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“That wasn’t Anarcho-Communism” – in just two days

Commune Barricade

I don’t know if the news has penetrated all the way down to New Zealand but it seems that the Antifa and BLM groups in Seattle have finally decided to go beyond starting riots and instead try to build something.

Specifically – and very much in the spirit of the 1871 Paris Commune – they’ve decided to create an Anarcho-Communist “state” in the middle of Seattle.

They even took over a Police Station in the area, violently attacking the cops there for several days before the Mayor ordered the Police to abandon the station and effectively yield a six block area to Antifa.

This capitulation didn’t go down too well with the Seattle Police Chief, Carmen Best, who made the following address to her people to make it clear that it was not her decision. She also talks about the incredible physical assault Antifa and other groups made on her officers for days in full “Punch a Nazi” mode:


By contrast Antifa and BLM were ecstatic with their victory, naming the area the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ for short and making it clear that it’s not part of the systemically racist USA:

In some respects they got off to a good start for a new nation, even building a makeshift wall around the place and putting armed people to guard them and interrogate anybody wishing to enter – just like the USA! Maybe Trump should get these guys to build the wall along the Mexican border!

Oh right, they believe in open borders – for everybody else.

Same with firearms too, which apparently are only a scary threat to peace and order when they’re held by NRA members.

Naturally the MSM has been largely spinning for them, as this New York Times report had it:

“What has emerged is an experiment in life without the police – part street festival, part commune. Hundreds have gathered to hear speeches, poetry and music.

On Wednesday, children made chalk drawings in the middle of the street.

The entire area was now a homeland for racial justice — and, depending on the protester one talked to, perhaps something more..”

Ah yes, the echoes of history. Just a week ago I was watching, with my youngest, an episode of Simon Schama’s wonderful TV series A History of Britain, which contained these choice quotes:


“And human nature seeming born again.

Unhoused beneath the evening star, we saw
Dances of liberty, and, in late hours
Of darkness, dances in the open air.

We rose at signal given and formed a ring
And, hand in hand, danced round and round the board.
All hearts were open. Every tongue was loud with amity and glee.”

That of course was the poet William Wordsworth, tasting the delights of the early aftermath of the French Revolution in 1789 before … well, you know.

And in keeping with such histories – but taking nowhere near as long as the French did – the utopian world of CHAZ began the dreary, predictable descent.

First up: – food shortages:

But don’t worry kids. They know the ultimate answer to this is to grow your own food:

God that is just so sad! Have these people ever actually planted anything in their lives aside from pipe bombs?   Next up – Meet The New Boss!

Raz Simone was merely a little known rap artist a few days ago but he has guns and is willing to use the sort of violence that the Seattle Police would not, as this Tweet from hernandez1987 @WeAreAntifa2020 showed:

Raz Simone and crew assault a man for tagging. Man said repeatedly he was kicked in the head, punched and had his glasses broken. 

For tagging! Seems harsh but nobody ever said Revolutionary Justice was soft. As this other Tweet showed, some people were a little … shocked:

Policing in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone by @RazSimone. There appear to be no body cameras, reports, or oversight and accountability.

Dude! Why would they need cameras and all that shit when they’re not the Police?.

Speaking of which, somebody who observed this assault called… the Seattle Police, who now seem to have the measure of CHAZ as this 911 operator shows with this awesome response:

“Ah,… that appears to be in the New Republic of Capital Hill, they can handle that”


Raz also knows how to spin such events as well as any government department: The Seattle Police also finally admitted they had received reports of little businesses in the area being “taxed” by CHAZ.

Frankly that word smacks too much of the State, I prefer the old-fashioned term, “Protection Money“.

I think Raz is going to do well although I can’t see such a flamboyant figure calling himself General Secretary, let alone Executive Officer of the Week – with his decisions ratified at a special biweekly meeting by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs but a two-thirds majority in the case of external affairs.

I suspect that he thinks you can wield supreme executive power just because he’s carrying an AK-47.

It also looks like he’s more interested in another role.

Although perhaps he could start building an actual Fire Department…

As with everything else the Far Left touches, they’re finding that it’s much harder to stop a fire than to start one.

Yes, it’s all very funny in a sadly moronic, historical way, and will continue to be so – except for the 500 poor bloody homeowners and businesses in the area.

Tucker Carlson certainly had a lot of fun on the story with, The World Welcomes Its Newest Nation:

I guess none of the CHAZ Antifans and BLM’rs have ever seen the following diagram, but it’s truly appropriate here.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 12, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Carving Up The World Again

My Photo

The Age of Woke is upon us more than ever before, thanks to new graduates who have been marinating in Identity Politics, Critical Theory and the rest of the academic soup that used to fall under the term Political Correctness.
This is not doing the likes of the MSM any favours, as the editors of The New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer have recently discovered.
So in these times it’s good to know that some younger folk are retaining some sense of absurd humour, as this recent find on Tumblr shows. It takes an original way of looking at the ideological spectrum and adds some modern detail.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 9, 2020 at 8:53 pm

Clearing The Spindle (Wuhan Flu Edition)

My PhotoWith our house arrest being undone tonight by our kindly and caring Prime Minister – at least until we transgress again and need another time-out – but with insane rules around tangi, funerals, and church services in place and I thought some humour about other Left-wing insanities would be appreciated.

Unlike the “Ho Ho Ho” series these ones have been accumulating over time, so here they are.

First up is a role reversal on some common feminist sayings as a test of “What would I think if…“.

I suspect these would simply be dismissed by modern feminists because of that postmodernist add-on, “power“: as in, “It’s not ‘X..ism’ unless power is connected to it”. Followed by fun arguments as to what really constitutes power and who is actually wielding it in different contexts.

On the other hand why be concerned about one gender when there are so many to worry about and the real need is to get the labels right in the first place. Do that and then tackle the other problems.

But remember that there can be such a thing as too much imagination – and it can be dangerous. And to think how funny castration and emasculation jokes used to be, especially when told in mocking tones by woman and male feminists. My, how we laughed.

And in light of all this remember…

But don’t worry. When free speech or any of your other freedoms and civil liberties are under threat from a Fascist State these guys will be here to help you.

To be fair, they’re probably in no worse shape than a great many Army or Marine recruits past and present. With crew-cuts, uniforms to stamp out all that individuality crap, three squares a day, lots of punishing physical workouts and combat training with knives, grenades and small arms, they might actually be able to do the work of our parents and grandparents in actually stopping real Fascists.
But as US Marine Corp Drill Instructor, Corporal “Tex” Whitlock, would say in looking at them: “Well, I’ll be a poor, sad, bastard“.
And in case you’re wondering as to the reasons behind all this...
And when it comes to clinical depression, Marxists are off the chart. I wonder if Marxists were less depressed fifty years ago? One hundred years ago? Because watching all your hopes and dreams turn to shit would be pretty depressing.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 13, 2020 at 3:00 am