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Free men and unfree men

Free men are willing to act, knowing they are free.

It’s not the task of blogs to report the news, let alone the latest news. Blogs are here to analyse things, in particular to try and extract meaning that the news does not have in its immediacy and its shallowness.

But sometimes there are news stories that fit so perfectly with things under discussion that they should be noted when they happen.

In this case it’s a story out of Philadelphia about a rape that occurred on a city commuter train.

A man whom officials identified as Fiston Ngoy sat down next to a woman at about 10 p.m. on a train that was traveling westbound on the Market-Frankford Line toward the 69th Street Transportation Center. Mr. Ngoy “attempted to touch her a few times,” said Andrew Busch, a spokesman for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, known as SEPTA.

The woman pushed back and tried to stop Mr. Ngoy from touching her, Mr. Busch said. “Then, unfortunately, he proceeded to rip her clothes off,” Mr. Busch said on Sunday.

The assault lasted about eight minutes, and no passengers in the train car intervened, the authorities said.

“I’m appalled by those who did nothing to help this woman,” Timothy Bernhardt, the superintendent of the Upper Darby Township Police Department, said on Sunday. “Anybody that was on that train has to look in the mirror and ask why they didn’t intervene or why they didn’t do something.”

Oh, but it gets worse…

Police Chief Thomas Nestel III said “as many as 10 people actually saw some part of the attack on this rider.” He said the police checked the surveillance video, “We were watching to see if somebody put a phone up to their ear indicating they might be calling 911. Instead, what we saw was people holding their phone up as if they were recording or taking pictures.

Then worse…

Ngoy is an illegal alien who entered legally on a student visa in 2012, but then overstayed. Court records show that Ngoy had multiple arrests and two misdemeanor convictions, one for controlled substances and one for sexual abuse.

He pleaded guilty to the sex charge in 2017 in Washington DC and was sentenced to 120 days in jail, and was then placed in immigration detention in January 2018.

However, Ngoy was never deported, because an immigration judge granted him a ‘withholding of removal’ in March 2019, after an appeals board found that his sex crime was not a ‘serious crime’ that made him eligible for removal.

Most of the foreign MSM and non-MSM reports I’ve seen about this incident have contained the obligatory journalist passages of prose that say things along the lines of “It’s hard to imagine what’s going on in the souls of people who would respond that way”, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Sure, these people are horrible cowards and hardly any better than the attacker themselves, but how different are they from the judge and an appeals board that let him stay in the USA after deciding that his particular earlier sex crime was not a “serious crime”?

The fact is that the two sets of people create one another.

What if the people on the train had stepped in to punch and kick what at first sight was a homeless man with Minority Person Of Colour status? You think they would have been praised, especially if they were White Males, or would they have been trashed in the MSM? Not to mention facing perhaps the now condemnatory judicial system who freed the attacker from his previous crimes.

Before lifting a finger, unfree men must first decide whose permission they need to obtain, and what the judicial system is likely to do to them afterward. Free men are willing to act, knowing they are free.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 21, 2021 at 4:00 pm

Biden’s other little crises

With the final departure of American troops from Afghanistan, it’s likely that attention on it will fall away. Of course this is assuming the Taliban and its ISIS and Al Qaeda friends don’t decide to indulge in some American hostage-taking, despite having hundreds, possibly thousands of such targets left behind in that begotten nation.

Barring that, attention will likely swing back to another crisis that has been ongoing for months now, even if the MSM has done it’s level best to ignore the story.

The almost complete collapse of control on America’s Southern border.

Earlier in the year the Administration’s excuse – rapidly and loudly repeated by the stenographers of the MSM – for the rapid rise in illegal immigrants crossing that border was that it was a Spring surge, such as had been seen before. The last couple of months have shown what bullshit that was.

Every month has seen higher numbers than ever and are the worst in over twenty years/ Also understand that these are “encounters” where the illegals have been met by Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies. The numbers who have escaped detection are unknown of course, but certainly push the numbers much higher. It is now likely that 2021 will see two million illegal immigrants crossing that border.

While playing this down in public the Administration has been caught out when none other than the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, was heard on a leaked audio recording admitting the truth while talking to Border Patrol officers:

This is unsustainable. These numbers cannot continue. We cannot get to a point where we were a couple of weeks ago, and we’re gonna make sure that doesn’t happen… We’re looking at policy options.

Well duh! This has been known for months by anybody who cared to look, but as usual it was dismissed as partisan attacks. As for policies, one Border Patrol agent at the meeting made clear what the solution is:

“For those of us who have been around here long enough … we don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” one agent told Mayorkkas. “We’ve had this happen before. We know exactly how to shut it down. We need to make illegal entry illegal.”

Woah! Who knew?

As Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) pointed out:

The border crisis was predicted by an October 2020 national threat assessment from the Department of Homeland Security. Biden’s exemption of “unaccompanied alien minors from pandemic-related ‘Title 42’ instant expulsions to Mexico” and effective ending of interior removals for all those migrants who had successfully evaded Border Patrol as soon as he took office made the crisis rapidly worse.

Again. Duh!

One of the propaganda tropes used by the Democrats is that we can’t be heartless to families. Well…

The vast majority of border arrests so far this year have been adults traveling alone — more than 121,000 in May, and nearly 660,000 so far this year. That’s almost twice the total number of encounters in each of the last two years, and well over double the number for 2018. Why is that important? Because adults traveling without families or children are unlike the migrants you most often see featured in corporate media…

They are the ones trying to evade law enforcement. In practice, that means more high-speed car chases. It means small groups of men hiking across South Texas ranchlands, often in camouflage. It means more break-ins and burglaries, assaults on Border Patrol agents, stash houses and smugglers and organized crime. It means a fair number of these men — and they are mostly men — are trying to escape detection because they have criminal records.

The inevitable result has been a 56% increase so far in drug seizures over 2020, with opioids like fentanyl being foremost. What damage that is doing to the rest of the US will not be known until the drug OD deaths are counted up, but it will also mean a big increase on that front.

There’s also another public health danger involved here and it’s one that supposedly has the full attention of the Biden Administration as they scream about vaccinations and mask mandates – except when it comes to illegal immigrants:

The city of McAllen, TX says the federal government has released over 7,000 COVID positive migrants into their city since February, including over 1,500 new infected migrants in just the *last week alone*. A local state of disaster in McAllen has been declared.

The Federal agencies are not even being subtle about it. Check out these videos:

Biden has then had the gall to castigate Texas and Florida about rising numbers of cases of the Delta variant. Hardly a surprise given his own actions.

There’s more cold-hearted callousness where that came from too, Driver recalls trip with migrant children to Chattanooga:

David Alverson owns Nooga Shuttles. He says it’s not uncommon to get a call and not know who he’ll be driving. The company that booked the shuttle bus last Friday said it was for a government operation. David says he had no idea he was helping to transport kids coming from the border.

“As soon as they stepped out, up on the top where they got out of the airplane, I knew exactly what it was. It’s a little emotional,” Alverson told Channel 3.

Alverson says other children stayed on the plane, which flight records show left for New Jersey.
“You could see the little faces looking out all the windows,” he said. Alverson says his passengers appeared between the ages of eight and 14.

Alverson says the same company called again for help transporting children and he declined.
“Called him back and said we’re done. No more,” Alverson told Channel 3.

And what awaited them in Chattanooga?

After a child’s report of abuse at a Chattanooga facility housing migrant children, and then a teen who went missing from the facility, three U.S. lawmakers from Tennessee are again demanding answers from the federal government.

Police have charged a second woman in alleged sexual abuse at a facility that housed unaccompanied migrant children in Chattanooga, according to our sister station WTVC.

The Chattanooga Police Department announced Tuesday night that 22-year-old Florencia Guadalupe Renderos Morales has been charged with sexual battery by an authority figure. They say the victim was a child at La Casa de Sidney.

No wonder the owner of Nooga Shuttles said “no mas”. He has a conscience, unlike the Biden Administration.

As has happened before with such tides of humanity, the Democrat Party is proposing not better border control measures but amnesty for the illegal immigrants. They pulled this stunt back in the mid-1980’s, promising lots of money for various border control measures if only the GOP would agree to an amnesty for the then 3-4 million illegal immigrants thought to be living in the USA, thus putting an end to the problem. The GOP finally went for it, and Ronald Reagan signed it into law.

He later said that it was one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency.

And now in 2021, we’re not even talking about the often quoted figure of 11-15 million illegal immigrants, which is bad enough. The figure comes from the Census Bureau, but such people are the ones least likely to respond to such survey.

So a few years ago a bunch of academics from MIT and Yale decided to build a model based on solid stats like deportations, visa overstays, death rates and legal immigration rates over the last twenty years. They even low-balled all the inputs and fitted the most conservative assumptions they could because they figured that confirmation bias alone would thus produce a figure below 11.3 million. Instead they got a figure of 16.7 million. The results were published in 2018:

The modelers were astonished. As an on-again, off-again New Yorker, I’m not. 

Yet the full range of their model’s outputs is more astonishing still. Accepting, unlike most journalists, that their data contained a large degree of uncertainty, the authors ran their model with a variety of credible inputs literally a million times. The results within a 95 percent probability lay between 16 million and 29 million, with 22.1 million as the mean — or twice as many illegal immigrants as the Census Bureau figures imply. 

Mind, that Yale/MIT model produced half a million results in excess of 22.1 million, with a multitude spitting out estimates in the vicinity of 35 million or more.

A problem that is now between six and ten times as bad as when the original amnesty was applied. I don’t think even The Stupid Party will be tempted by that “solution” again. Frankly, given the backlash of such huge numbers suddenly becoming citizens, even a number of moderate Democrats might blanche – aside from the California ones of course, where it would reinforce their One Party stranglehold, and the Texas ones, with their dream of turning that state Blue.

But that leaves an awful status quo in place, one that’s now rapidly getting worse.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 2, 2021 at 12:30 am

The Naif and The Wall

This is basically a follow-up to The Veteran’s piece on Trump And The Wall, where there was some discussion as to why he didn’t get the money when his party controlled both the House and the Senate.

I’ve been quite open to the suggestion that Trump was doing in the USA what Winston Peters has done on immigration here in NZ. Winston has beaten that drum to his aged audiences for three decades now, appealing to nostalgic memories of “their” New Zealand – yet has done nothing practical to restrict immigration in the three coalition governments of which he’s been a part. The conclusion is that he has no desire to fix a problem because it helps him in election after election.

To be fair though, while Trump has also hammered away on this for about three decades, he has actually pushed his administration hard on stopping the flow of illegals across the border and deporting the ones they catch within the USA. So credit where credit is due. Unlike Winston he appears to mean it.

So why no money for The Wall? Well there are “technical” reasons for that, but they’re overshadowed by a far bigger factor. His own party, the GOP, has as little interest in restricting illegal immigration as the Democrats do, for entirely different reasons.

The Democrats, especially their activists, firmly believe they have a lock on the Latino vote and often boast about how this rising demographic will bury the GOP and assure them permanent power in D.C, much as they have in the one-party state that is California. Adding another 11-15 million illegals to the voter roles by hook or by crook, is the aim here.

There’s also the fact that such cheap labour fuels many of their backers, and the GOP are almost totally on-board with this. Companies – often the same ones giving money to the Democrats – will scream their brains out should wages rise in these low-profit businesses.

California again is a prime example, where the massive horticulture industry would likely collapse without cheap, easily disposed-of illegal workers. Not to mention all the nannies and gardeners in the state, which is why the following comments in 2015 were largely ignored by Democrat activists:

Bernie Sanders:  Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal. 

Ezra Klein:  Really? 

Bernie Sanders:  Of course. That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States. …
You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you’re a white high school graduate, it’s 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids

Poor Bernie. He’s really out of touch.

The Democrats approach to stuffing Trump on this issue has been twofold.

First, they’ve worked outside the Federal process and ignored Federal laws on illegal immigrants,  laws passed with large bi-partisan majorities in previous years. The “resistance” of “sanctuary cities”, where Democrat mayors and minions have actively aided criminals to avoid arrest and deportation by Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE), has been an interesting throwback to the days of Confederate-style secessionism. The Democrats haven’t changed on that front, although I’m sure their tune would change should GOP-controlled areas decide to ignore Federal laws on abortion and gun control.

Second, they – and the GOP – used the technicalities of parliamentary budget making to gum up the process of getting money for the wall.

The money was not allocated in the 2017 or 2018 budgets for the simple reason that, while every allocation can pass in the House with a simple majority (like NZ’s parliament, a one vote majority is enough), in the Senate that allocation requires 60 Senate votes, and the GOP only had 51. The only Budget feature that can pass the Senate on a simple 51 vote majority is the Budget Resolution – but it has no force of law and is not signed by the President. It’s just a framework outlining the overall spending and the spending plans for each of the 12 parts of the Budget: it doesn’t allocate any actual spending. It’s almost always passed on a partisan vote, but then the House and Senate committees get to work on the spending allocation details in their respective areas.

The only way around this would be to use the Budget Reconciliation approach – but that also requires 51 Senate votes and there was no certainty that every GOP Senator would vote for it, given the drastic nature of the change. In any case, Mitch McConnell refused to do so, and Trump passed up his opportunity for a huge fight over this issue in the 2017 bill, thinking he could have another crack at it in 2018. This is where Trump proved to be a naif in the dirty world of D.C. politics:

“Well, I was going to veto the omnibus bill and Paul told me in the strongest of language, ‘Please don’t do that, we’ll get you the wall.’ And I said, ‘I hope you mean that, because I don’t like this bill,’” the president recounted in an exclusive Wednesday interview with The Daily Caller.

“Paul told me in the strongest of terms that, ‘please sign this and if you sign this we will get you that wall.’ Which is desperately needed by our country. Humanitarian crisis, trafficking, drugs, you know, everything — people, criminals, gangs, so, you know, we need the wall.”

“And then he went lame duck,” Trump said.

“And once he went lame duck, it was just really an exercise in waving to people and the power was gone so I was very disappointed. I was very disappointed in Paul because the wall was so desperately needed. And I’ll get the wall.”

Wah, wah, wah. Given how often Trump had bashed Ryan on the campaign trail as a squish on this subject (and others), and given the bashing that Ryan had returned during the GOP primary, Trump was a bloody fool to have taken Ryan’s word for this. Ryan’s attitude toward illegal immigration is little different from Pelosi’s – both informed by Catholic “compassion”.

In business a deal often can be win-win – business usually does not work for long otherwise – but in politics you can often “win” by simply not getting a deal. Trump does not recognise that fact.

I’m not sure if even a parliamentary wizard like LBJ could have got the money – although I would not have bet against the man, considering some of the wins he pulled off as Senate Majority Leader and then President – but Trump simply never had the skills or knowledge of their wants and needs to arm-twist a few Democrat Senators to get to 60 votes on spending for the wall.

He has zero chance of getting the money via this route now, but every chance of continuing to beat a drum that could help him and hurt the Democrats in 2020, since the issue is not on the Democrat’s side, despite the long-running best efforts of they and their MSM operatives to weaponise compassion on the subject.

So now we’re at the point where Trump’s only choice is to somehow re-direct money already budgeted and use that to start building a wall. Again, that can be done, given what politicians can do with even black-letter legal legislative language. But again, I’m not sure that Trump and his minions have the shithouse rat cunning needed.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 31, 2019 at 9:22 pm

Political Activists in Cassocks

Today’s Australian carries a couple of interesting headlines.

New Zealand blocks holidaying refugees coming from Nauru


Nauru claims refugees are trying to return

The first headline is self explanatory while the second refers to forty or so of the many illegal immigrants resettled in the USA who find life in the States is too tough and want to return to their concentration camp on Nauru Island.  Apparently you have to work for a living in the US.

Nauru - Day 3

(pic stolen from The Australian)

A few weeks ago Adolf sat through a Sunday sermon delivered by a highly educated woman with a pommy accent who told the congregation Australia is running a concentration camp in Nauru.

Some concentration camp.   
Inmates can go on holiday whenever they please, run businesses in the local towns and have their children sent to Australia for medical treatment, the latter paid for by Australian tax payers.
The Anglican Church needs to have a good hard look at the impostors it admits to its pulpits.

Written by adolffinkensen

November 16, 2018 at 12:04 am

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300 Drowned

While the mesmerized world watched a cave in Thailand, three hundred people drowned last week.

Not a word of this did one see in the media of the western world.  You see, the dead were illegal immigrants from North Africa.  It is reported seven hundred thousand of them are camped in Libya, waiting to get across the Med.

Chris Hogben, NCA head of operations for organised immigration crime, said rescue boats manned by non-governmental organisations were inadvertently aiding people smugglers.
The NGOs are supposed to rescue people once they are more than 12 miles from the Libyan coast, but come in much closer, he said.
He said: “They make it easier for the crime groups who now send a boat with not enough fuel on purpose as they know they will be picked up.”
The details emerged at a briefing on Project Invigor, a joint NCA, Home Office, Coastguard, Border Force and Crown Prosecution Service operation, costing £14million a year to run.
Around 140 officers make up the squad which has 250 live investigations into organised gangs trying to sneak people into the UK and those forging documents to aid them and keep illegal immigrants here.
The main sources for migrants into Europe are Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Niger and Afghanistan. Mr Dowdall said that smugglers collectively make up to £6billion a year charging would-be migrants.

Australians should note well the policies of the Labor Party which would reopen the country’s boundaries to thousand of people like these – same colour, same fanatical religious zeal, different part of the world.

Written by adolffinkensen

July 9, 2018 at 11:39 pm

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No Matter What They Said, No matter What They Did………….

While the US enemy media continues to gin up fake news in its war against Trump, events conspire to frustrate them.

New jobs and the number of people re-entering the workforce are on the rise.  Why?  Because businesses are confident Trump will deliver better trading conditions.

“….Labor Department reported a higher than expected 235,000 new jobs were created in February. This came on the heels of a report earlier in the week from ADP and Moody’s Analytics showing 298,000 new private sector jobs in the same month. Better yet, the Labor Department report showed strong wage growth and that 340,000 workers who sensed better prospects came off the sidelines and re-entered the workforce. This addresses a key critique of the weak Obama era recovery after the 2008 financial panic: namely, that the low reported unemployment rate was misleading because of the large number of working age Americans who stopped looking for work and were therefore not counted in official government unemployment statistics.”

Since the election, the number of illegal immigrants entering from Mexico has fallen by a massive forty percent.  So Trump’s wall already is proving effective, even before it is built.

Not a bad start, by any account.   More jobs and less illegals.

Humpty Trumpty was having a ball
Humpty Trumpty has a great wall
All of the Democrats and all of their shills
Couldn’t stop Trumpty from giving then Hell.

Written by adolffinkensen

March 12, 2017 at 7:52 pm

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Every morning I read The Australian and The Wall Street Journal, both papers written and edited by adults with excellent commentary alongside the news. 

Then I open The Herald and cringe.  Wall to wall attacks on John Key and National – day after day after day.

The latest group-think mob-rage is the so called housing crisis in which thousands of illegal immigrants allegedly are sleeping in South Auckland subhuman conditions.  Illegal immigrants/  What illegal immigrants?  I hear you say.

Te ones who are overstayers and who are bludging off their low income,  hard working, church going rellies.  These are the people who a KB commenter who works with them admitted ‘can’t just go off to Winz and get help.’  The best help they could get would be deportation to a warmer climate.

Raybon Kan should wake up and realise that John Key is not the Mayor of Auckland city.  It is Len Brown and his cronies who are directly responsible for the shortage of housing in Auckland.  Yet Kan seems to think the PM is the Messiah who can turn bullshit into bricks. 

In Kan’s world it is the responsibility of the PM to see that illegal immigrants are properly housed.

Now there’s another vote winner for Kelvin Davis.

Written by adolffinkensen

May 18, 2016 at 11:02 pm

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