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Half Measures

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The following is from some NZ MSM source. I’ve removed the word, “allegedly”.

“I need justice for my brother,” Patel’s sister told the Weekend Herald via an intermediary last night.

Mourners are set to gather tonight for a candlelit vigil near the scene of the death of Patel — a man remembered as a “cherished loved one” — as shock waves about the “heinous” fatal stabbing continue to be felt in communities throughout the country.

Patel died on Wednesday night after being stabbed by a man who stole a cash register from the Rose Cottage Superette.

He was fatally injured after following the robber and then getting into an altercation with him about 100m from the store.

Six months ago the Government set up a $6 million fund to protect businesses from violent robbery – but less than a quarter of that fund has been used.

Police have committed $1.488m for assessments and installations. So far 240 stores have been contacted by officers, but just seven stores have had work fully completed.

The “work” includes such things as fog cannons. No word on whether leaflets will be printed and distributed containing the following advice from a 16 year career cop who is now in charge of the new National Retail Investigation Support Unit:

“We know this from speaking to offenders, that if they’re greeted at the door it has a large deterrent effect on them

I don’t think this is convincing the actual dairy owners:

Meanwhile, among retailers, another slaying of one of their own cuts deep.

Christchurch dairy owner Mukesh Patel has decided to shut his dairy and leave the country entirely.

We are not here to be killed. We will probably go back home.”

The Kiwi corner dairy is no longer a safe or successful option.

The following is from some famous TV series. Somehow it feels more real than all of the above.


Written by Tom Hunter

November 26, 2022 at 1:27 pm

Sixteen years stopping crime

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“We know this from speaking to offenders, that if they’re greeted at the door it has a large deterrent effect on them

I’d really much prefer to write about the USA, but there are times – seemingly more frequent with every passing day – when I feel I have to write about my home country.

Especially when it involves stuff that is even very localised and that “stuff” is violent street crime, as the son of one next door neighbour experienced and more recently the daughter of our other next door neighbour, who was attacked by a small gang of Pasifika girls for her cellphone. Despite CCTV video there have not even been any arrests, let alone prosecutions.

I should note that these people are Labour voters all – or at least they were.

That was a few months ago and I must admit that these violent attacks have been reduced since then – but only because word spread fast, and teenagers, especially Pakeha or Asian teenagers, are not out on the streets at night as they have been for years. Walking home from a party in the “quiet” streets of our rather wealthy neighbourhood (as our neighbour’s son was when he was attacked), or using the train station at the wrong time of day (the neighbour’s daughter’s experience), is not happening.

Fewer targets, less crime. Now give me my PhD in Criminology and Policing.

But aside from that things have actually got worse since then, at least judging by the car rammings (the latest fun thing it seems), car thefts and outright vandalism of cars too tough to steal (two of ours parked out front).

None of the events above were seen in our MSM, not even the free, local rag. They’re just not that important. Instead you have to go to groups on things like Facebook and Neighbourly to see this and read the details.


So you’ll be pleased to hear that in response to these events – at least the shop attacks – the NZ Police have set up something called the National Retail Investigation Support Unit, and they’ve put in charge of it a cop with sixteen years of experience. This is one of his early pieces of advice (and I’m not linking to the MSM site that has this quote because I want them to burn to the ground):

A simple ‘hello’ may stop thieves in their tracks, according to a retail crime prevention expert who says small businesses need to get creative about how they thwart thefts and ramraids.

“We know this from speaking to offenders, that if they’re greeted at the door it has a large deterrent effect on them,” says Matthew Tierney, manager of the police’s National Retail Investigation Support Unit.

This is a cop speaking. A senior cop. Not some hand-wringing Lefty “criminologist” or Lefty activist or Lefty politician.

What chance then of picking up the hope of “Gerard Murphy” about the 2023 election? Fire this cop? Fire Coster and about three or four layers of Police management below him, as if trying to wipe out Foot and Mouth disease?

I don’t see how else a new National-led government – however well-intentioned – can change things otherwise. Yet I can’t see any government doing this to the NZ Police, anymore than they will do it to other government departments.

For a short time in America I worked with a woman who had a phrase that I have since picked up for situations such as these. It was always uttered in a tired, unheated manner when we encountered some fresh disaster in the IT areas of our clients.

“Fucked and Re-Fucked”

Written by Tom Hunter

October 30, 2022 at 2:16 pm

Ardern government’s authoritarianism reaches new high (or low)

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The news this morning that the police manipulated stolen vehicle reporting data to illegally and unlawfully access private tracking and tracing systems should worry all of us, at least those of us who still value individual liberty, freedom and the rule of law. If you’re an Establishment type, then I guess the means justifies the ends. If you’re that person, then perhaps you should stop reading from hereon.

To recap: This story outlines the background of a woman, or women, who was/were granted exemptions to travel to Northland during the Delta outbreak last year. Essentially, as Granny outlined in October last year:

Northland will move to level 3 tonight after a woman used false information to obtain travel documents and spent several days in the region.

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said the confirmed case travelled from Auckland to Northland and had been to several places, warranting the change.

And it’s believed she was travelling with another woman who authorities have yet to locate.

A reporter at a hastily arranged press conference said they had been told the woman is a sex worker but Hipkins said he could not confirm that – he had not been briefed that was the case.

He said he was incredibly disappointed at the events which have led to Northland being placed into level 3.

“Updated information provided by the police today shows the case moved extensively around Northland after travelling there on October 2,” Hipkins said.

A manhunt commenced, these outlaws were guilty of being unhealthy and forging documents to spread their diseases! Off with their head.

But the truth shall prevail.

Documents that were meant to be declined were mistakenly approved.

The case of three women who travelled from Auckland to Northland hit headlines in October 2021 in the midst of a Delta outbreak – but new documents released under the Official Information Act finally outline the truth behind the saga, and the reason Northland was put into lockdown.

The OIA papers show the women – who had earlier been blamed for using “false information” to get travel permits – had no links to gangs and weren’t sex workers, as had been suggested.

Among the documents released is a summary of a police investigation into the women which found “no offence” and no “deception” in obtaining the travel documents.

So not only no offence, but no false information given, with the travel permit being issued in error. But the story gets worse. It turns out the police, in their valiant attempt at tracking down two dirty, unhealthy, disease-ridden citizens accessed private CCTV footage by, well, lying:

Police falsely reported cars as stolen to gain access to powerful databases that record number plates when hunting for the women whose travel sparked the Northland Covid-19 lockdown last October.

Detectives identified the cars associated with the women then listed the vehicles as stolen which opened access to Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems operated by two private-sector companies with a massive network of CCTV cameras.

Those companies – Auror and Safer Cities – operate cameras across petrol stations, shopping malls, big box stores, supermarkets and other shared public spaces.

A lawyer says revelations that police falsely reported a car stolen to gain access to private companies’ CCTV camera networks could undermine trust and cause information holders to question whether future requests from police were legitimate and lawful.

I literally have no words. This is nothing short of egregious and despicable. Not only have the police, aka the State, accessed private data unlawfully, they did so for basically a couple of women who not only had done nothing wrong, but were just a bit sick from a virus.

As readers will know, I have been utterly dismayed and disgusted by this country’s digressions from the rule of law during Covid. It is the most disheartening episode I can recall in my 50-odd years of living. The police march on the parliamentary protestors was the darkest day in this country’s history since the Springbok tour, all of it backed by both Ardern and Luxon. As far as I’m concerned, they’re both plagues on this country’s health, more that Covid ever was. And this revelation about the actions of the police is just icing on the cake, or rather, another very sour pill to swallow.

Written by Nick K

September 27, 2022 at 7:25 pm

The beatings will continue until lessons are learned!

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I’m sometimes tempted by the thought that a Labour/Green government should be elected in 2023 so that we can really test all their ideas to destruction.

But then I think of places like 1930’s Germany and 1990’s Venezuela where people voted for ideas they thought would be great for their countries which, filled with easily re-distributed wealth and arts and culture, would be secure against policy mistakes – safe in the knowledge that “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.”, as Adam Smith once declared to a student.

Over the last few years, in my part of Auckland, there has been a lot of new state housing built; solid 1940’s wooden houses on large sections replaced by six or more modern two-story units. They look nice – so far. There are a lot more cars on the road and a lot more people around. All sorts of people. In the neighbouring suburbs there has been a large jump in all sorts of crime. The ram raids, stabbings and shootings make the news. What doesn’t are the “small” crimes involving teenagers and others being held up by knives or fists in the near-East suburbs.

We were aware of all of this via the local Facebook and Neighbourly websites but it really struck home a couple of months ago when the teenage son of our next door neighbour got punched out while walking home on our quiet streets with his girlfriend from a party late on a Saturday night. Two cars pulled over beside them, several guys jumped out and laid into him. They did at least leave his girlfriend alone even as she called the cops and an ambulance, so he was able to find out what had happened when he regained consciousness a few hours later in hospital. Luckily he suffered no major injuries but of course there’s no more such late night walks for him – or for many others of our kids as word spread fast. The attack was entirely random. Nobody has been arrested nor do we expect anybody will be.

People always ask how things like this can just start happening, and in this case I’m sure we’re looking at gang recruitment; “prove yourself to us”.

But there are plenty of examples from overseas, starting with Minneapolis. I knew only one thing about that smallish, Mid-Western city when I was growing up watching American TV in NZ:

Yeah, the hat throw in the intro to The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So iconic that the city put up a statue of it decades ago, which may almost be as popular as the ones for local hero George Floyd. Now the state’s Supreme Court has ordered the city to start hiring police officers to build up to the number legally required by city ordinances to meet legal requirements:

I’ve asked who in his right mind would go to work for the department. The Star Tribune is singing from the Beatles songbook: “Nothing’s gonna change my world.” At least the song comes with a mantra to soothe the troubled soul.

But I was also reminded of the following story from the USA, located in, of all places, a post by retired Law Professor Ann Althouse early in 2021 when she commented on seeing the Oscar-winning movie, Nomadland, “For people whose only home is a vehicle, the knock is a visceral, even existential, threat. How do you avoid it?”.

The movie is about an aging homeless woman who lives in an old van (“I’m not homeless. I’m just houseless.”) and travels around America seeking whatever work and comfort she can find. It was a story from one of her commentators that struck me in its similarities to the worsening crime situation in Auckland:

Until last year I lived in a neighborhood which used to be nice. Then, mysteriously, it began to fill with trash. My wife and I would walk the dog, and she would spend the walk picking up trash. Every day. I gave up.

Drug needles appeared on the ground. Our cars were broken into while parked in front of our house. Our trash and recycling would be rummaged through at night and we’d have to clean up the mess in the morning. Vehicles would park in a nearby side street and sit there until the cops came. They were replaced by more.

Finally, we moved. While our house was on the market someone broke in and left used needles in the toilet. Twice. It’s a great selling point for potential buyers.

In the new neighborhood, my wife doesn’t have to pick up trash on our daily walks. The worst thing we’ve had to deal with was someone leaving dog poop on the lawn. I do not believe in turning the homeless into a class of people who cannot be criticized. There’s nothing about being homeless that requires you to leave trash everywhere. There’s nothing that requires taking drugs. Or breaking into cars and houses.

I suspect, however, that people who are neat and law-abiding don’t tend to become homeless. I’ve worked a lot of minimum wage jobs and restaurant jobs, and I was always able to at least rent a room. What’s really being pushed by homeless activists is a lifestyle choice where the homeless are free of all social obligations- work, family, and community. It’s an antisocial way of life that harms other people. Homeless people aren’t disliked because they are houseless. It’s the trash and crime they create. They make life worse for the people around them.

But you can’t say any of this in public anymore. If you do, you are a privileged jerk because you want to live in a clean neighborhood while so many people are living in squalor.

Of course the idea where I live is that building lots of houses will obviously cure homelessness and thus reduce poverty and crime. So far the evidence is exactly the opposite. But it’s early days yet. As I said, the new houses look nice. My Chicago-born wife mutters “ghettos” as she drives through the areas.

At the last neighbourhood meeting in our area to discuss further housing developments, both public and private, that will quadruple the concentration of people living there, the authorities present suggested to the people who turned up that every effort would be made to educate them out of their various fears.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 28, 2022 at 6:00 am

The Vax Police

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Since a couple of months ago when a friend sent me an article from Stuff, stating that some 17% of NZ Police Officers were unvaccinated, I’ve wondered what progress the government had made in forcing them to do so.

I very much doubted that we would see the same level of coercion applied as in other sectors, where even doctors and nurses have been dismissed. The government, especially a Left-wing government, may claim that state healthcare is vital, but it is the Police and the Army that all states preserve at all costs.

As it happens there have been some updates:

All police officers and recruits must have had their first Covid jab by January 17 and their second vaccine by March 1 in order to keep their jobs. 

New Zealand Police said 94.1 per cent of constabulary staff have had their first jab, while 89.5 per cent are fully vaccinated as of December 7

Slow progress. It means that around 600 cops risk losing their jobs next month if they don’t get the first jab and another 400 if they do not get the second jab by March.

It’s not something that the Government should take lightly,’ an unvaccinated police officer, who has not been named, told the newspaper.

‘Even losing a couple hundred sworn staff will have a massive impact. There’ll be major ramifications.

‘Skills come with time, knowledge you can generate yourself but there’s no substitute for experience.’ 

Given that crime is increasing, especially in Auckland, and especially with gangs, you do have to wonder what’s going to happen? Aside from the usual Mongrel Mob-Black Power scuffles there have been some very shady incidents occurring recently in the wealthy, Eastern suburbs of Auckland that may be related to the Comancheros gang built on the experiences of the so-called “501” criminals booted to NZ from Australia. Related in that there has been a spate of street robberies and other attacks involving knives that may have been recruitment challenges by the gang for teenage youth.

Since these attacks have been on streets like St Heliers Bay Road and Tamaki Drive, some of the wealthiest areas of the nation, and given that the Comancheros appear to have bought a house in St Heliers, people in the Eastern suburbs are increasingly worried. The attacks it should be noted, rarely appear in the MSM but are seen in online groups like Neighbourly and Facebook suburban communities where residents talk of a son or daughter confronted, threatened and robbed (no rapes – yet) and streams of Harley Davidson’s abreast across Tamaki Drive with not a cop in sight,

With the massive increase in state housing in the area that started years ago under the National Party and focused on near-East areas like Point England and Glen Innes, people are also wondering whether the problems of Kāinga Ora highlighted in other parts of NZ are also turning up here, as well as supplying the gangs with new recruitment pools.

Losing a thousand officers, or even half that number, would not be good in this environment.

I was reminded of all this by the following story from my old home town, Why are Police Officers Refusing the Vax?. It’s not just NZ:

… they question the efficacy of the jab and believe that public health officials and other government officials have simply gone too far. “My body; my choice” has become a semi-ironic rallying cry among those who want to retain their medical freedom — whether its police officers or employees of small and large businesses facing mandates.

One Chicago police lieutenant who spoke to the Chicago Tribune under the condition of anonymity said: “I would sooner resign than be forced to get the vaccine.”

“Last year, when the riots were going on and the city’s burning, they were putting us 50 people deep on a CTA bus and driving us around,” he continued. “They made us work 12-hour days for 40 days straight, with no days off. That’s our job. That’s what we did. And people are now forgetting about that.”

Chicago’s crime is on a different scale to Auckland of course, but as I’ve pointed out, the same ideological ideas about “reforming” our systems of police and justice that are driving the rapidly increasing rates of violent crime in the US, and especially in Deep Blue cities like Chicago (which are basically One Party places), are appearing here in NZ, from pressure for reduced charges to light sentences to reduced prison numbers.

The numbers of unvaxxed cops are similar also:

Since Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s directive went into effect, 84% of Chicago police have reported their vaccination status on the city’s official portal. The anonymous lieutenant is among the 23% of who reported they are not fully vaccinated.

I fear that the phrase I may hear from this government at some point will be that of the Pentagon, that the goal has been achieved with “acceptable collateral damage“.


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Not merely disturbing, it would appear the claims of self and others about the politicisation of the once apolitical Police Corps is no longer a supposition by those dismayed at the way New Zealand is diving into a very dark place. It seems they are now proven to be an armed and government supported adjunct to the NZ Labour Party currently governing alone.

You do not need to be a supporter of Cameron Slater, creator of The Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog now defunct and replaced by the BFD News, to be seriously alarmed at the revelations on the BFD Blog this morning.

An administration very quick to call out criticisms from wherever they come as misinformation and untruths currently led by a very thinskinned front person masquerading as the Prime Minister and leader of a party that never lies and continually claims they have the sole source of truth emanating from the Podium in a no longer constant flow of Labour propaganda.

Just don your open mind if you still retain possession of one, click on the link and read the Post titled:

“Police Admit to Surveilling The BFD”

With a chilling sub header:

Ominously Named “Scanning and Targeting Team” Reported Us for “Anti Govt” Sentiment.


With the Media in their pocket, a Speaker so openly biased and an integral component of the scrutiny-denying in the ‘peoples’ Parliament, oppositions effectively silenced and denigrated, the Ardern outfit seem to need the Police Service (advisedly) to run a now exposed surveillance effort on their behalf. Leaves one wondering what the SIS are doing behind their legislated protections.

Note to Plod, please do not break “my” door down, it is invariably unlocked anyway and will be willingly opened should the need arise, I still consider “I” live in a civil society despite the open provocations abounding to the contrary.

Written by Gravedodger

December 11, 2021 at 7:41 am

Not the way their lives should end

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Over at Chris Trotter’s blog, Bowalley Road, he recently had a post on the problems that state housing provider Kāinga Ora (KO) is having with “unruly tenants”.

Specifically the problems they’re having with gang members terrorising their neighbours, often very aged neighbours, and the seemingly complete inability of KO to do anything about it. Chris claims that it’s a case of the Labour Minister, Poto Williams, being “entirely captured by her officials”.

No! It is the entirely logical outcome of a modern Left-wing approach to crime that sees criminals as merely a by-product of a bad society, who cannot and should not be punished further.

To that end I saw a comment there from one “Swordfish”, which Chris did not publish but advised to be taken to reporters. Being somewhat familiar with the commentator I tracked him down to his blog, Subzero Politics (which I don’t frequent), and specifically the story of his parents and KO. I won’t re-produce the whole thing here but hopefully the NZ blogosphere will spread this wide enough that the MSM might take an interest in it. It’s horrifying.

My Parents (aged 90 & 91) have been forced to endure 4 years of constant, prolonged violent intimidation and extreme anti-social behaviour (the latter including being very regularly kept awake until dawn, sometimes over 2 or 3 consecutive days) from the Kainga Ora tenant on the other side of their dividing-wall in a two-house Unit (My Parents have lived in their house for almost 60 years & have owned it since the 1970s).

His parents have been driven into a very poor state of health as a result of all this, largely coming from one man, with assistance from an occasional friend of his. “Swordfish” has kept a detailed diary of events and there have been multiple calls to the Police.

Based on my diary entires, my Parents have suffered precisely 116 – let me repeat that … 116 !!! – really large-scale explosions of violent intimidation since their neighbouring tenant arrived in late 2017. Together with several hundred mid-level, more minor & sporadic acts of violence & intimidation. The latter occur on an almost daily basis, except when he is away. This tenant has always been very violent & aggressive in his everyday behaviour, clearly a deeply-ingrained facet of his personality. 

These have involved violent confrontations with others, sometimes out on the street, with what can only be described as insane behaviour inside his own house, which apparently shares a concrete brick wall with the parents. In the last three years his rage has been directly aimed at the parents.

In the very worst of the Major Explosions (and there have been 7 of these = out of 18), in the midst of his multi-hour intimidation, he has gone right along their fenceline, down to their letterbox & driveway, aggressively strutting back & forth straight outside their house, violently swearing & making loud threats – just the most blatant violent intimidation – interspersed with loud declarations of dominance / fighting prowess (essentially Maori Warrior-style ‘Proclaiming’) … and on 3 separate occasions he has actually rushed onto their front lawn in the middle of his explosion & vandalised their property (in one of the worst cases, for instance, smashing their concrete fence with a sledgehammer at 2am.

But there’s been plenty going on inside his house, at all hours of the day. “Swordfish” lists some of these activities, including:

1) Uber-Violent slamming into the dividing-wall with full force (punching, thumping, pounding and full body-slamming)

(2) Throwing very heavy objects or weights at the dividing-wall with full force (we don’t know exactly what the objects are but the noise is always so shocking that it sounds like some kind of heavy steel builder’s tool or similar … like something really heavy & substantial being thrown or slammed into the wall with full force … like he’s trying to smash a hole right through the dividing-wall … just makes my Parents jump 10 feet in the air with total shock)

(3) Driving large or heavy objects (presumably the same things as above) into the bedroom floorboards with all his strength

(4) Doing very aggressive haka-like stomping in the bedroom right next to the dividing-wall with full force … clearly aiming to scare & intimidate.

Twice his parents were so terrified that they fled to their neighbours across the road to phone the cops.

To me, one of the saddest aspects is the following:

My Parents are not only lifelong Labour voters but also long-term Party members with a long family history in the Labour Movement … they’ve been viciously betrayed by this Govt … having voted Left all my life, I swung into Non-Voting at the last Election.

I cannot help thinking this is the experience of many older Labour voters (and in the USA, older Democrat voters), who do not realise just how fundamentally their Left-wing parties have changed. These sad old people have been let down by almost every arm of the government (save the healthcare system) in every way in their twilight years. If even the cops are powerless then what hope is there for these people, and many others like them, judging by other stories?

What a hell of a way to end up and it will not just be Left-wingers who end up being betrayed. I can only hope that I’ll have enough wealth in my latter days that I won’t be reduced to depending on our governments in any way in the future.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 30, 2021 at 10:15 am

You can start practicing now

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Using this online version of the game, Papers Please.

Whichever side of the fence you’re going to be on, the one presenting the papers or the one examining them.

The NZ Police might like to consider letting their officers play this game so they can be ready for work on the Southern and Northern borders of Auckland city.

You play the role of a serious man – an inspector on the border between countries that are enemies. The events take place in 1982 in a fictional state Arstotzka. The main character gets the job on the border and controls the immigration process. All the migrants are trying to enter the territory of your country, but not all of them do. The reason is pretty simple – after the war ended, the enemies keep on trying to sneak on these territories. Each day, they will enter your office one by one, showing their documents, and trying to convince you that they can be trusted. Be careful – the task is to distinguish evil guys from ordinary people, keep the villains away, and let people enter. The more migrants you check, the higher you rating becomes. Not only you grow as a professional and get more chances to become the best worker. Also, you receive in-game cash for every session. This cash is spendable and you are the one to decide how to use them. The choice is yours!

Written by Tom Hunter

October 22, 2021 at 5:00 pm

The world designed by Monty Python

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While I don’t take a lot of notice of what’s happening in New Zealand there are some stories that are just so great they spread like wildfire – even as far as my rellies in Chicago, who wet themselves laughing at what our “gangs” get up to.

And thus:

Two people have been arrested after allegedly trying to cross the border into Auckland with $100,000 in cash and a “boot full” of KFC.

If I had told anyone a few years ago that at some point in the near future the New Zealand police would be chasing gang cars full of illegally transported Kentucky Fried Chicken around country roads you’d have just laughed and said it’s a great plot line for Hot Fuzz II.

Yeah, there was a $100k in cash as well and I’d bet that the Bros were bringing that up from their Waikato drug deals when their cuzzies told them that they might as well fill up on KFC as well.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 21, 2021 at 10:02 am


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On TV One 6.00 news a story on the Far North District Council having their traffic wardens issue $200 infringement notices for vehicles failing to display current registration stickers and/or current warrants of fitness. Yes, unregistered/unwarranted vehicles are the norm in the Far North, particularly in Kaikohe, where TV One filmed the segment, and yes, action is needed to get these vehicles off the road.

But enforcement action is clearly the job of the Police, trained, paid and mandated to carry this out. Not traffic wardens who could be putting themselves at risk of harm by upset ferals.

Yes, I know the Police don’t see this as a priority but we’re getting into really dangerous territory when action like this is seen as the answer when the real answer is for the Police to do the job they are trained, paid and mandated to do.

New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

July 4, 2021 at 10:37 pm

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