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Knives Out

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It’s not the purpose of blogs to try and replace the news media in simple reporting of news events. We don’t have the resources in bodies and time.

Blogs should be about analysis and measured thinking about events and things that are happening – many of them slow and largely unseen – and which are shaping our cultures, societies and nations. That blogs can do much better than the MSM, especially nowadays when their resources are now also stretched thin, both in numbers and talent.

But there are times when it’s appropriate to comment on a rapidly moving news story, especially when it’s based on something that’s been building for a while now.

In this case, the Administration of President Joe Biden.

Oh no, you may say: yet another attack on poor President Biden by some Ultra-MAGA, hyper-partisan, QAnon, Alt-Right Extremely Extremist news source in the USA?

Actually that’s the headline from the New York Times yesterday, channelling Breitbart, Red State , Powerline, Ace Of Spades and every other Right-wing source of punditry and analysis in the USA for the last three years.

It’s appearance is a also huge, flashing beacon signalling to the rest of the Lefty Luvvie universe in America the following key points:

  • The Democrats are about to get thrashed in the Mid-Term elections.
  • Someone has to be blamed.
  • That someone is the senile dementia patient in the White House, whose faults will no longer be papered over by the NYT.
  • It’s time to start looking for a new Democrat candidate for President in 2024 (which means knifing Biden)

Over on the Right we’ve been waiting a long time for reality to strike the Democrats, even as their catastrophes piled up from the President all the way down to the lowliest mayor and school board member.

But that reality is now here and approaching the shoreline fast:

NEW YORK: Flop Sweat and Panic Grips New York Democrats as New Poll Puts Lee Zeldin in the Lead

A new Trafalgar Poll gives New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin a slim lead over Democrat incumbent Kathy Hochul. In this poll, rated A- by the left-leaning, shows Zeldin leading 48.4% to 47.6%. While this number is well within the margin of error, two months ago, Hochul was leading by five points, and a month ago, she was ahead by two points

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Stunner for Democrats Drops in New Hampshire and Scrambles the Election Map

Hold on a second. Is New Hampshire actually in play for Republicans on November 8th? That’s the story from a stunning new poll that shows that Don Bolduc is leading Democrat incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan [48 to 47%]. Bolduc, a Donald Trump-endorsed candidate, was left for dead after winning the primary, with the assumption being that his negatives were too high and that he couldn’t draw support in a blue state.

If this were just some random poll, I wouldn’t even bother to write this article. In this case, though, St. Anselm is a gold-standard poll for the State of New Hampshire. In fact, it’s the only state they deal with as pollsters, and they were, by far, the most accurate pollster there in 2020.

WASHINGTON: Now ‘Ground Zero for Wave Election Upset’ in Senate Race

RealClearPolitics has now listed the race as a toss-up and a statistical tie. After three decades of doing nothing in the Senate, Patty Murray may have to find a real job.

OREGON: Oregon Voters Say They’ve Lost Patience With Democrats

“I don’t like the Democratic approach to anything that’s happening,” said Terri, who lives with her husband outside of Salem and dropped her party affiliation two years ago. “I used to be a Democrat for 40 years.”

That dissatisfaction is threatening Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek’s chances in Oregon, where voters rank crime and the economy as top concerns. Even after Biden visited the state to stump for Kotek, the Democrat trails her Republican opponent Christine Drazan in recent polls. Statewide surveys also show a majority of Oregonians have an unfavorable view of both Biden and Kotek.

Those are merely elections where I thought the GOP had no chance, as did most other people, and I still doubt that the GOP will win the last three races because they are such Democrat strongholds.

I’ll remain focused on South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania – where cheating on mail ballots just got harder:

“The court unanimously decided to set aside undated or incorrectly dated mail-in ballots. Under Pennsylvania law, mail-in voters are required to sign and date a declaration on the outer envelope. Despite this requirement, if undated or incorrectly dated ballots are turned in on time, they are eligible to be counted.”

Attention will also be paid to the Mid-West states of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. But I’ll cast an occasional look at the Deep Blue States on election night.

But when you have the Democrats shifting money from an Oregon district that Biden won in 2020 by 9 points to shore up support in a district he won by 13 points then you know they’re in deep trouble.

There are any number of factors driving all this, and they vary a bit between states – New York and Oregon seem to be about Crime and the Economy – whereas Arizona is about the Border and the Economy. But there are deeper factors at work also:

The GOP has seen a shift in its favor among several voter groups, including Latino voters and women, and particularly white suburban women. That group, which the pollsters said makes up 20% of the electorate, shifted 26 percentage points away from Democrats since the Journal’s August poll and now favors the GOP by 15 percentage points.

White suburban woman? Well, Trump is no longer on the ticket and it was that group that hated him more than any other (Warning alert for 2024, Donald). But this election was supposed to be all about abortion, abortion, abortion and… it seems the most abortion loving group isn’t listening:

Republicans made massive gains with independent women in recent weeks as Democrats ramped up their messaging on abortion ahead of the midterm elections.

Of particular note was a 32 point swing among independent women toward the GOP. In September’s iteration of the poll [New York Times/Siena College], Democrats boasted a 14 point lead among that demographic, but by October, Republicans held an 18 point advantage.

A thirty two point swing in that group? Obviously the terrible American economy is grinding away but there’s got to be more than that, and there is. It’s called being a parent and wondering what the hell your kid is being taught in school nowadays by teachers backed by the various Teachers Unions, Democrat fanatics at local, State and National levels. It was this group that won the Virginia governor’s race for Glenn Youngkin months ago – but the Democrat party wrote that off as racism. Big mistake.

Naturally Ace Of Spades has a more cynical take on these sudden polling revelations:

There is a very strong suspicion among poll analysts and critics. The People’s Pundit Richard Barris mentioned it in his last podcast, though he’s mentioned it before, and many people talk about it. They talk about major pollsters deliberately publishing polls they know for a fact oversample Democrats and are therefore just wrong, in order to please their clients (who are often leftwing media companies and their gonzo shitlib audiences).

But then, right before the election, in the last poll before voting starts, they suddenly publish a poll showing the GOP in a much better position. Suddenly, the Democrat oversampling they’ve been doing for months just poof! vanishes.

And why do they do this? Because, when people rank pollster’s accuracy, they usually only look at the last poll conducted before the election. All the deliberately Democrat-oversampling polls designed to perk up Democrat donors and demoralize Republican voters they published before the last poll are “freebies” — they won’t count as far as their official accuracy evaluation.

(A more innocent, but not completely innocent, explanation is that these pollsters know damn well it’s hard to get media-distrusting conservatives to answer pollster’s questions — and don’t bother to take special efforts to get them into the survey. Until it’s the final poll of the season.)

So I’m not surprised to learn, get this, all the leftwing pollsters are all of a sudden showing big leads for the GOP in their last poll before the election. Unexpectedly!

Exhibit A:

One point that bears another mention: Democrats are overrepresented in solidly safe ultramarine blue districts, like major cities, and are therefore underrepresented in competitive swing districts. So Republicans are further ahead in competitive districts than a national poll would indicate.


Written by Tom Hunter

November 3, 2022 at 7:38 am

A Desperate Democrat Party

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After talking themselves up a couple of months ago the Democrats have had reality start catching up to them in the form of polling that now screens for likely voters rather than just registered voters, and is showing them in a lot of trouble.

A recent analysis of several polls by the US Lefty Luvvie fave, the NYT, showed that none of the issues that the Democrats care about are ones that the public cares about. This horrified the authors of the article, who expressed shock and surprise at this result, which is yet another unintended example of how useless they are as news media when living in such a bubble.

As usual the great American cartoonist, Michael Ramirez, captures it in one look.

The desperation induced by this mis-match of issues is also resulting in some behaviour that’s borderline illegal, as captured in Arizona.

After they spent money promoting Kari Lake in the Republican primary – on the theory that a Trump-backed candidate would be a sure loser in that “purple” state (like Trump himself was supposed to be in 2016 😉) – you’d have expected them to come up with better ways of campaign spending. But as with much else, the Democrats are stupid when it comes to spending.

Perhaps they should also have kept a closer eye on their candidate selection, but I guess Biden in 2020 gave them false confidence, hence the hopeless creature running against Lake and of course, this – this literally brain-damaged man – in Pennsylvania: Ramirez again.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 25, 2022 at 8:36 am

Trump is no longer so evil – New York Times

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Exactly as I predicted in last year’s post – The next GOP Hitler.

Also known as Strange New Respect, though they’re not quite there yet with Trump.

The cycle of demonising the next GOP President by rehabilitating the previous ones who were condemned in their time as Evil, Moronic Scum Who Would Destroy The Nation:

“Some Democratic opposition researcher floated the idea that Goldwater was infatuated with the Nazis. It was ugly stuff.”
Sure it was, about the man who a later Leftist journalist would describe as “principled”, decades later when Goldwater was safely dead. But then, every Republican presidential candidate, from Thomas Dewey (smeared as a Nazi by no less than Harry Truman) to the present will be attacked by the left in this fashion, no matter his temperament, or small-government policies (you need Big Government for real Fascism). In his 1984 book, Troubled Journey: From Pearl Harbor to Ronald Reagan, Fred Siegel, points out that this nasty crap started as far back as 1940:

Even back then I noted some of the commentary from rather obscure, nasty corners of the Democrat Internet was aimed at DeSantis, but in the wake of his rising tide in Florida and across the nation – particularly with things like his delivery of fifty illegal aliens to the quiet, wealthy Lefty streets of Martha’s Vineyard – he’s become enough of a threat in 2024 to make the pages of one of the Democrat Party’s media organs, the NYT:

Yes, when viewed from the perspective of partisan media, DeSantis looks almost unstoppable. But to a typical person — someone who may have heard about these stunts but doesn’t know much about DeSantis otherwise — he looks a lot like a bully, someone willing to play high-stakes games with people’s lives for the sake of his own ego and advancement.

Well, you might say, Donald Trump is a bully, too. Yes, he is. But Donald Trump is also a lifelong celebrity with a public persona that is as much about “The Apprentice” and even “Home Alone 2” as it is about his political career. What’s more, Trump has the skills of a celebrity. He’s funny, he has stage presence, and he has a kind of natural charisma. He can be a bully in part because he can temper his cruelty and egoism with the performance of a clown or a showman. He can persuade an audience that he’s just kidding — that he doesn’t actually mean it.

Wait? What? “Trump’s funny“; “natural charisma”?

Oooooo… Trump’s rough edges are being ever so slightly sanded down and softened – with caveats about cruelty and egoism of course – so that the comparison can be made to The Next Evil GOP Threat.


In case you missed it, “bully” is the word that’s been programmed into the Democrat Media NPC’s to describe DeSantis and will it remain until they or the public get bored with it and want something fresh.

At some stage a word will have to be invented to also describe his “cult-like” followers, although after working for six months the Democrat marketing research group that finally squeezed out “Ultra-MAGA” from between their butt-cheeks may just decide to stick with that and try to attach it to DeSantis. You don’t throw away something you’ve workled so hard to create and to which you have attached so much usefully political slime.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 25, 2022 at 1:00 pm

The New York Times goes full retard

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Nobody, not even the stupidest fucking Liberals, should still read the cretinous New York Times, let alone buy or subscribe to them after seeing that in the story.

Although I have to admit that I can see a number of links between Leftism and Islam, starting with the fact that the bastards never sleep and never rest in the pursuit of their ideological objectives.


You may be tempted to say that the NYT are propaganda merchants rather than cretins, since they must surely know that Islamic belief, with it’s powerful sense of insult, is the only motive in this attack, the Iranian State Islamists having made that quite clear right from the start in 1988 when they put a price on Rushdie’s head. I think it’s about $US 3 million now.

But I regard it as cretinous to continue to run such propaganda about the fault does not lie with Islam, when you have such blatant proof before our own eyes that it is. The NYT is actually destroying their own narrative by trying so desperately to cling to it.

I read The Satanic Verses decades ago and only once. My main memory is of the opening sequence where the two Indian protagonists are falling from 30,000 feet over the English Channel after their hijacked plane explodes and one of them is getting pissed off at the other singing Bollywood songs on the way down.

The book is magical realism!

I also recall one little aside where the father of one of them compares his son’s girlfriend to the hottie of The Flintstones“that little Wilma bibi”.

At best you could say that it was lightly mocking parts of the Koran, which – not knowing the latter – I could not see at the time, even though I was well aware of the controversy. Even when I had it explained to me later it still seemed like a big, fat nothing, but then I’m not a religious fanatic.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 14, 2022 at 12:10 am

Our source was the New York Times – Part 2

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I hate when I find that a good title for a post has already been used, although with the NYT it’ll probably be part of an ongoing series over the years.

In this case it’s to do not with the penny dropping on masks but with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and the NYT coming clean: “I Was Wrong About Trump Voters”:

“To this day, precious few anti-Trumpers have been honest with themselves about the elaborate hoax — there’s just no other word for it — that was the Steele dossier and all the bogus allegations, credulously parroted in the mainstream media, that flowed from it,” 

That’s one of their senior and most respected writers, Brett Stephens but something like this doesn’t get printed at the NYT unless there’s agreement – even if grudging agreement – among the rest of the staff.

The question is whether they’ve learned anything from this? The refusal to hand back the Pulitzer Prizes they won for their coverage suggests not. In any case, Stephen’s article falls far short of being an apology itself, even as it acknowledges the truth:

Stephens, who has been in the media world for decades, does not apologize nor take any responsibility for participating in the media’s collusion hoax factory. He shows no remorse for writing articles that affirmed the Steele dossier, nor does he acknowledge that his employer is guilty of mass publishing lie-ridden stories about Trump and the Russians.

Written by Tom Hunter

July 24, 2022 at 4:09 pm

Wacist, Wacist, Wacist,….

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It must be election year in the USA because the Democrat-supporting MSM are trying to “prep the battlespace”, as we armchair warriors say.

The first order of business therefore is to try and destroy the small fraction of the MSM and Social Media that does not agree with the Democrats and worse, actually points out on a daily basis what a bunch of twats and toxic morons they are.

If you’re the New York Times the starting point is the dreaded Fox News, and the aiming point is Tucker Carlson, who is killing it with ratings while his competitors flounder in his wake.

Apparently the NYT has just published an article about how awful Tucker is, darlings, and despite being a 9000-word scream into the void that is the NYT readership, there are apparently two more pieces just like it.

Carlson must be loving this.

Despite the usual cast of thousands of reporters used for the whole thing – apparently they weren’t being used to investigate the Joe and Hunter Biden story or anything else for that matter – I love the fact that the lead writer is named Nicholas Confessore. Made me think of this.

Wait until they discover Paul Joseph Watson.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 3, 2022 at 10:29 am

Kill Big Tech – and the CIA, DHS

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The next GOP President needs to treat Google, FaceTwit and the rest of the Silicon Valley biggies the same way that Teddy Roosevelt treated Standard Oil.

Bust them up.

People thought oil was a dominant energy as early as the 1900’s, when we were less reliant on it than we are now.

But these people control the information flows of the world, and in the wake of the 2020 election and the shit they pulled with Hunter Biden’s laptop, plus other things about Joe Biden that should have been put before the American voter, it’s obvious that such dominance in the field is far more powerful.

Also, the next GOP President needs to take a hammer to US intelligence agencies, as GW Bush did not do in the wake of the massive failure of the CIA, FBI and the rest on 9/11. Instead he threw yet another blanket of bureaucracy over the top of them called The Department of Homeland Security that supposedly would tie them together more effectively.

They’ve always been political, but now it’s reached levels that are not acceptable for a democracy. They’re not so good at stopping the US getting screwed by its enemies but they’re very good at playing political games in Washington D.C.

Read the Powerline article for the specific list of these assholes and what they’re saying now about Hunter Biden’s laptop in response to follow-up questions. Note also their jobs: there’s no consequences for members of The Establishment.

Another Powerline article sums up the response more accurately

The New York Times expresses no regret because it doesn’t regret what it did. The Times isn’t a newspaper, it is a mouthpiece. Its purpose was obvious. It was the same purpose that animated many other news outlets, Twitter, and the 51 lying spies: they were trying to get Joe Biden elected president.

That effort succeeded. Lying about the laptop was just one of many corners they cut to achieve their desired objective, but poll data suggest that it was one of the most important. If voters had realized how demonstrably corrupt Joe Biden is–no one has ever bribed Hunter Biden–polls suggest that Donald Trump would have been re-elected. Liberal news outlets are proud of the fact that they acted together to prevent that awful possibility. If it took some lies to accomplish the mission, so what?

Thus, I attribute little significance to the New York Times’ casual acknowledgement that it blew the Hunter laptop story–really, it blew the 2020 election, if you think the Times is trying to report objectively on the news. But of course no one thinks that. For the Times, Twitter, and countless other liberal institutions, their lies about Joe Biden and Donald Trump accomplished the intended mission. There will be no apologies, no regrets–only, behind the scenes, discreet high fives.

The same is true of every person around the world who supported Joe Biden.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 21, 2022 at 7:42 am


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The media is not working because in so many ways they have been “BOUGHT”, not brought as many might use in error.

In a worldwide media offensive where the people who instead of getting real news from reputable journalists imbued with a belief their main mission is to “Keep the bastards honest”. In a major sellout of principles instigated by political and corporate pressure merely receive a carefully massaged stream of manipulation.

Today it has emerged that The New York Times, once regarded as a veritable source of the truth closed down all investigative moves into the growing consensus that the Wuflu originated in the Wuhan institute of virology then was released deliberately or inadvertently to embroil the entire world in a “pandemic”. Today the dam is cracking and slowly senior editors and journalists are admitting that in response to commercial pressure from the Chicoms their investigations became strangled at birth and then shut down entirely.

Of course there is a parallel and contemporaneous line of thinking that leaders throughout the globe have acted in a serious overreaction to the virus that has demonstrated a potential to hasten the ending of life for a few who were well on the road to eternity anyway. That said there are reports of a young male dieing in Sydney today but naturally in the gulf of incompetence I have zero information as to what degree The Rona contributed, , it just may be the unfortunate person was seriously compromised but that does not fit the narrative

A well used quote suggests the first casualty in war is truth and in this war being waged by socialism against wealth creators everywhere, that fact is a part of information dissemination every day.

Of course the fact that early in the emerging WUflu spreading Trump calling it ‘China virus”. and attempting to end cross border traffic from mainland China were lept upon by almost all MSM as reasons to support the information offensive from Xi and communist China. As always The truth tends to escape the net eventually and it appears in his nothing has changed.

Written by Gravedodger

August 4, 2021 at 7:31 pm

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Kiwis have been intercepted while raining down.

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At some stage the fading New York Times may like to explain what the story was behind the following story, which has now been retracted.

I can only assume that it was simply a test article for some new journalist to practice on, but clearly they pushed the wrong button and it ended up on the NYT website.

Naturally it was pulled fairly quickly but not before the smartasses of the Interweb got a screenshot of it, and of course it never got close to the dead tree version because that side of the business still has some checks and balances, even if sub-editors are now thin on the ground in an effort to contain costs.

That last is wrong of course; this would be a fantastic story were it true. I am reminded of many aspects of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy but the following is probably the most accurate here:

Arthur Dent: What happens if I press this button?

Ford Prefect: I wouldn’t do…

Arthur Dent: Oh!

Ford Prefect: What happened?

Arthur Dent: A sign lit up, saying ‘Please do not press this button again.”

Perhaps the NYT should think of installing that last feature for all their journalists.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 10, 2021 at 9:06 am

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Die MSM, Die – A blast from their lying past

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Anybody who has followed US politics over the last few decades will remember a minor kerfuffle that occurred during the 1992 Presidential election.

Earlier that year the GOP primaries were happening and while not as exciting as the Democrat ones, because the incumbent President usually has no real challengers, people did pay some attention.

While conducting one of the usual election campaign photo opportunities President Bush dropped by a National Grocers Association convention in Orlando. One of the exhibits Bush visited was a demonstration of NCR’s checkout scanning technology, and he’s seen here at that point.

Following the triumph of Desert Storm, Bush was still riding reasonably high in the polls, even if they had declined a bit as a shallow recession appeared in late 1991 and pushed on into early 1992. But like most incumbent Presidents he was expected to win, so much so that several Democrat heavy hitters decided not to run that year, leaving the field to unknowns like some guy from Arkansas called Bill Clinton.

Still, the recession was seen as Bush’s weak spot and the Democrats began to chew away on this, along with their faithful lackey, The New York Times. The chosen narrative was that Bush didn’t really care about ordinary people, which was why he wasn’t doing anything to end the recession, so the idea was to produce endless articles showing how he was “out of touch” with the average American after decades in Washington D.C.

As you can see from the MSM coverage today of the current POTUS, an even more long-term incumbent of Washington D.C., narratives can be turned 180 degrees when the political and ideological need arises.

So when this photo and story appeared it was a gift to the NYT, and one of their lead reporters jumped all over it:

Today, for instance, [Bush] emerged from 11 years in Washington’s choicest executive mansions to confront the modern supermarket.Visiting the exhibition hall of the National Grocers Association convention here, Mr. Bush lingered at the mock-up of a checkout lane. He signed his name on an electronic pad used to detect check forgeries.

“If some guy came in and spelled George Bush differently, could you catch it?” the President asked. “Yes,” he was told, and he shook his head in wonder.

Some grocery stores began using electronic scanners as early as 1976, and the devices have been in general use in American supermarkets for a decade.

Because the NYT was regarded as the lead on any story, this one gave other editorial writers the chance to pile on and amplify the narrative (always an essential part of a propaganda campaign), like the Boston Globe

President Bush, according to reporters who followed him around Tuesday at the National Grocers Association convention in Orlando, Fla., had never before seen a supermarket cash register on which the name of the item and its price flashed on a screen when the item was dragged across an electronic scanner.

The scanner was introduced at supermarket checkouts in 1980, the year Bush was elected vice president, and is just one of the many aspects of everyday life from which a president (or vice president) is shielded in the private life of public office.

As opposed to this cool guy and his trumpet saxophone.

Then a small piece of truth emerged:

Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times hadn’t even been present at the grocers’ convention. He based his article on a two-paragraph report filed by the lone pool newspaperman allowed to cover the event, Gregg McDonald of the Houston Chronicle, who merely wrote that Bush had a “look of wonder” on his face and didn’t find the event significant enough to mention in his own story.

Moreover, Bush had good reason to express wonder: He wasn’t being shown then-standard scanner technology, but a new type of scanner that could weigh groceries and read mangled and torn bar codes.

Bob Graham of NCR, who demonstrated the scanner technology for President Bush, said, “It’s foolish to think the president doesn’t know anything about grocery stores. He knew exactly what I was talking about.”

But by the time this truth leaked out it didn’t matter because it was buried on the back pages with one-time printing and then forgotten. To be fair there were some other MSM sources in the day that were more honest and less partisan than the Globe, NYT and others:

Newsweek screened the same tape and reported: “Bush acts curious and polite, but hardly amazed.” Michael Duffy of Time magazine called the whole thing “completely insignificant as a news event. It was prosaic, polite talk, and Bush is expert at that. If anything, he was bored.” 

Those semi-balanced days seem even longer ago than 1992.

But despite the likes of Time and Newsweek, The Narrative had multiple front-pages and therefore stuck – which was the intention of the NYT and other Democrat-supporting MSM sources. In fact it stuck so well that it’s still repeated, as it was with an ordinary 2009 NYT story about the history of the bar code scanner:

They even played a role in the 1992 presidential race, when then-PresidentGeorge H. W. Bush, at a campaign stop, seemed surprised by what had already become a technological staple of everyday life.

Also with a scathing NYT attack on John McCain about his supposed ludditism in 2008:

She even does my boarding passes – people can do that now,” Mr. McCain marveled. “When we go to the movies, she gets the tickets ahead of time. It’s incredible.”

Mr. McCain’s sense of wonder evoked the episode in the early 1990s when George H.W. Bush became overly impressed upon seeing a price scanner at a supermarket check-out counter.

As opposed to this cool guy and his Blackberry.

Yes, you’re seeing yet another standard pattern in the MSM, all the way to Cool Britannia and our own “Youth Adjacent” PM.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 18, 2021 at 12:47 pm