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Social Media and its Standards

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There’s an increasing focus being brought to bear on the connections between the US Administration and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter (with search giant Google likely in the mix as well).

But this sort of partisanship is not new, with the most egregious along with burying the Hunter Biden story in 2020 to help get Joe Elected. It’s actually worse than the “Fact Checking” industry that works with Facebook and company.

The thing is that this partisanship is merely an outgrowth of the progressive ideology that drives these outfits nowadays and shows in non-political cases:

As reported by The Daily Wire, Twitter in March 2021 moved to dismiss a child pornography lawsuit by claiming protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 is a section of Title 47 of the U.S. Code enacted as part of the Communications Decency Act, which generally provides immunity for website platforms with respect to third-party content.

As noted by Daily Wire, the victim, named “John Doe,” said the company refused to remove pornographic images and videos of him and another teen because the platform “didn’t find a violation of our policies.”

As reported in early 2021, in another lawsuit against Twitter, a young boy who was solicited and recruited for sex trafficking alleged that he was also forced to endure his own sexual abuse content on Twitter, even after attempts were made to remove the objectionable content.

That’s quite a different approach to the one they take to political and ideological causes they oppose; those they’re more than happy to remove from their platforms, citing how hosting might hurt them, or simply saying that it’s their right as a private company.

Then there was the case of YouTuber Shane Dawson – who boasted more than 20 million followers –

.. booted from the platform in 2020 after old videos surfaced in which he made racial slurs, portrayed racial stereotypes, and told jokes about pedophilia. In 2019, an audio snippet from his 2015 podcast Shane and Friends also emerged online, in which he joked about sexually abusing his cat.

After all of the above (and worse), Dawson triumphantly returned to YouTube in October 2021 after predicting he would, 16 months after being unceremoniously shown the door.

All of that filth led journalist Lara Logan – a woman who knows something about sexual assault – to say earlier this year that she’d had enough, even if it would hurt her journalist outreach to readers.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs convened on Wednesday to hear from current and former social media executives. The hearing was called to address the impact of social media on homeland security consistent with Biden administration talking points — you know, “white supremacist, conspiracy related, and anti-government violence’” That is a quote from committee chairman Gary Peters’s opening statement.

After watching this I’d say that Section 230 is headed for the scrapheap if the GOP win the Presidency, Senate and House in 2024 – and that’s assuming Facebook doesn’t start getting hit with 1st Amendment lawsuits on the now established basis that they’re acting as agents of the US Government.

Of course the old MSM are still at it with ever-lowering standards, with ABC News pushing its gun control agenda by interviewing the recently released John Hinckley Jr on the subject. Yes, you should know that name because he’s the guy who tried to assassinate President Reagan in 1981, while also leaving another person with brain damage, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, plus Secret Service agents suffering life-long gun shot injuries as well:

As a thought experiment, imagine if Fox News brought on someone who tried to assassinate Barack Obama so they could talk about how pro-life they now are. How do you think the press would react to that? The answer is that they’d lose their ever-loving minds, not only freaking out that the would-be assassin was given a platform, but they’d also use it as proof that the pro-life movement is poisoned.

Remember, this is the same liberal press that wants to expel anyone who has come within 50 feet of Donald Trump from polite society. But if you try to kill a GOP president, then you can get an interview with ABC News and talk about the wonders of gun control.

Good to know that it’s not just viewers, listeners and readers that are giving the MSM the boot but other corporations as well.

Two further bits of recent news on this topic.

First, the Fifth Circuit Court has upheld a Texas law that says that any social media platform with over 50 million subscribers may not indulge in censorship people outside of some narrowly defined limits. So no more bullshit about claiming that you’ve “violated the terms of the contract” with the likes of Facebook. The law as stymied by an injunction from a lower court but Circuit court booted that and got stuck into the self-contradiction that lies at the heart of section 230:

Section 230 undercuts both of the Platforms’ arguments for holding that their censorship of users is protected speech. Recall that they rely on two key arguments: first, they suggest the user-submitted content they host is their speech; and second, they argue they are publishers akin to a newspaper. Section 230, however, instructs courts not to treat the Platforms as “the publisher or speaker” of the user-submitted content they host. Id. § 230(c)(1). And those are the exact two categories the Platforms invoke to support their First Amendment argument. So if § 230(c)(1) is constitutional, how can a court recognize the Platforms as First-Amendment-protected speakers or publishers of the content they host?

I’m sure this is headed for the Supreme Court with appeals, but at this stage I’d say it’s a race to see whether Congress or the Court kills section 230 first.

Second is this, PayPal, Venmo, and Google Cut off Group Fighting to Protect Children From Groomers:

Gays Against Groomers are “a coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children,” as they describe themselves in their Twitter profile. Now, one would think that most Americans would be supportive of fighting against the sexualization and indoctrination of children.

But fighting against such things now appears to be against the liberal narrative.

The group announced that they had been banned from Venmo and Paypal because they supposedly violated their user agreements. This can largely cut them off from the ability to financially operate.

You can watch one of the founders of Gays Against Groomers being interviewed here by Tucker Carlson (and boy I’ll bet that burns a lot of the Left).

Kill Big Tech – and the CIA, DHS

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The next GOP President needs to treat Google, FaceTwit and the rest of the Silicon Valley biggies the same way that Teddy Roosevelt treated Standard Oil.

Bust them up.

People thought oil was a dominant energy as early as the 1900’s, when we were less reliant on it than we are now.

But these people control the information flows of the world, and in the wake of the 2020 election and the shit they pulled with Hunter Biden’s laptop, plus other things about Joe Biden that should have been put before the American voter, it’s obvious that such dominance in the field is far more powerful.

Also, the next GOP President needs to take a hammer to US intelligence agencies, as GW Bush did not do in the wake of the massive failure of the CIA, FBI and the rest on 9/11. Instead he threw yet another blanket of bureaucracy over the top of them called The Department of Homeland Security that supposedly would tie them together more effectively.

They’ve always been political, but now it’s reached levels that are not acceptable for a democracy. They’re not so good at stopping the US getting screwed by its enemies but they’re very good at playing political games in Washington D.C.

Read the Powerline article for the specific list of these assholes and what they’re saying now about Hunter Biden’s laptop in response to follow-up questions. Note also their jobs: there’s no consequences for members of The Establishment.

Another Powerline article sums up the response more accurately

The New York Times expresses no regret because it doesn’t regret what it did. The Times isn’t a newspaper, it is a mouthpiece. Its purpose was obvious. It was the same purpose that animated many other news outlets, Twitter, and the 51 lying spies: they were trying to get Joe Biden elected president.

That effort succeeded. Lying about the laptop was just one of many corners they cut to achieve their desired objective, but poll data suggest that it was one of the most important. If voters had realized how demonstrably corrupt Joe Biden is–no one has ever bribed Hunter Biden–polls suggest that Donald Trump would have been re-elected. Liberal news outlets are proud of the fact that they acted together to prevent that awful possibility. If it took some lies to accomplish the mission, so what?

Thus, I attribute little significance to the New York Times’ casual acknowledgement that it blew the Hunter laptop story–really, it blew the 2020 election, if you think the Times is trying to report objectively on the news. But of course no one thinks that. For the Times, Twitter, and countless other liberal institutions, their lies about Joe Biden and Donald Trump accomplished the intended mission. There will be no apologies, no regrets–only, behind the scenes, discreet high fives.

The same is true of every person around the world who supported Joe Biden.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 21, 2022 at 7:42 am

You Can Trust The ABC

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Australia’s ABC carries an opinion piece in which the author, one Stan Grant, argues essentially Australia is wasting its time up grading its submarine fleet as China is already too far ahead and further that ‘the West’ is in no shape to take on an increasingly belligerent China.

Mr Grant seems to not understand the West might include some pretty powerful nations other than Australia and the US. Adolf can’t help but wonder what he would have written in early 1939 about ‘the West’s’ ability to take on Germany.

Anyway, I thought I should find out a bit about the ABC’s China expert and here he is.

Stan Grant and Tracey Holmes (cropped).JPG

As of 2021, he is Vice-Chancellor’s Chair of Australian/Indigenous Belonging at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. He has worked as an Australian television news and political journalist and television presenter since the 1990s. He is known for his writing on Indigenous issues, and has written and spoken extensively on his Aboriginal identity as a Wiradjuri man.

Australian tax payers cough up $1.2 billion dollars each year for the ABC to hire experts like this fellow.

Written by adolffinkensen

September 17, 2021 at 9:26 pm

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Just as crazy up the coast

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California continues to be the pacesetter for Leftist insanity in the USA, and since most people outside America usually pay attention to New York City and California, likely because of their enormous cultural influence around the world, it’s easy to forget the similar things are happening in other parts of that vast nation.

Oregon is next door to California, facing the Pacific. If anybody thinks of the place at all they think of forests and mist. But a lot of things have been happening there that are better guides to where Democrat rule in the US is leading than in California, which is protected somewhat by its wealth, or NYC and Chicago, Illinois, where thick layers of corruption complicate matters.

Oregon is seeing the results of its Democrat rule come fast and clear.

First up, Antifa have had a free run in the place for a long time now, to a far greater degree than anywhere else in the US. The result has been lots of violence, mostly directed at the police but occasionally at private citizens who got in Antifa’s way. The group has been especially hard on anybody who tries to film their activities, knowing the power of visual propaganda they don’t want it used against them, and also in keeping with their need to not be identified beneath their Black Bloc outfits.

The MSM has largely ignored them, leaving coverage to unaffiliated journalists like Andy Ngo, who has naturally taken the brunt of their online tracking and abuse, as well as physical attacks. But the other day a perfectly normal photographer, Maranie Staab, working for a perfectly normal outfit called “News2Share” (loves Dems, hates the GOP) made the mistake of doing some actual journalism on Antifa

This finally spurred the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to speak up:

Assaulting journalists runs counter to the ideals of our democracy. SPJ Oregon stands by journalists’ First Amendment right to cover incidents and demonstrations and to provide clear documentation of these events to keep everyone informed.

As Ngo pointed out this is nothing new, having alerted SPJ years ago to this Portland Antifa poster, which they ignored.

The fact is that Official Portland has basically taken Antifa’s side across the board. Police have often failed to intervene when Antifa have attacked other groups – and not just their favourite boogeyman, The Proud Boys – but groups of Christians holding prayer vigils (“Where is your God now”).

Recently they chased a 65 year old man and started shooting at him. He shot back and was arrested. The Antifa shooters were not. Back in 2016, before most people had heard of Antifa, they beat up a reporter named Andy Strickland, who finally pulled a gun which got them to back off. No shots were fired but he was arrested and did 40 days in jail. His attackers were not arrested. Even though he’s been free a long time he continues to pursue the case, since he was ordered by the court to not record Antifa, which seems to me a pretty clear case of infringing his 1st Amendment rights, the thing that SPJ mentioned. As his lawyer said:

[R]ight now if you’re in the black bloc what do you think? I can harass somebody and get them arrested if they try to defend themselves.

And then they want people not to defend themselves so that they feel terrified, so that the[y] feel scared, so that they feel frightened, so that their behavior can be publicly and privately coerced. And that’s the danger. And that’s why this case is bigger than one person.

If this can happen to him here it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and it means that nobody is safe. And that’s why this case is so significant.

The MSM has simply followed along. Reporters “allowed” to cover them must give the group their explicit allegiance. They must be fellow travelers. The arrangement works just fine for Antifa. They loved the fashion spread done by The Washington Post in 2020 with dressed-up black-bloc Antifa members receiving glowing blurbs about how wonderful and virtuous they are. It was a disgusting display of gaslighting.

Antifa were also in the forefront of the Defund The Police effort, and they had some success, with the inevitable results of a massive increase in shootings and murder in Portland, plus a breakdown in the 911 system with callers waiting minutes to get through. The city did finally yield to reality and re-created the special gun-violence unit they had shut down in 2020, only to find that few cops wanted to join it. That’s the cops that remain; many have retired and not been replaced. One detective’s exit interview gave an insight as to why:

“The community shows zero support. The city council are raging idiots, in addition to being stupid. Additionally, the mayor and city council ignore actual facts on crime and policing in favor of radical leftist and anarchists’ fantasy.”

The city was recently sued by the family of Trump supporter, Aaron Danielson, who was stalked and murdered by an Antifa activist who was himself killed days later in a shootout with police trying to arrest him. The lawsuit claims that the death was preventable and was due to the hands-off policy of the city. Normally I would not expect such a lawsuit to win but in the case of Portland they’ve got a strong argument based on what city “leaders” have said and done:

Shortly before the filing of the lawsuit, Mayor Wheeler admitted the “hands-off strategies” for dealing with rioters was “not the right strategy,” Fox News reported.

“It is clear, based on the public outcry, on the media outcry, on the national front, that that strategy was not the right strategy,” the mayor said during a city council meeting last week, according to the Associated Press. “I think we can all acknowledge that. I take full responsibility for it.”

The lawsuit alleges that the police department’s Rapid Response Team, responsible for crowd control during protests and riots, was less than two blocks away from the shooting. The team was given orders to not get involved between dueling demonstrators.

A few months ago, with Trump safely out of office, Wheeler finally spoke out against Antifa:

“My good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical Antifa and anarchists,…It’s time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community.”

Too late, idiot.

But he’s in good company. Just the other day the Governor of the state, Kate Brown, announced sweeping new mandates, masks in all indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of vaccination status, plus the now-standard vaccine mandates for paramedics and firefighters. She’s been warned as to what will happen across the state:

Williams also noted that 25% or more of the firefighters in his district would also quit to avoid a vaccine mandate. He said this would devastate the ability of the Aurora Fire Department to respond to emergencies.

In Baker City, the firefighters’ union rep testified to the city council that 100% of the department would resign over the mandate.

“We had nursing staff testify in droves. They will walk. We will not have enough staff locally to handle anything at the hospital. I have heard from two Oregon Department of Forestry offices that they will be gutted. No response crews left for wildfires. And I could go on and on about the rest of the state departments.

But it’s the small cities that are going to be destroyed. Comply with the mandate and lose all of our staff. Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars re-recruiting and training. Let people die. Or don’t comply and spend at least tens of thousands of dollars fighting it in court, and probably losing our city manager and fire chief anyway because they can’t be held personally responsible for fines. She’s killing us.”

No wonder parts of the state want to secede and join Greater Idaho.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 14, 2021 at 5:59 pm

You Can’t Believe Any Damned Thing They Say

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…….. about Covid 19, that is.

‘The world wide death toll will be 170,000,000……’ according to the computer model used by Ferguson to start the panic. He then twice travelled across London during lockdown to fuck another bloke’s wife.

‘We need to lock the country down for two weeks to flatten the curve………’ Twenty months ago.

Ventilators and ICU beds were in short supply until someone woke up to the fact that ventilators don’t actually cure anything. They just delay death by a couple of days.

‘Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin’ don’t work!’ Ignoring clinical trials which demonstrate they do work when administered early and with zinc. (The drug opens up the virus allowing zinc to enter and kill it.) Big money had to kill them off.

Hysterical, super-hyped reporting. Day after day after day, one is assaulted by ‘breaking’ media reports of ever increasing infection numbers. So what? That’s what viruses do. They infect people. Little or no mention of deaths among otherwise healthy fit young people – because there are so few.

Wildly inflated casualty figures, with those who exhibited Covid symptoms or tested positive recorded as death FROM Covid. These included victims of gunshot wounds and motor accidents.

Reports of a large reduction in the number of reported influenza cases, attributed by politicians to the ‘benefits’ of lockdown. The reduction was caused largely by the aforementioned misreporting. As health authorities around the world conduct long overdue death certificate audits, the reported Covid death toll declines by 25% or more and, surprise, the influenza death toll increases.

Suicides, alcoholism, broken marriages and mental illness arising from lockdowns do not feature anywhere. One Australian state no longer publishes any figures.

And the vast majority of people buy all this bullshit and swallow it hook, line and sinker, while their standard of living is methodically destroyed and their economies sink into deep recession as inflation and unemployment stalk the land.

Written by adolffinkensen

September 9, 2021 at 3:32 pm

Die MSM, Die – YOU have been fact checked

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As the MSM and journalists in general have lost the trust of large chunks of the Western populations, a new scam has arisen.

Fact checkers.

These people would supposedly do quick and easy rebuttals – typically on Twitter and Facebook, which reward brevity – of things being said by public figures, starting with politicians. You could trust fact checkers because they weren’t journalists and they were not partisans.

Except they were, but you wouldn’t know that unless you investigated their backgrounds and the stories they had written in the past.

It took several years but gradually people have caught up to these scam artists. Recently their flaws have become a bit of a flood. Snopes founder, David Mikkelson getting done for “pervasive fraud” and plagiarism. Then the Washington Post’s “fact checker” Glenn Kessler got caught out playing dirty with right-wing journalist Christopher Rufo because his reporting on Critical Race Theory was starting to hurt the US Left. Kessler implied that Rufo had faked a source and stolen original material from one Karlyn Borysenko, and emailed her on that. Luckily she was honest and slammed Kessler hard by making the exchange public.

But he did suggest that Rufo was lying about knowing that person in a gross attempt to garner dirt when none existed. This is how the news media operates. They go into a story with a pre-determined outcome in mind, in this case, that Rufo lied and therefore can’t be trusted as an opponent of CRT. They then fish around for comments to take out of context to place in their article to make it seem factual.

Kessler was not fact-checking here. Instead, he had already decided what he thought Rufo had done and he was searching for someone to provide a money quote to back him up. He was foiled this time and got completely exposed for the hack he is, but imagine how many times he hasn’t been exposed while doing this same thing to other people

But the best one yet happened just the other day after Biden was seen checking his watch while at Dover AFB as the bodies of thirteen US soldiers were delivered from Afghanistan, where they had been killed by an ISIS suicide bombing attack. The USA Today “fact checker” decided to plunge in on this rather minor story that made Biden look bad.


His claim was that it only happened once and only after the dignified transfer was over. As fact-checks go, that write-up wasn’t unusual, being filled with the sort of unearned arrogance, obfuscation and sophistry that is standard for the fact-checking industry. He even challenged people to “watch the video for yourself.

Unfortunately for him, people did, and what they saw was Biden doing this not once but multiple times as the caskets went past, which led to something remarkable happening on his USA Today “Fact Check” section.

Missing context? Fuck you USA Today. Funke’s fact-check, which literally was written to check the facts, got the facts completely wrong in a failed attempt to dunk on Republicans for pointing out Biden checked his watch many times. Much of the article itself has been rewritten as well.

As journalist Jim Treacher (no friend of Trump I need to add, as usual) commented:

This is better, but it’s still a lie. The story was “updated” to note the incontrovertible truth that the piece was originally intended to obfuscate, but the “correction” still claims there’s “missing context.” Like what? There’s no missing context. Biden was checking his damn watch as the coffins went by. It’s a simple fact.

The only “context” is that Biden embarrassed himself, his party, and his country. He’s a bad president and an even worse human being.

If the press will lie about something as easy to verify as news footage of a man checking his watch, what won’t they lie about? They’ll even insult Gold Star families at a funeral, just to protect the man whose ineptitude and dishonesty killed those Marines.

The press will say anything they need to say to help their political party hold onto power. They don’t care about the truth, and they don’t care about you.

This wasn’t a fact-check. It’s some Democrats with bylines doing damage control for the Democrat president.

The fact-checking industry is a joke. The only reason it exists is to serve as a facade for partisan hacks to appear as if they operate from a place of authority. These people are not really journalists, not non-partisan, and they sure as hell are not holding powerful people to account. No, they’re just more media lapdogs for the Left, ready to gum the ankles of anyone who attacks Biden, even if it’s for nothing more than making fun of the imbecilic (H/T Tony Blair), senile old prick.

As Treacher noted some years ago:

That’s more true today than it was in 2014.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 4, 2021 at 5:30 pm

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Biden Air (External-Berths-Only service)

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Too true when you’ve got Lockdown Fever.

I can’t help thinking that one of the reasons New Zealanders are seemingly more willing to obey lockdown rules than populations in other countries is that we love the idea of having seven days off to just sit around the house – by order of the government if anyone asks.

Oh well, Wednesday’s here again.

While the American extraction of Afghans who helped them was and remains incompetently handled, that’s still a slight improvement on that outstanding NATO ally, Germany.

I don’t know if “utter moral depravity” applies here, but dude, that is cold.

If you’re wondering how this could have happened behold the following revelations of what the US security and intelligence forces are focused on.

Or this:

The US Federal Government appears to have stuck the secret terrorist watchlist in an Elasticsearch database without a password and connected it directly to the internet.

In Bahrain no less, where it got picked up by search engines and indexed. But not to worry, the DHS was notified about this on the 19th of July and the site was taken down.

Three weeks later.

At this rate the War On Domestic Terrorism will likely see the Proud Boys taking over the White House next year. Or as this guy points out:

For years the US Left sneered and sniggered at various photos of US Righties wandering around with firearms – laughing at the beer guts, generally poor physical shape, camo gear, and strutting; dismissing them as pathetic wannabe revolutionaries who would be swept aside by the US government. But then the January 6 “insurrection” saw a 180 about-face as a few hundred, unarmed people “violently” invading the Capitol Building was suddenly turned into the gravest threat to the US since Pearl Harbour or the Civil War, and senior politicians shrieked about how frightened they had been for the lives.

Perhaps the Taliban took notice of that event as well.

In considering the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan we should perhaps also consider cultural perspectives, as the Left constantly encourage us to do.

You read that right. The Taliban forces used Twitter and other Social Media services to help coordinate the takeover of Kabul, which prompted the following:

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth you’re hearing from the MSM about the fate of Afghan women and girls, they also just can’t stop themselves from holding back on expressing at least some love for The Other, as demonstrated by CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward’s comments with Taliban behind her:

 “They’re chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time. It is utterly bizarre.”

They’re friendly because they know you’re carrying their message and your conflicting one direct into the homes of those Americans still stupid enough to watch CNN. Their friendliness will end as soon as your usefulness to them does or until you take off that hijab – but I think her quick change of clothing indicates that she knows she’s speaking bullshit.

The following from Trump Derangement Syndrome fanatic site, The Bulwark, did not age well.

As shown not just by the events in Afghanistan. Greetings “Russian Collusion”:

Which in turn has got the environmental groups up in arms, despite Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, but US allies are the real concern:

The chances of a global Net Zero deal, which was unlikely even before the fall of Afghanistan, have now essentially evaporated. And as a Net Zero agreement at COP26 looks out of the question, the blame game has begun, with UK officials blaming the Biden administration for refusing to increase its annual transfer of climate $$$billions to more than 100 developing nations.

The main problem the US president now faces is that after his humiliating defeat, none of his administration’s pledges at the Glasgow climate summit will be seen as trustworthy.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I’m reminded of this comment on No Minister last year:

So yes, Trump has been bad for the Western Alliance nations. He has fundamentally weakened the Alliances. Biden will get them working again.

[Trump] has seriously weakened the western alliance and it will take time to repair.

And on that note of being taken seriously I’ll leave you with this little play on a famous movie scene:

Written by Tom Hunter

August 18, 2021 at 3:17 pm

Bullshit Journalism

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Just when you thought you’d found a decent and reliable source of news, SkyNews pulls a stunt which would be at home at the ABC, Pravda or the Guardian.

Sydney teenager Osama Suduh died in hospital with COVID-19 and meningitis

I’m surprised they didn’t report he had pimples on his arse.

He was put on life support and Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young confirmed on Monday morning he died from meningitis.

This a disease prevalent in Aboriginal communities and developing countries.

So why was a good little Muslim boy running around unvaccinated?

Written by adolffinkensen

August 16, 2021 at 2:31 pm

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The media is not working because in so many ways they have been “BOUGHT”, not brought as many might use in error.

In a worldwide media offensive where the people who instead of getting real news from reputable journalists imbued with a belief their main mission is to “Keep the bastards honest”. In a major sellout of principles instigated by political and corporate pressure merely receive a carefully massaged stream of manipulation.

Today it has emerged that The New York Times, once regarded as a veritable source of the truth closed down all investigative moves into the growing consensus that the Wuflu originated in the Wuhan institute of virology then was released deliberately or inadvertently to embroil the entire world in a “pandemic”. Today the dam is cracking and slowly senior editors and journalists are admitting that in response to commercial pressure from the Chicoms their investigations became strangled at birth and then shut down entirely.

Of course there is a parallel and contemporaneous line of thinking that leaders throughout the globe have acted in a serious overreaction to the virus that has demonstrated a potential to hasten the ending of life for a few who were well on the road to eternity anyway. That said there are reports of a young male dieing in Sydney today but naturally in the gulf of incompetence I have zero information as to what degree The Rona contributed, , it just may be the unfortunate person was seriously compromised but that does not fit the narrative

A well used quote suggests the first casualty in war is truth and in this war being waged by socialism against wealth creators everywhere, that fact is a part of information dissemination every day.

Of course the fact that early in the emerging WUflu spreading Trump calling it ‘China virus”. and attempting to end cross border traffic from mainland China were lept upon by almost all MSM as reasons to support the information offensive from Xi and communist China. As always The truth tends to escape the net eventually and it appears in his nothing has changed.

Written by Gravedodger

August 4, 2021 at 7:31 pm

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Freedom and other anti-government slogans

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Sheesh, no sooner do I give some plaudits to a couple of MSM sources for actual journalism and Speaking Truth To Power, than the usual suspects return to their true beliefs.

I’m sure your first take on reading that title would be to assume that it’s just me having a bit of mocking fun against our Superior Betters who are constantly trying to run our lives for us (drugs and sex aside).

But no. It derives from protests that have erupted in the last couple of days in Cuba:

Yet here’s how Ye Olde New York Times chose to cover the story.

Yes, Freedom is certainly dangerous to totalitarians. The Chinese Lung Rot lockdowns, crap economy and food shortages are symptoms but every living Cuban knows that it’s the Communist system of the country that’s the disease.

Then there’s that phrase “anti-government”. WTF? The word “dictatorship” too strong for the pussies of the NYT? Too truthful is the answer.

Unfortunately one of the potential replacements for our dying MSM, Social Media, is pretty much up there with them on this story, as Twitter showed in reinforcing The Narrative:

There were more than a few American flags flying in the Cuban crowds as well, as was the case with Hong Kong in 2019. They even protested in front of the Communist Party HQ in Havana, and yelled abuse at the officials.

Notably the Miami Herald had a slightly different take on the protests, likely due to the substantial numbers of Cuban escapees living there and the increasingly Republican nature of Florida:

In an unprecedented display of anger and frustration, thousands of people took to the streets Sunday in several cities and towns in Cuba, including Havana, to call for the end of the decades-old dictatorship and demand food and vaccines as shortages of basic necessities have reached crisis proportions and COVID-19 cases have soared.

Cuba apparently developed their own Covid vaccine but then found that they did not have enough syringes for the population. Communism in a nutshell.

But Communist juntas around the world have learned a few things over time, the Number One lesson coming from 1989-1991 where you crush protests as fast as possible and don’t mess around with nonsense like Perestroika, Glasnost and other liberal tomfoolery. As a result the latest news does not surprise:

The communist Cuban dictatorial regime began cracking down on pro-freedom protesters on Sunday that stormed the island nation’s streets. Numerous arrests were reported as widespread internet outages spread across the nation.

Of course more control will just make things worse economically and every other way as well but the junta will survive another day… week… year. In this case the Castroists have not even learned the lesson that Deng Xiaoping did of unleashing capitalism but not democracy. Maybe they think that can only work in a conformist society like China?

Since I started with the NYT on Cuba I’ll finish with them as well by linking to an article about how they helped Castro’s Glorious Revolution back in 1959:

Castro’s group used the articles as proof of their growing strength, and in time both fundraising and recruitment benefited substantially from them. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who was already with Castro in the Sierra when the interview took place, said that Matthews’s work was more important to the rebels than a victory on the battlefield

His heroic portrayal of Castro as a scruffy mountain rebel leading an insurrection of Cuban youths against Batista was the image on which American perceptions of the revolution would be widely based for several years. By highlighting Castro’s promises to restore Cuba’s constitution and hold free elections, his articles and their prominent display in The [NY] Times (two of them on the front page, a third inside, and all three heavily promoted within the paper) increased pressure on Washington to stop shipping arms to Batista.

It’s only mentioned in passing in that academic article but while being interviewed by the NYT’s Matthews, Castro got his small band of troops to march through the camp in a great circle, swapping weapons and clothes to make it appear he was much more powerful and popular than he was. Matthews fell for it, despite being an experienced war reporter. Another aspect of The Narrative: the journalist wants to believe it also.

Gaslighting. Always gaslighting. See Lefty talking points on CRT, Antifa, BLM, etc, etc….

Written by Tom Hunter

July 13, 2021 at 11:48 am