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Someone much better than I once described Willie Jackson as like Trevor Mallard without the charm … I couldn’t possibly comment but Jackson’s unloading on David Seymour over ACT’s alternative budget shows a Minister under pressure choosing to play the man and not the ball when he attacked Seymour’s Maoriness effectively labeling him as an ‘Uncle Tom’ or a ‘House Nigger’.

Seymour doesn’t need me to defend him but Jackson, as a leader in Labour’s Maori caucus, would be better employed defending his government’s abysmal record in measured outcomes for Maoridom. A record that has seen rents go through the roof; a ballooning of hospital waiting lists for elective surgery; continuing problems in Maori educational achievement and attainment coupled with a rise in truancy; Maori unemployment remaining above the national average in eleven out of twelve of the nations regions (over 10% in the Waikato and 9% or thereabouts in the BOP, Gisborne/Hawkes Bay, Taranaki and Northland) and the active fostering of a ‘John Frum’ attitude among certain sections of Maoridom.

Seymour has a right to his views and at least he has put them out there in the public arena for debate ahead of the election. Something Willie your mob never did with Three Waters, He Puapua and the Health restructuring reforms last time round.

And one other thing Willie … Seymour, unlike you, is in Parliament in his own right as an electorate MP. You snuck in the back door as a List only MP first for the Alliance Party (1999-2002) and then for Labour in 2017. Clearly you prefer others to do the hard yards for you. Spot the difference.

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May 11, 2022 at 5:14 pm

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Last night we were subjected to an extraordinary interview where the Human Rights Commissioner defended his decision to give taxpayer money to the Mongrel Mob in form of a koha, He said it would be ‘churlish’ of him not to do so. Then followed a long dissertation about koha being a form of respect with some obscure Maori academic weighing in that the idea of gift giving between parties shows mana to both parties … ‘if you do not give a gift then you are depleting their mana’.

What tosh. The Mongrel Mob are a criminal gang. They are major players in the manufacture, supply and distribution of illegal drugs along with a range of other criminal activity … just where does the Human Rights Commissioner think all those Harley-Davidsons replete with all the bells and whistles come from.

More evidence that Labour is a prisoner to woke thinking. Soft on crime; soft on gangs whose membership has exploded since they took office. Woke thinking that would have you believe that the Mongrel Mob is just the Maori equivalent of Rotary or Lions. They’re not. They are a criminal gang who would have no compunction in ‘dealing’ to you should you cross them.

Judith Collins and David Seymour are right to call for the Human Rights Commission to be shut down (at least in its present form). By their actions you shall know them and in giving taxpayer money to a criminal organisation they have helped dig their own grave.

To the Maori academic (so called) who said ‘The day Maori people take advice from Judith about what is tikanga Maori is the day we will have entered to twilight zone’ I say mouthings like that undermine your own mana. Defending the indefensible behind the smokescreen of tikanga Maori is never a good option.

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July 6, 2021 at 3:03 pm


With his ill considered and childish comment on the news that Todd Muller will not be contesting the next election. Clearly Muller has made a considered decision that it is best for him and his family that he moves on. He deserves respect for that. I note too that his wife is about to undergo a serious medical procedure and I wish her well. Members spouses are often the unsung hero’s in the fishbowl that is parliament.

Seymour could/should have exhibited a bit of class. Not sure if he’s at the stage where he might be labelled a Gordon Brittas but his open mouth, insert foot, reminds me of the assessment by a senior ACT luminary who described him as the 80% consummate politician and 20% callow youth.

Report card on this incident … could do better.

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June 23, 2021 at 8:57 pm

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ACT Party – An Alternative Budget

I thought this was worthy of as much coverage as possible before Finance Minister Robertson struts his stuff in Parliament this afternoon. Therefore I have taken it from a post over at the BFD a couple of days ago – thank you BFD.

I actually searched the ACT Party website but could not see it in such a simple format – so took the easy route.

`GeneralEconomyNZPoliticsNZ Politics
Act Releases Alternative Budget to Unleash New Zealand’s Potential
By Press Release -May 12, 2020 6:45 am6
Press Release: ACT Party

Balancing the books: Back in surplus in four years while delivering $3.1 billion of tax cuts.

A wealthier country: Less debt, lower taxes, higher growth and incomes.

Safety from future pandemics: $816 million over three years for border security, research and PPE.

Getting Kiwis back to work: Fewer barriers to employment with 12-month trial periods and 3-year moratorium on minimum wage increases.

New, independent Infrastructure Corporation: Responsibility for state highways and rail networks; clear KPIs for traffic speeds and freight movement; and ability to enter into public-private partnerships.

Ambitious programme of pro-growth reforms: Cuts red tape in housing, primary industries, energy, transport and infrastructure, and overseas investment.

ACT Leader David Seymour has today released an Alternative Budget to unleash New Zealand’s potential in a post-COVID-19 world. “Even without a lockdown, New Zealand would have faced a recession, with firms going out of business, higher unemployment, lower incomes, deficits and debt”, says Mr Seymour.

“This week, we face a stark choice between two basic strategies. The first path involves the Government taking on more debt, running the rebuild from inside the Beehive, and levying higher taxes to pay for it all. This approach nearly bankrupted us in the 1980s. The second harnesses the energy of the private sector with lower tax and debt, and less red tape, resulting in higher growth and wages.

“ACT’s Alternative Budget shows how we can take the second path, unleash New Zealand’s potential, and come out of Covid-19 as a richer country.
“Our first priority is getting New Zealanders back to work. We would remove barriers to employment by allowing businesses to hire workers on 12-month trial periods, returning the minimum wage to its 2019 level, and placing a three-year moratorium on minimum wage increases.

“Second, we focus government on its core job of protecting New Zealanders. Politicians have spent billions on buying votes while leaving us unprepared for a global pandemic.

“Our Budget would reduce wasteful spending on corporate and middle-class welfare. We can no longer justify nice-to-have spending that was affordable in good economic times. It is irresponsible to further indebt future generations without asking what savings we can make today.

“We would invest $816 million over the next three years to fight the next pandemic with stronger border measures, better research, and more protective personal equipment.

“We will restart the economy, not with wasteful handouts and massive public works, but by cutting taxes and red tape.

“Our Budget would temporarily cut GST to 10 percent until June 2021 to spur consumption. We would permanently cut the 30 percent individual tax rate to 17.5 percent, delivering a $1,300 tax cut to workers on the median wage, and encouraging New Zealanders back to work.

“These fiscal changes would get us back to surplus by 2024 at the latest in each of Treasury’s five scenarios.

“ACT also proposes an ambitious programme of pro-growth reforms by cutting red tape in housing, primary industries, energy, transport and infrastructure, and overseas investment.

“We can create a construction boom and reduce housing costs by replacing the Resource Management Act and amending the Building Act.

“ACT proposes to repeal the Zero Carbon Act and the bans on offshore oil and gas exploration and genetic engineering.

“We would replace fuel taxes with road and railing pricing and take infrastructure decisions away from politicians and give them to a new, independent Infrastructure Corporation.

“We would also welcome greater investment from OECD countries to boost productivity, wages, jobs and growth.

“New Zealand can respond to the current crisis, as we did in the 1970s, with protectionism and bigger government – that is, more debt, higher taxes, politicians picking winners with taxpayer money, and more barriers to employment, trade and investment.

“This would mask the economic pain temporarily, but it will leave us behind in the global economic recovery. Fortress New Zealand took us from being the third richest country in the world to 21st. Think Big proved to be an economic and financial disaster.

“Instead, we can unleash New Zealand’s potential with lower taxes and regulation. We can have a job-rich economic boom in the wake of Covid-19 for the benefit of the next generation.

“Government can create an environment for growth, but it must be the innovators, investors, businesses and workers who drive our response through a bottom-up recovery. History shows that an economic recovery is much stronger when it is led by people on the ground, rather than politicians and bureaucrats.

“Our Alternative Budget puts its trust in New Zealanders and presents a bold vision for a freer, more prosperous country. Economic recovery will come not from the Beehive, but through the hard work and aspiration of millions of New Zealanders.”

As always with the ACT Party and David Seymour there is a hell of a lot in there that makes sense and what they suggest makes the basis for a sustainable and effective economic recovery. Something we are unlikely to see when Finance Minister Robertson steps up at 2pm today. In fact listening to Prime Minister Ardern yesterday it is clear that she, Robertson and Peters are hell-bent n taking New Zealand back to the 70’s and if that follows through by the time we should be showing signs of returning to fiscal surpluses we are instead going to be competing with Venezuela and Zimbabwe as the economic basket cases of the world.

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May 13, 2020 at 8:09 pm

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David Seymour – Leading The Way In Holding Prime Minister Ardern To Account.

Tried to pinch this from Whale Oil where David Seymour is `Face Of The Day’ but it wouldn’t copy so went to the ACT website. Okay so it is a cut and paste job but so what – it deserves coverage in my opinion.

“The Prime Minister just made a decision that could be career defining if the Ihumātao development now doesn’t go ahead,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour. “Jacinda Ardern has legitimised unlawful behaviour by capitulating to an illegal occupation as her opening move.” 

“The PM has cultivated a brand of a kinder, more inclusive politics, but some things such as occupying private property are always wrong. She has just sent the message: ‘if you occupy private property, the Government will take your side instead of protecting property rights.'” 

“It appears that the Prime Minister has prevented the legal owners of land from carrying out a consented development, and offered the protesters a seat at the table. “I hoped Jacinda Ardern might have some sort of master plan to persuade the protesters to back down, but instead she is leaving to spend three days in Tokelau, a country whose population is a quarter of Kaitaia’s.’

Well said David Seymour over the last few weeks your standing has risen in my view – keep up the good work.

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July 26, 2019 at 8:51 pm

Hey National – Lets Do This!!

Twice in the last couple of weeks ACT’s David Seymour has sat Prime Minister Ardern down on her backside sulking at Question Time with her yesterday declining to answer a fair and reasonable question – ably aided by Speaker Mallard of course. To date she easily bats away Simon Bridges questions and often uses them as a means to belittle the previous National Government and Bridges himself, something which Bridges seems incapable of dealing with as he sits there and takes it. Here is a solution – a few weeks ago The Green Party passed their weekly allocation of questions over to National and I urge National to pass that allocation on to ACT so that David Seymour has more opportunity to deal to Prime Minister Ardern and other ministers and hold them to account as is not being done at present. Lets do this.

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May 9, 2018 at 11:58 pm