to speak!…

Biden continually interrupts Ryan in a way I find incredibly annoying…. While Ryan is talking… Biden sighs long and loud… Biden interrupts. Ryan says: “Mr. Vice President, I know you’re under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground, but I think everyone will be better served if we don’t keep interrupting each other.” I love the politeness of “if we don’t keep” — we — when Biden has been an interruption machine and Ryan has barely interrupted and only occasionally has talked over to keep from losing his turn. The moderator, Martha Raddatz has done nothing at all to control Biden.

And how did the MSM of 2012 react? Did they universally condemn Biden’s behavior? Was there discussion about debate rules changes by the Commission on Presidential Debates? No to both. Instead there was the following, first from the The New York Times:

It was Mr. Biden who sought to quiet the rising clamor among Democrats that the president was not assertive enough with Mr. Romney at their debate last week in Denver. A day after Mr. Obama conceded he was ‘too polite,’ Mr. Biden showed no hesitation in hectoring, heckling and interrupting his challenger.

Throughout the evening, Mr. Biden made maximum use of the split-screen shots that were judged to have harmed Mr. Obama a week earlier, when he was frequently shown looking down at his lectern as Mr. Romney harshly criticized him. And whenever Mr. Ryan spoke, Mr. Biden claimed his half of the screen as his own, practically winking at the audience at home as he stage-laughed at the assertions Mr. Ryan was making or shook his head in disbelief, grinning broadly.

For Mr. Biden especially, the night was his chance to relive past debates and unleash his inner barroom brawler… Mr. Biden turned his temperature up, singeing the young man across the table with patronizing grins, but mostly withering retorts. His interruptive barrage was as relentless as his silent mugging for the camera.

Gosh. How approving of the NYT. They love barroom brawlers – when they’re Democrats. Otherwise it’s civility bullshit. Next is USA Today:

“Biden was energetic, engaged and combative in a way that Obama failed to be in his debate with Republican Mitt Romney in Denver last week. The open question may be whether he came across as convincing or rude.” …“Biden’s supercharged performance was aimed at stemming the momentum the Republican ticket has been riding since the last debate.”

And I’ll finish with the Los Angeles Times:

Vice President Joe Biden was all smirks, smiles, laughs, sharp elbows and impolite interruptions in his debate with the No. 2 guy on the Republican ticket, Paul Ryan. It is always a risky tactic to let Joe be Joe, but it seems to have paid off… After President Obama’s passive, lackluster response to Mitt Romney’s energetic assault during the first presidential debate, demoralized Democrats were praying that Biden would come out swinging at Ryan,… They got what they wanted and, as a result, Democrats should be reinvigorated as the closing days of the 2012 campaign tick away.”

The LA Times was also very happy that Biden’s “rudeness” had acted as a sort of “fact-checking” on Ryan’s arguments. Imagine them saying that about Trump’s “rudeness”.

Against Trump, Biden got a big serving of what he dished out 8 years ago, and niether he nor his MSM backers could handle it, which is why their reaction was 180 degrees opposite to that of 2012. Pricks!

But the debate format itself has passed its use-by date. I can’t think of any debate that has pushed an election one way or another since the 1980’s. Recently an American commentator, Ben Domenech, made the following points about how the US Presidential debates happen, which contained some facts I was not aware of and which are quite shocking:

The Commission on Presidential Debates is a relic. Its board contains mostly people born in the 1930s and 40s. It is the reason there are no internet based debates. Its executive director has led it since before the end of the Cold War. It must end. The Commission’s approach creates debates that are unintelligible and with moderators who cannot effectively extract the truth. They are asking 1980s questions in a 1970s format. This must end.

Good grief. No wonder the US debates have been so useless for so many years. And I’ll leave the last word to longtime Republican and 1996 Presidential contender, Bob Dole:

Written by Tom Hunter

October 11, 2020 at 6:37 pm