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Thar’s Guns in them thar Beverley Hills

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There would be few places in the USA, in the world, more liberal than Beverly Hills – at least when it comes to seemingly costless social issues.

When it comes to money I’m quite sure the bastards are capitalists red in tooth and claw, but then that’s the case will all of America’s Left wing, including fakes like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Occasio-Cortez and the leaders of Burn Loot Murder. Even the little luvvies of Antifa seem to come from middle-class backgrounds.

But on social issues they’re predictably Left, Left and more Left. Of course that depends on that word I used above – costless. Once the costs start mounting up attitudes change – fast, even on gun control, as was recently discovered when this happened:

Last week, an 81-year-old Beverly Hills resident was shot and killed during a home invasion. Unlike yet another drive-by in Inglewood, news like that tends to get people’s attention. When one of Oprah’s friends is victimized, the crime problem suddenly becomes real.

Avant was largely unknown to the general public – but not to the wealthy, powerful insider world of Hollywood where she was married to the famous music and movie producer, Clarence Avant (that’s him in the photo), so her death, especially in such a manner, caused an earthquake in her neighbourhood, despite a lot of gaslighting from the DA, who I’m sure all these people voted for:

[Nazi Collaborator] Soros-backed “prosecutor” George Gascon [got] himself in front of reporters earlier this week to try to tell LA residents to calm down. His soft-on-crime approach to criminal justice is working out spectacularly well, he said. Really. Everything is just fine.

Yeah, right….

What you’re seeing is the spillover into these communities of crime and violence,” explained LA police officer Steve Robinson. “Before, you would never hear of a robbery or a shooting [In Beverly Hills], or if you did, it was once or twice a year. In 2020, the Beverly Hills Police Department pulled 18 guns off Rodeo Drive. You go back any year before that, and it may have been zero to one or two.”

“It’s like we’ve been taken over by gang members and criminals because they know that Gascón is going to make sure he doesn’t prosecute them,” said one woman, a writer in the entertainment industry, who did not want to be identified. “He’s saying, ‘Hey, go out and rob someone for $900 worth. Get arrested, go back out on the street.”

Woah! You mean to say that all these “new”, Lefty ideas about eliminating cash bail, defunding the police, and declining to enforce large swaths of the criminal code eventually come home to roost? That a point is reached where endless talk about “root causes” just collapses in the face of brutal reality?

Well yes, and so the inevitable has happened:

According to LA County Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva, the department has received 8,105 concealed carry weapon applications and approved 2,102 of them since he took office in December 2018, compared to his predecessor having issued 194 permits in four years.

“Even hardcore leftist Democrats who said to me in the past, ‘I’ll never own a gun’ are calling me asking about firearms,” said Joel Glucksman, a private security executive. “I’d say there has been an increase of 80 percent in the number of requests I’m getting this year.”

“’It’s gotten to a point where residents feel insecure even going from their door to their car,’ said resident Shirley Reitman. ‘A lot of residents are applying for a concealed carry weapon permit, even though that’s a great challenge in LA County.’”

In that case they’ll be thrilled about a SCOTUS decision from a few days ago that’s been overshadowed by the Roe ruling. In another 6-3 decision in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, the court decided against NYC’s “proper cause” requirement for obtaining a concealed-carry license and did so not just on the basis of the 2nd Amendment but the 14th:

…there is “no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need.”

I’ll write more on that in another post but what’s relevant here is that California promptly capitulated on the same issue:

California Attorney General says “effective immediately, issuing authorities should no longer require proof of good cause for the issuance of a public-carry license.”

I’m sure they’ll try lots of other stunts to block such licenses, such as the “good moral character” test! And of course, as that first article points out…

Ms. Reitman and her newly-concerned friends probably don’t have to worry too much about navigating the intentionally arduous gun acquisition process in LA County. While Sheriff Villanueva is still turning down 75% of the applications he receives, Reitman and her well-to-do friends probably have the clout, connections, and cash needed to ensure their applications are approved forthwith.

It’s not just the culture of Rich, White Liberals that’s changing when it comes to owning guns:

With 40% of all gun purchases during the past 2 years coming from new gun owners, it’s no surprise that Hispanics (as well as African-Americans) are increasingly voting more for individual rights than for government “protection”.  In Berkeley, California, of all places, the Latino Rifle Association has grown by hundreds of members since 2020.

And a much bigger organization, the National African-American Gun Association, has added tens of thousands of new members since 2016, accelerating (along with many local gun clubs oriented toward minorities) during the past 2 years.

That’s because Latinos and Blacks are exposed to much greater violence of all kinds, including gun violence, than the largely White denizens of leafy places like Rodeo Drive, and they increasingly know the cops aren’t going to be there to save them. As the famous American journalist, Andrew Breitbart, once said, “Politics is downstream of Culture”, and this culture is changing fast – largely thanks to idiot Leftists’ approach to law and order.

The following quote could be applied to a lot of issues to which Rich White Lefties apply their ideas:

“My industry is filled with progressives who have the luxury of being idealists and espousing philosophies they they thought would never come back and bite them,” said the entertainment writer, who is in her early 60s. “There’s a shift now that it’s become so much more dangerous.”

Written by Tom Hunter

June 28, 2022 at 1:00 pm

Fortunately this is not an issue in New Zealand

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Especially given the gatekeepers we have on the Right.

Let’s list the fabulous arguments of the Prosecution in the closing stages of the trial.

I think that former New York Southern District Attorney Andrew McCarthy (National Review writer) has nailed it for those of you worried about “Extremist Right Wingers”.

ADA Binger’s summation may confuse you, but Rittenhouse is not charged with having honor, lying about medic training, being in a place he didn’t belong, being out after curfew, or (anymore) possessing a rifle. Prosecutors do that when they have trouble proving the actual charges.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 21, 2021 at 8:13 pm

Perhaps it will frighten the jury?

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The man holding that AR-15 rifle is the lead prosecution lawyer in the Kyle Rittenhouse case in the USA, and he is aiming it at the jury to demonstrate… something.




Just look at the lack of trigger discipline in the photo. That alone made me cringe.

Here are just four basic rules of using a rifle (or any gun) that I learned from my Dad when I was twelve years old:

  1. Always check that a gun is not loaded when you get it (and by loaded I mean one up the spout).
  2. Never point it at anyone even when you know it is unloaded.
  3. Always assume it’s loaded and treat it like that.
  4. Never put your finger like that near the trigger unless you intend to shoot.

No wonder the judge lost his temper a few days ago with this idiot. He didn’t seem to be any better at handling law than he is at handling a rifle.

Seeing this and thinking of things like Alec Baldwin killing the poor woman a few weeks ago because the gun had been passed to him by three assistants who were sure it was safe – meaning that he didn’t have to check it – I can’t help thinking that people like Bingham are terrified of gun owners because they’re so fucking clueless and careless around firearms themselves and assume everybody else is as well, aside from soldiers, police and other “trained” people (little do they know on that score also).

Written by Tom Hunter

November 16, 2021 at 2:18 pm

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During the Trump Presidency woke Hollywood and its partners in the Media often attempted humour to attack the elected President and right out there were some cringe worthy efforts by one Alec Baldwin who had been largely sliding under my radar until then.

Karma or just further stupid but it was reported yesterday that the man who should have faced court for his inanity was on a set of a film he was co-producing in New Mexico when he shot dead a director of cinematography with a “Prop Weapon” and wounded another director.

The lengths media went to yesterday in reporting the tragic outcome were in themselves pure comedy. One source quoted on NZ State TV went along with “a weapon in his hand discharged and someone was fatally wounded”. Crikey just as well the stupid fuck didn’t point a weapon at another person in total contravention of every safety measure this silly old coot has observed and enforced since he first held the old single shot Stevens lever action .22 at around age five following its use to dispatch a pig for the larder.

The dumb bastard was reported as distraught following the death but he made a remarkable recovery when seen in a photo in a Canadian publication said to be of Baldwin leaving a sheriff’s office after making a statement on the shooting shortly after. Clutching his beautiful designer sunglasses and appearing absolutely nothing resembling distraught in any way. Then again it is suggested he makes his way in the world portraying false images of persons I guess.

nb it is also reported “No charges are involved in the tragedy”, well blow me away such a tragedy should require a serious investigative process as a person, clearly nowhere near as prominent or notable as Mr Baldwin is no longer breathing and somewhere there are people more than a little upset surely. Perhaps ‘careless use of a firearm’ is not a part of the firearms laws in New Mexico but it could be suggested that a prima facie case of that or similar might just be a go.

Written by Gravedodger

October 23, 2021 at 7:31 am

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This followed an earlier incident last month at Puketona, just 10k from Paihia, where a police officer was shot at from close range. The two men involved are still on the run.

The incident in Paihia yesterday where a couple attempted to force a man to withdraw money from his ASB account, foiled when the bank staff triggered a silent alarm, which saw the woman arrested and the man fighting for his life after he crashed the car he was driving shows, yet again, just how stupid and woke the gun legislation passed as a knee jerk reaction to the Christchurch shootings is. It is reported that the man, already on bail, has close ties to the Tribesman Motorcycle gang. Two loaded firearms were found in the crashed car.

This crap legislation took away guns from law abiding citizens while the criminal underclass cocked their collective snoots. They are never going to give up their firearms. New Zealand is NOT a safer place because of the legislation. Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you going cheap.

Matt King lost his seat because of that legislation. I know that he and a few fellow MPs argued in caucus against supporting the legislation. They were overruled by the ‘wets’ and it was one of the many reasons that rural voters defected to ACT in droves. National didn’t need to support the legislation. Labour had the numbers to pass it after they whipped NZF into line. They could have abstained or alternatively allowed MPs a free vote on the matter. Act in haste, regret at leisure. And right now I suspect (hope) there is a fair bit of regret going on.

I expect this from Labour and the Greens. I don’t expect that from a Party that promotes personal responsibility and freedom.

Written by The Veteran

December 1, 2020 at 3:05 pm


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The media is reporting that the incident where a young female police officer was ‘allegedly’ shot at (ffs … the implication being she possibly made the story up) happened not too far away from where I’m writing this.

I suspect I know the female officer involved. It is a salutatory reminder that criminals are ever more likely to present and use firearms when confronted by police.

But it’s also a graphic reminder that the Arms Act (as amended in 2019) was and remains woke nonsense. Thousands of firearms confiscated from law abiding citizens leaving gangs and other assorted criminal elements cocking their collective snoots.

New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

October 27, 2020 at 7:38 am

Starting 2020 with a Bang

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With some luck we may see something of Auckland’s fireworks tonight, but I doubt it will be as spectacular as the annual Big Sandy Nightshoot near Wikeup in Arizona.

More interesting to me was the following stand at Big Sandy where – for a price – you get a turn controlling a Ball Turret from a B17/B24 bomber with the original twin 50Cal machine guns.

Oh well. Beloved wife and I will see in the 20’s at a friend’s place and abandon our house to the teenagers. If you think this is risky I can assure you that teenagers – at least the crowd we know of – are a very different bunch to what I was like and what I suspect most readers here were like. Online multi-player gaming around the TV seems to be the order of the day – and it’s not even stuff like Halo or Dawn of War!

Written by Tom Hunter

December 31, 2019 at 8:17 am

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Now she must learn how to get that food!

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One of the great things about the new media world is that when your kids start talking about “channels” they’re not talking about broadcast, cable or satellite TV.

No, they’re talking about YouTube, Vimeo and other sources of video entertainment.

One such channel recently in other news was Alyse Parker, with 730,000 subscribers watching her advocate for many things, but especially Veganism.

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.

So far, so standard. Except that something awful has happened to Alyse:

I Tried The CARNIVORE DIET For 30 Days (ex Vegan)

“I swallowed my pride and decided I’d give it a shot,” she continued. “Full-on carnivore. I woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.”

No? Really?

Making it even worse is the following information on her YouTube clip:

This video was sponsored by ButcherBox ~ a company focused on making sustainable, grass fed meat available to more people around the world.

Ahem! Alyse. Just thought you should know that I live in a nation where almost all the meat comes from grass-fed animals. Looking for New Zealand promos on your site soon, NZ Meat Board?

You’re welcome. Now admittedly Alyse has some other themes that she’s pushed which reveal a certain …. trait:

  • Why I don’t shower
  • How I stay confident with body hair
  • The dreads are gone

But naturally it’s the meat one that has not gone down with her fans too well:

 “If you had to kill every animal you ate in this video… We all know you would go back to vegan immediately.

Oh I wouldn’t bet on that! And especially now that Alyse has broken one barrier, the next one is teaching her how to use guns so she can get that meat. Double the fun of just eating meat.

An introduction to Brenna Spencer, University of Tennessee graduate, should suffice:

Written by Tom Hunter

December 11, 2019 at 9:37 pm

Testing Targets

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Back in early March of this year I read an article by a serving, unamed New Zealand police officer, which advocated that the NZ Police start openly carrying semi-automatic pistols.

This would overturn a long-standing convention, inherited from Britain, although the NZ Constabulary were armed up until 1886. Of course it’s been well understood for some years now that officers typically have access to pistols in their cars, even if this news is not broadcast widely. But the officer pointed out that they are increasingly confronted by criminals, particularly gangs, who are armed with all manner of guns, even during traffic stops. It’s getting more dangerous out there and a cop simply may not be able to get back to the car, or do so quickly enough.

The article sparked only a small amount of debate, and it was soon swamped by the Christchurch shootings, even though the sudden appearence of armed Police officers in public all over the nation, every day, in the wake of that shooting, unnerved people.

Since then the debate has not re-appeared, but it’s likely that the officer was not just speaking for himself or a small fringe of the Police, so it’s likely to come up again, as it has many times over the years.

In that case it’s appropriate to take a look overseas at what this might mean, and the largest and most comprehensive studies have, of course, dealt with the USA. What they show is not good.

Most people, exposed to a lifetime of cop movies and TV shows, think that US cops are at the shooting range often, their feet covered in brass shell casings as they unload hundreds of rounds at targets. Moreover, all this practice shows when the cops drop a bad guy, usually with a single, accurately placed round, possibly two rounds in a classic double-tap shoot, or even shooting to wound.

People also think that most cops have fired their weapons on the job, and do so regularly.

This is all nonsense.

Dealing with that last myth first, from a Pew Research study in 2017, which had a very comprehensive survey:

In fact, only about a quarter (27%) of all officers say they have ever fired their service weapon while on the job, according to a separate Pew Research Center survey conducted by the National Police Research Platform. The survey was conducted May 19-Aug. 14, 2016, among a nationally representative sample of 7,917 sworn officers working in 54 police and sheriff’s departments with 100 or more officers.

And of course even those weapon discharges don’t mean that they shot somebody.

For this we should probably be grateful, because despite the regularly proclaimed idea in the USA – “leave guns to the professionals for dealing with crime” – US cops just aren’t very competent or professional at handling their guns.

And this shows up regularly with stories like this one out of New York City in 2012 – 9 shooting bystander victims hit by police gunfire. None of the bystanders died. There was also a shootout several years earlier where NYPD cops confronted a guy who’d gunned down a store-owner, and fired over a hundred rounds before finally hitting him. Bystanders were hit there too, but again none died. Then there are cops who’ve died from “friendly fire” (7 cops, 42 shots). Cops who keep accidently discharging their weapons (even “elite” units). Cops having their weapons stolen. My favourite remains the FBI agent who lost his gun during a dancefloor backflip, and shot a bar patron (who survived).

There are a number of reasons for all this.

First, most cops do a qualification shoot only once a year, some perhaps twice. No more than 50 rounds are normally fired. As noted above, for most cops that’s the only time they’ll actually fire their weapon.

Second, this usually consists of shooting standard, stationary silhouette targets at known, fixed distances in good light. Usually 25 yards is the outer limit.

Third, the passing scores are generous, as low as 70%. Virtually all allow reshooting as many times as necessary to pass.

Fourth, the guns are not really set up for them. Often the sights are standard set rather than specifically for the officer. They usually use “practice” ammo, which has lighter powder loads and therefore has different chracteristics from “duty” ammo.

Fifth, the handguns often have trigger-pull weights of 12 pounds to reduce accidental discharges, compared to the common off-the-shelf weight of 5.5 pounds. That heavier pull makes it tough to shoot accurately, especially with multiple shots.

The results, aside from the stories that make the news, speak for themselves, according to an early 2000’s Police Policy Studies Council report. It showed that in 1990, NYPD officer hit potential was only 19%. Put another way, 81% of the rounds they fired at criminals missed.

At less than three yards, they hit only 38% of the time. From 3-7 yards, 17% and from 8-15 yards, only 9%. The report has more recent data from other US Police Departments that show the same thing, with only small variations in the percentages.

Given that all this is in a country where the cops have every incentive to be good at using their handguns, I don’t have a lot of confidence that NZ Police would be better.

I have not found as much comprehensive information about our cousins across the Tasman Sea, who have been armed from the start, but this article by a former Australian detective (now a criminologist at Bond University in Queensland) is not encouraging:

In Queensland, operational police undergo Operational Skills and Tactics (OST) training once a year. This is hardly the repetitive training that allows you develop instinctive reactions,

Much of the three days’ training is wasted on irrelevant tasks such as memorising and naming gun parts and stripping the weapons down – tasks that in 28 years of policing I never had to do in the field.

If NZ cops are going to insist on carrying handguns then they’ll need to have far better and more frequent training or they’ll end up with similar problems to the USA. Moreover, I’d insist on regular reports on all this from the Police to Parliament, not just to the Minister of Police.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 27, 2019 at 10:42 pm

Where To Now, New Zealand?

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I really don’t like to write about NZ nowadays, given that most other bloggers here cover local events. But the atrocity of March 15 forced itself into all our lives here and could not be ignored.

In our hearts I think we all felt that such a thing could not happen in New Zealand. Our distance and isolation made us a meaningless target and our general relaxed culture did not generate the sorts of fiery hatreds turned into actions that we see in other countries. In our heads we looked at how tough it would be for an organised cell to get here and then make plans and preparations in a country with such a small population that most are only two or three degrees of separation away from knowing someone and what they’re up to. Even having 1.5 million guns in circulation but such a low level of gun crime, especially by legal gun owners, made it clear how peaceable a people we were.

But in our heads we also knew it was possible, even inevitable. We are not so different from the rest of humanity. I recall a conversation several years ago with some National-voting friends, quite Right-wing, after yet another mass shooting in the USA. They’re ignorant of firearms and talked of “machine guns”, as is usually the case with such people. I had to explain to them what a semi-automatic was and how I could buy one here very much the same as in America, but without the high capacity magazines. They were a little shocked but I explained the licencing procedure and said that gun owners tended to keep an eye on one another, so the chances of a nutter slipping through were remote.

But still possible. And like the astronauts climbing into the Apollo 1 spacecraft or the folks planning how to evacuate the Twin Towers, we all suffered from a failure of imagination about what could happen. I can’t think of a single gun owner or cop I’ve known who thought of an immigrant loner getting a gun licence after just landing here and with such a plan of attack in mind. It’s likely that our security services did not either.

Still, New Zealand has reacted reasonably well. Admittedly much of the emotion has been over-the-top and very unlike what we perceive ourselves to be. It reminded me somewhat of the unexpected emotional tsunami from supposedly stiff-upper-lip British people in reaction to Lady Diana’s death.

But even so, I have never been so grateful as I was this past week to have stopped watching and listening to the NZ MSM fifteen years ago. What I have heard and largely not seen has been filtered through various NZ blogs, but even there the levels of hysteria, emotion and group think have been nearly off the scale. That aspect seemed like we were losing our minds.

I can therefore only barely imagine what it has been like for those of you still silly enough to be tuning to One News, 3News and Radio NZ ‘s National Programme. But of course where the local MSM goes, the foreign MSM has already led. It’s like a hivemind and it’s summarised pretty well by some smartass who put together the following contrasting headlines from popular US magazine /  website Slate, one from 2016 and one from 2019:

This is a pitch-perfect example of MSM reporters and editors Borging globally with their Leftist, Woke counterparts in the activist and political worlds and employing the double standards we’ve all come to know so well.

This is who they are. This is what they do.

In an instant the Right and the Left have somersaulted over eachother and exchanged knives. The terms used for the last twenty years by much of the Left whenever a Jihadist terrorist attack occurred – “Lone Wolf” and “Not Representative of the Whole” – are now being dismissed by them as deflection and excuse-making. Forget any debate about which terrorist actions can accurately be described by these terms, the fight being less one of definitions and their application than about drowning opponents in the sheer quantity of repetition and volume.

Chris Trotter is obviously more than a little worried about what he’s seeing and hearing because he covers this in not one, but two recent articles, The Method in The Madness, and Keeping The Devil Down In The Hole. From the first:

Bluntly, what the terrorist is trying to do is rob us of our free will. After the deed, he is counting on us doing exactly what the awfulness of his actions prompts us to do. He wants our reaction to be driven not by what we think, but by how we feel. 

And, it’s working.

He points out that although the reaction from the broader public has been good,  in other quarters we’ve seen something very different and very negative, like this from a commentator at No Minister on the day of the shootings:

Vet – David … FFS … lift your game please. This is time for mourning. The recriminations can come later.

David – No, now is the time to apportion blame, while the wounds are visceral and raw. Now is the time to call out the enablers of white supremacists.

Hence Chris’s comment:

Wreaking vengeance on the single perpetrator of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings will not be enough for those who refuse to see him as a lone-wolf terrorist, but rather as a symptom of New Zealand society’s deeper ills. The temptation, especially on the Cultural Left, will be to hold conservatives and conservatism individually and severally liable. Not, of course, for the deed, but for creating the ideological climate out of which the deed emerged. 

Those even further to the left (among whom we must now include an alarming number of Greens) will go even further. They will tell New Zealanders that all this horror is, really, their fault. That they must simply accept that, be it the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, the sins of the colonial fathers will out. That Pakeha New Zealanders must, accordingly, surrender their “White Privilege”.

Even though he’s a child of the 60’s Counter-culture revolution, Chris is a still a member of the Old Left, determined to keep the idea of class warfare in focus as the cause of most of our societal ills, and with little time for the post-modern world of Intersectionality and Identity Politics carving the proletariat into ever finer slices of victimhood. As such he’s been belittled considerably in loftier corners of the NZ Left like Public Address, where he finds himself mocked, along with Paul Buchanan, as yet another Old White Reactionary Male. A few other such Lefties have found themselves banned from the likes of The Standard blog because the moderators insisted that criticism of Islam equaled Muslim Hate Speech.

In the second article Trotter looks forward to what this might mean for free speech in our country:

Not that the Prime Minister’s worries are located exclusively on the right. Already, she is reported to be casting anxious glances to her left. The radical wing of the Green Party is in the process of staking out an aggressively uncompromising position on hate speech. This has earned them much respect on Twitter, but it is unclear how favourably the hard-line stance of Marama Davidson and Golriz Ghahraman is being be received by the broader electorate. Labour will be keen to avoid the perception that they are being led into the ideological long grass by its “woke” allies.

Chris’s usual parochial concerns are present as he worries about how the “Far Right” could grab this chance “to get back in the game“, but to give him credit he seems genuinely concerned about voices such as the two named. As he wrote those words he may have been unaware of the Chief Censor banning the shooter’s manifesto, even as an Imam in Los Angeles waves it around during his sermon.

In 1951 Syd Holland’s National government passed some of the most draconian laws against free speech outside of the Communist bloc, ironically to combat Communism in New Zealand. One story was that Walter Nash, then Labour Party leader, turned up to speak at a union meeting and was told, by a senior cop blocking his way, that he would be arrested. Nash showed a degree of spine in saying he was going to speak anyway, and moved into the hall to do so. The cop apparently had good judgement and Nash was not arrested. The story, which was one of the earliest political ones I got from my Dad, may be apocryphal but there’s no question that a number of Left-wingers had their jobs and livelihoods threatened by those laws and it’s regarded today by almost everyone as a black mark on NZ’s history of civil liberties.

So we have historical form with authoritarianism, and combined with our desperate, modern cultural need to be “nice” and “tolerant”, together with the cult of victimhood, we could be looking at a future described here in a recent article looking at future warning signs in the USA:

If one were to predict between comity and authoritarianism in the coming years the odds would favor authoritarianism. Never has so much naked ambition disguised itself as virtue, and the more loudly political factions proclaim they’re out to save the world, the more ruthless they are likely to be. Liberty will come under assault from the banner of tolerance; fascism will advance in the guise of grievance.

And let’s not kid ourselves about this just being an issue of State Power. It doesn’t work unless you have plenty of private citizens eager to catch the witches, as the blogger known as MacDoctor has just found out, and as yet another commentator at No Minister demonstrated the other day:

The UK hate speech law would have blog hosters in jail because in NZ they are easy to find. Gravedancer in Akaroa would take five minutes to identify. Adolf would take a little longer to find, the NZ police would leave no stone unturned.

No member of the East German Stasi could have said it better.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 23, 2019 at 11:36 pm