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The Wrath of Ten Million Swifties**

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I don’t follow celebrities in any field, but given their influence in our society – via the MSM – I can’t help but be made aware of their antics from time-to-time. Then there’s the fact that my kids are only now emerging from being teenagers, which nowadays means that what they’re aware of, you’re aware of.

Which is why I was able to answer Tinman’s question the other day as to the strange hatred that singer Taylor Swift is subjected to from certain corners of the world. The first time I became aware of this (via Beloved Daughter) was waaaaayyyy back in 2009 when she was awarded Best Music Video of the year at the MTV awards – only to have her acceptance speech gate-crashed by one Kanye West, who thought it should have gone to Beyonce for “Single Ladies” (Yes, it’s a link to People magazine but bear with me).

This was the first time my daughter became aware that Kanye West was a fucking asshole, but thanks to noticing the political news I’d already been aware of that years earlier during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans when he said that George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”. As you can imagine the Left absolutely LOVED Kanye West for that.

But over the last four years he’s slowly become one of their hate objects, starting with his embarrassing talk about Jesus, increasing with his support of Trump, and now finally cresting with a river of Jew-hating comments…. and meeting with Trump again in the middle of that shitstorm. The following Tweet from “President” Biden is thus to be expected – with no names of course, aside from the Godwin’s Law one.

Silence certainly is complicity, so let’s take walk down the American Democrat Memory Hole Lane….

The guy to Obama’s right is, of course, Louis Farrakhan, Black Supremacist, long-time head of The Nation of Islam, and a rabid Jew-hater. The guy who took the photo in 2005 did not release it until 2018 because he knew damned well what it could have done to Obama’s political career. Frankly that’s what should have happened, given that Obama’s long-time pastor in Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, had exactly the same “issues”.

But Jew-hating American Blacks are not uncommon and they’re not all on the fringes of the Democrat Party either, as has been repeatedly demonstrated when Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination go looking for support among the 90%-Democrat-voting Black community.

Al Sharpton visited the Obama White House more than eighty times over eight years.

I look forward to the non-silence of the Democrat Party on this issue during the 2024 Presidential election.

** Swifties is the name given to her rabid, mainly female fans and the ten million is a reference to the mass meltdown that occurred when they hit the huge US TicketMaster site en masse for tickets to her 2023 Eras tour and crashed the system. Congressional investigations of the monopoly are on the way. Yes! Really. Against such fans Kanye was always doomed.


“Imagine there’s no countries…”

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“… It isn’t hard to do”

You may say that I’m a dreamer.
But I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us.
And the world will be as one.

Were he still alive John Lennon might be overjoyed that his dream is coming true in the 21st century – at least along the US-Mexican border, where President Biden’s open border policy is pushing the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the USA to ever-higher levels, and this after some five million have already crossed in the last two years.

The famous economist Herbert Stein once noted:

“If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

Well sure, but the devil is in the detail of how a thing stops: bankruptcy, collapse, mass crime, civil war? Perhaps we should ask Bernie Sanders, as I noted almost four years ago in The Naif and The Wall:

Bernie Sanders:  Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal. 

Ezra Klein:  Really? 

Bernie Sanders:  Of course. That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there is no United States. …
You know what youth unemployment is in the United States of America today? If you’re a white high school graduate, it’s 33 percent, Hispanic 36 percent, African American 51 percent. You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low-wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids


I add the following, semi-famous story about one of Lennon’s responses about his song:

One day Lennon was grumbling about the cost of running his growing empire and Neil Aspinall reminded him of the lyrics: “Imagine no possessions, John.”

“ It’s just a bloody song!” was Lennon’s retort.

Which is to say that, like the good burghers of Martha’s Vineyard, Lennon probably would object to having these immigrants anywhere near his houses.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 26, 2022 at 8:38 am

Fortify your election with SBF Bucks

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Or Zuck Bucks, as they were called after the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, poured $400 million into getting Joe Biden elected in 2020.

Sam Bankman-Fried Bucks just doesn’t roll off the tongue in the same way, even though he’s been revealed as yet another Democrat Party mega-donor, the largest individual donor to the party outside of Nazi-collaborator George Soros for the just completed Mid-Term elections, the money having been used by the Democrats for “get-out-the-vote” and various ballot-harvesting mechanics.

SPF pumped $10 million into Biden’s campaign in 2020 and then $40 million for the just-completed Mid-Terms, where they were used in the same way as in 2020.

In fact it never was just Zuckerberg or SBF. Take a look at this chart of Big Tech employee donations by political party in the USA and then not be surprised that the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google (among others) have been acting as censors for the Democrat Party in recent years.

SBF won’t be back given the catastrophic bankruptcy of his ponzi crypto-currency scheme of FTC and Alameda Research (which requires a post all its own) and Zuckerberg’s fortune has collapsed by $100 billion thanks to his company Meta not being the Neuromancer extension of Facebook that he’d hoped for. Of course that still leaves him with $40 billion or so, but perhaps he’ll be forced to pay less attention to elections for a while.

You may recall that great TIME magazine story about how the 2020 election was “fortified”:

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

So the word went out: stand down.

But Zuckerberg’s role was much simpler, because the methods used with Zuckerberg’s $400 million were pretty simple:

The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL – whose three founders are former co-workers at the Democrat-aligning New Organizing Institute) and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR – whose founder was formerly a director of the leftwing People For the American Way) passed a staggering $419.5 million of Zuckerberg’s money into local government elections offices, and it came with strings attached. Every CTCL and CEIR grant spelled out in great detail the conditions under which the grant money was to be used.

The CTCL had been a small outfit founded in 2012 with its yearly revenues from contributions and grants had maxed out one year at $2.84 million

Conditions? More like processes that this vast sum was poured into:

  • Self-described “vote navigators” in Wisconsin to “assist voters, potentially at their front doors, to answer questions, assist in ballot curing … and witness absentee ballot signatures,” Philadelphia got $10 million to hire new city employees (fresh from local activist groups) to go door to door delivering ballots. Since they worked for the election office, everything was “legal.” They bought radio advertising on Spanish and urban radio stations; “vote by mail, no need for any witnesses anymore!”
  • The promotion of universal mail-in voting through suspending election laws, extending deadlines that favoured mail-in over in-person voting, greatly expanding opportunities for “ballot curing,” expensive bulk mailings, and other lavish “community outreach” programs that were directed by private activists.

Especially in swing states, the rules were thrown out in the name of an emergency. In Nevada, the state rushed to all of the mail-in ballots being sent automatically, even though the Public Interest Legal Foundation had documented tens of thousands of dead registrants, vacant lots and commercial addresses on the voter rolls. Other states suspended their laws: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, North Carolina, and more. In Virginia, the law said that mail ballots had to come in by election day or three days after election day, but only if they were postmarked by election day. Virginia state election officials ignored the law and issued rules to accept late ballots without any postmark. They called it “fair.”

  • Unmonitored private dropboxes (which created major chain of custody issues) and opportunities for novel forms of “mail-in ballot electioneering,” which allowed for numerous questionable post-election-day ballots to be submitted. as well as providing another way to help ballot harvesting.
  • Temporary staffing and poll workers, which supported the infiltration of election offices by paid Democratic Party activists, coordinated through a complex web of Democrat-leaning non-profit organisations, social media platforms, and social media election influencers.

More detail on all this here. CTCL and CEIR are registered 501(c)(3) corporations that can be created for elections but which are supposed to be non-partisan.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity.

Does the following look like non-partisan spending?

Of the 26 grants CTCL provided to cities and counties in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia that were $1 million or larger, 25 went to areas Biden won in 2020. 

What are the odds that the Biden IRS will be investigating CTCL and CEIR?

As another article put it about those Zuck Bucks: They converted election offices in key jurisdictions with deep reservoirs of Biden votes into Formula One turnout-machines.

The 2020 election was not stolen. It was purchased.

The GOP strikes back

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In the same way that Leftists love shooting people when they can’t shoot back, they also love having the powers of investigation in their hands only.

Hence the hair-on-fire efforts on Trump, starting with the announcement by Merrick Garland, head of the Department of Justice, of a “Special Prosecutor Counsel” who’ll be taking another look at the claims that Trump stole precious security documents on his way out of the White House, as well as being involved in the great Jan 6 “Insurrection”.

The person chosen as the Special Prosecutor Counsel has an interesting history:

Smith led the corrupt prosecution of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. The DOJ went to such absurd lengths to broaden the federal bribery statute to target the Republican politician that the Supreme Court eventually overturned the conviction.

“According to Mr. Pilger, the Justice Department convened a meeting with former IRS official Lois Lerner in October 2010 to discuss how the IRS could assist in the criminal enforcement of campaign-finance laws against politically active nonprofits,” the committee wrote in a 2014 letter to DOJ. “This meeting was arranged at the direction of Public Integrity Section Chief Jack Smith.”

In case you’re wondering, Mr Smith was appointed as the “Public Integrity Section Chief” after his case against the GOP Governor was quashed by the Supreme Court. More failing upwards in US government. Lerner was forced to resign but she not only did not face jail time or a fine but kept her pension.

Word is that the Manhattan DA is also trying to revive the dead investigation of Trump’s “hush money” payment to Stormy Daniels:

Under Bragg’s predecessor, the district attorney’s office rejected the idea of focusing a case solely on the hush money, concluding, with the help of outside legal experts, that it would hinge on a largely untested and therefore risky legal theory. And if Bragg were to charge Trump without uncovering any new evidence or relying on a more conventional theory, he would risk having a judge or appellate court throw out the case.

Which was why Bragg booted the case when he became the DA. I guess the pressure was too much. And then these people wonder why public trust in institutions is going down. Fox News must be more powerful than I thought?

But the good news (sort of) is that with the House now won the GOP has gained it’s own powers of investigation, and it would appear that after the last few years of lawfare bloodletting they’ve developed a spine – or perhaps they’ve just realised that if they don’t use these weapons against the Democrats they’ll be at the mercy of the latter forever, and there is no mercy on the Left.

Jordan and Republicans have sought information on the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, alleged FISA abuse, information on domestic violent extremism cases, the Justice Department’s efforts to monitor parents at school board meetings and label them as domestic terrorists, among other issues.

Basically these are the issues they’re going after:

Moreover, they’re going after the people responsible:

  • Merrick Garland (DOJ head)
  • Christopher Wray (FBI)
  • Miguel Cardona (Education)
  • Alejandro Mayorkas (DHS) head

In the wake of the Democrat’s use of police to enforce their subpoena power, with numerous Trump supporters being arrested, even if only temporarily, I appreciated the following:

Jordan is warning both Garland and Wray that if the requests “remain outstanding” at the beginning of the next Congress, the committee “may be forced to resort to compulsory process to obtain the material we require.”

In other words there may not be a repeat of the treatment given to Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, some years ago when he refused to supply information to a Congressional investigation, found himself held in contempt on a bi-partisan vote – and …. nothing further happened. Holder effectively told Congress to go fuck themselves and laughed his way to a prosperous future outside of government at the end of Obama’s administration.

Those days may be over, but again we’ll see if The Stupid Party have learned anything or whether they’re going to just roll over and have double standards shoved up them forevermore.

Having said that I don’t expect any criminal charges to emerge from all this, any more than I do from the Trump stuff. As much as corruption and breaches of the law may have occurred the fact is that this is all political, with each side using the facts uncovered to win political points and put their opponents in a corner that makes their election tougher.

Despite some calls from the usual suspects about how these investigations may hurt the GOP…

In short: How do you know when James Comer (R) is lying? Well, if his lips are moving, it’s a sure bet.

… there’s no evidence that they ever hurt the investigating party. Two years after the Clinton impeachment (which I did not agree with) the GOP won the Presidency and Congressional investigations did not hurt the Democrats in 2008, nor the GOP in 2014 and 2016, nor the Democrats this year.

In fact, given the Democrats will be increasingly desperate to move Joe on and have him not run in 2024, they may even secretly welcome the Hunter Biden “revelations”. When even their good friends in the MSM begin to “discover” things about the Biden’s it’s an evil portent for the First Family – and no Twitter to cover it up this time which none other than CBS has declared to be “safe” for them to return to.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 22, 2022 at 9:11 am

Comedy gold

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Elon Musk restores Trumps twitter account on Biden’s 80th birthday. What a present. 😉

Written by Whiskey&Pie

November 20, 2022 at 2:09 pm

An appeal to those who still believe

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…. in law and order and justice and the agents who impose such.

As opposed to those Americans who don’t give a shit about such things except as a way of gaining political advantage and who very much believe in political revenge and love double standards.

The number of such Americans who believe the latter now number in the millions at least, and those numbers are likely increasing rapidly every day as America polarises further and begins to split (Austin has been invaded by Texas).

The thing is that The Powers That Be (TPTB) in Washington D.C. may be under the strange impression that those numbers are increasing only on their side and that their political opponents are mere chumps who still believe in the honesty and decency of the Department of Justice and the FBI and can thus by taken advantage of (admittedly this may be the case for The Stupid Party aka the GOP). It’s as if TPTB think tens of millions of GOP voters are unaware of the plight of the Jan 6 prisoners, many of whom still languish in jail awaiting trial on charges of stuff like trespassing – and whose ranks we now know were infiltrated with more than a few undercover FBI agents (which begs the question of why the FBI did not prevent Jan 6 from happening?)

Garland as much as admits that this is about stopping Trump running for President.

No special prosecutor for Hunter Biden, naturally!

I think TPTB are wrong, but clearly it’s going to take a crisis to make them realise that there are two sides to this game they’re playing. They think they can keep pushing the system to the edge because it’ll never break or if it does, it won’t break against them.

Ted Cruz Hit By Thrown Missile, Media Snarks and Reminds Readers that Cruz Is Hated and Had It Coming

Since Dobbs Decision Leak, Violence Against Pro-Lifers Was Over 22 Times That Against Pro-Choicers

Perhaps the plan of the Democrat Party is to start a Civil War in the USA? They’ve done it before.

In the meantime the Washington Post and a few of the other usual MSM suspects, recently supplied their TDS readers with a bit of a shock about those “nuclear secrets” Trump had stashed away – but only after the Mid-Term elections were out of the way:

Federal agents and prosecutors have come to believe former president Donald Trump’s motive for allegedly taking and keeping classified documents was largely his ego and a desire to hold on to the materials as trophies or mementos, according to people familiar with the matter.

That review has not found any apparent business advantage to the types of classified information in Trump’s possession, these people said. FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets. Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property, these people said.

Another one bites the dust. But there were several other similar stories that dropped after the Mid-Terms:

  • California goes from budget surplus to deficit.
  • Rudy Giuliani cleared after a two-year “investigation” of foreign lobbying.
  • Biden’s student loan forgiveness killed in court (what a surprise)

The stunt being repeatedly played here is to “investigate” and perhaps even “indict” because those will play and play and play in the pages of the likes of the Washington Post for the next two years and get TDS sufferers all stirred up and passionate to vote against Trump – followed by the same disappointing news that has followed every other one of these “bombshells” for six years now.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 19, 2022 at 12:19 pm

Bugger the pollsters

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I wasn’t living in NZ when Jim Bolger uttered that now famous phrase, but it’s one for the ages, as polls told him that he would win the 1993 General election comfortably – though obviously losing seats after the 1990 landslide victory – only to see a massive swing to Labour that came within a millimetre of winning it for them

It left National and Bolger hanging on by their fingernails and it took some very clever backroom politics to see another National government formed.

In the US the GOP will certainly be having those thoughts today after a mediocre red trickle leaked across the country rather than the red tsunami they were expecting.

In only one place did that tsunami roar on to land and that was in Florida early in the evening, where Governor DeSantis not only had a massive win over an admittedly hopeless Democrat candidate in the execerable turncoat Charlie Crist, but saw him win the previous Democrat stronghold of Maimi-Dade county, where Biden had won in 2020 and Hillary had crushed Trump in 2016. But the GOP succeeded all across the state, flipping numerous seats from D to R.

And then it collapsed.

It can hardly be called a disaster when you take over the House, and still have a chance to win the Senate, something that won’t be decided now until the runoff election occurs in Georgia, where election laws demand a Senate winner get more than 50% of the vote; both Warnock(D) and Walker (R) failed to do that.

But given the economic and political environment the GOP should have done much better – and they expected too. The GOP wave elections of 1994 and 2010 did not have so many positives for the GOP to seize on as this election.

A President that’s very low in the polls, with no enthusiasm for him, with myriad, serious economic problems hitting ordinary people in the form of inflation, especially on food and gas, an uncertain international situation, massive fights occurring in schools at the grassroots level, and ever increasing levels of violent crime, especially in the Blue cities, plus the hangover issues of how the C-19 pandemic was handled by Democrat governors

If you can’t win with all this in your sails when can you? Of course to ask that question is to ignore previous elections where the GOP won while facing headwinds.

It should have been a blowout, and certainly both Democrats and Republicans were prepping for such. Instead it was a mixed bag, with Democrats flipping seats in the already One Party state of California to match the GOP Florida flips. A very notable loss was in New York where none other than the head of the DCCC, (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) lost his House seat. It’s been decades since that happened.

But aside from some highlights why wasn’t this a Red Tsunami? I’ll throw out a number of issues, starting with numero uno:

  • Trump:
    The combination of his inability to stay quiet in the background plus the Democrats desperate efforts to put him front and centre, worked to a certain degree. Notably it didn’t work in Florida because DeSantis is the Big Dog there. But it did work in a lot of other places, especially where Trump-endorsed candidates had won the GOP primaries against people who may have been better suited for their states. Trump loves celebrities. He’s also poison to a large chunk of the American electorate and you only get to face an even more loathed candidate like Hillary once in a lifetime.
  • C-19 Lockdowns:
    In many cases – but especially in Minnesota and Michigan – the GOP candidates could not really go after their opponent’s heavy handedness over lockdowns because they were either backed by Trump, who acquiesced in such things by letting Fauci and Birx have their head, or because they’d been pretty squishy on the subjects themselves. Sure, you can fight an election by effectively agreeing with your opponent to take an issue off the table, but it can also rob you of a powerful weapon. Given the damage to education and business resulting from C-19 measures, both Waltz (Minnesota) and Whitmar (Michigan) should have lost.
  • Candidate quality matters
    Some candidates, particularly some backed by Trump, were just not very good. The prime example would be Dr Oz in Pennsylvania, where he lost to Fetterman – a guy who is not only obviously brain-damaged from his stroke (as millions discovered when they watched the debate between the two) but is also a total fake on the “working class” angle, given his wealthy parents supported him into his forties, since when he’s been a permanent politician. But Oz was seen as another fake: a slick, clever man who did not fit with Pennsylvania’s self-image. Tellingly he ran behind Trump’s 2020 numbers in several Republican-leaning counties. Of course if you are going to bang this drum you have to acknowledge that Fetterman, while being the worst, was not the only low-quality Democrat candidate who won.
  • Mail-in voting
    This has grown tremendously over the last decade, pushed by a Democrat Party who have realised the old truth of Left-wing parties everywhere: that their voters have a tough time getting to the polls on election day. In olden times the Democrats invested a lot of money in election-day GOTV efforts. No more: the focus is now on mail-in voting weeks before election day. Aside from the possibilities for fraud that are created if the process is not tightly controlled, mail-in voting also enables a lot of voter decisions to made before the election campaigns really get underway. In the case of Fetterman, tens of thousands of votes had already been cast before he finally had his debate with Oz. How many of those voters may have regretted voting for him once they saw his terrible mental condition?

    The same thing applies for abortion, which did not show up in polls after the white heat of mid-Summer, following the Dodd decision. But back in September it was still an issue and millions of men and woman may have voted early on that basis. By the time the grim economic news caught up with them to become their top priorities it was too late.

    Such voting has always been a part of elections, it certainly is here in NZ where it is regarded as an exception. In many US States it’s becoming the rule and the Democrats love it. If the GOP don’t return it to being the exception it was, and should be, then they’re either going to have start playing the mail-in game harder or look forward to more last-second losses at midnight on election day. One of the reasons for DeSantis’s huge win was that Florida has taken vote fraud seriously because of what happened in 2018 when Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties tried to steal the elections the week after Election Day. The same is true of Ohio – they don’t let the big cities mail out ballots willy nilly.

There are also some outstanding questions about this election that will only be answered slowly as people dig into the data, and the pollsters will be frantic to do so in finding out why they got it so wrong.

Certainly the rule of thumb that had stood for several election cycles – that the polls always undercount the GOP vote – proved not to be true in most places. Those polls that showed the Democrats as being competitive in the last week were largely dismissed (certainly by me) as being desperate influencer polls, but they turned out to not be as far from the truth of the election as expected. It’s going to be interesting to see which polls now go up (and down) the accuracy rankings.

The ever-growing problem of landlines being substituted for cell phones continues to grow as Gen Z mature to voting age. I’ve not seen any pollster who has solved that problem, and while exit polls are untrustworthy the following should get the GOP’s attention;

CNN Exit poll showed:

GOP +13 for age 65 and older
GOP +11 for age 45-64
Dem +2 for age 30-44
Dem +28 for age 18 to 29 (Generation Z, my kids)

Sure, it’s an exit poll – and it’s from CNN – so adjust for lots of bullshit.

So where does this leave the Democrats and the GOP? Both have problems in the near future.

The Democrat’s immediate problems being what to do with Biden (who will be taking these results as approval) and the economic problems of inflation, energy costs, and interest rates that are not getting better. Even with a GOP House and Senate, voters still hold the President responsible. As far as violent crime goes that’s a problem at State and City level, it is also growing worse, and although the likes of Governor Horchul and company escaped this time it won’t go away – and they have no answers to it that won’t piss off their progressive base.

For the GOP, although they have other longer term problems too (see Gen Z above), plus this:

Thirty seven point difference? The Democrat Party has become the Husband of Last Resort for Unmarriageable Women, and I don’t know what appeals the GOP could possibly make to them that would not burn off the voters they have now. Probably better to focus on peeling away from the Democrats unmarried men as well married men and woman – a process the Democrats are doing by themselves.

But for the GOP there’s just one question for the immediate future : what to do about Trump in 2024?

Written by Tom Hunter

November 10, 2022 at 8:02 am

Omens for the Democrats

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The other day I put up a headline from the NYT that was obviously the Bat Signal that “President” Biden is now fair game to be attacked, where they noted his recent fumbles.

It had always been a question of when, not if, the Democrats would move on Biden, given his increasing public displays of senility, the failures of his Administration, his very low approval ratings and the absolute need to stop him running again in 2024.

I always figured the trigger would be the 2022 mid-term elections, since it’s a rule of thumb that the President’s Party loses seats in the first term mid-terms, and for months all indications have been that the Democrats losses this year would be huge. So it begins!

And now we have CNN reporter, Daniel Dale, picking up the NYT’s beacon loud and clear.

A CNN fact-check on a Democrat? On Biden. Oh my! Which makes even richer the irony of this statement of Biden’s.

Some GOP representatives have also seen the signal that the Democrats are about to move on Biden and are taking the mockery public.

There are other omens as well.

Still, Fetterman obviously has enough nous to to do a backflip on fracking (a big issue in Pennsylvania) and now apparently on abortion when he said, “I Celebrate the Demise of Roe v. Wade.” – or was just his stroked brain mis-firing again?

The following is not a GOP advertisement this year – but it should be.

However, one recent speech from Biden was concerning:

Carlson noted how odd it was that Biden was now demanding that no one complains about the election results, even though because of a lot of Democratic changes, we may not know the results for a few days, “But don’t be alarmed…And do not ask questions! Or else you’re a criminal!” Instead of making a pitch about what Biden had done to earn your vote, he commanded you to accept the results. “It was bizarre,” Carlson said. “And it did not inspire confidence.”

Oh it’s more than “bizarre”, that’s just Tucker taking a good-faith-best-case take on what Biden said about election night.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 8, 2022 at 8:13 am

Knives Out

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It’s not the purpose of blogs to try and replace the news media in simple reporting of news events. We don’t have the resources in bodies and time.

Blogs should be about analysis and measured thinking about events and things that are happening – many of them slow and largely unseen – and which are shaping our cultures, societies and nations. That blogs can do much better than the MSM, especially nowadays when their resources are now also stretched thin, both in numbers and talent.

But there are times when it’s appropriate to comment on a rapidly moving news story, especially when it’s based on something that’s been building for a while now.

In this case, the Administration of President Joe Biden.

Oh no, you may say: yet another attack on poor President Biden by some Ultra-MAGA, hyper-partisan, QAnon, Alt-Right Extremely Extremist news source in the USA?

Actually that’s the headline from the New York Times yesterday, channelling Breitbart, Red State , Powerline, Ace Of Spades and every other Right-wing source of punditry and analysis in the USA for the last three years.

It’s appearance is a also huge, flashing beacon signalling to the rest of the Lefty Luvvie universe in America the following key points:

  • The Democrats are about to get thrashed in the Mid-Term elections.
  • Someone has to be blamed.
  • That someone is the senile dementia patient in the White House, whose faults will no longer be papered over by the NYT.
  • It’s time to start looking for a new Democrat candidate for President in 2024 (which means knifing Biden)

Over on the Right we’ve been waiting a long time for reality to strike the Democrats, even as their catastrophes piled up from the President all the way down to the lowliest mayor and school board member.

But that reality is now here and approaching the shoreline fast:

NEW YORK: Flop Sweat and Panic Grips New York Democrats as New Poll Puts Lee Zeldin in the Lead

A new Trafalgar Poll gives New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin a slim lead over Democrat incumbent Kathy Hochul. In this poll, rated A- by the left-leaning, shows Zeldin leading 48.4% to 47.6%. While this number is well within the margin of error, two months ago, Hochul was leading by five points, and a month ago, she was ahead by two points

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Stunner for Democrats Drops in New Hampshire and Scrambles the Election Map

Hold on a second. Is New Hampshire actually in play for Republicans on November 8th? That’s the story from a stunning new poll that shows that Don Bolduc is leading Democrat incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan [48 to 47%]. Bolduc, a Donald Trump-endorsed candidate, was left for dead after winning the primary, with the assumption being that his negatives were too high and that he couldn’t draw support in a blue state.

If this were just some random poll, I wouldn’t even bother to write this article. In this case, though, St. Anselm is a gold-standard poll for the State of New Hampshire. In fact, it’s the only state they deal with as pollsters, and they were, by far, the most accurate pollster there in 2020.

WASHINGTON: Now ‘Ground Zero for Wave Election Upset’ in Senate Race

RealClearPolitics has now listed the race as a toss-up and a statistical tie. After three decades of doing nothing in the Senate, Patty Murray may have to find a real job.

OREGON: Oregon Voters Say They’ve Lost Patience With Democrats

“I don’t like the Democratic approach to anything that’s happening,” said Terri, who lives with her husband outside of Salem and dropped her party affiliation two years ago. “I used to be a Democrat for 40 years.”

That dissatisfaction is threatening Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek’s chances in Oregon, where voters rank crime and the economy as top concerns. Even after Biden visited the state to stump for Kotek, the Democrat trails her Republican opponent Christine Drazan in recent polls. Statewide surveys also show a majority of Oregonians have an unfavorable view of both Biden and Kotek.

Those are merely elections where I thought the GOP had no chance, as did most other people, and I still doubt that the GOP will win the last three races because they are such Democrat strongholds.

I’ll remain focused on South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania – where cheating on mail ballots just got harder:

“The court unanimously decided to set aside undated or incorrectly dated mail-in ballots. Under Pennsylvania law, mail-in voters are required to sign and date a declaration on the outer envelope. Despite this requirement, if undated or incorrectly dated ballots are turned in on time, they are eligible to be counted.”

Attention will also be paid to the Mid-West states of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. But I’ll cast an occasional look at the Deep Blue States on election night.

But when you have the Democrats shifting money from an Oregon district that Biden won in 2020 by 9 points to shore up support in a district he won by 13 points then you know they’re in deep trouble.

There are any number of factors driving all this, and they vary a bit between states – New York and Oregon seem to be about Crime and the Economy – whereas Arizona is about the Border and the Economy. But there are deeper factors at work also:

The GOP has seen a shift in its favor among several voter groups, including Latino voters and women, and particularly white suburban women. That group, which the pollsters said makes up 20% of the electorate, shifted 26 percentage points away from Democrats since the Journal’s August poll and now favors the GOP by 15 percentage points.

White suburban woman? Well, Trump is no longer on the ticket and it was that group that hated him more than any other (Warning alert for 2024, Donald). But this election was supposed to be all about abortion, abortion, abortion and… it seems the most abortion loving group isn’t listening:

Republicans made massive gains with independent women in recent weeks as Democrats ramped up their messaging on abortion ahead of the midterm elections.

Of particular note was a 32 point swing among independent women toward the GOP. In September’s iteration of the poll [New York Times/Siena College], Democrats boasted a 14 point lead among that demographic, but by October, Republicans held an 18 point advantage.

A thirty two point swing in that group? Obviously the terrible American economy is grinding away but there’s got to be more than that, and there is. It’s called being a parent and wondering what the hell your kid is being taught in school nowadays by teachers backed by the various Teachers Unions, Democrat fanatics at local, State and National levels. It was this group that won the Virginia governor’s race for Glenn Youngkin months ago – but the Democrat party wrote that off as racism. Big mistake.

Naturally Ace Of Spades has a more cynical take on these sudden polling revelations:

There is a very strong suspicion among poll analysts and critics. The People’s Pundit Richard Barris mentioned it in his last podcast, though he’s mentioned it before, and many people talk about it. They talk about major pollsters deliberately publishing polls they know for a fact oversample Democrats and are therefore just wrong, in order to please their clients (who are often leftwing media companies and their gonzo shitlib audiences).

But then, right before the election, in the last poll before voting starts, they suddenly publish a poll showing the GOP in a much better position. Suddenly, the Democrat oversampling they’ve been doing for months just poof! vanishes.

And why do they do this? Because, when people rank pollster’s accuracy, they usually only look at the last poll conducted before the election. All the deliberately Democrat-oversampling polls designed to perk up Democrat donors and demoralize Republican voters they published before the last poll are “freebies” — they won’t count as far as their official accuracy evaluation.

(A more innocent, but not completely innocent, explanation is that these pollsters know damn well it’s hard to get media-distrusting conservatives to answer pollster’s questions — and don’t bother to take special efforts to get them into the survey. Until it’s the final poll of the season.)

So I’m not surprised to learn, get this, all the leftwing pollsters are all of a sudden showing big leads for the GOP in their last poll before the election. Unexpectedly!

Exhibit A:

One point that bears another mention: Democrats are overrepresented in solidly safe ultramarine blue districts, like major cities, and are therefore underrepresented in competitive swing districts. So Republicans are further ahead in competitive districts than a national poll would indicate.

Written by Tom Hunter

November 3, 2022 at 7:38 am

Why was Fetterman not pulled?

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In a previous post I looked at the disaster of a debate for the Democrat Senate Candidate for Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, whose cognitive problems from a stroke were finally made obvious.

How did it come to this? Fetterman had the stroke a week before the Democrat Primary vote and it’s been obvious that he’s not been the same since. In former days a candidate with these problems would have been told by the upper echelons of the Democrat Party that he needed to quit, winner or not. But the smoke-filled rooms of yore have been steadily replaced by the will of the Party voter since the upsets of 1968 – although Bernie Sanders would strongly disagree after his treatment in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. Jeff Goldstein had an even more cynical take:

Revealing though that is [from The Hill’s “Rising” co-anchor Briahna Joy Gray], given that most commentators would be reluctant to so candidly say the quiet part out loud — in this case, that clear and recognizable brain damage doesn’t disqualify one from the US Senate, because even a monkey can be trained to pull the proper partisan lever

John Fetterman – and Lump

However I think there are two equally powerful reasons why he has not been pulled by the DSCC.

First, the Democrats had already got away with running a brain-dead candidate (though not quite as bad) in 2020, with Joe Biden being hidden in the basement for his entire campaign (the Chinese Lung Rot pandemic was literally a once-in-a-century excuse) They must have thought they could do it again, and of course with Pennsylvania Democrats having turned election day into election season, there will have been thousands of votes cast by people who have no idea he’s this far gone (which is, of course, the point of both early voting and late debates).

But the second reason I think is more important, in that you can only pull off the first one if the MSM, especially the National MSM based in Washington D.C. gives you air cover by either not investigating such things or even outright helping the Democrats cover up bad things about their candidate. They did that for Biden. They do it for almost all Democrat candidates. As National Review (not my most fave magazine nowadays) put it:

Allow me to offer a controversial theory: A lot of Democratic Party candidates and strategists have bad judgment because they’ve grown used to a usually friendly media bailing them out of the consequences of their bad decisions. In light of last night, the decision-making of Fetterman and his campaign seems absurd — as MBD aptly summarized, “John Fetterman should not have been on a debate stage tonight. He should be at home, recovering from his stroke.”

A campaign does not attempt to fool people into believing that a severe-stroke victim is fine unless it’s convinced that the overwhelming majority of media in the state will be its ally and abandon their traditional role as watchdogs. The people around Fetterman are off their rockers, stupid, or both.

They tried to scare off the Republicans from touching the obvious subject, The Reputations Ruined by the Pennsylvania Senate Debate:

Even GOP Senatorial nominee Mehmet Oz “has decided to go there,” wrote Politico in an effort to suggest the issue is beyond the pale. The implication was clear: To press too hard for details about the candidate’s health concerns only served the GOP’s interests. So those questions went unanswered.

Perhaps the worst example of how far they were willing to go was when they piled on to one of their own, NBC News reporter Dasha Burns for daring to suggest that Fetterman had difficulty with questions and struggled to understand small talk in her recent interview of him:

The Associated Press, no less, published a report on the extent to which her “comment about Fetterman draws criticism,” a reportorial endeavor that consisted almost exclusively of curating mean tweets. “This is just nonsense,” podcaster and reporter Kara Swisher said of her colleague’s observation. “Maybe this reporter is just bad at small talk.” Fetterman’s “comprehension is not at all impaired,” insisted Rebecca Traister (New York magazine),

They all now look like useful idiots — and there’s no defense for this level of partisan spin. The man can barely function, and everyone with eyes can see it.

I guess the MSM is blind then because some of them actually continued to pull this gaslighting bullshit after that debate.

To be fair a handful of MSM reporters did allow that it had been “painful to watch”, but even those were spin efforts about guts, courage and “ableism”. But as journalist Selena Zeto points out, all this just made the crash even worse, for both the candidate and the MSM:

Many of those watching had no idea how bad Fetterman’s health was, causing disbelief that no one had reported this sooner. And many were angry that Democrats and reporters knew all about it and said nothing.

With the inevitable result.

And not just from an online poll about the debate itself but standard polls:

The InsiderAdvantage poll now has Oz up by three points over Fetterman, 47.5 percent to 44.8 percent, with 3.6 percent undecided; 65.9 percent of independents preferred Oz to 22.5 percent for Fetterman. So, it looks like Oz is sewing up the independent/undecided votes, and it’s likely many in that undecided category will break toward Oz. It’s also probably higher than that, given that polls tend to underestimate Republicans and oversample Democrats.

It likely has not fully factored in all the debate reaction yet, although they did have a question about it. This poll was taken on October 26

I don’t think even the Democrat machine in Phillie can beat that. And of course it all raises this point.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 29, 2022 at 12:00 pm