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The Wrath of Ten Million Swifties**

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I don’t follow celebrities in any field, but given their influence in our society – via the MSM – I can’t help but be made aware of their antics from time-to-time. Then there’s the fact that my kids are only now emerging from being teenagers, which nowadays means that what they’re aware of, you’re aware of.

Which is why I was able to answer Tinman’s question the other day as to the strange hatred that singer Taylor Swift is subjected to from certain corners of the world. The first time I became aware of this (via Beloved Daughter) was waaaaayyyy back in 2009 when she was awarded Best Music Video of the year at the MTV awards – only to have her acceptance speech gate-crashed by one Kanye West, who thought it should have gone to Beyonce for “Single Ladies” (Yes, it’s a link to People magazine but bear with me).

This was the first time my daughter became aware that Kanye West was a fucking asshole, but thanks to noticing the political news I’d already been aware of that years earlier during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans when he said that George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”. As you can imagine the Left absolutely LOVED Kanye West for that.

But over the last four years he’s slowly become one of their hate objects, starting with his embarrassing talk about Jesus, increasing with his support of Trump, and now finally cresting with a river of Jew-hating comments…. and meeting with Trump again in the middle of that shitstorm. The following Tweet from “President” Biden is thus to be expected – with no names of course, aside from the Godwin’s Law one.

Silence certainly is complicity, so let’s take walk down the American Democrat Memory Hole Lane….

The guy to Obama’s right is, of course, Louis Farrakhan, Black Supremacist, long-time head of The Nation of Islam, and a rabid Jew-hater. The guy who took the photo in 2005 did not release it until 2018 because he knew damned well what it could have done to Obama’s political career. Frankly that’s what should have happened, given that Obama’s long-time pastor in Chicago, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, had exactly the same “issues”.

But Jew-hating American Blacks are not uncommon and they’re not all on the fringes of the Democrat Party either, as has been repeatedly demonstrated when Democrats vying for their party’s presidential nomination go looking for support among the 90%-Democrat-voting Black community.

Al Sharpton visited the Obama White House more than eighty times over eight years.

I look forward to the non-silence of the Democrat Party on this issue during the 2024 Presidential election.

** Swifties is the name given to her rabid, mainly female fans and the ten million is a reference to the mass meltdown that occurred when they hit the huge US TicketMaster site en masse for tickets to her 2023 Eras tour and crashed the system. Congressional investigations of the monopoly are on the way. Yes! Really. Against such fans Kanye was always doomed.


Ze Master Race

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Right in der Fuehrer’s face.

Also, this from a friend’s private sector workplace.

Oh, and although I don’t much like Hooten, he’s right on the money here.

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October 11, 2022 at 8:42 am

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What will happen when the “Empire writes back”?

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Fascinating piece on the impact of internet use in India on the English speaking world

TLDR: Some key quotes below but worth a read if you have time

…Indian academics stop thinking that their life’s goal is to “graduate” from India to become part of the western elite, and instead decide to take up their role of being prominent voices of a re-emerging civilizational identity. If and when this happens, India will have a lot of interesting things to say to the world.

Indians, irrespective of region and religion, are still largely a conservative people, who believe in antiquated notions like faith, family, virtues, togetherness of communities, etc.

Indians will not fall in-line on many of the projects of the western liberal elite – call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in boring old concepts like national borders, in organizing society not to maximize the profits of the shareholders or to re-engineer society to achieve ideological ends, but to the benefit of families.

The Western elite and their media houses are already grappling with these unfortunate realities. They look at India and see a billion people who would be conservatives if they lived in their western countries, and that scares the hell out of them.

For those of us of a more conservative bent it is welcome news.

The patronising racism from the likes of Kelvin Davis who believe “brown” people must support the left will become difficult to sustain. Telling ACT’s Karen Chhour that she cannot be a true Maori because she does not agree with leftist propaganda is just racist.

The US and British left are equally guilty. They dismiss true thinkers like Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell. What struck me about the UK Tories was how little it mattered or was remarked upon that the last 4 participants in the UK leadership election were not white males. A Labour MP described Kwasi Kwarteng, the new UK Chancellor of the Exchequer of being “superficially black”. He is of Ghanaian heritage. He is very sound.

I look forward to the coming strength of support for families over woke socialist ideology.

Dream on White girl, Dream on White Boy (Part II)

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A couple of years ago during the height of the 2020 American Summer BLM/Antifa riots I posted about a couple of episodes of painfully woke White people involved in confrontation with concepts they did not approve of – concepts either held or exhibited by Black people, Dream on White girl, Dream on White Boy.

As the passion of those days recedes into rational calmness it’s easy to forget how insane it was, but the fallout continues because the riots were just a symptom of the real insanity.

Recently a University of Delaware communications professor, one Dr. Danna Young, both showed this insanity and got a bit of an education lesson about the issues with young people today, especially young men.

This occurred when she issued the following Tweet – and got a response.

If you wish you can read the rest of her screed as she (and her Twitter friends of similar age) go on to blame gaming, social media, and ‘niche online spaces’, etc, etc.

Except that an 18 year old man, one Daniel Schmidt, a freshman at the University of Chicago, turned up on the thread and let her know what’s really been going on, since he clearly recalls his middle-school years and high school.  She’s locked her account now but you can check out that link for the original Tweets. Meantime, here’s a concise re-package of his responses:

I’m an 18-year-old white male. I was in middle school only 5 years ago. I think I can offer some perspective on @dannagal‘s thread. Yes, young white males increasingly identify as right-wing.

But why? From my experience, here’s what’s really happening:


Thought experiment:

Imagine you’re an 8th-grade boy. You’re beginning to be told by teachers, the media, and maybe your parents that you’re privileged because you’re a boy. It’s a basic truth, you’re told. But this just makes you confused. You start asking yourself questions. If boys are privileged, why do the girls in my class tend to get better grades? Why are there more girls than boys in my advanced classes? Why are the girls more well-behaved and focused? Why are some of the girls preparing for college applications already? By the time you get to high school, your confusion only grows.

Your friend, who used to go to church with you, has become addicted to porn. Another friend, whose parents have recently divorced, has started using drugs. Your friends start appearing unmotivated and demoralized. Meanwhile, the girls at your school continue to be over-represented in honors classes, get better test scores and grades, obtain more leadership positions, and participate in more extracurriculars.

But you’re still repeatedly told that boys are privileged. How could this be? Then, when college acceptances come out, you notice many more girls than boys get into top universities. More girls are going to college in general, for that matter. But for some reason, all you hear is that girls are underrepresented in higher education. It’s confusing. When you search for scholarships to apply to, you find hundreds that are only open to women. When you tour college campuses, you hear how proud the school is to have student organizations like Women in Law, Women in Business, and Women in Science.

It all becomes too much. You start doing research. You discover that men are more likely to be homeless, go to prison, become alcoholics, struggle with isolation/loneliness, die of a drug overdose, and commit suicide. But all you hear about, for some reason, is something called the “gender pay gap.”

Eventually, you find out that the only people who seem to talk about the issues facing men — the only people who appear to sympathize with how you feel — are so-called “alt-right” figures like Jordan Peterson. You start listening to them. For once, you feel like you’re not alone.

Now imagine you’re an 8th-grade white boy. On top of the alienation you experience for merely being a boy, you’re told by teachers, the media, and maybe even your parents that you should feel some form of remorse for being white. You’re as privileged as it gets, you’re told. This doesn’t make much sense to you. Why should you feel bad for being white — something you can’t control?

This is a question you and your white classmates implicitly know cannot be asked. So instead, all of you submit. Humiliation quickly leads to demoralization. As you get older, you feel increasingly unwelcome by society. “Diversity and inclusion” initiatives and never-ending anti-white messaging from the media only make you feel like a burden.

So you turn to the Internet, where you feel welcome by video games and right-wing forums. Younger and younger white males are following this path. They feel they’re simply unwelcome by society, and they escape to a select few communities and websites.

For the first time in America’s history, the founding demographic is dropping out of society in massive numbers. Dr. Danna Young’s solution? “Inclusive programming and a critical historical lens.”

It’s almost like their goal is to demoralize and demonize young men — the group most likely to challenge our ruling class.

Perhaps – with luck – he’ll encounter young woman like Misha Petrov, who has also had a red-pill experience with the toxic, modern Left (11 minutes). There are a number of interesting observations that she makes:

  • She considered herself a Democrat like most people her age.
  • She was neck-deep in leftism, especially in her university where radical leftist politics was being shoved down her throat at all times, even in classes that had nothing to do with socio-political matters. She couldn’t get through a math class without it being woke.
  • She was under the impression that very few people in this nation were actually conservative.
  • She was led to believe that it was a small, almost cult-like group of racists and bigots, due in large part to the way social media algorithms work.
  • Because she was surrounded constantly by mainstream content, she was under the impression that leftism was the most dominant political ideology in America, as the more she engaged in it the more it was recommended to her by social media.
  • She had a moment of awakening when the documentary “The Social Dilemma” pointed out that social media algorithms feed political division. She posted the clip from the documentary to her social friends and not much later, received a handful of text messages from her friends asking why she posted it and if she’s a Trump supporter now?

Unfortunately there’s apparently an entire pipeline of these Young White People on the way, if the following TikTok is anything to go by. The mother was so proud. I feel sorry for her little girl, who already looks miserable – as little kids tend to be when told that they’re guilty, guilty, guilty…

Leftist Myth Busting: The Democrats and Race

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One of the many reasons that the Democrat Party is in trouble in the USA is not just the short-term effects of inflation and a looming recession, but a longer term one where their grip is slipping on their traditional voting groups of Working Class Whites, Hispanics and even (to a much smaller degree) American Blacks.

By contrast, university educated Whites, who used to majority vote for the GOP, are now a very important part of the Democrats: probably too important since they’re the primary group that has swallowed whole the insanity of Identity Politics and now it’s even more diseased cousin, Woke ideology, both of which are playing a role in driving away the groups mentioned in the first paragraph.

Working class Whites are increasingly a lost cause for the Democrats, Hispanics are slipping fast, and Blacks may be next, especially when you’ve got Black Republicans increasingly pop up, like House Rep. Burgess Owens, who pulled no punches in a calm, 5 minute speech:

“Having grown up in the Jim Crow South, with Segregation and KKK, I’m familiar with the true racism, intolerance, and hate, all due to the color of my skin. I see the same thing today in 2022 as the hard Left, the so-called “party of tolerance” who bang the drum of racism, inequality, inequity, do not practice what they preach.”

Oof! That one’s got to burn. We’re not talking a Millennial Black Republican but someone who actually recalls those times now described as one where all those Souther Democrat voters suddenly turned Democrat under the spell of Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

He doesn’t let them off the hook in their modern incarnation either, given the abuse hurled at Justice Clarence Thomas in the wake of the overturning of the Roe and Casey abortion rulings:

“That’s nothing new for Justice Thomas, who has been the target of the elitist Left for 40 years. Instead of celebrating the second Black American in our nation’s history in the highest court, they declared open seasons with vicious, racist attacks. Just because he’s an articulate, confident, Black American, who loves the American tenets of God, country, and family. Just because he’s a Black man who dares to think differently than they would love for him to think.”

Thomas is on record as saying that while he’s never had any problems with people of his race, let alone Republican or Right Wing Whites, he’s always encountered burning hatred from White Liberals. Spot on. The media outlet RedState has documented some of the racist garbage fired at Thomas herehere, and here.

“So typical of the condescending racism. If these same attacks were aimed at Barack Obama it would be called out by this committee and the media for exactly what it is: Pure Racism.”

For right-wing observers that’s an “of course”, but he also points out a weird aspect of the last fifty years of abortion law:

Roe v. Wade cost us 23 million innocent lives. The pro-slavery Democrat Dred Scott decision in 1857, it was a flawed decision. Overcoming Roe did not outlaw abortions or take away the constitutional right of Americans. It put the decision in the state’s hands, in the hands of We The People, where it belongs.”

What’s he’s referring to there is that of the 64 million abortions since Roe, 23 million have been Black, which is vastly out of proportion to the Black population in the USA. If the Ku Klux Klan was running Planned Parenthood they couldn’t have done a better job.

But the mic-drop moment is this one:

“To the angry Left, it’s time to settle down, take off your mask, and show your cowardly faces. Put down your stones and firebombs and through civil debate convince us that you’re right.”

“My prediction is you have no clue.

A bonus feature is this video about the Southern Strategy, hosted by Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University.

Woking the dead

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A couple of years ago in the wake of the breathless death of George “I stick this gun in your pregnant belly” Floyd, there was a frenzy of statue toppling across America as well as all the mostly peaceful riots.

The statues in question were almost all of Civil War Confederate generals, although the mindless mobs did destroy the statue of at least one Civil War Union hero and slavery abolitionist, and when the MSM mob went after Trump about this he responding by asking the entirely logical question as to when they’d start crashing statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to the ground, since both men had been slave holders. Naturally this was scoffed at and dismissed by the Democrats, their activist hacks and the MSM as an obvious reductio ad absurdum argument.

Except that before the year was out the attacks were happening, at least politically and in the MSM (of course).

It’s steadily escalating and although the Woke Left is now in the process of eating itself alive, as I posted about in Something, something, Ouroboros, and as DPF recently covered, the problem is that the bastards also damage a lot of other stuff on their way to crashing and burning.

Witness what’s happened to the tours of the homes of James Madison

No American flags fly at Montpelier, Madison’s plantation home in rural Virginia, and not a single display focuses on the life and accomplishments of America’s foremost political philosopher, who created our three-branch federal system of government, wrote the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers, and served two terms as president.

… and Thomas Jefferson…:


“The tour guides play ‘besmirchment derby,’ never missing a chance to defame this brilliant, complex man,” Stephen Owen of Enochville, NC, wrote on Facebook.

“People on my tour seemed sad and demoralized,” Jeffrey Tucker, founder of the libertarian Brownstone Institute, told The Post. His guide was “surly and dismissive” about Jefferson’s accomplishments.

I recall that DPF had an enjoyable visit to Monticello a few years back. Looks like he timed it right.

Despite owning no slaves Lincoln will be next – courtesy of none other than these people. Wilkes Booth would be proud of them.

This is far more insidious than smashing a statue; real Year Zero stuff where the Left smashes everything down with the objective of building some Utopia upon the bones and ashes.

What did some famous US President say about this recently? Oh yeah:

Everything Woke turns to shit!

I guess this will be my single issue in 2023

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I’ve often written that with six co-bloggers focusing on New Zealand there’s no point in me doing the same, and in any case I find US politics far more interesting because ideas that are considered “settled” in NZ are still being fought over there, plus new ideas about how a society should be organised.

But there are times when an idea begins to emerge in New Zealand that is controversial and worth fighting over, and “co-governance” is it.

Up until now I’ve figured that it would have to be fought over at the 2023 election; that Labour could not continue to push forward in the face of growing public alarm and falling polls over a range of issues that might see co-governance as the straw that breaks Labour’s back into the low twenty percent range or even lower. Labour would be forced to either dump it or make the arguments in public as part of an election so that whichever way it goes, we can at least say that a democratic decision was made on the future of the country.

Chris Finlayson

But I’ve concluded that this is not how it’s going to proceed and the reason has to do with comments I saw quoted from none other than former National MP and TOW Negotiations Cabinet Minister, Chris Finlayson.

When I first saw these quotes on Kiwiblog I found it hard to believe that they could have been uttered by a former National Party MP and minister; a person that I effectively voted for over several election cycles and that I thought was an intelligent and compassionate man devoted to rectifying the sins of past colonialisation. Sure, there was grumbling on the Right about some of these deals and the fact that Finlayson had gone from being poacher to gamekeeper on the issue.

So I checked out the Radio New Zealand podcast referred to, The Detail and its episode Co-governance: Time to get on with it?, and discovered they were true quotes:

But as former Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson explains, the concept itself is nothing new. 

Finlayson takes The Detail back to the ground-breaking signing of the Treaty settlement between the Crown and Tainui in 1995, and explains how the settlement over raupatu claims led to the formation of the Waikato River Authority. 

It became the genesis of other co-governance arrangements, giving iwi an opportunity to participate directly with local or regional government to provide advice or take part in the management of a particular resource. 

As he describes them, those past settlements that he was heavily involved with were not really about righting wrongs via the Waitangi Treaty tribunal process. No, they were about building small but permanent foundations for an entirely new way of governing this nation; a way that has now sprung into life via the supposed “opposing” party, Labour, backed by The Greens and naturally the Maori Party, with the He Puapua report, Three Waters and so forth.

And it gets better:

“I simply say to people, one, there’s a new regime, get with it folks; two, Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

While he says there’s room for robust debate about the co-governance model between the Crown and iwi and hapū, Finlayson’s advice for dealing with the “sour right” behind the racist, resentful rhetoric: “We’ve just got to leave those losers behind and move on. They don’t like tangata whenua. They dream of a world that never was and never could be,” he says. 

Two words Mr Finlayson.



My Scottish and Irish ancestors lived for hundreds of years tugging their forelocks to Irish landowners and Scottish Lairds, escaped that, and neither I nor my kids are going to repeat that process with the likes of Prince Willie Jackson and Princess Nanaia Mahuta.

And the thing is that Finlayson fits in so perfectly with them and their born-to-rule arrogance. That wealthy Khandallah childhood; the Latin and French majors; the LLM and mixing in the highest echelons of our legal and political circles, not to mention the leaders of our various great iwi. No wonder National lapped him up and loved him. He could elegantly stick it to Labour and others on these issues.

While all the time he was basically on the same side as them.

And now in keeping with that Olympian attitude of superiority, in his mind the issue has already been decided by The Powers That Be – meaning the political elite of both National and Labour, plus our academic and legal communities – and now it’s just a matter of getting on with it.

Elections? Democracy? Pfft. I would not now be at all surprised if he uttered then same phrase as Willie Jackson about this nation, that “We’re in a consensus-type democracy now. This is not a majority democracy.”  Consensus is one of those words which, when I hear it, tells me I’m about to be lied to.

The final question I have, and frankly I think it’s rhetorical now, is how many more like him are there in the National Party? I’m betting enough to push this through eventually under some guise or other:

My prediction, there will be a substantial empowering of iwi in education, heath, housing supply and social policy in the next few years. National will go along with most of this once they are back in government, just as they have done so since 1990.

In that sense Don Brash was a bit of an aberration, one that National is not keen on repeating.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 12, 2022 at 3:59 pm

Wacist, Wacist, Wacist,….

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It must be election year in the USA because the Democrat-supporting MSM are trying to “prep the battlespace”, as we armchair warriors say.

The first order of business therefore is to try and destroy the small fraction of the MSM and Social Media that does not agree with the Democrats and worse, actually points out on a daily basis what a bunch of twats and toxic morons they are.

If you’re the New York Times the starting point is the dreaded Fox News, and the aiming point is Tucker Carlson, who is killing it with ratings while his competitors flounder in his wake.

Apparently the NYT has just published an article about how awful Tucker is, darlings, and despite being a 9000-word scream into the void that is the NYT readership, there are apparently two more pieces just like it.

Carlson must be loving this.

Despite the usual cast of thousands of reporters used for the whole thing – apparently they weren’t being used to investigate the Joe and Hunter Biden story or anything else for that matter – I love the fact that the lead writer is named Nicholas Confessore. Made me think of this.

Wait until they discover Paul Joseph Watson.

Written by Tom Hunter

May 3, 2022 at 10:29 am

Keeping up with the Joneses

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Sir Robert Jones is leaving New Zealand, as he describes in his final blog post, Farewell, where he nails the key point:

And how many of our kids will follow? This question arises in the post of another prominent New Zealander, Don Brash, where he points out five major problems that I’ll summarise here:

  1. The crisis of housing affordability.
  2. The rapidly growing racial divide.
  3. The very slow growth in the average income of New Zealanders.
  4. Our education system is also failing far too many of our kids, as international surveys show: we have some of the worst results for maths and science of any developed country.
  5. The failure of successive governments to deal with the looming fiscal challenges of an aging population

Don’t think the kids haven’t noticed all this, and the failure to deal with these issues: mine certainly have, and their US citizenship is burning a hole in their pockets:

Some countries face serious challenges which they can do little about – rapid depletion of water resources for example, or extreme political tensions arising from religious differences, or hostile neighbours. We have none of those challenges, and have only ourselves to blame if we see more and more of our kids decide that they can have a better future somewhere else

I doubt that I’ll leave again, as I have in the past, but increasingly I feel that I’m merely holding a fort here that is irrelevant to those I love.

Their Master’s Voice

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This just out of China.

LeBron James and his fellow Black NBA players who fearlessly attack their fellow Americans as racist over the smallest things, are silent on this.

That’s expected of course since one does not speak up on the new plantation, especially when it pays. But slavery is not just about money but the soul.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 20, 2022 at 12:09 pm