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Don’t Talk About The War

Australia is fixated with the spectacle of a Catholic Cardinal being convicted of child molestation, America is fixated with the babbling of a convicted liar attempting to take down the president and New Zealand is fixated with the prospect of a capital gains tax inflicted by Herr Reichfuher Heinrich Cullen at the behest of the country’s vacuous Prime Minister.

There is little supporting commentary but did you know the nuclear powers India and Pakistan are on the verge of war?   Did you know Pakistan shot down two Indian air force jets in Pakistani airspace after India launched a retaliatory strike, killing 300 Pakis in Kashmir?

Pakistani soldiers stand next to what Pakistan says is the wreckage of an Indian fighter jet shot down in Pakistan controled Kashmir. Picture: AFP

Did you know Pakistani President Imran Khan (May his ball always cut back off the seam) has gone on National television imploring India to back off on the grounds that if war breaks out, nobody can control where it will end?

You have to search pretty hard in the Fake News media to find any news of these truly momentous events.  They are all too busy trying to take down President Trump.

The Australian carries an article from the Times of London.

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February 28, 2019 at 2:04 am

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Seems the NZ media (and successive governments) are staying clear of raising the issue of Asia Bibi (aka Aasiya Noreen), a Pakistani Christian, sentenced to death a decade ago for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.    Her final appeal against the sentence is currently being heard by the Pakistan Supreme Court.

It all stems from her drinking water from a village well  and, by doing so, was deemed to have made the well unfit to be used by the Muslim majority in the village.    In the argument that followed she was called on the ‘convert’ and redeem herself.     Her response (which sealed her fate) was to say “What did your prophet Muhammad  ever do to save mankind”.

During the same period the Asia Bibi has been on death row the NZ Government has provided direct aid to Pakistan in excess of $7.5m plus an unknown amount through the Head of Mission Fund administered by MFAT (on small projects like the provision of water pumps and micro-credit funding).    One can fairly ask why we’re giving aid to a country where religious freedom exists in name only and where people can be put to death for questioning another faith.  

And why too from Labour and the Greens, who have elevated their condemnation of Australia over their treatment of illegal immigrants to an art form, such a deafening silence on what goes for ‘justice’ in Pakistan.


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October 11, 2018 at 12:30 am

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