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Trump is no longer so evil – New York Times

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Exactly as I predicted in last year’s post – The next GOP Hitler.

Also known as Strange New Respect, though they’re not quite there yet with Trump.

The cycle of demonising the next GOP President by rehabilitating the previous ones who were condemned in their time as Evil, Moronic Scum Who Would Destroy The Nation:

“Some Democratic opposition researcher floated the idea that Goldwater was infatuated with the Nazis. It was ugly stuff.”
Sure it was, about the man who a later Leftist journalist would describe as “principled”, decades later when Goldwater was safely dead. But then, every Republican presidential candidate, from Thomas Dewey (smeared as a Nazi by no less than Harry Truman) to the present will be attacked by the left in this fashion, no matter his temperament, or small-government policies (you need Big Government for real Fascism). In his 1984 book, Troubled Journey: From Pearl Harbor to Ronald Reagan, Fred Siegel, points out that this nasty crap started as far back as 1940:

Even back then I noted some of the commentary from rather obscure, nasty corners of the Democrat Internet was aimed at DeSantis, but in the wake of his rising tide in Florida and across the nation – particularly with things like his delivery of fifty illegal aliens to the quiet, wealthy Lefty streets of Martha’s Vineyard – he’s become enough of a threat in 2024 to make the pages of one of the Democrat Party’s media organs, the NYT:

Yes, when viewed from the perspective of partisan media, DeSantis looks almost unstoppable. But to a typical person — someone who may have heard about these stunts but doesn’t know much about DeSantis otherwise — he looks a lot like a bully, someone willing to play high-stakes games with people’s lives for the sake of his own ego and advancement.

Well, you might say, Donald Trump is a bully, too. Yes, he is. But Donald Trump is also a lifelong celebrity with a public persona that is as much about “The Apprentice” and even “Home Alone 2” as it is about his political career. What’s more, Trump has the skills of a celebrity. He’s funny, he has stage presence, and he has a kind of natural charisma. He can be a bully in part because he can temper his cruelty and egoism with the performance of a clown or a showman. He can persuade an audience that he’s just kidding — that he doesn’t actually mean it.

Wait? What? “Trump’s funny“; “natural charisma”?

Oooooo… Trump’s rough edges are being ever so slightly sanded down and softened – with caveats about cruelty and egoism of course – so that the comparison can be made to The Next Evil GOP Threat.


In case you missed it, “bully” is the word that’s been programmed into the Democrat Media NPC’s to describe DeSantis and will it remain until they or the public get bored with it and want something fresh.

At some stage a word will have to be invented to also describe his “cult-like” followers, although after working for six months the Democrat marketing research group that finally squeezed “Ultra-MAGA” may just decide to stick with that and try to attach it to DeSantis. You don’t throw away something you’ve workled so hard to create and to which you have attached so much usefully political slime.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm

Institutional legitimacy

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Yes, you were, you were also the head of the NSA (National Security Agency) when the 9/11 attacks happened (he missed all the signs), and the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy. Yet somehow you failed up to the CIA.

You’re also a good example of why such people should be psychologically tested before being given such roles, like nuclear ballistic missile submarine crew members – because you appear to be an unhinged psychopath who is keen on starting a civil war in the USA.

The really scary thing is that his mindset appears to be widespread in Washington D.C.:

Summoning all the gravitas she could muster, Cheney—and then her father, the former vice president—referred to Donald Trump as “the greatest ever threat to our Republic.”

Yes, it’s self-evidently insane hyperbole. But it’s extremely dangerous.

First—even if it’s completely wrong—it’s an opinion that’s now shared by the vast majority of the most consequential parts of the US government: the people who make up the justice, law enforcement, national security and intelligence bureaucracies and (allegedly, on paper) are tasked with keeping us safe and making sure there is equal justice under the law.

Second, this cadre of officials feels sufficiently empowered with this belief that they feel entirely justified in acting on it.

It’s all about belief. Belief in our institutions and the people who run them – and that seems to be fading:

That is what has happened with the FBI. The Bureau once enjoyed near-universal respect, but in the wake of a series of scandals culminating in the Mar-a-Lago raid, Rasmussen finds the FBI’s favorability rating dropping to 50%, with 46% disapproving. Worse still:

Roger Stone, an adviser to former President Donald Trump, has said there is “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.” A majority (53%) of voters now agree with Stone’s statement – up from 46% in December – including 34% who Strongly Agree. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree with the quote from Stone, including 26% who Strongly Disagree.

See also the CDC:

America’s public health establishment:

A great deal of confidence: 9%
Quite a bit of confidence: 27%
Not much confidence: 43%
No confidence: 19%
No opinion: 1%

Total confident: 36%
Total not confident: 62%

That last was from a survey of 500 people in Minnesota, one of the deepest of deep Blue, Democrat states in the USA.

Yet there are people who still believe. Unfortunately they’re largely the same people responsible for this loss of trust and legitimacy, as this commentator asked in the wake of the Mar-a-Largo FBI raid and Hayden’s Tweet:

Hey NeverTrump and the rest of the brain-dead dead-ender Establishment Institutionalists…

Is your worship of the institutions without any limits whatsoever? Is your religious faith in the Works of Government Man unshakable and just a blank check that can never be overdrawn? Are you just all secularist religious fanatics incapable of ever questioning the Strange Atheistic Gods you serve?

Is there literally no outrage the Cult of the Holy Government Institutions can commit that will cause you to say, “Now wait a minute, that goes against what the Holy Books say…”

He also pointed out the same issue with a Never-Trump Right-Wing commentator:

He’s a traditionalist, you see. He’s traditionally had faith in these institutions. It doesn’t matter to him that these institutions are no longer the same institutions, that they have been skin-suited by angry, deranged partisans and put to essentially religious-cultist ends by the skin-suiters.

It’s enough that they still have the old branding on them. The buildings still say “FBI” and “CDC” and “The Science (TM)” on them.

And the branding is enough for worship.

He’s a very poor atheist. He doesn’t have a lack of faith; he has a promiscuous overabundance of it. He just decided he didn’t believe in God and poured all that Believer Energy into Anthony Fauci, the CDC, Christopher Wray, Robert Meuller, the FBI, the DOJ, Jeb!, etc.

Possibly even worse than the belief that still exists is the insane joy that the likes of Hayden are taking in all these efforts to destroy Trump and more importantly, his supporters, rubbing their noses in the fact that they control the likes of the FBI, CIA, CDC and the rest, irrespective of stupid elections:

What is really worrying about America today is not that everyone isn’t equal before the law, or that people cheat, or that dollars count more than votes. These things are normal. What isn’t normal, what is worrying, is the glee with which many in America celebrate each new step guaranteed to make larger and larger slices of the population stop believing in the system’s legitimacy. It’s things like Hillary Clinton selling merchandise with the slogan “But Her Emails” to celebrate the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump.

None of this bodes well for the 2024 elections:

The solutions to all the crises come down to the components of the machine, the administrative state, corporate leaders, technocratic monopolies, educational bosses, activist front groups and many others urgently grabbing more power to cope with the threat of losing elections

Democracy is not just in its name, but its facade. When it loses the facade, people start to notice that elections don’t seem to change very much. And that things still run the same way.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 20, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Oh, Bitch-uary.

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“We’ve been watching a national American figure be forged… It’s funny how small the election feels – the Wyoming election – because she feels bigger than it now.”

Well yes, but a gentleman tries to avoid disparaging a woman’s figure.!!!

‘Tis the week for misogyny here at No Minister – because that’s so much worse than arrogant, back-handed dismissals of the people who voted for you just two years ago.

So let’s start with the fail – the Yuuuuggggee fail – of Dick Cheney’s appointed political heir, his daughter Liz, courtesy of the Babylon Bee:

Producers Confirm Liz Cheney Will Not Be Back For Season 2 Of January 6 Hearings

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After a critically acclaimed first season that was allegedly watched by some people, the producers of the January 6th Hearings have sadly confirmed that their star Liz Cheney will not be returning for season 2.

Yeah. I’ll stick with Better Call Saul, which has just completed its sixth and final season, and is already being acclaimed as equal to the show that birthed it, Breaking Bad (acclaimed as the greatest TV show of all time – which I agree with).

Not the Jan 6 commission hearings in other words.

Liz got pounded even worse than the polling had indicated, where she showed as 20-30 points behind her Republican Primary opponent.

Paraphrasing what people said after the Springboks destroyed Scotland 44-0 during their 1951 tour of Great Britain, she was lucky to get 28.9% – and that apparently was due to all those Democrats who re-registered as Republicans to try and save her ass.

Still, she’s on Easy Street even with the loss:

Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) net worth ballooned from an estimated $7 million when she first took office in 2017 to possibly more than $44 million in 2020, according to analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics and her most recent financial disclosure forms.

A 600% increase in wealth in just a few years. That’s especially impressive considering her $200k annual salary as a member of Congress. She should be advising Nancy Pelosi – and probably soon will be. This does not include a special fund as her special play toy:

Liz Cheney’s defeat ended with one silver lining: a $7.5 million unspent campaign warchest — much of it from outside Wyoming — that positions her well to run for president in 2024 if she chooses.

Yes, they’re serious. Yes, you can – and should – laugh heartily.

A brief word from former National Review contributor and cosplaying Republican, David French, who takes this opportunity to speak of virtue, and also – by a complete coincidence – is here to instruct us that he is fully possessed of the virtues he praises:

Loyalty and honor are two concepts the Trump right is turning inside-out and upside-down. What does it mean to be “loyal” when an institution betrays its fundamental principles? True loyalty holds it to a higher standard.

Uh huh. The thing is that loyalty is a two-way street, and all too many Republican politicians have shown that it’s a one-way street. A decade before the Age of Trump there were examples like Dede Scozzafava in New York, Charlie Crist in Florida (Governor) and Senator Arlen Specter. In all three cases they rode Republican support to power and despite the doubts often expressed about them by GOP voters the latter were told to suck it up and accept that they couldn’t get 100% perfect candidates – and those voters did.

Yet when the voters had finally had enough and ejected these candidates in later primary campaigns the arguments and appeals turned out not to run the other way. All three refused to suck it up, be loyal and accept Republicans who were less than perfect in their eyes. No, they began supporting Democrats: the latter two actually became Democrats and repudiated every single Right Wing ideological and political position they had sworn they believed in.

So you see, the Liz Cheney’s and the Mitt Romney’s are not new or unusual. As I have often said, Trump is merely a symbol of a civil war that has been ongoing inside the Republican Party since 2009 between the Gentry Class of the GOP and the Lower Orders, or Deplorables (also inside the Democrat Party). The Precious Midpoint, with this quote from Great Britain:

But worst of all is that this transmogrified middle-class party views its old working-class constituency not simply with incomprehension but with contempt. “Yep”, Liddle quotes a “Starmer superfan” as tweeting about the result, “as expected the working class love a bit of nationalism and racism. Well done Hartlepool, you turkeys. I’ve never been and I never will”.

“The Labour Party we knew is gone,” Liddle concludes, “gone for good. Those votes are not coming back”. Stirring stuff and written from the depths of a Social Democrat’s soul.

To that end the following rant by one Amy Curtis is on point.

I’m gonna go off because I’m just that fed up.

For years, the GOP pundit class pushed weak, ineffective candidates. Guys who talked about taxes while letting the left steamroll education, culture, news media, social media.

Those candidates lost. Repeatedly. 2012 was a very WINNABLE election. And what did Romney do when they accused him of giving a woman cancer and other horrible, not-true things? He shrugged. He didn’t fight. He just took it. “Dignity.” Fighting back was beneath him. Or something.

Every Republican, for as long as I can remember, has been the reincarnation of Hitler every election cycle. The left HATED Dick Cheney from 2000-2008. And now? He’s their hero for speaking out against Trump. But when he sheds this mortal coil, they’ll dance and spit on his grave.

Every single member of the Washington Generals of Punditry has betrayed every principle they claimed to have. On abortion. On taxes. On foreign policy. Every last one. And why? Because hating Trump is more important and lucrative than those principles.

They have literally endorsed Democrats — including the barley sentient vegetable currently occupying the Oval Office — because of their unhinged hatred of Trump. And his voters.

And instead of trying to figure out how they got Trump in the first place — because they had a HUGE HAND in it — they double down on calling voters stupid and deplorable & a slew of other pejoratives because it gets them head pats from the media/left. Who still hate them anyway.

Because while they were fawning over absolutely milquetoast candidates the left was making headway in schools and culture. Now? Your white kid is likely to learn he’s a horrible racist simply because of his skin color. Your daughter could be brainwashed into thinking she’s a boy because her teacher told her so. Good luck trying to be a white, cis, hetero person trying to break into publishing these days. Good luck trying to find kids books that don’t show fellatio or other woke garbage.

Parents were labeled terrorists — TERRORISTS — for speaking out at school board meetings. By the federal government. While Antifa and BLM and Jane’s Revenge burn your cities to the ground.

If you had your business shut down, couldn’t visit your dying loved ones, couldn’t have a funeral while you watch George Floyd get multiple ones, and BLM/Antifa march through the streets during COVID, thank the GOP pundit class. Who did NOTHING to defend your rights.

Like every other social/cultural issue, they expected you to bend over and take it. And when someone tries to stand up to the nonsense — DeSantis — they whine about dictators and the breakdown of norms.

When what they mean by norms is “doing things our way, even if it sucks.”

And when a candidate like DeSantis comes along, who is an alternative to Trump — they say he’s just like Trump because they want to go back to the McCains and Romneys and Jebs.

News flash: we aren’t.

So if you want to get rid of Trump, stop obsessing over your hatred of him. Start endorsing Republican candidates who aren’t Trump. Instead of, you know, Democrats.

And for the love of God, spend ten minutes reflecting on how we got here today, and how you played a big part in it. Maybe talk to normal people outside the Beltway about life and politics

And as with many things American, this war is not confined to the USA. It is now being waged across Europe, Canada, Australia – and here in New Zealand. Advice from the peanut gallery:

The result of this style of accommodationist politics, as my colleague Keith Joseph complained, was that post-war politics became a ‘socialist ratchet’ — Labour moved Britain towards more statism; the Tories stood pat; and the next Labour Government moved the country a little further left. The Tories loosened the corset of socialism; they never removed it.

This sounds familiar

Maybe they cut taxes; bring back the Mexico City policy; junk a regulation that Democrats created but didn’t manage to implement; but that’s about it. When was the last time Republicans passed a huge law — one that changed America forever the way Democrats do every time they hold serve in American politics? You don’t see it.

So you see a repeating pattern to American politics: There isn’t a true back-and-forth. Instead, Democrats change the country a lot while they’re in power. Then Republicans hold power and push the pause button. There’s no rollback that a new executive order can’t undo.

I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air.

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If you wanted to get a good sense of how the world has changed over the last thirty years you couldn’t do much better than to contrast the Dick Cheney of 1994 shown in the previous post on Liberal vs Conservative Democracy, with the Dick Cheney of today.

You know what Dick, much as I’ve always admired your smarts, debating skills and political skills, the simple fact is that Donald Trump was the first US President in decades not to start any wars, especially the sort of wars that you and President Bush started that resulted in thousands of dead Americans and tens of thousands more wounded, most of them killed long after the time had passed when there was any point in them continuing to fight.

I’m sure that the presence of leaders who offer more of that are a greater threat to America than Donald Trump, not to mention a politically corrupted DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community.

As far as your daughter is concerned, you’ve basically landed her every job she’s ever had but in the latest one, Wyoming’s House Member, she’s gone in 11 days, even if we’ll have to wait until January to see the back of her.

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August 6, 2022 at 5:49 pm

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This tactic won’t work in NZ, unfortunately

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The tactic of a political party stiffing its MSM opponents that is.

The reason being that we don’t have anything like Fox News in NZ, although small outfits like The Platform are trying to get into the game.

Still, it’s nice to see the Republicans finally getting a fucking clue about their enemies, as shown by the decision of a largish gathering in Florida called The Sunshine Summit to not bother inviting or dealing with most of the MSM. This promptly led to whinging by the MSM, starting with Vanity Fair:

Other high-profile Florida Republicans were also in attendance at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino event, which this year tried something new: after seven years of being open to the press, “it limited which media could attend, giving inside-the-room access to right-wing outlets that give the governor positive coverage,” Politico reports, adding that traditional GOP figures were “largely replaced by the conservative social media influencers with massive followings who have recently moved to Florida and become some of DeSantis’ most vocal backers.”

Many local and national mainstream outlets were unable to get press credentials, according to the Tallahassee Democrat, including the Miami HeraldPoliticoFlorida Politics, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

This led Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s press secretary to respond as follows:

Some journalists had already realised that this is happening far beyond this event.

Read that article to see the Tweet response to that piece. Among other things the responders note that Biden campaigned from the basement in 2020, that his media handlers quite literally shout at reporters as they wave them out of the room so they can’t ask follow-up or off-the-cuff questions, plus other tactics:

How many sit-down interviews has the head of the Democratic Party done in the last 6 months, not including late night comedians?

The vast majority of the American MSM are no “journalists” or “reporters”, especially the ones based in Washington D.C. They’re Democrat Operatives With Bylines and have been for some years now. It’s nice to see that GOP (at least some of them) finally getting a clue about this.

Naturally enough the Washington Post decided to launch an all out attack on Christina Pusha, a 2000-word “analysis” of her tweets, starting with the one I’ve included here:

The derisive tone was typical of Pushaw, 31, a state employee who earns $120,000 a year. In the 14 months since joining DeSantis’s staff, she has transformed the typically buttoned-down role of gubernatorial press secretary into something like a running public brawl — with Twitter as her blunt-force weapon… Her usual targets: Democrats, the news media and anyone else she deems insufficiently supportive of DeSantis’s agenda and her own conservative politics,”

Just to show you their honesty and good will they also tried to link Pushaw to the followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, who they claim used the term “groomer” before Pushaw did. Gee, that would give any Republican confidence that they were going to be dealt with fairly by the MSM (/sarc).

Pushaw simply doubled down and hit back hard:

“Amid war in Europe, runaway inflation, a global energy crisis, our economy about to be plunged into recession, the many scandals of the Biden Administration, record-breaking illegal immigration and drug trafficking, and terroristic threats against Supreme Court Justices, the Washington Post chose to devote months of effort to writing a profile about a staffer in Tallahassee,” Pushaw told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“This is ‘DeSantis for Clicks,’ and Floridians see right through it. No wonder media credibility has fallen to an all time low,”
[Paul Farhi, the author of the piece] is “[The] Washington Post’s Creepiest Reporter.” 

But some of the GOP are still politically clueless. Like this idiot, Peter Meijer, a Republican representing Michigan’s 3rd district, who has proudly boasted about being the only Freshman GOP House member to vote for Trump’s impeachment – and yet now finds that the Democrats are funding, with a huge TV advertising buy, his Trump-supported primary opponent. Meijer went public with a whinge about it with a op-ed:

So you would think that the Democrats would look at John Gibbs and see the embodiment of what they say they most fear. That as patriots they would use every tool at their disposal to defeat him and similar candidates that they’ve said are an existential threat.

Instead they are funding Gibbs.

What a clueless fucking moron. GOP voters should dump him less because he voted to impeach Trump (free choice and all that), but because he’s so demonstrably politically fucking clueless. As the writer of the article points out:

They are boosting your opponent because they do not care about you. They never cared about you. You were a useful idiot to put a “bipartisan” stamp on their ill-fated impeachment. The moment you outlived your usefulness, they were always going to throw you overboard.

Honestly, it’s incredible to see Meijer beg and plead for fairness from a Democrat Party that was never going to offer him fairness. Even in redistricting, they screwed him over, making his district bluer. Yet, here’s Meijer still thinking that if he just says orange man bad loud enough, Democrats will disengage and pat him on the head.

I had already intended to write about this long-needed change of strategy by the GOP when I saw this latest polling news from the Roy Morgan poll over at Kiwiblog, showing National falling back even as conditions worsen for the Labour government.

I can only assume that the recent MSM-led attacks on Chris Luxon over abortion and his trip to Hawaii, had an effect? Or perhaps it’s National itself. In any case, since Luxon is at least going around NZ, talking to all sorts of smallish groups, perhaps he’d consider giving The Platform a go, even if they might perhaps ask tough questions of him about National’s C-19 approach of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Labour – itself likely a product of National’s terrible fear of the power of our MSM to shape the narrative.

But the MSM are weak and getting weaker all the time, hence the $105 million government fund to help them survive the lockdowns. It’s time National, ACT and Luxon started pushing back on them; regularly going on The Platform and Hosking and ignoring interview requests from John Campbell, Tova/Jessica and company would be tough I know, but the fightback has to start somewhere.

Hell, why not start appearing regularly on the Sky News program, Outsiders, with conservative hosts Rowan Dean, Rita Panahi and James Morrow. Too scary for Middle New Zealand? A regular appearance while also stiffing the usual suspects here would perhaps force eyes in NZ to pay attention to it. Help outfits like that to help you.

Unless National and Luxon just want to roll with the MSM-Labour/Green/Maori punches and achieve government only when Labour is completely exhausted?

I have this terrible feeling that we’ve got all too many Meijer’s in the National and ACT Parties, appealing to fairness and balance and bi-partisanship and blah, blah, blah; all the wonderful stuff that the so-called “Centre” loves.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 3, 2022 at 1:32 pm

Leftist Myth Busting: The Democrats and Race

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One of the many reasons that the Democrat Party is in trouble in the USA is not just the short-term effects of inflation and a looming recession, but a longer term one where their grip is slipping on their traditional voting groups of Working Class Whites, Hispanics and even (to a much smaller degree) American Blacks.

By contrast, university educated Whites, who used to majority vote for the GOP, are now a very important part of the Democrats: probably too important since they’re the primary group that has swallowed whole the insanity of Identity Politics and now it’s even more diseased cousin, Woke ideology, both of which are playing a role in driving away the groups mentioned in the first paragraph.

Working class Whites are increasingly a lost cause for the Democrats, Hispanics are slipping fast, and Blacks may be next, especially when you’ve got Black Republicans increasingly pop up, like House Rep. Burgess Owens, who pulled no punches in a calm, 5 minute speech:

“Having grown up in the Jim Crow South, with Segregation and KKK, I’m familiar with the true racism, intolerance, and hate, all due to the color of my skin. I see the same thing today in 2022 as the hard Left, the so-called “party of tolerance” who bang the drum of racism, inequality, inequity, do not practice what they preach.”

Oof! That one’s got to burn. We’re not talking a Millennial Black Republican but someone who actually recalls those times now described as one where all those Souther Democrat voters suddenly turned Democrat under the spell of Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

He doesn’t let them off the hook in their modern incarnation either, given the abuse hurled at Justice Clarence Thomas in the wake of the overturning of the Roe and Casey abortion rulings:

“That’s nothing new for Justice Thomas, who has been the target of the elitist Left for 40 years. Instead of celebrating the second Black American in our nation’s history in the highest court, they declared open seasons with vicious, racist attacks. Just because he’s an articulate, confident, Black American, who loves the American tenets of God, country, and family. Just because he’s a Black man who dares to think differently than they would love for him to think.”

Thomas is on record as saying that while he’s never had any problems with people of his race, let alone Republican or Right Wing Whites, he’s always encountered burning hatred from White Liberals. Spot on. The media outlet RedState has documented some of the racist garbage fired at Thomas herehere, and here.

“So typical of the condescending racism. If these same attacks were aimed at Barack Obama it would be called out by this committee and the media for exactly what it is: Pure Racism.”

For right-wing observers that’s an “of course”, but he also points out a weird aspect of the last fifty years of abortion law:

Roe v. Wade cost us 23 million innocent lives. The pro-slavery Democrat Dred Scott decision in 1857, it was a flawed decision. Overcoming Roe did not outlaw abortions or take away the constitutional right of Americans. It put the decision in the state’s hands, in the hands of We The People, where it belongs.”

What’s he’s referring to there is that of the 64 million abortions since Roe, 23 million have been Black, which is vastly out of proportion to the Black population in the USA. If the Ku Klux Klan was running Planned Parenthood they couldn’t have done a better job.

But the mic-drop moment is this one:

“To the angry Left, it’s time to settle down, take off your mask, and show your cowardly faces. Put down your stones and firebombs and through civil debate convince us that you’re right.”

“My prediction is you have no clue.

A bonus feature is this video about the Southern Strategy, hosted by Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University.

Secessionitis and Greater Idaho

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Intrigued by my co-blogger The Vet’s post on problems in America (Where to USA?) I thought I’d re-visit this post from last year which offers one solution, albeit with a wink because I can’t see it happening.

Of course that’s not to say that it’s impossible, given this recent information to add to this post.

In the last twenty years, every time a Republican has been elected President, there has been a squall of voices from Lefty celebrities about how they’re going to move to Canada or some other clime more hospitable to the Left.

Because of their lightweight nature, few people take any notice of them, especially since it’s been heard three times now (2000, 2004, 2016), but with no appreciable followup actions on their part, aside from crashing the Canadian Immigration website on election night 2016.

Still, the calls are growing louder with each subsequent Republican victory. After the 2016 election no less an august personage than Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, reflected that she might have to retire to New Zealand. I’m sure she would have appreciated our lack of a written constitution since she never seemed overly impressed by the US one.

But these calls have often applied to individual states, and it does go the other way, though in a more joking form. Hence the occasional cracks from Texans when a Democrat gets elected President. In their case they have more history behind them, since Texas stood as an independent nation for a few years before joining the Union.

More often, and more seriously, California is regarded as the state that could secede. It’s the world’s fifth largest economy on its own, it has long regarded itself as quite different to the rest of the USA (and vice versa – even the Lefties of Chicago and New York consider California to be “weird”), and given its natural resources and gifts it could theoretically stand on its own. I say theoretically because its government and people seem determined to screw their gifts up with government policies.

The thing is that while the Californian Left may talk of this occasionally, there actually have been plans made by their fellow Californians for a different proposal; for parts of the state to secede from California and form new states:

Frankly I can’t see “Northern California” doing too well with San Francisco and all its insanity still embedded. Better to let that belong to the coastal state, along with LA. It’s what most people think of when they consider the current state anyway. One billionaire venture capitalist has taken that into account with his proposal for six states to be carved out of California:

Admittedly getting six rather than three states is a tougher deal, but for various reasons none of this is likely to happen, as with this proposal for the state of Oregon, although it’s counties themselves making the push, and they’re hoping to pull in surrounding neighbours to Greater Idaho:

The grassroots group Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho wants to move Oregon’s mostly rural eastern and southern counties into Idaho, believing they’d be better served in the neighboring state’s more conservative political environment.

That would leave a small portion of Oregon, including Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend.

Phase 2 of the plan would bring in parts of southeast Washington and northeast California. The California counties under consideration, the group says, are Siskiyou, Shasta, Tehama, Modoc, Lassen, part or all of Plumas, and parts of Butte and perhaps Sierra.

The California area includes Redding, which would become Idaho’s fourth-largest city.

There’s always a boundary that cannot be crossed and such was observed by a South Carolina politician during the increasing arguments over secession prior to the Civil War:

“South Carolina is too small for a Republic and too large for an insane asylum”.

But the real stumbling block to all this is that the originating state has to approve of such things. This has happened in the past, perhaps most notably with West Virginia. It was originally part of Virginia until it was admitted as a new state in 1863 after the General Assembly of the “Restored Government of Virginia” (heh, heh, heh) magically consented to the request in 1862. Now you may wonder how Virginia consented since it was one of the Confederate states. What happened was that anti-secessionist Virginians formed a government in exile during the Civil War and were recognised by the Federal Government, which then approved the state’s partition.

I doubt the Democrat leaders of these states, nor their partners in crime in Washington D.C. will allow this to happen to them again, especially since it would lead an influx of new, and decidedly non-Left Wing senators. However, since such accommodations were made in the past perhaps several such things could be negotiated across the nation so that things are kept even at the Federal level.

But further down in the grassroots of the US left it turns out that these proposals may actually get some traction:

Basically they think it’s a great idea for their Democrat Controlled One Party cities to detach themselves from all those useless rural areas that create no IT billionaires and other Super Smart People but produce food, oil, gas, timber, and minerals, as well as being fiscally conservative along with having healthy communities and little crime.

Nothing would make me happier than to divide all urban areas from all non-urban areas and separate entirely.

Let’s do it.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 8, 2022 at 4:50 pm

The Democrat Party is a Clear and Present Danger to the USA

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In Ken Burn’s famous documentary series, The Civil War, one of the voiceovers from the primary narrator – the wonderfully warm, Mid-Western voice of historian David McCullough – describes one of Abraham Lincoln’s dilemmas:

To preserve the Constitution, Lincoln had for three months gone beyond it: waging war without Congressional consent; seizing Northern telegraph offices; suspending habeas corpus. To keep the border states from seceding, Lincoln sent troops to occupy Baltimore and clapped the mayor and 19 secessionist legislators in jail, without trial. Chief Justice Taney ruled that the President had exceeded his power. Lincoln simply ignored him. “More rogues than honest men find shelter under habeas corpus,” he said, and even contemplated arresting the Chief Justice.

Perhaps when the dust has settled on the Jan6 “investigatory” committee and the rest of the hysteria, especially when it’s decommissioned by the incoming GOP majority in November, the Democrats might try and align themselves with Lincoln in this argument as well; that they’ve had to go beyond the norms of law and a democratic society in order to save democracy. Here’s the latest example.

Add this to the arrest a couple of weeks ago of former Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the Democrats’ Jan6 committee. No turn-yourself-in style arrest either but the full monty of FBI handcuffs in public at an airport. By contrast Mr Eastman should be grateful they only took his cellphone, even if they failed to show the warrant first as the law demands.

As that article points out, Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, was held to be in contempt of the House for his refusal to cooperate with an investigation by turning over papers he held. Obama’s “wingman” literally laughed it off, as did Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper after lying to Congress about them spying on House reps, as did former Obama CIA Director James Brennan for also lying to the House.

Suffice to say that they’re all living the good life and never even saw a search or arrest warrant, let alone a set of handcuffs, FBI agents and a SWAT team, plus an alerted (alerted by who) CNN TV crew to cover their house at 5am for the arrest.

And here is perhaps the worst aspect of this; there is not one Trump opponent, whether private or public, who is willing to call out this ends-determine-the-means evil. They hate Trump that much that they’re willing to bend or break any rules. They literally do not care about democracy or the rule of law even as they scream that they do at the top of their lungs. As President Reagan once said of similar people:

“[They] reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat and that the only morality they recognize is what will further their cause.”

We expect double standards in politics and “rules for thee but not for me” is pretty much an embedded characteristic of the Left. But the US Democrat Party are pushing it to the edge of civil war (perhaps that’s what they want?) and this is the worst turn of that to date. Which brings me back to Lincoln :

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

No it can’t. This is not going to stop with a devastating election defeat this year or in 2024 but only when an empowered GOP is willing to play by these same rules and forgo the civility bullshit and “We’re better than that” attitudes. Until that happens – until people like the Democrats on this committee and elsewhere are subjected to the same rules they’re imposing on others, and are hurt in professional ways beyond mere voting losses – they will continue to push the boundaries of the norms of democracy and the rule of law in order to gain more power and hold on to it.

Fascism, straight up. Or communism. Take your pick. I’ll go with Claremont’s selection of Beria as the sort of person these Committee members are.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 29, 2022 at 5:27 pm

District of Columbia Jury Finds Close Clinton Felon Not Guilty of Lying to FBI.

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And other shocking judicial operations by Democrats and their established enablers, cornered by their own stupidity.

No surprises there as three of the twelve jurors admitted being “Donors” to The Hillary Clinton Campaign, another was the mother of a daughter who was a player on a sports team with a daughter of Sussman, the defendant, and the Judge was an Obama Appointee, the Jury pool was drawn from an electorate that voted 92% for Clinton. Wave a white Flag right there but Durham persisted, eliciting sworn evidence that Sussman did actually lie to James Baker of The FBI, Hillary Clinton did actually personally authorize the use of the fraudulent Steel Dossier to create the Trump-Russia collusion hoax when a “Defence witness”, undisputed, testified under oath confirmation of those facts.

The Department of Justice in the US is broken and regarded by many to be impossible to fix in any meaningful way.

Next up a Production by pro Democrat House members to report on “The January 6th Insurrection” by way of a judicial committee that Pelosi House Speaker had two Trump loyalist members Jordan and Banks removed from. In a late desperation move The Democrat controlled Committee ( 7 to 2 with the two republicans avowed RINO’s) has now recruited an ex ABC news producer to maximise any remaining electoral advantage from purely Democrat sponsored hearings. James Goldston  has been recruited by the Democrat-led House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US  Capitol meeting to validate the election of the most cognitively impaired Potus ever.

Meanwhile in further politicisation of due process, Trump Counsel Peter Navarro who lawfully declined to participate in the entire Kangaroo Court charade was publicly arrested by agents on Pelosi direction at an airport when normal process would involve a request of Navarro’s Lawyer to present a client for submission at a designated time and place. No “The Roger Stone” doctrine was employed to maximise for TV, the takedown. Such overt politicisation is now weaponized by an increasingly desperate Democrat Party facing a substantial defeat in the Mid Term elections in November this year largely down to their promotion of a senile old 50 year veteran of the Federal political scene as POTUS.
Five armed agents took 72 year old Navarro into custody, placing him in hand cuffs and leg irons, strip searched him, denying food, water and access to a lawyer for refusing to comply with a subpoena to Pelosi’s Kangaroo Court on grounds of “Executive Privilege” as a counsel to then President Trump.

Do not ever suggest such could not happen here, it is already occurring with Mallard as House Speaker denying opposition attempts to hold the government to account, the promotion of That Woman and ad hominem attacks on Luxon and Seymore all cemented in the public mind in the never attempted to hide, buying of almost all mainstream media with millions of taxpayer dollars while denying oxygen by fiat for all voices opposing.

It will end in tears, I will warrant that, revolutions have started from lesser beginnings and provocations.

Written by Gravedodger

June 8, 2022 at 3:59 pm

No Hillbillies wanted

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J. D. Vance first became a public figure back in 2016 with the publication of his book, Hillbilly Elegy, which became a best-seller and was even turned into a movie, which I covered in the post, The Power and the Glory.

Vance himself got almost as much praise as his book, which told the tough story of his upbringing in Ohio and his family connections in Kentucky. A working class background sent him into the US Marines, thus into the Iraq War and back to the US where he graduated from Yale Law school. This caused a lot of Democrats to go all gooey on him and he even got a contributor slot on CNN, although The New Republic criticised him as “liberal media’s favorite white trash–splainer”. Criticising Trump didn’t hurt either.

It was therefore entirely predictable that as he began to move towards the GOP, the Leftie love would die, and the closer he’s gotten to an actual political career – culminating (so far) with his winning the GOP primary to run for the US Senate seat in Ohio held by a retiring Republican, Portman – the more that former love has turned to hate:

In case you still harbored the faintest hope that the party has some moral red line, its unquestioning affirmation of Vance ought to dispel it.… Politicians who wish to defend democracy ought to draw a line at supporting allies who pose a threat to democracy. J.D. Vance is an authoritarian. Granted, this charge is difficult to prove without first handing him power, but the authoritarian nature of his beliefs is established as clearly as it can be without a pile of corpses.

That’s the faithful and prominent Democrat journalist mouthpiece Jonathan Chait, and his main objection seems to be to Vance’s increasingly unwoke opinions, something you’d think Chait might have re-thought given the hits he’s taken from the same sources for identifying many of the same things as Vance. Of course it could also be that Vance being endorsed by none other than the Great Orange One sent Chait into his shallow and hysterical rant.

Other Democrats are piling into Vance as well, but that may be simple partisanship, since they had been eyeing Portman’s seat and thinking they had a shot with their guy Tim Ryan, even in what looks to be a tough year for them. I think they can kiss that goodbye now against a hometown boy with name recognition, solid money backing, a life-story and opinions that fit perfectly with the times, in a state that Trump won by 8 points in 2020.

But it’s not just the Democrats bringing the hate, and after winning the primary Vance went on Tucker Carlson’s show and unloaded on those other people:

“I mean, look, if you think of some my biggest enemies in this primary, you know, the slime ball Karl Rove who shipped a lot of American jobs overseas, got rich in the process, and also sent a lot of Americans to die in stupid conflicts,…. Karl Rove spent a lot of money. He wrote a lot of op-eds criticizing my candidacy. He was even calling my donors after Trump endorsed me, encouraging them to drop my campaign.

So you know, in a lot of ways, what this revealed is that you do have some very corrupt political consultants in the Republican Party who despise their own voters. It was crazy, Tucker. I mean, a couple of days before the primary after I … I think we’d already kind of locked it up. We were way ahead in the polls. A Republican donor group put $2 million on TV to attack me, which really didn’t hurt my candidacy against the other Republicans. It actually just hurt me against the Democrats. So actually the candidacy — my candidacy revealed an incredible amount of corruption in our own party, and I think that’s one of the things that I do have to fight against.

Hoo boy. I’d bet that most Democrats have described Karl Rove as a slime ball and worse (It was GW Bush himself who labelled him “turd blossom“), but to have a Republican go after him so viciously tells you something about the struggle going on inside the GOP even as they look towards a thumping victory in this year’s Mid-Term elections.

One of the things I appreciated about the Trump Presidency was how many of these bastards were forced to pull their masks off, and there are turning out to be quite a few Karl Roves in the GOP, as I pointed out in this post, and which is noted far more forcefully here by the inimitable Ace from Ace of Spades:

  • The Lincoln Project, supposedly a bunch of “True Conservatives” who were only against Trump in 2020, are supporting Democrat Tim Ryan against Vance.
  • Texas Governor Abbott’s chief of staff just signed on to be a lobbyist for the leftwing Soros-controlled Tides Center.
  • Steve Schmidt, McCain’s 2008 campaign manager and the guy who supposedly selected Palin and ran Alito’s confirmation process for the Supreme Court, has now come out supporting abortion.
  • [National Review’s] David French used to pose as rootin’-tootin’ sixgun-shootin’ Severe Conservative himself for years and years before Trump’s embrace of actual rightwing culture war issues caused him to show his real belief system. [He] is no longer pretending he’s against the GOP’s push to get CRT out of the schools because he worries that it might cause suburban PTA Moms to desert us. No, he knows that suburban PTA moms hate this CRT poison and want to get it out of the schools themselves. He supports CRT because, get this, he just supports CRT. And he says you’re not a Christian if you oppose it.
  • Even on a small scale, in one heavily Hispanic Texas District where a GOP guy who’s door-knocked all the Hispanic areas and leads in the Hispanic vote by 5 points over the Democrat, is being opposed by the GOP Establishment (GOPe) guy who loses that vote by 11 points. Gosh, it’s as if the GOPe wants to lose.
  • Even though the GOP is killing the Democrats on the issue of illegal immigration, Senator Thom Tillis and his gang of liberal “Republicans” is back negotiating with Democrats to amnesty illegal aliens and give the Democrats one less thing to worry about in November.

Remember, guys: the permanent DC “Republican” Swamp Dwellers of the Lincoln Project are and always were “True Conservatives” Fighting For You.

He also points out that this is not new:

When Mark Levin entered the Reagan administration, the chief obstacle to implementing the agenda Reagan had run on, and which the public had, with full informed consent, voted for, was not the scattered and battered Democrat Party, but the resistance from the liberal Establishment GOP, the northeastern George Bush Republicans who came into the Administration with Reagan’s conservatives. They were the Disloyal Internal Opposition who thwarted Reagan at every turn, coordinating with Democrats, leaking to the media to block conservative policies, etc. They were Democrats in all but branding.

Sounds familiar.

In another post he quotes a Twitter thread from John Hayward (aka Doctor Zero, whose waspish commentary I’ve long enjoyed) talking about prissy side of the US Right Wing:

For these timid elements of conservatism, the worst offense of the Right is questioning the motives of the Left. Nothing makes them spring into action against other conservatives faster than insinuations of bad faith or sinister motives against the Left. The Left must always be regarded as the loyal opposition, good people who want the best for everyone, but are simply mistaken about how to achieve these noble ends. Accusations of malevolence or hidden agendas against the Left are denounced as ugly conspiracy mongering.

This attitude holds among timid conservatives even as the Left wages all-out war and loudly asserts there are no honest, sincere, good-faith arguments against its agenda. Is there a political argument on the Left that doesn’t begin with denying the good intentions of opponents?

Run through the list of top issues: if you want border security, you must be a xenophobe. If you oppose abortion, you must be a blind religious fanatic or misogynist. If you want smaller government, you’re cruel and greedy. Question global warming? You’re a tool of Big Oil.

But Ace disagrees with Hayward’s take on such Conservatives, arguing that they’re not “prissy” about fighting wars, but are bad faith actors who are actually on the other side, and he then describes how this “fight” goes using the example of illegal immigration, starting with this point about Vance from, of all places, National Review.

The Open Borders contingent did not want to admit they’re open borders – they’re dishonest, craven, shifty motherfuckers who do not confront arguments honestly and fairly by head-on engagement, but by subversion and innuendo and sidewinder collateral attacks – but they did want to kneecap the border hawk position.

So they just began making a series of basically-insincere attacks on Trump. Oh, there was some sincerity in the attacks on Trump – they genuinely disliked him. But the attacks were made in place of the real attack, which was: “He’s ruined the Comprehensive Immigration Reform sell-out we were just about to broker!”

So they began offering up collateral attacks. “Say, you Rubes like Morality, don’t you? Well this Trump feller’s been divorced twice, doesn’t that just steam your beans?! This Trump feller’s had four business bankruptcies! What a lout! And look at all this rubbish he says on Twitter! What an absolute heel! So unchristian!”

You’ll notice they never talk about immigration, whether to support Trump or to oppose him. That’s because they’re sneaky, cowardly rats who do in fact oppose him, and support Open Borders – Oh, I’m sorry, I mean, Comprehensive Immigration Reform that Welcomes Undocumented Americans with Love and Kindness – but they know they can’t win on that so it’s just this constant series of dishonest attacks on side-issues about “character.”

They’ll talk about “Free Trade” as a stand-in for what they won’t talk about, which is Open Borders. But when they say “Free Trade” – understand, they also mean Open Borders.

And they will not stop subverting us and throwing elections until we submit and give up and agree to their Comprehensive Open Borders schemes. This isn’t even just an economic corporate play at this point – though it is that too – it’s a holy, racial-redemption religious point for them at this point too. This is how they prove they’re #NotRacist to their liberal friends, wives, and lovers.

And now they’re proving it by trying to take Vance down. If that means losing a Senate seat to the Democrats that’s an acceptable short-term loss for a long-term policy gain.