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Ukraine, Russia and Impeachment as Coup

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Understand this plainly: Trump was impeached, ostensibly, for asking about this corrupt arrangement. But no one is ever impeached for engaging in it. Nor can our elites, who almost all benefit from this system one way or another, muster the integrity to do, or even say, anything against it.

In the run up to the 2022 US Mid-Term elections, I regretted hearing whispers about the possibility of impeaching President Biden. Even having failed to gain control of the Senate I still read comments to the effect that an in-depth investigation of Hunter Biden and the family business might still lead to impeachment of the President.

That would be incredibly stupid, but then it was stupid of the GOP to impeach Clinton in 1998 and even more stupid of the Democrats to impeach Trump in 2020, although I can understand their desperation in the pre-Covid days when a roaring economy, no domestic eruptions and no wars meant a likely Trump victory that year. Of course there’s no point in covering the unhinged vengeful second impeachment of Trump after he’d lost the election.

But before discussing what might happen to Biden, it pays to cover off the non-fallout of the first Trump impeachment. Although I covered it in detail at the time, that was more about the strategies, tactics, facts and evidence: a wider perspective is worth looking at, and that includes President Obama.

First, it pays to recall that the vast Administrative State in Washington D.C. was very unhappy at Trump’s 2016 victory, and apparently determined even back then to disrupt his Administration:

Others, however, view resistance as a part of the job. “Policy dissent is in our culture,” one diplomat in Africa, who signed the letter circulating among foreign diplomats, told The New York Times. “We even have awards for it,” this person added, in reference to the State Department’s “Constructive Dissent” award. One Justice Department employee told the Post, “You’re going to see the bureaucrats using time to their advantage,” and added that “people here will resist and push back against orders they find unconscionable,” by whistle-blowing, leaking to the press, and lodging internal complaints. Others are staying in contact with officials appointed by President Obama to learn more about how they can undermine Trump’s agenda and attending workshops on how to effectively engage in civil disobedience, the Post reports.

Entire departments of Sir Humphries – with an attitude that they represent the people. Which talk turned to this from senior Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer:

“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Journalist Mollie Hemingway had already noticed all this in January 2017 before Trump was inaugurated:

Dwight Eisenhower warned that if we didn’t stay vigilant, the military-industrial complex would start creeping into politics with pernicious motives all its own.

Sorry Dwight, but it was already too late by then, and you share some of the blame.

Fast forward two years and the other side of the fence, the Far Left magazine Counterpunch – while skewering the Democrats over their treatment of Bernie Sanders and general attitude towards getting Establishment candidates winning primaries at any cost – noted the same thing:

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump and impeachment, it is the political establishment that is trying to bring him down. That the ‘whistleblower’ is a CIA officer who has since returned to active duty at the agency isn’t lost on Mr. Trump’s supporters. As much as the NPR tote bag set believes that it is the fount of wisdom and truth, they, along with the CIA, inflicted three years of the cynical farce of Russiagate on us and came up empty handed.

Being Counterpunch it has to be the CIA, of course, but actually it was the FBI – and the military:

The word “coup” shifted to a new level of formalized meaning last week when members of the political resistance showed up to remove President Trump wearing military uniforms.

Not only did U.S. military leadership remain silent to the optics and purpose, but in the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman he admits to giving instructions to ignore the instructions from a sitting United States President.

In the absence of push-back from the Joint Chiefs, from this moment forth, the impression is tacit U.S. military support for the Vindman objective.

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Written by Tom Hunter

February 6, 2023 at 6:00 am

Vote Democrat for Systemic Racism

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A city runs its police department and other services; therefore, if there is so much ‘systemic racism’ in these organizations, why hasn’t it been corrected over so many years under Democratic leaders?

Plenty more detail at this link where the receipts are delivered about the evil shit fired at Republican House member, Byron Donalds.

And of course this came just weeks before the recent crime where five Memphis cops (all Black) beat a Black suspect to death while their bodycams and a street security camera recorded it all. Video at the link but don’t watch unless you have a strong stomach. This was not an enraged frenzy but repeated assaults, with breaks in between, over a period of about ten minutes, including two cops holding his hand behind while another officer repeatedly punches him in the face. Others kick him whenever he hits the ground. This was started by a traffic stop.

Naturally enough the usual suspects – like former Obama advisor Van Jones – have begun to scream about systemic racism:

Society’s message that Black people are inferior, unworthy and dangerous is pervasive. Over many decades, numerous experiments have shown that these ideas can infiltrate Black minds as well as White. Self-hatred is a real thing. That’s why a Black store owner might regard customers of his same race with suspicion, while treating his White patrons with deference. 

On that last point, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the Black store owner observing the skin colour of most of the criminals attacking him and his store would it? And the answer is OF COURSE NOT, BIGOT!. This is the heart of an argument that the Left simply will not accept: that Blacks have higher rates of arrest because they commit more crime out of proportion to their share of the population. There was a time when the Left at least provided a reason for this, being a history of racism and poverty. But now it’s just denial straight up and implications or outright assertions about mysterious, unconscious reasons – primarily a racism hidden so deep in the soul of the oppressors that it doesn’t show except in the societal stats.

At this moment there have been some protests around the US, but given the colour facts and a Democrat President I doubt we’ll see a repeat of the BLM/Antifa riots of 2020. The five cops have been fired and are up on 2nd degree murder charges.

But how systemic is this Systemic Racism? That article contains a definition:

A system in which public policies, institutional practices, cultural representations, and other norms work in various, often reinforcing ways to perpetuate racial group inequity.

It identifies dimensions of our history and culture that have allowed privileges associated with “whiteness” and disadvantages associated with “color” to endure and adapt over time.

Structural racism is not something that a few people or institutions choose to practice. Instead it has been a feature of the social, economic, and political systems in which we all exist.

In many ways “systemic racism” and “structural racism” are synonymous. If there is a difference between the terms […] structural racism analysis pays more attention to the historical, cultural and social psychological aspects of our currently racialized society.

I don’t see anything in there that covers the racism of the Democrats attacking Byron Donalds and his wife. Were Tyre Nichols and George Floyd killed by Minneapolis and Memphis Police Department “public policies”, or one or more of their “institutional practices”? And given that there are multiple federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity in housingeducation, and employment exactly how do Whites continue to get away with “structural” or “systemic” racism? Which of these laws are not enforced? The facts are that each of them has been for more than fifty years now, by the courts, if necessary.

And of course one of the most notable aspects of these outbreaks of systemic police racism is that they overwhelmingly occur in cities not only controlled by Democrats, but which have been controlled by them for decades, starting with 2020’s Ground Zero, Minneapolis, which has been under Democratic control since 1978:

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Your Saturday Night joke

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A guy goes into a bar in Bunkie, Louisiana where there’s a robot bartender.

The robot says, “What will you have?”

The guy says, “Whiskey.”

The robot brings back his drink and says to the man, “What’s your IQ?”

The guy says,” 168.”

The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology. The guy leaves, but he is curious…So he goes back into the bar.

The robot bartender says, “What will you have?”

The guy says, “Whiskey.”

Again, the robot brings the man his drink and says, “What’s your IQ?”

The guy says, “100.”

The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser, the Saints and LSU Tigers. The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time, so he goes back into the bar.

The robot says, “What will you have?”

The guy says, “Whiskey,” and the robot brings him his whiskey.

The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?”

The guy says, “Uh, about 50.”

The robot leans in real close and says, “So, you people still happy with Biden?”

Written by Tom Hunter

January 21, 2023 at 5:00 pm

Switching Political Party Partners

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An interesting piece from the WSJ:

In not much more than a generation, virtually all the protagonists, values and identities of ideological competition have swapped places.

Not very long ago, college-educated professionals voted for Republicans in vast numbers, while blue-collar workers picked Democrats. Now a college degree is the most reliable indicator of Democratic preference; the proletariat is dependably Republican.

Liberals used to be passionate defenders of free speech; now progressives seek to shut down dissent wherever they find it.

The left once regarded domestic intelligence agencies as a threat to democracy and individual freedom; now they embrace them as essential weapons against their domestic adversaries, whom they accuse of “misinformation” and “sedition.”

Democrats were traditionally suspicious of and hostile to big business. Now, on issue after issue—climate alarmism, “diversity,” the virtues of a borderless world—they are tightly aligned

I would not say that “the proletariat is dependably Republican”, especially after the GOP failed to make headway in traditional working class states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, although they have in others. But there’s no question that the movement – much accelerated by Trump starting in 2015 – is gathering steam.

There’s quite a chunk of Republican politicians and advisors who don’t get that.

Judging by this Tweet from former Clinton Cabinet member, Robert Reich, there a lot of Democrats that don’t get this either, as the person responding explains bluntly. Trouble is that people like Reich and Bernie Sanders are old-school lefties who have not yet realised that the rest of their party may not actually want the working class back in their ranks – except as voter fodder of course.

In Britain the last general election saw a near landslide win for the Tories resulting from them breaking through the so-called Red Wall of long-held Labour seats, and that effect was understood to be due to Brexit, which those same voters supported. It’s now being argued that Labour will win them back since Brexit is a settled issue and such voters can return to core left-wing issues – but that could just be a result of the Tories polling so low across the board.

In the last Australian election there some consternation as the Liberal Party lost long-held seats in wealthy areas to so-called “Teal” candidates who pushed a stronger line in measures to tackle Global Warming. However, they were also well-financed by a billionaire believer and whether that will continue, or whether they’ll have any policy effect, even inside the Liberal Party, remains to be seen. I reckon that increasing “rolling blackouts” will see those wealthy seats return to the Liberals at the next election. Aside from that the traditional groups supporting Labour or the Liberals seem to be as they always were.

Same here in NZ. The groups that traditionally supported Labour and National still do, with only some minor hiving off into smaller parties like the Greens and ACT.

So as always with the USA the question is whether this is a harbinger of change for other Western nations or whether this will remain confined to America. I would argue we’ve seen something similar in Europe with the so-called Working Class backing conservative, right-wing parties and the Left picking up the new “laptop” class, plus being poor on free speech, although Europe has never been strong on that.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 11, 2023 at 4:50 pm

BREAKING NEWS: Blatant liar sworn into Congress

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It’s been completely overshadowed by the fight over the Republican leadership in the past few days, but just prior to that some other news broke about the GOP.

More specifically, news about one of their new members, elected to the House from New York state in last year’s Mid-Term elections, one George Santos, who won a D+3 district that voted for Biden in 2020 by 54 percent to 44. Quite the upset win for a Republican then.

Mr Santos apparently told some big fibs on his CV that he presented to the voters of New York’s 3rd district, of which the following is but a small list:

Representative-elect Santos admitted that he never graduated from any college, despite previously claiming to have received a degree from Baruch in 2010. He claimed to work at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, but neither firm has any record of his working there; now Santos says he worked for a firm that worked with those financial giants. Then there are the indications that he’s not Jewish and perhaps not all that gay:

This is my shocked face as I lose all faith in politicians.

Santos went on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson show, likely thinking they’d treat a Republican the same way that the rest of the MSM treats Democrats who are in trouble; softball questions with no follow-up to canned answers. Unfortunately for him he ran into former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard standing in for Carlson, just emerging from her own political shitstorm where she quit the Democrat Party and damned them, and she was in no mood to accept his bullshit (I don’t think Tucker would have gone any easier on him):

Naturally the Democrats and the MSM jumped all over this, demanding he resign or that the GOP should refuse to seat him, as you can watch at this link, where the writer makes a good point about the performative moral outrage involved. There’s also this tidbit:

Research has demonstrated that politicians are significantly likelier to be psychopaths than the general population. Of course, quantitative studies aren’t necessary to make this observation, but it’s nice to have the data that backs up the obvious qualitative judgment.

Compulsive lying is one of the defining clinical manifestations of the condition.

As shown by the likes of Senator Elizabeth “High Cheek Bones” Warren (D-MA) (hence the nickname, Fauxcahontas) and Senator Richard “Stolen valour” Blumenthal (D-CT) – both noted by Gabbard. Over at Powerline they re-hash the incredible bullshit that House member Ilhan Omar has got away with over the years by screaming racism every time her grifting was questioned, especially the fake marriage she had with her brother in London to allow him to immigrate to the US (Powerline’s Scott Johnson has excellent contacts within the Minneapolis Somali community). More recently there was the pitiful sight of newly elected Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman being sworn in with a ceremony where he could not speak a single word because his stroke is obviously still affecting him:

Fetterman’s strange behavior at his swearing-in suggests that his mental health has not improved since his disastrous debate performance in October. This, combined with the fact that he hasn’t conducted a single interview since getting elected, raises serious doubts about his ability to serve as a U.S. senator. 

I’m sure his wife will do a fine job for him and in any case he’s perfect for the job as the Democrat Party only want puppets who vote as instructed by them.

Speaking of which, “President” Biden has been bullshitting about himself for fifty years and continues to do so, the following being just a small sample as noted by National Review:

Back in 1988 his first run for President was blown up when it was revealed that he’d plagiarised his speeches from British Labour leader Neil Kinnock (not exactly outstanding source material), just as he had a law paper decades earlier.

But that was when even the liberal MSM and the Democrats still had some standards. Not now. So I think all their screaming can be given the 🖕🖕🖕🖕 treatment and Mr Santos left to the judgement of his voters in 2024.

You never know, if he’s any good at his new job they might even re-elect him.

Without Objection (and then there was one)

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Update I:

McCarthy just lost the 14th round – by one vote. Now the lobbying gets really intense. What are you willing to promise just one person? In the Senate a few months ago, Joe Manchin (D-WV) knew this feeling.

Update II:.

McCarthy Wins the 15-Round Bout. A few hours ago I thought they’d postpone it until Monday but I guess everybody just wants it over. Interestingly he was two short of 218, but I guess it comes down to the total vote, which was 428, of which the Democrat successor to Pelosi, Hakeem Jeffries, got 212. The reason for this is that all of the six holdouts then voted “present,” lowering the count needed to win.

Now it’s on to investigations of the FBI, DOJ and the Biden family, because with the Senate and Presidency blocking them that’s all the GOP can do, although there might be some minor squabbling at the end of this year over the 2024 budget.


And since I’m updating I may as well bring this up front. Looking at that KB post I was amused to find a link to a 2015 KB post on that fight for the Speaker’s position, including an old comment of mine that works just as well in 2022:

I’m not at all concerned by the downfall of Boehner and now McCarthy. It’s yet another blow to the head of the GOP leadership to try and get them to actually represent the people who put them in control of the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. I would have thought the destruction of Eric Cantor was enough but apparently not. Those people thought they could just game the rubes to obtain power and then return to having drinks with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid about what Democrat ideas could be negotiated through without making the GOP look “extremist”.

By contrast look at what Pelosi and Reid did when they had the same power. Rules – what rules? Let’s just dump the legal filibuster to get the judges we and Obama want, pack the “tree” of amendments so the GOP can’t add stuff to a bill that might embarrass Democrats by forcing them to choose, not to mention the crap pulled to get Obamacare passed, or the abuse and vilification of Bush.

Civility? Cordiality? Bipartisanship? Pfffft.

You’ll also note that none of this was written about at the time as “extremist”.

Same old, same old. As is this:

As far as the comments about a GOP “civil war” and “extremists” and the rest, it’s pretty much the MSM that DPF sadly echoes and it means about as much as the similar screaming heard in 2009-10. Back then the phrase was “The Party of No” as virtually every Democrat and Democrat-with-a-byline (otherwise known as “journalist”) crowed with Borg-like precision that resistance was futile and it was time to just vote with the Democrats on the Stimulus, Obamacare and anything else in order to save ones seat. The party of Old White Southern Men was dooooooooommmmmmed.

And what happened? The “non-moderate” GOP voters rose up, stiffened the spines of the GOP, and then handed them historic victories in the the House in 2010, and then pushed those Democrat losses further in 2014, as well as adding the Senate.

That’s quite a reward for the “politics of destruction” and “NO”. So perhaps one should try and understand that these people are more than a little pissed off that all they have to show for these efforts is the Sequester and a government spending share of GDP that’s slowly dwindling back to a historic level of 20%. Surely there should have been more than that?


I’ve not paid much attention to the recent GOP infighting over electing a new Speaker of the House, despite being well aware of it given that the news is all over the American blogs I read.

They’ve now had eleven ballots and the expected winner, Kevin McCarthy, has still not reached the magic figure of 218 votes. It’s the longest such fight in over one hundred years, though it still has some way to go to reach the level of the 1855 fight that saw two months and over one hundred ballots before a Speaker was elected. But that was an exceptional time given that the Whigs had collapsed, the new Republican Party was on the rise, and there were several small parties fighting to win.

Of course it’s across the MSM as well because they never miss a chance to stick it to the Republican Party, and that includes even our MSM simps here in New Zealand, where it can have no practical effect on the USA; it’s done merely to stick it to the Right in this country, a barrage of endless warning shots to not think differently about anything our status quo prizes.

My reason for ignoring it thus far is very simple; it doesn’t matter.

This despite the fact that the US House Speaker is 2rd in line for the Presidency (after the Vice-President), is effectively the leader of the party when it doesn’t hold the Presidency, and is the most powerful position next to the President (the VP “not being worth a bucket of warm spit”) – and sometimes even more so. This is not a Parliamentary Speaker position.

But even so, it won’t matter politically because not even political tragics will pay it much mind within a few months. The collapse of John Boehner’s speakership in 2015 was much more shocking and traumatic, yet had barely any effect on the functioning of the GOP in government – they kept passing huge “Omnibus” spending bills under the “leadership” of policy wonk Paul Ryan – and no negative effect for the GOP on the 2016 elections.

Of course all the usual suspects are playing up the divisions and the prospect of failing to pass legislation or actually governing in any way – and that includes “Right-Wingers” like DPF, who really should stop commenting on US politics, especially when you can’t even put up a post on the subject with a title and a conclusion.

But in fact the normal functioning of the House is shocking and needs to change, and that – plus deeper problems in the USA – is really what this fight is all about. What follows are two clips of GOP members explaining to the public the way the place has been operating – meaning vast bills passed with little or no floor debate, the issues supposedly having been settled in backrooms by policy advisors, and with a rules committee that regularly waives the rules so that two people can stand at the podium and agree to the bills being passed “Without Objection”, while watched by a handful of House members, most being absent.

Watch one Matt Rosendale reveal some brutal truths about how it usually works.

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Written by Tom Hunter

January 7, 2023 at 4:41 pm

The tears of a clown (I forgot the corruption)

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But still Achilles wept, Remembering his dear comrade”. 

Nancy Pelosi is worth approximately $170 million (conservatively). Her husband is not that good a businessman. Her annual salary as an elected representative is $223,500. You do the math.

“Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook,” Harry Truman once said.

In the USA, with the takeover of the House of Representatives confirmed, which will occur on January 3, 2023, the long-time Speaker of the House, Pelosi finally officially stepped down the other day. She has been the leader of the House Democrats since 2003, Speaker between 2007-2011 and 2018-2022. She’s 82 years old: yet another member of the gerontocracy which has become such a feature of US Federal politics.

The first female Speaker, she leaves behind a legacy of ruthless partisanship, massive fundraising for her Party and the passage of a lot of big legislation in two brief, 4-year periods of power. You’d have to go back thirty years to find another Speaker – Republican Newt Gingrich – with such a track record. In fact she’ll likely take her place in history besides legendary Speakers like Joseph Gurney Cannon (R-1900s),  Sam Rayburn (D-1940-50’s) and Thomas “Tip” O’Neill (D-1980’s)

They even had a fancy celebration for her departure, with the unveiling of a portrait of set in 2007, which has already started to generate internet memes.

However she’s not quitting as a House Member, although that’s expected before the 2024 election, probably not until she’s teed up an acceptable successor for her fortress in San Francisco. Sluffing off the leadership apparently also means she no longer has to be polite, as this little outburst showed in response to a reporter’s question on the subject:

REPORTER: “Will you commit to serving your full two-year term for the people of San Francisco?”

PELOSI: “What is this? Don’t bother me with a question like that. Really. Really, OK? I said what I’m going to do. Those kind of questions are such a waste of my time.”

Wow. What a way to treat the MSM after they’ve slobbered all over you for years (aside from FoxNews). How dare you question the Queen. The fucking arrogance she shows: why it’s almost as if she thinks she doesn’t work for the American voters but the other way around – which frankly she probably does. Listening to the quiet laughter of other reporters at her back-handed dismissal you can see why she gets away with this stuff.

A Republican never would. Which brings me to the real topic of this post – the response of former Republican Speaker, John Boehner (2011-2015). Boehner will not go down as one of the great Speakers; in contrast to Pelosi he was Mr Bi-Partisanship until his party revolted against him in 2015 over his endless compromises and he stepped down. Not that Paul Ryan was much of an improvement, compromising even more to the Democrats over “Omnibus” spending bills so vast and so packed with Democrat goodies that Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (the Senate minority leader at the time) openly laughed at Ryan – and went right back to fighting him tooth-and-nail on his beloved policies he thought such Omnibus bills would clear the deck for.

Paraphrasing comedian George Carlin from decades ago: “they’re all part of the same club. And you ain’t in it.”

Boehner was worse than that in Pelosi’s little ceremony. Always known as a sentimental weeper, he once again turned on the waterworks as he talked about how amazing Pelosi supposedly is. You can check the link for it, but I wouldn’t unless you have a strong stomach. I’m not against men crying but I prefer it be over serious matters like death and loss rather than what Boehner is known for.

Grant in the Wilderness, after that first night, went to his tent, broke down and cried. Very hard. Some of the staff members said they’d never seen a man so unstrung. But he didn’t cry until the battle was over and he wasn’t crying when it began again next day.

Shelby Foote, The Civil War

The RedState writer at the link sums up my feelings about such modern displays pretty well:

I just don’t feel that way, though. Instead, I look at the duplicity and resent it. For the elites, there are no stakes. There are no consequences. Nothing actually matters because it’s one big cocktail party where a select few get their payoffs while you languish at their hands.

Why should I cry over and celebrate the retirement of someone who supports abortion until birth and viciously attacks those who don’t? Who has described Republican voters as dangerous extremists? Who has spent the country into oblivion, nuking future generations, while enriching herself to the tune of over $100 million?… There’s nothing to celebrate in that, and to ignore that record takes a suspension of disbelief I’m not willing to engage in.

The “Establishment” in all their glory, Reason 156,789 why Trump was selected by Republican voters in 2016, and looking at recent moves by GOP Senate leader McConnell to pass yet another Omnibus spending bill, it seems they think that with Trump almost put down they can go back to the old ways of doing things.

Then there’s the fact that the crying only goes one way.

Out of curiosity, I searched for articles on John Boehner’s portrait reveal, which happened back in 2019. I couldn’t find a single one from a major news outlet. For Pelosi’s portrait ceremony, though, there are literally hundreds of pieces praising her to the hilt. Democrats are to be cried over out of jubilation, Republicans are to be shunned out of disgust. Further, we are expected to witness that double standard and not question it.

Do you know what Boehner’s bipartisanship adds up to? Absolutely nothing. Even pre-Trump, Pelosi would have just as assuredly spit in his face than help him pass a Republican priority. Pelosi didn’t cry at Boehner’s portrait reveal because she, unlike so many in the GOP, understands the game. She’s ruthless, and her ruthlessness shouldn’t be rewarded with adulation from those she spent years trying to destroy.

Yet, here we are, with Boehner tearing up, gushing over the greatness of a woman who will never return the favor to her successor. Because again, nothing actually matters. That’s the dynamic that has left GOP voters so disillusioned, and rightfully so.

This sounds familiar:

She’s thrown away a House majority before, back in 2010. But guess what? Before she did, she changed the entire country with Obamacare. That was her exit bomb; that was the sacrifice she made. And now she’s back, Obamacare is still the law (because of the Republicans and the legacies), and the temptation is going to be to return to laughing at her when she loses again in 2022.

Written by Tom Hunter

December 19, 2022 at 6:19 pm

The Wrath of Ten Million Swifties**

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I don’t follow celebrities in any field, but given their influence in our society – via the MSM – I can’t help but be made aware of their antics from time-to-time. Then there’s the fact that my kids are only now emerging from being teenagers, which nowadays means that what they’re aware of, you’re aware of.

Which is why I was able to answer Tinman’s question the other day as to the strange hatred that singer Taylor Swift is subjected to from certain corners of the world. The first time I became aware of this (via Beloved Daughter) was waaaaayyyy back in 2009 when she was awarded Best Music Video of the year at the MTV awards – only to have her acceptance speech gate-crashed by one Kanye West, who thought it should have gone to Beyonce for “Single Ladies” (Yes, it’s a link to People magazine but bear with me).

This was the first time my daughter became aware that Kanye West was a fucking asshole, but thanks to noticing the political news I’d already been aware of that years earlier during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans when he said that George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”. As you can imagine the Left absolutely LOVED Kanye West for that.

But over the last four years he’s slowly become one of their hate objects, starting with his embarrassing talk about Jesus, increasing with his support of Trump, and now finally cresting with a river of Jew-hating comments…. and meeting with Trump again in the middle of that shitstorm. The following Tweet from “President” Biden is thus to be expected – with no names of course, aside from the Godwin’s Law one.

Silence certainly is complicity, so let’s take walk down the American Democrat Memory Hole Lane….

The guy to Obama’s right is, of course, Louis Farrakhan, Black Supremacist, long-time head of The Nation of Islam, and a rabid Jew-hater. The guy who took the photo in 2005 did not release it until 2018 because he knew damned well what it could have done to Obama’s political career. Frankly that’s what should have happened, given that Obama’s long-time pastor in Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, had exactly the same “issues”.

But Jew-hating American Blacks are not uncommon and they’re not all on the fringes of the Democrat Party either, as has been repeatedly demonstrated when Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination go looking for support among the 90%-Democrat-voting Black community.

Al Sharpton visited the Obama White House more than eighty times over eight years.

I look forward to the non-silence of the Democrat Party on this issue during the 2024 Presidential election.

** Swifties is the name given to her rabid, mainly female fans and the ten million is a reference to the mass meltdown that occurred when they hit the huge US TicketMaster site en masse for tickets to her 2023 Eras tour and crashed the system. Congressional investigations of the monopoly are on the way. Yes! Really. Against such fans Kanye was always doomed.

“Imagine there’s no countries…”

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“… It isn’t hard to do”

You may say that I’m a dreamer.
But I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us.
And the world will be as one.

Were he still alive John Lennon might be overjoyed that his dream is coming true in the 21st century – at least along the US-Mexican border, where President Biden’s open border policy is pushing the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the USA to ever-higher levels, and this after some five million have already crossed in the last two years.

The famous economist Herbert Stein once noted:

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

Well sure, but the devil is in the detail of how a thing stops: bankruptcy, collapse, mass crime, civil war? Perhaps we should ask Bernie Sanders, as I noted almost four years ago in The Naif and The Wall:

Bernie Sanders:  Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal. 

Ezra Klein:  Really? 

Bernie Sanders:  Of course. That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States. …
You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you’re a white high school graduate, it’s 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids


I add the following, semi-famous story about one of Lennon’s responses about his song:

One day Lennon was grumbling about the cost of running his growing empire and Neil Aspinall reminded him of the lyrics: “Imagine no possessions, John.”

“ It’s just a bloody song!” was Lennon’s retort.

Which is to say that, like the good burghers of Martha’s Vineyard, Lennon probably would object to having these immigrants anywhere near his houses.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 26, 2022 at 8:38 am

Fortify your election with SBF Bucks

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Or Zuck Bucks, as they were called after the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, poured $400 million into getting Joe Biden elected in 2020.

Sam Bankman-Fried Bucks just doesn’t roll off the tongue in the same way, even though he’s been revealed as yet another Democrat Party mega-donor, the largest individual donor to the party outside of Nazi-collaborator George Soros for the just completed Mid-Term elections, the money having been used by the Democrats for “get-out-the-vote” and various ballot-harvesting mechanics.

SPF pumped $10 million into Biden’s campaign in 2020 and then $40 million for the just-completed Mid-Terms, where they were used in the same way as in 2020.

In fact it never was just Zuckerberg or SBF. Take a look at this chart of Big Tech employee donations by political party in the USA and then not be surprised that the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google (among others) have been acting as censors for the Democrat Party in recent years.

SBF won’t be back given the catastrophic bankruptcy of his ponzi crypto-currency scheme of FTC and Alameda Research (which requires a post all its own) and Zuckerberg’s fortune has collapsed by $100 billion thanks to his company Meta not being the Neuromancer extension of Facebook that he’d hoped for. Of course that still leaves him with $40 billion or so, but perhaps he’ll be forced to pay less attention to elections for a while.

You may recall that great TIME magazine story about how the 2020 election was “fortified”:

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

So the word went out: stand down.

But Zuckerberg’s role was much simpler, because the methods used with Zuckerberg’s $400 million were pretty simple:

The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL – whose three founders are former co-workers at the Democrat-aligning New Organizing Institute) and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR – whose founder was formerly a director of the leftwing People For the American Way) passed a staggering $419.5 million of Zuckerberg’s money into local government elections offices, and it came with strings attached. Every CTCL and CEIR grant spelled out in great detail the conditions under which the grant money was to be used.

The CTCL had been a small outfit founded in 2012 with its yearly revenues from contributions and grants had maxed out one year at $2.84 million

Conditions? More like processes that this vast sum was poured into:

  • Self-described “vote navigators” in Wisconsin to “assist voters, potentially at their front doors, to answer questions, assist in ballot curing … and witness absentee ballot signatures,” Philadelphia got $10 million to hire new city employees (fresh from local activist groups) to go door to door delivering ballots. Since they worked for the election office, everything was “legal.” They bought radio advertising on Spanish and urban radio stations; “vote by mail, no need for any witnesses anymore!”
  • The promotion of universal mail-in voting through suspending election laws, extending deadlines that favoured mail-in over in-person voting, greatly expanding opportunities for “ballot curing,” expensive bulk mailings, and other lavish “community outreach” programs that were directed by private activists.

Especially in swing states, the rules were thrown out in the name of an emergency. In Nevada, the state rushed to all of the mail-in ballots being sent automatically, even though the Public Interest Legal Foundation had documented tens of thousands of dead registrants, vacant lots and commercial addresses on the voter rolls. Other states suspended their laws: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, North Carolina, and more. In Virginia, the law said that mail ballots had to come in by election day or three days after election day, but only if they were postmarked by election day. Virginia state election officials ignored the law and issued rules to accept late ballots without any postmark. They called it “fair.”

  • Unmonitored private dropboxes (which created major chain of custody issues) and opportunities for novel forms of “mail-in ballot electioneering,” which allowed for numerous questionable post-election-day ballots to be submitted. as well as providing another way to help ballot harvesting.
  • Temporary staffing and poll workers, which supported the infiltration of election offices by paid Democratic Party activists, coordinated through a complex web of Democrat-leaning non-profit organisations, social media platforms, and social media election influencers.

More detail on all this here. CTCL and CEIR are registered 501(c)(3) corporations that can be created for elections but which are supposed to be non-partisan.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity.

Does the following look like non-partisan spending?

Of the 26 grants CTCL provided to cities and counties in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia that were $1 million or larger, 25 went to areas Biden won in 2020. 

What are the odds that the Biden IRS will be investigating CTCL and CEIR?

As another article put it about those Zuck Bucks: They converted election offices in key jurisdictions with deep reservoirs of Biden votes into Formula One turnout-machines.

The 2020 election was not stolen. It was purchased.