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How They Laughed……

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……… a couple of weeks ago!

Premier Gladys Berejiklian: McKinnon Political Leader of the Year 2019 |  McKinnon Prize

Australia’s media and other lefties that is, on the resignation of Liberal Party NSW premier, Gladys Berejeklian (widely regarded as the sanest of all the state premiers) because she was to be the subject of an enquiry by the so-called Independent Commission Against Corruption (Never mind the fact there was no allegation of corruption – no, just an enquiry into her ‘ethics!’).

Fast forward two weeks to Victoria where its Commission is tearing apart the state and federal Labor Parties, limb by limb. With hard evidence of illegal branch stacking, one state minister has resigned, while the federal deputy leader and the incompetent state premier have been seen to be right in the middle of the shenanigans. You can’t help laugh when federal deputy leader Marles fronts a thousand dollar per head fund raiser only to find the proceeds were used to pay for the subscriptions of hundreds of new Labor branch members in key electorates.

Federal leader Albanese has been spotted buying large buckets of Gaviscon.

The silly buggers might as well have given the money to the Mongrel Mob.

Written by adolffinkensen

October 14, 2021 at 3:45 pm

The Truth shall set you free

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One of the great things about our age is the tremendous amount of computer power available to ordinary people, enabling them to do the sort of work that even ten or twenty years ago would have required rooms full of servers costings millions of dollars.

Fifty years ago it would not have been possible to edit video without a building full of hard-wired machinery, plus a stack of experts.

But now, someone with a sense of fun and plenty of time on their hands can produce the following. Enjoy pricking the balloon of our pompous leading buffoons.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 2, 2021 at 5:18 pm


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of Jacinda Ardern’s shouting from the rooftops that the Australian Government’s policy of deporting foreign nationals who commit serious crimes in that country was having a corrosive effect on trans-tasman relationships has clearly born fruit …

of the poisoned variety with that government proposing to amend their legislation to to have it that anyone charged with a crime that carries a jail sentence of two years or more will now be eligible for deportation.   Currently the law has it that you have to be convicted of a crime that carries a jail sentence of two years or more.   Read the report here.

You can debate the rights and wrongs of this proposed new law but, one thing for sure, the Prime Minister’s intervention and the ham-fisted way she handled it has backfired big time.

Written by The Veteran

July 31, 2019 at 5:00 am


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and won the election the pundits said he couldn’t possibly win.  

Shorten did a Hewson and lost he election he couldn’t possibly lose and has now walked away from the ALP leadership.

and Australia dodged a bullet.

There are lessons to be learned from the election not the least being that if you over-egg the climate change debate you run the risk of losing electoral support.     Certainly the ALP paid a big price for doing that, particularly in Queensland.   But I suspect that’s a message the climate change Nazis will turn a deaf ear to.  

In the meantime spare a thought for David … nah, on second thought, don’t bother.

Written by The Veteran

May 18, 2019 at 2:29 pm

Classless Crass Mansion Dwellers

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A political observer much more seasoned and closer to the action than is Adolf, remarked a couple of weeks ago:-

Wot I saw today from Turnbull was ugly and sad.   He leaves no legacy other than a severely damaged Party.

I wonder what he would have made of subsequent events in which the son of the deposed PM is openly campaigning for Labor in his father’s seat of Wentworth while his father has scurried off to New York to hide away the voters.  He’s not even campaigning in his own seat.

The son of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for voters to donate to Labor’s candidate for Wentworth ahead of the by-election. Alex Turnbull retweeted Tim Murray with a link to donate, saying it’s the ‘best bang for the buck you’ll get in political donations in your life.’ The Sydney seat vacated by Mr Turnbull could see the government lose its slim majority in parliament. Image: Kym Smith / News Corp Australia

Can anyone imagine Norman Kirk’s son campaigning for the National Party?   Or Keith Holyoake’s son campaigning for Labour?

The once proud Liberal Party truly lost its way when it accepted into its bosom a man who had been rejected by the Labor Party for preselection.  Mind you, this is the same inept Liberal Party which in South Australia elected as it’s leader a man who would defect to Labour in the even of a hung parliament, thereby handing power to his own party’s enemy in returns for a seat at the cabinet table.

No wonder many former Liberal voters are turning away.

Written by adolffinkensen

September 3, 2018 at 1:14 am

Wonderful Headlines

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Who can forget the immortal headline from 1970s Australia:

“Smartest Ever PM Done Over By Dumbest Ever Premier”

This was on the occasion of Whitlam being totally outwitted and outmaneuvered by Bjelke Petersen over a replacement senator for Queensland.  Whitlam had pronounced himself th smartest ever PM and had called Bjelke Petersen the dumbest ever Premier.

Today saw a similar effort from Andrew Bolt although I must admit I have written the headline for him.

“Dimwit Outwitted By Halfwit”

On the occasion of terminal Turnbull delaying the sitting of parliament for a week in order for him to hide from the opposition and the media and Katter, not possessing the most scintillating of intellects, completely stuffing up Turnbull by declaring he will turn up to the house on the scheduled first day.  Of course Labour immediately followed suit.

Politics is such wonderful sport but I’m choking on all the popcorn.

Written by adolffinkensen

November 20, 2017 at 8:34 am

The Clark Cullen Playbook

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Apparently Malcolm Turnbull and his hapless henchmen are relying on growth in the Australian economy to solve their deficit crisis, or so they say..  Of course that is the socialist’s way of avoiding taking stern measures which actually will repair the economy but will upset some voters.

Trouble is, there’s no growth.  Now comes the news saner people will dread.  

Employment surge comes at expense of taxpayers

Rampant growth in public-sector jobs and wages is exacerbating the nation’s debt and deficit woes and stoking concern among business leaders about continued government borrowing to pay wages bills.

An analysis of jobs data by The Weekend Australian shows that the rapid expansion in public-­sector employment and wages comes as workers in the private sector face increased job insecurity and record-low salary rises.

Most of Australia’s current anaemic GDP growth has come from expansion of the public service.  Does that sound alarmingly familiar to New Zealanders?  Remember how Clark and Cullen fudged the figures?  They drove the productive sector into recession but hid that from the public by boosting GDP through expansion of the public service

Welcome to recession, Australia.

Written by adolffinkensen

August 19, 2016 at 10:07 pm

No No No – It Wasn’t My Fault

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“…. the Herald Sun‘s Rob Harris quotes a senior Liberal: “This result puts into question the strategy of Malcolm Turnbull, his office, Tony Nutt, Mark Textor and Lib HQ.”….”

It has been fun for some years now watching the Labour party in NZ deny the real reasons they are long term losers of elections.

Now I’ll have to wait to see whether the Australian Libs have it within themselves to do better.  Already the denialists from the Turnbull camp are flexing their voices.

Somehow, Unlike NZ Labour, I think there are enough hard men within the Liberal party to front up and kick the heads that need to be kicked.  Blind Freddie can see that the conservative arm of the Liberal grssroots deserted Turnbull and went to Hanson and Xenaphon.

Time for Augie to come and clean out his stables..

Written by adolffinkensen

July 3, 2016 at 2:44 am


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When Tony Abbott was fighting for his political survival as Federal Prime Minister and suffering death by a thousand cuts from the lefty faction headed by Malcolm Turnbull he almost died in a ditch going to bat for the seriously entitled Bronwyn Bishop who was already creating an aura of hatred as Speaker in what was a Last Hurrah after nearly three decades in Canberra.
The dopey bitch called for a taxpayer funded Helicopter to ride a short distance to a Liberal Party fundraiser, a journey that by car was under an hour. Abbott in one of many miscalculations in his security of tenure gave her 110% support as the vultures scented blood , mainy Abbott’s, who lost a lot of blood.

When the chips fell for Tony’s last spin of the roulette wheel in the leadership challenge from Turnbull, guess who cast her lot in with the panic button pushing, pants wetting bunch of retards.
Well the cow got her beans on Monday when she failed to gain preselection for the Sydney blue ribbon seat of McKellar.

In allied troubles for the Coalition that will almost certainly go down after a single term on the Treasury Benches to another truly awful bastard in Bill Shorten, it just gets worse.
Turnbull and his bunch of traitors, who having closely observed the chaos of six years of revolving door Labor politics, first under  the sequin adorned narcissist Kevin (for 07) Rudd then a very wounded Union hack, Julia Gillard who was herself dumped for a twilight encore from KRudd.
Alas when Abbott finally delivered  a significant victory for the coalition, all that massive turn off for voters  was totally ignored as far as lessons to be learned and absorbed.
In a electorate seat only, albeit with a single transferable vote, system, Abbott’s win should have delivered a two term government as a minimum but after two and a half years of dysfunction and factional infighting that only Labor had seemed adept at, Turnbull is heading for a disaster that will make what Abbott threatened as electoral damage, pale into insignificance.
To be fair, although winning well in the House, Tony Abbott was facing a blunt instrument of obstruction from a Senate. Almost equally divided between the Greens and Labour and The Liberal National coalition, the Senate was in the hands of eight “cross bench members, some dropouts from main parties but a bunch of tyros three of whom parachuted into the very centre of legislative power on the coat tails of ex Liberal Party member and serious  Abbott hater, Clive Palmer.
Palmer who won the Queensland federal seat of Fairfax in the lower house after spending an eye watering sum of money mined from his controlled Queensland Nickel company, managed to bring into the Senate, an ex Rugby League Prop Glen Lazarus,  an Airhead from Tasmania Jackie Lambie and a Mr Wang from WA who in cahoots with a Petrol head from SA, Ricky Muir who came out of left field  in the absolute  mess of porridge that is Senate list elections, this bunch in the total thrall of Palmer managed to assist the GP/ Labor bloc to stymie everything Abbott tried to achieve. That said  Abbott outfit’s efforts to massage anything through the upper house were tawdry at best and they failed almost totally.

Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun has a photo montage of the Liberal Party traitors and as of Sunday 25% of them have either been forced out at preselection or have had their careers severely dented and the list is growing.
Not yet known is how many of the Pants Wetters who went for Turnbull, including  The ten who switched at the last moment to get the dry lefty over the line,  will still lose their sinecure with what is increasingly looking like a total reversal at the ballot box now brought forward by months,  in what is increasingly appearing as a “double dissolution”  in July. The other problem for Turnbull and his bunch of the Damned is they have handed their opponents a very long campaign with the polls all going in the wrong direction
Remember when  a very drunk Muldoon called for his inevitable demise in a winter election that saw Lange get his big chance.

” Those who choose to ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them” !

Written by Gravedodger

April 19, 2016 at 1:40 am