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So, now the news that New Zealand is no longer accepting resettlement applications from Afghani nationals. This needs to be seen against the poker-faced lie peddled by the Prime Minister when she authorised the dispatch of a C-130 to help with the evacuation of foreign nationals from Kabul and those Afghani citizens at risk of retaliation from the Taliban for having worked for NZL as LECs. She deliberately ignored the fact that there was no way those LEC’s could get from Banyam to Kabul and, even if they could, break through the Taliban cordon surrounding the airport.

And this against the backdrop of the Minister of Immigration’s refusal to grant entry to those very same people just a couple of months ago when they could have left the country safely. The NZDF could only respond thus … “Those NZDF personnel who served in Afghanistan and worked with locally employed Afghan people cared deeply about that country, and the people who at times undertook paid work for the NZDF, including interpreters… Notwithstanding the dedication of NZDF personnel who served in Afghanistan to help the Afghan people, issues related to residency or citizenship in New Zealand are matters for Immigration New Zealand.”

Ardern is guilty of virtue signalling at its sickening worst and her administration exits Afghanistan with blood on its hands.

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August 26, 2021 at 12:13 pm


So more evidence that the Ardern government kowtows to China with the revelation that we have refused to join a whole range of countries including the United States, Australia, the UK, Canada, South Korea, Japan (and eight others) along with the EU in speaking out against the much criticised World Health Organisation report into the origins of Covid-19 in China. A report that saw Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO Director-General acknowledging that China had withheld data from the investigating team. Tedros said in a press conference “In my discussions with the team they expressed the difficulties they encountered in accessing raw data” … a press conference which was seemingly censored in the Chinese media.

Back here our foreign minister, one of the two main apologists for China in the Ardern cabinet, said our officials were still studying the report. A cynic might opine our response (lack of) is conditioned by the new trade deal we have just signed with China. Clearly pragmatism ‘trumps’ (bad word) principle in Labour’s lexicon.

New Zealand … the way you’ve got it.

Written by The Veteran

April 4, 2021 at 3:34 pm

The Moment I Found Out

I published this piece on September 12, 2019 but it’s just too perfect not to post it again today in light of this incredible bullshit from the Labour-led government:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is quite rightly “incredibly angry” at her officials for pushing out incorrect Covid-19 testing information.

My original post was simply a full re-production and link to a brutal piece from the satirical website, The Civilian, that likely will never make the MSM but which deserves much wider coverage, so re-produced in full here.

The moment I found out that you found out, I acted swiftly

By Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern


I am every bit as angry as you are.

I am every bit as disappointed as you must be.

The people with power, oversight and the ability to do something about these processes within the Labour Party should be ashamed. Whoever those people are, I am running out of patience with them, and the way they continually let us down, while helpless people like you and me stand by and can only watch failure after failure.

I can assure you, earnestly, that the moment I found out about the fact that you had found out about the facts, I acted immediately to see what the situation was.

I would never sit on my hands if it ever became apparent to me that something had become apparent to you, and that’s my promise.

I was immensely disappointed to learn that our party president, Nigel Haworth, had conducted himself this way. Again.

If I had foreseen that he could do something like this (again), then I would never have let him get away with it in the first place again.

Some of you are still not satisfied with the extent of my involvement in this, and that’s okay (legally).

But it was only on Monday that I learned that you had learned that Paula Bennett had learned that others had learned, and the moment I heard that others had heard, and that Grant had heard, and that Mike had heard and Rob had heard, then I acted swiftly to wait for Nigel to resign.

I was fixing myself a coffee on Monday night and Clarke said to me “What’s all this about? Didn’t you know about this five weeks ago?”
And I said “I didn’t know the extent of it! I thought it was just bullying!”

I never promised that our party would be free of bullying. Government is about compromise, and we are in a coalition with New Zealand First.

I know that many of you are sceptical of us now, in large part because this has happened not once, but twice. But if you can find it in yourself to put your trust in me once again, then I promise you there will not be a fourth time.

Prime Minister – Will You Please Answer The Following Questions For Me

1. Why did you say on the 26 March that 80,000 New Zealanders would die from coronavirus?

2. Why was Health Minister David Clark in Dunedin and not Wellington during Level 4 lockdown?

3. Did you and Grant Robertson send him home because he was incompetent?

4. Or did you and Grant Robertson send him home because you did not want to share the limelight with any other Ministers?

5. Why were our borders so late in closing? We did not go early and we did not go hard with our borders notwithstanding your assertions that we did.

6. Why are you allowing Justice Minister Andrew Little to progress his Prisoners Voting Bill when you said that there was no room for politics while New Zealand was fighting Coronavirus?

7. Why are you condoning and in fact endorsing the illegal road blocks manned by vigilantes in various parts of the country?

8. Do you accept that if a member of the public retaliates at one of these road blocks and blood is spilled that that blood will be on your hands and also on the hands of Police Minister Stuart Nash?

9. Do you have confidence in David Clark as health minister?

10. Do you have confidence in Stuart Nash as Police Minister because of the illegal road blocks and arms control mismanagement?

11. Do you have confidence in Phil Twyford who is threatening councils with funding cuts if the give rates relief to ratepayers?

12. Has Grant Robertson siphoned $40m approx of taxpayers money under cover of the coronavirus lockdown to pay off Fletchers and therefore appease the illegal occupiers of Ihumatao?

13. There is a strong public view that you delayed closing the borders so that you could be front and center of the Mosque Shooting anniversary – despite most Muslims saying they did not want such an event to be held.

14. What is your plan to rejuvenate the New Zealand economy from today?

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April 27, 2020 at 7:08 pm

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Jacinda Ardern does the right thing

Credit where credit is due. She and the Labour-led government have done the right thing here.

PM, ministers and public CEOs take 20% pay cut.

Jacinda Ardern reveals all Government ministers and public sector chief executives will take a 20 per cent pay cut. 

Ardern said the pay cut, which will last for six months, was about the Government taking leadership and also reflected what was happening in the private sector. 

“If there was ever a time to close the gap between different positions, it’s now,” the Prime Minister said.

Damn right. But just remember that while CEO’s and other senior managers of large corporates might be taking a pay cut – and frankly I would not bet on that, knowing what BOD’s are like and also how such “cuts” can be turned into NPV compensation down the line – most SME business owners will be looking at income cuts a bloody sight larger than 20%, and for years to come.

And now that you’ve done this right thing Jacinda, how about going a little further and dropping us from Level 4 to Level 3 next week. If there’s a sudden surge in cases and even deaths resulting from a so-called 2nd wave I promise I won’t blame you and your Lefty government, because right now I’m more bloody scared of the economic catastrophe coming down the line than this virus.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 15, 2020 at 2:09 am

It’s Good To Be King


Hmmmm…. Too cute.

This may actually be closer to the real thing.

I’m David Clark – and I can’t be fired

And here’s a good movie to sit back and watch at this time. And remember kiddies, it’s only a cartoon so you know it’s entirely fictional.

Please understand that the following is a warning, NOT an instruction manual.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 2, 2020 at 7:32 pm

Prime Minister Ardern makes it clear how she feels about rural New Zealand

I pinched this from Homepaddock because it needs wider coverage and I am sure she will not mind.

`Jamie Mackay, host of The Country, (formerly known as The Farming Show) has interviewed leaders of the National and Labour parties every week for years, with one exception. That exception was then-Labour leader David Cunliffe who declined the opportunity because he thought he wouldn’t get a fair hearing. There’s now a second exception, one of Cunliffe’s successors, Jacinda Ardern who has said she’ll now only be doing a monthly slot. “The Country” is the most expensive advertising hour on radio which indicates the size of its audience. The show goes nationwide, with a sizeable number of urban listeners and it’s a must-listen for most rural people. Interviews with party leaders are almost always pre-recorded at a time that’s convenient to them and last about five minutes. What does it say about a PM who doesn’t have a very few minutes to spare for an audience that big? People wanting to listen to interviews with the PM will no doubt be able to find others but the ones on The Country deal with rural issues in a way others don’t. If she’s not available for weekly interviews on The Country she’s not interested in talking to country people.’

One does not have to be Einstein to work out how this Coalition Government and Prime Minister Ardern view Rural New Zealand. Don’t go near there – you might get something unsavoury on your shoe and that woman apparently grew up in Morrinsville.

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January 29, 2020 at 6:37 pm

Some Of What Audrey Young Said About PM Ardern

I quote from the first few lines of the Heralds Premium Content from Audrey Young today and do so because it compliments Vets post at 12.33 entitled – Ardern And Ihumatao:

`Jacinda Ardern had a birthday just before she left for Tokelau last weekend and another just as she returned.

She turned 39 on Friday last week, the day she talked about brokering a truce over Ihumātao, and Thursday this week was the second anniversary of her ascension as Labour leader.

Those facts underlie her leadership. A young woman with no experience in leading a political party, no experience of having been a minister, is suddenly catapulted to the top of government after eight weeks.’

Because I do not subscribe to the Premium articles in the Herald I have no idea what else Audrey said, but she was right on the money with the above which infers Ms Ardern hasn’t got a clue on how to be an effective Prime Minister.

And so say all of us!!

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August 3, 2019 at 3:49 am

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David Seymour – Leading The Way In Holding Prime Minister Ardern To Account.

Tried to pinch this from Whale Oil where David Seymour is `Face Of The Day’ but it wouldn’t copy so went to the ACT website. Okay so it is a cut and paste job but so what – it deserves coverage in my opinion.

“The Prime Minister just made a decision that could be career defining if the Ihumātao development now doesn’t go ahead,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour. “Jacinda Ardern has legitimised unlawful behaviour by capitulating to an illegal occupation as her opening move.” 

“The PM has cultivated a brand of a kinder, more inclusive politics, but some things such as occupying private property are always wrong. She has just sent the message: ‘if you occupy private property, the Government will take your side instead of protecting property rights.'” 

“It appears that the Prime Minister has prevented the legal owners of land from carrying out a consented development, and offered the protesters a seat at the table. “I hoped Jacinda Ardern might have some sort of master plan to persuade the protesters to back down, but instead she is leaving to spend three days in Tokelau, a country whose population is a quarter of Kaitaia’s.’

Well said David Seymour over the last few weeks your standing has risen in my view – keep up the good work.

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July 26, 2019 at 8:51 pm


that the Prime Minister wakes up every morning cursing the names of Karel Sroubek and Ian Lees-Galloway in about equal proportions.

The omin-shambles the affair has become has cast a shadow over ‘her’ government reflected in the latest opinion polls with the Speaker coming under intense scrutiny over the last few days with his running of interference for both her and the Deputy Prime Minister.

The suspension of Bridges from Question Time this afternoon and the subsequent walkout by National is indicative of the temperature on both sides of the House caused principally by the doubling-down of the support given Lees-Galloway by Ardern and Peters.

This wouldn’t have happened under Prime Ministers Clark, Key and English.   IL-G would have been DCM long before now if it hadn’t been for Curran and Whaitiri.   He can thank his lucky stars that Jacinda Ardern blinked and backed-off but, in doing so, she handed National a BIG club with spikes on to beat her over the head with.

Written by The Veteran

December 5, 2018 at 4:34 am