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“What are you prepared to do now?”

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Those are the dying words of Police Officer Jimmy Malone to Eliot Ness in the movie classic, The Untouchables.

In a way this is a companion post to the one I did the other day on the Mahuta and Sussman stories, but this post is about lower level crimes involving the proles.

Recently there have been some very ugly videos emerging from New York City’s subway system including mass shootings, other random shootings, and people being pushed in front of trains.

But it’s actually recent video of a subway incident that did not end in death or serious injury, that has sparked what I think are the real questions about what is going in NYC, and likely across the USA and perhaps the entire Western world:

“Have a look at this footage from the subway in New York City where a man in the white jacket and black leggings is rampaging on a train. He targets a woman, sits next to her and begins to assault her. Looks like there are plenty of able-bodied men around watching.”
Rita Panahi, Sky News Australia

There certainly are, and it may be that many thoughts were going through their minds. Is the guy armed, (but if so what makes you think you won’t be next)? Can a non-Black man step in on a Black criminal’s actions? Should a Black man interfere with a Brother’s actions? Who ever does anything for people suffering from mental illness anyway, he’ll just be released the next morning?

Speaking of mental illness the guy who videoed this can be heard repeat, “I forgive this demon in the name of Jesus Christ”. I don’t condemn Christians who pray for others in their sorrow and misery, but I’m pretty sure that Christianity means trying to stop evil – with more than prayers if needed.

In her commentary on that video Rita Panahi called the men cowards and while that might be true it may also be that a lot of rationality is at work:

If I had to guess, they were standing in their place, checking their male privilege, toning down their toxic masculinity, and coping with how their Time’s Up.  Perhaps the men wanted a demonstration of how women are actually the stronger sex.  Perhaps the threat level just did not seem that high to them; New York has a duty to retreat, after all.  Besides, New York has been in the habit of arresting those who defend themselves.

Who wants to be the next George Zimmerman, Kyle Rittenhouse, Darren Wilson or the Covington Kids – or less famous cases:

In 2016, a 17-year-old Danish girl was arrested for defending herself with pepper spray from a would-be-rapist.  In 2020, a Virginia store clerk was arrested for defending his store from robbers.  Even an elderly U.K. pensioner was arrested for “stabbing a burglar to death.”  It is entirely possible that those men had such cases in mind.

But these are all individual cases surely? Ones that must be seen in the context of the specific situations? Why draw larger conclusions? Perhaps, but Ms Panahi does so with her next comment about the broader context of society:

“What does it say about society that not a single man stepped in to help – they allowed it to happen.”

But it’s this response from an American that sums up all of the above:

Well as I said last year about a similar story where a woman was actually raped on a Philadelphia train while another bunch of passengers just watched:

Before lifting a finger, unfree men must first decide whose permission they need to obtain, and what the judicial system is likely to do to them afterward. Free men are willing to act, knowing they are free.


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June 3, 2022 at 7:00 am

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Misty Mountain Hop

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Starting with something beautiful, let’s keep going on that before we plunge into the ugly realities of our world.

As I explained in a post back in January, I hate these people, and with every passing day the hate deepens as their desire to control the rest of us deepens, literally.

They even have their own police.

Among their other plans they’re big on “sustainable farming” – which means that you need to eat much less meat for a start and you may even end up loving various bug-based meals!

This is why the following is not just a flailing, failing US President trying to gaslight people about inflation, but about the same themes as the WEF; you won’t need to worry about inflation on beef, pork and chicken.

The gaslighting isn’t working, at least not for Biden. That poll result – lower than Trump – has to burn, and I don’t think Biden’s reached bottom yet.

I’m not sure that the WEF does opinion polls about themselves because I don’t think they care what anybody thinks of them or their ideas so long as global leaders like Trudeau, Biden, Ardern, Albanese and company love them.

However, unlike the WEF, politicians do have to face the voters sooner or later and there’s only so much gaslighting that can be done before reality breaks through.

More to come; the additional subsidies for Obamacare that were slotted into the Covid-19 spending bills will expire just in time for the mid-term elections, and premiums are already looking ugly. If you ever wondered why US Health Insurance companies supported Obamacare, now you know.

It’s actually hard to see any policies or anything that the Biden Administration has done that has been positive.

I wonder how many American voters (and other idiots around the globe) remember this:

The Internet does – and it has the receipts.

It’s so bad that he’s even started blaming his staff, which is why they’re leaking to their friends in the MSM, leading to that NBC report, which can barely spin it any more.

You do wonder where the bottom is for this senile old fool and his Democrat Party, but increasingly the message from Democrat insiders is “SAVE US”.

Of course some of his MSM pals are still doing their best, with the pitiful Newsweek taking Biden’s Big Soundbite and helpfully incorporating it into a story that’s not about the Republicans at all.

So in addition to the classic “Republicans Pounce” (yes, they’re so unaware of Interwebby Memes that they used that phrase) they also acted as ventriloquists for the phrase, “MAGA Republicans” that Biden first claimed he’d thought up himself – before it was revealed that Democrat focus groups had developed – and after months of “work” to boot. Like their other solutions this one fell flat, with GOP activists eagerly and proudly making it their own. Once again it’s Democrat fluff vs. the brutal reality of their man’s profound inadequacies that can be turned against him on any issue.

It’s also obvious that there’s not much talent they can draw on to replace Biden in 2024, judging by the following.

No aircraft carriers were under attack at Pearl Harbour because they were all at sea that day, especially not the USS Intrepid because it wasn’t commissioned for another two years. Adams is ignorant and more to the point, likely doesn’t care about being ignorant. Rumour has it that Adams has Presidential ambitions and he may be a good match for Democrat voters.

“Celebration Day”

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Do we have something to celebrate?

I guess the end of the bullshit vaccine passport or C-19 test checking for Southbound Aucklanders on the Waikato Expressway on Monday this week, counts as something. You have to take your wins where you get them.

I doubt many readers of NM are also on Instagram but for anybody under the age of 30 it’s very much a thing. While working on the agricultural contracting job last year I was astounded at the constant camera-sound from a phone as my Irish workmate “communicated” with friends around the world via an endless stream of selfies while I drove us to our harvesting sites.

Then there are the woman of Instagram, exceeded only in obnoxiousness by those on TikTok. The following captures well what’s really going on with those endless photo streams.

I wonder how many dates and marriages will result from all this, or is it all just hookup culture? I guess we’ll know in a few years via surveys.

Back in the real world, increasingly meaning the old world, there were caches of things more valuable than butt-shots.

Is that stack of $500 notes Confederate money? A DDG search says no, and the same for the Union, so perhaps it’s Mexican? I don’t recognise the dude in the picture. Readers are invited to guess or find out. I suppose whoever planted this stash either died or never found their way back to their hiding place.

Jumping back a century or so is another tale of a hard-living chap.

As Captain Benjamin L. Willard would say: “A Tough Mother Fucker!”

And they’re still around. Looks like Hideaki Akaiwa’s story was real enough for Wikipedia, but I’m surprised I’ve never heard of him despite watching several documentaries on the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, given how often we focus on one person’s story amidst many. The lack of body cam video means it can’t compete with Reality TV!

Then there are these heroes, who managed to be heroes while having fun. MUCH FUN.

I wonder why Ferrari, who I think of as the quintessential Italian sport car, have been beaten out for this role by Lamborghini. Also – given that I doubt even modern developments in automotive technology have changed the Italians that much, in that they still love their manual gear shifts – what must the service costs on these babies be like, given Lamborghini’s history.

More history.

And as a final sop to history there’s the story of the sequel to the semi-famous TV series of the late 1990’s, Sex and The City. I saw glimpses of it from time-to-time because it was truly a chick-flick and I never got what was so great about living the loves and travails of four glamorous mid-30’s White Woman in NYC. Still, a lot of ladies around the world loved the characters and their joys and sorrows, all happening in stunningly fashionable clothes and apartments in the New York City of Rudy Guliani, meaning when it wasn’t a shithole like the 1970’s or today.

As a result these fans, now aged twenty more years, were filled with anticipation for the sequel. Had they known any Star Wars fans they’d have guessed what they were in for.

The show is fucking awful, it’s even getting panned by woke Leftie fans who were wanting more than the original four White-girls world. One writer summed it up pretty well by saying that “the writers clearly hate the characters, hate the show and hate the fans”. They even hated the original name and called this one, And Just Like That, which is hopeless. Who could have done this? Fans investigated and…

Yep. The lead writer is someone who hates the characters, hates the show and hates the fans.

So not a celebration then.

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January 19, 2022 at 6:00 am

Psycho-pathology in politics

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That of course was the title of the infamous piece published by Labour MP John A Lee just two days before the sainted Mickey Savage karked it back in 1940.

Labour never forgave him of course, as is their wont: nor, to be fair, did he forgive them. But the reality is that Lee’s crack has been true of all too many political leaders in history. Not just political leaders either. Several years ago an article was published that laid out the similarities between business leaders and psychopaths:

The hallmarks of the psychopathic personality involve egocentric, grandiose behavior, completely lacking empathy and conscience. Additionally, psychopaths may be charismatic, charming, and adept at manipulating one-on-one interactions. In a corporation, one’s ability to advance is determined in large measure by a person’s ability to favorably impress his or her direct manager. Unfortunately, certain of these psychopathic qualities – in particular charm, charisma, grandiosity (which can be mistaken for vision or confidence) and the ability to “perform” convincingly in one-on-one settings – are also qualities that can help one get ahead in the business world.

I’m sure the average Lefty will have no problem making that association, also with certain Right-WIng politicians. Less so with their own idols of worship, like Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory in Australia:

I see he’s had heart surgery recently so one can hope.

Then there’s this asshole, shown here on the cover of his book, published at a time when the US MSM was still slobbering over him.

Cuomo eventually got his beans because he’s another prick who felt entitled enough to get grabby with attractive young woman who strayed into his orbit.

But as this NY Post article put it, however low you think this scum could be,…. “There’s always more, and it’s always worse than you thought. Much worse”:

That’s one lesson from the state Assembly report, which reveals new details of Cuomo’s venality. From sexual harassment to lies about nursing home deaths and his forbidden use of state employees to help finish his book, the governor is convincingly portrayed as a greedy, dishonest man without a shred of decency. 

All of this has actually been known for some time, but you had to be reading Right-Wing news sources like RedState and Powerline to know because the MSM did not want to know, and certainly didn’t want voters to know, until the very end when it became undeniable:

The thing that I always wanted him to be hammered for was the very thing that was ignored even at the end:

The biggest lapse is how the report fails to deal with the impact of Cuomo’s infamous March 25 order of last year that required nursing homes to admit discharged hospital patients infected with COVID-19. The order also barred the sites from even testing the patients until they were admitted. 

Exactly, and the resulting death toll was in the thousands. At best he’s getting done for sexual harassment, his shitty book deal worth millions of dollars (a form of corrupt graft in itself, since the book was never likely to be a best-seller recovering the “investment”) and for lying through his teeth about the number of people he killed in those nursing homes:

Key among those is showing how Cuomo overruled Department of Health employees and reduced the number of reported nursing home deaths by about 35 percent on the very days he was negotiating the contract for his book deal on pandemic leadership.

It’s entirely typical that psychopaths don’t get done for the worst crimes they committed. Still, like Al Capone getting jailed for tax evasion rather than murder, I suppose we should be grateful that at least this much happened to the POS.

As always, don’t forget the MSM that enabled this creature for so long, just because he was a Democrat and not Trump, and how they enable many others too with displays of sycophantic stenography.

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November 26, 2021 at 12:09 pm

Kudos to New York City

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Almost every large city in the USA that is controlled by the Democrat party is a disaster area in terms of economics, crime and just about every other factor you can think of.

So it’s nice to see one part of one of these cities that actually works.

The NYPD’s Counter Terrorism Unit.

It may come as a surprise to people that such a thing would exist down at a city level (or municipal level as the American’s would have it), but when you consider that some 50,000 people work for the NYPD you’re talking about a place as large as some small European nations, and certainly much larger than NZ.

The article is a fascinating look into the history of the unit, which of course was set up in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Why the city did not want to just rely on the Federal agencies like the FBI is a story in itself and the one problem I have with this article is that it does not explain.

But another article from January 2003 in the magazine New York, does, with the direct question, why not just rely on the Feds?:

When I ask Kelly this question, he looks at me long and hard. He is a man who knows his way around Washington. In addition to his time in the mid-nineties as undersecretary of the Treasury, he was head of the Customs Service. He also worked for Interpol and was a special State Department envoy in Haiti where he was sent to establish and train a police force.

“I knew we couldn’t rely on the federal government,” Kelly says finally. “I know it from my own experience. We’re doing all the things we’re doing because the federal government isn’t doing them. It’s not enough to say it’s their job if the job isn’t being done. Since 9/11, the federal government hasn’t taken any additional resources and put them here.”

Given the supposed focus on terrorism by the Federal government after 9/11 you would have thought it was a given that they’d be throwing resources into a city that had, as Kelly says, been attacked four times, twice successfully, and remains the most symbolic, substantive target for the terrorists.

That article was written when the unit was in its infancy. The first article, from the superb City Journal magazine, catches the status quo, and it’s impressive:

The New York Police Department has foiled some 51 terrorist plots against the city since 9/11, at least 16 of them serious—more than those aimed at all other American cities combined. “Looking back, it really worked,” said former police commissioner Ray Kelly, credited with having spearheaded what is widely regarded as the gold standard of urban counterterrorism programs.

To be fair to the Federal government the unit was not entirely home grown:

Much to the chagrin of some of the NYPD’s rank and file, Kelly’s top two counterterrorism deputies came from Washington. To lead the NYPD’s expanded Intelligence Division, he chose David Cohen, a former deputy director of the CIA’s operations wing who had helped create the agency’s Alec Station in 1996, which focused on Osama bin Laden before most Americans knew his name. Kelly also recruited Michael Sheehan, former State Department head of counterterrorism, to run the department’s new Counterterrorism Bureau.

They put a 1000 people into the unit, conducted a massive effort to computerise the rest of the NYPD, set up sections that gathered intelligence on every part of the city’s communities, conducted active work with businesses in the city, and even stationed agents in places as far afield as London (working with New Scotland Yard), Lyons at Interpol HQ, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. There are also two cops on assignment at FBI headquarters in Washington, and New York detectives have traveled abroad to conduct interrogations in Afghanistan and parts of the Middle East.

Cohen had quickly hired two dozen civilian intelligence analysts, most with master’s degrees and Ph.D.s from top universities. There were so many pedigreed analysts that Kelly began calling the division a “Council on Foreign Relations with guns.” Its mission, however, proved deadly serious, as it played a role in detecting and foiling plot after plot.

All this from a city police department. Not surprisingly there has been some friction with the FBI at times, but it seems to be working.

One thing that struck me was how many combat-experienced military people led this effort and the tough professionalism of them and the senior cops. It feels like quite a contrast to the group currently in the Pentagon and a number of very poor Police Commissioners around the US at the moment.

Read both articles.

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September 16, 2021 at 11:46 am

The Babylon Bee smites NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

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For those of you not paying attention to US politics, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under a cloud of credible sexual harassment allegations for months now – credible enough that the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, launched an investigation into them.

Now since James is a potential political rival of Cuomo, undoubtedly with her eyes on the governor’s mansion, I treated this with a raised eyebrow. The guy is a piece of work for sure, but these things usually evaporate, especially when a Democrat is involved.

But the other day, following months of investigation, the report dropped into public view, along with a press conference by James. The report is brutal:

“The independent investigation has concluded that Gov Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women”

Cuomo engaged in unwanted groping, kissing, hugging and comments.

he broke both state and federal laws

Cuomo created a “toxic workplace.”

Cites “climate of fear” in governor’s office.

The groping even included a female state trooper protecting the POS, and it was witnessed by another state trooper.

If you think that’s brazen then you’ll love his defence: he does it to everybody. He also held a press conference to respond, where he made this assertion and had his staff put together a montage of photos of him kissing a variety of people, or placing his hands on them.

I really don’t think that a sociopath like this is going to resign, and apparently James is not going to bring criminal charges, probably because she figures she can cause him no greater damage. He can forget about re-election in 2022 though (the NY Governorship is not term-limited and he’s been there since 2010) or election to any other position.

But here’s the thing: if he does quit it will be for this reason and not the fact that he’s responsible for at least 10,000 deaths of elderly people, stemming from his decision on March 25 last year to move elderly people from hospitals into nursing homes, whether they had Chinese Lung Pox or not.

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.

It’s therefore never been surprising that New York has the worst Covid death rate of any state in the USA. It’s also not surprising that he doubled down on this by refusing to supply numbers on rest home deaths to the Federal DOJ after they requested them from US Governors while investigating breaches of the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA):

The number of Public Nursing Home residents, employees, other staff, guests, and visitors who died of COVID-19 including those who died in a Public Nursing Home or after being transferred to a hospital or other medical facility, hospice, home care, or any other location.

Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa later admitted that Team Cuomo withheld the true toll of nursing home Covid deaths due to that letter, which promptly resulted in the DOJ opening a criminal investigation into violations of the Act (no word on where that is at: likely being slow-rolled by the Biden Administration).

And so to the Bee, who sum this up perfectly:

According to virologists, young attractive women should avoid wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, as the CUOMO variant seems to gravitate toward women who it deems are provocatively dressed.

“If you find yourself smelling nothing but the scent of garlic and marinara sauce combined with profuse amounts of cheap cologne, this is a sure sign you’ve been infected,”

Three more points.

First, this coprolite was being slobbered over by other Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) through 2020 about how great his management of Chinese Sinus Rot had been in his state. Ellen DeGeneres called herself a “Cuomosexual” and Chelsea Handler wrote a “love letter” to Cuomo for Vogue.


It was a love fest even as voices were being raised about his March decision on rest homes and the like. So bad was it that the Crown Publishing Group (subsidiary of Penguin) actually paid Cuomo $5.12 million spread over two tax years for the rights to his book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s a shame that the same deals weren’t available in 1860: Democrat President Buchanan could have cleaned up.

To be fair, Washington Post Trump hater, James Hohmann, wrote that it happened because of TDS. The US Left were desperate for an anti-Trump hero and as the previous hero, Michael Avanetti, went down in flames, Cuomo seemed to be the perfect replacement. Don’t be too impressed though: Hohmann is fine with that.

I should also add that one of the best takedowns of his incompetence was by Lefty, Lefty, Lefty publication ProPublica:

City health officials were disinvited from subsequent planning meetings with health care providers. Calls and emails were ignored. Information sharing in the midst of a pandemic halted.

The city official said city health workers asked their state counterparts what had caused the sudden lack of communication and cooperation. It was out of character for people the city had worked with intimately for years. Their counterparts would not or could not say, but the city official concluded it had been ordered from the governor’s office.

Which fits with the rest of his “management” style. The article is long, but worth reading in its entirety.

Second, it seems likely that he made this decision because of his corporate donors:

The most plausible explanation I’ve heard is that Cuomo was doing a favor for big hospitals that, given the scope of the pandemic, preferred not to treat these people.

That included Cuomo dissing “experts”:

When I say ‘experts’ in air quotes, it sounds like I’m saying I don’t really trust the experts. Because I don’t.

Well I don’t think that’s a standard Democrat/Leftist narrative, but of course he was forgiven on that in exactly the same way a GOP politician would not be for the same statement.

Third, I see that the Ambulatory Root Vegetable currently acting as US President, has confirmed his previous statement that Cuomo should step down because of the AG sexual harassment report. Seriously? His team have done well protecting him but what were they thinking when they allowed him to say that.

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August 5, 2021 at 12:00 pm

Ranked Faking 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Dear oh dear. Over a year ago I covered the clusterfuck of the Democrat Iowa primary where their fabulous new system of voting crashed so badly that a winner could not be declared:

By now the results for the first round should have been available, and probably the second round and possibly even the final results. But that’s not what’s happening.No one knows what’s going on at this point, but there are some reports that the app is not working correctly. Former Obama staffer Van Jones was just quoted:

“This is starting to feel like, possibly, a real debacle, where if there’s some technical problems that they’re not disclosing we could be very late on this.”

People are laughing at the incompetence  but based on their history in Chicago and Texas, I’d say that when Democrats have a “mysterious delay” in reporting votes, it’s because they’re cheating on the results.

Well Iowans are hicks. That sort of shit would not happen among the sophisticated Democrats of New York. Would it?

NYC Board of Elections takes down mayor ranked choice voting results after revealing ‘discrepancy’:

“The vote total just released by the Board of Elections is 100,000-plus more than the total announced on election night, raising serious questions,” Adams said in a statement Tuesday.”We have asked the Board of Elections to explain such a massive increase and other irregularities before we comment on the Ranked Choice Voting projection.”

Sheesh. Where have I heard this before? Oh right, although none other than Mr Adams himself had a different take on it back then:


And naturally enough, in order to be consistent, those opposed to Adams climbed right into him with takes like this.

Yes, that is “some Donald Trump shit”. Millhiser works for that outstanding bunch of Lefty brain boxes, Media Matters, the “fact-checking” arm of the Democrat National Committee, who are always on the lookout for people damaging US elections by claiming fraud, also piled on during the day after Adam’s made his statement.

Except that at 10:30 that night the NYC Board of Elections announced that they had counted 135,000 fake votes.


As you can imagine it’s been crickets from the smug since that announcement.

Anyway, given that Adams is Black all that nasty criticism of his questioning of the election results was likely based on the systemic racism of the Democrat Party. Looks like they’re staying in their lane now.

Since Trump is no longer able to go on Twitter he was not able to troll the living shit out of Adams by announcing his support for his claim. But he did the next best thing with a statement that the MSM could not ignore:

Confusion gripped the city’s mayoral race on Tuesday night after preliminary tabulations from the elections board showed candidate Adams crossing the 50 percent threshold after 11 rounds of ranked-choice voting for the Democratic primary.

“Just like in the 2020 Presidential Election, it was announced overnight in New York City that vast irregularities and mistakes were made and that Eric Adams, despite an almost insurmountable lead, may not win the race,” the former president said in a statement on Wednesday.

Trump went on to state that “nobody will ever know who really won” the race and suggested the New York City Board of Elections should “close the books and do it all over again.”


Also loved this:

That would be fine by me since the senile old fuck would do less damage in that job.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 1, 2021 at 10:32 am

An important election in New York

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In this case the selection of the Democrat candidate for Mayor of New York City from the recent primary campaign.

Whoever wins the Democrat primary will go on to win the general election, given how corrupted and useless the NYC GOP is.

As of today the winner of the race appears to be one Eric Adams and although his lead is slim in the complex ranked voting system used, it looks like it will hold.

Now while you would think that the US Left would be overjoyed at yet another Black man rising to a prominent political position in the USA you would be wrong:

According to Lisa Lerer’s latest “Political Memo” for the NYT, candidate Eric Adams, a retired police captain, has “rejected calls to defund the Police Department and pledged to expand its reach in the city.”

Wait! What? I thought Defunding The Police was all the rage among Democrats? Well it was in 2020. But then crime rates started to climb fast in those Democrat-controlled cities that had made such proclamations – and acted on them in many cases as well as making it clear that their Police were the problem rather than criminals.

But more than that, it has become apparent that the Right’s claims that this was virtue-signalling bullshit from rich, “liberal” Whites and that it would be poor POC (People of Colour) communities who would suffer the most, turned out to be right on the money.

That’s a problem because Adams’ law-and-order appeal “adds evidence to an emerging trend in Democratic politics: a disconnect between progressive activists and the rank-and-file Black and Latino voters.”

Lerer quotes Hakeem Jefferson, an assistant professor of political science at Stanford University, explaining that “The median Black voter is not A.O.C. and is actually closer to Eric Adams.”

I won’t supply the link to the disgusting New York Times original but the title of their article says it all:

Progressives’ Urgent Question: How to Win Over Voters of Color.

Awwww. All the experts have told me that the Democrats have POC in their back pocket. You can see why it is so vital for the Democrats to crank up the screams about GOP racism to eleven on the scale. You can also see why there have been recent attempts to backpedal from all this with: “No, No, We never meant to defund the police”.

They’re even trying to pin it on the GOP, but even with their MSM stenographers to help I think they went in too deep on this one to escape.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 30, 2021 at 6:00 am

Satire containing two truths

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The best satire is that which delivers a dose of truth to a situation.

This latest from the Babylon Bee does that easily, with two truths.

The first is that most Democrats and Lefties would laugh themselves silly if Trump died of Chinese Sinus Rot disease. Despite their best efforts, Twitter and Facebook could not control the “natural” outpouring of hate after struggling with what already happened.

The second is that New York Governor Andrew Quomo got a lot of old people killed when he panicked early in the face of the disease and cleared them out of hospitals in preparation for the great surge of cases to come – sending them into nursing homes, retirement homes and RTC’s where what was already known to be the most vulnerable populations lived. It’s no wonder his state has 35,000 COVID deaths and a death rate of some 1790 per million population.

And so….

Written by Tom Hunter

October 5, 2020 at 6:03 am

The Plywood Jungle

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New York City has not suffered from the riots and mayhem as other Democrat-run cities have.

But it didn’t need to since it has a Left Wing Mayor who has been more than capable of producing the same results merely via executive orders and local legislation in responding to COVID-19. DeBlasio is well to the Left of the Democrat Party under whose banner he was elected. He’s basically a full-blown communist but too lazy to start a revolution. And of course he loves money. What he does have in common with the old Soviets however, is a mania for centralised command and control, and NYC has been his laboratory. He’s now hated even by the people who voted for him. But it’s all too late for them.

The following 2:20 of video recorded by a person driving around Manhattan is something that you probably won’t see on the news, except in 30second bites, which don’t have the same effect. At some stage there may be a documentary that will linger on such scenes, one of those BBC specials with a somewht mournful VoiceOver in English accent – like their ones on the Middle East.

I’m grateful that one of my kids got to see NYC in 2017 before all this. Sadly I’ve never been. Had it on my bucket list and will likely now never visit. NYC has come back from disasters before, but there were fundamental forces pushing against CBD’s and dense urban places even before this. DeBlasio’s response to COVID-19 was simply the last push and after that gravity is doing its work. Movers are so busy they’re turning people away.

Guess I’ll just have to stick with photos and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 22, 2020 at 9:33 am