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Why I am losing faith/have lost faith in politicians

Only a small thing, or small things, but Chris Luxon gave a State of the Nation speech today and said this:

There’s the 10 year bright line test extension – a capital gains tax by stealth.

There’s the removal of interest deductibility on rental properties – a tax on Kiwi’s who’ve worked hard and put their life savings into a rental.

There’s the new 39 per cent top income tax rate, which is a boon for tax lawyers and accountants, but betrays this Government’s attitude to ambition and will make it harder to attract top talent to our shores


  • National, under John Key, introduced the brightline test. Sure, it was two years, but it was our first ever capital gains tax by stealth, that he accuses Labour of.
  • In terms of interest deductibility, National started down that path by a) in 2010, again under John Key, removing the ability to claim depreciation on residential property buildings, and b) bringing in rules that ringfenced losses on residential investment properties so that such losses could not be offset against personal tax liability – this was, in roundabout terms, and to use Luxon’s own words, “a tax on Kiwi’s (sic) who’ve worked hard and put their life savings into a rental.”

Finally, Luxon appears to protest the 39% top tax rate, but then says this, “We aren’t calling on Labour to change the 39% threshold because it only came into effect recently.”

That’s code for, “we won’t change that” – and I know why, he wants to appeal to middle New Zealand, the grafters who might vote Labour. He needs these votes to win the election, not Act votes. Recent polls have not bridged the gap much. Luxon has simply taken the National votes that were with Act while Collins was leader, and he needs “middle New Zealand”. If he suggested the 39% rate be abolished, Labour would have a field day with their “rich prick” envy and hate dogma.

I get that, and won’t criticise him for it. Because my mind at the moment is focused on removing the current communists that are ruining our country. We can all focus on what Luxon says; I am much more interested in what he actually does.

Written by Nick K

March 6, 2022 at 5:02 pm

Latest Roy Morgan Poll

Written by adolffinkensen

February 1, 2022 at 6:57 pm

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Nobody is Smarter Than the Maori at Getting Hold of Money

Thus spoke old Haki Apiata to young Adolf in 1965.

Then he went on:- “and nobody is more stupid when he’s got it!”

So Adolf’s eyes opened wide when he saw this excellent piece on the BassettBrashHide blog.

“Being around the table in a partnership model on the mana of the Crown is not really tino rangatiratanga. We want them to lift out the resources and let us govern ourselves” — which means to be “supported, but not governed, by the Crown”.

Furthermore, Te Pūtahitangi recommends the“resources” (read “money”) put under direct Māori control should not be determined by the proportions of Māori and non-Māori within the research community:

“Article 3 of Te Tiriti means Māori must have access to resources to support levelling across the science system. One important resource is funding, so funding agencies should ensure policies are in place to allocate budgets for Māori-led research. These funding models should be based on Te Tiriti principles, rather than population proportionality within the broader workforce.”

So please tell me, dear readers, who is going to kick this gross tahaetanga into touch?

Written by adolffinkensen

January 22, 2022 at 9:03 pm

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Let’s Go Brandon

New Zealand usually is quick to mimic America.

So how long will it be before the crowd at a Bledisloe cup match roars ‘FUCK JACINDA ARDERN’?

The rhythm matches the last line of Mozart’s ‘La Ci Darem La Mano’ which Adolf is shortly to inflict upon the public.

Un inocenti amore.

Except there’s nothing innocent or lovable about New Zealand’s government of incompetent Marxist losers.

How will the media spin it?

Over to you in comments.

Written by adolffinkensen

October 20, 2021 at 10:50 pm

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To see how the dynamics of an emboldened Maori Party with now 2 MPs will impact on Labour’s Maori caucus. One suspects there will be creative tension and more simply because the Maori Party can’t afford to be seen by Maoridom as some sort of cypher to Labour. They have to be seen as different, offering different solutions.

Twill be interesting for instance to see how their proposal to have all Maori automatically enrolled on the Maori role (with opt out provisions) which, by their reckoning, could see the number of Maori seats increased up to 17 plays out.

Just how they will determine who on the General role is Maori quite escapes me although I guess that in these woke times nothing should surprise.

Limited blogging this week. For my sins (many) I’m being sent to Invercargill.

Written by The Veteran

November 8, 2020 at 5:00 pm

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The people are right even when they’re wrong … not original. But did New Zealand really vote to give Labour three years of unbridled power with the only possible check on that being the Greens?

To the victor the spoils and all of that but ……………..

Written by The Veteran

November 6, 2020 at 7:27 pm

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Some might even say she exhibited some low rat cunning in playing the Greens like a fiddle while at the same time keeping the faith with those tens of thousands of voters who handed Labour a majority of seats in the hope that would govern alone without having to rely on the loony tunes Party.

The Greens were given the barest minimum … a couple of junior ministerial positions outside cabinet … positions that don’t even rate a department of state … plus the opportunity to Chair a Select Committee (in which Labour will likely have a majority) plus a Select Committee Deputy Chair appointment (can be likened to tits on a Bull). No policy gains … just tea and bikkies with Jacinda every six weeks or so. One can understand the scorn heaped upon the arrangement by a plethora of Green Party luminaries.

But its a win, win for Jacinda. She gets a cabinet of her own while locking in Green Party support for whenever the tide turns and she needs them.

While Shaw and Davidson can feast on the baubles of office and not much more.

Written by The Veteran

November 1, 2020 at 7:14 pm

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During the election campaign Labour dumped on National for proposing to turbo charge the plan first introduced under the Key government which allows state house tenants to achieve the dream of home ownership by purchasing their property with the cash generated from the sale recycled back into acquiring new state housing.

This from St Jacinda … “to suggest as an answer to the housing troubles that New Zealand has experienced that we should sell off state houses I think is absolutely wrong”.

And now it is revealed that over the last three years Labour has quietly gone about doing exactly that with a total of 105 homes worth $30m sold under the Tenant Home Ownership option.

This from Housing Minister Megan Woods … “There are circumstances where selling a home to an existing, established tenant makes sense for the tenant and Kāinga Ora.”

Memo to Woods … never good to dump on your Boss.

Labour has a track record of not being able to lie straight in bed and this is just another example of double-talk misspeak. . But, to be fair, one understands completely why they want to institutionalize state dependency … its in their DNA.

Written by The Veteran

October 31, 2020 at 10:32 am


I have a grudging respect for Ron Mark despite his penchant for trying to portray himself as something he never was complete with assorted ‘bling’ designed to create an impression that he had been there and done that. Reminds me a little of the antics of a certain Chief of Army long gone, ex blanket counter, and his quest to reinvent himself as a teeth arms soldier complete with self awarded parachute wings.

Captain Mark can be proud of his achievements; a troubled childhood, became a Craftsman soldier, commissioned from the ranks, UN observer in the Middle East before he resigned to serve as a mercenary in the Sultan of Oman’s Special Forces where he commanded a Workshop.

In 2017 he became Minister of Defence, one of the few politicians that ever really, really, wanted the job. And it’s fair to say he will be remembered as an effective Minister and strong advocate for his portfolio although some might argue that his interpretation of the line between governance and command became a little blurred on occasions and engendered some angst in the senior military.

But that does not detract from a job well done and he deserves our thanks. One suspects the new Minister (Kelvin Davis anyone?) will have his/her work cut out to secure the same level of funding that Mark managed to achieve against a political backdrop much different from the last three years.

Written by The Veteran

October 28, 2020 at 1:48 pm

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Gumbies or Kittens? You Choose!

My PhotoReaders of this blog will likely know or suspect that I’m not particularly excited at the prospect of a National-led government after this year’s election.

However, there’s no denying that the current Labour-led government has got all sorts of big problems to deal with, almost all of their own creation, and with almost a zero track record on implementing their ideas – for which I am grateful. The last thing we need is a competent Socialist government like that of Peter Fraser’s.

This has been the government of “NO” – which works well with banning things and telling everybody to stay home for a few weeks under pain of arrest and prosecution.

Saying “YES” to things is a different matter. Building or creating stuff that will last – stuff more substantial than yet another government Department or Ministry – is much tougher to do, especially when government is already such a big part of our society.

As such I figured that it would be better to have a comedic analysis of our situation, and of the following two comedy items, I can’t decide which is the better take on our current government and politics.

So readers are invited to listen and watch, and then make a choice. Please try not to let the cuteness of the second item influence your choice.

First up is an audio-only version of Monty Python’s effort to perform Chekhov’s famous play, The Cherry Orchard, using the Gumby Players. I’m reminded of this every time I read something about the latest adventures of Cabinet Ministers Twyford and Clark.

The second is video of kittens having fun with a $2 thrift-shop purchase of a WrestleMania toy. Bonus points for choosing which parties they represent: my choice is that the two light-coloured ones are Labour and National, while the red-headed step-child is the Green Party.

**NOTE: You have to click the link “watch this video on YouTube” as the owner has disabled it playing on other sites.


Written by Tom Hunter

June 26, 2020 at 12:00 am