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Die MSM, Die – A Public Service to National

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Readers will be well aware that I have very little time for the National party nowadays, having voted for them for about twenty years.

However, I have some sympathy for their struggles with a bought-and-paid-for MSM in New Zealand, which apparently extends to an endless character assassination campaign by cartoonists on the National leader, Judith Collins. I don’t have much time for her either but if those cartoonists had any sense of decency they’d hurl at least a few scathing caricatures at Jacinda Adern. God knows there’s enough material.

However the latest piece of news on this front is a new low, with National MP Chris Bishop:

Here is an opinion piece which I pitched to Stuff and the NZ Herald. Neither decided it was worth publishing. At a time when the PM commands the airwaves on a daily basis at 1pm, it’s important for the National Opposition voice to be heard and for constructive criticism of the government.

Ok. Fuck the MSM and their bullshit bias. If Social media, and especially blogs, are still to mean anything in this environment I think we owe it to readers to publish his piece, How Did We Get Here:

Lockdowns are incredibly expensive: it has been estimated a countrywide Level 4 lockdown costs the economy around $1.5 billion per week. That’s before you count the social cost: kids not at school, families split apart, the mental health impacts of being cooped up at home for days on end. I think almost everyone thinks we should be doing all we can to avoid them.

Sadly, it’s become clear in the government’s response to the recent delta outbreak that while Kiwis have done all they’ve been asked to do – the government hasn’t been playing its part. The “team of five million” has been let down.

Two things have become clear. First, we had no alternative but to lockdown because of our woefully low vaccination rates. Second, despite claims to the contrary, the government had done very little planning at all around how to respond to a further outbreak, particularly of delta, since the first COVID lockdown last year.

It gives me no pleasure as the Opposition spokesperson for COVID-19 to say that New Zealand’s vaccination rates, by world standards, are hopeless. For most of this year we had the world’s slowest vaccine roll-out. Chris Hipkins said at the end of 2020 we would be “at the front of the queue” but the reality is we are at the back of the pack. This is not the “year of the vaccine” we were promised by the Prime Minister.

The vaccines are safe, they work, and the data is very clear: the higher our vaccination rates, the less need there is of lockdowns. Every single person that goes and gets vaccinated brings us closer to freedom: freedom from lockdowns, and freedom to travel. That’s why the government’s ineptitude over vaccine supply matters. The government simply failed in its most important job: to get a supply of vaccines as early as possible and make sure as many people were vaccinated as possible as early as possible.

The government’s incompetence is astonishing. We were one of the last developed countries to sign contracts with vaccine manufacturers in 2020. We were then slow to approve the Pfizer vaccine. Hundreds of millions of jabs had been given by the time we approved it. We were then slow to actually order our doses, not doing it until January 29 this year. And we didn’t even bother to ask Pfizer if we could pay more to get earlier delivery of the vaccines, as other countries did. Compare the cost of paying a bit more to the cost of lockdowns, and do the maths. It’s a no brainer.

Incredibly, the government has claimed at various points it would be “unethical” or immoral to have a faster vaccine roll-out, because other countries need the vaccines more than we do. Leaving aside the internal inconsistency in this argument (other countries need them now too, but you don’t see the government giving ours up do you?), the New Zealand government’s first responsibility is to the people of New Zealand – and that means rolling out the vaccine as quick as they could. They failed.

The second failure by the government is their failure to plan for delta. The Prime Minister claimed on television this morning that delta only emerged in MIQ in June. That is completely incorrect. The first case of delta turned up in early April in MIQ and it has been raging across the world for most of this year. The government has sat ensconced behind the barriers of Fortress New Zealand and smugly looked at Australia, but they weren’t doing the work behind the scenes to prepare for when delta turned up here.

A smart government would have done an audit of all our MIQ facilities in light of delta to make sure infection control practices were up to scratch. Instead, a public walkway was allowed to share the same air as an exercise yard at the Crowne Plaza in Auckland and there was a vaccination centre right next to the Crowne Plaza. COVID positive people are still allowed to exercise in an underground car park in Wellington. Only now is the government reviewing MIQ facilities in light of delta.

A smart government would have had a plan in place for more quarantine facilities beyond the Jet Park. Instead the government had to scramble to get more quarantine facilities going like the Novotel Ellerslie – and then a COVID positive man escaped from it, putting us all at risk. It has taken over 24 hours to move many people from the community into quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, because the coordination plan between health officials and MIQ wasn’t in place.

Some of our current problems date back to the response to the first outbreak last year. Contract tracing has been an ever-present issue. There have been four expert reviews of contact tracing since April 2020. All have found it wanting but little has been done by the government. In this outbreak, it took six days for the government to second public servants from other departments to start contract tracing. By its own admission the government will fail to meet the contact tracing target metrics designed by Dr Ayesha Verrall, ironically enough now Associate Minister of Health. In this latest outbreak there are still 5000 contacts who have not even had a single phone call from a contact tracer!

A smart government would have had a plan in place around testing. Other countries use saliva tests and rapid antigen tests that return results in 15 minutes. Speed of testing with delta is critical, because the virus moves so far. But the government insists on using expensive and time consuming nasal PCR tests as our main testing technique. The result has been people who are told to get tested waiting 10-12 hours for a test or giving up and going home – or even worse, not even bothering. We should be using saliva testing much more widely – recommended to the government a year ago – as well as rapid antigen tests. Incredibly, these tests are banned in New Zealand.

There’s more I could mention. The failure to use Bluetooth tracing even though we’ve all been told for months to turn it on. The refusal to build purpose-built quarantine. The lack of preparation in our hospitals for a delta outbreak – no new ICU bed spaces have been provisioned over the five months.

The government borrowed $62 billion last year on the COVID Response Fund.  Did they spend this on contact tracing, testing capacity, and extra ICU capacity? That would have been sensible. Instead it was used as a slush fund. Instead the fund was spent on art therapy clinics, cameras on fishing boats, horse racing, public interest journalism, and school lunches. Yes, I’m serious.

Auckland is in lockdown – again – because the government failed to vaccinate quickly enough and the government failed to plan for delta.

I should add the usual blog disclaimer that simply because I have published this piece does not mean that I agree with all of it. In fact it’s the usual National angle of agreeing with what Labor does but with the promise to do it better. Hence the talk of superior control of people with Bluetooth tracing and purpose-built MIQ camps – but with no mention of getting after proven treatments like monoclonal antibodies for people who do catch the virus, presumably because just talking about such treatments might further damage an already slow vaccine rollout.

Die MSM, Die – NZ Siouxsie Wiles edition (updated)

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I’m going to put this post up even though I have absolutely no faith that it will have any effect on the likes of TV1 or the rest of the NZ media.

They are who I’ve always known them to be. Shills for the Left in general and now, with $105 million of government money in their pockets, whores for the Labour government.

However, since it is a blog that broke this story, and since I’ve always argued that blogs are needed as a counter to the MSM, this is worth supporting.

The story belongs to Cameron Slater at his blog, the BFD, New Zealander of the Year Siouxsie Wiles – Unmasked:

Please don’t go out and chat with a friend while you are out, Wiles said.

Don’t hang around and have a chat, connect in other ways. We’ve got phones, we’ve got Skype, we’ve got Zoom…we need to physically disconnect for a little while,” she said.

Stay away from people.

RNZ 18 August 2021

There’s more detail at the link about all the roles that Wiles has in advising the PM and her apparently huge media profile (never have I been more glad to be ignoring all this). Suffice to say that it sounds very similar to the case last year of British epidemiologist Neil “500,000 UK deaths” Ferguson, who got caught breaking his own lockdown rules by having his mistress cross London for regular bonking sessions. Something recently repeated by the UK Health Minister.

I expect these people to be hypocrites with double standards and rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me. In the USA last year Dr Fauci was caught at a baseball game yukking it up in close proximity with friends while a mask merely dangled off his ear. Beloved US Lefty icon politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was found putting a mask on for a group photo and then completely removing it as soon as the TV cameras were off. There was also California Governor Newsom’s maskless soiree at The French Laundry and Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley gathering of Democrat big wigs sans masks – aside from the waiters and the other little people servicing them of course.

So it goes with The Ruling Classes.

But at least in the case of Ferguson the British MSM had no hesitation in breaking the story. In NZ it’s different:

You may be wondering why it is The BFD that is making this public. The simple reason is that we are not part of the Prime Minister’s Team of $55 million. This story was given to 1News journalist Benedict Collins. After sitting on the story for five days he informed my source that they had spiked the story. The reason given was that it wasn’t a politician so there was no public interest in the story. Make no mistake, this story was suppressed by an editor at 1News.

As David Farrer says at his Kiwiblog link to this story:

If the person concerned with say an obscure ACT List MP (ie someone with no real power or influence), you can bet that TVNZ and all other mainstream media would be running this for days on end as a major story. But instead, they all ignore it.

Sure, David, sure. But do you expect them to change as a result of stories like this? DPF constantly links to them, providing them oxygen even as they die. There’s nothing to be done about the private sector MSM but the least a future National government can do is defund TV1, RNZ and NZ On Air. I assume that even Labour’s bribes will come to an end this year so we’ll see how many are left standing by 2023.

These people are not journalists. They’re Labour and Green Party operatives with bylines.


Ha ha. The other party has been identified. She’s Nicola Gaston, an associate professor at Auckland University. She’s been very outspoken about the need for hard lockdowns and that rules must be followed strictly.

She’s also a frequent contributor to NZ’s 21st century answer to The Listener, The Spinoff. Because of course she is.

These fucking people really do have it good in their insulated, self-protecting worlds where they get to tell everybody else how to live their lives with no consequences for themselves.

As you stare into the vacuum of their eyes

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As a follow-up to my post the other day about the infamous and discredited “Fact Checking” industry, herewith a story about yet another stain on their media hand maidens. These things happen so frequently one can’t keep up so it’s really a matter of picking the most prominent.

The magazine Rolling Stone had a proud history from its start in the late 1960’s covering the rapidly groth industry of rock music. Over the decades it produced a lot of interesting stuff: interviews with musicians and other artists, reviews of albums. It even made some good forays into politics.

While the rest of the MSM has been crushed in revenues by things like Craigslist, followed by Google and Facebook, specialist magazines have been punished by the Internet in different ways. In the case of Rolling Stone, two specific ways.

First of all, music listeners of all ages no longer wait for such places to review albums and singles. As those hit the likes of iTunes and Spotify they’re instantly blasted around the world to billions of people who make up their own minds as to whether they were “good” (not listening to “experts”, shocking I know). Even if you want to analyze why a song is brilliant there are people on the Internet who can do that analysis far more brilliantly (see Rick Beato in Two Artists and two works of Art).

Second, the stars themselves could reach their fans directly and in ways far more immediate and intimate than could be obtained in stuffy old interviews. Neither group really needed Rolling Stone any more.

As a result, the magazine has degenerated in the same way that the rest of the MSM industry has; the shallow, slimey world of click-bait, Left-Wing ideology pushed harder than ever, and partisan political hackery.

I thought they had reached bottom a few years ago when they ran a huge cover story about a gang rape at a university that turned out to be a complete hoax. But they managed to go lower than that when they put a full-face picture of one of the Boston Marathon bombers on the cover: just like a rock star.

By comparison the hit job they tried the other day doesn’t seem so bad. There’s been quite the debate about whether a product called Ivermectin can be used to treat patients suffering from Chinese Xi Snot virus. It’s used to de-worm horses but has long been approved for the same function in humans. It’s about 50 years old and its inventor won a Nobel Prize for it.

Whether it’s any good against the symptoms of this virus I don’t know, but certainly those groups pushing vaccination (including mandatory vaccination) are very much against it. They don’t appear too keen on pushing other treatments like monoclonal antibodies either, despite that having medically documented success in treating Covid-19 patients.

But if you’re against the use of Ivermectin then you pull out the emotional big guns of the debate: that you’re killing more deserving people because you’re a pig-ignorant moron who OD’d on it and and thus deprived them of hospital beds. Even (gasp) gunshot victims (fall to knees, wring hands, wail loudly until you guilt your way to forcing others to do as you say).

The problem with their heart-wrenching, shroud-waving story was that it was bullshit, as would have been revealed by a few phone calls to the hospital.

While not as bad as the rape story and Boston Bomber stuff it is still another example of how shoddy “journalism” is nowadays. All the good ones are moving to Substack (“A place for independent writing”).

Oh, and remember that it was a medical doctor who started and went with these lies. A sort of lessor Dr Fauci.

For fun, here’s the Babylon Bee.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 6, 2021 at 12:33 pm

Die MSM, Die – YOU have been fact checked

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As the MSM and journalists in general have lost the trust of large chunks of the Western populations, a new scam has arisen.

Fact checkers.

These people would supposedly do quick and easy rebuttals – typically on Twitter and Facebook, which reward brevity – of things being said by public figures, starting with politicians. You could trust fact checkers because they weren’t journalists and they were not partisans.

Except they were, but you wouldn’t know that unless you investigated their backgrounds and the stories they had written in the past.

It took several years but gradually people have caught up to these scam artists. Recently their flaws have become a bit of a flood. Snopes founder, David Mikkelson getting done for “pervasive fraud” and plagiarism. Then the Washington Post’s “fact checker” Glenn Kessler got caught out playing dirty with right-wing journalist Christopher Rufo because his reporting on Critical Race Theory was starting to hurt the US Left. Kessler implied that Rufo had faked a source and stolen original material from one Karlyn Borysenko, and emailed her on that. Luckily she was honest and slammed Kessler hard by making the exchange public.

But he did suggest that Rufo was lying about knowing that person in a gross attempt to garner dirt when none existed. This is how the news media operates. They go into a story with a pre-determined outcome in mind, in this case, that Rufo lied and therefore can’t be trusted as an opponent of CRT. They then fish around for comments to take out of context to place in their article to make it seem factual.

Kessler was not fact-checking here. Instead, he had already decided what he thought Rufo had done and he was searching for someone to provide a money quote to back him up. He was foiled this time and got completely exposed for the hack he is, but imagine how many times he hasn’t been exposed while doing this same thing to other people

But the best one yet happened just the other day after Biden was seen checking his watch while at Dover AFB as the bodies of thirteen US soldiers were delivered from Afghanistan, where they had been killed by an ISIS suicide bombing attack. The USA Today “fact checker” decided to plunge in on this rather minor story that made Biden look bad.


His claim was that it only happened once and only after the dignified transfer was over. As fact-checks go, that write-up wasn’t unusual, being filled with the sort of unearned arrogance, obfuscation and sophistry that is standard for the fact-checking industry. He even challenged people to “watch the video for yourself.

Unfortunately for him, people did, and what they saw was Biden doing this not once but multiple times as the caskets went past, which led to something remarkable happening on his USA Today “Fact Check” section.

Missing context? Fuck you USA Today. Funke’s fact-check, which literally was written to check the facts, got the facts completely wrong in a failed attempt to dunk on Republicans for pointing out Biden checked his watch many times. Much of the article itself has been rewritten as well.

As journalist Jim Treacher (no friend of Trump I need to add, as usual) commented:

This is better, but it’s still a lie. The story was “updated” to note the incontrovertible truth that the piece was originally intended to obfuscate, but the “correction” still claims there’s “missing context.” Like what? There’s no missing context. Biden was checking his damn watch as the coffins went by. It’s a simple fact.

The only “context” is that Biden embarrassed himself, his party, and his country. He’s a bad president and an even worse human being.

If the press will lie about something as easy to verify as news footage of a man checking his watch, what won’t they lie about? They’ll even insult Gold Star families at a funeral, just to protect the man whose ineptitude and dishonesty killed those Marines.

The press will say anything they need to say to help their political party hold onto power. They don’t care about the truth, and they don’t care about you.

This wasn’t a fact-check. It’s some Democrats with bylines doing damage control for the Democrat president.

The fact-checking industry is a joke. The only reason it exists is to serve as a facade for partisan hacks to appear as if they operate from a place of authority. These people are not really journalists, not non-partisan, and they sure as hell are not holding powerful people to account. No, they’re just more media lapdogs for the Left, ready to gum the ankles of anyone who attacks Biden, even if it’s for nothing more than making fun of the imbecilic (H/T Tony Blair), senile old prick.

As Treacher noted some years ago:

That’s more true today than it was in 2014.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 4, 2021 at 5:30 pm

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Biden Air (External-Berths-Only service)

Too true when you’ve got Lockdown Fever.

I can’t help thinking that one of the reasons New Zealanders are seemingly more willing to obey lockdown rules than populations in other countries is that we love the idea of having seven days off to just sit around the house – by order of the government if anyone asks.

Oh well, Wednesday’s here again.

While the American extraction of Afghans who helped them was and remains incompetently handled, that’s still a slight improvement on that outstanding NATO ally, Germany.

I don’t know if “utter moral depravity” applies here, but dude, that is cold.

If you’re wondering how this could have happened behold the following revelations of what the US security and intelligence forces are focused on.

Or this:

The US Federal Government appears to have stuck the secret terrorist watchlist in an Elasticsearch database without a password and connected it directly to the internet.

In Bahrain no less, where it got picked up by search engines and indexed. But not to worry, the DHS was notified about this on the 19th of July and the site was taken down.

Three weeks later.

At this rate the War On Domestic Terrorism will likely see the Proud Boys taking over the White House next year. Or as this guy points out:

For years the US Left sneered and sniggered at various photos of US Righties wandering around with firearms – laughing at the beer guts, generally poor physical shape, camo gear, and strutting; dismissing them as pathetic wannabe revolutionaries who would be swept aside by the US government. But then the January 6 “insurrection” saw a 180 about-face as a few hundred, unarmed people “violently” invading the Capitol Building was suddenly turned into the gravest threat to the US since Pearl Harbour or the Civil War, and senior politicians shrieked about how frightened they had been for the lives.

Perhaps the Taliban took notice of that event as well.

In considering the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan we should perhaps also consider cultural perspectives, as the Left constantly encourage us to do.

You read that right. The Taliban forces used Twitter and other Social Media services to help coordinate the takeover of Kabul, which prompted the following:

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth you’re hearing from the MSM about the fate of Afghan women and girls, they also just can’t stop themselves from holding back on expressing at least some love for The Other, as demonstrated by CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward’s comments with Taliban behind her:

 “They’re chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time. It is utterly bizarre.”

They’re friendly because they know you’re carrying their message and your conflicting one direct into the homes of those Americans still stupid enough to watch CNN. Their friendliness will end as soon as your usefulness to them does or until you take off that hijab – but I think her quick change of clothing indicates that she knows she’s speaking bullshit.

The following from Trump Derangement Syndrome fanatic site, The Bulwark, did not age well.

As shown not just by the events in Afghanistan. Greetings “Russian Collusion”:

Which in turn has got the environmental groups up in arms, despite Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, but US allies are the real concern:

The chances of a global Net Zero deal, which was unlikely even before the fall of Afghanistan, have now essentially evaporated. And as a Net Zero agreement at COP26 looks out of the question, the blame game has begun, with UK officials blaming the Biden administration for refusing to increase its annual transfer of climate $$$billions to more than 100 developing nations.

The main problem the US president now faces is that after his humiliating defeat, none of his administration’s pledges at the Glasgow climate summit will be seen as trustworthy.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I’m reminded of this comment on No Minister last year:

So yes, Trump has been bad for the Western Alliance nations. He has fundamentally weakened the Alliances. Biden will get them working again.

[Trump] has seriously weakened the western alliance and it will take time to repair.

And on that note of being taken seriously I’ll leave you with this little play on a famous movie scene:

Written by Tom Hunter

August 18, 2021 at 3:17 pm


The media is not working because in so many ways they have been “BOUGHT”, not brought as many might use in error.

In a worldwide media offensive where the people who instead of getting real news from reputable journalists imbued with a belief their main mission is to “Keep the bastards honest”. In a major sellout of principles instigated by political and corporate pressure merely receive a carefully massaged stream of manipulation.

Today it has emerged that The New York Times, once regarded as a veritable source of the truth closed down all investigative moves into the growing consensus that the Wuflu originated in the Wuhan institute of virology then was released deliberately or inadvertently to embroil the entire world in a “pandemic”. Today the dam is cracking and slowly senior editors and journalists are admitting that in response to commercial pressure from the Chicoms their investigations became strangled at birth and then shut down entirely.

Of course there is a parallel and contemporaneous line of thinking that leaders throughout the globe have acted in a serious overreaction to the virus that has demonstrated a potential to hasten the ending of life for a few who were well on the road to eternity anyway. That said there are reports of a young male dieing in Sydney today but naturally in the gulf of incompetence I have zero information as to what degree The Rona contributed, , it just may be the unfortunate person was seriously compromised but that does not fit the narrative

A well used quote suggests the first casualty in war is truth and in this war being waged by socialism against wealth creators everywhere, that fact is a part of information dissemination every day.

Of course the fact that early in the emerging WUflu spreading Trump calling it ‘China virus”. and attempting to end cross border traffic from mainland China were lept upon by almost all MSM as reasons to support the information offensive from Xi and communist China. As always The truth tends to escape the net eventually and it appears in his nothing has changed.

Written by Gravedodger

August 4, 2021 at 7:31 pm

Die MSM, Die – or bring back Trump

That’s a hell of a dilemma for a MSM that was willing to tell any lie about his Administration and scream about it 24/7 if it meant getting Trump out of office.

As signaled by NYT journalist Jim Rutenberg in 2016, balance and objectivity had to be thrown out the window, so uniquely awful was Trump:

If you’re a working journalist and you believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him

Because if you believe all of those things, you have to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career. If you view a Trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional. That’s uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, nonopinion journalist I’ve ever known, and by normal standards, untenable.

But the question that everyone is grappling with is: Do normal standards apply? And if they don’t, what should take their place?

I don’t think any of his comrades needed convincing. This was going to the Bush years on steroids and they not only followed Rutenberg’s suggestions but went more partisan in their support of the Democrat Party than at any time in US history.

So now where are they with their online traffic?

Ouch. While even Fox News has taken a hit it’s obvious that the more an MSM site focused on Trump, the greater has been the loss with his departure. It should also be understood that these figures are not looking at circulation / subscription / readership figures for the press or viewership figures for the TV shows. In both cases – such as CNN losing some 68% of its prime-time audience from the Q2, 2020 – the drops are worse than these, and if you look at individual shows they’re worse again.

There can’t be much confidence in CNN’s new streaming service, CNN+, when it’s all sourced from the same base of “journalists”. The drop is also connected to this reality, News Media Credibility Rating Falls to a New Low. In fact a recent Reuters survey showed that Americans had the lowest trust in the MSM of the 46 nations surveyed. I’ve got quite a collection of double standards that is a big part of that loss of trust, but this one will do for now.

Recall that the circulation figures for NZ newspapers show an endless trend of decline, so the online world is not going to save them either.

In the case of the USA, the likes of CNN have been desperately casting around for a new villain, which explains the hysterical attacks on Florida Governor DeSantis (R) and Tucker Carlson on Fox. Nothing has worked yet.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 22, 2021 at 2:00 pm

Freedom and other anti-government slogans

Sheesh, no sooner do I give some plaudits to a couple of MSM sources for actual journalism and Speaking Truth To Power, than the usual suspects return to their true beliefs.

I’m sure your first take on reading that title would be to assume that it’s just me having a bit of mocking fun against our Superior Betters who are constantly trying to run our lives for us (drugs and sex aside).

But no. It derives from protests that have erupted in the last couple of days in Cuba:

Yet here’s how Ye Olde New York Times chose to cover the story.

Yes, Freedom is certainly dangerous to totalitarians. The Chinese Lung Rot lockdowns, crap economy and food shortages are symptoms but every living Cuban knows that it’s the Communist system of the country that’s the disease.

Then there’s that phrase “anti-government”. WTF? The word “dictatorship” too strong for the pussies of the NYT? Too truthful is the answer.

Unfortunately one of the potential replacements for our dying MSM, Social Media, is pretty much up there with them on this story, as Twitter showed in reinforcing The Narrative:

There were more than a few American flags flying in the Cuban crowds as well, as was the case with Hong Kong in 2019. They even protested in front of the Communist Party HQ in Havana, and yelled abuse at the officials.

Notably the Miami Herald had a slightly different take on the protests, likely due to the substantial numbers of Cuban escapees living there and the increasingly Republican nature of Florida:

In an unprecedented display of anger and frustration, thousands of people took to the streets Sunday in several cities and towns in Cuba, including Havana, to call for the end of the decades-old dictatorship and demand food and vaccines as shortages of basic necessities have reached crisis proportions and COVID-19 cases have soared.

Cuba apparently developed their own Covid vaccine but then found that they did not have enough syringes for the population. Communism in a nutshell.

But Communist juntas around the world have learned a few things over time, the Number One lesson coming from 1989-1991 where you crush protests as fast as possible and don’t mess around with nonsense like Perestroika, Glasnost and other liberal tomfoolery. As a result the latest news does not surprise:

The communist Cuban dictatorial regime began cracking down on pro-freedom protesters on Sunday that stormed the island nation’s streets. Numerous arrests were reported as widespread internet outages spread across the nation.

Of course more control will just make things worse economically and every other way as well but the junta will survive another day… week… year. In this case the Castroists have not even learned the lesson that Deng Xiaoping did of unleashing capitalism but not democracy. Maybe they think that can only work in a conformist society like China?

Since I started with the NYT on Cuba I’ll finish with them as well by linking to an article about how they helped Castro’s Glorious Revolution back in 1959:

Castro’s group used the articles as proof of their growing strength, and in time both fundraising and recruitment benefited substantially from them. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who was already with Castro in the Sierra when the interview took place, said that Matthews’s work was more important to the rebels than a victory on the battlefield

His heroic portrayal of Castro as a scruffy mountain rebel leading an insurrection of Cuban youths against Batista was the image on which American perceptions of the revolution would be widely based for several years. By highlighting Castro’s promises to restore Cuba’s constitution and hold free elections, his articles and their prominent display in The [NY] Times (two of them on the front page, a third inside, and all three heavily promoted within the paper) increased pressure on Washington to stop shipping arms to Batista.

It’s only mentioned in passing in that academic article but while being interviewed by the NYT’s Matthews, Castro got his small band of troops to march through the camp in a great circle, swapping weapons and clothes to make it appear he was much more powerful and popular than he was. Matthews fell for it, despite being an experienced war reporter. Another aspect of The Narrative: the journalist wants to believe it also.

Gaslighting. Always gaslighting. See Lefty talking points on CRT, Antifa, BLM, etc, etc….

Written by Tom Hunter

July 13, 2021 at 11:48 am

Die MSM, Die – an interesting debate.

The debate is one between long-time, investigative (and very Left) journalist, Matt Taibbi, and famous Boston Globe senior editor, Ben Bradlee, Jr.

Among other things Mr Bradlee led the “Spotlight” team that nailed the Catholic church in Boston on all the sex abuse that its priests had been committing over the years.

Taibbi first came to my attention over a decade ago with a superb series of articles on the GFC. I don’t usually agree on his Left-wing take on things but he is a solid analyser of things.

The debate has a title that warms the cockles of my heart: Be it resolved: the mainstream media is dying, and that’s OK.

You should hit the link and read the transcript (or listen to the embedded audio), but there are several passages of particular note for me, starting with resources.

TAIBBI: For nearly 15 years, I was one of the few people in the country that had a traditional full-time investigative reporting job. I would get an assignment from Rolling Stone and be told to go off and work for two or three months on a story about an arcane topic like credit default swaps, or the ratings agencies on Wall Street. I would have to come back with a 6,000- or 7,000-word story that would have to be fact-checked from beginning to end, every line. These are expensive endeavors. They cost a lot for the companies, and there’s also a lot of logistical work that goes into them.

In the Internet age, when everybody’s revenue is tied to content, and people are surfing constantly, it’s very difficult to financially justify that kind of work.

BRADLEE: The Spotlight team that I used to oversee at The Globe has four reporters. They’re sequestered in another part of the newsroom, and they can often take up to a year on a project. But these days, with fewer and fewer resources and fewer reporters able to put out the paper anymore, I think many editors are viewing investigative reporting as a luxury they can’t afford.

But also attitudes inside the MSM:

TAIBBI: Reporters feel: if I don’t write something that the rest of the newsroom agrees with, I’m going to end up with a problem. That’s resulted in a lot of conformity, and an unwillingness to go anywhere near where the perceived line of debate might be. It’s also made people unwilling to go near an unpopular opinion.

BRADLEE: I think in many cases, political correctness has run amok at some of the bigger papers. Notably, there was the Tom Cotton affair, when the senator from Arkansas wrote an op-ed at The New York Times, which caused an internal uprising and got the op-ed editor fired. That’s too much. We can’t have the thought police intervening to that extent.

Attitudes fed by who journalists are nowadays, something I covered here in What journalists don’t know. Tabbi makes the same point:

TAIBBI: If you go on the plane on the campaign trail, most of the people on the plane now are graduates of Ivy League universities. They live in rarefied areas of expensive, cosmopolitan neighborhoods. Socially, they see themselves as being the same people as the politicians they’re reporting on.

That’s a terrible situation. I think that it’s an underrated problem within modern news media. It’s lost some touch with mass audiences — in part because they’re no longer the people who are covering the affairs of ordinary people.

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July 6, 2021 at 10:31 am

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Die MSM, Die – NZ edition


I see that the NZ Herald no longer supplies its stats! What a surprise.

And although these are NZ figures and the following is from the USA I figure that’s not a problem given how much cut-and-paste the NZ MSM does from US sources like the Washington Post.

So, two reasons why these fuckers are going down (aside from advertising revenue hits courtesy of CraigsList and company).

First is a follow-up to the post I did the other day on Biden’s sad G7 tour to Europe, including his Angry Grandpa meltdown with a reporter’s question, and my usual jibe about how the whores of the US MSM would have covered it had it been Trump. I only had to wait one day and, as the following Tweet says, the perfect comparison arrived.

Second, is the way two different rallies were covered by these bastards in 2020, and it was the same with the BLM “protests” here in Auckland.

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