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The Vax Police

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Since a couple of months ago when a friend sent me an article from Stuff, stating that some 17% of NZ Police Officers were unvaccinated, I’ve wondered what progress the government had made in forcing them to do so.

I very much doubted that we would see the same level of coercion applied as in other sectors, where even doctors and nurses have been dismissed. The government, especially a Left-wing government, may claim that state healthcare is vital, but it is the Police and the Army that all states preserve at all costs.

As it happens there have been some updates:

All police officers and recruits must have had their first Covid jab by January 17 and their second vaccine by March 1 in order to keep their jobs. 

New Zealand Police said 94.1 per cent of constabulary staff have had their first jab, while 89.5 per cent are fully vaccinated as of December 7

Slow progress. It means that around 600 cops risk losing their jobs next month if they don’t get the first jab and another 400 if they do not get the second jab by March.

It’s not something that the Government should take lightly,’ an unvaccinated police officer, who has not been named, told the newspaper.

‘Even losing a couple hundred sworn staff will have a massive impact. There’ll be major ramifications.

‘Skills come with time, knowledge you can generate yourself but there’s no substitute for experience.’ 

Given that crime is increasing, especially in Auckland, and especially with gangs, you do have to wonder what’s going to happen? Aside from the usual Mongrel Mob-Black Power scuffles there have been some very shady incidents occurring recently in the wealthy, Eastern suburbs of Auckland that may be related to the Comancheros gang built on the experiences of the so-called “501” criminals booted to NZ from Australia. Related in that there has been a spate of street robberies and other attacks involving knives that may have been recruitment challenges by the gang for teenage youth.

Since these attacks have been on streets like St Heliers Bay Road and Tamaki Drive, some of the wealthiest areas of the nation, and given that the Comancheros appear to have bought a house in St Heliers, people in the Eastern suburbs are increasingly worried. The attacks it should be noted, rarely appear in the MSM but are seen in online groups like Neighbourly and Facebook suburban communities where residents talk of a son or daughter confronted, threatened and robbed (no rapes – yet) and streams of Harley Davidson’s abreast across Tamaki Drive with not a cop in sight,

With the massive increase in state housing in the area that started years ago under the National Party and focused on near-East areas like Point England and Glen Innes, people are also wondering whether the problems of Kāinga Ora highlighted in other parts of NZ are also turning up here, as well as supplying the gangs with new recruitment pools.

Losing a thousand officers, or even half that number, would not be good in this environment.

I was reminded of all this by the following story from my old home town, Why are Police Officers Refusing the Vax?. It’s not just NZ:

… they question the efficacy of the jab and believe that public health officials and other government officials have simply gone too far. “My body; my choice” has become a semi-ironic rallying cry among those who want to retain their medical freedom — whether its police officers or employees of small and large businesses facing mandates.

One Chicago police lieutenant who spoke to the Chicago Tribune under the condition of anonymity said: “I would sooner resign than be forced to get the vaccine.”

“Last year, when the riots were going on and the city’s burning, they were putting us 50 people deep on a CTA bus and driving us around,” he continued. “They made us work 12-hour days for 40 days straight, with no days off. That’s our job. That’s what we did. And people are now forgetting about that.”

Chicago’s crime is on a different scale to Auckland of course, but as I’ve pointed out, the same ideological ideas about “reforming” our systems of police and justice that are driving the rapidly increasing rates of violent crime in the US, and especially in Deep Blue cities like Chicago (which are basically One Party places), are appearing here in NZ, from pressure for reduced charges to light sentences to reduced prison numbers.

The numbers of unvaxxed cops are similar also:

Since Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s directive went into effect, 84% of Chicago police have reported their vaccination status on the city’s official portal. The anonymous lieutenant is among the 23% of who reported they are not fully vaccinated.

I fear that the phrase I may hear from this government at some point will be that of the Pentagon, that the goal has been achieved with “acceptable collateral damage“.


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Not merely disturbing, it would appear the claims of self and others about the politicisation of the once apolitical Police Corps is no longer a supposition by those dismayed at the way New Zealand is diving into a very dark place. It seems they are now proven to be an armed and government supported adjunct to the NZ Labour Party currently governing alone.

You do not need to be a supporter of Cameron Slater, creator of The Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog now defunct and replaced by the BFD News, to be seriously alarmed at the revelations on the BFD Blog this morning.

An administration very quick to call out criticisms from wherever they come as misinformation and untruths currently led by a very thinskinned front person masquerading as the Prime Minister and leader of a party that never lies and continually claims they have the sole source of truth emanating from the Podium in a no longer constant flow of Labour propaganda.

Just don your open mind if you still retain possession of one, click on the link and read the Post titled:

“Police Admit to Surveilling The BFD”

With a chilling sub header:

Ominously Named “Scanning and Targeting Team” Reported Us for “Anti Govt” Sentiment.


With the Media in their pocket, a Speaker so openly biased and an integral component of the scrutiny-denying in the ‘peoples’ Parliament, oppositions effectively silenced and denigrated, the Ardern outfit seem to need the Police Service (advisedly) to run a now exposed surveillance effort on their behalf. Leaves one wondering what the SIS are doing behind their legislated protections.

Note to Plod, please do not break “my” door down, it is invariably unlocked anyway and will be willingly opened should the need arise, I still consider “I” live in a civil society despite the open provocations abounding to the contrary.

Written by Gravedodger

December 11, 2021 at 7:41 am

Not the way their lives should end

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Over at Chris Trotter’s blog, Bowalley Road, he recently had a post on the problems that state housing provider Kāinga Ora (KO) is having with “unruly tenants”.

Specifically the problems they’re having with gang members terrorising their neighbours, often very aged neighbours, and the seemingly complete inability of KO to do anything about it. Chris claims that it’s a case of the Labour Minister, Poto Williams, being “entirely captured by her officials”.

No! It is the entirely logical outcome of a modern Left-wing approach to crime that sees criminals as merely a by-product of a bad society, who cannot and should not be punished further.

To that end I saw a comment there from one “Swordfish”, which Chris did not publish but advised to be taken to reporters. Being somewhat familiar with the commentator I tracked him down to his blog, Subzero Politics (which I don’t frequent), and specifically the story of his parents and KO. I won’t re-produce the whole thing here but hopefully the NZ blogosphere will spread this wide enough that the MSM might take an interest in it. It’s horrifying.

My Parents (aged 90 & 91) have been forced to endure 4 years of constant, prolonged violent intimidation and extreme anti-social behaviour (the latter including being very regularly kept awake until dawn, sometimes over 2 or 3 consecutive days) from the Kainga Ora tenant on the other side of their dividing-wall in a two-house Unit (My Parents have lived in their house for almost 60 years & have owned it since the 1970s).

His parents have been driven into a very poor state of health as a result of all this, largely coming from one man, with assistance from an occasional friend of his. “Swordfish” has kept a detailed diary of events and there have been multiple calls to the Police.

Based on my diary entires, my Parents have suffered precisely 116 – let me repeat that … 116 !!! – really large-scale explosions of violent intimidation since their neighbouring tenant arrived in late 2017. Together with several hundred mid-level, more minor & sporadic acts of violence & intimidation. The latter occur on an almost daily basis, except when he is away. This tenant has always been very violent & aggressive in his everyday behaviour, clearly a deeply-ingrained facet of his personality. 

These have involved violent confrontations with others, sometimes out on the street, with what can only be described as insane behaviour inside his own house, which apparently shares a concrete brick wall with the parents. In the last three years his rage has been directly aimed at the parents.

In the very worst of the Major Explosions (and there have been 7 of these = out of 18), in the midst of his multi-hour intimidation, he has gone right along their fenceline, down to their letterbox & driveway, aggressively strutting back & forth straight outside their house, violently swearing & making loud threats – just the most blatant violent intimidation – interspersed with loud declarations of dominance / fighting prowess (essentially Maori Warrior-style ‘Proclaiming’) … and on 3 separate occasions he has actually rushed onto their front lawn in the middle of his explosion & vandalised their property (in one of the worst cases, for instance, smashing their concrete fence with a sledgehammer at 2am.

But there’s been plenty going on inside his house, at all hours of the day. “Swordfish” lists some of these activities, including:

1) Uber-Violent slamming into the dividing-wall with full force (punching, thumping, pounding and full body-slamming)

(2) Throwing very heavy objects or weights at the dividing-wall with full force (we don’t know exactly what the objects are but the noise is always so shocking that it sounds like some kind of heavy steel builder’s tool or similar … like something really heavy & substantial being thrown or slammed into the wall with full force … like he’s trying to smash a hole right through the dividing-wall … just makes my Parents jump 10 feet in the air with total shock)

(3) Driving large or heavy objects (presumably the same things as above) into the bedroom floorboards with all his strength

(4) Doing very aggressive haka-like stomping in the bedroom right next to the dividing-wall with full force … clearly aiming to scare & intimidate.

Twice his parents were so terrified that they fled to their neighbours across the road to phone the cops.

To me, one of the saddest aspects is the following:

My Parents are not only lifelong Labour voters but also long-term Party members with a long family history in the Labour Movement … they’ve been viciously betrayed by this Govt … having voted Left all my life, I swung into Non-Voting at the last Election.

I cannot help thinking this is the experience of many older Labour voters (and in the USA, older Democrat voters), who do not realise just how fundamentally their Left-wing parties have changed. These sad old people have been let down by almost every arm of the government (save the healthcare system) in every way in their twilight years. If even the cops are powerless then what hope is there for these people, and many others like them, judging by other stories?

What a hell of a way to end up and it will not just be Left-wingers who end up being betrayed. I can only hope that I’ll have enough wealth in my latter days that I won’t be reduced to depending on our governments in any way in the future.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 30, 2021 at 10:15 am

You can start practicing now

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Using this online version of the game, Papers Please.

Whichever side of the fence you’re going to be on, the one presenting the papers or the one examining them.

The NZ Police might like to consider letting their officers play this game so they can be ready for work on the Southern and Northern borders of Auckland city.

You play the role of a serious man – an inspector on the border between countries that are enemies. The events take place in 1982 in a fictional state Arstotzka. The main character gets the job on the border and controls the immigration process. All the migrants are trying to enter the territory of your country, but not all of them do. The reason is pretty simple – after the war ended, the enemies keep on trying to sneak on these territories. Each day, they will enter your office one by one, showing their documents, and trying to convince you that they can be trusted. Be careful – the task is to distinguish evil guys from ordinary people, keep the villains away, and let people enter. The more migrants you check, the higher you rating becomes. Not only you grow as a professional and get more chances to become the best worker. Also, you receive in-game cash for every session. This cash is spendable and you are the one to decide how to use them. The choice is yours!

Written by Tom Hunter

October 22, 2021 at 5:00 pm

The world designed by Monty Python

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While I don’t take a lot of notice of what’s happening in New Zealand there are some stories that are just so great they spread like wildfire – even as far as my rellies in Chicago, who wet themselves laughing at what our “gangs” get up to.

And thus:

Two people have been arrested after allegedly trying to cross the border into Auckland with $100,000 in cash and a “boot full” of KFC.

If I had told anyone a few years ago that at some point in the near future the New Zealand police would be chasing gang cars full of illegally transported Kentucky Fried Chicken around country roads you’d have just laughed and said it’s a great plot line for Hot Fuzz II.

Yeah, there was a $100k in cash as well and I’d bet that the Bros were bringing that up from their Waikato drug deals when their cuzzies told them that they might as well fill up on KFC as well.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 21, 2021 at 10:02 am


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On TV One 6.00 news a story on the Far North District Council having their traffic wardens issue $200 infringement notices for vehicles failing to display current registration stickers and/or current warrants of fitness. Yes, unregistered/unwarranted vehicles are the norm in the Far North, particularly in Kaikohe, where TV One filmed the segment, and yes, action is needed to get these vehicles off the road.

But enforcement action is clearly the job of the Police, trained, paid and mandated to carry this out. Not traffic wardens who could be putting themselves at risk of harm by upset ferals.

Yes, I know the Police don’t see this as a priority but we’re getting into really dangerous territory when action like this is seen as the answer when the real answer is for the Police to do the job they are trained, paid and mandated to do.

New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

July 4, 2021 at 10:37 pm

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The media is reporting that the incident where a young female police officer was ‘allegedly’ shot at (ffs … the implication being she possibly made the story up) happened not too far away from where I’m writing this.

I suspect I know the female officer involved. It is a salutatory reminder that criminals are ever more likely to present and use firearms when confronted by police.

But it’s also a graphic reminder that the Arms Act (as amended in 2019) was and remains woke nonsense. Thousands of firearms confiscated from law abiding citizens leaving gangs and other assorted criminal elements cocking their collective snoots.

New Zealand, the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

October 27, 2020 at 7:38 am

The Penny Begins To Drop

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We usually think that the reason that laws are obeyed is that if they’re not we’re going to be punished in some way, starting with regulatory refusals and escalating all the way to the use of armed force by the Police.

Where you sit on that scale is entirely dependent upon the degree to which you are willing to cooperate with the law. The more you resist the State the worse it gets for you.
Certainly the Left, always under the yoke of opppression in our societies, feel all this keenly and thus yearn to be the ones with the power to enforce the laws they want. And in the last three months in New Zealand they’ve had their chance – and then some.
But in fact our entire system of law and order actually relies upon cooperation by we as a people, not on the State’s use or threat of force. We cooperate because the alternative is anarchy of the most primitive sort, as we are now seeing in Minneapolis and other American cities. We cooperate because we collectively think it best to do so.
That theory also works from a utilitarian viewpoint; were we to choose not to obey a law or laws on a mass scale then there is no amount of Police that could stop it, at least not in a free society. In a Police State huge numbers of people can be controlled by very small numbers, but even to reach that point requires the people to be terrorised and murdered in large numbers for years to really have an effect, and the effect never lasts. Such regimes always collapse from the very conditions they enforce.

There was an interesting article published ten years ago in the depth of the GFC that pointed this out, at least from one perspective of financial problems, The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy:

True story: A retired couple I know, Brian and Ilsa, own a home in the Southwest. It’s a pretty house, right on the manicured golf course of their gated community (they’re crazy about golf). 

The only problem is, they bought the house near the top of the market in 2005, and now find themselves underwater. They’ve never missed a mortgage payment — Brian and Ilsa are the kind upright, not to say uptight 60-ish white semi-upper-middle-class couple who follow every rule, fill out every form, comply with every norm

Brian and Ilsa are salt-of-the-earth people: They put four kids through college, they always paid their taxes. The last time Brian broke the law was in 1998: An illegal U-turn on a suburban street.

So they applied to the HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) program to help and after jumping through many paper hoops for three months they get approved. Then they get a letter from the bank saying that they don’t qualify and on top of that, they owe backpayments for the months of reduced rent, plus interest. So they’re depressed and pissed off – although as the writer says:

Now, up to this point, this is just another sob story of the Mortgage Mess—and as sob stories go, up to this point, it’s no big deal.

But then he goes on to point out that something else is going on here:

Brian and Ilsa — the nice upper-middle-class retired couple, who always follow the rules, and never ever break the law — who don’t even cheat on their golf scores — even when they’re playing alone (“Because if you cheat at golf, you’re only cheating yourself”) — have decided to give their bank the middle finger.

They have essentially said, Fuckit.

“We follow the rules, and look where that’s gotten us?” she says, furious and depressed. “Nowhere. They run us around, like lab rats in a cage.”

They decide not to default but to simply keep paying the minimum and dare the bank to foreclose.

But Ilsa is quietly, constantly insisting that they stop paying the mortgage altogether: “Everybody else is doing it—so why shouldn’t we?”

A terrible sentence, when a law-abiding citizen speaks it: Everybody else is doing it — so why don’t we?

Shades of what I wrote about in Middle Class Warfare, but I was also reminded of this while reading the following article by Elle at Homepaddock yesterday, Rules only for the rule-abiding:

Businesses are failing.
Jobs are being lost.
Diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses have been delayed.
People have died and given birth alone.
Funerals, weddings and other gatherings have been restricted.
Rest home residents have been denied visits from family.
People have been prevented from worshiping, playing sport, celebrating and socializing with family and friends.
For more than two months we’ve been severely restricted in what we can do and where, with whom and when we choose to do it.

But thousands of people have been allowed to protest over the death of George Floyd.
That murder was atrocious but it’s no excuse for flouting the Level 2 rules by which  most of us, however unwillingly, have been abiding.

Black lives matter and so do all the lives and livelihoods of everyone else.

If there is no risk from ignoring the rules for a protest, there is absolutely no excuse for keeping us at Level 2 where the rules are obviously only there to curtail the rule-abiding.

Going back to the 2010 article:

TV has given us the illusion that anarchy is people rioting in the streets, smashing car windows and looting every store in sight. But there’s also the polite, quiet, far deadlier anarchy of the core citizenry — the upright citizenry — throwing in the towel and deciding it’s just not worth it anymore.

Heh, when I talked of the Middle Class revolting I didn’t mean this:

A pair of Brooklyn lawyers are facing federal charges for throwing a Molotov cocktail into a New York Police Department cruiser during riots following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

Colinford Mattis, 32, a Princeton graduate and member of a New York community board, and Urooj Rahman, 31, a lawyer and Fordham alumnus who recently lost her job, were arrested and charged with attempting to damage or destroy law-enforcement vehicles on Saturday after a surveillance camera recorded the incident.

Written by Tom Hunter

June 1, 2020 at 9:16 pm


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and I write this post with some trepidation that I might be putting family relationships at risk but my view of the Police has hardened over the last little while.

I should perhaps be a little forgiving of the fiasco that has surrounded the (non) gun buy-back scheme.   The measure was rushed through Parliament without being properly thought through as a knee-jerk reaction to the Christchurch shooting with the Police left with having to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.    So I’ll cut them some slack on that.

But I suspect their heavy-handiness and their non-handiness in response to the Covid-19 lock-down situation has cost them dearly in terms of public support.    First came their tacit endorsement of the setting up of road-blocks by vigilantes; then their apparent designation of gang members as ‘essential workers’ allowing them free movement in the community; that was followed by their clearing of people sitting on the sand (in their bubbles) on Christchurch beaches on a hot day telling them that walking was OK but sitting wasn’t (WTF) and now, the latest revelation that they stood by and took no action when 300 biker gang members flouted the rules to attend a burial service at the Matamata cemetery. 

I’m sorry, the Police really need to get their s**t together and doing away with the odious Deputy Commissioner, Wally Haumaha, would be a good first step although it is acknowledged he is a protected species enjoying the patronage of one WRP.    

Written by The Veteran

May 18, 2020 at 2:16 am

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Our Bill of Rights is a joke

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Before the Public Health Response Bill was made law, various government departments took a look at it from various angles, and the Ministry of Health’s take on it was not just about its effectiveness (or not), but in regard to where it sat against the New Zealand Bill of Rights (BOR).
The Health chappies concluded that it ‘appears to be consistent’ with the Bill of Rights Act.

We have considered whether the COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill (‘the Bill’) is consistent with the rights and freedoms affirmed in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (‘the Bill of Rights Act’).

We have not yet received a final version of the Bill. This advice has been prepared in relation to the latest version of the Bill (PCO 22923/4.2). We will provide you with further advice if the final version includes amendments that affect the conclusions in this advice.

We have concluded that the Bill appears to be consistent with the rights and freedoms affirmed in the Bill of Rights Act.

Considering that they would naturally have had a large hand in crafting the Bill this could hardly be a surprise. The reason audits are carried out by independent agencies is precisely because any institution, even with the best will in the world, cannot audit itself with any degree of confidence.
You can read the thing itself here, but a brief synopsis of the powers it grants the State and its paramilitary wing, the NZ Police Force, is as follows:
  • Enter homes, Maraes, land, building, craft, vehicle, place, or… “thing”… with no warrant.
  • You will be legally required to do whatever they insist you do.
  • Close roads and public places.
  • Stop vehicles.
  • Demand identification of anyone. Which includes: full name, full address, date of birth, occupation, telephone number, or any of those particulars.
  • Demand closure of any businesses and “undertakings”.
The bill also solves that pesky little problem of there being not enough Police to do all this, by empowering “enforcement officers” to able to do it.

The Director-General may authorise a suitably qualified and trained person who is not an employee of the Ministry of Health, or a class of suitably qualified and trained persons who are not employees of the Ministry of Health, to carry out any functions and powers of an enforcement officer under this Act.

I always love it when government departments cover their butts with language like “suitably qualified and trained“. Given the clash between the need for rapid deployment of such people in a pandemic and the fact they won’t be just waiting around in sufficient numbers you can bet that “training” will amount to brief set of instructions in an office before they hit the streets.

That will probably also mitigate the unemployment numbers we’ll soon be seeing. Young men will be especially excited to join, especially if they get a baton, taser and really cool, spiffy uniforms.

Something in black with red highlights I would think. With leather boots too.
Even so, I was more interested in how all this could be given the thumbs up against the New Zealand Bill of Rights, not just by Health but by other parts of the government. To my complete lack of surprise it passed their rules of consistency-thumb as well.
This is the usual nonsense you get when nations simply pass bits of paper into law and call them things like Constitutions and Bills of Rights but then honour them more in the breach than in the observance.

Every Communist nation had stuff like that, filled with more “rights” than anything in the West, a fact the Communists and their useful idiots in the West proudly boasted about. But in reality it was all worthless. The rights in those BOR’s were breached regularly and with no consequences.

Same here in New Zealand. And that’s not because of the cynicism of our political leaders, although there may be some of that.
No, it comes from the simple fact that for things like this to work they have to be buried in the psyche of the people of the nation. That it becomes something we know more than just intellectually; that we know such rights instinctively in our hearts and souls and that we’ve seen the consequences for those who have tried to breach our rights.

The American population has such rights seemingly in their bones because they’ve had a Bill of Rights embedded in the foundation of their country over two hundred years ago, but even there it gets breached often, usually in small ways, but sometimes in large ways, as now with the differing lockdowns in various US States that are being challenged in courts and on the streets.
That sort of constant vigilance is required from the American people themselves to make their rights meaningful, with cases in courts and Police and other law enforcement authorities, and even occasionally their political masters, held accountable in meaningful ways. Meaningful in terms of firings, resignations, fines or even jail time. Not to mention a solid amount of public shaming.

Here in NZ we simply have not had enough time pass – just thirty years  – for our Bill of Rights to become as meaningful and as embedded. And the more situations like this Public Health Bill that we have, the less meaning our Bill of Rights will have. People will just shrug their shoulders and say that it is the supremacy of Parliament that counts, just as it always did.
With time the New Zealand Bill of Rights might amount to something more than what it is now, but as this farce has demonstrated, it’s well on its way to becoming as much of a joke as the old Soviet one..

Written by Tom Hunter

May 14, 2020 at 3:48 am