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Those precious people who rush to condemn Judith Collin’s condemnation of the proposal to create a separate Maori Health Authority with veto powers over decisions made by NZ Health, the body charged with looking after the health of 83.5% of all other New Zealanders, as racist are demonstrating their intellectual dishonesty. This is a matter for serious debate … yes it involves race based policy … but no, opposing that policy is not racist per se. It is a legitimate response to a massive policy switch that seeks to shift the paradigm from need based to race based … and that is wrong and out-of-step with multi-cultural New Zealand.

And it needs to be seen against the Government commissioned and Te Puni Kokiri driven ‘He Puapua’ Report which calls, among other things, for a Maori Upper House able to veto decisions of Parliament and foreshadows separate Maori educational and justice systems.

While the Ardern Government has yet to respond to the Report you can fairly ask if the proposed changes to the health system are a tacit endorsement of that proposed in Te Puapua with more to come.

Judith Collins should be applauded for speaking out on this … a hitherto secret agenda exposed and, like the Emperor without any clothes, not a pretty sight. Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out with the ‘Waitakere Man’ so called.

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May 4, 2021 at 12:45 pm


I see that Judith Collins has taken some stick for comments she made suggesting that obesity was part due to personal choices.

Yes, genetics plays a part but so does a diet comprising mainly junk food coupled with an aversion to proper exercise.

I admit to struggling with my weight over the years. I acknowledge I’m a bit of a Falstaffian character when it come to food and drink. I try to compensate that with a 20k daily workout on my Exercycle (listening to Concert FM).

Judith is right but, in this pc world, you’re wrong even if you’re right. It’s always someone else’s fault.

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October 15, 2020 at 11:40 am

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One News ran a Vote Compass Poll tonight. The question … Who (among the political leaders) was most likeable? Ardern bested Collins.

Easy question for the great unwashed and ‘they’ responded accordingly … Ardern is likeable. She’s articulate, smiles a lot and has good teeth. So was ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin (minus the articulate bit, the smile and the teeth).

The better question … Who do you most trust to get things done. The answer … go to Kiwiblog – Labours Term of Failure.


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September 21, 2020 at 8:52 pm


Can I respectfully suggest that in this time of national crisis we put our mutual loathing for each others parties aside and focus instead on the way out of this developing crisis.

The start point is that this time round we are in the ‘sensitive’ period leading up to the election and while there is no doubt that the government has a mandate to govern it would be prudent for the Prime Minister to reach out to the leader of the opposition rather than treating her as a doormat.

The PM made it clear a few minutes ago the probability is that the situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better and so we are faced with unique situation just five weeks out from the election. It is uncharted territory but at the very least one would expect Collins to be given the courtesy of full and frank briefings on decisions to be taken.

Failure to do that and Collins is perfectly entitled to bite back and she certainly has the ammunition to do so with what can only be described as a massive failure at the border.

As for Tamihere’s allegations and they cannot just be dismissed out of hand. What I suspect happened is that the Trust received a ‘heads up’ from whoever on the Monday that there were indications of possible community infections while it took until the following day for that initial assessment to be confirmed when the full testing results became available. If I’m right and the first time Director-General Bloomfield was notified was pm Tuesday then someone has a deal of explaining to do.

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August 13, 2020 at 2:43 pm

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We are now in the ‘sensitive period’ leading up to the election and while it’s a given that the government continues to govern right up until the election it’s also convention/practice (call it what you will) that it should make no big decisions without first advising and consulting with the opposition.

Judith Collins is right to point out that Ardern ringing her at 2130 last night to advise her of the government’s decision already made is not best practice especially given that Ardern became aware of the developing situation around 1600 … some 5 hours 30 minutes before she spoke to Collins.

Ardern was able to act unilaterally back in March. She needs to exercise caution in doing that now. In the sensitive period the leader of the opposition has the right to expect to be fully informed in advance of any proposed action and the reasons for it. Should Ardern continue to act unilaterally then she can rightly be accused of arrogance and abuse of power.

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August 12, 2020 at 4:42 pm

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It took Judith Collins to reveal that St Jacinda has pulled out of the TV3 leaders debate.

Good decision by Jacinda … I mean why subject yourself to be done over like a dinner.

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August 4, 2020 at 1:42 pm

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The New Three in One

With tongue slightly in cheek I observed to a friend earlier something along the following lines.

Margaret Thatcher: In her own words | The Independent
Trump criticizes the Bidens, but his own family's business raises questions  | PBS NewsHour
Hon Tony Abbott MP – Parliament of Australia

Judith Collins fires back at critics over 'white' comments | Newshub

With Judith Collins you get three in one. It’s no wonder the Left is discombobulated over her ascension. Adolf looks forward to an entertainingcampaign.

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July 19, 2020 at 6:58 pm

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Right when he said St Jacinda should avoid going head to head with Judith Collins but wrong in stating that to do so would imply she has status. Sorry Milt, the Leader of the Opposition has status as the Prime Minister in waiting and nothing you or Jacinda can do or say alters that as the election campaign gathers pace.

One suspects however his real concern is that Collins will eviscerate her in debate as she so spectacularly did with with Phil Twyford, Labour’s Mr Failure in Chief … caught out again telling porkies when, in December 2017, he trumpeted that Labour had halted the sale of state houses thus fulfilling their election pledge only to be left high and dry by the revelation today that since then they had in fact sold 146 houses worth $30m.

Jacinda is not known for her grasp of policy detail and her continued exhortations to be kind is no substitute. Collins is across policy and that combined with her rapier like intellect and Jacinda should be afraid, very afraid.

The Revd Clark got shown the door because he was a twit. Twyford had presided over Kiwiflop; the Auckland Light Rail debacle and now this, helped along by Megan Woods. And his reward … a move up the cabinet rankings to number 4. One can fairly ask just what sort of hold he has over Ardern.

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July 17, 2020 at 11:52 am


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and its game on with the Newshub poll showing that Judith Collins has shot up to record 22% in the preferred PM ranking. Not bad for just 24 hours in the job. Collins has vowed to tackle St Jacinda head on who, in a remarkable outburst of socialist arrogance, said she was only interested in governing and would leave the politics to others … news for you girl … the election is barely two months away and, like it or not, you’re going to have to go face to face with someone who has been through the fires and emerged a tougher and wiser person.

I have known the Collins family for close to two decades. She is by any measure a remarkable woman who has been there and done that. She came from a Labour voting farming family and carried on that tradition until the business she set up with her husband was lent upon by Union heavies. She is smart with a LLM (Hons) and a Master of Taxation Studies. Past President of the Auckland District Law Society and Vice President of the New Zealand Law Society; Chairperson of the Casino Control Society and a Director of Housing New Zealand. She defeated Warren Kyd, the sitting National Party MP, to win the Papakura seat (which should by rights be a South Auckland marginal) and turned it into fortress Collins.

Collins is on the pragmatic right of the Party but she understands the need for the Party to remain broad church. That’s why, in part, you’ve seen the promotion of Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis to the front bench as representing the urban liberal wing of the Party. Nevertheless I sense a small but significant shift to the right in the positioning of the Party under Collins.

You gotta larf at TV1 political reporter JMM who, commenting on National’s new front bench, said the fact there were only two females (Collins and Upston) in the first nine (Labour has three) could be a problem. Turn that around. National has two Maori (Dr Shane Reti and Simon Bridges) on their front bench … Labour has but one although I forget who his name is. Media noise for noises sake.

Bruising seven weeks for National but now alea iacta est and with Judith Collins at the helm it’s game on even if St Jacinda has her head stuck in the sand.

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July 16, 2020 at 12:36 pm

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David Shearer was a honorable man and thoroughly decent bloke but he was unable to achieve cut-through with the electorate due, in part, to his being systematically undermined by elements within the Labour Party caucus.  

Simon Bridges is in the same mold as Shearer but in his case his leadership has been overshadowed by a tsunami of events … starting with the Jami-Lee Ross saga; then came the Christchurch shootings and now the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jacinda Ardern has benefited from wall to wall media coverage during the lock-down and by the fact the government got things about 80% right with National reduced to criticising around the edges with some of that coming across as criticism for criticisms sake.

Up until February Bridges leadership was safe and indeed, with National polling in the low to mid 40s, there was a distinct possibility that the Peters anointed Ardern government could be turfed from the Treasury benches come September.    We all know a week in politics is a long time and a month an eternity.   Right now, four months out from the election, National is on 30% and its not going to get too much better with Bridges at the helm.    The phone is off the hook for him, the punters have stopped listening.   ‘Events’ (as per Supermac) have conspired against him.   If National is to avoid electoral disaster the caucus needs to change leader and change leader now.

There is only one person they can turn to with a realistic chance of righting the ship.    Forget the thrusting up and comers.   They don’t have a national profile and time is too short for them to develop one.    Sure she is polarising but that in itself is no bad thing … Muldoon was polarising, so too  was Clark so too is Peters.    She has charisma, she has experience, she inspires confidence and she’s a fearsome debater.   Sure she’s had her ‘troubles’ (but never to the extent of sheltering a sexual predator in her office … unlike someone else) but she’s learned from those mistakes.  Ok, she doesn’t take prisoners and some of the more precious members of the National Party caucus are going to have to live with that … but she will be ruthless in exposing the many weak links in Ardern’s cabinet (including the PM who has surrounded herself in a feelz good bubble that can be pricked to effect).
No, its time.   Cometh the hour and cometh Judith Collins.

Written by The Veteran

May 19, 2020 at 4:03 am

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