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A young Maori Speaks

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If you spend any time around blogs like those of Chris Trotter or The Standard, you’ll know that one of the Big Things the Labour Party and their activists push is … anything Maori – as well as constantly bemoaning the terrible situation of Maori in NZ, but without actually changing anything meaningful that might help, like a healthcare and education system that works for Maori at the coal face. The basic drive is to constantly reinforce the point that they’re not racist, but everybody else is.

I should note that Trotter does get the vapours about things like He Puapua, but only to the extent where he think it might hurt Labour, which is why he’s flip-flopped from worrying about Nasty National using it as a wedge to win in 2023, to thinking that Labour needs to get on with it pronto before 2023. If that doesn’t strike you as particularly coherent well, welcome to Trotter-world, where a love of florid language beats coherence every time.

Instead what we get is a whole bunch of cosmetic, bureaucratic shit that’s merely designed to keep Maori voting for Labour by pretending to care about them. The current blathering about changes to the Healthcare system that will “give Maori a greater voice” is just one example, with “problems” about the Maori uptake of the vaccines constantly given as one of the reasons for such changes.

But in fact Maori vaccination rates for those aged 65+ were right up there with Pakeha and even Asian figures for the same age groups. Sure, extra effort had to be applied in remote regions of NZ, like Northland and the East Coast, but it was done and it worked.

Where it didn’t work was in the younger Maori age groups. Their vaccination rates continued to lag those of the older group, and other racial groups, quite significantly. That doesn’t seem to be racial to me, but more a product of young Maori feeling that they weren’t particularly at risk from the Chinese Xi Snot virus. Whether that was based on them looking at overseas stats, or whether it was just the usual bullet-proof feeling of youth I don’t know but again – given the vax rates in older Maori – I can’t see how it could be claimed to be down to systemic racism in our healthcare system.

And then there’s young Maori guys like this. If his attitude is anything to go by then Labour may find themselves losing the Maori vote a couple of decades from now. His impressions of Jacinda are brutal.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 22, 2022 at 2:53 pm

Nobody is Smarter Than the Maori at Getting Hold of Money

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Thus spoke old Haki Apiata to young Adolf in 1965.

Then he went on:- “and nobody is more stupid when he’s got it!”

So Adolf’s eyes opened wide when he saw this excellent piece on the BassettBrashHide blog.

“Being around the table in a partnership model on the mana of the Crown is not really tino rangatiratanga. We want them to lift out the resources and let us govern ourselves” — which means to be “supported, but not governed, by the Crown”.

Furthermore, Te Pūtahitangi recommends the“resources” (read “money”) put under direct Māori control should not be determined by the proportions of Māori and non-Māori within the research community:

“Article 3 of Te Tiriti means Māori must have access to resources to support levelling across the science system. One important resource is funding, so funding agencies should ensure policies are in place to allocate budgets for Māori-led research. These funding models should be based on Te Tiriti principles, rather than population proportionality within the broader workforce.”

So please tell me, dear readers, who is going to kick this gross tahaetanga into touch?

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January 22, 2022 at 9:03 pm

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Ardern, Lange and Cabinet cabals

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As readers will know I usually leave it to my six NM co-authors to focus on the NZ stuff, but in the case of an article I came across last night, I feel it should be spread far and wide.

Jacinda Ardern and the Ghost of David Lange

It’s from the Democracy Project blog based out of Victoria University and it’s a damned good read about the Three Waters project.

David Lange is one of the most tragic figures of our modern political history. Highly articulate and entertaining, he was ushered into power in a landslide in 1984 during an economic and financial crisis. Feted as the youngest Prime Minister of the 20th century, he dazzled the nation with his wit and intellect.

It took a while before it became clear that Lange was using his larger-than-life persona and seductive oratory to sell a transformation of New Zealand’s economic landscape on behalf of a powerful cabal in his Cabinet whose intentions he seemed not to fully comprehend.

The writer makes clear just how similar this all is to Jacinda Ardern, with the additional similarity of Covid-19 substituting for the anti-nuclear issue as the PR-positive smokescreen for Labour while the dirty work gets done behind it:

It seems likely that Ardern will end up being viewed in a similar way. When she was anointed by Winston Peters in 2017, she was feted as the youngest Prime Minister in more than 150 years, before being returned to power three years later in a landslide in response to a pandemic.

Her charisma and glamour are perfectly suited to the superficial politics of the social media age but she is obliged to dance to the tune played by Nanaia Mahuta, Willie Jackson and the Maori caucus — and by the others in her Cabinet, including David Parker and Andrew Little, who support their revolutionary agenda.

That last is the important point. Back in 1984, for all the talk of Douglas and his core there were plenty of others in the Fourth Labour government cabinet like Anne Hercus and Stan Roger who went along for the ride but have escaped the Left’s anger. In the same way Mahuta may be the lead on this, but she could not have pushed it this far without strong support from other parts of Cabinet.

This similarity is also noted:

After last Wednesday’s press conference in which Nanaia Mahuta, in her role as the Minister of Local Government, made it clear she would press ahead with her Three Waters reforms despite overwhelming opposition, it has become pretty obvious who really controls this aspect of the government’s policies. The fact that 60 of the nation’s 67 local authorities either strongly oppose the reforms or have serious doubts about them hasn’t dented the minister’s determination to push changes through Parliament one little bit.

I’ve lost track of the number of things that Labour have pushed through despite massive opposition, relying on the fact that such a thing is often transitory and that if done quickly enough the act can be treated as a done deal that now belongs to the past while more important topics relating to the future can be framed for the next election.

Would that National ever do the same. This Sounds Familiar:

When it matters, Republicans look around and say, “Oh no we can’t do that, we’d lose a man. The Democrats would take seats.” They are virtually a majority for the sake of being a majority. They just want to polish it up, put it on the shelf, and look at it. 

To put it simply, Republicans approach politics like America fights wars: They don’t want to lose a single man. Democrats, on the other hand? They look at politics like the Russians looked at Stalingrad: The congressman in front votes now; when they fall the next man gets elected and he will vote too.

To be fair on this point the writer does allow that Ardern has caved to public opposition on a few things:

Two years ago, she quickly backed off her cherished capital gains tax in perpetuity as soon as it became clear that she was facing a wall of opposition — just as she did in October with the Auckland Harbour cycle crossing.

You could add the collapse on Level 4 Lockdown to that list.

However, those were not core issues for Labour, despite public trumpeting about them, and they did not constitute really fundamental change. For example, the National Party’s “bright-line” test for real-estate gains was already effectively a narrow CGT that could be easily expanded later, and has been.

As the article points out, Three Waters is core, most importantly of all to the Maori caucus, who have Ardern over a barrel in a way they did not with Helen Clark and the Maori Party did not with John Key. Ardern is not calling the shots.

Moreover, in exactly the same way that the detail of the Douglas reforms were hidden for some time by mere details like devaluation, Three Waters is part and parcel of the overall He Puapua approach. Other “details”, perhaps quite large ones, will come into view over time, even with Labour in Opposition:

He Puapua itself states increased Māori rangatiratanga will require financing and that, “There are multiple streams from which financial contributions might be sourced, including, for example, levies on resource use where Māori have a strong claim to ownership, such as water.”

Despite all the spin, when you’re talking about getting returns from an asset then we are talking real ownership of that asset.

For that future, one set of theories driving all this and not discussed in the article – perhaps because it smacks too much of US academic theory – is how deeply embedded the Left wing Maori and White defenders of these schemes are in the ideology of “anti-colonialism” with its connections to Identity Politics, Woke and Critical Race Theory. The racists among them, like Mahuta, hate White people who do not agree with their ideas, while the “anti-racist” White Labour members such as Parker are all in on the Guilt and Shame about their ancestors and ready to do anything to expunge it.

Read the whole article.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 7, 2021 at 1:09 pm


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Following on from yesterday’s post where I took issue with Hendly’s modelling (seemingly endorsed by government) which postulated up to 7,000 deaths per annum from Covid with 80% of the 5 YO+ population fully vaccinated reducing to 50 deaths were the vaccination rate to reach 90% and it’s clear that the slow vaccination rate among Maori is developing as a real issue. Associate Health Minister, Peni Henare, has endorsed that concern.

I’m aware that Wayne Mapp with his family links into Maoridom shares that concern and it would perhaps be helpful if he were able to expand further on that. Suffice to say that, as I understand it, there is a significant cohort among younger Maori, especially with those who you might class as white collar intellectuals, who are dismissive of vaccination as just another manifestation of colonial oppression however defined.

So, consider this … what would happen if the rest of the population reached the 90% goal while Maori only managed say 70%. Would that cause the government to delay any move to the ‘new normal’ whatever the new normal is to be? The noises coming out of the POT (like that descriptive) suggests that would indeed be the case.

How then would the rest of New Zealand react? … one suspects this would not play out well on a number of fronts in which case it could end up being a real problem for Ardern’s mob.

Written by The Veteran

September 24, 2021 at 11:52 am

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Back To The 1950s

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A week or so ago David Farrar had a post at Kiwiblog in which he mocked someone for suggesting something or other with the admonition ‘back to the 1950s.’

To which I replied ‘ You weren;t even there so what the hell would you know about the 1950s?’  I went on to point our that NZers were very well off during the 1950s as the cash bonanza from the ‘wool for uniforms’ rolled in.

On reflection, I should have pointed out to him that during the 1950s, most Maori men had the dignity of a job, even if it was on the railways.  Most Maori and Pakeha children had fathers who they could name.

I wonder if the modern day academic Maori activist ever asks his or her grandparents what life was really like during those very good years of the 1950s?

In the predominantly Maori community in which I grew up I recall everyone seemed pretty happy.  Maori loved to take the piss out of each other and out of us Pakeha.  We gave as good as we got.

It seems to me sixty years of creeping socialism has destroyed a once great people.

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February 20, 2018 at 10:36 am

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Progressive Bros

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Three weeks ago, Adolf and The Cook chatted to the house-keeping staff at the Mercure Hotel.  They were Maori girls from Rotorua.  Yesterday Adolf went into town for a haircut.  The barber was a young Maori fellow originally from Masterton.

Today Adolf went into town to mow the small lawn in front of his daughter’s business premises.  After that he took daughter and grandson for lunch at the local fish and chippery.  The proprietor is a Maori fellow from Te Kuiti with various members of the whanau working in the business.  Without doubt the best fish and chips anywhere.

Image result for aj's fish and chips bunbury menu

Of one thing you can be sure. 

These people never will be followers of Harawira.  All the dead beat hangers on stay home with their hands out, looking for more.

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January 23, 2018 at 5:37 am

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Where Did They Get The Money For That?

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The grey merc, that is.

People have been gathering at the scene.

A mob of fat Maoris dropped of a stabbing victim at the Whangarei Ambulance Centre and then hung around hugging each other after he died.  Apparently their transport was a Mercedes Benz sedan.  The only way you make enough money Up North to afford one of those is to sell drugs. (or you could be a pervert school principal)

So one wonders:–

How far did they travel to dump their still breathing corpse?  (My guess would be from somewhere between Matawaia, Motatau and Pipiwai.  They still eat white men up there.)

Have they all been arrested as accessories to murder?

Are we going to see another episode such as that in  the Manawatu where PC police failed to carry out their duty in the face of pressure to be ‘culturally sensitive’?

Would a term in prison help these people lose weight?

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October 17, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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Another Two Migrants Due to Return Home Sometime

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Judging by their names and behaviour one could deduce these two gentlemen are Maori.

Once they complete their sentences they’ll be on a ConAir flight to good ole NZ.

It’s time all the money being poured into the now ridiculous Waitangi Tribunal was diverted into activities aimed at reducing NZ’s appalling Maori domestic violence culture about which few seem willing to speak publicly.

Written by adolffinkensen

January 4, 2016 at 6:11 am

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