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Homelessness four times worse than in 2017

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I usually leave it to my fellow bloggers to cover New Zealand politics and general news, but every now and again there is a New Zealand story that catches my attention.

And in the case of homelessness there are two good additional reasons for covering this story, beyond the topic itself. First, that the NZ MSM seem to be ignoring it. Second, because in the face of MSM failure it’s up to blogs and other Social Media to support eachother and do the work the MSM refuses to.

In this case the report comes from Kiwiblog, Homelessness four times as great as in 2017:

In September 2017 there were 4,054 on the Priority A waiting list for Housing NZ. These are families who have been assessed as in urgent need of a house.

Labour said 4,054 was a scandal. They said they wanted to abolish homelessness.

In June 2020 there are now 16,651 families on the Priority A waiting list.

As commentators over there have noted: in 2017 the likes of John Campbell was shedding tears over homelessness and there seemed to be a story every day about the subject as the National-led government was rightly beaten over the head with it.

But now it’s just not much of a story apparently.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 14, 2020 at 12:55 pm

Oh FFS! NO. Just…NO!

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Over on Kiwiblog it would seem that David Farrar (DPF) has finally lost the plot:

Is it time for a Government of National Unity?

He insists that this is not a satirical post:

This is a serious post. 

I think consideration should be given to forming a Government of National Unity, as was the case in WWII. Around 2,000 NZers a year died in WWII and we could see the same or higher here. Plus the economic and system shocks will be like nothing we have seen since WWII.

Alrighty then. The hysteria continues…

Who would be my pick for the “COVID Cabinet” 

  1. Jacinda Ardern, PM
  2. Simon Bridges, Deputy PM
  3. Winston Peters, Foreign Minister
  4. Grant Robertson, Finance
  5. Paula Bennett, Economic Development & Recovery
  6. James Shaw, Defence & Civil Defence
  7. David Parker, Attorney-General
  8. Michael Woodhouse, Health 

So three from Labour, three from National and one each Greens and NZ First.

Ummmm… No. Just NO!

COVID-19 is not a pandemic like the Spanish Flu or even more recent ones like SARS. The death toll and mortality rate in places like Italy and Iran is at least as much due to special conditions that have applied to each country, such as an older population with poorer health (smoking especially) and poor health care system.

The main impact will be economic as things are ground to a halt.

None of these things are going to be dealt with better by a coalition government. The main reason such are formed in war-time is that everybody knows that tough decisions will have to be made that could be argued either way and it’s vital that an enemy not be able to exploit political differences.

This is not that situation. Even a response involving a national “lock down” would be unlikely to see National in Opposition arguing against it, since such responses are what any government would do in a worst-case pandemic scenario.

In any case, can you really imagine Winston accepting this? Sitting beside his Tauranga nemesis, Bridges?


Written by Tom Hunter

March 16, 2020 at 6:31 pm

Will NZ Political History Repeat Itself

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As I look at the developing and hardening of factions within the Green Caucus I cannot help but wonder if we are going to have a repeat of the first MMP Government where one of the current governing parties hemorrhages internally, namely the Green Party – not unlike NZFirst in 1996-1999. Lets look at the similarities.

With NZFirst it was the Maori members, self titled, `The Tight Five’ of Tau Henare, Tuku Morgan, Tuariki Delamere, Rana Waitai and Tu Wyllie who broke away from their party and led eventually to Jenny Shipley disbanding the coalition.

Now we have a group of Green Party members led by Co-Leader Marama Davidson, and including activists Chloe Swarbrick, Golriz Gahraman and Jan Logie. They have been present at the protest at Ihumatao despite being part of the Government and that can only lead to tensions with their Coalition Support partners Labour and NZFirst. In my view these Green Party MP’s are abusing their positions as part of the current government.

Add to the above the fact that there is increasing speculation around the traps and in media that Co-Leader James Shaw is coming under pressure from within the party to give up his more centrist stance and move further to the left. It would appear that Shaw.s intimation that the Green Party would be receptive to some Genetic Modification of seeds etc has not gone down well within the wider party. He may well suffer the consequences to the detriment of the governing coalition.

Written by pdm1946

August 6, 2019 at 2:35 am


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I guess I could comment on the Prime Minister’s penchant for tripping the world stage to be fawned over as some sort of miracle Mum in preference to fronting up to parliament (when not taking a ‘sickie’) and being grilled on the shenanigans surrounding the Clare Curran resignation … but I won’t.

I guess I could comment on the Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government’s mendacity in refusing to accept the Remuneration Authorities determination on MP’s salaries and then deciding, by fiat, that Ministers should be able to take their domestic servants with them on official o’seas trips (traveling business class of course) to be paid for by the taxpayer … but I won’t.

Instead I want to comment on the Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government’s recently introduced legislation to ‘entrench’ the Maori seats.   Legislation going nowhere because there is no way the Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government can cobble together the 75% majority required to pass the legislation into law.  

Let’s first reflect on the fact the legislation only made it into the House with the support of NZ First … a Party committed to the abolishing the Maori seats.    Strange? … it gets more bizarre.   Peter’s sez they did that in order to allow NZ First to introduce an amendment during the Committee stages of the Bill providing for a binding referendum on whether or not to retain the seats.    Now it now gets even more bizarre.   I suspect National will, in all likelihood, support that amendment (in the spirit of creating happy mischief … thank you DPF) which will then pass.    Labour and the Greens can’t let that happen so they will pull the Bill.    Hours of parliamentary time wasted and all in aid of a little virtual signalling.  

And that folks defines ‘our’ Labour led (oooops, apologies to Winston) Coalition Government.

Written by The Veteran

September 24, 2018 at 9:35 pm