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Every few weeks we hear a breathless report by some media worthy with close links to the Beehive that a resolution of the illegal land occupation of privately owned land at Ihumatao is imminent … a resolution based on buying the land off Fletchers for $50m +/- (using your and my taxpayer monies) and then gifting it back to a ‘Trust’ to do what they want with it … probably nothing.

And then silence because Cabinet is split on the issue and Ardern can’t get sign-off on the agreement she has promoted as a sop to the liberal left and her own Maori caucus.

Good that New Zealand First has sided with National in opposing the deal because it’s wrong. Private freehold land is sacrosanct and the government is at risk of opening up a can of worms by aligning itself with third parties as the driving force for acquiring privately owned land outside the provisions of the Public Works Act.

A fail on two fronts for Labour.

Written by The Veteran

July 24, 2020 at 11:48 am

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Prime Minister – Will You Please Answer The Following Questions For Me

1. Why did you say on the 26 March that 80,000 New Zealanders would die from coronavirus?

2. Why was Health Minister David Clark in Dunedin and not Wellington during Level 4 lockdown?

3. Did you and Grant Robertson send him home because he was incompetent?

4. Or did you and Grant Robertson send him home because you did not want to share the limelight with any other Ministers?

5. Why were our borders so late in closing? We did not go early and we did not go hard with our borders notwithstanding your assertions that we did.

6. Why are you allowing Justice Minister Andrew Little to progress his Prisoners Voting Bill when you said that there was no room for politics while New Zealand was fighting Coronavirus?

7. Why are you condoning and in fact endorsing the illegal road blocks manned by vigilantes in various parts of the country?

8. Do you accept that if a member of the public retaliates at one of these road blocks and blood is spilled that that blood will be on your hands and also on the hands of Police Minister Stuart Nash?

9. Do you have confidence in David Clark as health minister?

10. Do you have confidence in Stuart Nash as Police Minister because of the illegal road blocks and arms control mismanagement?

11. Do you have confidence in Phil Twyford who is threatening councils with funding cuts if the give rates relief to ratepayers?

12. Has Grant Robertson siphoned $40m approx of taxpayers money under cover of the coronavirus lockdown to pay off Fletchers and therefore appease the illegal occupiers of Ihumatao?

13. There is a strong public view that you delayed closing the borders so that you could be front and center of the Mosque Shooting anniversary – despite most Muslims saying they did not want such an event to be held.

14. What is your plan to rejuvenate the New Zealand economy from today?

Written by pdm1946

April 27, 2020 at 7:08 pm

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Ihumatao – what is happening there?

I was just wondering what the status of the illegal occupiers at Ihumatao is now that New Zealand is in lockdown.

Have the illegal occupiers left the site and returned to their respective homes?


Are the illegal occupiers still on site and in their lockdown bubble there? If this is the case how many of them remain on site and how many Police are there controlling the situation?


Has Grant Roberston slippecd Fletchers $40m approx from the Coronavirus borrowings to make the matter disappear while we are all distracted. I for one would not be surprised if this is what has happened – or is about to happen.

Written by pdm1946

March 26, 2020 at 11:04 pm

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St Jacinda promised the big announcement on Ihumatao in time for Waitangi Day.   Word is that is being stymied by WRP who has declined sign-off knowing, if he did, it would be another nail in the coffin of NZ First.   Labour is hard at work trying to stitch together a creative option that would allow WRP to claim no public monies as being involved.   Creative being the operative word.

And word from Labour Party sources has it that, following the Simon Bridges announcement that National has ditched working with NZ First, there is a rethink going on re the Te Tai Tokerau seat where Kelvin Davis has been confirmed as Labour’s candidate.

Labour knows that the only scenario for National to regain the treasury benches is one where National+Act+the wasted vote gets them over the line.   Equally Labour could get back in under a Labour+Green+wasted vote scenario.    The question now is does Labour try to lock in victory by gifting NZ First a seat and, if so, what seat.  Northland may have been an option before the Bridges’ announcement; now with National able to campaign that a vote for NZ First is a vote for Labour their chances of winning that seat are very much reduced.   Its National Party territory.   Attention has now turned to TTT with Davis to go List only giving Jones a clear run and a guaranteed NZF seat.   That is being opposed by Labour’s Maori caucus.

I suspect there is more water to flow under the bridge (no pun) and a couple of more polls before any final decision is made.    Were I a betting person I would put money on Labour running a party vote campaign only in Northland to give Jones a shot but will shed no tears if he looses and NZF fails to make it back into parliament.

Updated 14.07 … Jones has just announced he is to contest the Northland seat (as the proxy Labour Party candidate 😈)    But remember always … a week in politics is a long time.

Written by The Veteran

February 5, 2020 at 10:35 pm


I see that Kiwiblog is running a piece from Duncan Garner that the Gummit has closed a deal on Ihumatao that will see the taxpayer stump up $45m to buy off protesters agitating against the building of 400 homes on privately owned freehold land. My colleague Gravedodger has picked up on this in his post ‘Ouch, Spin that one Snowflakes’.

I won’t believe it until it happens. The reason … quite simple … if Winston First sign up to this it will be the death of that Party.   Their constituency won’t buy it.   They were lied to on the matter of Maori seats and this will be the final straw for their rural redneck support base.

I can actually see this as the excuse WRP needs to walk away from the coalition agreement.

I’m more than happy to be proven wrong on this.    In fact I hope I am.    This could be the issue that gets National/ACT over the top come the election.

Written by The Veteran

January 27, 2020 at 8:04 am

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Ardern and Ihumātao

I think this piece from the PM of NZ blog sums up the position well ….. 

In my opinion Ardern has crossed the line, she has interfered in a contractual arrangement between two consenting parties. By so doing she has opened the door to future protests and expectations that all protesters have to do is foment trouble and they will get what they want.

The message this sends to business and investors and anyone concerned with the rule of law is in my view a very negative one. It suggests that NZ is ruled by a mob, to which a weak PM yields.

This decision by Ardern to involve herself in this dispute is ill-judged and wrong.

Written by The Veteran

August 3, 2019 at 12:33 am