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I guess this will be my single issue in 2023

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I’ve often written that with six co-bloggers focusing on New Zealand there’s no point in me doing the same, and in any case I find US politics far more interesting because ideas that are considered “settled” in NZ are still being fought over there, plus new ideas about how a society should be organised.

But there are times when an idea begins to emerge in New Zealand that is controversial and worth fighting over, and “co-governance” is it.

Up until now I’ve figured that it would have to be fought over at the 2023 election; that Labour could not continue to push forward in the face of growing public alarm and falling polls over a range of issues that might see co-governance as the straw that breaks Labour’s back into the low twenty percent range or even lower. Labour would be forced to either dump it or make the arguments in public as part of an election so that whichever way it goes, we can at least say that a democratic decision was made on the future of the country.

Chris Finlayson

But I’ve concluded that this is not how it’s going to proceed and the reason has to do with comments I saw quoted from none other than former National MP and TOW Negotiations Cabinet Minister, Chris Finlayson.

When I first saw these quotes on Kiwiblog I found it hard to believe that they could have been uttered by a former National Party MP and minister; a person that I effectively voted for over several election cycles and that I thought was an intelligent and compassionate man devoted to rectifying the sins of past colonialisation. Sure, there was grumbling on the Right about some of these deals and the fact that Finlayson had gone from being poacher to gamekeeper on the issue.

So I checked out the Radio New Zealand podcast referred to, The Detail and its episode Co-governance: Time to get on with it?, and discovered they were true quotes:

But as former Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson explains, the concept itself is nothing new. 

Finlayson takes The Detail back to the ground-breaking signing of the Treaty settlement between the Crown and Tainui in 1995, and explains how the settlement over raupatu claims led to the formation of the Waikato River Authority. 

It became the genesis of other co-governance arrangements, giving iwi an opportunity to participate directly with local or regional government to provide advice or take part in the management of a particular resource. 

As he describes them, those past settlements that he was heavily involved with were not really about righting wrongs via the Waitangi Treaty tribunal process. No, they were about building small but permanent foundations for an entirely new way of governing this nation; a way that has now sprung into life via the supposed “opposing” party, Labour, backed by The Greens and naturally the Maori Party, with the He Puapua report, Three Waters and so forth.

And it gets better:

“I simply say to people, one, there’s a new regime, get with it folks; two, Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

While he says there’s room for robust debate about the co-governance model between the Crown and iwi and hapū, Finlayson’s advice for dealing with the “sour right” behind the racist, resentful rhetoric: “We’ve just got to leave those losers behind and move on. They don’t like tangata whenua. They dream of a world that never was and never could be,” he says. 

Two words Mr Finlayson.



My Scottish and Irish ancestors lived for hundreds of years tugging their forelocks to Irish landowners and Scottish Lairds, escaped that, and neither I nor my kids are going to repeat that process with the likes of Prince Willie Jackson and Princess Nanaia Mahuta.

And the thing is that Finlayson fits in so perfectly with them and their born-to-rule arrogance. That wealthy Khandallah childhood; the Latin and French majors; the LLM and mixing in the highest echelons of our legal and political circles, not to mention the leaders of our various great iwi. No wonder National lapped him up and loved him. He could elegantly stick it to Labour and others on these issues.

While all the time he was basically on the same side as them.

And now in keeping with that Olympian attitude of superiority, in his mind the issue has already been decided by The Powers That Be – meaning the political elite of both National and Labour, plus our academic and legal communities – and now it’s just a matter of getting on with it.

Elections? Democracy? Pfft. I would not now be at all surprised if he uttered then same phrase as Willie Jackson about this nation, that “We’re in a consensus-type democracy now. This is not a majority democracy.”  Consensus is one of those words which, when I hear it, tells me I’m about to be lied to.

The final question I have, and frankly I think it’s rhetorical now, is how many more like him are there in the National Party? I’m betting enough to push this through eventually under some guise or other:

My prediction, there will be a substantial empowering of iwi in education, heath, housing supply and social policy in the next few years. National will go along with most of this once they are back in government, just as they have done so since 1990.

In that sense Don Brash was a bit of an aberration, one that National is not keen on repeating.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 12, 2022 at 3:59 pm

No mas. No masquerade

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The wheels of justice grind slowly but grind exceedingly fine.

Frankly I don’t believe that famous quote, having observed too many instances of the gap between the law and justice yawning exceedingly wide and never being reconciled in any time frame that mattered to people. The only saving grace being that it applies to when justice is served and when it is not, although even then there are cyclical periods of time for each.

In this case a couple of days ago US District Court Judge Kathryn Mizelle, ruled that the CDC failed to properly explain its decision to impose the mandate or follow proper rule making procedures and that therefore the Federal mask mandate could not be legally imposed in airports, planes and other transport:

Almost immediately, Alaska Airlines announced that masks would be optional for travelers and employees alike. United Airlines quickly followed suit, announcing that masks were no longer required on domestic flights and select international flights, depending upon the arrival country’s requirements. American Airlines, Delta Airlines, or Southwest Airlines — the three carriers with the most passengers pre-pandemic — also made masks optional on Monday night.

You can get a sense of the reaction with the announcement being made mid-flight in some cases. Nice to see the reaction of the crews as well…

Now the news is not all good. Some individual states are continuing with the insanity in the public transport systems they control, and while the Biden administration immediately announced a cease fire they have not surrendered and may appeal the decision to a higher court. To which my response is Lose Harder In November, Assholes. Also, Judge Mizelle accepted the CDC’s argument that masks may help prevent infection, despite them having accepted that the common, disposable cloth masks do not. In which case she may wish to read this article on the failure of masks and look at these graphs from it:

The [left] graph tracks the results of a natural experiment that occurred nationwide during the pandemic. Eleven states never mandated masks, while the other 39 states enforced mandates. The mandates typically began early in the pandemic in 2020 and remained until at least the summer of 2021, with some extending into 2022. The black line on the graph shows the weekly rate of Covid cases in all the states with mask mandates that week, while the orange line shows the rate in all the states without mandates.

As you can see from the near identical trajectories of the lines, mask mandates made no difference, and certainly did not control the virus. The article waspishly notes the early triumphant squawking of the MSM for states with extremely high mask compliance – that went on to suffer terrible C-19 case and death surges.

[The right graph] compares Germany with Sweden, the media’s Covid villain for refusing to lock down or mandate masks. Sweden’s initial Covid surge was blamed on those lax policies, but Sweden stuck to them and actually discouraged masks in most situations. As indicated on the graph, surveys during the pandemic showed that fewer than 10 percent of Swedes bothered to wear masks. In Germany, by contrast, more than 80 percent did so, but look at the similar trajectories of the daily Covid death toll in both countries from the summer of 2020 through March of this year.

I’ve already covered much of this ground in previous posts (The Mask Narrative crumbles contains links to other such posts), including graphs for places like Hawaii as far back as 2020 that showed the futility of masks.

The article notes that a resistance to mask mandates went back even further and very much included Public Health bodies.

In their pre-Covid planning strategies for a pandemic, neither the Centers for Disease Control nor the World Health Organization had recommended masking the public—for good reason. Randomized clinical trials involving flu viruses had shown, contrary to popular wisdom in Japan and other Asian countries, that there was “no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission,” as the WHO summarized the scientific literature. The pandemic planners at the United Kingdom’s Department of Health had reached a similar conclusion: “In line with the scientific evidence, the Government will not stockpile facemasks for general use in the community.”

In going with politics instead of science they’re hardly alone. If you’re a subscriber to the NYT (and we know some of our readers proudly are) then you’ll probably be shocked and surprised to find that the following Tweet…

… actually resulted in a NYT reporter, one Victoria Kim, trying to contact him about the horror, only to be informed that it was satire. Ms Kim was raised in Seoul and is a Harvard graduate in history.

She is also an utter fucking moron.

But as usual she and the NYT were running with the Left’s narrative, in this case masks, and you can see why in The 5 Most Unhinged Responses to the End of the Travel Mask Mandate, although I prefer humourist James Lileks list and his takes on them:

I know, I know, my mask protects you, your mask protects me. If you are wearing a mask, the virus cannot pass through it. But if you are not wearing a mask, the virus can float over to where I am, and pass through my mask.

They walk among us, and from my everyday observations I’d say we have a higher proportion in NZ.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 21, 2022 at 6:00 am

The Face of Ordinary Russians

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At least some ordinary Russians in this street vox pop. I must admit that these can be deceptive because the media sources conducting these will often edit out those voices that don’t support their narrative.

But in this case that’s what so scary about these interviews. The Russian media source clearly did like what it heard – and only a very little of it towards the end sounds even halfway compassionate.

Now add to such views this Op Ed – What Should Russia do with Ukraine? – written by one Timofei Sergeitsev, a pundit writing for a (very) pro-Russian news source called RIA Novosti:

Denazification is a set of measures aimed at the nazified mass of the population, which technically cannot be subjected to direct punishment as war criminals”

“However, besides the elite, a significant part of the masses of the people, who are passive nazis, are accomplices to Nazism. They have supported the Nazi authorities and indulged them”
“…The just punishment for this part of the population is possible only as the bearing of the inevitable hardships of a just war against the Nazi system” 

“The name Ukraine can seemingly not be retained as the title of any fully denazified state formation on the territory liberated from the Nazi regime” 

“Denazification is inevitably also deukrainisation – a rejection of the large-scale artificial inflation of the ethnic element of self-identification of the population of the territories of the historical Malorossiya and Novorossiya begun by the Soviet authorities” 

“Unlike, let’s say, Georgia or the Baltics, Ukraine, as history has shown, is unviable as a national state, and attempts to ‘build’ one logically lead to Nazism” 

“The Banderite elite must be liquidated, its reeducation is impossible. The social ‘swamp’ which actively and passively supports it must undergo the hardships of war and digest the experience as a historical lesson and atonement”

More of it can be seen here and it also includes comments from former Russian President (and Putin confidant) Dmitry Medvedev, which you can read at this Russian site.

Hoo boy. When you see stuff like this is it any wonder that you get Russian soldiers executing civilians in places like Bucha. There’s no doubt that Ukrainian civilians have taken up arms against the invading Russians, the MSM has been packed with such (approving) stories for weeks now and the Ukrainian government made no bones about it. So yes, you’re going to have civilians getting killed in combat directly, as well killed indirectly by simply being in an urban combat zone, and there were several hundred bodies of Russian soldiers found in Bucha as well as a lot of destroyed armour and weapons, so it’s obvious that some brutal combat took place there.

Armies have never dealt well with civilians in combat, but the sort of shit seen here and here – civilians casually shot in the street with their hands tied behind their backs – is beyond that, as are the two large mass graves that have been found, containing hundreds of civilians. Such things tie in so perfectly with the statements above by Russian civilians and politicians; if you’re going to call much of the Ukrainian people “Nazis”, whether civilian, soldier, or politician, then you can’t be surprised when your soldiers shoot such civilians. It might be a vague “plan” of liquidation, but it’s a plan none the less, and it sure as hell is something beyond one unit or commander going rogue while under attack.

The bodies of at least 20 men in civilian clothes found lying in a single street Saturday after Ukrainian forces retook the town of Bucha near Kyiv from Russian troops, AFP journalists said

This is probably also why the Russian government has, in the last couple of days, cycled through three “explanations” for the murders in Bucha. They started with the classic claim that it’s a Western /American / Ukrainian “fake massacre” (dealt with superbly here by comparing satellite photos with on-the-ground footage), followed by “it’s Ukrainians killing collaborators” (which seemed to be pushed more internally than to the West), followed by “the dead were killed by Ukrainian artillery after Russia retreated“.

The first rule of propaganda is to pick one story and stick to it relentlessly. When you don’t it’s a tell that you’ve been caught by surprise and are scrambling.

I’ve tried to stand apart from what I know is propaganda coming from both sides in this war (and the Ukrainians are far better at it than Russia, especially on Social Media) and civilian massacres by soldiers occur in every war.

But what is seen in Bucha is systematic and aligns perfectly with the opinions of all too many Russians; if there are so many “Nazis” in the Ukraine, and they’re committing “genocide” – both being claims that resonate deeply in Russia – and you’re determined on “denazification” of the place, then these killings are exactly what you’d expect – and probably even want.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 6, 2022 at 4:55 pm

Right and Left wing support for Putin

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One of the strangest aspects of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been the support given to it, or at least the excuses made for it, by elements of the Western Right wing.

This has been claimed as merely another example of the “Alt-Right” or “Far-Right” in action, although the former slur seems to have died away in the last couple of years, apparently having failed to have much impact, probably because it was never well-defined in the first place.

In an example of the classic donut representation of ideologies the Far Right appears to have matched up with the Far Left, at least on this issue, although the same observations have been made of the recent anti-mandate protests in Wellington. I’ve always thought the elements of the donut that would do so would be the various brands of Anarchism, with only a hair’s breadth difference between the Anarcho-Communists and Anarcho-Capitalists – a wide, deep canyon in other words.

But perhaps this meshing is based on a faith in a vast, centralised state? After all, Lefties like Chris Trotter have quite happily identified themselves as “tankies”, – a term of abuse apparently used within the Left, of which I was unaware until he used it a few weeks ago:

Tankie” is a pejorative label for communists, particularly Stalinists, who support the authoritarian tendencies of Marxism–Leninism…Specifically it was used to distinguish party members who spoke out defending Soviet use of tanks to crush the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and later the 1968 Prague Spring uprising, or more broadly, those who adhered to pro-Soviet positions in general.

As such Chris has often defended Putin’s Russia using all the now-standard arguments: the threat of NATO, the West in general and especially the USA, the corruption of Russia by capitalism, etc, etc, plus the massive propaganda war against Russia. He and others have also pointed out the hypocrisies and double standards involved when looking at events like the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the attack on Libya in 2011.

To be fair Chris has nevertheless condemned the latest Russian invasion as a crime.

But what of the Western Right who are defending Putin’s actions? A rather dejected sounding classical liberal from Britain, Daniel Hannan, someone whose arguments I’ve very much admired over the years, posed that question in The Examiner: How can any American patriot support Putin?

How can people who call themselves nationalists be so blasé about the asphyxiation of a nation whose sole offense has been to assert its independence?

But what is it that Trump and his followers see in Putin in the first place? This is where I start to worry. For a Reagan conservative, Putin’s flaws are obvious. He does not respect elections. He believes he can make up the rules as he goes along. He defines some of his people as “traitors” and encourages others to go after them. The sole principle of his foreign policy is Machtpolitik — let the stronger take from the weaker. He has replaced multiparty pluralism with a cult of personality. He can’t tolerate criticism.

Are Trumpsters as repelled by these things as Reaganites? Considering that list in an American context, I wonder. Things have changed since the Gipper’s time. In a polarized age, people are readier to overlook the shortcomings of politicians who specialize in “owning” the other side. Instead of wanting to limit the state as a general principle, modern conservatives are happy to make use of it when it suits their ends. And whereas they used to support candidates who shared their principles, they now tend to shift their principles whenever their champion does.

Unlike Hannan I’m well aware of plenty of Trump supporters who are very much against Putin’s invasion and wish to see him fail, including especially seeing the back of him as the leader of Russia. I did laugh at his take on Leftist support for Putin:

There is nothing surprising about dissent on the Left, chunks of which will align with any cause, however vile, provided it is sufficiently anti-American. If H.G. Wells’s novel came true tomorrow and Martian invaders launched their spaceships at Earth, there would be a New York Times op-ed arguing that the invasion was an understandable response to former President George W. Bush’s foreign policy.

But I don’t think it’s as simple as Hannan’s claim that it’s just siding with those who “own” their personal opposition, and a better answer may be found in this analysis of the apologetics for Putin, one that’s more subtle, and more disturbing:

“Both the liberal center-Left and the conservative center-Right are basically committed to upholding the global liberal order. Putin, by invading and attempting to conquer a sovereign state, challenges that order. If Putin succeeds, even modestly, it represents a failure for the U.S. establishment figures who tried to stop him. And establishment failures equal insurgent opportunities. Both the rightists and the leftists here are fighting against the Fukuyaman end-of-history idea that gives their own movements little space to move up.”

I think that’s it, but he’s also clinging to a very slim reed in thinking that these groups are frightened by the idea that the Fukuyamian world of the 1990’s is going to return, especially when he pinpoints its failures himself:

… the rightists and leftists must now see their shared nightmare unfolding before them — a great muddling-through, a slow revivification of the institutions that failed in Iraq and the Great Recession and the Trump Era. 

Ummm… No! The failures of the institutions that created the disasters of Iraq and the GFC, and before them the 9/11 attacks, are what led to the Trump era, and the continued public failure of them during Trump’s presidency – most vividly on show now with the slow revelation of coverups by none other than the CIA and FBI themselves, plus their handmaidens in Big Tech and the MSM in things like the Russia Collusion nonsense and Hunter Biden’s laptop of corruption, all working to bring Trump down – have only reduced public confidence in them further, worsened the situation and pulled us further away from that fabulous 90’s world that the author pines for.

He also doesn’t even mention the catastrophic Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan and the authoritarian over-reaction to the Chinese Lung Rot pandemic in almost all Western nations which saw our Public Health institutions and a good chunk of the public gleefully turning themselves into modern-day Stasi agents.

The End of History is dead and something new will take its place.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 25, 2022 at 10:22 am

Russia’s strange demons

A lot of people have spent years trying to figure out what makes Vladimir Putin tick. How much is explained by his KGB past? How much by the scars of the collapse of the USSR? How much by a sense of Russian history, the future of Russia and how he sees himself in forming that future.

I saw one of these attempts the other day, where some bright young scholar talks about the possible influence of one Alexander Dugin, leader of the National Bolshevik Party:

Dugin is a relativist who claims that concepts of liberalism, freedom and democracy are alien to Russian culture, and that the exact sciences of chemistry and physics are demonic Western influences. He believes that Russia is culturally closer to Asia than to Europe, and espouses an ultranationalist, neo-fascist ideology based on his idea of Neo-Eurasianism.

A good synopsis of his thoughts:

That discussion is from 2014, but it reminded me of this essay published in NY Books in 2018 about another Russian philosopher from the early and mid-20th century, who appears to have had much the same thoughts, but who does not appear on Dugin’s Wiki page. The article is long but worth your time, Ivan Ilyin, Putin’s Philosopher of Russian Fascism. Here are some excerpts, following this precise synopsis:

The article draws quite the contrast between Lenin’s atheist take on a war of social classes, The Masses and forth – and Ilyin’s take:

What Ilyin would call “the abyss of atheism” of the new [Soviet] regime was the final confirmation of the flaws of the world, and of the power of modern ideas to reinforce them.

After he departed Russia, Ilyin would maintain that humanity needed heroes, outsized characters from beyond history, capable of willing themselves to power. In his dissertation, this politics was implicit in the longing for a missing totality [wholeness] and the suggestion that the nation might begin its restoration. It was an ideology awaiting a form and a name.

But if you think Ilyin was “godly” you should be prepared for his very strange take on God. The article uses the example of Jesus’s saying,  “Judge not, that ye not be judged.”:

For Ilyin, these were the words of a failed God with a doomed Son. In fact, a righteous man did not reflect upon his own deeds or attempt to see the perspective of another; he contemplated, recognized absolute good and evil, and named the enemies to be destroyed. The proper interpretation of the “judge not” passage [by Ilyin] was that every day was judgment day, and that men would be judged for not killing God’s enemies when they had the chance. In God’s absence, Ilyin determined who those enemies were.

Obviously you can also forget about the central Christian tenet of loving your enemies.

Ilyin died in Switzerland in 1954 and was forgotten to history. Then Putin arrived and in 2005 began quoting him, as well as reinterring his remains to Russia, a huge symbolic move. Other Russian politicians, even in the Opposition parties, followed, as did patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church.

But Putin took it further:

In late 2011 and early 2012, Putin made public a new ideology, based in Ilyin, defining Russia in opposition to [the EU] model of Europe. In an article in Izvestiia on October 3, 2011, Putin announced a rival Eurasian Union that would unite states that had failed to establish the rule of law. In Nezavisimaia Gazeta on January 23, 2012, Putin, citing Ilyin, presented integration among states as a matter of virtue rather than achievement. The rule of law was not a universal aspiration, but part of an alien Western civilization; Russian culture, meanwhile, united Russia with post-Soviet states such as Ukraine.

The rule of law is an alien Western concept! Yes, well there have been more than a few civilisations that thought the same, but I thought the last 200 years had put that to bed – or a thousand if you want to go back to Magna Carta where the first chinks were made in the armour of Kingly authority.

But you can see the common path from those articles and speeches of Putin and today’s invasion of Ukraine, together with the propaganda / belief that Ukraine has never been a seperate nation from Mother Russia and never will be considered so.

As soldiers received their mobilization orders for the invasion of the Ukraine’s Crimean province in January 2014, all of Russia’s high-ranking bureaucrats and regional governors were sent a copy of Ilyin’s Our Tasks. After Russian troops occupied Crimea and the Russian parliament voted for annexation, Putin cited Ilyin again as justification. 

Ilyin’s ideas on sexual decadence and the “decadence” of democracy also lead directly to Russian attacks on those features of the West.

First, Ilyin called Russia homosexual, then underwent therapy with his girlfriend, then blamed God. Putin first submitted to years of shirtless fur-and-feather photoshoots, then divorced his wife, then blamed the European Union for Russian homosexuality. Ilyin sexualized what he experienced as foreign threats. Jazz, for example, was a plot to induce premature ejaculation. When Ukrainians began in late 2013 to assemble in favor of a European future for their country, the Russian media raised the specter of a “homodictatorship.”

As opposed to kneeling to Russian kleptocracy, of which Putin is the supreme example.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 9, 2022 at 6:38 am

Canada – then and now

Canada’s use of the war-time Emergencies Act has certainly startled a lot of people around the world, and probably in Canada too, given that it’s not the sort of fascist play we expect from that nation.

But for those who support such measures, which seems to include about half the nation’s people, there appear to be no qualms at all. Included in that is hypocrisy in its most pure form, where the past is memory-holed.

The truckers were heroes for the modern Left who cosplay around the world about how they’re with the Working Class – right up until they were declared terrorists.

Or how about the Trudeau government’s statement on the Hong Kong protests in April 2021:

Canada expresses grave concerns over the targeting of ten of Hong Kong’s most prominent pro-democracy activists for participation in a peaceful assembly.

The stifling of peaceful political expression continues to encroach on fundamental rights and freedoms in Hong Kong. Democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are enshrined in the Basic Law, and are part of Beijing’s obligations to the people of Hong Kong under the UN-registered Sino-British Joint Declaration.

They will issue such condemnations in the future but the audience of praise will have shrunk a lot, and the targets of their criticism will nw crack back with mocking laughter.

The hypocrisy is not just in Canada either, as the usual fun is had with the NYT then and now:

Perhaps it’s the blatant double standards that have led to protests swelling in size across Canada in response to the Ottawa bullshit:

The protesters in Ottawa are hoping to make it through the weekend until the Senate convenes. They want to make it to Monday because the Emergencies Act has to be approved by the Parliament within seven days of it being called for, which was on February 14. So it has to be approved by tomorrow. They are hoping that the legislators will not approve it, the police will back off, and the Parliament will address their concerns.

One thing that is a little strange is that it seems those people “arrested” in Ottawa the other day never saw the inside of a jail cell – or charges, as these gentlemen explain:

It’s actually a good sign that the authorities themselves, at least at ground level, are not going full Police State. That could be because they’re aware that Trudeau may not be able to get Parliamentary approval for his use of the Emergencies Act (UPDATE: He did, by turning into a confidence motion for the government).

It could also be that they’re aware with so much focus on Ottawa, police have been pulled from other parts of the nation, leaving it exposed to things like this:

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, shortly after midnight, Houston RCMP was called to the Marten Forest Service Road (FSR) after Coastal Gas Link (CGL) security reported acts of violence at their work site. It was reported approximately 20 people, some armed with axes, were attacking security guards and smashing their vehicle windows. It was initially reported that some CGL employees were trapped, but all had managed to safely leave the area.

Upon police attendance at the 41 km mark, the roadway had been blocked with downed trees, tar covered stumps, wire, boards with spikes in them, and fires had been lit throughout the debris. As police worked their way through the debris and traps, several people threw smoke bombs and fire lit sticks at the police, injuring one officer.

“In one of the most concerning acts, an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside. The attackers also wielded axes, swinging them at vehicles and through a truck’s window. Flare guns were also fired at workers. Workers fled the site for their own safety and remain shaken by this violent incident.”

So an actual terrorist attack then. But Justin Trudeau said nothing. He did not point out that the attack on the Coastal GasLink workers was “not a peaceful protest.” He did not note that attacking the pipeline hurt the Canadian economy and that the ecoterrorists’ violent actions endangered public safety. He did not invoke the Emergencies Act in connection with this attack or announce that the attackers’ bank accounts would be seized.

That’s because, as with BLM, he’s on the side of those terrorists.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 24, 2022 at 6:00 am

Oh Canada – or why the global Left have wet themselves in delight

A Pinochet the Left can love

You can see it in uncounted comments on things like FaceTwit. It’s not just Canadian Leftists having a huge orgasm about finally having the cops on their side, ready to go for the bash that they once decried as the horrors of State Violence.

No, the reaction is also across the US and seen even here in NZ with the angry frustrations of the likes of Chris Trotter that the Force have not piled into our local copy of the Ottawa trucker protest.

The funny side of this – if there is a funny side – is that even members of Soy Boy Trudeusescu’s party are feeling … uncomfortable at the idea of implementing what are basically War Powers in peacetime against a bunch of people who have not burned anything down, killed anybody or even beat up anybody.

Unlike the Antifa/BLM protestors, whom this cunt kneeled with in 2020. He would have only be happier if he’d had Fidel Castro to hug. The War Powers Act , renamed some years ago as the Emergencies Act, was last enacted by Pierre Trudeau, the current PM’s father, in response to actual armed, violent terrorists during the great Quebec crisis of 1970 when the Front de libération du Québec kidnapped a provincial Deputy Premier and were threatening all manner of violence.

It enables basically the ultimate in State Power, one-man rule, including tracking down and freezing the bank accounts of people who contributed a few bucks to buying food and fuel for the trucker convoy – and anybody else who has given the finger to this rich-prick child.

And so… “It’s for your safety”.

The Ottawa police actually tried to claim that a bicycle had been thrown at the horses legs. You’d think that trained police officers would have better observation skills to enable distinguishing between a bicycle and a mobility scooter. Such lies might have worked in the pre-smart phone era but not nowadays:

Then their story kept evolving from thrown bicycle to adding later that the “horse tripped.” The horses didn’t trip; they ran them right at the people. This isn’t going to look good for Justin Trudeau, when these pictures are splashed all over the front pages of media. 

Bwahahahahahahah. I checked out a couple of NZ MSM sources and saw nothing of this – of course.

Similarly You can see another protester here, apparently being beaten with a butt of a gun by the police. Keep in mind, none of these people hit back at the police; at best, they resisted being torn from the locked arm lines. Police claim they needed to do that because of protesters’ “assaultive behavior”. Another example here where there is no video to support the police claims. What is captured are police firing some sort of gassy projectiles at the crowd – who then kick them back. Authorities cannot make claims like this in the era of the smart phone. As you can see in this collection of videos or these ones there was no such behaviour. There are no videos that I have seen of any protester’s “assaultive behaviour.” That might be resisting, but that isn’t assault. The cops also beat and pepper-sprayed a reporter so there will court action on that.

But it’s actually the non-violent stuff that is the real threat to Canada’s liberties – and to other democracies, as this US law blog points out:

Fascism is an overused and elastic term that in our politics mostly is used against Republicans for anything liberals don’t like. Donald Trump calling people names on Twitter is not fascism.  Justin Trudeau commanding private businesses unilaterally and without legal consequence to freeze the assets of his political opposition and their supporters is fascism.

Trudeau is dangerous not just because he’s abusing Canadians, but because he is providing the wish list for crackdowns by Democrats in the U.S. We see it already. Big tech corporations do the Democrats’ bidding in silencing critics through deplatforming, censoring content from publication or social media sharing, deplatforming websites from hosting companies and, as in the case of Parler, from the cloud and app stores. Funding platforms like GoFundMe are pressured to suspend fundraising and deprive the beneficiary of the donations, and payment processors and banks are pressured to cut off deplorables.

However, there may be hope:

The Conservatives have gone up 10 points because people are looking at the liberals and seeing what a mess they are. In January, they were dead even with the liberals.

The 10-point jump for the Conservatives comes as Bergen advocates for protesters who’ve been encamped in Ottawa for 22 days to protest federal vaccine mandates, and as the Tories oppose the government’s use of the Emergencies Act, which was invoked to give police new powers to remove those same demonstrators.

Good, although frankly the Canadian people should never had fallen for this shallow, vacuous, doe-eyed worshipper of Cuba and China in the first place.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 22, 2022 at 6:00 am

Biting back at the Masters of the Universe

Given the post I wrote the other day about “The Masters”, inspired by an execrable little commentary from one of them at the WEF, it’s nice timing to write about something that bites back at them a little.

The truckers convoy in Canada being the No. 1 bite-back at the moment. It’s some 70km long (the longest such protest in history) and its arrival in the capital, Ottawa, has so frightened Prime Minister Trudeau that he and his family fled the city.

Naturally this is being held up by the MSM as a scary development, Canada’s own January 6 incident – after they chuckled about the Secret Service moving Trump from the Whitehouse to a more secure location during Antifa riots in 2020, riots that injured some sixty members of the Service.

There’s also lots of honking going on in Ottawa now. My God, the honking. I’m literally shaking.

In keeping with frightened little people like “Stephanie”, PM Trudeau has also tried to smear the truckers, calling them “a ‘fringe minority’ who hold ‘unacceptable views,’ opposing the way ‘most Canadians’ feel.”  Brave words from the tiniest human to ever be Canadian PM.

The MSM, following his lead, at first ignored the convoy

… unless it was to demonize it — as it was proof-positive that the people are not with them, the politicians they serve, or the ideology they support, despite all their claims to the contrary. The issue was that this gathering over the weekend around the truckers was so large that they had to acknowledge it.

But you could tell they weren’t happy about it and the “villains” narrative was the play, with plenty of smearing.

MSNBC Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spent a segment of their program bashing the convoy and the accompanying rally. Brzezinski, arms folded and head shaking, described how the convoy escalated in reports of vandalism and severe criminal behavior including “the desecration of national monuments.”

I thought the Left loved desecrating national monuments?

She also took to Twitter to highlight a tweet claiming that the protesters had reportedly demanded free soup from a soup kitchen, and the kitchen gave in to prevent conflict.

“So these anti-vaxxers actually took food from the mouths of the homeless?” asked Scarborough. Scarborough then made fun of the rally-goers, labeling them as hypocrites for protesting the vaccines mandates while being vaccinated, then fired off the idea that these people have some sort of religious belief in their cause.

“This. Is. A. Cult,” Scarborough finished.

That’s funny coming from people who worshipped the likes of Governor Cuomo, Dr Fauci and others, even to the extent of having action figures of them and prayer candles!

The New York Times:

Thousands of protesters on foot, many carrying handmade signs on hockey sticks, wandered through the parked vehicles and the slow-moving traffic or gathered on the lawn in front of Parliament. Some of them carried Canadian flags upside down; at least one flag had swastikas drawn on it.

The London Times was more blatant:

There were chaotic scenes over the weekend as scores of articulated lorries began to roll in on Friday, joined by hundreds of pick-ups and cars, paralysing a large chunk of downtown Ottawa near the parliament building and filling the air with honks. Yesterday Canadian flags, “F*** Trudeau” banners and messages about tyranny mingled with Confederate flags, swastikas and the emblems of far-right groups.

Progressives always try to imply that if someone draws a swastika it means that person is pro-Nazi. Actually, it means (in this context, at least) that the person is accusing the Canadian government of using Nazi-like tactics. Smearing by inverting the intent behind the signs.

The BBC quoted Defence Minister Anita Anand that the incidents were “beyond reprehensible”.

What crap! No incident described in that report was even remotely violent, as that NYT report grudgingly acknowledged (“Despite fears that the demonstration could turn violent, by Saturday evening the police said there had been no significant incidents.“)

My personal favourite to laugh at was the Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) host who suggested that the Russians might be behind the protests.

Wow! A Canadian January 6 and Russia Collusion event.

But the worst was the Washington Post, with this opinion column and cartoon:

Yes! Really. This take sums up the MSM coverage very well:

This is the actual working class, the ones who kept things going during the last two years of General Tso’s Lung Rot pandemic while the laptop class (politicians, media, the professoriate, billionaires, etc.) sheltered at home. These people – whether truckers, store clerks, sanitation people, bus drivers, police, or dozens of other jobs that needed to be done – bravely went out despite the fear of an unknown disease, and were praised for doing so by the likes of Trudeau.

But now they’re Fascists.

These truckers stand for all the people in the West who have done everything their political leaders forced upon them. It turns out that most of these truckers are vaccinated, not surprising given the Canadian mandates, but they’re now sick of such mandates at the US-Canada border when they return, with testing and then isolation for Omicron. Hence the protest. There’s been talk of arresting people standing on roadsides cheering it on, that’s how badly TPTB have lost control of the story.

There was at least one MSM source (although one always sneered at for being “low class”) who got it, the NY Post:

Disdainful media, of course, spent days warning of violence to come and searched supporters’ messages for evidence of racism. “ ‘So many angry people’: Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territory” read a CTV News headline. CBC, Canada’s PBS and NPR, called Saturday’s protest “a raucous demonstration that has police on high alert for possible violence even as organizers urge the crowd to be peaceful.” Police said that night that “no incidents of violence or injuries” were reported and no protesters faced charges.

The elite media also paint the protesters as stupid hicks, claiming they don’t understand that provincial governments all have restrictions that Ottawa can do nothing about. But Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe told truckers he supports their “call to end the cross border ban on unvaccinated truckers” and announced his government will soon “be ending our proof of negative test/proof of vaccination policy in Saskatchewan.”

It’s also nice to see at least one billionaire who also gets it.

Meantime, enjoy some non-MSM sources, including these videos made by the truckers themselves. You might find yourself cheering them on, as Mark Steyn has.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 1, 2022 at 1:14 pm

We can ignore their criticisms of Communist China

Australia and Holland that is, given how they’ve reacted to the Chinese Lung Snot virus in 2021 and now. Australia has perhaps been the most visible example, with numerous viral videos showing police viciously beating people for transgressions as small as not wearing a mask in public. Then there are the COVID concentration camps where people are forced into multi-week confinement — even if they aren’t positive for the virus.

But Holland’s not far behind:

You’d think it was filmed in mid-’30s Germany or perhaps Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. It comes from Amsterdam, and involves police assaulting people and attacking them with dogs. All because they’re protesting new government lockdowns as Holland’s C-19 case numbers exploded again with the arrival of the terrifying Omicron variant. Never mind the vaccination rates or the medical evidence from these cases around the world showing that it’s barely able to get people sick, let alone being kill them. Such things do not matter to “democratic” authorities who have the authoritarian bit between their teeth.

Sweden by the way has none of this.

There was some good news from the benighted nation of dikes and windmills:

Plus this news about the Dutch protests:

The demonstration came on the same day Dutch police said they would take action to protest the increasing demands of their work. Union representatives have said riot police would continue to work, if necessary.

Heh. Just wear down the cops. I’ve long thought that the way to really do civil disobedience is just to overwhelm the system with numbers. No fighting, just force the cops into 24/7 arrests, fill the jails and courts to the brim.

There’s always voting of course, but as in China, it appears to make no difference.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 3, 2022 at 3:15 pm

Child Abuse

Two examples.

First up from good old Portland, Oregon. Why anybody would want to try and raise kids in that Woke shit hole is beyond me since the lessons about its rulers should have been learned in 2020 while they allowed Antifa to run wild in the streets.

Forty degrees Fahrenheit is about 4.5oC.

It seems that similar things are happening in schools across the USA. The Federal authorities in the White House are okay with this BTW: it’s for the children’s “safety”. Moreover, as the article notes, Oregon Governor Kate Brown went maskless in DC last weekend.

The teachers are probably glued to CNN, where the news just gets worse following the firing of Chris Cuomo:

Written by Tom Hunter

December 13, 2021 at 11:00 am