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Governed by Hypochondriacs

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I think we’ve all known a hypochondriac in our lives; a person “excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness”, to quote Wiki.

I’ve not looked to see if there have been any studies of hypochondria in the modern era but given how easy the Interwebby makes it for such people to go searching up all the details of a disease I have to think that the numbers of them are greater than they ever used to be.

Or perhaps the number has always been some roughly unchanging percentage but in the past they were restricted in their obviousness by both difficulty of research and the limitations of communications technology that allows them to broadcast their psychosis to the entire human population.

Whatever the answers to those questions there’s no doubt that the Great Chinese Lung Rot pandemic of 2020-2022 has given them all the angst they could possibly want.

That photo above is from the Twitter account of one Laura Miers in the USA. Yes, that is how she chooses to present herself to the world. More information:

Pro-Kindness/Compassion/Love. Wealth inequality will destroy us. Ex-Texan, Global citizen. Law, Medicine, Sustainability, Languages. LongCovid

New York, USA

Ex-Texan? But of course. Law and medicine? Sheeeiiit.

Her demands are simple and that is that society must never be allowed to return to normalcy. Instead all must be compelled by government to live inside the plastic bubble that she so obviously loves living in. Think I’m joking? Look at some of her stuff.

One of my kids is begging to return to in-person school, and I am nearing surrender. I am so tired of living like this. I guess I am willing to die so he can get an education, I don’t know. I don’t have any other options. Nothing is ever going to change. I hate this country.

She’s an insane depressive who engages in catastrophic thinking. I feel so sorry for her kid who is desperate to return to a normal kid’s life but is being tied down by a mother who thinks she’ll die if he does. And she hates her country because if there weren’t other normal people out there enjoying freedom then she’d be happy.

People like this are essential to Socialism.

People are vastly underestimating how much trauma First Wavers are carrying around. Our (top-rated) school district is like “LOL – Covid is over & Monkeypox is for the gays,” & I’m supposed to be like “Yes, this is a safe environment for my child. Everyone else is doing it!”

By “First Wavers” I’m guessing she means that she caught the Alpha version in 2020, but apparently all her reading has not led her to the century-plus old, fundamental medical fact that in doing so she achieved natural immunity. She apparently thinks that if she catches C-19 again she’ll die – or at least get very sick.

More on her poor, bloody kids:

Unfortunately, I can’t stop thinking about how I was treated by the district in 2020, while appropriately responding to a very real threat. We’ve been doing online school ever since. I was the first in the school to take my kids out.

I have no doubt she is speaking the truth here. Then there’s the lack of irony – always a key indicator with “thinkers” like this:

The “campaign to return to normal” relied heavily on gaslighting conscientious people to such an extent, they cave. Everywhere I go (in my “blue state”) I’m reminded I’m not welcome unless I conform. People are hostile & aggressive unless you unmask & worship Covid & Capitalism.

Unless I conform, which is terrible. Well yes, yes it is – you fucking controlling bitch. I remember many of your species trying to force everyone else to conform to “social distancing”, being locked inside our houses, not going to the beach or parks, wearing masks in shops and outdoors, and ultimately getting “vaccinated” with something that is more accurately defined as a therapeutic treatmentand succeeding through massive social pressure, relentless MSM propaganda, threats of job loss and even the fucking Police.

You piece of shit. And now you have the Sadz because you feel like a freak wearing your Mouth Burka when no one else is wearing one?

This woman needs a psychiatrist, like almost every hardcore AWFL (Affluent White Female Liberal) Democrat woman does.

But don’t laugh too much at her. You’re also looking at the perfect Jacinda-voter here in New Zealand, and god forbid any National Party supporter or politician who says so, because the comeback will be that such is misogyny – and they can’t have that if they’re going to win in 2023.

BTW, a similar fanatic with much greater reach, Super Mask+Lockdown+Vax Nazi, Leana Wen of CNN, is now having second thoughts, at least on one thing:

Masking has harmed our son’s language development, and limiting both kids’ extracurriculars and social interactions would negatively affect their childhood and hinder my and my husband’s ability to work.

And guess what sports fans? That has now resulted in her being dumped in the shit by the hysterical hens like Laura Miers that she once agitated into a pecking frenzy:

But no political epiphany goes unpunished. And now more than 600 activists are demanding that the American Public Health Association cancel her as a panelist at a conference this autumn… Her opponents accuse her of promoting “unscientific, unsafe, ableist, fatphobic, and unethical practices.”

Dr. Wen’s positions “assumed a capacity for personal responsibility that was not available to vast swaths of the population,” Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation epidemiologist David Swedler told Inside Higher Ed.

He captures the mindset of the public-health ruling class: People are too stupid or selfish to be allowed to make their own choices.

The whole pandemic in a nutshell. You love to see it.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 10, 2022 at 6:00 am

Return of the untermenschen

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Thanks to the folks here I have returned to the blog writing community after a lapse of many years. The weird thing is I only met one of the co authors face to face and that was a coincidence. You will decide whether I have anything worth saying. I am interested to hear from commenters what they are interested in hearing us blog about. You can read below about what interests and drives me.

I returned to NZ a few years ago after 20 years in UK and Europe. I lost my home and income as a direct result of Covid. I stayed to spend time with family, worked with a tech startup and am now committed to a property development. It was amazing to get on the plane in SFO and see the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew all maskless. The first time I had escaped from the caste system that is masks in NZ for 2 years. The idea that as a guest in a bar or taxi I have choice but not as an employee is one of the more immoral things this witless bunch of thugs has done over the life of the Covid FearMonger. The absolute most immoral and egregious thing they have done is maltreating healthcare workers who turned up to work in the early days of the pandemic when there was no vaccine. They have been illegally sacked (refer Cooke J for the decision), against Ministry of Health advice (google is your friend), for using their judgement to refuse a vaccine.

I have to say the country has changed. Some of it good, some of it just confirms why I left in the first place. Some aspects of it reflect changes in the rest of the world and some are peculiar to NZ. The affectation of the increased use of Maori language all through media and civil service to show ones subservience to the trends of the day was jarring at first, but as time went on I realised that it should generally be viewed as a positive thing, being part of what makes New Zealand unique. I used words like puku, kai etc and very much enjoyed collecting koura as a kid so it is really only a question of degree.

I am unable to watch NZ broadcast news, it simply irritates me too much with the over simplistic “human interest” focus and the ever so woke. Marama Davidson upsetting people by tweeting about Whitakers chocolate having a new woke branding. FFS there are more important things in the world. The articles of interest in the newspapers are simply reprints of left wing foreign media or simplistic pieces with a big picture aimed at a 10 year old. Reading sports journalism here is a rare exception. Knowledgeable people expressing well founded points of view.

The glorious leader of Ardernistan is a joke. Full credit to her for having the charisma and talent to convince people to make her leader, but Winston Peters has a lot to answer for. The latest Roy Morgan poll suggests that she and her team of $55m have made a difference and may potentially get power again next year. Apparently I am a white supremacist conspiracy theorist because I disagree with vaccine mandates. If you want the vaccine go ahead but don’t force it on the rest of us. I am disappointed I did not ask the patched Black Power gang member marching in front of me across the Auckland Harbour Bridge whether he was also a white supremacist. Or any of the many other folks of many shades on the march.

The poll results indicate that NZers are too apathetic or are convinced by the propaganda that Labour/Greens produce to poll as high as they are. I am simply astonished and do not understand it well enough yet. Fascinating though that 19% of women under 50 support the Greens but only 3% of women over 50 do. More men over 50 (4%) than women support them.

Tom Hunter has a great deal of good commentary on what is happening in the US so I will try not to overlap too much. Major Star is a very well informed military type. He is RF and I am an ex TF grunt officer of low rank so we bring a slightly different perspective to the question of what NZ military is for and what positive impact on NZ it can have. I have an OIA request in about current army numbers. I was at a talk on Vietnam last week and a retired senior officer said the Army is down to about 4000 RF and 1000 TF. The force structure and recruitment of the TF is a disgrace. Both parties have ignored the problem and the CDS prefer to have full time specialised and are not interested in increasing the throughput of young men and women. They have about 1200 Limited Service volunteers who do a 6 week course. Then, according to a friend who works in the area they are simply left to their own devices. I will blog further on the subject in due course.

I will probably bring a reasonable amount of climate change commentary. I am very much a sceptic. I know Greenies who have no clue that over the last 30 years there has been an increase in green volume of around 11%. That is the opposite to common belief. The funniest element of Trumps administration is identifying the woke and asking them if they realise that Trump reduced US CO2 emissions by around 15% whereas St Angela Merkel increased Germany’s over the same timeline. The current CO2 % is around 430-450ppm. Plants struggle to breathe around 165ppm and commercial nurseries raise the density to 1200 ppm. Humans can handle up to 4000 and 10,000ppm will kill us. Over the course of history the climate has been substantially hotter than now. Common sense suggests that the Vikings in Greenland around 1000 years ago must have had a beneficial climate. the most interesting piece I read recently suggested that the climate was cooling for around the last 4000 years up until the late 1800’s. That coincides with the start of the first industrial revolution. I have not concluded how much of the increased temperature since then is due to human activities and how much is natural. I do know that the environmentalists who have substituted belief in catastrophic climate change are lying or no better than medieval religious believers when they spout nonsense about existential risk to humanity.

That is enough word vomit for my first blog back. I look forward to the interaction.

[edited for grammar]

Written by Whiskey&Pie

September 6, 2022 at 8:19 pm

Fake news you can trust

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That’s the slogan of the great satire site, The Babylon Bee.

And they just landed two great shots on The Powers That Be and how their political and ideological bigotries drive their ScientificTM decisions.

CDC Declares Gay Orgies An ‘Essential Activity.


Government That Shut Down Businesses, Parks, Schools, Beaches, And Churches For 2 Years Says There’s Nothing We Can Do To Stop A Disease Spread By Gay Sex.

Meanwhile I see that the little American gargoyle celebrating 50+ years as a medical bureaucrat and having never practiced medicine, is now bringing to bear all the Sir Humphrey skills that have helped him not just survive but thrive in the US Federal government since 1968, to the point that he’s the highest paid Federal government official.

“First of all, I didn’t recommend locking anything down, you’re asking me questions, you’re talking about — the CDC’s the public agency that uses their epidemiologists and their science-based approach to make recommendations,”

He didn’t? Wow. He must have been one of those strong believers in the ScienceTM that saw the majority of epidemiologists, prior to 2020, dismiss the idea of locking down the healthy population to prevent a pandemic.

Oh wait!

That’s from October 2020.

“When it became clear that we had community spread in the country … I recommended to the president that we shut the country down. That was a very difficult decision, because I knew it would have serious economic consequences, which it did.

“There was no way to stop the explosive spread that we knew would occur if we didn’t do that…. And unfortunately, since we actually did not shut down completely – the way China did, the way Korea did, the way Taiwan did – we actually did see spread even though we shut down.

But it could have been worse – like if he’d been as much a fanatic as our own Professor’s Baker, Hendy, Wiles and Health Director Bloomfield. Aside from not being paid anywhere near as much I bet he’s jealous of New Zealand:

“Had we known back then the insidious nature of spread in the community, there would have been much more of an alarm and there would have been much much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very very heavy encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing and what have you” 

Very, very, heavy encouraging? That’s quite a euphemistic phrase for what it would actually have been in America. It would have meant having the Police jumping on you if you went to the beach, with handcuffs, pepper spray, batons and horses, as per Australia and New Zealand.

I think these people should read Thomas Sowell’s seven features of totalitarianism and make the comparisons to the actions of Western governments circa 2020/21.

This is not the first time Fauci has changed his tune, offering changing – and opposing – positions on both vaccine mandates and masks. On the latter, Fauci privately acknowledged that typical drugstore masks are “not really effective,” and he said in a March 2020 interview that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

Being that he’s a very old man I guess he has no idea that the Interwebby is forever. The silver lining here – especially with 2000+ C-19 dead and rising fast in New Zealand, mainly people aged 70+ – is that now we can talk about stuff like this without having to listening to cretins screaming about how we hate ScienceTM and love killing grannies.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 2, 2022 at 6:00 am

Monkeypox (a modest proposal)

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The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”H.L. Mencken

It’s here. The Next Big Thing to Scare the Shit Out Of You – and hopefully make you do what your masters want.

The WHO has proclaimed Monkeypox a global health emergency.

But there’s two twists to this that is going to prevent a repeat of the Chinese Lung Rot panic.

First, it’s not lethal, although it can be very painful. Second…

A major study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men.

Yes folks, the disease is confined to gay guys to the tune of 95% of the victims to date being gay males. But not just any gay guys; we’re not talking about the two dads at home with the kids.

No, specifically, gay men who have lots of sex, usually anonymous sex or sex with randos or group sex or orgies: high-volume hyperpromiscuous sex of the kind practiced nigh-exclusively by gay men and paid prostitutes. It’s not actually a sexually transmitted disease, but it does require a lot of skin contact with multiple people, as shown by these excerpts from one BabethePigBoi, who’d been feeling very trapped by the Chinese Lung Rot:

So I finally got back into the swing of things and attended a friends birthday orgy Saturday the 9th.

As you do.

It was a great time, I think I came into sexual content with somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 different men…So I made the educated risk to attend [another] orgy on Thursday… So I attend the orgy, have a great time. [Deleted.] I think I had sexual contact with around 15 men, similar to the orgy on Saturday. Had a great time, [Deleted.]… On Friday I had a few quick hookups with local guys, 3 total, and on Saturday I have a fourway [Deleted.] 

A busy boy and so naturally he caught the disease.

Tracing it back it’s pretty clear I had my exposure at the Thursday orgy with all the out-of-towners, the timing works out exactly right.

Oh you mean the super-spreader event with the out-of-towers who then traveled back to their home cities to spread it to more people via more orgies through their local orgy scenes.

Now I seem to remember that in the time of General Tso’s Sickness, the government was also very aggressive about pushing non-medicinal interventions, like forbidding certain behaviors as well as outlawing groups larger than ten getting together for any reason at all.

So I have a modest proposal – modest because I’m inspired by Scientists like Professor Neil Ferguson, Dr Fauci, Dr Birx, Prof Baker and Souxie Wiles, among many others.

Why don’t we just ban male homosexual group sex – just for two weeks.

You know, just “to Flatten the Curve” or perhaps longer “to Slow the Spread”. Perhaps a strongly worded CDC advisory telling anyone with monkeypox symptoms to refrain from sex, especially from orgies, would be helpful, no? In fact we can follow the plan of Dr Deborah Birx, where we ban briefly and then use that time to get the ban extended:

“Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread was a start, but I knew it would be just that. I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them. 

Of course, such regulations screw with your liberty – but Global Health Experts have established beyond question these last two years that liberty can and should be sacrificed whenever the WHO declares a global health emergency. So it would be absurd for those who guided us through the last pandemic not to enact this modest proposal for handling this one.

When I included the following cartoon in a post on some Ardern spiel (Great Leader Glorious Announcement Day), I did not think that one of the cartoons would be so appropriate.

As you imagine this is not going to happen. There are no advisories from the CDC telling gay men to cool it with the orgies and anonymous sex. No stern warnings to – well, not even go celibate, but just pick one sexual partner for the duration of the pandemic and be monogamous temporarily.

And the reason there are no warnings, let alone prohibitions, is that the left’s constituent groups are never told to stop doing the things they like doing – like Black Lives Matter protests; you did know that you can gather in closely-packed mobs to riot while everyone else is locked down because “The ScienceTM” says The Ghost of St. George Floyd protects you, yes?

If there’s a forbiddance needed, then all of society must lock down. There will be no such warnings, until monkeypox spreads more and then they will tell us we all have to avoid congregating in groups and the gyms and churches and schools are now closed. Just like the 2020 rioting, this is an activity beloved by part of the leftist coalition and therefore “The ScienceTM has determined it has Special Value which outweighs the public health. Orgies are obviously super-spreader events but the CDC won’t say a thing about them. Motorcycle rallies are bad, gay orgies are good.

You can trust the government politician-scientists, guys, The Politician-Scientists are all about “The ScienceTM,” and totally not about appeasing different political blocs. And as that cartoon above points out, it is the politics, just as it was with HIV/AIDS, and Leftist luvvies Mother Jones is on the case:

Berenson] then goes on to argue that monkeypox is strictly a disease of gay men. “Are you a gay man who likes sex with lots of other gay men?” he wrote. “Maybe in a bathhouse? Maybe names optional? Maybe with a meth bump on the side? No? Are you sure?… Okay. Don’t worry about the monkeypox thing then.”

With those two points–a supposedly overblown illness plus some homophobia–Berenson did what anti-vaccine activists do best. He managed to build upon his previous talking points and pivot to the current news cycle, neatly weaving the latest headlines into a grand conspiracy theory with necessary villains and egregious profiteering.

The MIT Technology Review agrees that the statistics are just homophobia with decimal points.

The job is being made harder by false, often homophobic theories that are spreading on all major social media platforms, according to research carried out for MIT Technology Review by the Center for Countering Digital Hate. These false claims are making it harder to convince the public that monkeypox can affect everyone, and they could dissuade people from reporting potential infections.

They better talk to the homophobic hate site, NBC, from which the headline above is taken.

Sure, this disease can affect everyone. But It is affecting almost entirely gay men, because gay men are engaging more than anyone else in the activities that spread the disease. This isn’t about blame so much as telling these gay guys: “Hey, you need to stop with the random near-anonymous sex and group sex for the next few months, hmm..kay?”

Is that really so much to ask? The likes of Baker and Fauci didn’t think it was a big deal to lock children up for two fucking years.

You know what’s really weird? Despite the CDC’s formal claim that straights can get monkeypox just as easily as gays can, and despite the CDC’s absolute refusal to issue even a “guidance” about sexual practices known to spread monkeypox, Dr Fauci says that gays should get the monkeypox vaccine first.

Really? Why? Sounds like discrimination – if their first claim is true.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 30, 2022 at 2:46 pm

2000 dead

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“So, uh, yeah, just going to leave this here, then

So it was said a long two years ago.

Together with this gloating Tweet from some Jacinda worshiper at the time.

Today’s numbers.

And of course the people dying now are exactly the same sort of people we knew in January 2020 that this thing targeted:

Six were in their 70s, five were in their 80s and five were aged over 90.

As it has been for months now. It’s almost as if General Tso’s Sickness is merely a substitute for the normal 500-700 flu deaths we get annually, plus those who die from pneumonia, otherwise known as “Old People’s Friend”. The suppression of such deaths in 2020 and 2021 is likely also feeding these current numbers, as is often seen with excess mortality from year to year around the world.

Gee, I guess that since we’ve maxed out on the lockdown strategy – simply because we’re so broken and exhausted by the previous ones – social distancing is gone, and since it’s hard to see how we could force our already “world class” vaccine rates any higher, I guess it’s back to masks, masks, and more masks, especially for school children – right Professor Baker?

And as I predicted in October, 2021…

We’ve already noticed that, as the bad news of rising cases began to turn up, Jacinda and her team were quick to pull her from the daily Podium Of Truth, leaving it to her minions to deliver the news… At some point soon I suspect that Adern and company will not even bother talking about the vaccination rate, and if questions about either it or case numbers are mentioned, they’ll just waffle around them…To do otherwise would be to take numbers that have been useful to the government so far – case numbers and vax rates – and watch them be steadily turned against the government…

… is this news from the MOH:

…the ministry can now start reporting on people hospitalised where the main reason they’re in hospital is due to Covid-19 or with Covid-19 as a contributor.

They will be making a similar change to deaths reporting, away from all people who have died within 28 days of a Covid-19 infection to people who have died because of a Covid-19 infection or where it was a contributing factor.

Which will automatically drop the numbers from the ones quoted in the RNZ reports, although they may stick to the numbers counted under the original definition. You’ll also note that this daily news item is no longer top-of-page material but buried much farther down in scrolling or even having to be searched for, which fits with both it becoming “boring” background news, and also not hurting their precious Labour government.

Control your soul’s thirst for freedom

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Over the years I’ve read and seen a bunch of dystopian SF books and movies, stories that paint not a wonderful, sunny future enabled by miraculous technology, but a grim, dark, almost inhuman future where the technology oppresses us rather than freeing us.

Neuromancer, Bladerunner, Battlestar Gallactica (2003 reboot), Aliens, A.I., Gattica….

Yet somehow I never thought I’d get to see it.

That’s in Shanghai, one of the largest cities in the world: twenty five million people locked down by the Chinese government in pursuit of Covid Zero, which they still believe is possible even after two years of dealing with General Tso’s Syphilis. It feels like a repeat of the autistic focus on goals during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

Between that and drones flying around apartment buildings broadcasting warnings while people scream from their balconies for food, plus beating corgies to death in the street and wrapping up cats in mesh bags on the sidewalks where they are collected to be killed, it’s safe to say that China is not a place anybody would like to be – and absolutely not a society we want to emulate, even though we increasingly do, starting with the concept of lockdowns.

I’d already covered a story about the CCP’s approach to pets in Time ran out for Pudding, where a little boy in Hong Kong had to hand over his pet hamster to be killed by the authorities. The cats in bags is another echo of the recent Chinese past:

Even China’s feline population suffered as Red Guards tried to eliminate what they claimed was a symbol of “bourgeois decadence”. “Walking through the streets of the capital at the end of August [1966], people saw dead cats lying by the roadside with their front paws tied together”

If you wish you can find videos of the cats in bags but I found the images too upsetting to put here, despite being not gory.

It’s not just events like this that have made me doubt the claim that the 21st century will be China’s. For various fundamental reasons arising from China’s history and culture I’ve long held the opinion that the current CCP control of the nation differs little from other dynasties stretching back 3000 years. A massively centralised, technocratic State government under which peace and prosperity increase for the population for a long time – followed by a decline in competence due to that centralised technocracy having no governing checks and failing to be refreshed with new minds and ideas, in-turn followed by peasant rebellions, the rise of feudal states and war. In the past the periods of peace might last for centuries, and the decline too, but today’s world moves faster.

Some of these problems are outlined in this article, Red Dusk, which discusses the problems of a declining working age population, the lack of state institutions that address health and retirement, and the growth of class divisions. I was especially amused by this:

Communist officials have been put in the awkward position of cracking down on Marxist study groups at universities, whose working-class advocacy conflicts with the policies of the nominally socialist government.

For all the talk of what their centralised goverment can achieve (and has achieved) – admired by the likes of Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau and Paul Krugman, among many other of the West’s ruling class – I see no evidence that the CCP has real answers to any of those problems. Worse still, their economic success has seen a rise in the old chauvinism that it’s all down to their superior culture, ignoring the fact that as recently as the 17th century, Europe ranked below China in almost any measure of power, but that it was the Western culture of allowing a diversity of ideas across a range of culture, from art to business to politics, that enables Europe to rise in power far beyond China.

That has not changed, despite some pretty awful excesses that have developed recently in the West – excesses which mirror aspects of China under the CCP, primarily conformism and control. But those have their limits, as Nazi Germany, Imperialist Japan, the USSR, Mao’s China and a host of smaller nations have found.

We need to uncouple ourselves from China, although economically that may not be possible because we’re too far gone ourselves. But perhaps just focus on nothing but economic trade with them and dump everything else about the “relationship”. Twenty years ago the Free Trade people argued that we would be exporting our values to Communist China (I was one of them), but it’s become obvious that we’re not and instead are importing their values into our society.

Perhaps I’m too pessimistic about the Chinese situation? In a small way the fact that the CCP is using a phrase that acknowledges the human soul’s desire for freedom is perhaps a tell. I don’t recall any Chinese communist campaign of the past that even used the word “freedom”, let alone the idea of it being tied to an individual human soul.

In other words I’d have expected the drones to be shouting communist boilerplate propaganda in commanding tones – “No person and no force can stop the march of the Chinese people toward better lives!“, or some such shite – rather than making what almost feels like a spiritual appeal to the people.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 14, 2022 at 8:50 am

Stamping on a human face forever

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As we slowly crawl toward freedom and away from the mandates and restrictions surrounding General Tso’s Sickness pandemic, it’s worth knowing that there will always be a part of the population that loved all this and are feeling bereft.

You see it with people still wearing masks outdoors and while driving cars alone, or who still hold their phones to scan in before entering shops.

It turns out that not everybody likes freedom, and based on my everyday observations the percentage is too high for comfort in (supposedly) freedom-loving democracy.

So the following cartoon seems appropriate.

I’d forgotten about this survey from the USA.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 13, 2022 at 10:27 am

A young Maori Speaks

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If you spend any time around blogs like those of Chris Trotter or The Standard, you’ll know that one of the Big Things the Labour Party and their activists push is … anything Maori – as well as constantly bemoaning the terrible situation of Maori in NZ, but without actually changing anything meaningful that might help, like a healthcare and education system that works for Maori at the coal face. The basic drive is to constantly reinforce the point that they’re not racist, but everybody else is.

I should note that Trotter does get the vapours about things like He Puapua, but only to the extent where he think it might hurt Labour, which is why he’s flip-flopped from worrying about Nasty National using it as a wedge to win in 2023, to thinking that Labour needs to get on with it pronto before 2023. If that doesn’t strike you as particularly coherent well, welcome to Trotter-world, where a love of florid language beats coherence every time.

Instead what we get is a whole bunch of cosmetic, bureaucratic shit that’s merely designed to keep Maori voting for Labour by pretending to care about them. The current blathering about changes to the Healthcare system that will “give Maori a greater voice” is just one example, with “problems” about the Maori uptake of the vaccines constantly given as one of the reasons for such changes.

But in fact Maori vaccination rates for those aged 65+ were right up there with Pakeha and even Asian figures for the same age groups. Sure, extra effort had to be applied in remote regions of NZ, like Northland and the East Coast, but it was done and it worked.

Where it didn’t work was in the younger Maori age groups. Their vaccination rates continued to lag those of the older group, and other racial groups, quite significantly. That doesn’t seem to be racial to me, but more a product of young Maori feeling that they weren’t particularly at risk from the Chinese Xi Snot virus. Whether that was based on them looking at overseas stats, or whether it was just the usual bullet-proof feeling of youth I don’t know but again – given the vax rates in older Maori – I can’t see how it could be claimed to be down to systemic racism in our healthcare system.

And then there’s young Maori guys like this. If his attitude is anything to go by then Labour may find themselves losing the Maori vote a couple of decades from now. His impressions of Jacinda are brutal.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 22, 2022 at 2:53 pm

Failed solutions, Moral Cruelty and Advertising

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“the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging. Without a vaccine, psychology is your main weapon.You have to restrict ways in which people mix and the virus can spread… You need to frighten people.”

Those words were part of the response from the SPI-B (Scientific Pandemic Insights) group that was advising the British government on dealing with the C-19 pandemic, and that response was a specific answer to the government’s question, “What are the options for increasing adherence to the social distancing measures?” 

As the Great Chinese Xi Snot pandemic finally grinds to an end after two years there are a lot of people digging back into the measures that were taken to combat it, and one of those people is  Laura Dodsworth, who has written a book about SPI-B and the larger science group they advised, SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). The book is A State of Fear, and her essay is The Moral Cruelty of the Pandemic Response, which examines the tensions between the individual and the collective that bubbled up during the pandemic. She has many examples of this played out in light of the government’s decision to follow the advice of SPI-B and terrify people, but none better than this:

As she points out about that Labour Party tweet:

The intention was to shame the Conservative party for ‘Partygate’, but instead it revealed how morally adrift and lacking in compassion people became. Jenny followed the rules, but maybe she shouldn’t have.

But that was merely the fear created in the individual vs. collective struggle over just one tactic, lockdowns, whereas the same thing happened for masks and ultimately the vaccines.

This and other solidarity-based messaging stemmed from the advice of behavioural scientists that appeals made to the collective conscience are more effective than appeals based on the threat to ourselves.

Science in general took the lead, and still does as countless people (many of whom dumped science at the age of 14 in high school because it was too tough) continue to scream “But The ScienceTM, when in fact decisions were made everyday that were not connected to the science. Here in NZ, the sudden reduction in weeks between the first and second shot was a classic example, done not because of a change in science but because the government found itself well behind on vaccinations when C-19 Delta hit in 2021.

Dodsworth points to Carl Jung’s famous book, The Undiscovered Self, and his take on science in our society:

“…one of the chief factors responsible for psychological mass-mindedness is scientific rationalism, which robs the individual of his foundations and his dignity. As a social unit he has lost his individuality and become a mere abstract number in the bureau of statistics.”

The whole essay is as much about philosophy as anything else (hence Jung) but, like him, she points to the weak spots of our modern society that will enable this to happen again:

Religion did not save us. Churches closed their doors at Easter, when Jesus Christ’s resurrection is remembered. Some of the faithful died without last rites…. Going further, the Archbishop of Canterbury told Christians it was immoral not to be vaccinated. “Vaccine Saves” was emblazoned on Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. People sat spaced 2 metres apart in cathedrals awaiting vaccination, both medical miracle and ritual act of biomedical transubstantiation. Masks were more than totems in the latest culture war, they became the vestiture of the faithful, signalling belief and obedience. They emblemised a moral code based upon extending life, not securing your place in the afterlife.

I found the attitude of priests and pastors on that last point particularly evil given the overwhelming reason for the existence of their Christian faith, of which the last rites are supposed to be more than just a symbol. What must those dying people have thought awaited them, given their beliefs about the need for last rites? You can laugh at them as being insane to believe in such a thing, but would you be happy to torture an insane dying person precisely on the point of their belief?

Our societies not only did but got religious leaders to do it for them, enabling the rest of society to create the required social pariahs, when the Christian church was built upon the rock of appealing to social outcasts. This was perhaps the most obvious marker of how the secular world has triumphed over the religious in the West; the Church’s reason for existence was to save souls, not bodies.

I am not confident that her final call will be met either:

Lockdowns and restrictions squashed exactly what we need to flourish as human beings in order to counteract a psychic epidemic. As that crisis recedes, other dangers endure. Bad actors and paternalistic libertarians alike lack humility when they brazenly exploit our nature. We are buffeted by nudge, propaganda, and our passions. For the good of the collective, we must recapture meaning and values as individuals. 

Aside from re-thinking the morality involved it seems that some scientists who were in the middle of dealing with it have also begin to question their scientific analysis and conclusions, starting with Professor Mark Woolhouse, a member of SPI-M, the modelling group on SAGE, who has also written a book, The Year the World Went Mad. As he describes things in The Telegraph:

“We knew from February [2020], never mind March, that the lockdown would not solve the problem. It would simply delay it,” Woolhouse says, a note of enduring disbelief in his voice. And yet in government, “there was no attention paid to that rather obvious drawback of the strategy”.

Instead, lockdowns – which “only made sense in the context of eradication” – became the tool of choice to control Covid. The die was cast in China, which instituted ultra-strict measures and, unforgivably in Woolhouse’s book, was praised by the World Health Organisation for its “bold approach”. “The WHO,” he suggests, “got the biggest calls completely wrong in 2020. The early global response to the pandemic was woefully inadequate.”

Watching on, the rest of the world found itself following the same template, even though no work had been done to assess the costs of lockdowns. After swine flu, modellers had studied the knock-on consequences of many elements of infection control, but they had never envisaged “an instruction for most of the population to stay at home”.

But a big part of why they got it wrong was that they felt that organic fear of the disease was not enough. Back to Dodsworth:

The doom-mongering modelling which catalysed lockdowns does, by its nature, treat humans as social units. But by depriving us of individuality the modelling also deprives itself of accuracy. Professor Graham Medley who chairs the modelling group SPI-M reported to MPs that it is impossible to predict human behaviour and therefore the most pessimistic outcomes were offered to government….

According to Professor Woolhouse the doom analysis was only on one side of the lockdowns:

What he does know is that while extremely detailed modelling was being done “on what the epidemic itself might look like and the harms that novel coronavirus would cause… on the other side of the scales, we had pretty much nothing at all. There was never at any stage, even by the following year, any form of analysis of the harms caused by lockdowns. Were they even considered? I haven’t seen any evidence that they were and that is very, very troubling.”

But the article points out that the SAGE itself got a report in April 2020 that assessed how many years of quality life would be lost to lockdowns. The best guess was that suppressing the virus would cost three times more years than the disease itself. At the same time similar calculations were done here in NZ by Economics Professor John Gibson from Waikato. In addition the Swedish epidemiologists had already made clear that lockdowns were not an option for the same reasons. Even by late April there was analysis of the specific lockdowns used in France, Italy and Spain that showed they didn’t work.

Feeding into the doom models was, as Woolhouse says, a “fact” about the virus that was already known to be wrong:

Woolhouse, from his position on the inside as government policy was formed, saw something very different: the disease being described as a universal killer, when it was clear from the beginning some were very much more at risk than others.

“The first good data on this started to emerge in late February 2020,” he says. And as Britain endured the first Covid wave, this data was borne out in the facts. Those over 70 had at least 10,000 times the risk of dying as those under 15 years old. “This is a highly discriminatory virus,” Woolhouse says, still exasperated today. “It’s ageist, it’s sexist, it’s racist. And we certainly knew [that] before we went into lockdown.”

Yes. Known. So why did the government’s go for lockdown and the other harsh measures? Dodsworth’s analysis echos again:

Yet the Government decided that telling half the population that they were at extremely low risk would dilute adherence to the harsh rules it was imposing, and instead ramped up the threat warnings. “We are all at risk,” noted Michael Gove in March 2020. “The virus does not discriminate.” But it did then, and it does now.

Exactly. Science got trashed, even as we were being screamed at every day that politicians were following the science. I almost feel sorry for Woolhouse and I will read his book, but frankly I’m in no mood yet to forgive sinners, even deeply repentant ones.

Finally there’s this article looking at another aspect: the massive advertising campaign launched by the US government to promote the vaccines:

So, the federal government decided to market vaccine acceptance, but not by distributing information through the official pathway of public health departments.  Instead, the U.S. government hired the media to become their marketing agencies to sell vaccine acceptance to the US population.

According to Blaze Media’s Chris Pandolfo’s report on March 3rd, “The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines.”

That advertising was spread across a huge range of media companies: ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations.

As the article bluntly states:

The entire media apparatus of the United States became the Voice of America to sell a positive, COVID-19 vaccine image to Americans. Congress appropriated $1 billion to buy the ads and obtain the placements of “influencer” personalities to appear in the media to sell the program.

Under this arrangement, the questioning of whether vaccines were effective or safe disappeared from the official narrative seen by Americans. Only the outlets that were not part of the marketing effort continued to cover the reservations of the academics; and these were then almost universally labeled as “fake news” by social media censors.

Most of these outfits never informed their viewers of this bought-and-paid-for work. For the average consumer of the MSM – for the average consumer of Fox News – it all would have seemed like normal news coverage or at worst “Public Service Announcements”.

Time ran out for Pudding

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The Four Pests Campaign of 1958-1962 was insane enough, even if most of the birds were not pets. Mao and the other Central Planners and Controllers had decided that there were too many birds in the country, and their numbers needed to be greatly reduced so that The Masses could be fed:

Sparrows were suspected of consuming approximately four pounds of grain per sparrow per year. Sparrow nests were destroyed, eggs were broken, and chicks were killed. Millions of people organized into groups, and hit noisy pots and pans to prevent sparrows from resting in their nests, with the goal of causing them to drop dead from exhaustion.In addition to these tactics, citizens also simply shot the birds down from the sky. The campaign depleted the sparrow population, pushing it to near extinction.

It takes something pretty extraordinary to drive sparrows, of all birds, close to extinction, but if you have enough fanatics it’s doable. The result was entirely predictable: with the sparrows who ate the insects gone, the numbers of insects exploded, ravaging crops. It was a contributing factor to the Great Chinese Famine. Warnings from ornithologists (or anyone else) that this might happen counted for little against a government that had mobilised the people to march towards a public health goal that could be defined in one sentence.

And so we come to this sad story out of Hong Kong:

Time was running out for Pudding.

The hamster, a new addition to the Hau family, was to be given up to Hong Kong authorities for culling after rodents in a pet shop tested positive for coronavirus — leaving Pudding’s 10-year-old owner wailing in grief.

“I don’t want to, I don’t want to,” the boy cried, his head buried in his hands as he crouched next to Pudding’s pink cage, according to a video shown to AFP by his father.

But the older Hau, who would only provide his last name, said he was worried about his elderly family members who live in the same household.

“I have no choice — the government made it sound so serious,” he told AFP, shortly before entering a government-run animal management centre to submit Pudding.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs are frail little creatures at the best of times and not long-lived, and as a meat eater I’m obviously not averse to killing animals, but that little boy will remember his pet being taken away for the rest of his life, and all for nothing.

I could understand if there were any serious evidence that the cull would achieve anything for humans. But there is none and in any case evidence and science is not really the point here, any more than it was during the great bird kill campaign.

No, as then there is a single policy goal. A healthcare policy goal: Zero Covid, and nothing was going to be allowed to stand in the way of progress towards that goal. In fact, now that the PRC has dropped the bullshit of “One country, two systems” with regard to Hong Kong, it’s entirely desirable that the people of Hong Kong be made aware, down to the smallest details of their lives, that their new masters are in total control. That little boy will know for the rest of his life, what his masters are capable of: let him and other children cry, so long as they know themselves to be powerless. That perfect state.

Actually it’s not the first time that the communists have made it clear what they think of such Western-influenced bourgeois sentimentality:

Even China’s feline population suffered as Red Guards tried to eliminate what they claimed was a symbol of “bourgeois decadence”. “Walking through the streets of the capital at the end of August [1966], people saw dead cats lying by the roadside with their front paws tied together”

The less contact we have with these bastards the better. We already imported the idea of “Lockdown” from them so who knows what’s possible tomorrow.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 18, 2022 at 8:53 am