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Who’s in charge of the USA?

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Because it sure as hell does not seem to be “President” Biden.

Last week he got interviewed on the long-running American current affairs show, 60 Minutes on CBS, by one Scott Pelly, one of the friendliest Democrat interviewers around.

Predictably Pelly asked lots of softball questions and crucially, did not follow up on the answers – especially after delicately raising the matter of Hunter Biden, where Pelly allowed the President to put only his spin on it (it’s just GOP trouble-making)!

Yet even with such a soft touch, Biden got himself repeatedly in trouble.

First, with dismissive snark about the rate of inflation, denying that it’s a problem (“You’re acting like all of a sudden ‘my God it went to 8.2%’”). When it comes to bad economic news, there are two ways to handle it as a president. The right way is to admit the truth and then lay out a plan – preferably one with numbers – for how you’re going to improve things. Americans are very forgiving of politicians who speak plainly to them, as the likes of JFK, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton knew. On the other hand, the wrong way is to simply pretend that everything is just peachy and that anyone who doesn’t think so is an idiot. Guess which strategy Biden has chosen?

His skin is so thin you can see through it.

He also bragged about using the oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is at its lowest level since 1984, and which was established after the Second Oil Crisis (1979/1980) for strategic defense purposes – not to lower gas prices to ease the pain for the Democrat Party during elections.

Biden says he’ll refill it once things have improved, but that’ll be at $80 barrel. It should be noted that when Trump wanted to top it up at $24/barrel the Democrats stopped him in Congress.

But, incredible as it may seem, those weren’t his worst gaffes. He had two doozies.


Pelly: But would US forces defend the island?

Biden: Yes. If in fact there was an unprecedented attack…

Pelly: So unlike Ukraine – to be clear, Sir – US forces, US men and woman, would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

Biden: Yes.

Holy shit! The Whitehouse rapidly walked this back, making it clear that US policy has not changed – and that policy is one of strategic ambiguity where they officially will not say whether they would, or would not, defend Taiwan.

The thing is that the WH had the opportunity to wave a big stick at China almost two months ago when Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House and basically the third-most powerful US politician) visited Taiwan (Nancy Pelosi is doing the right thing)- resulting in a flurry of threats from China, one of which implied that they might shoot her plane out of the sky.

That last was always an empty threat, but still, in the world of diplomacy it’s harsh and should have been condemned by the Biden Administration – but it wasn’t,

John Kirby (National Security Council): “The Speaker has not confirmed any travel plans and it is for the Speaker to do so, and her staff. We won’t be commenting or speculating about the stops on her trip…Congress is an independent branch of government…the Speaker has a right to visit Taiwan.”
CBS’s @NancyCordes: Why was the Speaker being urged not to go [to Taiwan]?
Kirby: I don’t know that she was…Who urged her not to go?
C: [Biden] said on July 20 that the military doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to go.
K: [She] makes her own decisions.
Reporter: “Why did the president bother w/ this drama…why not call the Chinese bluff or tell them to pound sand?”
Kirby: “What’s the drama?”
R: “Have you watched the [Chinese] briefings the past couple weeks?”
K: “I haven’t seen any drama…you’re manufacturing it with your question.”

So weak as dishwater back then – now yammering about US troops defending Taiwan against a Chinese invasion. It’s schizophrenic.

Admittedly Pelosi was not much better; with her back-and-forth media announcements and initial hesitation in the face of the Chinese threats, she added to the strategic confusion at the White House and Pentagon who opposed her visit, and she never really explained why she was visiting, saying that as a child she used to like China and at the beach would dig in the sand to reach Beijing. Seriously? As historian VDH summed up, her diplomacy was childlike:

In other words, in her eight decades since infancy, Pelosi has not yet learned the difference between Chinese Taiwan and the Chinese Communist mainland and has come up with no greater affinity with the Chinese than remembering as a child vainly digging in the sand to reach them.

The internal administration discord reminded the Chinese that the Biden Administration can still become even more inept than it has been since its inaugural humiliation in Anchorage, Alaska. 

And lastly, Pelosi showboated with loud freedom rhetoric while carrying a mere twig.

So, yes, ostensibly, it was silly for Nancy Pelosi to freelance in foreign policy by going to Taiwan. She has no record of any foreign policy accomplishment. Ever since her first speakership 15 years ago, Pelosi has always seen foreign policy as an arena to embarrass her political opponents.

We remember her dishonest post-9/11 public reversals about enhanced interrogations, and her all-but-rooting-for the surge in Iraq to fail.

We remember her lunatic visit and glad-handing with the murderous, children-killing Assad government in Syria (i.e., “The road to Damascus is a road to peace.”)?

While in Damascus in 2007, Pelosi legitimized the Syrian dictatorship right after it had helped start the 2006 Lebanon war, right during the U.S. surge in Iraq, and right during the influx of Syria’s jihadists across the open border to Iraq to kill Americans. 

The cherry on top was getting snubbed by the South Korean president when she dropped in to visit there.

But Pelosi’s incoherence is no excuse for that of the Biden Administration’s, so the South Korean snubbing of her should not be a surprise. It was aimed at the whole US government.


The other remark that got him in big trouble was his declaration that “the pandemic is over.”

Aside from totally pissing off that part of the Democrat base that never wants to see an end to mask mandates or any other aspect of government control for the disease, it also threatened to blow up his recently announced Student Loan forgiveness program.

Why? Because that relies on an existing piece of legislation, the 2003 HEROES Act, which was passed to relieve the loan burden from university students who might get called up for military service during their studies (these are people already signed on to the military and who have likely done training or even service but are studying at present).

Obviously it was a stretch to use that Act for all students, but the key word was “Emergency” written in the Black Letter law; as long as the Chinese Lung Rot is an “Emergency” the loan forgiveness plan might stand up to court challenges.

But if “the pandemic is over.” then the whole thing collapses. Not a good look with the Mid-Term elections coming up fast. So the The Powers That Be had to throw Biden under the bus on that one too.

You feeling all that experience and competence yet? All the stuff that Biden supporters screamed that Trump had none of but Biden had in spades? Back to “norms” – and no Mean Tweets.

Ace of Spades had a good take on what’s actually going on here:

It is clear to me that he is not fronting any one person or even a small, tight-knit cabal that is actually in charge. What he’s fronting appears to be an enormous complex of competing committees. There have been many examples, but the two big ones in my mind are the Afghanistan withdrawal and the COVID wind-down.
COVID has been slower-motion but similar. What I call the “COVID is over” faction starting sending up trial balloons just before Delta hit. The “COVID forever” faction won that round. The “over” faction tried again in December(ish) of last year, just as Omicron was hitting. They were more successful and went harder at it. They have ultimately won the war, though the occasional battle is still being fought.

And Biden has been right there saying that both sides are right all the while. Sometimes COVID is over, sometimes COVID is never over. Sometimes Afghanistan was just bad luck and Trump’s fault. Other times, it all went according to plan and was the Afghan government’s fault. It likely depends on which faction is feeding him his talking points.

That sounds about right. You see such faction fights in all parties, and when the leadership is lost the fights are obvious and destabilising (see Labour 2008-2017 and National 2020-2022).

But being that New Zealand is such a pipsqueak of a nation such things only hurt us. When it’s a US Presidential Administration a lot of people around the world could get hurt badly.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 24, 2022 at 12:23 pm

Newshub reports on the severity of Defence Force attrition

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Well, this is not something I was expecting – NZ’s mainstream media is reporting on the record numbers of people leaving the Army, Navy and Defence Force:

Personnel are leaving our Defence Force in record numbers.

With many being lured away by better pay and conditions, the attrition rate is the highest it’s been in decades.

Yes, 16% attrition overall for the army – for some key trades and branches, it’ll be much higher than that.

The Chief of the Defence Force told Newshub it could take up to a decade to replace highly-skilled staff and he needs Government help now.

“The level of attrition is one of the highest we’ve recorded for many decades,” said Chief of Defence Force Air Marshal Kevin Short.

All three armed forces have experienced growing attrition rates, especially over the past year. The major concern is the Army – topping 16 percent in June, double what was forecast.

Driving that are job opportunities and better conditions outside the military offering tens of thousands of dollars more.

“At the moment we aren’t competing, that’s why we’re losing people,” Air Marshal Short said.

Those are remarkably forthright words – the budget gave a pathetic amount for remuneration corrections, most people in the army have not had a pay rise in many years. What was the response of the Labour government to our personnel leaving in record numbers (having dutifully been taken away from their families for the legally-questionable Operation Protect)? It was a paltry 1% pay rise. Inflation is over 7%. Wage Inflation (measured by the Labour Cost Index) for the public sector is over 3% (over 4% for the last quarter). Huge numbers of experienced (and over-worked) senior and middle ranking officers and soldiers are walking into pay-packets many thousands of dollars above their NZDF salaries.

Newshub asked Defence Minister Peeni Henare multiple times to interview for this story. His office declined, instead sending us a statement that highlighted the $90 million in Budget 2022 targeted specifically for remuneration.

Already that’s not enough, especially with the increasing cost of living.

“It doesn’t address that at the moment so we are falling further behind,” Air Marshal Short said.

The toll of Operation Protect also saw more than 600 personnel leave, unhappy with repeated tours of MIQ.

This is quite remarkable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Air Marshal Short was brought in for ‘morning tea without coffee’ in the Minister’s office. He has publicly spoken the truth that the pay and conditions in the NZDF have been so severely eroded that it’s going to take years to correct.

Ron Mark is quoted throughout the article, highlighting that:

“[We’re] losing NCOs, warrant officers, field officers, in those ranks that you can’t afford to lose,”

It’s not like NZ is unique here – Australian top brass has said similar things to their new Labour bosses just one week ago:

Defence chiefs have warned the Albanese government to boost troops’ and bureaucrats’ pay and perks to meet recruitment targets amid acute labour shortages and rising tensions with China, while also highlighting personnel are being overstretched on non-military tasks such as disaster relief and COVID-19.

Remarkably similar to the situation here in NZ! Troops hate doing jobs that take them away from their core role. Two and a half years of guarding hotel corridors is arguably the biggest waste of highly-trained assets in NZ’s history. With the cost of living going through the roof, public sector wages rising (the public-sector pay freeze was a slogan only, every department has simply created hundreds of extra highly paid jobs) and other conditions being steadily eroded by successive governments (housing, health, barracks rotting and food getting worse and worse), it’s no wonder that there is an attrition crisis crippling the NZDF.

Written by Major Star

September 18, 2022 at 8:24 pm

Break in the Never-Ending Emergency

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During most of this year, I have talked to people who believe that this state of Covid-19 emergency we are living in will end naturally. They think the Government will decide that the restrictions are no longer justified and one by one, will drop them. Seven months ago, during the start of the Parliament protest in Feb/Mar this year, some commentators were also wondering why there was a need to protest, as all the restrictions would be dropped soon. Which is what you’d expect if we were in a benign political environment.

A few days ago, I posted about the renewal of the emergency powers that were to lapse on Wednesday. Rather than letting go completely, the Government decided we needed another five weeks of emergency, maybe to see us through the transition, or something. That is what you’d assume if you think the Government doesn’t have an ulterior motive or alternate long-term plan of which the emergency powers are an essential part. Surely, the next five weeks are to be the end?

However, today Newshub has published an interview with Dr Andrew Old, head of the new public health agency (of some name that we are not really familiar with, so it’s not mentioned). Dr Old admits that the reduction in Covid-19 restrictions is to give the public a break!

Say, what now? Listen to the linked Twitter video from 2 minutes in, or read my transcript below on what the bastards are thinking:

Interviewer: The lifting of the protections [mumble] restrictions – is that a way of giving the public a break? So, that means that you can bring them back in later on?

Dr Old: Yeah [nodding]. I think that’s a good way to frame it. I mean, we’re conscious, and we’ve talked before about this, this idea of social license, and that rules only work if people are following them. I think we had seen, even if some of these things were mandated, um, a gradual decline in people’s compliance with those things.

Translations of Euphemisms

Social license: What restrictions the majority of the population let Government get away with before they start to realise they are not in a free society anymore.

Those things: Restrictions on people’s lives, including being with dying loved ones, supporting birthing mothers, supporting the sick in hospital, being able to work without risking a medication, having to wear a covering that restricts breathing, etc.

Rules: Extraordinary Government powers that have gone beyond what many are able to put up with forever.

Dr Old: .. and we will rely in the future on people listening to our advice and responding when we need them to. So, I think in that context I think it’s appropriate to say what will actually; you know, if we say the same thing in the same settings all the time, regardless of the level of community risk, then there is that, uh, chance that people will stop listening and they’ll ..

Dr Old & Interviewer together: tune out

Translations of Euphemisms

Listening: Paying attention

Responding: Obeying

Advise: Orders

Dr Old: .. and, um, so I think that’s it appropriate for us to say. look, right now the risk is lower, it’s appropriate to step back a little. But, you know, we need people listening when we say, actually, hey, we’ve got a new variant, it’s putting more people in hospital, we are worried about this, we need, you know, people to uh [inaudible as interviewer talks over him].

Interviewer: So, what is the plan?

It was at this point that I had to stop listening as I have held back the rage long enough to write this blog post. I know how this story goes (in general, not in detail), if it doesn’t stop here. Even stopped here is full of dangers, as the consequences are realised and dealt with. But until this Covid-19 emergency is ended, these people, either knowingly or not, are marching us into some sort of permanent bio-medical fascist state.

Written by Lucia Maria

September 17, 2022 at 4:39 pm

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Never-ending Emergency Powers

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Epidemic Preparedness (COVID-19) Notice 2020 Renewal Notice (No 3) 2022

Comes into force: 15 September, 2022 – Expires: 20 October, 2022.

Just in time, as the previous order lapses tomorrow, on 15 September, 2022.

New Zealand has been living under Covid-19 Emergency Powers since 25 March, 2020.

For 904 days (including today) and counting.

This latest order will extend the amount of time we will have spent to 939 days under emergency powers (not counting the day that it lapses), if it ends there.

A nine-hundred and thirty-nine day “emergency”.

Weirdly, Jacinda Ardern highlighted the number of days since the start of the pandemic (assuming from 28 Feb 2020) in her announcements on the changes to restrictions a couple of days ago.

Ardern announcing the end of the Traffic Light System – Source Tweet

So, what’s the bet that the Ardern Government is aiming for a Thousand Days? Or Two Thousand Days? Or even Ten Thousand Days? If the end was not to be tomorrow, then When. Will. It. END?

I’ve been somewhat withdrawn over last few days. First, because I thought they might just actually and really not be power-mad psychopaths, they might just actually and really not want to push the thing out as far as they could. But even then, surely they would have to see that this cannot last that much longer, that it should not last any longer. When even Michael Laws was expecting the emergency powers to lapse, then surely that must be a sign. So, I let myself briefly hope.

However, yet again, that hope has been dashed.

All they did is throw out a few baubles. No more masks in most situations. The dropping of some mandates. The ridiculous Traffic Light system, that never really had any intention of being more than Red or Orange, is apparently being discarded. I say apparently, because the controls still exist, via the emergency powers. The vaccine passports likewise, still exist, and are being kept “in the back-pocket”, just in case.

It is interesting, however, that the latest order extends the emergency powers for only 35 days, rather then the usual 3 months. Maybe they feel they could not justify a longer period, and so will likely resort to shorter extensions from now on. Wouldn’t want the peasants revolting, now would they?

Though, maybe they will let this last order lapse. Maybe? I don’t think so, however, I think this will go on until it’s stopped, somehow. I can’t see how it would be otherwise, as governments typically don’t give up increased power, willingly.

Written by Lucia Maria

September 14, 2022 at 11:00 pm

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Hysterical Pulshit

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Pulshit? I hear you ask.

Bullshit from the pulpit.

Yesterday at Church, the Rev gentleman delivered an excellent address on the life and Christian faith of the late Queen. He spoiled it with a rave about climate change and Covid deaths.

“3000 deaths from Covid in aged care!” he lamented.

Perhaps he hasn’t woken up to the fact old people die and many go into rest homes to do so.

Maybe he hasn’t caught on the the reported deaths actually are those WITH Covid, not those FROM Covid. e.g. I understand if a person tests positive for Covid a month before death but subsequently tests negative, the death is recorded as ‘from Covid’ even when the actual cause of death might have been heart attack, stroke, pneumonia or some other medical event.

My guess is careful examination of those death certificates will reveal less than three hundred were caused BY Covid.

Written by adolffinkensen

September 12, 2022 at 2:07 pm

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Governed by Hypochondriacs

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I think we’ve all known a hypochondriac in our lives; a person “excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness”, to quote Wiki.

I’ve not looked to see if there have been any studies of hypochondria in the modern era but given how easy the Interwebby makes it for such people to go searching up all the details of a disease I have to think that the numbers of them are greater than they ever used to be.

Or perhaps the number has always been some roughly unchanging percentage but in the past they were restricted in their obviousness by both difficulty of research and the limitations of communications technology that allows them to broadcast their psychosis to the entire human population.

Whatever the answers to those questions there’s no doubt that the Great Chinese Lung Rot pandemic of 2020-2022 has given them all the angst they could possibly want.

That photo above is from the Twitter account of one Laura Miers in the USA. Yes, that is how she chooses to present herself to the world. More information:

Pro-Kindness/Compassion/Love. Wealth inequality will destroy us. Ex-Texan, Global citizen. Law, Medicine, Sustainability, Languages. LongCovid

New York, USA

Ex-Texan? But of course. Law and medicine? Sheeeiiit.

Her demands are simple and that is that society must never be allowed to return to normalcy. Instead all must be compelled by government to live inside the plastic bubble that she so obviously loves living in. Think I’m joking? Look at some of her stuff.

One of my kids is begging to return to in-person school, and I am nearing surrender. I am so tired of living like this. I guess I am willing to die so he can get an education, I don’t know. I don’t have any other options. Nothing is ever going to change. I hate this country.

She’s an insane depressive who engages in catastrophic thinking. I feel so sorry for her kid who is desperate to return to a normal kid’s life but is being tied down by a mother who thinks she’ll die if he does. And she hates her country because if there weren’t other normal people out there enjoying freedom then she’d be happy.

People like this are essential to Socialism.

People are vastly underestimating how much trauma First Wavers are carrying around. Our (top-rated) school district is like “LOL – Covid is over & Monkeypox is for the gays,” & I’m supposed to be like “Yes, this is a safe environment for my child. Everyone else is doing it!”

By “First Wavers” I’m guessing she means that she caught the Alpha version in 2020, but apparently all her reading has not led her to the century-plus old, fundamental medical fact that in doing so she achieved natural immunity. She apparently thinks that if she catches C-19 again she’ll die – or at least get very sick.

More on her poor, bloody kids:

Unfortunately, I can’t stop thinking about how I was treated by the district in 2020, while appropriately responding to a very real threat. We’ve been doing online school ever since. I was the first in the school to take my kids out.

I have no doubt she is speaking the truth here. Then there’s the lack of irony – always a key indicator with “thinkers” like this:

The “campaign to return to normal” relied heavily on gaslighting conscientious people to such an extent, they cave. Everywhere I go (in my “blue state”) I’m reminded I’m not welcome unless I conform. People are hostile & aggressive unless you unmask & worship Covid & Capitalism.

Unless I conform, which is terrible. Well yes, yes it is – you fucking controlling bitch. I remember many of your species trying to force everyone else to conform to “social distancing”, being locked inside our houses, not going to the beach or parks, wearing masks in shops and outdoors, and ultimately getting “vaccinated” with something that is more accurately defined as a therapeutic treatmentand succeeding through massive social pressure, relentless MSM propaganda, threats of job loss and even the fucking Police.

You piece of shit. And now you have the Sadz because you feel like a freak wearing your Mouth Burka when no one else is wearing one?

This woman needs a psychiatrist, like almost every hardcore AWFL (Affluent White Female Liberal) Democrat woman does.

But don’t laugh too much at her. You’re also looking at the perfect Jacinda-voter here in New Zealand, and god forbid any National Party supporter or politician who says so, because the comeback will be that such is misogyny – and they can’t have that if they’re going to win in 2023.

BTW, a similar fanatic with much greater reach, Super Mask+Lockdown+Vax Nazi, Leana Wen of CNN, is now having second thoughts, at least on one thing:

Masking has harmed our son’s language development, and limiting both kids’ extracurriculars and social interactions would negatively affect their childhood and hinder my and my husband’s ability to work.

And guess what sports fans? That has now resulted in her being dumped in the shit by the hysterical hens like Laura Miers that she once agitated into a pecking frenzy:

But no political epiphany goes unpunished. And now more than 600 activists are demanding that the American Public Health Association cancel her as a panelist at a conference this autumn… Her opponents accuse her of promoting “unscientific, unsafe, ableist, fatphobic, and unethical practices.”

Dr. Wen’s positions “assumed a capacity for personal responsibility that was not available to vast swaths of the population,” Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation epidemiologist David Swedler told Inside Higher Ed.

He captures the mindset of the public-health ruling class: People are too stupid or selfish to be allowed to make their own choices.

The whole pandemic in a nutshell. You love to see it.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 10, 2022 at 6:00 am

Return of the untermenschen

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Thanks to the folks here I have returned to the blog writing community after a lapse of many years. The weird thing is I only met one of the co authors face to face and that was a coincidence. You will decide whether I have anything worth saying. I am interested to hear from commenters what they are interested in hearing us blog about. You can read below about what interests and drives me.

I returned to NZ a few years ago after 20 years in UK and Europe. I lost my home and income as a direct result of Covid. I stayed to spend time with family, worked with a tech startup and am now committed to a property development. It was amazing to get on the plane in SFO and see the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew all maskless. The first time I had escaped from the caste system that is masks in NZ for 2 years. The idea that as a guest in a bar or taxi I have choice but not as an employee is one of the more immoral things this witless bunch of thugs has done over the life of the Covid FearMonger. The absolute most immoral and egregious thing they have done is maltreating healthcare workers who turned up to work in the early days of the pandemic when there was no vaccine. They have been illegally sacked (refer Cooke J for the decision), against Ministry of Health advice (google is your friend), for using their judgement to refuse a vaccine.

I have to say the country has changed. Some of it good, some of it just confirms why I left in the first place. Some aspects of it reflect changes in the rest of the world and some are peculiar to NZ. The affectation of the increased use of Maori language all through media and civil service to show ones subservience to the trends of the day was jarring at first, but as time went on I realised that it should generally be viewed as a positive thing, being part of what makes New Zealand unique. I used words like puku, kai etc and very much enjoyed collecting koura as a kid so it is really only a question of degree.

I am unable to watch NZ broadcast news, it simply irritates me too much with the over simplistic “human interest” focus and the ever so woke. Marama Davidson upsetting people by tweeting about Whitakers chocolate having a new woke branding. FFS there are more important things in the world. The articles of interest in the newspapers are simply reprints of left wing foreign media or simplistic pieces with a big picture aimed at a 10 year old. Reading sports journalism here is a rare exception. Knowledgeable people expressing well founded points of view.

The glorious leader of Ardernistan is a joke. Full credit to her for having the charisma and talent to convince people to make her leader, but Winston Peters has a lot to answer for. The latest Roy Morgan poll suggests that she and her team of $55m have made a difference and may potentially get power again next year. Apparently I am a white supremacist conspiracy theorist because I disagree with vaccine mandates. If you want the vaccine go ahead but don’t force it on the rest of us. I am disappointed I did not ask the patched Black Power gang member marching in front of me across the Auckland Harbour Bridge whether he was also a white supremacist. Or any of the many other folks of many shades on the march.

The poll results indicate that NZers are too apathetic or are convinced by the propaganda that Labour/Greens produce to poll as high as they are. I am simply astonished and do not understand it well enough yet. Fascinating though that 19% of women under 50 support the Greens but only 3% of women over 50 do. More men over 50 (4%) than women support them.

Tom Hunter has a great deal of good commentary on what is happening in the US so I will try not to overlap too much. Major Star is a very well informed military type. He is RF and I am an ex TF grunt officer of low rank so we bring a slightly different perspective to the question of what NZ military is for and what positive impact on NZ it can have. I have an OIA request in about current army numbers. I was at a talk on Vietnam last week and a retired senior officer said the Army is down to about 4000 RF and 1000 TF. The force structure and recruitment of the TF is a disgrace. Both parties have ignored the problem and the CDS prefer to have full time specialised and are not interested in increasing the throughput of young men and women. They have about 1200 Limited Service volunteers who do a 6 week course. Then, according to a friend who works in the area they are simply left to their own devices. I will blog further on the subject in due course.

I will probably bring a reasonable amount of climate change commentary. I am very much a sceptic. I know Greenies who have no clue that over the last 30 years there has been an increase in green volume of around 11%. That is the opposite to common belief. The funniest element of Trumps administration is identifying the woke and asking them if they realise that Trump reduced US CO2 emissions by around 15% whereas St Angela Merkel increased Germany’s over the same timeline. The current CO2 % is around 430-450ppm. Plants struggle to breathe around 165ppm and commercial nurseries raise the density to 1200 ppm. Humans can handle up to 4000 and 10,000ppm will kill us. Over the course of history the climate has been substantially hotter than now. Common sense suggests that the Vikings in Greenland around 1000 years ago must have had a beneficial climate. the most interesting piece I read recently suggested that the climate was cooling for around the last 4000 years up until the late 1800’s. That coincides with the start of the first industrial revolution. I have not concluded how much of the increased temperature since then is due to human activities and how much is natural. I do know that the environmentalists who have substituted belief in catastrophic climate change are lying or no better than medieval religious believers when they spout nonsense about existential risk to humanity.

That is enough word vomit for my first blog back. I look forward to the interaction.

[edited for grammar]

Written by Whiskey&Pie

September 6, 2022 at 8:19 pm


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That was the word often used by the famous character of Spock on Star Trek, whenever he encountered something he did not expect or could not explain.

Herewith I present a fascinating little graph from Britain.

The really fascinating thing is that this seems to hold with every age group, even the oldest who are the most vulnerable to death by all causes, at least as I see it from the data published by the British ONS (Office of National Statistics) ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status, England, 1 January 2021 to 31 May 2022‘.

Here’s another similar graph for the age-group 90+ year olds.

Here’s the 70-79 cohort, which is…. pretty dramatic.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 10, 2022 at 1:20 pm

General Tso’s Death

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The sad truth is that there is nothing in the following data that was not already known in early 2020 from places like Italy, among an unvaccinated population.

You don’t even need to see the statistics when you read things like this every single day:

The 25 new deaths of people with the coronavirus include four people in their 60s, six in their 70s, nine in their 80s and six aged over 90. Fifteen were women and nine were men.

New Zealand’s COVID-19 mortality rate by age group:

Age RangeDeath rate
90 plus6.991%

Tens of billions of dollars borrowed. Civil liberties screwed. The education of kids trashed for two years, and their still-forming social lives. Families and friendships ripped apart. Businesses screwed.

All to produce this.

There’s a lot more death here than in these numbers.

I guess the only good news is that we opened our borders completely just a few days ago, even as we looked at this.

It’s almost as if nobody really cares about “it” any more – aside from the regulations still in force inside the nation of course.

One last thing. We just passed Australia in our cumulative C-19 death rate.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 7, 2022 at 9:07 am

Fake news you can trust

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That’s the slogan of the great satire site, The Babylon Bee.

And they just landed two great shots on The Powers That Be and how their political and ideological bigotries drive their ScientificTM decisions.

CDC Declares Gay Orgies An ‘Essential Activity.


Government That Shut Down Businesses, Parks, Schools, Beaches, And Churches For 2 Years Says There’s Nothing We Can Do To Stop A Disease Spread By Gay Sex.

Meanwhile I see that the little American gargoyle celebrating 50+ years as a medical bureaucrat and having never practiced medicine, is now bringing to bear all the Sir Humphrey skills that have helped him not just survive but thrive in the US Federal government since 1968, to the point that he’s the highest paid Federal government official.

“First of all, I didn’t recommend locking anything down, you’re asking me questions, you’re talking about — the CDC’s the public agency that uses their epidemiologists and their science-based approach to make recommendations,”

He didn’t? Wow. He must have been one of those strong believers in the ScienceTM that saw the majority of epidemiologists, prior to 2020, dismiss the idea of locking down the healthy population to prevent a pandemic.

Oh wait!

That’s from October 2020.

“When it became clear that we had community spread in the country … I recommended to the president that we shut the country down. That was a very difficult decision, because I knew it would have serious economic consequences, which it did.

“There was no way to stop the explosive spread that we knew would occur if we didn’t do that…. And unfortunately, since we actually did not shut down completely – the way China did, the way Korea did, the way Taiwan did – we actually did see spread even though we shut down.

But it could have been worse – like if he’d been as much a fanatic as our own Professor’s Baker, Hendy, Wiles and Health Director Bloomfield. Aside from not being paid anywhere near as much I bet he’s jealous of New Zealand:

“Had we known back then the insidious nature of spread in the community, there would have been much more of an alarm and there would have been much much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very very heavy encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing and what have you” 

Very, very, heavy encouraging? That’s quite a euphemistic phrase for what it would actually have been in America. It would have meant having the Police jumping on you if you went to the beach, with handcuffs, pepper spray, batons and horses, as per Australia and New Zealand.

I think these people should read Thomas Sowell’s seven features of totalitarianism and make the comparisons to the actions of Western governments circa 2020/21.

This is not the first time Fauci has changed his tune, offering changing – and opposing – positions on both vaccine mandates and masks. On the latter, Fauci privately acknowledged that typical drugstore masks are “not really effective,” and he said in a March 2020 interview that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

Being that he’s a very old man I guess he has no idea that the Interwebby is forever. The silver lining here – especially with 2000+ C-19 dead and rising fast in New Zealand, mainly people aged 70+ – is that now we can talk about stuff like this without having to listening to cretins screaming about how we hate ScienceTM and love killing grannies.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 2, 2022 at 6:00 am