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The unbearable lightness of Kamala Harris

The most famous comment about the US Vice Presidency was uttered by John Nance Garner, a tough Texan who was FDR’s VP for his first two terms:

“The vice presidency ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit.”

You can hit the link for the background to that colourful phrase, including the usual debates as to exactly how it was phrased and when it was said. Incidentally the link states that Garner was the one who first turned the office into a bit of a powerhouse, helping FDR get his policies through the House and Senate, but then Garner came from being Speaker of the House, the most powerful political position in the US aside from the Presidency.

Other VP’s would try the same stunt, notably another man from the rough and barren Texas lands, LBJ, who fell into the job with Kennedy’s 1960 Presidential win. LBJ imagined the VP becoming the same as his previous powerhouse position of Senate Majority Leader in the mid to late 50’s, possibly the only time that position outshone that of Speaker. But as Robert Caro details in The Passage of Power, the Kennedy boys were not going to let that happen and they stuffed every LBJ scheme to the point that he fell into despair and considered quitting the ticket for the 1964 election.

Since then the two most notable VP’s to push the office to power have been Al Gore and Dick Cheney. Gore became President Clinton’s go-to-man for a lot of stuff, but it was Cheney who can probably be argued as the most powerful US VP in history during the decade of the War On Terror.

Since then it’s slipped back into non-entity status, which was perfectly suited for Joe Biden and looks to be even more so for the tissue paper origami creation known as Kamala Harris.

When Harris first appeared on the scene in the Democrat Primaries in late 2019 I thought she’d do well. Good education credentials, reasonable experience climbing the California political totem pole, State Attorney General and briefly a Senator. She was also female and non-White. Were she to win the primary contest I doubted that she’d appeal, or even know how to appeal, to non-Californians, so immersed in that state had she been. But with Democrat voters in the primaries it would work.

It didn’t. Even before she was stripped down in a debate by another candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, (to the cheers of the audience) over her callous prosecution treatment of people as California AG, her candidacy was failing. The way it failed was strange. I can’t recall another candidate of high expectation who simply seemed to collapse without a major scandal or specific problem. She just seemed to fade away in a cloud of unlikeability and cosmetic policy and character. She was gone before the first votes were cast in the Iowa caucuses.

What started as a Female Barack Obama, ended as a Black Hillary Clinton.

The Biden team rescued her from loser obscurity, enabling her to become the first female VP in US history. Even at this point, people thought that it might be possible that she was simply a lousy retail politician who would turn out okay in the details of the job.

But the last few months have shown that the flaws as a politician are based on the flaws as a person. Behind the scenes she’s just as awful as the Democrat voters thought she was in public:

… two administration officials said the VP herself also bears responsibility for the way her office is run. “It all starts at the top,” said one of the administration officials, who like others requested anonymity to be able to speak candidly about a sensitive matter.

“People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” said another person with direct knowledge of how Harris’ office is run. “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like shit.”

Her staff turnover has been horrendous, just as it was for her AG and Senate offices in California, and in her primary campaign. Yet even that article in Politico desperately tries to spin her failures, usually along the classic line of “Republican’s Pounce”. As have other MSM sources, like this from CNN.

Of course. What horse shit. California Democrats especially hated her for her record as prosecutor and AG.

All this stuff came out again during a recent interview with a friendly media source, NBC’s Lester Holt. Watch the following godawful cringe.

Holt: “Do you have any plans to visit the border?”

Harris: “At some point, you know, we are going to the border. We’ve been to the border. So this whole thing about the border,…. we’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.”

Holt: “You haven’t been to the border.”

Harris: “And I haven’t been to Europe,”

It was so bad that even long-time Democrat supporter, John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, had to point out the obvious, Please let Biden endure until 2024:

All Holt did was ask Harris when she planned on visiting the border. He wasn’t tough about it. He asked it in a soothing voice. There was nothing catty about his questions. And her answer is what it is. Gobbledygook. Holt was characterized as having grilled Harris. But using “grilled” is about protecting her performance. Holt was gentle.

Harris displayed her many talents, which include a stupefying shallowness and stubborn inability to process all those briefs the State Department and others have given to her.

Her swallowing, the nervousness, the hand waving, Harris repeating herself, “We’ve been to the border, we’ve been to the border,” as if she was some damaged robot stuck in a loop.

It was then that I began wishing Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the star of the HBO series “Veep,” was our vice president. Louis-Dreyfus could handle it. Liberal, neurotic and consumed by ambition, I can deal with.

But incompetence one breath away from the presidency is another matter.

All of these traits have long been on display, as the Democrat voters noticed in 2019. She hated being challenged by her opponents in the primaries, getting snippy and condescending in response, and usually – as with Gabbard – having no actual counter-argument. She mouths talking points and reads from scripts like a robot, almost as badly as her senile boss. Then there’s the inappropriate, grating, awful cackle she employs whenever she’s completely cornered and gets so flustered that she forgets how to use her words. It screams of nervousness and a lack of confidence. 

Some PR people must have tried to give Harris a personality makeover once she was tapped as Biden’s running mate. Yet all they managed to teach her apparently is to yield a rictus grin every time she gets pissed off with a question. The condescension still oozes out of her making the “smile” overcompensation an even bigger train wreck.

Everything about her is fake – including ideology. Despite much talk on the Right about how Left wing Harris was as a Senator, I don’t think she’s Right or Left or Centrist or anything at all. She’s just nakedly ambitious and will bend whichever way the wind blows as long as she keeps climbing the political ladder that she started on years ago when she became the mistress of Willie Brown, then the most powerful politician in California.

Similarly, once selected by Biden she was asked about her seemingly heartfelt attacks on him during the primaries – including his opposition to desegregation busing and that she believed the sexual abuse accusations of Tara Read against him.

See? It. Was. Just. A. Debate. As she fought to become President. Ha, ha, ha! Who could possibly take that nonsense seriously? That was then, this is now.

Also, even if the border job was a bucket of warm something that was handed to her, the fact is that she has simply not shown any competence in handling it in any area, whether politics, policy or bureaucratic wrangling.

But now there’s all these negative stories about her suddenly hitting the American MSM. People in the Biden Administration and parts of the Democrat party are leaking information and talking off the record. That does not happen by accident. See the reference to LBJ earlier.

Kamala Harris is just no good at any of what she is expected to do. She’s not going to get any better. All of the media spin to the contrary isn’t going to cover it up.

What that means for Biden, the US Presidency and the Democrats is nothing good in the near future.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 22, 2021 at 6:00 am

How the Biden Sausage was made

The famous TV series from which this blog derives its name really is a gift that keeps on giving, even over thirty years after it was made.

The same applies to the Blackadder episode Dish and Dishonesty, but that was the only episode that dealt with politics.

Setting aside all the detailed machinations discussed and analysed, the following clip from Yes Minister is probably a far more accurate take on how the Democrat Party picked Joe Biden as their Presidential nominee. Enjoy!

Written by Tom Hunter

September 10, 2020 at 10:25 am

Biden’s Orbital Decay: No Rescue Possible

I don’t know if Joe Biden’s slow, terrible mental decline is going to be as spectacular as the fall of the space stations Skylab and Mir.

But it is just as certain, as this collection of clips demonstrate:

And like the Skylab rescue plans of the Space Shuttle, Kamala Harris is too flawed and unready herself to save him from the public impact of his mental decline, or the racial and sexual attitudes she herself ripped him about during the primaries. We’re way past the days when primary candidates forgave each other for angry fights over simple economic and other policies. Harris has literally said that she believes the sexual abuse accusations of Tara Read against Biden. Putting that behind them will be impressive if they can pull it off, although the MSM will help, as late night talk show host Colbert did the other day (Oh, for the nights of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, or even pre-Bush Letterman).

See? It was just a debate as she fought to become President. Ha, ha, ha! Who could possibly take that nonsense seriously? That was then, this is now.

Still, we already know that American voters forgive or ignore such things anyway when voting for President and that #MeToo was a cynical game to be played only against Republicans.

You don’t want to talk about it? Gee, you sure seemed to want to talk about it a lot since Harvey Weinstein, and even more during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I never heard that this was an “over-correction” before. What great timing!

I don’t think there is an excuse or gaslighting that’s going to work here. There were prominent media Lefties like Glenn Greenwald calling out these concerns and criticisms months ago.

But they also extended far into the Democrat Party itself, as this other collection of clips shows, where they discuss Biden’s mental lapses, racial and sexual problems and so forth.

Plus the Democrat primary debates themselves where the likes of Booker and Julian Castro did not hold back on getting stuck into Biden for him losing track of things he said inside of minutes.

It was therefore not surprising that a Zogby poll found that 55% said they thought the former vice president, 77, “is in the early stages of dementia.”

That low huh? And I like the Yes Minister spin of question setup; “early” is being generous.

What has happened is simple. Virtually no one took a Biden candidacy seriously. I know I didn’t, even as I acknowledged him as the only one in the “moderate” lane. I thought he’d be gone by Super Tuesday, if not earlier. Because he wasn’t taken seriously and the MSM were invested in pimping the likes of Warren, Harris and Sanders, they candidly reported on what was obvious to anyone: Biden’s mind is failing at a remarkable rate.

However, by March it was obvious that Biden was the only thing standing between Bernie Sanders and the Democrat Nomination, and that was not acceptable to the power brokers of the Democrat Party. The wild-haired communist from Vermont might actually close the carried interest loophole, force private equity Wall Streeters to pay the same effective tax rate as the proles, and not attack some country in the Middle East to maintain peace. Worse yet, Sanders might split the party in half, and break it forever into a powerless coalition. The Democratic establishment could not allow that to happen.

As a result you began to see pushback against all this Democrat criticism of Biden from the likes of Clintonista, Neera Tanden, who also worked for the Obama Campaign and Administration.

And the MSM pushed back as well – of course. Greenwald also addressed that crap in an article for Far left magazine The Intercept:

The list of prominent political and media figures raising these concerns throughout 2019 is long and diverse. That this is some recently manufactured script — “coordinated” by the Sanders and Trump campaigns to smear Biden — is so laughably and provably false that pro-Biden reporters should be ashamed to show their faces as they claim it…

these concerns were first raised not by Trump operatives nor by Sanders supporters, nor were they first raised within the last several weeks. Quite the opposite is true: they were raised repeatedly over the last year principally by Democratic Party officials and their most loyal allies in the media.

But now the MSM are trying to gaslight us into believing the stupid and inappropriate things Biden says and does are compensation for his childhood stutter and not signs of dementia taking its toll. They are trying to put even the discussion of this obvious phenomenon off-limits by labeling it as a ‘conspiracy’ or as untrue.

Joe Biden has no business running for any office, let alone the Presidency where he has his finger on the nuclear trigger – and yes, this cartoon was for Trump but is an update of one done for Reagan in the early 1980’s. You won’t see the same cartoonist doing it for Biden.

He was never that sharp on his best days and those days were a couple of decades ago. This is a man who:

  • Barely remembers where he’s at on any given day, and that’s not an exaggeration.
  • Has repeatedly forgotten Obama’s name.
  • Forgets he’s on a live stream and walks out of frame.
  • Slurs his words constantly (no, it’s not a “stutter”)
  • Mixes up issues, not from ignorance, but from an inability to process what he’s trying to say.
  • Loses track of the conversations he’s having, even when he has notes.
  • Has his staff constantly protecting him from reporter’s questions on the rare occasions he emerges from his basement.

Just the other day he repeatedly forgot not one but two of his grandchildren: if had twenty plus I could accept that, but he has only seven. Old people who are totally healthy and have full control of their mental faculties don’t repeatedly forget such things.

And while people will say “but Trump!”, anyone with eyes can see the difference. Trump is a fast talking word salad at times, but there’s a difference between not being a good orator (or just being plain ignorant about a subject as Trump sometimes is) and confusing your sister and wife or forgetting what day it is. He’s whacked with standup reporter’s questions almost every day and deals with them.

Biden’s mental decline is real, it’s being shown to us in flashing lights, and the Trump campaign are not going to play the civility bullshit game and ignore it. The following advertisement just came out today and there will be more like it. If anything this is more effective than the other clips because it contrasts the Biden of 2015/16, when he seemed no different than usual, to the Biden of today.

Still, Kamala must be dreaming of how easy this is going to make a 25th Amendment call if they win the election. Perhaps that’s now the game plan.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 19, 2020 at 6:02 pm

The Dementia Man Cometh

As Joe Biden’s mental decline has got worse over the last six months his campaign team have decided on a basic strategy of limiting his exposure to the public.

The Chinese Sinus Rot disease was an alibi made in heaven for such a scenario, as Biden stayed in his home like tens of millions of other elderly Americans and used the Internet to conduct interviews, give speeches and so forth. Even then, Biden has not done well, with the following merely one of an almost endless run of incidents where he’s wandered off-topic, lost the thread of what he was saying (even when reading from notes), garbled words and generally produced word salads. By contrast this is merely the sort of foot-in-mouth gaffe that has marked his entire career:

If a Republican or corporate CEO said this, he’d have been forced to resign by the end of the day. Biden later walked this back with Twitter posts, but there is no way he was writing them.

Or this one, where a Black interviewer asked about Biden taking a cognitive test. Another characteristic of senile old men is getting testy when challenged and reaching into their lizard brains for a response. Turns out Biden has other monolithic opinions about Blacks as he challenges the interviewer:

“Come on, Man. That’s like saying you… before you got on this program will you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not. What do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?”

But he can’t stay locked in his basement forever. At some point a Presidential candidate has to get on the road and campaign. And then there are the debates, and the full-court-press on them by the MSM has been coming for some time.

Come on, Man. This is just more evidence that the Democrat Party and their MSM Operatives With Bylines, having turned to Biden in desperation to avoid Bernie Sanders, are now shitting bricks at discovering they’re about to nominate for President the first ambulatory, talking root vegetable in America’s history. Hence the focus on the VP candidate and now avoiding debates.

Unlike many other diseases you don’t get better from dementia and there is no treatment and no cure. It’s chronic and progressive. You just get worse until you die. There are no exceptions.

Mind you. I’m still allowing for the possibility that this is just a setup for the debates by driving expectations for Biden down so low that he could “win” simply by not drooling on his desk. As the West Wing episode had it, “I want expectations driven low. Really low. Like core of the Earth low.”

Written by Tom Hunter

August 11, 2020 at 2:24 pm

Filed under "big whoop."

Even so the MSM journalists are not even trying to hide their bias in favour of the public sector, likely because it’s so engrained in their thinking that it’s just unconscious now.

And naturally this is also why almost all other MSM reporting runs the same way on so many issues: Anderson Cooper is not an exception. It’s not thinking bias, which would be bad enough, but simple herd behaviour.


And in other similar news, Bernie Sanders finally suspended his campaign a couple of days ago, so Biden will now be the Democrat Party nominee for President. It’s been obvious for over a month now that Bernie was just not going to make it and likely only his stubborness kept him going even this long. But the inability to campaign because of the virus was what finally stopped him cold.

The whole business of “suspension” rather than just quitting has more to do with campaign financing laws nowadays. The FEC doesn’t consider a campaign to be done and dusted until its debts are paid, cash dumped into other accounts and the whole thing tidied up, which usually means that some donating is still required. Of course it does also allow a campaign to roar back to life if something changes, but that’s not the primary reason.

The whole thing is a huge indictment of the quality of the other Democrat candidates, given Biden’s terrible weaknesses that I outlined last year here and here – and he’s got visibly worse since then as the following collection of video clips shows.


And all this in just about the most controlled environment that a politician can get. Sure, Biden got through the campaign debates so perhaps this is all just lowering expectations for the debates against Trump. Simply being his old, word-salad self could be regarded as a win. But there are surely limits on how low that bar can be set?

How on earth could the rest not do at least as well as Bernie in at even staying the distance? Sure, each one had weaknesses, but they also had strengths compared to both Biden and Sanders. It probably is similar to the 2016 GOP process, where the favoured candidates spent so much time beating on eachother that Trump could slip through, and in the final stages of this campaign Bernie showed he was unwilling to go for the throat, just as in 2016 against Hillary.

But it’s also an indictment of the entire Democrat “establishment” – the incestuous little world of activists, donors, party chiefs and seated politicians. They’re the ones who gave up on the other alternatives to Sanders and decided to pick up a flailing Biden and push him over the line on Super Tuesday. He won in states where he’d not even campaigned and where he’d spent almost no money, largely because his campaign was almost broke.

The hard line Leftists at the magazine Jacobin are not happy, as can be seen in this article, Voters Won’t Risk Their Lives for Joe Biden:

No one will fight for this man. No one will risk their lives for this man. In 2020, faced with a raging pandemic on one hand and the hopeless politics of the Democratic Party on the other, voters will once more decide, wisely, to stay at home.

Normally I would dismiss such anger because it’s the natural aftermath when a favoured candidate loses. Such people, after letting off steam, usually drift through the Kubler-Ross stages and vote for the Party’s nominee.

But one of the many problems the Democrats face is that having their voters staying home is exactly what happened in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. Granted Biden is not hated by many Democrats as Hillary was. On the contrary he’s quite beloved. But as the Jacobin article shows, that feeling is not the sort of enthusiastic belovedness attending Obama. It’s more that Democrats regard Biden as one might a silly old Uncle: “That’s just Joe” has been the refrain for years now.

Combine that attitude among many Democrat voters with the more hard-edged disdain of the Bernie Bros, Trump’s rising approval ratings thanks to the Wuhan Virus pandemic, the massive carpet bombing attacks the GOP will unleash on Biden, and Trump’s total willingness to rip into his opponent’s weakest spots, and it looks like a huge uphill struggle for Biden, and this time the DNC can’t get him across the line by itself.

As expected the Trump campaign was quick off the mark with the following video, which hits all the right marks, given what’s on people’s minds right now.

Biden Stands Up for China.

Bernie’s Last Stand

After all the excitement leading up to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and then Super Tuesday,  things have become raather dull in the race for the Democrat Party nomination.

Joe Biden’s resurgence, as he got picked up and carried past Bernie by the rest of a panicking Democrat Party, continued on into the March 10 votes and now that the dust has cleared it’s clear that Bernie only won a single state – Idaho.

Biden cleaned up in Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and North Dakota, often with huge winning margins. As of this writing Washington state has still not declared a result but Biden holds a slim lead of 35% to Sanders 33.7% with a little less than 80% of the vote counted. The state does such voting only by mail, which seems a little stupid and is the reason for the delay. Nevertheless, it’s hard to see Biden losing the state from this point.

And this is where they currently stand in terms of delegates.

Based on Super Tuesday results and his 2016 performance, Sanders expected to at least do well out West, but that turned out not to be the case amid the Biden resurgence.

In fact if you compare his results from 2020 to 2016 for these states you can see that he’s actually gone backwards.

He won five of those states against Clinton in 2016. In 2020 just the one.

And even then he ultimately lost against Clinton.

The question is why Bernie failed? He had more money, a much better organisation, and was facing a split field compared to 2016. Not only that but the whole argument of 2016 supporting Clinton – that she was the formidable, electable candidate of the mainstream – had been badly weakened by her subsequent loss in the general election.

Not only that, but the rise of AOC and others like her in 2018 seemed to indicate that hard-line socialism was about to finally break through inside the Democrat Party. Bernie’s 2016 effort only just failed it was argued, so surely 2020 would be the breakthrough.

But it just didn’t happen.

I never expected Bernie to win the nomination for a number of reasons, mostly around his hard-core socialist beliefs, which he tried to moderate by talking about Scandanavian Social Democracy, but which was belied by his past worship of the USSR and Cuba, and his refusal to back down on some of his silliest claims about them. Commies gotta commie.

There was also the fact of his vaunted “outsider” status; it might come back to bite him on the bum as Democrats – especially Black voters – began to get their backs up about selecting a guy who had spat on them for forty years as corporate sell-outs. People so low in his estimation that he proudly stood to one side as a self-declared Socialist. And that’s exactly what happened in Palmetto State. But in the wake of that South Carolina result he still could not let go of this theme, blaming “billionaires” for his loss when it was obvious it was down to him being rejected by Black voters. Commies gotta commie.

Then there was the violence of many of his supporters, believers in Lenin’s dictum of violence being a necessary part of the revolution.  Commies gotta commie.

Bernie tried denying this and disavowing such activists but they were too many and varied to be pushed aside, and other Democrats like Warren began to notice.

And then of course were Bernie’s strange, personal quirks.

All that wild hand and arm-waving at the podiums, the thick Brooklyn accent undiminished by five decades in the leafy confines of Vermont.

But in the end it may have simply come down to the crude question of who Democrat voters think is more electable against Trump.

I expected another Democrat candidate – especially Warren – to win that argument easily against Sanders while gathering up his voters. But I never thought things would get so desperate for the Democrats that it would be Joe Biden. As it happened, in the wake of Bernie’s Nevada win, Biden was the only one left; last man standing.

So like some Praetorian Guard hoisting a non-entity upon their shoulders to proclaim him Emperor, the Democrat machine got out the vote for the almost broke Biden and won states for him where he never even campaigned or advertised himself.

The next big round of voting will be on March 17, with four large states: Florida, Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, representing another 577 delegates.

Before then there will be one last debate, on March 15, which Bernie has decided to hang in for. I’m glad about that, as it will be a preview of the Trump-Biden debates later this year. Clearly Joe Brain Bleed has…. issues…, but the question is whether Bernie is really willing to fight. He gave Hillary a huge pass on her email problems in 2016, commenting that it was “silly” and he wasn’t going to get into it. Policy and ideas are what he’s all about.

But if 2016 did not teach him the lesson that politics is a brutal, personal contest then his treatment at the hands of the mainstream Democrats in this cycle should have. This is his last chance and he’s decided to take it, but will he really go for Biden’s throat?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Admittedly, even if he does, I expect Biden will now win all of those state primaries. And this will, unlike 2016, represent a clean win; Bernie Bros will be unhappy but cannot point to fiddling with rules and other underhanded tricks. They won’t like it but the bulk of the Party, the “moderates”, rejected their guy.

But not his ideas, just the way he packaged them.

The question now is whether the Bernie-AOC wing of the party really hate Trump or the system the most? If it’s the former then they may come on board for Biden in November – they certainly don’t hate him the way Clinton was hated.

If it’s the latter then they may just sit this one out and aim for 2024 with a younger, slicker candidate, confident as ever that history is on their side?

Written by Tom Hunter

March 12, 2020 at 8:25 pm

USA Democrat Party: And then there were Two!

Sad but true.

It was reported a few weeks ago that in preparing for his first debate, one of Bloomberg’s staff who acted as a surrogate for Bernie said that he based his routine on Statler. But a lot of people had been making that joke for weeks, and now here we are!

With Elizabeth Warren finally quitting, the path is now clear for Sanders and Biden to go at eachother hammer and tongs. She should have dropped out sooner but suffered from delusions of grandeur and possibly wished to continue to bask in the warmth of having killed Bloomberg in his first debate.

Weekend at Joe’s

The pressure being placed by the Bernie Bros on her to pull out had been increasing for two weeks as they demanded that she do for Bernie what Buttigieg and Klobucher did for Joe Biden last week.

There were two differences of course. First was that Warren did not have the weight of most of the Democrat Party on her back pushing her out.

Actually the DNC would probably have been quite happy for Warren to stay in the race, since her positions track so closely to Bernie’s that it’s assumed she must be splitting the votes of that lane. The longer that went on the happier they’d be.

But there was also the fact that the Bernie Bros just could not help their inner Leninist coming out and were waging an increasingly bitter war against Warren supporters on Social Media and elsewhere:

The feud is not just happening behind closed doors, either. Both sides, but the Bernie Bros especially, have been blasting each other on social media, with some suggesting Warren was part of an establishment conspiracy to halt Berniementum:

Warren would not have want it thought that she was quitting in the face of that nastiness. Yet another example of the Sanders campaign being its own worst enemy. Still, sooner or later reality had to bite Warren.

So now the Democrats are left with Castro Bernie or Joe Brain-Bleed as their choice. Fantastic stuff.

Jim Clyburn

Joe certainly got his 72 hours of Joementum after his desperately needed win in the South Carolina primary – and then some. The main reason for that win seems to have been the influence of Democrat heavyweight Congressman Jim Clyburn, who really put his shoulder behind Bernie and urged Black voters to get behind him as well.

It worked! Black Democrats in South Carolina may have effectively decided the party’s nominee, rescuing a failing candidacy from the brink of death and propelling it to juggernaut status overnight.

And in doing so proved not only that the Black vote is still a huge factor in the Democrat primary but that, once again, money is not the game-changer, as if the Bloomberg fail was not proof enough. Biden’s campaign spent only $2.2 million in the state compared to the $18 million spent by Sanders. And that continued to be the case across the Super Tuesday states. Biden was outspent 7-to-1 by Sanders and almost 100-to-1 by Bloomberg in all those states. Biden was actually running out of money almost as badly as Klobucher and Buttigieg. And yet!

In fact Biden blew the doors out in states that he never visited, where he opened zero field offices, and where he spent next to nothing on TV. He had just one field office in Virginia. In fact he barely campaigned in any states. And yet.

The Break-Glass-In-Case-Of-Emergency actions of the DNC and much of the rest of the Party to save themselves from the bonfire of Bernie’s vanities, worked better than they could have imagined. It was they who saved Biden, not the hopeless man himself.

As a result there has also been a turnaround in his odds of winning. Just two days later his betting odds stood at 63.1% compared to Sanders’ 34%. Just under two weeks ago, Biden’s odds stood at 9.1% and Sanders, 56.9%.

Why? One word: electability (don’t laugh). It’s likely also the reason that Warren was doing well early on; polls showed her beating Trump head-to-head in swing states. But with further exposure those polls reversed. Similarly with others like Klobucher and company.

For all his terrible flaws Biden was last man standing in terms of electability, although he is better described as the most electable out of an awful field of candidates – and certainly more so than his main competitor.


It was not supposed to be like this for Bernie. A week it looked like he had this fight in the bag, even knowing that South Carolina was Biden’s. Certainly Cenk Uygur – the host of the Progressive Darling’s fave show, The Young Turks – thought so, and he’s still in denial, as the following TYT rant showed.


“A week ago I would have told you—I did tell you!—Super Tuesday I think we got this,” he said. He continued, “We thought it was almost over, Bernie was going to win. Now it’s not over. Now we’re in a tie. And now we got absolute, dig-in warfare against the establishment.

That attitude is a huge problem going forward for the Democrats even if Biden wins. The Bernie Bros felt that they were cheated out of the 2016 race by Clinton dirty tricks and the power-and-money obsessed Barons of the Democrat Party. They were angry then but ground their teeth and accepted the result, especially in light of the grimmest of utilitarian arguments – that Hillary was the electable one.

And now they’re hearing this crap once more, as the #StopBernie campaign kicked into gear again, this time in favour of a candidate who appears to be even worse than Hillary, as Cenk explans:

“And so, you want to go to war, we’ll go to war,” ….“Biden is either near senile or actually senile. Watch any of the tapes. And Biden lies non-stop! He’s going to get caught!” … “You’re going to run that guy against Trump and we’re going to lose to Trump again and maybe lose our democracy. Hell no! Hell no! No!”

So now they’re angrier than they were in 2016. Many may have sat out that general election in their anger, but this time they want to fight and if that means burning down the Democrat Convention in Milwaukee then so be it.

One big problem with all this is that, as usual, the candidate and his fans can’t see that he’s the problem – and they still believe in things that are not so. Admittedly that’s a base requirement for believing in a Socialist.

First is all this nonsense about the Youf vote, which we hear every time the Far Left think they’ve got their dream candidate (ref. Corbyn, British Labour) – because they’ve seen the future and it works. Even Sanders’ home state of Vermont showed a lackluster turnout of Millennials and Gen Zs. Only 11% of the state’s voters were under 30 – compared to 15% when he ran against Clinton, according to exit polls. A similar trend played out in other Super Tuesday states such as Texas, where 15% of voters were between ages 17-29 – compared to 20% in 2016, and Massachusetts where the share of young voters dropped from 19% four years ago to 16% Tuesday.

Second is that Bernie is not stronger than he was in 2016. He lost states such as Maine and Minnesota that he won in 2016.  The common theme in all those states is that Sanders fared worse this year than he did when he faced eventual nominee Hillary Clinton four years ago. And this time he was facing a weaker and more divided field.

Third is Social Media world – and especially Twitter world – vs. reality. In Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee voters were asked, “Do you regularly use Twitter for political news?“. Sanders won users by 6, 6, and 9 points, respectively. Biden won non-users by 5, 21, and 18 points. Bernie won Twitter but only 12-15% of voters were Twitter users: so Bernie lost.

Fourth is the candidate himself. He just does not understand that for all his claims to be fighting for the poor and the toiling masses, the fact is that his ideas scare the shit of them when it comes to losing their jobs and their employer health care – not to mention their cars and gas-fired heating.

And it shows up in how he reacted to his primary losses, starting with South Carolina. Sanders – who continues to struggle with Black voters – framed Biden’s victory as a triumph of the billionaires. He simply would not accept what the huge turnout of Black Democrats for Biden actually meant and he dismissed and denigrated them all in one go. Sanders also took a veiled swipe at Democratic Party leaders. “We’re taking on the corporate establishment, but also we’re taking on the political establishment,” he said.

Okay sure, there’s no doubt that Sanders is a threat to the power arrangements of the Democrats, as Tucker Carlson pointed out on Fox News:

But if there’s a rogue candidate out there who might actually be serious about closing the carried interest loophole, and forcing private equity barons to pay the same effective tax rate that you do, well, that cannot stand. It’s totally and completely unacceptable. In fact, it’s morally wrong. Alert the panel on “Morning Joe” – we are going to war.

But those are not the actual voters who turned out for Biden and it’s a foolish mistake to denigrate them. What’s next: calling them Deplorables?.

Sanders is he is who he is though and he can’t adjust to changed circumstances. What else is a left-wing populist supposed to say about a moderate who’s backed by most of the party but that he’s a tool of corporate America – even if that tool prevailed with a shoestring campaign fueled by working-class and Black support?

Ideologically, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


The next round of primaries is on March 10: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington with a combined total of 302 delegates.

After that the next big round is on March 17, with four big states: Florida, Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, representing another 577 delegates.

As of this writing there’s no word on who Warren is going to endorse. Given where she’s placed herself it’s likely to be Bernie and if it was not she’d face hatred of Thousand-Suns magnitude heat from his supporters. That may not matter going forward however: hatred is one thing and voting is another as the Bernie Bros have discovered. She’s probably safe from them in her Senate seat and endorsing Biden could open doors to future cosy positions in a Democratic adminstration. The Democrat Behemoth vs being well thought of by the Judge Holden brigade.

Assuming she endorses her ideological playmate, her 64 candidates means that the Socialist Lane will have 637 of the available delegates thus far and 41.3% of all votes cast.

For Biden – in what I’ll now call The Establishment Lane – there’s Bloomberg with 61 delegates, Buttigieg with 26, and Klobuchar with 7, and they’ve all endorsed Biden (664).

In that scenario, it comes to 758-637 in terms of delegates in favor of the establishment wing at the moment. A candidate needs to win a majority of the 1,991 pledged delegates available by voting. If no candidate has a majority, even if one has a plurality, then the super-delegates kick in at the convention to see who can get the total of 2,376 total delegates.

So it’s still a fight, but at this stage it’s hard to see Bernie winning for all the reasons listed above. By desperate default, against all the odds, despite all his painful flaws, baggage and growing senility at the age of 77 –  Joe Biden will finally have won a nomination race and will be the man against Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.

Three myths destroyed in 72 hours

First Myth.
Those who remember the Obama worship of the 2008 US election will also recall the taunt aimed at the Republican Party in the wake of Obama’s win together with the Democrats strengthening their control of the Senate and House – that the GOP was merely a rump party now, confined to the Confederate States and increasingly The Party Of Old White Men.

The Democrats were very much not that – of course (plus being filled with rainbows and unicorns).

As things now stand in 2020:

Second Myth.
That money buys elections in the USA and that the richest campaigns prevail.

Mike Bloomberg’s almost total failure and his quitting the race despite spending more than $500 million, plus the imbalance between Biden and Sanders in spending (on everything from ground-game to advertising), shows what rot that is. Of course on the large scale we already had the result of the 2016 election, where Hillary outspent Trump by two to one.

With regard to Bloomberg the Babylon Bee strikes again with – Mourners Weep As Bloomberg Exits Primary:

“No, Mike, don’t drop out — please!” screamed one woman as she sobbed uncontrollably for the nice sum of $2,500. “We need you! America needs you! We love you, Mike!”

One mourner was seen rolling around on the ground screaming. Another was quieter and more reflective, as he was only paid $50. A high-ranking campaign staffer was reportedly paid over $50,000 to commit seppuku to restore honor to his name after failing the great Mike Bloomberg.

Third Myth.
Russian Collusion: since the primary conclusion of the exhaustive Mueller investigation is still not being accepted by many of Trump’s opponents.

The response is best summed up by the following Tweet:

“If only Bloomberg had hired Russians to buy $100,000 in barely literate Facebook ads, instead of spending $700 MILLION, he’d be president now. That’s what the media have told us for 3+ years.”

Written by Tom Hunter

March 5, 2020 at 7:17 pm

The Great Democrat Clown Race of 2020: Super Tuesday (UPDATING)

California results starting to come in and even though it’s only about 7% of the vote the results are line with the polls and its looking good for Bernie. Given the huge amount of early voting that the state encourages I have to wonder how many Klobucher-Buttigieg voters would like to get their votes back so they could give them to Biden.

Contested convention here we come. Sanders needed to do better than this to knock out Biden.


For those of you who want to keep up with the results from the various US states voting in the Primaries today, the HotAir website has a superb little app that allows minute-by-minute update of the vote counts. An image of the map is seen below.

Scroll down and you’ll find the entire Super Tuesday map laid out before you, with results in every state automatically updated minute by minute. You don’t need to manually refresh; just keep this thread open in a tab and it’ll do the work for you. If you want to see what the numbers look like in a particular state as returns are coming in, just mouse over the map for an at-a-glance view.

The app comes from an outfit called Decision Desk HQ, but you need to register and login to see it there. Better to just stick to the HotAir site.

In summary the results so far show the following:

  • Biden winning in the Southern states as the Black vote really comes home for him and he begins to garner the votes that would have fallen to his competitors Klobucher and Buttigieg.
  • Sanders doing well though, winning some states and trailing Biden closely in others. California is expected to be where he will do well.
  • Bloomberg’s Super Tuesday bet appears to be a bust, as expected. Money can’t always buy you votes.
After all the talk of how badly the Non-Bernie candidates needed eachother to drop out so that their votes could be gathered up, similar thinking must now be going on with Bernie supporters in regards to Elizabeth Warren. At this point she’s running third in her home state of Massachusetts, behind Sanders and Biden. It’s time for her to quit and see how many of those votes and delegates, move to Bernie.

Bernie vs the DNC – again

It certainly worked for Biden, although it was not his doing. After the Nevada win by Bernie, the Democratic National Committee and all the Party “moderates” – suddenly aware that Bernie could win the nomination – hit the Panic Button, and it seems to have had the desired effect in giving Biden a great story of the great political comeback.

I expected Klobucher and Buttigieg to have dropped out after today – but not before. Clearly the pressure was put on them to quit before delegates could be assigned to them and endorse Biden, all in the hope that their votes would head towards Biden, and that seems to be what happened.

We’ll find out in later years who made the phonecalls but right now I’d reckon it was Obama on Buttigieg, given how closely the latter modelled his speeches on the former. Klobucher probably got Hillary Clinton. And both candidates would have had calls from other senior Democrats and donors.

And here’s the results of that In-Case-Of-Emergency-Break-Glass effort by the DNC:

That’s a huge shift, even if it is just a national poll. But right now Biden has all the machinery of the Democrat Party behind him, as well as the MSM, all of whom have begun to realise what having a real Socialist as nominee – and perhaps as President, might mean for them and their 401(k) portfolios.

Next up for the hard word could be Bloomberg, who will likely have people pointing out to him that all his billions of dollars would be better served backing Biden in the rest of the primaries and then the General election to defeat Trump.

It’s 2016 all over again, and this time in service of an even worse “Centrist” candidate than Hillary Clinton, in the form of Joe Biden. The guy has had loser written all over him from the start but here he is, courtesy of being last-man-standing; the clearest example of the desperate situation the Democrat Party finds itself in. He’s actually getting worse in his gaffes: the following is just painful to watch, and this is now happening almost every day.

And don’t think for one moment that the Bernie Bros are taking all this lying down. They remember and they’re determined not to have a repeat of 2016.

72 hours of Joementum


Three Presidental campaigns over more than thirty years, ignominious failure in each and …. Joe Let My Fingers Do The Walking Biden has finally won a primary election.

In this case it’s South Carolina, which he always banked as his firewall in the nomination contest thanks to his support among Black Democrat voters, but which has come through big-time for him.

“We’re the base, and we’re yet to express ourselves,” said David Cakley, a church deacon from Goose Creek, S.C, referring to black voters. “Biden needs a boost and we’re going to give it to him.”

In other words that base, basically non-existent in the first three Whiter-Than-White states of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, has decided to let Bernie and other candidates know that they’re going to have work hard for Black support.

GRRR – Feel my Power Fingers

It’s quite a swing for Joe because in polling Bernie almost caught up to him seven days ago. But since then it’s been all Sleepy Joe and it may even make him the temporary leader in vote counts and delegates due to SC being so much bigger than the first three primaries.

But emphasis on the “temporary”. When California closes early next week Bernie will again take the lead in both categories. In fact Joe is only leading in the polls in one state for next week: Alabama.

Will also be interesting to see what this does to the donors who’ve been holding back on Joe as he slid in the last few weeks. Will they commit? Will it make any difference against Bloomberg’s billions?

There’s also the question of perception.  In 2008 winning this state was a big hit for Obama, as is it was for Hillary in 2016. But Joe needed a blowout and I’m not seeing that.

Anyway. Looks like Hunter Biden’s Ukraine adventures will be a talking point again. 😃

And on to Super Tuesday, March 3rd.

Oh! Forgot this. One more candidate dropped out – multi-billionaire Tom Steyer, who found that being single issue on Climate Change and throwing money at the race was not enough (wasn’t that a claim from a commentator here the other day: that the rich always win?). Anyway, here he is proving two Age Old Truths:
 – White Men can’t dance (at least not to Hip-Hop)
 – White Men pandering to African-Americans via dancing is … not a good look.

Seriously, this is Mike Dukakis in a tank. Thank god he’s not the Democrat nominee and remember kids: Back That Thang Up.


Written by Tom Hunter

March 1, 2020 at 6:06 am